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Underground Storage Tanks (UST)
                                                                                ENGINEERING NEWS

                                                                                 June 2006

                                                                     CSHE Member Receives VA
                                                                                                                         Vol. 35 No. 2

                                                                     2006 Environmental Excellence Award
                       Robert L. Hacker, CHE, CHFM, SASHE

                       Director, Facilities Management
                       St. John’s Regional Medical Center                                               andall Ritter, CSHE San Diego
                       St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital                                              Chapter President, was nominat-
                                                                                                        ed and awarded the award for out-

                                   ll California Underground Stor-                            standing achievement in waste/pollution
                                   age Tank (UST) facilities must                             prevention. The award was presented on
                                   have a “Designated UST Opera-                              April 20 at the VA Central Office in
                         tor” by January 1, 2005. Legislation was                             Washington, DC. The nomination was
passed requiring owners of UST to submit a signed statement to                                titled, Nitrogen Oxides Reduction at the VA
the local agency by January 1, 2005 indicating that (1) the owner                             San Diego Healthcare System. The VA of
understands and is in compliance with all applicable UST require-    San Diego Healthcare System operated a cogeneration system con-
ments: and (2) identifies the Designated UST Operator(s) for each     sisting of Solar Saturn Turbine with a waste heat recovery boiler
facility owned.                                                      driving an 800 KW generator. This cogeneration unit produced
      What is an UST? An UST is an Underground Storage Tank          an average NOX concentration of 341.5 PPM. This cogeneration
and the piping connected to the tank that has at least 10% of its    system was retired and replaced with a new Solar Mercury Tur-
combined volume underground. The regulations apply only to           bine, 4,600 KW with an ultra lean premix burner system and heat
UST’s storing petroleum or certain hazardous substances (for         recovery steam generator which was permitted with the local Air
healthcare facilities this is usually the underground storage tank   Pollution Control District to operate at 7 PPM.
containing diesel fuel for the emergency generators).                      As a result of this system upgrade, a reduction of 41.9 tons
      What is a Designated UST Operator? A designated UST            of NOX was achieved and a certificate of ownership of Class A Air
Operator is an individual who has demonstrated he/she is knowl-      Pollutant Emission Reduction Credits was issued by the Air Pollu-
edgeable in the statutes, regulations, and management practices      tion Control District, County of San Diego on June 22, 2005.
associated with proper operation of an UST system. In other                In turn, 40 tons of Emission Reduction Credits was sold to a who has taken and passed the California UST System       third party to generate $4.2 Million Dollars which was used to buy
Operator examination.                                                down the capital investment of the new cogeneration system.
      What duties must the Designated UST Operator perform?                Congratulations, Randy!
He/she must conduct a monthly visual inspection to make sure         Evaluation Criteria
that essential equipment is working properly and to assure there     (1) Does the project involve the use of innovative approaches,
are release response supplies on hand. Additionally, he/she must     techniques, and technologies? That is, does the project represent
provide basic on-the-job training for facility employees every 12    something that is not well demonstrated or proven for the cat-
months starting July 1, 2005.                                        egory under which you are submitting your nomination? Please
      There are no restrictions on who can serve as a Designated     describe.
UST Operator as long as the individual is certified by ICC. The             This project was innovative in that a new state of the art
                             Storage Tanks continued on page 2       ultra clean Solar Mercury Turbine was installed as a beta test
                                                                                                            Award continued on page 5

       Bruce Peterson
      CSHE State Chair

             elcome to the June 2006 edi-
             tion of the California Society
             for Healthcare Engineering,
Inc. (CSHE) newsletter. Summer is ap-
proaching even as some of us are still
recovering from the winter rains and             successful event in many ways. Our total                 The CSHE Education Sub-Commit-
snows.                                           attendance peaked at 248 with 50 exhib-            tee is working with our sponsors in the
      I wish to say thank you to everyone        its, 13 gold sponsors, four silver spon-           development of future events. It is our
who helped plan, present, sponsor and at-        sors and 185 in attendance for the annual          goal to continue to expand the educa-
tend the 2006 CSHE 35th Annual Institute         banquet at the San Francisco Maritime              tional opportunities for the membership
held at the Crowne Plaza Union Square,           Museum. Those attending the annual                 which is a primary goal of CSHE. Next
San Francisco in April. As CSHE State            banquet were treated to wine from Jessup           years institute, scheduled for April 18-
Chair, it was my pleasure to be able to          Cellars of Napa Valley (www.jessupcel-             20, 2007 will be held at the Holiday Inn
visit and network with so many mem-    , on Wednesday evening, Maz-              on the Bay in San Diego and will feature
bers, affiliates and sponsors. I am pleased       zetti & Associates and Siemens Energy              continued high quality educational ses-
to announce that the 2006 institute was a        and Automation worked together to offer            sions, networking and an after banquet
                                                 the attendees a lovely annual exhibitor            trip to the USS Midway.
                                                 reception.                                               CSHE continues to grow and secure
Storage Tanks continued from page 1                    Many thanks to the institute plan-           its position as a premier professional soci-
                                                 ning committee: Vince Scoccia, chair;              ety. Our current membership exceeds 800
Designated UST Operator can be an em-            Tony Moddesette; Charles Witcher; Dan              active members. The board of director’s
ployee of the facility or a third party.         James and Joyce Jones for an outstand-             plan to mentor future leaders has proven
     Additional information on the Cali-         ing educational opportunity. I also wish           to be successful as we now include all
fornia UST program can be found at www.          to thank all of the presenters for their time      chapter vice presidents in board meetings                                and effort in offering quality programs to         and conference calls. The financial out-
     Information on the certification pro-        our organization. The education curricu-           look of the organization is good and our
gram and individuals who are certified can        lum of technical and management based              list of sponsors continues to grow. The
be found at        tracks were well received and all com-               Chairman’s Corner continued on page 3
ui_ca.html or (800) 423-6587 ext. 3419.          ments have been extremely positive.

            The CSHE Newsletter is published quarterly. The advertising closing date for the September issue will be August 15, 2006.
                     For advertising requirements and information, contact CSHE at (916) 552-7639 Fax: (916) 552-7617.
                 Bruce Peterson, CSHE State Chair; Roger Richter, Executive Director; Joyce Jones, CSHE Program Manager.

Page 2 June 2006                                                                                                         CSHE Engineering News
Chairman’s Corner continued from page 2

board of directors is working diligently     anticipate the conference to have a large    which states, “Better patient care through
to expand and improve the organization’s     attendance. If you are planning on attend-   progressive engineering knowledge.”
activities. I encourage everyone to spread   ing, I suggest you secure your reserva-           Special thanks to photographer
the word about CSHE within your geo-         tions immediately.                           Evelyn Cooper.
graphic region by inviting a guest to at-          In closing, I wish to thank the en-
tend the next chapter meeting.               tire membership for it’s commitment to
      The ASHE 43rd Annual Conference        CSHE and the goal of expanding your
and Technical Exhibition is scheduled for    education. The CSHE Board of Directors
June 9–12, 2006 in Boston, MA. Based         continues to develop outstanding educa-
on the number of hotel reservations, I       tional opportunities to fulfill our motto

CSHE Engineering News                                                                                              June 2006 Page 3
CSHE Works With CHA & OSHPD Developing Best Practices

     n 2003, the California Hospital Associ-    the CHCF website at     LA Chapter Seminar
     ation (CHA) with CSHE representation       hospitals/index.cfm?itemID=119899.
                                                                                             Gary Sparks
     developed a white paper recommending             The best practices manual contains
                                                                                             CSHE LA Chapter President
how the Office of Statewide Health Planning      the following sections:

and Development (OSHPD), designers and          • Introduction to OSHPD                              he CSHE LA Chapter
hospitals could all play a role in expediting   • Plan Design and Review                             Planning Committee de-
the plan review and construction of hospital    • Inspector of Record                                veloped an innovative
projects.                                       • Test, Inspection and Observation           program for the 16th annual semi-
      OSHPD agreed to work with CHA on          • Working with OSHPD FDD Field Staff         nar. This year invitations have
the implementation of the white paper. A        • Hospitals Effectively Working with         been extended to companies to
committee was established in 2004 to imple-        OSHPD (26 Best Practices)                 offer hands-on education and
ment the recommendations. This was a co-        • On May 25 and May 31, 2006, CSHE           demonstration sessions through-
operative effort among CHA, CSHE, AIA              co-sponsored best practices educational   out the entire seminar. The all
California Council, OSPHD, licensed pro-           seminars took place with 450 attendees.   day seminar will be at Monterey
fessional architects, engineers, contractors          CSHE members who played a role in      Hills Steak and Banquet Res-
and IORs. The project was funded by the         the development of the best practices in-    taurant on Thursday, Septem-
California Health Care Foundation (CHCF).       clude: Ted Beshwate; Frac Blackbird; Joe     ber 28th. Mark your calendar for
      Each hospital’s chief executive offi-      La Brie, SE; Tony Moddesette, Michelle       this educational smorgasbord.
cer was sent two copies of the best practic-    Malone-Keith, Roger Richter, Tim Rielly
es manual. Copies can also be printed from      and Waldo Romero.

Page 4 June 2006                                                                                           CSHE Engineering News
Award continued from page 1

unit at the VA San Diego Healthcare sys-         used to buy down the capital investment.        to the community by providing increased
tem as the first commercial installation.                (3) Does the project have an internal    local electrical supply.
A permit to construct was issued by the          education or outreach designed to promote             (4) Were performance measures or
San Diego Air Pollution Control District         the goals of your project at the facility or    goals identified to determine the success of
with permit levels of 7 PPM NOX with no          within VA or promote partnerships with          the project? If so, describe them and indi-
additional required pollution control devic-     the local community, another Government         cate if they were met or exceeded.
es. The unit was source tested and passed        agency, a non-Governmental agency, pri-               The initial application for banking the
at 4 PPM.                                        vate industry, or other entity outside your     Emission Reduction Credits for the project
      (2) Is the project cost effective when     facility? Please describe.                      had a projection of 43.6 Tons/Year of NOX
considering life cycle costs? Describe actual           This project promotes partnership        reduction. The final validated quantity af-
cost savings, revenue generated, and costs       with both the local community and the           ter construction was completed was 41.9
avoided, including the means by which for-       private sector. Sempra Energy is an energy      Tons/Year.
going was determined. Also, describe any         service provider in San Diego County. The       Attachments
other tangible benefits, such as improved         direct partnership involved the ESPC con-       The attachments provided include the Cer-
health and safety or reduced waste.              tract with Sempra Energy to install a new       tificate of Ownership of 41.9 Tons/Year of
      The combined heat and power plant          combined heat and power plant at the VA         NOX Emission Reduction Credits issued
was installed as a replacement of a small out-   San Diego Healthcare System. The other          by the local Air Pollution Control District
dated cogeneration unit at the VA San Diego      part of the partnership was that Sempra         on June 22, 2005; The initial compliance
Healthcare System under a Department of          needed to purchase 40 tons of NOX Emis-         source test showing the new turbine oper-
Energy ESPC (Energy Savings Performance          sions Reductions Credits to construct a         ating at 4 PPM NOX; and a letter submitted
Contract) with Sempra Energy Services. The       new power plant that would provide elec-        to the Air Pollution Control District prior
contract included provisions for the trans-      tricity to the local community. This project,   to permitting projecting a reduction of
fer of 40 tons of NOX Emissions Reduction        through the transfer of the credits, allowed    47 Tons/Year less the emissions from the
Credits at a price of $105,000 per ton for a     the new power plant to be constructed and       replacement cogeneration system which
total value of $4,200,000. This value was        permitted which provided a direct benefit        brought the projection to 43.6 Tons/Year.

                                                                       Plant Operations Supervisor
                                                                             Requires 5 years working experience in a healthcare engi-
                                                                       neering department or equivalent with supervisory experience.
                                                                       Requires at least one of the following: licensed in HVAC, or
                                                                       refrigerant recovery; or steam boiler; or medical gases, or CA
                                                                       MECH certification by CSHE, or Certified Healthcare Facili-
                                                                       ties Manager by AHA.
                                                                       Engineer II
                                                                             Requires minimum 3 years working experience in a hos-
                                                                       pital engineering department. Requires at least one of the fol-
                                                                       lowing: licensed in HVAC, or refrigerant recovery; or steam
                                                                       boiler; or medical gases, or CA MECH certification by CSHE,
    Temecula Valley’s reputation as one of Southern Califor-           or Certified Healthcare Facilities Manager by AHA.
    nia’s most desirable places in which to live is growing as               We offer an excellent compensation and benefits package
    fast as the population and to keep pace, SouthWest Health-         including health, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) retire-
    Care System is moving forward with ambitious expansion             ment plan, stock purchase plan, tuition and CEU reimburse-
    plans. We are motivated to be the best: the area’s premier         ment, and a generous paid time off program. For consideration,
    healthcare provider and the employer of choice. We cur-            please fax resume to (951) 600-4829, or e-mail resume to
    rently have the following job opportunities:             

CSHE Engineering News                                                                                                       June 2006 Page 5
               G O L D   S P O N S O R S

Page 6 June 2006                      CSHE Engineering News
CSHE Outstanding Member Awards

    n the fall of each year, the CSHE           nized by their peers as contributors to the    nominated Michael Cooper for the award.
    Board of Director’s call for nomina-        field of healthcare engineering. This year      Marty Schoonderwoerd was nominated by
    tions for Outstanding Member Award.         at the 35th CSHE Annual Institute Banquet      Randy Ritter and Belinda Smith for the
The nominees must be current active             two members were awarded the 2005 Out-         San Diego Chapter. Congratulations to the
members that attend chapter events and the      standing Member Award. Ken Gomes and           2005 CSHE Outstanding Members: Mike
annual institute. The nominees are recog-       Chuck Peek of the Central Valley Chapter       Cooper and Marty Schoonderwoerd!

CSHE is proud to announce our new Gold Sponsor, Controlco!

     ncorporated in California in 1968,         line offerings, Controlco can help create an   San Francisco
     they offer eight local branches to serve   “Open” HVAC System, putting you at the              35 Dorman Avenue, #2
     the market, knowledgeable and help-        forefront of the “Open World.”                      San Francisco, CA 94124
ful sales personnel in Irvine, Bakersfield,                                                          (415) 647-9445
Fresno, Modesto, Sacramento, Concord,           Concord
                                                     5600 Imhoff Drive, G                           (415) 647-9054 Fax
Oakland and San Francisco.
      Controlco, the national leader in auto-        Concord, CA 94520                         Irvine
mation distribution, can provide the exper-          (800) 800-7126                                 15375 Barranca Pkwy I-104
tise needed to get jobs specified and done            (925) 798-0127 Fax                             Irvine, CA 92618
right the first time. Their team of factory      Bakersfield                                          (949) 788-0701
trained experts understands the complex              320 Kentucky Street                            (949) 788-0797 Fax
nature of today’s commercial control sys-            Bakersfield, CA 93305                      Modesto
tem and is moving simultaneously with the            (661) 323-8111                                 1405 Granite Lane, #5
technology of the future. The contractor             (661) 322-1038 Fax                             Modesto, CA 95351
and user certification programs (C.P.A.C.        Fresno                                              (209) 523-4674
& C.P.A.U), the largest and most accepted            210 Van Ness                                   (209) 523-8917 Fax
programs of their kind in the nation, have           Fresno, CA 93721                          Oakland
allowed them to partner with quality, ca-            (559) 485-9873                                 840 66th Avenue
pable contractors and users in the mar-              (559) 485-7046 Fax                             Oakland, CA 94621
ketplace. In addition, to offering a choice                                                         (510) 636-7900
of certified contractors, Controlco is an
                                                     251 Opportunity St., B                         (510) 636-7906 Fax
authorized distributor for other products,
                                                     Sacramento, CA 95838                      Or call us toll-free at (800) 800-7126. For
including Honeywell, Tridium, Johnson
                                                     (926) 927-5599
Controls, American Auto Matrix, Distech                                                        more information, please visit our website
                                                     (916) 927-1370 Fax
and Wattstopper. With a choice of product                                                      at

CSHE Engineering News                                                                                                    June 2006 Page 7
2006 Robert Mack Scholarship Awards
Jerry Metcalfe                                 rie is a senior at Azusa Pacific University      ing with low income Latino children of the
Chair                                          majoring in English with a Political Sci-       Santa Cruz area. Elle’s award was accept-
Robert Mack Scholarship Foundation             ence minor. Marie won a similar amount          ed by her father, Walt Doll, an engineer at

                                               last year. She aspires to become an English     Kaiser Hospital in Santa Rosa.
     erry Metcalfe, Chair of the Trustees of   teacher possibly in a foreign country. She            The $4,000 award was presented to
     the Robert Mack Scholarship Foun-         enjoys writing and has a goal of becoming       Estevan Whitfield of Sacramento, CA, who
     dation presented the 2006 Scholar-        a published author. Marie was sponsored         will be graduating in June from Sacramen-
ship Awards at the CSHE Annual Institute       by Central Valley Chapter President Ken         to High School with a 3.83 GPA. Estevan,
banquet held on April 20 at the San Fran-      Gomes who accepted the award for her.           who is the grandson of LA Chapter mem-
cisco Maritime Museum. This year was                 Elspeth “Elle” Doll, Healdsburg, CA       ber Ray Brink, has had an inspiring life.
the 23rd anniversary of the scholarship        was awarded $2,500. Elle was the $4,000         He comes from a poor part of Sacramento
awards. Including this years recipients, 66    recipient last year. Elle attends the Univer-   where he was raised by his blind mother.
applications have been received and schol-     sity of California, Santa Cruz where she is     She instilled a goal oriented ethic which he
arships of approximately $124,000 have         pursuing a degree in Biological Science         pursues with vigor. He has spent his sum-
been awarded.                                  with the goal of becoming a teacher. In her     mers attending the MESL Honors Acad-
     The first 2006 recipient of $2,500         spare time she volunteers as a tutor work-      emy programs at California State Univer-
was Marie Hafeman of Modesto, CA. Ma-                                                          sity, Sacramento. He is an accomplished
                                                                                               musician and is very active in volunteer
                                                                                               community service. He is planning a career
                                                                                               as a computer engineer and is interested in
                                                                                               developing innovative computerized assis-
                                                                                               tive devices for the sight disabled.
                                                                                                     The Scholarship Trustees are proud
                                                                                               to have had a part in encouraging impres-
                                                                                               sive students, such as these, in furthering
                                                                                               their educational goals. We again want to
                                                                                               thank CSHE chapters, vendors and indi-
                                                                                               vidual members for their contributions to
                                                                                               the endowment fund which allows us this
                                                                                               privilege. Please remember the Robert
                                                                                               Mack Scholarship Fund when planning
                                                                                               your charitable giving this year. All dona-
                                                                                               tions are tax deductible.

Page 8 June 2006                                                                                                  CSHE Engineering News
CSHE Northeastern Chapter — 12th Annual Golf Tournament
Tony Moddesette
CSHE Past State Chair

        riday, June 2, 2006, marked the 12th
        year that the Northeastern Chapter
        held its annual golf tournament.
Rio Lapaz Golf Course hosted the event
with tee time at 1 p.m. followed by BBQ
dinner and awards at 6 p.m.
      The tournament was well attended as
usual with all foursomes being sold out by
May including 19 hole sponsors. Everyone
had a great time with trophies for the top
three and three thousand dollars worth of
raffle prizes being awarded.
      The tournament is scheduled for the
first Friday of June (June 1, 2007) and sells
out quick. Put it on your calendar and hope
to see you next year!!
Thanks to Susan Carter the photographer!

CSHE Engineering News                           June 2006 Page 9
 CSHE San Diego Golf Tournament
 Martin Schoonderwoerd
 CSHE State Secretary

         he weather cooperated for San Diego’s third annual golf
         tournament on Monday, March 20, 2006. A strong Pacif-
         ic storm brought rain the day before and the day after the
 event, but Mother Nature must be a golfer, because we had a cool,
 clear, breezy day for the tournament. Fifty-six golfers played the
 “best ball” tournament and enjoyed the BBQ dinner following the
 tournament. The first, second and third place teams all had a ten
 under score, the tie was broken by scores on certain holes.           The winning team was from San Diego Gas & Electric:
       More that $1,000 was raised for CSHE and $1,000 for the         Lon Brassey, Tom Pendarus, Jim Hill and Allan Webber.
 Burn Institute. Congratulations to all the golf tournament winners!

 Second place team: Jim Floros, Loren Kramer, Jim Martes and           Third place: Randy Ritter, Wayne Marshall, Dave Terhaar and
 Robin Williams                                                        Mark Roberts.

                    Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian (www.                Degree in Architecture/Engineering/Construction Man-
           is a 511-bed, not-for-profit,     agement or an equivalent combination of education and/or
                    acute care hospital located in Newport Beach,      experience. Minimum 3 years experience in California hospi-
                    California. Fully accredited by the Joint Com-     tal facilities construction management. Must possess a work-
                    mission on Accreditation of Healthcare Orga-       ing knowledge of all building professions, trades and crafts
    nizations (JCAHO) and designated as a Magnet hospital by the       along with demonstrated proficiency in organizing, reading
    American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), Hoag offers a         and interpreting construction documents. Should be familiar
    comprehensive mix of health care services, including Centers       with OSHPD cons codes and JCAHO standards. Candidate
    of Excellence in cancer, heart and vascular, orthopedics and       must have strong management and communication skills,
    women’s health services. A National Research Corporation           planning and budgeting experience and be able to work co-
    Consumer Choice Award endorses Hoag as Orange County’s             operatively with administration, Staff, Architects, Inspectors
    most preferred hospital based on overall quality of health care    and Contractors. Candidate should be computer literate and
    services and places Hoag in the top five percent of hospitals       familiar with the use of Microsoft Office software.
    nationwide. And in a local newspaper survey, Orange County
    residents have named Hoag the county’s top hospital for nine             Hoag Hospital offers excellent benefits including
    consecutive years.                                                        Medical/Dental/Vision, PTO (Paid Time Off),
                                                                                401k, tuition reimbursement and more!!
                    Senior Project Manager
    Supervises, directs and monitors all phases of construction ac-               Apply online at our website
    tivities for multiple projects. Coordinates and manages the de-
    velopment of project budget and schedule. provides ongoing            
    evaluation of the budget and schedule throughout project life-
    cycle. Project Manager is responsible for evaluating schedules                Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
    and budgets of consultants and contractors for their respective                       Human Resources
    work. Other duties include identifying and investigates delays                  One Hoag Drive P.O. Box 6100
    and budget discrepancies while providing proposed alternate                     Newport Beach, CA 92658-6100
    plans and solutions to meet project requirements.                                    FAX 949-764-8313

Page 10 June 2006                                                                                                CSHE Engineering News
                                   CSHE Welcomes 49 New Members

INLAND CHAPTER                           ORANGE COUNTY CHAPTER               Huls, Jonathan
                                                                               Pomerado Hospital
Bellettini, Marianne                     Chapman, Barry
  Loma Linda University Med Center         Siemens Building Technologies     Johnston, Richard
                                                                               Pomerado Hospital
Marzahn, Mark                            Dahlbeck, Peter
  Loma Linda University Med Center         Deco, Inc.                        Mauer, Amber
                                                                               JMA Architecture Services
Ream, Darrell                            Gambino, Sharon
  Loma Linda University Med Center         Grainger                          SAN FRANCISCO CHAPTER
Ruiz, Raul                               McMahon, Andy
  Loma Linda University Med Center         Controlco                         Coltharp, Cameron
                                                                               Telecare Corporation
                                         Moore, Tod
KING RIVER CHAPTER                         Sparling, Inc.                    Davis, Charles
                                                                               Jacobs Engineering, Inc.
Aquino, Mia                              Simon, Gary
  Grainger                                 Jacobs Engineering, Inc.          Gallagher, Ronald
                                                                               R. P. Gallagher Associates, Inc.
Lewandowski, Edward
  Delano Regional Medical Center         REDWOOD CHAPTER                     McPhillips, Paul
                                                                               Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
Thompson, John                           Appung, William
  Grainger                                 Queen of the Valley Hospital      Robinson, Leander
                                                                               Stanford Hospital & Clinics
                                         Fink, Michael
LOS ANGELES CHAPTER                         St. Joseph Memorial Santa Rosa   Turner, Bridget
Amistad, Florencio                       McGinnis, Louise
  University of Perpetual Help Rizal       Harris & Associates               Turner, Brian
  Medical Ctr Hospital                                                         Controlco
                                         Tung, David
Hankin, Jeff                               FS Medical Technology             SOUTH BAY COUNTIES
  Sparling, Inc.

Larson, Jeffrey                          SAN DIEGO CHAPTER                   Harris, Michael
  Tarzana Treatment Centers                                                    Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital
                                         Avila, Norbert
Llamas, Alejandro                          Pomerado Hospital                 Hernandez, Mitchell
   Siemens Building Technologies                                               Regional Medical Ctr of San Jose
                                         Banez, Danilo
Ortega, Daniel                             Pomerado Hospital                 Kaiper, Lief
  Morris Architects                                                            Affiliated Engineers, West, Inc.
                                         Brooks, Lawrence
Ramirez, John                              Bechard & Associates              Moore, Franklin
  Providence Holy Cross Medical Center                                         Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital
                                         Castanon, Raymond
                                           Palomar Pomerado Health           Mucha, Tom
NORTHEASTERN CHAPTER                                                           Sutter Health, Delta Office
                                         Crowl, Robert
Zari, Michael                              Kaiser Permanente Medical Ctr     Pasquini, Jan
  Jacobs Engineering, Inc.                                                     Regional Medical Ctr of San Jose
                                         Dabu, Rodolfo
                                           Pomerado Hospital                 Tyacke, Donald
                                                                               Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

CSHE Engineering News                                                                                 June 2006 Page 11
                                      First Class
                                     U.S. Postage
                                    Permit No. 1409
                                    Sacramento, CA

California Society for Healthcare
Engineering, Inc. (CSHE)
P.O. Box 2508
Sacramento, CA 95812-2508
Phone: (916) 552-7639
       (916) 443-2320
Fax: (916) 552-7617
Roger Richter
Executive Director
(916) 552-7570
Joyce Jones
Program Manager
(916) 552-7639