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Pack 618 Committee Meeting Minutes - DOC by pengxiang


									                                  Pack 618 Committee Meeting Minutes
                                      Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Attendees: Chris Rizzutti, Kim Okeson, Cindy Warner, Anne-Marie Steinmetz, Stephanie Dutcher,
Denise Davis, Ron Popovich, Linda Pleines, Tom Meyer, Anne Runnalls, Jeanne Mikulics, Lori Long,
Mike Roberts, David Dutcher

Call to Order: 7:00 PM

Popcorn Sales Recap- Our sales total was $8580. The pack will receive approximately $2800.00. Denise
will be collecting popcorn money at the Pack Meeting on Thursday. She is trying to contact the people that
did not specify what prizes they want. We did not have a lot of left over inventory.
          The success of this fundraising event is attributed to promoting it in advance creating excitement.
Also, giving families the choice to make a donation or to sell popcorn included more families in the
fundraiser. Per capita each boy sold more than in years past. Everyone’s participation was greatly
          A big thank you goes out to our Popcorn Kernel Denise Davis for all of her efforts! The pack
will need to recruit a replacement for Denise, as her son will be moving on to Boy Scouts next year.
Would anyone like to volunteer?
MOWW Massing of the Colors Recap- We had one Scout from our pack participate. Den 10 attended
the event. Next year we will have to promote the event better.
Family Camping Recap- We had a big turnout. It was a fun time for all that attended. The activities were
a hit. Mr. Troxell’s participation was a great addition to the trip.
Raingutter Regatta Recap- It was a fun event. The Committee would like to keep this event fun, and free
from a lengthy registration process. To keep consistency and an even race among all boats, the directions
and rules will be reviewed and sent out to all families next year.
          Some suggestions for next year were to purchase our own gutters and add drains for easy tear
down. Another suggestion was to pick another month to have the Regatta, so the boys can dress up in their
Halloween costumes. The decision will be made during the May planning meeting when to have next years
Pack Inventory- Anne now has a secured facility to store pack assets. Anyone that would like to bring
assets over to her house may make arrangements to do so. Having all assets in one place will decrease the
driving time gathering equipment for various events as well as eliminate duplication.
Re-Charter- All Re-Charter money must be in to Stephanie on Thursday. All Den Leaders have been sent
an email listing the boys that have not paid their Re-Charter fee. Den Leaders will collect checks at the
pack meeting and turn them into membership. The fee is $37.50 for Webelos II and all other ranks are
$97.00 per scout.
Pack Food Drive- Our pack will have our annual Holiday Food Drive. We will be collecting non-
perishable food items at our December Pack Meeting. All food will be donated to Operation Home Front, a
charity that donates food to families of military men and women that are currently serving abroad.
          Our goal is to collect one case of food per family. Families are asked to donate a factory sealed or
factory wrapped case of food, as these are much easier to transport.
Den Chief Update- Den 6 is still looking for a Den Chief. Many of the Boy Scout Troops meet on
Monday night, prohibiting them from attending other Den Meetings. David may know of one volunteer.
Tom will follow up on this prospect.
New Pack T-shirt- Tom spoke to Martha Fiske from Martha’s Threads, about printing our new shirts. She
will charge $25.00 an hour to set up our artwork. Her price per shirt is comparable to our last printer. Due
to the price comparison, and the fact that she is local the pack will use her as our new printer.
          Tom will check to see if Martha can use the software from the old printer. If she can then the Pack
will purchase the artwork from the old printer.
          The Committee has decided to print a minimum order of shirts so our new scouts will have a
Class-B uniform. The Committee will wait until next month to receive designs from John Peterson and
will consider those designs, and the designs submitted by Mike Roberts this month. We will have the
redesigned “fun” shirt available in the spring for those interested in purchasing one.
December Pack Meeting- As of tonight we have confirmation from the school that there are not any
conflicts with any school events. Our Pack Meeting will be held on December 15 as planned.
Old Town Hike- Den 6 attended. Tom and Mike thought it was a bit too much for the boys. They did not
posses the attention span to do all parts of the hike. They ended up focusing on the requirements for the
Adventure Award, and those wanting to do the full hike will have to go back on their own.
Webelos Woods- The deadline to register was November 15. David seems to think that deadline is pretty
flexible. The cost is $15 per person. Currently we have 2 boys signed up.
          Anyone interested in attending should contact the Scout Shop or the Service Center immediately
to get signed up. It is suggested that you write on your registration form to allow pack 618 to be assigned
camping assignments together.

Pack Meeting Assignments- Anne will begin making the Den Assignments for January through May.
David will send her the template he has been using.
Forming Subcommittees- We will begin forming subcommittees for Pinewood Derby and the Blue and
Gold Banquet.
          Pinewood Derby- Mike Roberts has been recruited to do the scoring program.
          Blue and Gold Banquet- Linda will have sign ups at the November and December Pack Meetings.
Linda will also have a meeting for the Blue and Gold Committee at 6:30 12/13/05, just before the
December Committee Meeting. The theme for this year’s banquet is “Cubs in the Future”.
Bracelets- Anne-Marie was given 20 white silicone bracelets by the Scout Shop. Since there are not
enough for each boy in the Pack, David will give them out at the Pack Meetings.
Parent Ribbons- Anne-Marie has graciously sewn our parent ribbons for the past several years. They are
very time consuming to sew. Once Anne’s current supply is completed the Pack will begin purchasing the
parent ribbons from the scout shop.
Arrow of Light- We have 14 plaques made, but are not stained, and we have the information on how to
order the arrows. Anne-Marie will order the arrows to ensure they arrive before February. It is important
that the person that orders the nameplates for the plaques contact each boy’s family to verify how the boy
would like his name to appear on his plaque.
Family Camping- Our pack will go on a winter family campout to Camp Balboa in January. An
announcement will be made at the November Pack Meeting to give families sufficient notice.

We currently have $6100.00 in cash. We will be receiving more Re-Charter money and popcorn proceeds
within the next month or two.
         Jeanne has not received all the receipts from camping yet. This will effect our cash reserves a
little. We will come very close to breaking even on the camping. $25.00 seems to be an appropriate
amount to charge our families for the family campouts.

Den one is assisting Anne with the disbursements of achievements this month. Anne will email Denise
with the details of what she would like the boys to do.
         There will be four boys getting their Bobcat. Due to a shortage of inventory in the scout shop the
75th anniversary unit patches will be given out at the December Pack Meeting, providing they have come
in. Almost every boy in the pack will receive a unit patch.

Our visitors from Canada that attended the October Pack Meeting had a great time. They will be back and
fourth between Canada and San Diego this year and will be here permanently next year. At that time they
will consider joining the pack.

Webelos Night- December 13 from 7-8:30 PM at Turtleback Elementary. Webelos are invited to attend
this event put on by Troop 685. You can meet with the Senior Patrol Leader, Troop Commander, and
Scout Masters. Please RSVP to Jeff Hissum at 487-1979.
Adjourn: 8:00PM

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