MARRIOTT by chenshu


                E XCL US I VE


January 2007
                Reservation Instructions                                              Exclusive Locations
- Reservations must be confirmed in advance by calling                CANADA                    Texarkana
  1-800-899-7235 from the United States or 0800 221 222 if calling                               CY Texarkana
  from the United Kingdom.                                            ONTARIO
                                                                      Toronto                   CALIFORNIA
- Recipient should advise the reservation agent that they are using    CY Toronto Dwtn          Anaheim
  an “Exclusive Award”.                                                                          TP Anaheim Orange Cty
                                                                      UNITED STATES             Anaheim Hills
- Recipients should give the agent the “Rate Program” listed on the                              FI Anaheim Hills
  back of Award.                                                      ALABAMA                   Chico
                                                                      Birmingham                 CY Chico
- Some black out dates and length of stay restrictions may apply.      CY S Colonnade            RI Chico
                                                                       FI Inverness             Cupertino
- See terms and conditions on the back of the Award.                   RI Bham Inverness         CY San Jose Cupertino
                                                                      Decatur                   Cypress
- The Exclusive is valid at participating Courtyard, Residence Inn,    CY Decatur                CY Cypress Anaheim
  TownePlace Suites, SpringHill Suites, and Fairfield Inn hotels.     Dothan                          Orange Cnty
                                                                       FI Dothan                Fremont
                                                                      Huntsville                 CY Fremont Silicon Vly
- PARTICIPATING PROPERTIES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.                      CY Huntsville            Fresno
                                                                       FI Huntsville             TP Fresno
                                                                       RI Huntsville            Livermore
CY = Courtyard                                                        Mobile                     CY Livermore

RI = Residence Inn                                                     FI Mobile                Los Angeles
TP = TownePlace Suites                                                Montgomery                 CY LAX Baldwin Pk
SH = SpringHill Suites                                                 CY Montgomery            Modesto
FI = Fairfield Inn                                                     FI Montgomery             FI Modesto
                                                                       RI Montgomery            Newark
                                                                       SH Montgomery             CY Newark Silicon Vly
                                                                       TP Montgomery             RI Newark Silicon Vly
                                                                      Tuscaloosa                 TP Newark Silicon Vly
                                                                       FI Tuscaloosa            Ontario
                                                                                                 FI Ontario
                                                                      ARIZONA                   Palm Desert
                                                                      Chandler                   FI Palm Desert
                                                                       FI Phoenix Chandler      Placentia
                                                                      Flagstaff                  FI Anaheim Placentia
                                                                       FI Flagstaff             Pleasanton
                                                                      Sierra Vista               RI Pleasanton
                                                                       FI Sierra Vista          Rancho Cucamonga
                                                                      Tucson                     TP Ontario A/P
                                                                       FI Tucson A/P I-10       Roseville
                                                                       TP Tucson North           FI Roseville Galleria Mall
                                                                      Williams                  Sacramento
                                                                       FI Williams               FI Sacramento Cal Expo
                                                                      Yuma                      San Carlos
                                                                       FI Yuma                   FI SFO San Carlos
                                                                                                San Jose
                                                                      ARKANSAS                   FI San Jose
                                                                      Bentonville                RI San Jose Morgan Hill
                                                                       CY Bentonville           Stockton
                                                                       SH Bentonville            CY Stockton
                                                                      Fort Smith                Tracy
                                                                       RI Ft Smith               FI Tracy
                                                                      Little Rock               Ukiah
                                                                       CY Little Rock West       FI Ukiah Mendocino Cnty
                                                                       RI Little Rock           Vacaville
                                                                       RI Little Rock North      FI Vacaville
                                                                      North Little Rock         Visalia
                                                                       FI Little Rock North      FI Visalia
                                                                       FI Rogers                COLORADO
                                                                      Russellville              Aurora
                                                                       FI Russellville           FI Aurora
                                                                      Springdale                Colorado Springs
                                                                       FI Springdale             FI Colorado Springs
                                                                       RI Springdale             RI Colorado Spring North
                                                                                                 TP Colorado Springs
Denver                         Orlando                       Valdosta                         Quincy
 CY Denver Stapleton            CY Orlando LBV Vlg            CY Valdosta                      FI Quincy
 CY Denver SW Lakewood          FI Orlando A/P                                                Rockford
 FI Denver A/P                  FI Orlando Int’l Dr          IDAHO                             RI Rockford
 FI Denver Cherry Creek         FI Orlando LBV Vlg           Boise                            Saint Charles
Englewood                       SH Orlando CC                  CY Boise                        CY St Charles
 CY Denver S Pk Meadows         TP Orlando East                FI Boise                       Tinley Park
       Mall                    Pensacola                       RI Boise West                   FI Tinley Park
Golden                          FI Pensacola                   SH Boise                       Warrenville
 FI Lakewood                   Tallahassee                   Coeur D’Alene                     RI Chicago Naperville
Greeley                         FI Tallahassee North           FI Coeur D’Alene               West Dundee
 FI Greeley                     TP Tallahassee               Idaho Falls                       CY Chicago Elgin W Dundee
Lakewood                       Tampa                           FI Idaho Falls                 Wood Dale
 TP Lakewood                    FI Tampa Brandon                                               CY Chicago Wood Dale
Littleton                      Temple Terrace                ILLINOIS
 FI Denver SE Tech Ctr          FI Tampa North               Arlington Heights                INDIANA
Longmont                        TP Tampa N Fletcher            CY Arlington Hts North         Anderson
 SH Boulder Longmont           Valparaiso                      CY Arlington Hts South           FI Indpls Anderson
Loveland                        FI Ft Walton Bch Elgin AFB   Bloomingdale                     Columbus
 FI Loveland                                                   RI Chicago Bloomingdale          CY Columbus
 RI Loveland                   GEORGIA                       Bourbonnais                      Evansville
Westminster                    Alpharetta                      FI Kankakee                      FI Evansville
 FI Denver Westminster          FI Alpharetta                Champaign                          FI Evansville East
 RI Denver N Westminster        SH Alpharetta                  FI Champaign                     RI Evansville East
                                TP Alpharetta                Chicago                          Fort Wayne
CONNECTICUT                    Athens                          FI St Charles                    CY Ft Wayne
Manchester                      CY Athens                      SH Chicago SW Burr Rdg           RI Ft Wayne SW
 CY Harford Manchester         Atlanta                       Collinsville                     Goshen
 FI Hartford Manchester         CY Atl Marietta Windy Hill     FI Collinsville                  CY Goshen
Meriden                         FI Atl A/P North             Danville                         Greensburg
 RI Meriden                     FI Vinings                     FI Danville                      FI Indpls Greensburg
Milford                         RI Atl Dunwoody              Elmhurst                         Hammond
 FI Milford                     TP Atl Northlake               CY Elmhurst                      FI Hammond
 SH Milford                    Augusta                         SH Chicago Elmhurst            Indianapolis
New Haven                       FI Augusta                   Fairview Heights                   FI Indpls East
 FI New Haven                  Brunswick                       FI Fairview Hts                  FI Indpls NW
Wallingford                     FI Brunswick                 Forsyth                            FI Indpls South
 CY Wallingford                College Park                    FI Decatur Forsyth               RI Indpls Fishers
 FI Wallingford                 CY Atl A/P South             Galesburg                        Jeffersonville
Windsor Locks                  Columbus                        FI Galesburg                     FI Louisville North
 FI Hartford A/P                CY Columbus                  Glenview                           TP Louisville North
                                FI Columbus                    CY Chicago Glenview            Kokomo
DELAWARE                       Dalton                          FI Chicago Glenview              CY Kokomo
Newark                          CY Dalton                    Gurnee                             FI Kokomo
 FI Wilmington Newark          Kennesaw                        FI Gurnee                      Lafayette
    Christiana Mall             FI Atl Kennesaw              Highland Park                      FI Lafayette
                                SH Atl Kennesaw                CY Highland Pk                 Mishawaka
FLORIDA                         TP Kennesaw                  Joliet                             FI S Bend Mishawaka
Altamonte Springs              Macon                           FI Joliet                      Muncie
 SH Orlando Altamonte           CY Macon                       FI Joliet South                  FI Muncie
     Springs                    FI Macon West                Lincolnshire                     Noblesville
Clearwater                     Newnan                          CY Lincolnshire                  FI Indpls Noblesville
 FI St Petersburg Clearwater    SH Newnan                      SH Chicago Lincolnshire        Princeton
 TP Clearwater                 Norcross                      Lombard                            FI Princeton
Gainesville                     CY Atl Peachtree Corners       TP Chicago Lombard             South Bend
 CY Gainesville                 TP Atl Norcross              Marion                             RI S Bend
 FI Gainesville                Roswell                         FI Marion                      Terre Haute
Jacksonville                    CY Atl Roswell               Moline                             FI Terre Haute
 CY Butler Blvd                Savannah                        FI Moline                      Valparaiso
 FI Jacksonville A/P            FI Savannah A/P              Naperville                         CY Valparaiso
Lake Buena Vista                FI Savannah I-95 S             FI Chicago Naperville Aurora     FI Valparaiso
 CY LBV @ Vista Ctr             TP Savannah                    FI Naperville
Miami                          Smyrna                          TP Naperville                  IOWA
 FI Miami A/P South             RI Atl Cumberland            Peoria                           Ankeny
Ocala                          Tifton                          CY Peoria                       FI Des Moines Ankeny
 FI Ocala                       FI Tifton                      SH Peoria                      Bettendorf
Orange Park                    Tucker                        Peru                              CY Quad Cities Bettendorf
 FI Orange Pk                   CY Atl Northlake               FI La Salle Peru
Burlington                Georgetown                   Tewksbury                      Saginaw
 FI Burlington             FI Lexington Georgetown      FI Boston Tewksbury            FI Saginaw
Cedar Rapids              Lexington                    Westborough                     RI Saginaw
 FI Cedar Rapids           CY Lexington North           CY Westborough                Southfield
 RI Cedar Rapids           FI Lexington                Woburn                          RI Detroit Southfield
Clive                      SH Lexington Dwtn @ The      CY Woburn North                SH Detroit Southfield
 CY Des Moines W Clive         Red Mile                 FI Woburn                     Sterling Heights
Council Bluffs            Louisville                   Worcester                       TP Sterling Hts
 FI Council Bluffs         CY Louisville A/P Expo       RI Worcester                  Traverse City
Davenport                  CY Louisville East                                          FI Travers City
 FI Davenport              RI Louisville               MICHIGAN                       Troy
 RI Davenport              RI Louisville NE            Ann Arbor                       CY Troy
Des Moines                Owensboro                     FI Ann Arbor                  Warren
 FI Des Moines West        FI Owensboro                Auburn Hills                    CY Warren
 SH Des Moines West       Paducah                       FI Detroit Auburn Hills        FI Detroit Warren
Dubuque                    CY Paducah                  Battle Creek
 FI Dubuque               Shepherdsville                FI Battle Creek               MINNESOTA
Keokuk                     FI Louisville South         Bay City                       Burnsville
 FI Keokuk                                              FI Bay City                    FI Burnsville
Muscatine                 LOUISIANA                    Benton Harbor                  Duluth
 FI Muscatine             Baton Rouge                   CY Benton Harbor               FI Duluth
Ottumwa                    FI Baton Rouge South        Brighton                       Eagan
 FI Ottumwa                TP Baton Rouge               CY Brighton                    TP Mpls St Paul A/P Eagan
Sioux City                Lafayette                    Canton                         Eden Prairie
 FI Sioux City             CY Lafayette                 FI Detroit West                CY Mpls Eden Prairie
Waterloo                  Monroe                       Dearborn                        FI Mpls Eden Prairie
 FI Waterloo               CY Monroe A/P                TP Detroit Dearborn            RI Mpls Eden Prairie
                          Shreveport                   East Lansing                   Mankato
KANSAS                     CY Shreveport                RI E Lansing                   FI Mankato
Emporia                    FI Shreveport               Farmington Hills               Mendota Heights
 FI Emporia               Sulpher                       FI Detroit Farmington Hills    FI Mpls St Paul A/P
Hays                       FI Lake Charles             Flint                          Moorhead
 FI Hays                  West Monroe                   CY Flint                       CY Moorhead
Manhattan                  FI Monroe                    RI Flint                      Rochester
 FI Manhattan                                          Frankenmuth                     SH Rochester Mayo Clinic
Olathe                    MAINE                         FI Frankenmuth                Roseville
 FI KC Olathe             Bangor                       Grand Rapids                    CY Mpls Roseville
Salina                     FI Bangor                    FI Grand Rapids                FI St Paul Roseville
 CY Salina                Scarborough                   RI Grand Rapids               Saint Cloud
Shawnee                    FI Portland Main Mall        SH Grand Rapids North          FI St Cloud
 CY Overland Park                                      Grandville                     Saint Paul
Topeka                    MARYLAND                      RI Grand Rapids West           CY Mpls A/P Mendota Hts
 CY Topeka                Baltimore                    Holland                         RI Mpls St Paul A/P Eagan
 FI Topeka                 FI Baltimore North           FI Holland
 RI Topeka                Ellicott City                Jackson                        MISSISSIPPI
Wichita                    RI Columbia                  FI Jackson                    Greenville
 CY Wichita East          Frederick                    Kalamazoo                       FI Greenville
 FI Wichita East           FI Frederick                 FI Kalamazoo                  Hattiesburg
 RI Wichita East          Lexington Park                FI Kalamazoo West              FI Hattiesburg
                           FI Lexington Pk             Lansing                        Jackson
KENTUCKY                  Linthicum                     CY Lansing                     CY Jackson
Berea                      SH BWI A/P                   FI W Lansing                   FI Jackson
 FI Lexington Berea                                     RI W Lansing                  Pearl
Bowling Green             MASSACHUSETTS                Livonia                         FI Jackson A/P Pearl
 CY Bowling Green         Andover                       CY Livonia                    Southaven
 FI Bowling Green          RI Boston Andover            FI Livonia                     FI Memphie Southaven
Corbin                     SH Boston Andover           Madison Heights                Tupelo
 FI Corbin                Boston                        FI Detroit Troy Madison Hts    CY Tupelo
Elizabethtown              FI Boston Dedham             RI Detroit Troy Madison Hts   Vicksburg
 FI Elizabethtown         Danvers                      Mount Pleasant                  FI Vicksburg
Erlanger                   RI Boston N Shore Danvers    FI Mt Pleasant
 CY Cincinnati A/P        Lowell                       Okemos                         MISSOURI
 RI Cincinnati A/P         CY Boston Lowell             FI E Lansing                  Blue Springs
Florence                  Middleboro                   Pontiac                         CY Blue Springs
 CY Cincinnati Florence    FI Middleboro                RI Detroit Pontiac Auburn     Branson
Frankfort                 Milford                           Hills                      FI Branson
 FI Frankfort              FI N Milford                Port Huron                      RI Branson
                                                        FI Port Huron
Bridgeton                 NEW JERSEY                   RI Charlotte S Pk             Minot
  CY A/P Earth City       Avenel                       RI Charlotte S Tyvola          FI Minot
Columbia                   FI Woodbridge               RI Charlotte Univ Resrch Pk
  RI Columbia             Deptford                     SH Charlotte A/P              OHIO
Fenton                     FI Deptford                 TP Charlotte Arrowood         Akron
  FI Fenton               Mount Laurel                Cherokee                         FI Akron
  TP St Louis Fenton       FI Mt Laurel                FI Cherokee                     RI Akron
Independence              Parsippany                  Durham                         Avon
  FI KC Independence       FI Parsippany               CY Resrch Tri Pk                FI Cleveland Avon
Jefferson City            Somerset                     RI Durham                     Beavercreek
  FI Jefferson Cty         CY Somerset                Fayetteville                     RI Beavercreek
Joplin                                                 FI Cross Creek                Canton
  FI Joplin               NEW MEXICO                   FI Fayetteville I-95            FI Canton
Kansas City               Albuquerque                 Fletcher                         RI Canton
  CY KC A/P                CY Albuquerque              FI Asheville A/P              Cincinnati
  CY South KC              FI Albuquerque A/P         Gastonia                         FI Cincinnati Eastgate
  FI KC A/P                FI Albuquerque Univ         FI Gastonia                     RI Cincinnati N Sharonville
  FI KC Dwtn Union Hill    RI Albuquerque             Greensboro                       SH Cincinnati NE
  FI KC N Worlds of Fun    RI Albuquerque North        CY Greensboro                   TP Cincinnati Blue Ash
  FI Liberty              Farmington                   FI Greensboro A/P               TP Cincinnati NE
  RI KC Dwtn Union Hill    CY Farmington               FI High Pt Archdale           Cleveland
Lees Summit               Las Cruces                   RI Greensboro                   SH Cleveland Solon
  FI KC Lees Summit        FI Las Cruces               SH Greensboro                 Columbus
Saint Charles              SH Las Cruces              Greenville                       CY Worthington
  FI St Charles            TP Las Cruces               CY Greenville                   RI Columbus North
  TP St Charles           Roswell                     Hickory                          RI Columbus Worthington
Saint Louis                FI Roswell                  FI Hickory                      SH A/P Gahanna
  CY St Louis Maryville   Santa Fe                    Kannapolis                       TP Worthington
  CY St Louis Westport     CY Santa Fe                 FI Kannapolis                 Dayton
Saint Robert               FI Santa Fe                Lumberton                        CY Dayton North
  FI Ft Leonard Wood                                   FI Lumberton                    FI Dayton North
Springfield               NEW YORK                    Matthews                         FI Dayton South
  CY Springfield A/P      Albany                       CY Matthews                     RI Dayton North
                           FI Albany Suny             Morrisville                    Dublin
MONTANA                    TP Albany                   FI Raleigh A/P                  RI Dublin
Billings                  Binghamton                   RI Raleigh Durham A/P         Fairborn
 FI Billings               FI Binghamton              Pinehurst                        FI Fairborn
 SH Billings              Corning                      SH Pinehurst                  Findlay
Bozeman                    FI Corning                 Raleigh                          FI Findlay
 FI Bozeman               East Greenbush               CY Raleigh Crabtree             TP Findlay
Helena                     FI E Greenbush              FI Crabtree                   Independence
 FI Helena                East Syracuse                RI Raleigh                      CY Independence
                           FI Syracuse                Rocky Mount                      RI Cleveland Independence
NEBRASKA                  Liverpool                    CY Rocky Mount                Lima
Kearney                    FI Clay                     FI Rocky Mount                  FI Lima
 FI Kearney               Williamsville               Southern Pines                 Mansfield
Lincoln                    FI Buff Williamsville       RI Southern Pines               FI Ontario Mansfield
 FI Lincoln                                           Williamston                    Marion
                          NORTH CAROLINA               FI Williamston                  FI Marion
NEVADA                    Asheville                   Wilmington                     Maumee
Las Vegas                  FI Asheville South          CY Wilmington                   FI Toledo Maumee
 FI Vegas South           Boone                       Winston Salem                  Mentor
Sparks                     FI Boone                    CY Winston Salem Hanes          RI Cleveland Mentor
 FI Reno Sparks           Cary                              Mall                     Miamisburg
                           CY Raleigh Cary             CY Winston Salem Univ           CY Dayton S Mall
NEW HAMPSHIRE              RI Raleigh Cary             FI Winston Salem Hanes          RI Dayton S Mall
Concord                    TP Raleigh Cary Weston          Mall                      Middleburg Heights
 FI Concord                    Pkwy                    RI Winston Salem                CY Cleveland A/P South
Manchester                Chapel Hill                                                  TP Cleveland A/P
 FI Manchester             CY Chapel Hill             NORTH DAKOTA                   Middletown
 TP Manchester            Charlotte                   Bismarck                         FI Middletown
Merrimack                  CY Ballantyne               FI Bismarck                   New Paris
 RI Merrimack Nashua       CY Charlotte A/P            FI Bismarck South               FI New Paris
Nashua                     CY Charlotte Arrowood      Fargo                          Newark
 CY Nashua                 FI Arrowood                 FI Fargo                        CY Newark Granville
Salem                      FI Charlotte A/P           Grand Forks                    Reynoldsburg
 FI Salem                  FI Charlotte I-77           FI Grand Forks                  FI Columbus East
                           FI Charlotte Mooresville
Rossford                        Chambersburg                   SOUTH DAKOTA                   Brownsville
 CY Rossford                     FI Chambersburg               Brookings                        CY Brownsville
Springfield                     Cranberry Township              FI Brookings                    RI Brownsville
 FI Springfield                  FI Pitts Cranberry Township   Sioux Falls                    Bryan
Saint Clairsville               Dickson City                    FI Sioux Falls                  FI Bryan
 FI Wheeling St Clairsville      FI Scranton                    RI Sioux Falls                College Station
Streetsboro                      RI Scranton                    TP Sioux Falls                  CY Bryan College Station
 FI Streetsboro                 Erie                           Spearfish                      Corpus Christi
Troy                             FI Erie                        FI Spearfish                    FI Corpus Christi
 FI Troy                        Hazleton                                                      Dallas
 RI Dayton Troy                  FI Hazleton                   TENNESSEE                        CY Dallas Mkt Ctr
Warren                          Lancaster                      Alcoa                            CY NW Hwy @ Stemmons
 FI Niles                        FI Lancaster                   FI Knoxville A/P                FI Dallas Mkt Ctr
Westlake                        Moosic                         Brentwood                        FI Dallas North
 TP Cleveland Westlake           CY Scranton                    CY Brentwood                    FI Dallas Pk Ctrl
Willoughby                      New Cumberland                 Chattanooga                      RI Addison Dallas
 FI Cleveland Willoughby         FI Harrisburg                  FI Chattanooga                  RI Dallas Cntrl Expwy
Youngstown                      Philadelphia                   Clarksville                      RI Dallas Mkt Ctr
 FI Youngstown                   FI Phil Great Vly Exton        FI Clarksville                  SH Dallas NW Hwy @
 FI Youngstown Poland           Pittsburgh                     Gatlinburg                            Stemmons I-35 E
Zanesville                       FI Pitts New Staton            FI Gatlinburg North           Fort Worth
 FI Zanesville                   SH Pitts A/P                  Johnson City                     FI Ft Worth
                                State College                   FI Johnson City                 FI N Fossil Creek
OKLAHOMA                         SH State College              Knoxville                        TP Ft Worth
Lawton                          Uniontown                       FI Knoxville East             Grapevine
 FI Lawton                       FI Uniontown                   TP Knoxville W Cedar            SH DFW A/P N Grapevine
Norman                          Washington                     Memphis                        Houston
 FI Norman                       SH Washington                  CY Germantown                   CY Brookhollow
Oklahoma City                   Williamsport                    FI Memphis                      CY Houston Hobby
 FI Oklahoma City Crossroads     FI Williamsport                FI Memphis East                 CY Houston Intercont’l A/P
 FI Quail Springs                                               FI Perkins                      FI Houston I-10 West
 RI Oklahoma City South         SOUTH CAROLINA                  SH E Galleria                   FI Houston I-45 North
Ponca City                      Aiken                          Nashville                        FI Westchase
 FI Ponca City                   FI Aiken                       CY Nashville A/P                SH Brookhollow
Tulsa                           Anderson                        FI Murfreesboro                 TP Houston Clearlake
 FI Tulsa Cntrl                  FI Anderson Clemson            FI Nashville @ Opryland       Humble
 FI Tulsa Woodland Hills Mall   Bluffton                        FI Nashville A/P                FI Humble
 RI Tulsa South                  FI Hilton Head Isl Bluffton    RI Nashville                  Irving
 SH Tulsa                       Charleston                      SH Nashville A/P                CY DFW South
                                 FI Charleston N Elm            SH Nashville Metro Ctr          FI Irving
OREGON                           RI N Charleston               Pigeon Forge                     FI Las Colinas
Beaverton                       Columbia                        FI Pigeon Forge               Killeen
 FI Beaverton                    CY Columbia NE                                                 TP Killeen
Bend                             FI Columbia NW                TEXAS                          Laredo
 FI Bend Dwtn                    TP Columbia Harbison          Abilene                          RI Laredo Del Mar
Central Point                   Florence                        CY Abilene                    Lewisville
 FI Medford                      FI Florence                    FI Abilene                      CY Dallas Lewisville
Clackamas                        SH Florence                   Addison                          FI Lewisville
 CY Portland SE                 Greenville                      CY Addison Quorum             Longview
Eugene                           CY Greenville                 Amarillo                         FI Marshall
 RI Eugene                       CY Greenville Spartanburg      CY Amarillo                   Lubbock
Hillsboro                        RI Greenville Spartanburg      FI Amarillo                     FI Lubbock
 CY Portland Hillsboro              A/P                        Arlington                      McAllen
Lake Oswego                     Greenwood                       CY Arlington Ballpark           CY McAllen
 FI Lake Oswego                  FI Greenwood                   FI Arlington Six Flags          FI McAllen
Portland                        Hartsville                      SH Arlington Near Six Flags     RI McAllen
 CY Portland A/P                 FI Hartsville                 Austin                         Mesquite
 CY Portland N Harbour          Myrtle Beach                    CY Austin Cntrl                 CY Mesquite
 FI Portland A/P                 CY Myrtle Bch Barefoot         FI Austin Cntrl               Plano
 SH Portland A/P                 FI Briarcliffe                 FI Austin NW                    FI Plano
Salem                           Rock Hill                       SH Austin A/P                 Richardson
 RI Salem                        CY Rock Hill                  Beaumont                         CY Richardson Spg Vly
                                Spartanburg                     CY Beaumont                   Round Rock
PENNSYLVANIA                     CY Spartanburg                 FI Beaumont                     RI Round Rock
Bethlehem                        FI Spartanburg                Bedford                          SH Austin N Round Rock
 FI Bethlehem                                                   CY DFW A/P W Bedford          San Angelo
Butler                                                                                          FI San Angelo
 FI Pitts Butler
San Antonio                  Roanoke
 CY San Antonio A/P           FI Roanoke North
 RI San Antonio NW           Sterling
 SH San Antonio Crossroads    FI Washington Dulles A/P
Stafford                     Virginia Beach
 CY Sugarland                 FI Virginia Bch
Temple                       Winchester
 FI Temple                    FI Winchester
Texas City                   Woodbridge
 FI Texas City                FI Potomac Mills
The Woodlands
 FI Houston N Woodlands      WASHINGTON
Tyler                        Kennewick
 FI Tyler                     FI Kennewick
Victoria                     Pasco
 FI Victoria                  CY Richland Columbia Pt
Waco                         Renton
 FI Waco North                TP S Renton
Weslaco                      Seattle
 FI Weslaco                   FI Seattle Sea-Tac A/P
Woodway                       TP Seattle N Mukilteo
 FI Waco South               Spokane
                              FI Spokane
UTAH                          RI Spokane E Vly
Layton                       Yakima
 CY Layton SLC                FI Yakima
 FI SLC Layton
Salt Lake City               WEST VIRGINIA
 FI SLC A/P                  Beckley
 FI SLC Draper                FI Beckley
 FI SLC South                Fairmont
 RI SLC A/P                   FI Fairmont
Saint George                 Morgantown
 FI St George                 SH Morgantown

VERMONT                      WISCONSIN
Burlington                   Appleton
 TP Burlington Williston      FI Appleton
Williston                     RI Appleton
 FI Burlington Williston     Beloit
                              FI Beloit
VIRGINIA                     Brown Deer
Bristol                       CY N Brown Deer
 CY Bristol                  Green Bay
Chantilly                     FI Green Bay
 FI Washington Dulles A/P    Hudson
    Chantilly                 FI Hudson
 TP Chantilly Dulles         La Crosse
Charlottesville               CY La Crosse
 FI Charlottesville          Madison
Chester                       CY Madison East
 FI Richmond Chester         Middleton
Christiansburg                FI Madison W Middleton
 FI Christiansburg            RI Madison W Middleton
Danville                     Oshkosh
 CY Danville                  FI Oshkosh
Fairfax                      Racine
 CY Fair Oaks                 FI Racine
Fredericksburg               Stevens Point
 FI Fredericksburg            FI Stevens Pt
 TP Fredericksburg           Wausau
Glen Allen                    CY Wausau
 TP Richmond Innsbrook       Weston
Lynchburg                     FI Wausau
 CY Lynchburg
Richmond                     WYOMING
 CY Richmond NW              Cheyenne
 FI Richmond NW               FI Cheyenne
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