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Articles about exotic locations around the globe. If you travel internationally make sure to get your affordable international travel medical insurance plan.

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									              My Travel Health Insurance Client Says, "Hvordan Har Du Norge?"
                                  (How Are You Norway?)

        They say Norway is one of the countries that has a very high cost of living, but a travel
health insurance client of mine went in that country saying it was worth every penny. His plane
landed in Oslo, the capital city of Norway, and after a few glitches with his baggage, he was able
to get his tour started.

       Oslo is a small city, so buses and trains are the main public transportation. However, it
was impossible for my client to fully enjoy his stay in the country without a vehicle, so he
decided to rent a cab from the central office for the rest of the week.

        He didn't really see much from Oslo that sets it apart from other capital cities, except
perhaps for the museums and medieval buildings that are peculiar to Norwegian folks. I'm
talking about the Norwegian Folk Museum and the Edvard Munch Museum. But besides these,
the city is filled with restaurants, bars, cafes, and busy people.

        My travel health insurance client then decided to go to the Southeastern part of
Norway. Being a lover of hiking and mountain climbing, he explored the breathtaking
mountainous arena of Fjordland. Passing by Bergen, which is a historic city in Norway, he was
able to reach Fjordland, and started discovering the wonders of Geirangerfjorden, Sognefjord,
Nærøyfjord and Jostedalsbreen. These are famous mountains in Fjordland which are partly
covered with glacial ice, yet they have some green fields alongside.

        A week of travel to Norway is truly not enough for my travel health insurance client.

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