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									The Assistive Technology Program for Oklahoma
                 Public Schools

  The Oklahoma State Department of Education
                    and the
 Oklahoma Assistive Technology Center (OATC)
      Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
            College of Allied Health
 University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

                             Portable, Free or Gotta Have it Apps!
                                      September 22, 2010
       CEU’s                             9 a.m.- 4 p.m.
       Offered                 (Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.)
                             OU Tulsa Schusterman Center Campus
                                               4502 E. 41st
                                             Tulsa, OK 74135

                                              ROOM 1C65

                             Call: 918-660-3000 for directions to site only
                            (Please refer to next page for Registration information)
Workshop Description:
Looking for some good, free portable applications that run from a flash drive, or Web 2.0 programs
that you can access anywhere there’s internet access, or apps for your iPod Touch or iPad? This is
your place to be! Hands-on with free applications that install to, and run from your flash drive. Learn
how to utilize free or inexpensive applications that you run directly from web sites, store information
on, and then can access from any internet connection. Looking for an accessible word processing
program with word prediction, switch access built and more? Be here! Learn what applications are
out there or the iPod Touch and iPad, for education, creativity and productivity.
Hands-on, resource listings, and a CD of free applications.

                                                Dan Herlihy:

 Dan Herlihy has been in the education field for over 25 years working in wilderness programs for
 at risk students, special education classrooms, as a computer resource specialist, network
 administrator, Assistive Technology Specialist and currently as a private consultant providing
 training and professional development to school systems. He presents nationally on topics
 ranging from Creating Access to the Curriculum,Working with High and Low Incidence
 Disabilities, Creating Accessible Test, Quiz and Alternate Assessment Activities and more. He has
 written numerous books and articles on technology integration, as well as producing CD’s of
 educational activities for students.
                                 Portable, Free or Gotta Have it Apps!
                                       REGISTRATION FORM
                   (Workshop is limited to the first 35 people who register)
There is a $40.00 registration fee for non-Level II Resource Team Members.
Are you a Level II Resource Team Member               _____Yes                  FREE                     ____FREE__
Are you a Level II Resource Team Member               _____No                   $40.00                   $_________
 *To be considered a Level II Member, you must have                   Total Due                          $___________
  completed our six session level I training on assistive technology.

             Payment or Purchase Order MUST accompany registration form.
         We will not be able to process your registration until we receive payment.
You may cancel your registration by September 15, 2010 registration deadline, and receive a full
refund. Cancellations made after September 15, 2010 will not be refunded. Thank you!
                              Please make payments payable to OUHSC
   ____Personal check: Check # __________    ____Purchase order: PO #____________


Phone: (Home) (             )                                       (School Phone) (______)_____________

Home address:______________________________________________________________________

                     ___________________________(City) _____________(State) __________(Zip Code)

Campus Name:_______________________________ School District:                                             ______

School address:______________________________________________________________________

                      ___________________________(City) _____________(State) __________(Zip Code)

                I prefer to receive mail at _______Home or __________School

Home e-mail address: ______________________________________________________________

School e-mail address: ______________________________________________________________

Please indicate discipline of each registrant: (for statistical use only)

____Special Education Teacher     ____ Physical Therapist                ____ Occupational Therapist

____ Speech Pathologist           ____ Physical Therapist Assistant      ____ Occupational Therapist Assistant

____ Administrator                ____ Special Education Director        ____ Paraprofessional

____ Parent                      ____ Other ______________________________________________
         Return to: Chuck Roberts, OUHSC/OATC, 1600 N. Phillips, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0901.
Email: chuck-roberts@ouhsc.edu, Phone: 1-405-271-8001; Ext. 47104, Fax (405) 271-6268

      Registration Deadline: Wednesday September 15, 2010
                                  Portable, Free or Gotta Have it Apps!
                                           September 22, 2010

                          OU Tulsa Schusterman Center Campus – Room 1C65
                                                     4502 E. 41st
                                                   Tulsa, OK 74135

Driving Directions to the Schusterman Center:
If you are arriving from the I-44 (Skelly Turnpike), take the YALE Exit.

If you are traveling West on I-44, Turn NORTH (right) onto Yale.
If you are traveling East on I-44, Turn NORTH (left) onto Yale.
Follow Yale approximately one-quarter mile. The Schusterman Center is on your LEFT (the west side Yale). While there
are two entrances into the Center from Yale, the second is blocked to northbound traffic by a median barrier. The first
entrance is at the southern edge of the property.

If you miss the first entrance you will need to enter the campus from 41st Street. To do so, continue north on Yale to 41st
Street (the second stop light on Yale) and turn LEFT(west) onto 41st Street. The 41st Street entrance to the Schusterman
Center is near the west edge of the campus.

If you are arriving from the west on the Broken Arrow Expressway, take the YALE exit. The eastbound Yale exit actually
lets you onto 31st Street, so you will need to turn RIGHT (south) at Yale. The Schusterman Center will be on your right (the
west side of Yale) one mile south of the BAE.
Visitors may park at the north end of the main building, by the flagpole, and use the front entrance.

Campus and Parking Map
The receptionist at the North entrance will be able to direct you to the lab. Please call 918-660-3261
or if you need help with these directions or have questions prior to the day of training. Call 918-660-
3000 for directions the day of the training.
s the day of the training.

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