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					                  Stopping by Singapore with International Medical Insurance

One of my international medical insurance clients went to Singapore last year. The company
she is working for has an affiliate there and she was picked to be assigned there. She has never
been to Asia before. In fact, she has not travelled around much. But starting with this
reassignment, she is looking forward to many business travels in the future so she conveniently
signed up for an international medical insurance.

Singapore is known as a quick stop over or a business trip place. And compared to many Asian
cities, it does not have much of ancient temples or jaw breaking scenery to brag about but it does
have very unique sights to offer. One of which is the Singapore river which showcases historical
ruins. The Merlion statue which is the symbol of Singapore is a must see. One of the most
interesting offers of travelling to Singapore is the Duck Tour which is an amphibious vehicle that
takes tourists around by road and by water. Another sight to see is the Singapore zoo. A massive
system open park, the Singapore zoo is considered to be one of the best zoos around the globe.
You can arrange a night Safari experience which will give you the opportunity to be up close and
personal with some of the wildest creatures. The Botanical Garden features flowers of every
shape, color and scent. You will truly feel the liveliness of nature. When my client came back
home after a month of stay there, she brought with her loads of photos and souvenirs including
different Merlion keychains. The good news is, I got two!                       http://www.short-

Description: Explore the world and experience everything human culture has to offer. But when you do that, make sure that you have international travel insurance to help you have a good time but maintain protection if something happens.