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					OCTOBER 2009
                                              Letter from the
                                              Dear Readers,
Carla Vassmer                  After attending the Lv Wenhua benefit at the
                                              Cassani Café & Restaurant (September 16th),
Creative Director                             seeing so many people walking through the doors
Jen Johnson                                   (140+) and the full support from Maria, Leo and             Simone at Cassani’s – donating their time and all
                                              monies to this fundraiser – I felt this was a won-
                                              derful way to close out our two years in Qingdao.
Finance & Communication                       I have so enjoyed my time spent working with the
Peiyu Sun                                     Qingdao Expat Charity members and all of their              related visits, meetings and events.

Events, Website & E-Communications            For several months I have also had the privilege
                                              of working with the staff of the QEM. First, shad-
Preeti Chaudhary                              owing and trying to keep up with Joan all over QD.                         Then, brainstorming with Jen, thinking of all of
                                              the things we wished we had known when we
QEM Assistant                                 first moved to QD and trying to get that informa-
Alina Zhang                                   tion out to all of you. Hearing from expats who
                                              have repatriated and commenting, “I wish I had                    known that when I lived in QD” helped us realize
                                              we are on the right track for our readership.
Regular Contributor
Jeppe Mortensen                               Now I would like to introduce our QEM Advertising
                                              Director – Vicki Peterson. Vicki and her husband,
October Contributors                          Chris, have lived in QD for more than a year and
                                              plan to stay here for awhile! Vicki brings her pas-
Dr. Julie Eshbach, Jen Johnson, Dannen Lee,   sion for art, teaching, and communicating with
Carla Vassmer and YCIS Staff                  people as she looks forward to working with our
                                              loyal advertising clients.
Cover Photo:
Jen Johnson                                   Next up, we are searching for help in our Creative
Statue of Nie Er, composer of the             Department. Jen isn’t going anywhere, just want-
                                              ing help so she can be freed up to write more for
National Anthem of the PRC                    the QEM and have more family time.
@ Qingdao Music Square
                                              And, while we continue our search for the next
                                              QEM Editor (p.8), I will continue editing “from
                                              across the pond”. So, don’t
                                              be surprised when I email
                                              you, QEM contributors and
Find Qingdao Expat Magazine online:           advertisers, I’ll just be 13                          hours difference in time
Send your comments & suggestions to
                                              We hope you have a wonder-                  ful October Holiday, whether
                                              spent here in Qingdao or
                                              some faraway place.
If you would like to receive emails about
current events & activities, please send an   Zhidao women zai jianmian,
e-mail to to be         直到我们再见面,
added to the mailing list.                    Carla Vassmer

                                                                    your community resource         3
                                                                Connected to Asia
                                                                     First FIDI accredited international
                                                                     moving company in Asia.

                                                                     All removals are handled by Santa Fe’s
                                                                     dedicated packing crew.

                                                                     We don’t sub-contract.

                                                     Services Include:
     Moving (International, Domestic, Local & Office) · Familiarization (Tailored City Tours)
       Visa & Immigration · Home & School Search · Expense & Tenancy Management
              Settling-In & Departure Program · Records Management · Storage
    Tel: +86 532 8386 9455 Fax: +86 532 8386 2246 E-mail:

                                                               Metisse Classic Furniture Corporation
                                                               Qingdao Jinsui Road Nanwang Industry Garden
                                                               青岛滨海大道南王工业园(128车站) Ph: 8768-0808 Fax: 8767-0277

                                                               Retail Outlet on 2F JUSCO
                                                               佳世客二楼,欢迎使用JUSCO购物卡,积分卡 Ph: 8575-0657
      Metisse Classic Furniture Corporation deals in design,
      manufacture and retail of high-quality furnishings.

your community resource   5
               October Events
    Wednesday Expat
    Lunches @ Noon                  Qingdao International Christian Fellowship
    These lunches are a great
    resource for incoming Expats             All foreign passport holders welcome!
    as well as those that have               Sunday Mornings 10:00 to 11:30 am
    been in Qingdao for awhile.              InterContinental Hotel Auditorium 3F 98 Aomen Lu
    Come join us,                            海尔洲际酒店,三楼, 澳门路 98 号
    no RSVP needed!                           For More Details visit or email
    October 7
    No Luncheon planned             Qingdao Book Club
    October 1st
    National Day                             NEW Date, NEW Location, & Seeking NEW Organizer!
    60th Anniversary
    October 3rd                              Thurs., October 8 Organizational Meeting @ 7pm
    Mid-Autumn Festival                             @ NEW Venue: Luigi’s JUSCO 1F (by McDonalds)
    Enjoy some moon cakes                    October Book: City of Thieves by David Benioff
    this week!
                                             Copies are available NOW @ the Book Nook.
                                             Questions? E-mail or attend meeting.
              October 14
              Charity Potluck
              Luncheon              Qingdao Business Leaders (QBL)
              @ Vicki’s Home
    Rm 202, Entrance 1                       October 28th Monthly Meeting
    Building 9                               QBL meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month
    6 Hai Qing Lu
                                             Crowne Plaza 3F 7:00 pm.
    Luxing Wei Yang Complex
    Mobile: 138.0895.3503                    For more info contact
    Bring a dish to pass along
    with suggested donation
    of 50 rmb for the               Mahjong Madness
    Qingdao Expat Charity.
                                             "Western" Mahjong Thursday Afternoons
    October 21                               1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
    Kilin Crown Hotel                        Come learn this ancient Chinese game.
    (Best Western)                           We play for fun! Each player donates 10元 each week
    Qi lin huang guan da jiu dian
                                             for the Qingdao Expat Charity.
    麒麟皇冠大酒店                                  For details & locations, please contact: Vicki
    Revolving Restaurant 35F
                                             at or 138.0895.3503
    Buffet / Non-smoking
    197 Xianggang Dong Lu           Wine Tasting & Cookery Lessons @ Shangri-La
                                             Wine tasting & 3 course meal cookery lesson by in-house
    October 28                               Italian Chef Coco, proudly presented by Qingdao Expat Group
    Kuji Kuji Dining & Sweets                and the Shangri-La!
    110 Shanghang Lu                Tues., Oct. 20th, 2009 Assemble at 1:50 p.m., Event 2 – 3:30 p.m.
    Hong Kong Garden                Da Vinci Restaurant, Shangri-La
    8592.1830                       Cost: RMB 50/head for wine tasting, cookery lesson FREE!
                                    30 seats on first come first served basis!
                                    To reserve please RSVP
Weekends in QD
                                                                        Are You NEW in
  The         October 10th from 11 am to Noon
              Middle Grade Story Telling (ages 8 — 14)
  Book        October 17th from 11 am to Noon
              Junior Story Telling (ages 5 — 9)
                                                                        If you have recently arrived, or are
                                                                        considering a relocation to our

  Nook        October 24th from from 11 am to Noon
              Story Telling for fluent English speakers (ages 3 to 8)
                                                                        fair coastal city, please feel free
                                                                        to contact any of these
              October 30th at 7 pm
                                                                        Expat representatives!
              Read & Watch Club — Coraline

                                                                        Gerd Burkard

Qingdao Hash House Harriers                                             (Germany/Business Related)
          October 3     Holiday Run
          October 17    Airport Run
          October 31    Halloween Run
                                                                        Beate Meuser (Germany)
For all Runs, meet @ 2 pm in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza.             139.6424.4901
Cost 10 RMB                                                   
For Questions, Email:
Check out the latest Hash House Info @               Pia Vinchon-Tahon (France)
Qingdao Adventures                                                      Sean & Jen Johnson (US)
       Take advantage of the great fall weather—                        135.8920.9904
       schedule an adventure around Qingdao with              
       Qingdao Shan Shui Adventures.
       For more info contact:            Sharon Westin (UK)
       or check out                             139.6395.6296

Events for Little Expats                                                Helene Lagendijk (Holland)
               Qingdao Playgroup                              
               Tuesday Mornings 10 to 11:30 am
               For more info:                Preeti Chaudhary (India)
                MUSICAL MONKEYS!                              
                Friday Mornings 10:30 to 11:30 am
                For more info:          Leo Van Echelpoel (Belgium)
               Halloween Party                                
               Saturday, October 31st
               See page 8 for more details.

                                                                         your community resource               7
                         Mark your calendars for these fun
                         Upcoming QEG Events …
Social Activities

                                             Dress Up Kids’                            Wine Tasting and Cookery
                                             Halloween Tea Party                          Lessons Afternoon
                                                                                          Presented by the QEG &
                                                                                          Da Vinci Restaurant
                                             Oct 31st, 2:00 to 4:30 pm                    Tues, Oct 20th, 2:00 pm
                                             Venue and Cost                               @ the Shangri-La 50 rmb/
                                                                                          person. RSVP Required.
                                             (Adult & Child): To be advised               E -mail:

                         Kids’ Activity Corner managed by The Book                     Pre–Christmas Event for Kids
                                                                                          For details, watch the Qingdao Expat
                              Nook, Ages 3 – teen activities, art and crafts
                                                                                          Magazine and the QEG website,
                              and more
                         Theme: HALLOWEEN!
                             Shake out those dresses or head to Jimo to buy            The Winter Ball
                             some whacky ones, you may also rent past
                                                                                          It's going to be a Winter
                             Pantomime Costumes (see below, right).
                                                                                          Wonderland at Shangri-La on
                             Accompanying parents may dress up too!!
                                                                                          December 5th, when the QEG holds
                         Advance tickets purchase only.                                   their annual Qingdao Expat Charity
                         No tickets @ the door.                                           Winter Ball! Come and have a great
                         More specifics soon - please look out for updates on             evening, all for a good cause. For more info, or to become a
                         website For questions,                     sponsor for the Winter Ball or to donate to Qingdao Expat
                         bookings & to purchase tickets E-mail
                                                                                          Charity please email:

                    Seeks to fill the following positions with qualified applicants:
                    Our small staff works as a team to publish a community
                    resource magazine for expats – the QEM.
                                       QEM Creative Director
                    Skills: Desktop publishing background.
                    Work: Work with Advertising Director to create/design full
                    color ads per advertiser’s requirements. Layout each                       Stay Tuned for ...
                    monthly issue electronically and work with printer. 15+
                    hours a week.                                                              2010 PANTO INFO
                    This is a volunteer position as all proceeds from our adver-
                    tising clients, after printing costs, are donated to the Qing-       Look for try-out dates in the
                    dao Expat Charity.
                                                                                               November Issue
                                              QEM Editor
                    Skills: Detail oriented, organized, English as first language,
                                                                                         of Qingdao Expat Magazine
                    good follow-up, work to deadlines, editing and computer
                    skills, 20+ hours each week.
                    Together with the Creative Director: develop content for each      The Qingdao Theatre Group will be renting
                    issue; talk with and/or email contributors; writing and edit-      costumes from past Pantos for Halloween.
                    ing; publish QEM; and overseeing distribution
                                                                                         Reasonable prices. Interested? Email:
                    This is a volunteer position as all proceeds from our adver-
                    tising clients, after printing costs, are donated to the       or
                    Qingdao Expat Charity.                                         
                    Send inquiries to

     8                 QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
    Qingdao Expat Group Proudly Presents
                   Winter Ball 2009

            Winter Wonderland
                   Saturday 5th December, 2009
                  6 p.m., Carriages at 12 Midnight
                         Please mark your calendars!

Some Volunteers came forward from the Community and we now have the
following people who are taking an active part in putting Winter Ball ‘09
together. Thanks to all involved for your time and support and for coming
forward to help organising the biggest fund raising event of the year for
Qingdao Expat Charity.

Fund Raising Team:       Ms. Christiane Lawo-Fu, Ms. Beate Meuser,
                         Mr. Leo Van Echelpoel, Ms. Judy Sun

Raffle/Silent Auction:   Ms. Sharon Weston

Accounts:                Ms. Annette Preston

Décor Team:              Ms. Vicki Peterson, Ms. Cynthia Dalsenter

Masters of Ceremony: Trevor Weston (English MC)
                     Eleven Lee (Chinese MC)

Overall Event Liaison:   Ms. Preeti Chaudhary

              More specifics in weeks leading up to the event, please look
              out for updates on or email
     for sponsorships and donations or
              more information.

                                                         your community resource   9
                                                                   Beg, Borrow or Steal . . .
                                                             Finding a Halloween Costume in QD
                                                                 For those who need help transforming their little angel into a devil
                                                                                 (Or is it the other way around?)
Living in QD w/Kids

                      Halloween, thankfully, falls on the last day of the month, but if you are having a costume made you need to get to the
                      tailors on Taidong San Lu immediately! Most need at least 10 days to turn something around, and the uniqueness of
                      Halloween costumes coupled with the fact there might be other procrastinators around in the expat community, means
                      you may have to beg to have it completed in enough time!

                      Ask around. Do your friends have any costumes they’ve used in the past? Do they have ideas you can borrow? Don’t
                      forget to raid family closets… Borrow Dad’s white dress shirt, pair it with one of Mom’s hoop earings and sister’s scarf,
                      and you’re well on the way to outfitting a pirate! (Don’t forget to fashion an eye patch!)

                      As in, you can get costumes for a steal, but it takes some creativity! Nose around Jimo Lu. Pick up a brush broom at a
                      neighborhood store front, and peruse the accessories shops. Think outside the box. But, if you run out of ideas, don’t
                      worry. Metro usually stocks a reasonable selection of Halloween goods. The Qingdao Theatre Group will be renting cos-
                      tumes from past Pantos for reasonable prices (e-mail for details.) And, if you are really
                      desperate, you can rent something for your little one at Victory Club (Rm 103, Top Yi he, 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu Phone:
                      8502.7616) for a hefty 100—160 rmb/day. Speaking of stealing, that’s highway robbery!

                                                                                                                                 By Jen Johnson

       10               QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
Preparing Students
for Our Changing World

American National              7th grade and up                Extracurricular
 Standards-Based              supplied with laptop                Activities
    Curriculum                 & wireless Internet

   Individualized            Kindergarten through              Intensive English
     Instruction             High School Classes              Language Classes

Classroom Visitation Week — October 19th-23rd
Call to make an appointment for your child to participate in classroom activities.
                                Ages 3.5 to 6

                Qingdao American International School
                33 Taipingjiao Yi Lu Phone: 8388.9900
                E-mail: Website:
Chinese Holidays in October

                              China Celebrates Sixty October 1st
                                                      China is on her way ...
                                                       In the East of the world, stands an      the consecutive launch of Shenzhou 5 6 7 manned space-
                                                       ancient country so large and beauti-     craft, all these dreams and realities join hands together and
                                                       ful with its prosperity and mythology;   become the most vivid picture in the development process of
                                                       in east of the world, a great nation,    China.
                              so assiduous and strong with its benevolence and wisdom---
                              for this is China, always one of the human’s world.               The theme of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games “one world, one
                                                                                                dream” best described what has happened since the deep-
                              With her population of 1.3b and territory of 9.6 million          ening of China’s reform and development. More and more
                              square kilometers, what the Chinese boast now is the civili-      cultural elements are introduced into China. And The Chi-
                              zation written with sweat and talent in history dating back       nese held that “one should be as inclusive as the ocean”
                              more than 5000 years. They piously follow Li: including rit-      and called for drawing upon the strength of others thus
                              ual, propriety, etiquette, etc. Hsiao: love within the family:    gradually forging the multi-cultural values of Chinese charac-
                              love of parents for their children and of children for their      teristics. Moreover the Olympic Games showed the animate
                              parents Yi: righteousness Xin: honesty and trustworthiness        life of the Chinese.
                              Jen: benevolence, humaneness towards others; the highest
                              Confucian virtue Chung: loyalty to the state of Confucian         October 1, 2009 is the 60th birthday of our People's Repub-
                              beliefs. They have continued the “harmony between the             lic of China. By then, the Chinese will have, by all means,
                              man and nature" of Taoist romantic ideas. The simplicity of       demonstrated to the world the majestic of our nation. It also
                              their thought, the every step of steadfastness mark their         will be a great moment for all whether they be Chinese or
                              true love towards nature and humanity.                            guests aboard ---for what we pray is the peace reigning in
                                                                                                every corner of our planet, what we express is our honesty
                              Also the passage of time has seen great changes in China          and love.
                              since its foundation in 1949. From the grand ceremony of
                              the founding of PRC in Tiananmen Square to the speedy             May good fortune with you, our great country in your 60th
                              recovery of the national economy; from our joining of the         anniversary!
                              World Trade Organization to the success of hosting the
                              2008 Beijing Olympic Games; from the third Chinese Antarc-                                                     By Emma Zhao
                              tic scientific research stations put to practical account to                                 YCIS Qingdao Year 5/6 Co-teacher

          12                       QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
Mid-Autumn Festival October 3rd
T   he Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival, or
    in Chinese, Zhongqiu Jie 中秋节,is one of the two impor-
tant festivals in China; with the other being the Chinese New
                                                                      Nowadays, there are hundreds varieties of moon cakes on sale
                                                                      a month before the arrival of Moon Festival. The moon cakes
                                                                      often display pictures of “Change flying to the moon” which is
                                                                      the most popular legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival;
                                                                      A long, long time ago, ten suns burned fiercely in the sky like
                                                                      smoldering volcanoes. Many people died of hunger and thirst.
Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated on the fifteenth day of the
                                                                      Change’s husband Hou Yi, who was an archer, shot down nine
eighth month in the Chinese calendar, around the time of the
                                                                                           suns. The weather immediately turned
autumn equinox. Many referred to it simply
                                                                                           cooler. In order to express her gratitude,
as the "Fifteenth of the Eighth Moon". In the
                                                                                           the Queen Mother of Heaven, rewarded
Gregorian calendar, the day of the festival
                                                                                           Hou Yi with elixir. One night, while Hou Yi
usually occurred sometime between the sec-
                                                                                           was not at home, Change ate the elixir and
ond week of September and the second
                                                                                           flew to the moon. When Hou Yi came back,
week of October.
                                                                                           he knew what happened. He looked at the
This day was also considered as a harvest                                                  night sky, calling his wife's name. He found
festival since fruits, vegetables and grain had                                            the moon was full and bright. There was a
been harvested by this time, and food was                                                  silhouette that looked like Change. So, he
abundant. Farmers celebrate the end of the                                                 put Change’s favorite fruit and food in the
summer harvesting season on this date. Food offerings were            yard. He looked forward to another reunion with Change. Peo-
placed on an altar set up in the courtyard. Apples, pears,            ple heard about the news, and also put the food and fruit on
peaches, grapes, pomegranates, melons and oranges might               the table in the yard, to pray for good fortune. Since then, the
be seen. Traditionally, on this day, Chinese family members           custom of Mid-Autumn Festival was spread.
and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn har-
                                                                      Now, there are many different forms of Mid-Autumn Festival
vest moon, and eat moon cakes which are the typical and tra-
                                                                      customs followed in different regions, but all express gratitude
ditional food of this festival. There are many different varieties.
                                                                      and the love of life with best wishes for everyone’s future.
Most moon cakes were made with melon seeds, lotus seeds,
almonds, minced meats, bean paste, and orange peels and so                                                          By Zhao Yingying
on.                                                                                                           YCIS Secondary teacher

Chongyang Festival October 26th
I  n China, Chongyang is a very important festival, equally
   known as Double Ninth Festival. This year this occurs on
October 26 (the ninth day of the ninth Lunar month) when
two ninths meet together in accordance with the Chinese
                                                                      families note the timely showing of this beautiful flower by
                                                                      drinking chrysanthemum drinks and expressing their emo-
                                                                      tions over a brimming cup.

lunar calendar. In the Chinese people’s eye, nine is the larg-        Dating back to the Qing Dynasty many families began to use
est single digit number and double nine means ‘Double                 this festival time to visit the graves of their ancestors, pay-
Yang’, explaining the reason behind the                               ing their respects. They will bring an alcoholic beverage,
name.                                                                                     some favourite food of the ancestors plus
                                                                                          paper clothes; the latter item being the
Chongyang includes many significant fea-                                                  most important for people to take. Know-
tures; details are shared with you here.                                                  ing that a bitter winter will soon follow the
                                                                                          Chongyang festival, the family members
One famous Chinese poet, Wangwei, said:                                                   believe their ancestors will feel the cold in
People feel alone in a foreign land, I am                                                 their after-life. By burning the paper
twice as homesick on Chongyang Festival,                                                  clothes the tiny embers and smoke will
when brothers carry dogwood up to the                                                     drift up towards the deceased, carrying to
mountain, each of them has a branch; but                                                  them warm clothing.
mine is missing because I’m far away from my family. This             As Chongyang is also referred to as Double Ninth Festival,
well known poem draws attention to the importance day of              bear in mind that “nine” is the same pronunciation in Chi-
family staying together and climbing the mountain clutching           nese as “forever”. Thus being an apt reference to the wish
dogwood. This climbing ritual takes place to boost good               for living forever. During 1989, the Chinese government
health; the accompanying sprig of dogwood can encourage               constituted Chongyang festival as the “Elders’ Day.”
the lack of sickness.
                                                                                                                     By Grace Du
Chrysanthemums bloom during the Chongyang Festival;                                             YCIS Huangdao Year 5/6 Co-teacher

                                                                                                  your community resource                 13
                            Wandering and Wufan
Choices in Qingdao

                     Taiping Hill Area                                      Qingdao Bay Area
                     Spend a morning taking in a century-old                Slink to the bottom of an old submarine at
                     hunting and fishing village left over from             the Navy Museum. From your vantage point
                     the days of German semi-colonialism. Enjoy             on Little Qingdao island, capture on film the
                     the greenery at the Botanical Park at the              image of Huilan Pavillion on Zhanqiao pier
                     base of Taiping Hill. Then, head to the top of         (recognizable from the Tsingtao beer label).
                     the Qingdao Sightseeing Tower to catch a               Enjoy the craggy pines of LuXun Park. Then
                     glimpse of Old Qingdao from 200 meters in              dine alfresco just across the street from
                     the sky.                                               Beach No. 1.
                     SIGHTS                                                 SIGHTS
                     •   Granite Mansion (Huashi Villa)                     •   Little Qingdao Island
                         Hua Shi Lou                                            Xiao Qing Dao
                         18 Huanghai Lu                                         26 Qinyu Lu

                     •   Botanical Garden                                   •   Navy Museum
                         Zhi Wu Yuan                                            Hai Jun Bo Wu Guan
                         33 Yunyang Lu                                          8 Laiyang Lu

                     •   Qingdao Sightseeing TV Tower                       •   Lu Xun Park
                         Qingdao Dian Shi Ta                                    Lu Xun Gong Yuan
                         1 Taiping Shan Lu                                      1 Qinyu Lu

                     SUSTENANCE                                             SUSTENANCE
                     Grab lunch in the clouds at the revolving              Try a light lunch at this cleverly named
                     restaurant at the top of the TV Tower                  café. The wanton soup is a filling bargain
                     (purchase combo entrance and eating                    under 20 yuan.
                     ticket for 68 yuan/adult, 30 yuan/child.)              Pearl S. Buck Café
                                                                            (Sai Zhen Zhu Ka Fei Ting)
                                                                            1 Wendeng Lu
                     Stairs light and short, but steep to go to             STRENUOUSNESS
                     observation deck at TV tower
                                                                            Light to Moderate.

                                                  Originally Compiled by former QD expat Dannen Lee with updates by Jen Johnson

       14            QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
Zhanshan Temple                                           O      ctober is a beautiful
                                                                 month in Qingdao!
                                                          The sky is often clear, the hori-
                                                          zon visible, and the wonderful
Spend a morning ambling through the ample grounds of
                                                          fall palette of browns, yellow
this Buddhist monastery which has five halls and a
                                                          and oranges stretches from
pagoda.                                                   leafy sections of Old Town,
SIGHTS                                                    down the gingko lined streets
Zhanshan Temple                                           of Donghai Lu, and evident
                                                          again as one approaches
Zhan Shan Si
2 Zhiquan Lu
SUSTENANCE                                                Take a few mornings this
Dine @ Zhanshan Temple with the monks                     month to enjoy the autumnal
                                                          weather and scope out what
STRENUOUSNESS                                             Qingdao has on offer. Its our
                                                          hope that these helpful pair-
Steps are light to moderate . . . depending on which
                                                          ings of sights and nearby lunch
path you take. (Sounds like zen master generated          spots (wu fan) will allow you to
that!)                                                    become better acquainted with
                                                          our host city.
Qingdao Squared                                           Former expat Dannen Lee
                                                          originally organized these itin-
Don’t be a square. Visit these fun locations, beginning   eraries when she had family
at Huiquan Square near Beach No. 1, and then either       visiting from the U.S. She help-
walk or grab a cab to Music Square and nearby May 4th     fully noted locations with stairs
Square situated on Fushan Bay. Be sure to have your       and more vigorous stretches;
photo taken under the iconic Wind of May sculpture!       considerations perfect for
                                                          those traveling either with
SIGHTS                                                    strollers or those with more
Huiquan Square                                            limited abilities.
Huiquan Guang Chang
Between Wendeng Lu and Nanhai Lu                          Enjoy!

Music Square                                                                   - Jen Johnson
Yin Yue Guang Chang
Aomen Lu
May 4th Square
Wu Si Guang Chang
35 Donghai Xi Lu
Dine in “American” style at:
The Diner
(Dan Ni Mei Shi Can Ting)
                                                                   Dannen Lee & her
                                                                   family repatriated to
33 Donghai Xi Lu
                                                                   Turlock, California, USA in
                                                                   November 2008, after
STRENUOUSNESS                                                      living in Qingdao for over
No steps. Stroller Friendly!!                                      two years.

                                                               your community resource           15
                                               Influenza Info
                                             Fall is here and it’s flu season. It’s time to      VACCINES
Health & Wellness in QD

                                             cover those coughs and snuff those sneezes.         Seasonal influenza vaccines will be available
                                                                                                 starting in mid-October at The Good Family
                          Ask for:           INFLUENZA                                           Hospital, Bellaire Medical Centre and the Im-
                                             The flu (influenza) is caused by the influenza      munization Clinic of Qingdao Municipal Hospi-
                          Influenza                                                              tal East (located in Building 1 of the hospital
                                             virus. Influenza is an acute respiratory illness
                          Vaccine:           which mainly manifests as a fever and cough.        campus just east of and across the street
                          liú gǎn yì miáo,   Other symptoms can be present as well in-           from the ER). Seasonal influenza vaccine is
                                             cluding muscle aches, headaches, weakness,          recommended for those people listed on page
                          流感疫苗               sneezing and sore throat. Usually patients          17.
                                             experience a sudden onset of symptoms.
                                                                                                 H1N1 Influenza
                          H1N1 Vaccine:      Influenza is spread by coughing and sneezing        Much has been written in the popular press
                          H1N1 liú gǎn yì    droplets into the air which are then inhaled by     about H1N1 a specific strain of influenza dif-
                          miáo,              another person. It can also be spread by            ferent from seasonal influenza. This new virus
                                             touching surfaces contaminated with droplets        is a combination of human, avian and swine
                          H1N1 流感疫苗          and then touching your nose or mouth. A per-        influenza viruses. Although part of the virus
                                             son who has influenza is contagious from one        originated in pigs you cannot get influenza by
                                             day prior to symptom onset until the day            eating pork. The method of transmission
                                             symptoms are gone which is approximately 7          (respiratory droplet) and period of contagion
                                             days. During this time a patient with influenza     are similar to seasonal influenza. The symp-
                          Seasonal Flu       should avoid close contact with other people.       toms are similar as well (fever and cough) but
                                                                                                 vomiting and diarrhea are more prevalent
                          Vaccines           The good news is influenza will usually get         than in seasonal influenza.
                          Available at:      better on its own with rest. In fact if you are
                                             healthy and your symptoms are mild it would         Although older, younger, sick, and pregnant
                                             be best to rest at home and not to go out in        patients seem to be at higher risk for compli-
                          Bellaire Medical   public. In this way you would minimize the risk     cations of seasonal influenza, older patients
                          Center             of spreading the flu to others. However certain     (over 64) seem to have less risk of H1N1 in-
                                             groups of patients are at higher risk of devel-     fection. Older patients may have some degree
                          1 Zhanghua         oping complications of influenza such as            of preexisting immunity to similar influenza
                          Road               pneumonia (a lung infection). If you are older      viruses that circulated before 1957. In con-
                          Building #49       than 50, younger than 5, pregnant or have           trast to seasonal influenza, H1N1 seems to
                                             other chronic medical problems you should be        affect patients under 25 years of age particu-
                          8592.7119          seen by a physician. You should also see a          larly those with preexisting medical condi-
                                             physician if you are experiencing severe symp-      tions. However most patients will have mild
                                             toms such as fever which will not go away with      disease and will recover without medication.
                          Good Family        medication, shortness of breath, or other con-      Anti-viral medications are effective against
                          Hospital           cerning symptoms.                                   H1N1 but as with seasonal influenza these
                          67 Hong Kong                                                           medications are recommended only for those
                                             Antiviral medications can be given for influ-       at high risk of developing complications of
                          Middle Rd          enza symptoms but will not eliminate the            influenza.
                          8801.8275          symptoms. Most cases of influenza will get
                                             better without medication. Usually medica-          Vaccines to H1N1 are currently being devel-
                                             tions are given only to patients at risk for com-   oped. As of this writing the previously men-
                          Immunization       plications of influenza such as those with un-      tioned clinics were unsure if, when, or how
                          Clinic of          derlying diseases, the elderly, the young or        much H1N1 vaccine they will have. Patients
                                             pregnant. Masks may be beneficial if you are        who should receive H1N1 vaccination are
                          Qingdao            having symptoms and need to go out in public        listed on the next page. Using the measures to
                          Municipal          for medical care. They may also be beneficial       help prevent the spread of seasonal influenza
                                             if you are caring for someone in the home who       should help prevent the spread of H1N1.
                          Hospital           has influenza symptoms.
                          5 Donghai                                                              So this flu season keep everyone healthy by
                          Zhong Lu           To keep yourself healthy and to prevent the         covering those coughs, washing your hands
                                             spread of influenza follow the guidelines in        and staying home if you are ill.
                          8593.7640          the box on the following page.

          16                 QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
Warning Signs to Watch For:
                    In children, emergency warning signs that
                    need urgent medical attention include:
                    Fast breathing or trouble breathing
                    Bluish or gray skin color
                    Not drinking enough fluids
                    Severe or persistent vomiting
                    Not waking up or not interacting
                    Being so irritable that the child doesn’t want to be held
Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough

In adults, emergency warning signs that need urgent medical
attention include:
                   Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
                                                                                  Who Should
                   Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
                   Sudden dizziness                                               Receive
                   Confusion                                                      Seasonal Flu
                   Severe or persistent vomiting                                  Vaccines?
                   Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with
                                                                                  Patients over age 50 
                            fever and worse cough
                        Taken from              Adult patients with chronic
                                                                                  diseases, such as heart and
                                                                                  lung disease, etc 
                                                                                  Pregnant women 
 Take these everyday steps to protect your health:                                Individuals who may trans-
                        Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you          mit influenza to persons at
                        cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after      high risk, such as health-
                        you use it.                                               care workers, household
                        Wash your hands often with soap and water, espe-          contacts of persons at high
                        cially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hand      risk, etc.
                        cleaners are also effective.                              Children 6 months – 18
                        Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs            years with emphasis on
                        spread this way.                                          those who have chronic
 Try to avoid close contact with sick people.                                     medical conditions.
 If you are sick with flu-like illness, CDC recommends that you stay home for
 at least 24 hours after your fever is gone except to get medical care or for
                                                                                  Who Should
 other necessities. (Your fever should be gone without the use of a fever-        Receive
 reducing medicine.) Keep away from others as much as possible to keep            H1N1 Vaccines??
 from making others sick.
                                                                                  Pregnant women 
 Taken from
                                                                                  Those who live with or care
                                                                                  for infants younger than 6
                                                                                  months old 

For more information see:                                                         Health care workers 
                                                                                  Children aged 6 months –                                    24 years. (if there is a vac-                                                       cine shortage children aged                             6 months to 4 years and
                                                                                  children 5 - 18 years with
                                                                                  chronic medical conditions
                                                                                  should be given priority) 

                 By Julie Eshbach, MD                                             Adults 25 – 64 years with
                                                                                  chronic medical conditions
                 Qingdao International Clinic

                                                                                your community resource           17
               Sights & Sounds of

Expat Travel

                  Let’s see … 90 days until repatriation …
                  which Chinese cities to see before
                  we leave? One came to mind
                  immediately, Suzhou, the
                  “Venice of the East”. Suzhou
                  is one of the oldest cities along the
                  Yangtze River basin (2,500 year history).
                  The early city was established during
                  the Wu culture. Suzhou is south of the
                  Yangtze, east of Lake Taihu and about 1.5 hour drive west of Shanghai’s Hongqiao
                  Airport. Waterways are part of Suzhou’s long history with lakes in and around the city,
                  and canals flowing through the neighborhoods. The Grand Canal (Beijing-Hangzhou
                  Grand Canal) was hand dug early during the 7th century in Suzhou. Suzhou then be-
                  came an important trade route along the longest man-made canal in China.
                  By the 10th century, the Suzhou silk industry began and through the years has made
                  Suzhou the Silk Capital of the world. The production of exquisite silk fabrics and silk
                  double-sided hand embroidered paintings (one of the “four famous embroideries in
                  China”) are some of what people from all over the world come to Suzhou to buy.
                  With the abundance of water in Suzhou, artfully designed gardens have been part of
                  its history since the 14th century. We went to see the Humble Administrator’s Garden
                  (Zhuozheng Yuan) our first morning. This garden was much smaller when Wang
                  Xianchen planted it in the early 1500s. The name, “Humble Administrator’s Garden”
                  came from the saying, “to build some houses, to plant trees, to cultivate flowers and
                  to sell vegetables in order to provide meals from morning to evening --- are the ad-
                  ministration engaged in by a humble man”.
                  Zhuozheng Yuan is the largest private garden in Suzhou and also considered the most
                  beautiful. This garden fills 5 hectares with Halls, Pavilions, covered walkways, bridges,
                  a museum, teahouse, bamboo groves and fragrant lotus plants filling the waters me-
                  andering throughout the property. The blooming lotus plants were the largest we have
                  ever seen. [There is an indoor courtyard garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in
                  New York City, U.S., following the simplicity and harmonious styles of the Suzhou gar-
                  dens.] Our visit was in July, so most plants were in bloom, along with very high heat
                  and humidity.
                  We decided to go to the Suzhou #1 Silk Mill next, hoping it would be air conditioned. It
                  was, and as we walked in we were greeted by an English speaking hostess who
                  toured with us throughout this historical factory. First, we held a silk worm as it was
                  feeding on mulberry leaves. We then saw the short lived stages of a silkworm and
                  how it forms its cocoon. Some cocoons have two worms inside. This happens when
                  two worms are right next to each other when they start to form their cocoon. These
                  “twin” cocoons are sorted out and used for lower valued silk products as it is too diffi-
                  cult to separate the two silk threads inside of one cocoon.
                  The cocoons are then heated up to kill the worm inside. Eight cocoons are put into a
                  water bath, where a worker swirls the 8 cocoons with a small brush and pulls the
brush out of the water, with 8 silk strands attached.
Each cocoon is made of one thin silk thread, up to
900m long. The silk threads are attached to the spin-
ning machine which unravels the cocoons. The left-
over silkworms are used for medicinal and cosmetic
ingredients. That eight strand silk thread is then
dried, dyed and woven into the most beautiful silk
fabric cherished all over the world.
At the end of our tour, we wandered through many
rooms of silk products for sale.
Our second day in Suzhou we went to see the Rui-
gang (Auspicious Lustre) Pagoda (Ruigang Ta) (43m
tall) built in the 3rd century. This is the oldest Buddhist
Ta in Suzhou. On a clear day, you can see the many
gardens in Suzhou along with the Pan Men scenic
area where this pagoda is located. The guide books
were correct the steep climb up the tower was so
worth it to see the city. Walking through this garden
property leads to Pan Men where there is a section of
the old city wall, along the last remaining land and
water gate in China, and the last coiled water gate in
Suzhou. The land & water gate was used to defend
the city, and also to control the water levels. The
beautiful Wumen Bridge (Wumen Qiao) over the
Grand Canal was very picturesque.
Next on our list was to see the Twin Pagodas (Shuang
Ta) (30m tall). They were built in 982AD, by the Wang
brothers, honoring their teacher who helped them
pass their imperial civil service exams. There are very
few twin pagodas in China (most common in India).
We found these short pagodas are hard to find, being
tucked away inside of a neighborhood, with their
spires barely rising above the rooftops. These
wooden tas are only open to view from the ground.
Even though the grounds were a bit unkempt, monu-
ments broken, this is worth putting on your list to see.
As we left the Shuang Ta, we passed by a bird cage
where we heard “ni hao” and automatically re-
sponded back. Felt silly when we saw a bird staring
back at us, who then replied “meow”.
Last adventure of the day was to drive west out of the
city, to Lake Taihu. After seeing pictures in a Suzhou
book, showing multiple-masted fishing boats, we
wanted to try to see one up close. We stopped at the
Suzhou Taihu Park, where there was a huge wooden
water wheel, camping areas and walkways. At the far
end of this park we found and an old six-masted fish-
ing boat that had been moored there since 2007. The
old sails were tied down, so have included a picture
from a book, showing the beauty of these old fishing
boats that evolved from Ming Dynasty warships.
Dinner along Jinji Lake capped off our visit to Suzhou.
Back to Qingdao, camera cards full of pictures and
wonderful memories to share.
                   Article and Photos by Carla Vassmer
                     Sailing News in Brief by Jeppe Mortensen
                     Autumn Sailing
                     In Norway there is a saying “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” This is also very true when it comes to sailing in
Sailing in Qingdao

                     Qingdao. While the hottest summer days may be behind us, there is still much sailing to be had in 2009.
                     Your regular sailing hubs are ready to get you out on the water:
                         Loik Morgant (132.0637.3529) at Qingdao International Sailing Club (6 Nanhai Rd.) expects to keep their boats in the
                            water at least until end of October.
                         Vicky Song (136.0896.8946) from Sinan Sailing (inside the Olympic Sailing Center), says their fleet of 420’s, Splash,
                            OP’s, and the Tirion can be sailed well into November.
                         All having drysuits, Qingdao’s WETA trimaran sailors are well prepared for the cooler weather ahead. If you know one of
                             the owners of a WETA in Qingdao, this is probably your best bet to get out on the water outside the main sailing sea-
                             son. (138.8463.7870, Jeppe).

                     2009 Shangri-La Sailing Cup

                     ‘Maersk Sailors’ in good company              ‘The Spirit of Hong Kong’ taking a rest          Team ‘Super Dry’ in high spirits

                     Participants, spectators, organizers, and sponsors were treated with a beautiful weather during this year’s Shangri-La Cup.
                     A total of 12 teams battled it out on Fushan Bay. Result:
                     1. “Super Dry” (Qingdao Japanese Association Sailing Club), 2.
                     “Hu Sha” (FEC), 3. “Maersk Sailors” (Maersk).
                     For inquiries about next year’s Shangri-La Sailing Cup, please
                     contact Ms Shirley Teng, Shangri-La Hotel, at 8388.3838 ext.
                     6309 or email at <>.
                     A big THANK YOU to: Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao for taking the
                     initiative to organize a sailing event that gives local residents
                     (both Chinese and foreigners) a chance to get involved in fleet
                     racing. Everyone had a great day on, and off the water.
                     All Team Sponsors for their generous support. You are the ones that make this kind of event possible!
                     11th National Games OP Sailing Competitions in Qingdao
                                Shandong Province is hosting the 11th National Games of China from Oct. 16-28. While Rizhao was chosen
                                as the venue for windsurfing and the Laser, 470, and Finn boat classes, the Optimist (OP) sailing competitions
                                will be held in Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, October 9-13. Event/schedule links listed below (long urls
                                shortened using
                     -   Schedule of the OP sailing competition in Qingdao (CN)
                     -   Schedule of other competitions to be held in Qingdao (CN)    Tip: Google Translate
                     -   Ticket information (EN)                           
                     -   List of Qingdao ticket sales outlets (CN)                   can be helpful for those Chinese language
                     -   11th National Games - background information (EN)              pages.
                     -   Official website (CN)
                     Additional Sailing Resources
                           Links to previous sailing articles:
                           Questions? Call 138.8463.7870 (Jeppe) or email <>

       20                    QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
SMART Chinese
      … the smart way to study Mandarin 

                             SMART Chinese
                             SMART Chinese  
                             offers a fresh  
                             approach to  
                             learning Mandarin 
                             with a relaxed style 
                             focused on our 
                                                         Law Firm
                             Smart Language              Specialties include:
                             Training School  
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                             with expats and             Foreign Investment
                             helping them learn 
                             Chinese the smart 
                                                         International Trade
                             way!                        Company Law
                                                         Labor Law
    Sound like a good fit for you?                       Shipping & Insurance
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                   Phone Maggie Tian: 13589278804        More Information at is available
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         Art and Technology Center No.63 Haier Road 

                                                                                      Yuliang Sun
                                                                                       Law Partner
         Qingdao – your location in China!                                 Master of Law, University of Natal
          QINGDAO – ideal site for MEDIUM–SIZED FIRMS
+ major port city located between Beijing and Shanghai                        International Investments
+ good infrastructure, moderate cost
+ broad economic basis: machinery, automotive, electronics,
                                                                                    Contract Law
  chemicals, household appliances, food, trade                                    Corporate Affairs
+ well-trained work force
+ international schools, good medical care
+ high quality of life, good climate, Olympic City 2008 (sailing)
       GER-LIN – comprehensive services & benefits ON SITE
+ location sourcing, legal and tax advice, company registration,
   staff sourcing, start-up management as a General Manager
     or advisor to your new company
+   experienced Sino-German couple, at home in Qingdao
+   strong technical background, good local relations
+   professional, reliable service on site
+   further services: product sourcing and technical sales
                                                                         International Legal Expert, 15 Years Practice,
                           Please contact us!
                                                                             Partner at Shandong Qingtai Law Firm
                                                                                 Fluent in English & Mandarin
Phone: +86 (532) 8597-7392/-9039         Fax: +86 (532) 8578 0360
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                                                                    Shandong Qingtai Law Firm
                                                                    Kaixuan Business Center, 8F, South Haier Lu, Qingdao

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                                                                     LOVELY NAILS
                                                                              No. 23 Eldo Garden (Silver Garden)
                                                                                    No.1 of Zhanghua Road

                                                   Botox                          Open Daily 10:30 -20:00
                                                Massage               Nail Care                   Hot Waxing
                                             Liposuction              Manicure         90 rmb     Eyebrows        40 rmb
                                             Rhinoplasty              Manicure with               Underarm        100 rmb
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                                        Laser Treatment               Pedicure with               Bikini          180+ rmb
                                       IPL Rejuvenation               Leg Treatment    320 rmb
                                     Facelift & Browlift
                                   Permanent Make-up
                                 Cheek & Chin Implants                  Call 8588.7871 for appointment
                                Breast Lift/Enlargement                        (English Spoken
                                                                                English Spoken)
                        Tian Bei                                            Walk ins also welcome
                                                                            Walk-ins      welcome!
    Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery
           203 Minjiang Lu 闽江路203号
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           8077-                                                         20% off All Treatments
                                                                           LEO’S ANTIQUE
  Looking for a
                                                                     CHINESE FURNITURE
  home in Qingdao?
                                                                           he beauty, elegance and history of fine
                                                                           Chinese craftsmanship is brought to life in Leo’s
                                                                           5000 square meter factory, warehouse and show-

  We will find                                                             room located in Qingdao.

  you the most                                                 Original authentic antiques are painstakingly restored and the
                                                               highest quality reproductions are masterfully created by more
  suitable one!                                                than 80 skilled artisans. Leo’s furniture is made from aged
                                                               elm in handmade traditional Chinese style. Under the strictest
                                                               of quality controls every detail is carefully attended to right
                                                               down to dovetail corners of our
  Professional services                                        reproduced Chinese antique pieces
                                                               that are carefully joined without
  from move in to move out!                                    nails.

                                                               Tables, Cabinets, Chairs, Desks
                                                               and other Chinese reproduction
  Apartments, Houses, Villas                                   antiques can be custom made.

  … whatever you need!

 homes4U                        Tel/Fax: 8998.2199
                                Mobile: 159.6428.4000
  For all your property needs
                                Address: 150 Zhangzhou Road

                                                                             Leo’s Showroom


  Travel, Domestic & International Flights
Hotel Reservations with Attractive Discounts
  Tours of China & Yangtze River Cruises
  Visa Service– for L, F and expired Visas
 Call Back System
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          India, Russia: 0.80 rmb/min
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          UK, Korea, France: 0.39 rmb/min

 Kid’s After School Activities: Football for Kids:            Leo’s Antique Chinese Furniture is located opposite the north        (Foreign coach)               entrance of ETSONG Stadium by Haier Road.
                                                              (It’s five minutes from Surf Plaza.)

                                                              Tel: (0532) 8891-3975           Mobile: 139 6988 7788
No. 5 Shanghang Road
24 hour Free Consultation                                     Fax: (0532) 8583 0766
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Fax: +86 532 8279 7802   E-mail:
                                                                     1st Authentic German Butchery
Expat Birthdays

                                                                    Featuring 50 Different Kinds of Sausages
                  Sheng Ri Kuai Le                                      Cold Cuts, Cooked Ham,
                                                                     Liver Sausage, Blood Sausage,
                        祝你生日快乐                                      Smoked Ham, Bratwurst, Bacon,
                                                                    Cheese Krainer, Vienna Sausage
                  1. John CHAPPLE
                  3. Peter BAMBERG ('88)                            Outdoor BEER & BRAT Garden
                  4. Peter WADDINGTON, Jackline RAGGI ('96)          EVERY Weekend (Weather permitting)
                  5.  Riitta LAAKSONEN, Elin TINNERT ('01),            10:30 am to 7:00 pm
                           Rex ELLIOTT, Emilie KRISTENSEN ('01)        Fresh, home-made breads, rolls,
                  6. Ursula ULLMANN, Kyung Lee KIM                    & pastries delivered every morning
                  7. Amit OZ ('92)                                          CHEESE · WINE · BEER
                                                                               SODAS · WATER
                  8. Joanna CORL ('98), Yaowaluck (Lek) ONYEN
                  9. Larissa SCHNEITER ('02), Steffen SCHEFFLER,    Open Daily: 9:30 am to 7:30 pm
                           Frands NIELSEN, Yutaka SAKAMOTO,         Address: Hai An Road No. 1
                           Max Kolding JOHANSEN ('06)               Eldo View Garden Shopping Center
                  12. Askand ILLTELLYOU, Seojin KIM ('01)           海安路1号,银都景园,景园福超市
                  13. Jessica MENG
                  14. Dorit DRORY
                                                                    Telephone: 0532-88018634 (English-speaking)
                  15. Cathy BEN-DAVID
                  16. Wolfgang VOLLERT, Maelie BALEIX ('04),
                           Sebastian FREY ('04)
                  17. Leon DURUPT, Umesh TIWARI
                  18. Jonathan SHI ('04), Harry VAN PEBORGH-
                           GOOCH ('05), Maia GIVLI, Haim SCHWARTZ
                  19. Jasmin SCHNEITER ('05), Cecily EXNER,
                           Shu Shin TING ('88)
                  20. Maria SHANKS ('99), Leo VAN ECHELPOEL
                  21. Hunter SHANKS
                  22. Tzvety DRENSKA, Christelle ROUAULT
                  23. Michael SCHULZ, Wei LIU
                  24. Dong Ying KIM ('95)
                  25. Larry GAO, Saskia BÜNTE ('94),
                           Kenji YAMAMOTO
                  26. Christine ANDERSSON ('99),
                           Patricia BAMBERG ('89),
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                  28. Massimo VIVONA ('04), Moon Kyn CHOE ('93),
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                  29. Tomas GUSTAFSSON

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             g Spe
     ornin 11 am
      8 am fee 10 rmb
       ican Cof

                        15 rm
         atte r take out)
  Cafe L house o r take
                        o ut)
                                                       The Book Nook
                                                       Creative 100 Industrial Park  
                                                       Room #22, 100 Nanjing Lu, Qingdao  
                                                       Phone: 8097.1935      

                                                       We have thousands of new 
                                                       books for children and adults. 
                                                       You pay the western retail price 
                        OPEN DAILY 7:30 am - 1:00 am   or cheaper, no sales taxes! 
   21 (jia) Mingjiang 2 Lu · Phone 8573-5300
                                                       This Month @ The Book Nook 

          Boulangerie                                  Middle Grade Storytelling (ages 8‐14)  
                                                       Saturday, October 10th, 11 am to Noon 

         Levain Naturel                                Business Book Club  
                                                       Thursday, October 15th, 7 to 9 pm  
        FRENCH BAKERY                                  The E Myth Revisited  

    Shingo Takeuchi, Boulanger                         Junior Storytelling (ages 5‐9)  
                                                       Saturday, October 17th, 11 am to Noon 

                                                       Storytelling for fluent English Speakers (ages 3‐8)  
                                                       Saturday, October 24th, 11 am to Noon 

                                                       Book & Film Club 
                                                       Friday, October 30th, at 7 pm 
                                                       Reading & Watching Coraline 
                                                                                     Special Ordering 
                                                                                   The Book Nook hours: 
OPEN Daily (except Wednesdays) 10:00 to 18:00                                        M—F:  10  am—8 pm 
Phone: 138.6422.6883
                                                                                     Weekends: 9 am—8 pm 
Yindu (Silver) Garden #11 Zhanghua Lu, Qingdao
                          Charity Chat
Qingdao Expat Charity

                                                                Supporting School Children
                                                                All of the schools given support by the QEC are visited by
                                                                charity members twice a year – in the early autumn and
                                                                again, in the spring. As the school year 2009/2010 began in
                                                                September, members made plans at the QEC monthly
                                                                meeting to visit all of the supported schools and students.
                                                                While at the schools, the charity members will talk to the
                                                                students they are supporting and their teachers. The
                                                                members will give the needed financial support for the fall
                                                                semester for these needy children. In September, members
                                                                visited the Laixi and Pingdu schools. By early October,
                                                                students will also be visited in Jimo and Laoshan.
                                                                For this school year, there are 20 boys and girls in grades 1
                                                                through 9 being assisted by the Qingdao Expat Charity.
                                                                These students are trying their best in their studies and
                                                                some of them are also representing their school, in sports
                                                                and other competitions.

                                                                The QEC members stays in touch with the students they
                                                                have supported, once they have finished grade 9. When our
                                                                supported students transfer to middle and high schools,
                                                                they may complete the QEC application, applying for
                                                                continued support. The middle and high school costs are
                                                                much higher, the charity encourages these students to
                                                                continue their education. There are two students
                                                                completing applications now, which will be reviewed at the
                                                                next monthly charity meeting. Once approved these
                                                                students and their schools will be notified. The QEC also
                                                                calls the school officials, requesting final grade reports at
                                                                the end of each semester. With good reports, the charity will
                                                                continue to support these middle and high school students.

                                                                The Qingdao Expat Charity supports needy children, from
                                                                poor rural families. Many have parents who are not able to
                                                                work because of illnesses or one of their parents has died.
                                                                On behalf of our supported students from Laixi, Pingdu,
                                                                Laoshan and Jimo, the Qingdao Expat Charity thanks all of
                                                                you who have decided to help them.

                                                                Charity Committee meets once a month. For more
                                                                information, date and time of our next meeting, please
                                                                contact: New volunteers are
                                                                always welcome!
                                                                                                          by Marcela Likova

                                      The Qingdao Expat Charity would like to thank Maria and Leo, owners of the Cassani
                                      Cafe & Restaurant, Manager Simone and all the staff, for hosting more than 140
                                      people on 16 September at the Lv Wenhua benefit. Budweiser and Chateau Lauduc
                                      donated the beer and wine. Cynthia Dalsenter and Lv's sister donated artwork for
                                      the auction. We thank you all for coming out en masse for Lv!

         26             QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
                                                                 Expat Resources on the Web
We know China.                                               Whether you’ve just arrived or you’ve been in China for ages,
                                                             these sites offer valuable insights to expats living in the Middle
We understand business here.                       
                                                             A great place for Qingdao Expats to find the current issue of
                                                             QEM & archived ones as well. Watch for community events,
                                                             special updates, and volunteer opportunities.
                                                             Great for finding local addresses in Chinese and locating the
                                                             hippest bar on the block.
                                                             More valuable content about the sailing city. Directory of the
                                                             city & addresses in Chinese

As a leading provider of premium consulting services to
foreign companies wanting to establish business in Qing-     Offers maps, listings, and Qingdao attractions
dao and Shandong since 2001, Han Rong Consulting Co.,
Ltd offers insightful, cost-efficient and speedy solutions
based on our rich experience and extensive network in        Created by our very own Qingdao expats, the Carmens. Offers
local government to cover business incorporation             helpful advice on delivering a baby in China.
registrations, monthly tax return filing, opening bank's
Accounts, cancellations, application for Resident Permit
and Serviced Office.                                         Resources, references and support for third culture kids and
                                                             their families.
Jordan is looking forward to answering your questions.
                                                             A cheeky author gives a realistic view of expat life and repatria-
Mobile:139.6392.9799       Phone/Fax: 8386.1859
                                                             tion while also offering valuable links and resources in addition
Email:   Website:     to her own books on these subjects.

                                                             Are you finally ready to bite the bullet and learn Chinese?
                                                                     Private lessons, Convenient, Affordable.
                                                                            Your pace and schedule.
                                                                             FIRST LESSON FREE!
                                                             Call today while Alina still has openings.
                                                             Mobile: 159.5327.2310

                                                              LESSONS FOR YOU:
                                                              ~Oral Communication in Chinese
                                                              ~Business Chinese        ~Conversational Chinese
                                                              ~Advanced Chinese       ~HSK

                                                              ·Teaching adults and kids since 2004
                                                              ·Have published Papers considering Teaching Chinese as a
                                                                      Foreign Language.
                                                              ·Have published Books considering Translated Articles of
                                                                      Languages & Characters.
                                                              ·Master’s Degree: Foreign Languages & Applied Linguistic
                                                              ·Bachelor’s Degree: Chinese Language and Literature

                                                                                          your community resource                 27
                   There Are Many Economical Ways to
                   Get Around Our City?
                   Ped Power
Did U Know . . .

                   Qingdao is a city full of hills, which rules out bicy-   winter are two rmb. Longer distance buses have a
                   cles for most commuters. But it is a pedestrian          ticket taker who asks you where you are headed
                   friendly city in so much as there are                                 and charges you accordingly.
                   plethora of relatively well main-
                   tained sidewalks. (Though, ventur-                                   The bus routes can be tricky to figure
                   ing into the zebra crossings is of                                   out, as most route maps are in Chi-
                   course quite another story!)                                         nese. But if you can recognize land-
                                                                                        marks on the map, it is easy to follow
                   Chu Zu Che                                                           the bus lines listed on most Qingdao
                   Taxis remain an inexpensive option                                   maps.
                   in Qingdao with base rates of either
                   7 rmb or 10 rmb. Remember that a                                      Bus Pass
                   one rmb fuel charge is added to                                       Having one yuan notes handy can be
                   each fare. Always grab a fapio when                                   problematic. Consider investing in a
                   you exit. That way, if you forget                                     bus pass. This handy card is 25 yuan
                   something in the cab, or need to                                      to purchase, and then can be loaded
                   file a complaint about the driver,                                    and re-loaded with cash, so you
                   they can trace the cab. For Taxi                                      merely need to swipe the card when
                   help call 8281.1999.                                                  you get on the bus. Beyond conven-
                                                                            ience, another benefit of the bus pass is that it
                   City Bus                                                 actually offers a slight reduction in your fare. As if
                   But what about the city bus? Have you ever trav-         riding the 317 from Shi Lao Ren to Zhong Shan
                   ersed your adopted city on the bus? Most bus             Gong Yuan for 1 rmb wasn’t a deal enough!
                   fares are just one rmb, but buses that offer kong
                   tiao (air-conditioning) in the summer or heat in the                                           By Jen Johnson

                   Bus Basics
                   TYPICAL FEE                     2 RMB BUSES              BUS PASSES                      MAPS
                                                   Air Con                                                  Qingdao maps listing
                   Adult            1 rmb                                   Are available for               bus stations are
                                                   July 1 to Sept 15        purchase for 25
                                                   Heat                                                     available at many
                   Child                                                    rmb at the                      hotels and local
                   (over 1.2m)      5 mao          Dec 1 to March 15        Qingdao Public Bus              book shops.
                                                   (All other dates,        Company corner of
                   Child                           1 rmb)                   Jiangxi Lu and                  Look for the bus
                   (under 1.2m) Free                                        Fuzhou Lu.                      numbers and routes
                                                   Buses with heat or
                                                   air conditioning have                                    on these Chinese
                   Buses with                                                                               language maps.
                   air con.                        a small snowflake
                   or heat          2 rmb          symbol by the bus
                                                   number @ the front
                                                   and back of the bus.

                   For more information on taking the bus in Qingdao visit:
      28              QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE
                                                                                                       Yo    F
                                                                                                   w g          RE
Han Xiang Yi Yoga Center                                          October
                                                                                                    it h a
                                                                                                         th Le
                                                                                                           is ss
                                                                                                             co o
                                                                                                               up n
                                                                  50% off                                        on
                                                                  Yoga Lessons,First Belly Dancing Lesson
                                      and Spa & Facial
Han Xiang Yi Yoga Studio                                          30% off
is an international life studio. We inspire a lifestyle that is   Yoga Card (Receive 1 Belly Dancing Lesson or
delicate,gentle and comfortable.                                  Spa & Facial for free)

We are the first yoga studio in Qingdao with an American          30% off
yoga coach teaching bilingual Yogilates and Pilates in a          All high quality yoga & dancing apparel,
western style.                                                    yoga products and famous brand clothing.

We are also the first yoga studio in Qingdao offering
bilingual instruction for:
      Men’s Hot Yoga • Pregnancy Yoga • Postpartum Yoga

We offer other energetic classes:
    Belly Dancing • Hula Dancing • Yin Yoga • Ashtanga Yoga

We instruct yoga in several languages, including:
     Chinese • English • Japanese

            Ph: 8572.2257 or 8977.8516
            (English, Chinese & Japanese)
            Room 102 Unit 1 Bldg 1 Chang Hai Yuan 9 Qingyuan Lu

                                                                                 your community resource          29
     Classifieds Community

                                                                     Seeks to fill, with qualified applicants, the positions of:
                                                                     QEM Creative Director and QEM Editor
Classifieds & & Community

                                                                     See page 8 for full details.

                              Piano Teacher                 Seek-
                                                                                          Vehicle for Sale
                                                            ing Musical Instru-
                              Music teacher at the uni-     Responsible student with      Red Beijing Jeep Model BJ2020SGZ 8 years old 45,000
                              versity available to teach    4 years cello experience is   kilometers. Complete history since new. Only 2 previous
                              piano. Very patient.          looking for a full size       owners, both expats. Reasonable condition for its age.
                              Please call:                  cello to borrow, rent or
                                                                                          Good, head-turning, fun vehicle but not for inter-city travel!
                              138.6394.6208.                purchase. Trying to meet
                                                            a school deadline... please   ONLY 10,000 rmb! Contact Daryl @ 137.9289.0865.
                              Positions                     reply ASAP! Call Carmen
                              Available                     138.5429.0528 or e-mail
                              MINS Magazine is
                              currently seeking for the
                              following positions           Seeking Live-In
                              full-time & part-time:        Ayi
                              Editors, Contributors,        Ayi must have experience
                              Designers, Advertising        working for expats and
                              Sales, Translators, and       caring for children. We
                              Marketing. Priority to        have two boys (ages 2 &
                              bilingual candidates! Send    5). Recommendation
                              resume to                     required. Please
                              call: 158.6345.7831

                             For more information on classified ads, or for advertising rates on our color ads, send an e-mail to:

                                                  Community Activities

                                                      Qingdao Book Club
                                                      The Qingdao Expat Book Club, is seeking a new coordinator. The duties are light. Keep
                                                      the Qingdao Expat Magazine informed of the calendar and email a meeting reminder to the
                                                      members list on the weekend before the meetings.
                                                      The Book Club is one of Qingdao's oldest and most perennial activities. Please come and
                                                      help to keep it an active member resource. Organizational Meeting Thursday, October 8th
                                                      @ 7 pm at Luigi’s JUSCO 1F

                                                      La Leche League
                                                      Monthly meetings for breastfeeding mothers. To join the mailing list contact local
                                                      La Leche leader Valerie @

                                                      Free Expat Book Exchange
                                                      @ Napoli 43 Hong Kong West Road
                                                      Open Daily 10:30 am to 11:30 pm
               30              QINGDAO EXPAT MAGAZINE