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									PARTNER Fact sheet 2009/2010

Name of Institution             XLRI JAMSHEDPUR                           School of Business and Human Resources

Contact Details :

   Head of the Institution      E. Abraham, S.J

            Title               Director

          Address               C H Area (East)

      Postcode / City           831001                                       Jamshedpur

          Country               INDIA

      Telephone / Fax           +91 657 398 333 Extn.:-3220/3201             +91 657 398 2227814


   Socrates ID Code (for
  European Partners only)

   Heads of International       Dr. J Singh , Chairperson International Relations
     Relations Office

  International Relations       Mr. S Roy (

      Telephone / Fax           + 91 657 398 3213                            + 91 657 398 2227814

Exchange Coordinators :

Contact(s) for Incoming and     Contact for Incoming Foreign Students        Contact for Darden Outgoing Students
    Outgoing Students

                                Mr. S Roy                                    Mr. S Roy

      Telephone / Fax           91 657 3983213                               91 657 3983200


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Academic Information: 2009/2010

  Application Deadlines         Trimester V : 2nd week of July’10            Trimester VI : 1st week of November’10
       Arrival Dates            Three days before start of the term          Three days before start of the term
  Mandatory Orientation         Two days before start of the term            Two days before start of the term

   Beginning and end of         Starts : 2nd week of September’10            Starts : 2nd week of Decembe’10
   Semesters (including         Ends : 1st week of December’10               Ends : 4th week of February’11
    examination dates)
    Academic Calendar           Not yet finalised                            Not yet finalised
                                Current 14th Sept’09 to 06th Dec’09          Current 14th Dec’09 to 27th Feb’09

Academic Level(s) offered
  to Exchange Students
                                Undergraduate                               Postgraduate 
 Language of Instruction        ……………                                        Only in English
 Main study fields (majors)     General Management                           Finance
     at our university.
                                Marketing                                    Human Resources Management
                                Industrial Relations                         Information Systems
                                Strategic Management                         Economics
                                Organizational Behaviour                     Production & Operations Management
  Language Requirement          Good command (read, write and speak) over English. No official test is required for
                                nominated students from partner universities/b-school.
  Information on courses / for PMIR
         electives     for BM

                                Courses are offered on trimester basis.
                                   - PMIR stands for Personal Management and Industrial Relations Programme
                                   - BM stands for Business Management or General Management Programme
                                You can contact to Mr. S Roy ( for further details.
     Course Enrolment           Please note the nominated students need to register online for the courses once the online
                                registration link is activated. Courses offered are subjected to change depending upon the
                                number students registered for the course.
       Course Load              Generally courses are of 1.5 and 3 Cr. 10 hrs of classroom teaching is required for 1 Cr.
           Exams                Exchange students are supposed to stay until their exams get over. Provision or change
                                of exam schedule is not there.
          Grading               Grading is done on 0 to 8 grading scale. Lowest passing grade is 3
   Learning expectations        To attend all lectures and seminars
When will your transcripts      Exchange students can view grades online. The hard copy of grade sheet will be sent to
  be sent to Darden?            partner school once the term gets over. Generally one month time is required, provided
                                they have cleared all other formalities.
  Transcripts from your         Transcripts XLRI students need to be sent to Mr. S Roy (
  university to be sent to

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Exchange Students Information :

 Information for Exchange       The exchange web link of XLRI is
      students website
 Information for Exchange       For any detail nominated students can mail to
   Application Materials        Online application form gets activated in our web-site one month
                                before the start of the term.
 Student nominations to be      Student nominations should be sent to Mr. S Roy
          sent to

 What Housing is provided       Housing is available in-side the campus with our students in students hostel.
   by your university?
   Approximate cost of          Present fee for entire term (approx three months) 50, 000 INR (Approx 750 Euro).
accommodation per month?        Which includes stay , food, books and study material. Incidental charges extra.
    Housing Insurance           Its advisable students should take insurance at there home country.

 Cost of Living per month?      Cost of living within the campus is inclusive stay and food is covered on exchange fee.
                                Exchange fee is exclusive of other incidental charges.
    Academic Expenses           Tuition fees are waved off by the mutual agreement between the two institutes.
         Meal plan              Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the rent.
     Health Insurance           As off now it’s not compulsory
     XLRI student card          Student’s identity card is issued to all students those who has completed all formalities.
     Visa requirements          Student’s visa or Tourist visa
     Consulate address          1.
     Residence permit
     (carte de séjour)
 Is there a pick-up service     On request , provided we receive travel plan well in advance at the time of online filling
  provided upon arrival?        of registration form

Any Additional Information:

     Language Courses            Only in ENGLISH
Summer programs or short-       Can be arranged on specific request
    term programs
    Facilities on campus        Library, Computer, Mess, Gym and all other as available to our regular students

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Your institution:

          Location              Centrally located in Jamshedpur. The nearest metro is Kolkata which is about four hour
                                journey by rail.
            Why                 XLRI Jamshedpur , School of Business and Human Resources is founded in the year
                                1949 by Fr Quinn Enright, S.J. in the Steel City of Jamshedpur. Over many years XLRI
                                has developed its own identity. The hall mark of this identity is, not to walk on the
                                beaten path but to strike new routes; not to benchmark but to be benchmarked, to be
                                second to none but to be the first to respond to the needs of the prople and the nation, by
                                taking up the tasks which are bold but necessary which nobody has hitherto taken up.
                                This enterprising and pioneering spirit can be witnessed throughout the history of XLRI
    International vision        “It is with this objective in mind, that we at XLRI have initiated the Interlational
                                Students Exchange Programme. It is our conviction that such an exposure will broaden
                                the students’ horizon, besides giving them a glimpse of the world as a whole. On the
                                other hand, students from foreign universities who will visit XLRI, will get a first-hand
                                experience of both education in a good b-school in the country, as well as the Indian
                                experience.” Fr E Abraham, S.J, Director.
        Programme                    1. Two year Personal Management and Industrial Relations (PMIR)
                                     2. Two year Business Management (BM)
                                     3. One year General Management (GMP)
                                     4. Six months Executive Management Programme for Defence Officers (GMPD)
                                     5. One year Satellite Programme (Satellite Programme)
                                     6. Short term Management Programme (MDP)
                                 International students exchange programme is for first two programme which is known
                                 as XLRI flag ship programme
         Rankings               XLRI Jamshedpur is top ranked among private b-school in India. XLRI has always been
                                ranked among the top ten business school of India.

    Student Registration        Exchange Students:- Can register for PMIR and BM
      Academic and              Full-time professors: 65
    Administrative Staff        Part-time lecturers:
                                Visiting professors: 32
                                Administrative staff: 88

  Your university Pictures
        and Videos
         Your city                   1. About State
                                     2. About City
    Tourist Information

We should send our Darden promotional material (brochures, posters, course catalogue, student guide,
application form, academic calendar, etc.) to:
Mr. S Roy
XLRI Jamshedpur
School of Business and Human Resources
C H Area (E)
Jamshedpur 831001
Ph:- +91 657 398 3213

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