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					                                                                              There will be an informal Branch

      Branch News
      From Linz 993 - December 2009
                                                                             Discussion Evening on Tuesday 5th
                                                                               January, starting at 6.30pm and
                                                                                    lasting about 2 hours.
NHS Gloucestershire Charity of the Year 2010                                The first part of the meeting you can
                                                                             come along armed with questions
Gloucester and Cheltenham Branches have been chosen for this –               and discussion points. If time I will
we have got a meeting with them in the next few weeks to find out           also bring you up to date with items
more. All we know at the moment is that the staff put on fundraising        that are being discussed at Deputies
events for the chosen charity throughout the year.                                         meetings.
Gloucester Branch will be shut for 5 weeks from 8 th January for a
                                                                             Later on I will talk about the items
refurbishment. We have invited the volunteers from Gloucester to
                                                                             that will be discussed at Council at
come and do a shift in Cheltenham as a third person during that
                                                                            the end of January and get feedback
time. They don’t do text yet so will be interested to see how that
                                                                             from you on these issues; this is to
works and see the workings of a different Branch.
                                                                              ensure I put across the feelings of
                                                                                 the whole Branch at Council.
  Do you want to know more about
                                                                            I hope some people will come along
  National Projects and initiatives?
                                                                            to this evening; you are welcome to
   There is more information and
                                                                             come to as much or as little of the
      questions and answers on
                                                                                   evening as you want to.

   If you haven’t got a user name or         Volunteer Reviews and Branch Visit
      password speak to Joan 565             We plan to carry out Volunteer Reviews early in the New Year in
                                             preparation for the Branch Visit later on in the year.

                                             We don’t have a date for the visit yet, but expect it to be around

                                             Why do we have Branch Visit?

                                                     To monitor the quality and ensure the consistency of Caller
                                                     Care throughout the organisation
                                                     To assist the branch in evaluating its work
                                                     To provide support for the Director – enabling change
                                                     where necessary
                                                     To provide the Executive Committee with an up to date
                                                     report on each branch in order that support and help may
                                                     be provided where necessary from regional and
                                                     Movement-wide resources
                                                     To highlight areas of strength within Samaritans and areas
                                                     where improvements are required
                                                     To give individual volunteers the opportunity to express
                                                     positive feelings and any concerns they may have about
                                                     being a Samaritan
Shift patterns                                 The Intranet – why have we got it?
                                               Some of you will be looking at this Newssheet on the
This always raises its head when a new
                                               Intranet and some of you will have requested a printed
Director takes over. All I can do at the
moment is to reassure you we are looking
at our shift pattern and are working with      We have developed our own Intranet (this is a totally
the region to see what is needed and how       secure area of our own website) so we can upload
we as a Branch can help.                       documents, for example Training Modules, and keep
                                               volunteers instantly updated with Branch News without
The 3am shifts remain difficult to fill some
                                               using reams of paper. We will use it to put up details of
weeks and I would like to thank those
                                               fundraising activities and other events you may be
volunteers who regularly sign up for this
                                               interested in. It also has a direct link to 3Rings and
shift. There are very few lines open from
3am – 6am and at one point in the week we
are the only Branch open in the region for
an hour so it is vital we continue to open
these hours as often as we can.

                                               We hope you will find the resource interesting and
                                               useful. Please let Graham 1059 or any members of the
The three branches in our region that have
been chosen for the pilot of the Network       Directorate know what you think and if you have any
                                               ideas what the site could contain and how it could be
Rail initiative are:-
                                               made more useful.
Bridgend                                       Graham has worked really hard on this project to ensure
Rhyl                                           it is totally secure and extremely user friendly – if you
                                               haven’t already got your log in details send an email to
Volunteer Workshops for 2010 will be  and you will
     held on the following dates               receive a user id and password within 24 hours.

     Wednesday 17th February 7pm
    Log Completion - Making it Work
                                                  If you are interested in Role Playing for
       Saturday 27th March 10am                         SIT1 Training please contact
            Eating Disorders                             Nicola 986 or Gordon 958.
      Wednesday 21st April 10am
                                                The Christmas Rota is filling up really fast – thank
                                               you to everyone who has signed up so far. As many
         Sunday 11th July 10am
       SIT1 - So, What IS covered?             branches in our region really struggle to fill the rota
                                                at this time of year it is something to be proud of
     Thursday 9th September 7pm                 that Cheltenham volunteers give up their time so
              Attitudes                             willingly every year to support our callers.

      Sunday 21st November 10am
       SIT1 - So, What IS covered?

This is the new name for OGT and each
 session will count toward half of your
          annual commitment.

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