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					        Arkansas Academy of Science

                  AAS Newsletter 2008
 Jeff Robertson, Editor                                                                                              February 2008

   Of Special Interest...
                                      92nd Annual Meeting at Henderson State University
    92nd Annual Meeting
    ONLINE Registration and Ab-
    stract Submission                 The 92nd annual meeting of the Arkansas
                                      Academy of Science will be held April 11-12,
                                      2008, hosted by Henderson State University,
                                      Arkadelphia, Arkansas. This year the meeting
                                      will be held jointly with the Arkansas Under-
                                      graduate Research Conference.

                                      Friday evening will feature an informal
                                      mixer, poster presentations, dinner and a key-
                                      note speaker (Dr. Jeremy B. C. Jackson of the
                                      Scripps Institute of Oceanography). Oral
                                      presentations will be given Friday afternoon
                                      and continue on Saturday morning, and poster
    Inside this issue:                presentations will be given Friday evening.

                                      Participants will have the option of making an
Information for Presenters        2   oral or poster presentation. Both registration
                                      fees and abstract(s) must be received no later   AAS MEETING WEBSITE:
                                      than March 14, 2008. Registration and ab-
Keynote Speaker Bio               3   stract submission is online.
                                                                                       ONLINE registration:
                                      IMPORTANT DATES and LINKS              
Tentative Meeting Program         4    March 14 Registration fees & Abstracts due
AAS Officers 2008                     (for all presentations)                          ONLINE abstract submission:
Awards Competition                5   April 11-12 Journal Manuscripts due
                                      ( to session chairs at meeting)

NEW Journal Publication           5

Accommodations                    6
                                      AAS Membership Business Meetings
And Directions

                                      AAS business meeting locations will be           ness meeting for all members of the Acad-
SAMPLE Registration and       7,8
Abstract Submission Forms             announced. Information can be found              emy will be held immediately after the
                                      when available at the meeting website.           final session April 12th around 11:00 am.
  ***You are encouraged to du-        The executive committee meeting will             Please make travel plans that will allow
  plicate all or part of this docu-   convene on Friday, April 11th at 10:00           you to attend both business meetings.
  ment for dissemination amongst      am and the first business meeting for all        They are for the membership and your
  your colleagues. Encourage
  them to become members and
                                      members of the Academy will take place           contributions, expertise and insights make
  attend the annual meeting.          Friday evening at 6pm. The second busi-          the Academy what it is.
 PAGE 2                                       A A S NE WS LE T T E R 2 0 0 8                        J E FF R O B E R T S O N, E D I T O R

 Information For Presenters
  Presenters should clearly indicate their special equip-         Formatting will be lost in the online
  ment needs on the 'Abstracts' form. Computer projec-                     submission, thus the emailed copy will let us retain for-
  tion systems for PowerPoint will be available. HSU is a                  matting for development of the program.
  PC-based campus. All PowerPoint presentations must
  be on CD or USB flash drive (preferable) and must be                     Manuscripts for publication in the Journal, based on a
  loaded onto the computer available in the session room                   presentation given at the meeting, are due the day of the
  prior to the start of the session. Therefore, if you plan to             meeting to the chair of your session. One of the authors
  use PowerPoint, you must be at the session at least 30                   must be a member of AAS to publish in the Journal.
  minutes prior to the start of the session (i.e., if your talk
  is at 9:15, then you are in a morning session that begins
                                                                           Participants can indicate their preference for oral or
  at 8:00 a.m. You must be there at 7:30 AM to load your
                                                                           poster presentation on the registration form, and submit
  talk onto the computer).
                                                                           their abstract(s) online before 14 March 2008. Registra-
                                                                           tion and submission of abstracts will be conducted online
  An area for poster presentations will be available with                  (see website information within the newsletter). Forms
  flat horizontal tables. Posters are limited to 4 feet in                 including the information requested are included in this
  height and 3 feet in width. Please make your own ar-                     newsletter, but submit online only. Fees are as follows:
  rangements for their vertical viewing. This is an excel-
  lent venue for beginning researchers to gain experience,                     Regular registration                 $30
  and for others who wish to have more time to discuss                         Student registration                 $15
  their results in an open format with colleagues. Posters                     Banquet (Friday evening)              $15
  will be presented on Friday evening before the banquet.                      AAS regular membership               $30
                                                                               AAS student membership               $15
  Abstract submission is open for the 2008 meeting. Ab-
  stracts must be submitted for both oral and poster pres-                 The registration form may be filled out online, then
  entations. Oral presentations are limited to 15 minutes                  printed for your records. Please print a copy to submit
  (12 minutes talk, 3 minutes for questions). Abstracts                    with your check (payable to Arkansas Academy of Sci-
  must be received by March 14, and will be valid for the                  ence 2008 meeting) and send to:
  meeting only if registration forms and payment are re-
  ceived as well. Informational forms for abstracts and                        Renn Tumlison, Arkansas Academy of Science
  registration are included in this newsletter, but submis-                    HSU Box 7861
  sion of both is to be accomplished online at                                 Arkadelphia, AR 71999 When
  submitting an abstract, please be sure to paste it into the              Registration and abstract forms and fees must be re-
  submission form, and also send a 'camera ready' copy to                  ceived by 14 March 2008.

If you have comments or suggestions, please direct them to the appropriate person, below.

Dr. Renn Tumlison, local coordinator for Arkansas Academy

Dr. Marty Campbell, local coordinator for Undergraduate Research Conference

Dr. Brett Serviss, student competition coordinator

Dr. Jane Dunn, banquet organizer

Ms. Kristen Benjamin, meeting webmaster
PAGE 3                                 A A S NE WS LE T T E R 2 0 0 8                      J E FF R O B E R T S O N, E D I T O R

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jeremy B.C. Jackson
Dr. Jeremy B.C. Jackson is William and Mary B.                      Campaign. He is a fellow of the American Acad-
Ritter Professor of Oceanography and Director of                    emy of Arts and Sciences and the American Asso-
the Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conser-                      ciation for the Advancement of Science. His hon-
vation at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography                   ors include the Secretary's Gold Medal for Excep-
(SIO), and Senior Scientist Emeritus at the                         tional Service from the Smithsonian Institution, the
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. His                        UCSD Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Sci-
education includes A.B. and M.A. degrees in Ge-                     ence and Engineering, and the Edward T. Laroe
ology from The George Washington University,                        Memorial Award for Outstanding Contributions to
and M. Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in Geology from                      Conservation Biology of the Society for Conserva-
Yale University. Dr. Charles Kennel, Director of                    tion Biology.
the Scripps Oceanographic Institute says about
Dr. Jackson that there is "no question that Jeremy                  He lives with his wife, Professor Nancy Knowlton,
Jackson is a world leader in the study of the ecol-                 in La Jolla, California.
ogy and evolution of marine organisms-one of a
select few. None of his peers match his simulta-
neous mastery of related fields of geology, pale-
ontology, and marine biology, and just a few
have had a comparable impact on ecologic think-
ing in the last two or three decades."

In academic appointments that have included 14
years in the Department of Earth and Planetary
Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University, 6
years as Visiting Professor at Discovery Bay Ma-
rine Laboratory, University of the West Indies,
23 years as Staff Scientist/Senior Scientist at the
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and 11
years at SIO, Jackson has worked extensively on
marine paleoecology, coral reef community ecol-
ogy and on the tempo and mode of speciation in
marine systems. In recent years, he has led an
investigation of the historical effects of overfish-
ing in coastal ecosystems, a study that appeared
as a cover story in the journal Science, and was
selected by Discover magazine as the Out-
standing Discovery of 2001. His current re-
search also includes the ecological and evolu-
tionary consequences of the rise of the Isthmus
of Panama. He has directed 16 doctoral students
and 14 postdoctoral fellows, and authored 8
books and monographs, and over 100 peer-
reviewed journal articles. He serves as a member
of a number of boards, including the Science Ad-
visory Board for Yale Institute of Biospheric Sci-
ences, the World Wildlife Fund, and is Science                      Scripps Pier and Research Vessel Revelle
Director for the Shifting Baselines Media
 PAGE 4                                       A A S NE WS LE T T E R 2 0 0 8                             J E FF R O B E R T S O N, E D I T O R

Tentative Schedule of Events                                               2008 AAS Executive Officers
Scheduling for this unique joint meeting of the Ar-
kansas Academy of Sciences (AAS) and the Arkan-                                Dr. Collis Geren                  President
                                                                               Dean of the Graduate School
sas Undergraduate Research Conference (AURC)                                   Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
has led to some modifications of the usual sequence                            University of Arkansas
of events (such as poster presentations on Friday                              Fayetteville, AR 72701
evening).                                                                      (479) 575-5901            Fax: (479) 575-4049
Friday, April 11
                                                                               Dr. Joyce Hardin                  President-Elect
10:00 am              AAS Executive Committee Meeting                          Dept. of Biology, Hendrix College
                                                                               Conway, AR 72035
11:00 am - 4:30 pm    Registration (Reynolds Science Center                    Phone: (501) 450-1376
                      lobby)                                                   E-mail:
                                                                               Dr. Scott Kirkconnell             Vice President
12:15 pm - 12:45 pm Judges and Session Chairs meeting                          Dept. of Biological Sciences, Arkansas Tech University
                                                                               Russellville, AR 72801-2222
Noon – 1:00 PM        Lunch (on your own)                                      Phone: (479) 968-0293
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm    Oral Presentation Sessions I
                                                                               Dr. Mostafa Hemmati                Treasurer
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm    Oral Presentation Sessions II                             Dept. of Physical Sciences, Arkansas Tech University
                                                                               Russellville, AR 72801-2222
5:00 -6:00 pm        Keynote Address                                           Phone: (479) 968-0293
6:00-7:00 pm         1st Meeting of the AAS Membership*,
                     setup for poster presentations                            Dr. Stanley Trauth                 Journal Editor-in-Chief*
                                                                               Dept. of Biological Sciences, Arkansas State University
7:00-7:45 pm         Mixer and poster presentations (joint                     State University, AR 72407
                     AAS and AURC)                                             Phone: (870) 972-3082     Fax: (870) 972-2638
7:45 pm - 8:45 pm    Banquet (option of chicken cordon
                     bleau or vegetarian lasagna)                              Chris T. McAllister               Journal Managing Editor*
                                                                               Chadron State College
Saturday, April 12                                                             1000 Main Street
                                                                               Chadron, NE 69337-6434
7:30 am - 8:30 am     Continental Breakfast                                    Phone: (308) 432-6219     Fax: (308) 432-6434
8:00 am - 10:00 am    Registration
                                                                               Dr. Jeff Robertson         Secretary & Newsletter Editor
8:30 am - 10:30 am    Oral Presentation Sessions III                           Dept. of Physical Sciences, Arkansas Tech University
                                                                               Russellville, AR 72801-2222
10:15 am - 10:45 am Judges Meeting (awards)                                    Phone: (479) 968-0293
11:00 am - 12:00 pm 2nd Meeting of the AAS Membership*
                                                                               Dr. Henry Robinson                Historian*
*All members of the Academy are invited and strongly encour-                   Dept. of Biology, Southern Arkansas University
aged to participate in the AAS business meetings.                              Magnolia, AR 71753
                                                                               Phone: (501) 235-4573

                                                                               *Historian, Journal Editor-in-Chief, and Journal Managing Edi-
                                                                               tor are all stepping down after many years of faithful service.
                                                                               Aren’t you the right person to step up to a leadership role
                                                                               in the Academy?!
PAGE 5                                 A A S NE WS LE T T E R 2 0 0 8                     J E FF R O B E R T S O N, E D I T O R

AAS Journal:                                                        Awards competition for student
                                                                    presentations at the AAS Meeting
Reviewers Needed
                                                                    Students commonly present results of their re-
Persons interested in acting as Associate Editors or                search at the annual meetings of the Arkansas
Reviewers of manuscripts submitted for publication                  Academy of Science. Our award competition
in the Journal are desperately needed. Please con-                  seeks to recognize outstanding presentations made
tact Mostafa Hemmati by e-mail and provide him                      by those competing students. Categories for oral
with your contact information and area(s) of exper-                 presentations include Environmental Science, Life
tise. Please be specific about the subjects you wish                Science, and Physical Science, at both Undergradu-
to review. (e.g. not just Botany, but herbaceous                    ate and Graduate levels of competition. Certificates
plants, or woody plants, or aquatic plants; and not                 and cash awards may be given for first place
just vertebrates, but reptiles, particularly snakes.)               ($100), second place ($50), and third place ($50).

                                                                    In April, 2006, awards for best Undergraduate and
Comments for Prospective Authors                                    Graduate Poster ($100) were added by the Acad-
                                                                    emy, in response to the increasing popularity of
At the end of the spring 2008 semester, there will be               that form of presentation.
a change in the Arkansas Academy of Science’s edi-
torial staff. The new Editor-in-Chief (contingent on                In addition, a competition exists at the undergradu-
the memberships’ vote during the spring 2008 AAS                    ate level for posters in green chemistry (known as
meeting), will require the authors to use the instruc-              the David M. Chittenden II Undergraduate Green
tions found on the AAS website in preparing manu-                   Chemistry Poster Award). The award consists of a
scripts submitted for publication in the Arkansas                   $50 check and a certificate that is presented by the
Academy of Science’s Journal.                                       Arkansas State University Student Affiliates of the
                                                                    American Chemical Society.
In approved special cases when the author can not
prepare his or her manuscript according to the new                  Student presenters interested in any of these com-
guidelines, the new Editor-in-Chief will consider                   petitions should mark the appropriate category on
the manuscript according to the guidelines printed                  the abstract submission form, to indicate their de-
in the Volume 61 of the Arkansas Academy of Sci-                    sire to compete. Presentations not specifically en-
ence Journal. However, the figures, graphs, dia-                    tered into the competition will not be judged, nor
grams, pictures, etc. must be inserted inside the                   will be eligible for an award.
manuscript. The electronic copy of the manuscript
should be a single file. A caption should be written
under each figure and above each table.

To view and/or download new instructions visit:

Arkansas Academy of Science NEW PERMANENT ONLINE HOME:
AAS Web Pages: The official website of the Academy now has a permanent public portal whose web
address will not change. The new online home of the Academy is located at
 PAGE 6                                    A A S NE WS LE T T E R 2 0 0 8                      J E FF R O B E R T S O N, E D I T O R

                                                                       Quality Inn
AREA ACCOMODATIONS                                                     150 Valley Street; Arkadelphia, AR 71923
                                                                       870-230-1506; Chris Grider, Manager
Most of the motel accommodations in the Arkadelphia                    *Single Queen $39; * 2 double beds $49
area are near I-30 in Caddo Valley, along Hwy 7 just                   *Ask for HSU rate. No minimum number of rooms re-
north of Arkadelphia. The eastern portion of the Hender-               quired.
son State University campus also lies along Hwy 7.
Travelers should ask for the HSU rate at some of these
(as indicated).                                                        DIRECTIONS
Please make reservations early, as this is a joint meeting             Directions to Arkadelphia & Henderson State University
with the Arkansas Undergraduate Research Conference,                   >From Little Rock: follow I-30 west to Caddo Valley, take
so motel space may be limited. The nearest accommoda-                  the AR-7 exit (EXIT 78) toward CADDO VALLEY / AR-
tions otherwise are in Hot Springs (about 45 minutes                   KADELPHIA / HOT SPRINGS. Turn LEFT at the fork to
away). Other motels and dining facilities (fast food, cas-             go on AR-7, drive about 4.3 miles, turn RIGHT onto HEN-
ual dining, and pizza) are detailed on the meeting web-                DERSON ST., drive to 12TH Street, parking available at
page.                                                                  corner of intersection.

Best Western                                                           >From Texarkana: follow I-30 east to Arkadelphia, exit
Highway 7 N & I-30; Arkadelphia, AR 71923                              onto AR-51 / AR-8 (EXIT 73). This is the same as PINE
870-246-5592; Dan Patel, Manager                                       Street. Turn LEFT onto N 12TH Street. Drive to HENDER-
*$54.99 per room    *Ask for HSU rate                                  SON ST., you are there. (Note parking at intersection of
                                                                       Henderson and 12TH Street.)
Days Inn
137 Valley; Arkadelphia, AR 71923                                      >From Hot Springs: Take AR Hwy 7 toward CADDO
870-246-3031                                                           VALLEY / ARKADELPHIA / HOTSPRINGS. From
*Average price: $56                                                    Caddo Valley, continue on US 67/AR7 4.3 miles, turn
                                                                       RIGHT onto HENDERSON ST., drive to 12TH Street,
Motel 6                                                                parking available at corner ofintersection.
106 Crystal Palace Dr; Arkadelphia, AR 71923
870-246-6333; Angie- Asst. Manager                                     >Entering Arkadelphia from AR Hwy 8 or 51 west: these
*1 person $32.99                                                       highways merge (near I-30) from the west and are known as
*2 people $34.99      *Ask for HSU rate.                               PINE Street through town. Turn LEFT onto N 12TH Street,
                                                                       drive to HENDERSON ST. (Note parking at intersection of
Hampton Inn                                                            Henderson and 12TH Street.)
108 Malvern Road; Arkadelphia, AR 71923
870-403-0800; Anna Anthros, Manager                                    >Entering Arkadelphia from AR Hwy 7 or 51 east: cross
*1 queen - $89                                                         the Ouachita River and continue a few blocks to a stop
*2 queens $95        *Ask for HSU rate.                                light, turn RIGHT onto US-67 / AR-51 / AR-7 / N 10TH
                                                                       ST. Continue to follow US-67 / AR-7 / N 10TH ST. 0.3
Super 8 Motel                                                          miles, turn LEFT onto HENDERSON ST., drive to 12TH
118 Valley Road; Arkadelphia, AR 71923                                 Street, parking available at corner of intersection.
870-246-8585; Shawn, Manager
*$53                  *Ask for HSU rate.                               >Entering Arkadelphia from US Hwy 67 south: turn LEFT
                                                                       onto US-67 / AR-51 / AR-7 / CADDO ST. 0.2 miles, turn
Comfort Inn                                                            RIGHT onto US-67 / AR-51 / AR-7 / N 10TH Street, fol-
100 Crystal Palace Drive; Arkadelphia, AR 71923                        low US-67 / AR-7 / N 10TH ST. 0.3 miles, turn LEFT onto
870-246-3800                                                           HENDERSON Street., drive to 12TH Street, parking avail-
*Average price: $80                                                    able at corner of intersection.

                   Link to maps of Arkadelphia and the Henderson State University campus
 PAGE 7                                         A A S NE WS LE T T E R 2 0 0 8                 J E FF R O B E R T S O N, E D I T O R

                                  SAMPLE ONLY (REGISTRATION IS ONLINE)

                                                Abstract Submission Form
                                              Arkansas Academy of Science
                                          92nd Annual Meeting, 11-12 April 2008
                                                Henderson State University

                    This form shows the information that is used for submission of abstracts.
                   Please go to to register online.
                            Some information will be entered via “drop-down” boxes.

Last name: _______________________ First name: _____________ Title: ___ (Dr./Mr./Ms.)
Affiliation: ________________________________________________________
Business address: ______________________________
 Telephone #: ___________________ E-mail address: ________________________

NAME OF SENIOR AUTHOR (If different from presenting author):
Last name: ________________________ First name: ______________ Title: ___ (Dr./Mr./Ms.)
Affiliation: _____________________________________________________
Telephone #: ___________________ E-mail address: ________________________

Will this abstract be for: ____ poster presentation?     or ____ oral presentation?
Is this abstract for a(n): ____ undergraduate? ____ graduate? ____ faculty or professional?
Check if this abstract is to be considered for an award (check only one).
____ Undergraduate Life Science                    ____ Graduate Life Science
____ Undergraduate Physical Science                ____ Graduate Physical Science
____ Undergraduate Environmental Science           ____ Graduate Environmental Science
____ Undergraduate Poster Award                    ____ Graduate Poster Award
____ David M. Chittenden II Undergraduate Green Chemistry Poster Award

Check equipment needed:
  ____ Computer/LCD projector ____ Overhead projector ____ TV/VCR ____ Other

General requirements for abstracts:
     1. Submit an abstract form for each presentation (but register for the meeting only once).
     2. The title of the abstract must be in all CAPITAL LETTERS.
     3. Skip one line, and type the name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s), and address(es), including zip code(s).
     4. Skip one line, and type the complete abstract without indentation and with minimal formatting. There is a 250 word limit.
     5. If you prepare your abstract in MS Word, you can simply paste the full abstract in the box below.

Also, send a copy of the abstract by e-mail to (Formatting lost by submission of this form will be preserved in
your e-mail submission).

Computer presentations must be on CD or USB memory stick (preferable). Test your stored presentation on a computer before
bringing it to the meeting. Flat tables will be provided for poster presentation, but please make your own arrangements to display
your poster in an upright position. If you have presentation concerns, contact Renn Tumlison (

PASTE ABSTRACT HERE (250 word limit; see examples on for format):
 PAGE 8                                            A A S NE WS LE T T E R 2 0 0 8                          J E FF R O B E R T S O N, E D I T O R

                                     SAMPLE ONLY (REGISTRATION IS ONLINE)

                                                     REGISTRATION FORM
                                                ARKANSAS ACADEMY OF SCIENCE
                                             92ND ANNUAL MEETING, 11-12 APRIL 2008
                                                 HENDERSON STATE UNIVERSITY

 This form shows the information requested for registration. Please go to to submit the

NAME:          last name                                      first name                                                    Dr.             Mr.    Ms.




TELEPHONE:                                    FAX:                                   E-MAIL:

Are you willing to chair a session?:         Yes            No If yes, what subject(s)?

Are you willing to judge student awards?:          Yes              No      If yes, what subject(s)?
Will you be presenting?        Poster   or           oral        If presenting, please submit abstract form(s) also.

AAS Membership dues (if you wish to pay with registration):

           #                Regular ($30)                             #                   Student ($15)

           #                Sustaining ($35)                         #                    Sponsoring ($45)

           #                Life ($300) payment #                          of $100 each                      Current life member (no fee)

AAS Annual Membership Dues total for:              2007                   2008                  $

Registration fee (includes mixer):           #               (regular $30/student $15)                 $

Banquet:                                     #               tickets at $15 each                       $

                                              TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED:                           $
Please indicate if you prefer a poultry or vegetarian dish:               poultry (chicken cordon bleu)
                                                             vegetarian (lasagna)
Note: Payment of membership dues is required to receive the AAS Journal publication. The journal distributed at the meeting is the
journal for dues-paying members for 2007. The 2008 journal based on presentations from this meeting will be available at the 2009

Once filled in, please print a copy of this form to send with your payment. Then, click the "submit form" button below. You may
also save a copy for your records. Please make check payable to Arkansas Academy of Science 2008 Meeting. Mail payment
and a hard copy of this registration form to:

Dr. Renn Tumlison, Arkansas Academy of Science, Dept. of Biology, Box 7861, Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, AR