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Volume 48                                                     Summer 2010

President’s Message                                                         NEMA Election Results

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                 are neede d to see this picture.                     Congratulations to the following members who were
                                                                             recently elected to Board positions:

                                                                        President-elect:           Secretary:

As we approach the end of the school year and the end
of my term as NEMA President, I thought I would
share with you some of the things I have learned this

First of all, PLN’s are priceless. PLN: personal or
professional learning network. I use Twitter. I know
that it is blocked in some schools. It was initially                   Karen Buckley               Sara Churchill
blocked in our school this year. We succeeded in                     Lincoln Piux X School       Blair Public Schools
unblocking it, and the result for me has been a whole
new group of avid learners that I am learning from.                                Board Member-At-Large:

There are days when I do not feel like I have anything
of value to contribute. Thankfully I do not have to
contribute to gain from the stream of knowledge
passing by every hour. New websites to try, things to

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                                                                             Kathy Terrell        Dr. Sherry Crow
INSIDE THIS ISSUE…                                                      Morrill Public Schools         UNK

2        Conference News                                              A special thanks to our outgoing Board members
                                                                          and officers for their years of service and
4        Sound Off for Media, Calendar                                              dedication to NEMA:
5        Literature Festival, Student Liaison
                                                                               Robin Schrack- Past President
6        AASL News                                                       Jeanne Bergsten - Board Member-At-Large
                                                                      Anne Kalkowski-Scholarship & Awards Committee
7        AASL, AFCON                                                          Susan Hubbard-Student Liaison
                                                                              Karen Buckley-AFCON Liaison
9        NEMA Board Members and Liaisons                              Nancy Larimer-Talking Books and Braille Liaison
10       NEMA Membership Form

                                                             NEMA News 1
                                   Continued from page 1

read, book recommendations. There is no single
publication that would give me what I have gained
from following people like Buffy Hamilton, Joyce
Valenza and Tony Vincent. They all help me stay
abreast of current trends and issues.

I also learned the importance of dedicated people who
                                                                       CONFERENCE NEWS
are committed to our profession. I shouldn’t say I just                   Submitted by Betty Meyer
learned it, because I have always known how
important this is. People like Susan Hubbard, Anne            This year’s conference, Nebraska Libraries:
Kalkowski, Jeanne Bergsten and Robin Schrack. Susan           Celebrating the Past, Creating the Future, is going to
has served as our student liaison and Anne has been           be held in Grand Island on October 13-15, 2010. The
the chair of our Scholarships and Awards committee.           conference will be located at the Midtown Holiday Inn
Jeanne is an outgoing board member-at-large, while            and at the Howard Johnson Riverside Hotels. Trans-
Robin is our outgoing Past President. It is difficult to      portation will be available between the conference
find people that are willing to serve in these positions,     sites. We have received numerous proposals for the
because of the commitment. We are all so incredibly           sessions. With all of the great session topics available
grateful to each of these people for the time they have       we hope that you can attend both days of the
unselfishly given to NEMA.                                    conference.

 Our board has some new and returning people that             NLA/NEMA will be hosting a pre-conference
have made a commitment to NEMA for upcoming                   workshop featuring Warren Graham, Black Belt
terms. Sherry Crow of UNK is a new board member-              Librarians on October 13, 2010 at the Midtown
at-large. Kathy Terrell is continuing in her position as      Holiday Inn in Grand Island. The pre-conference
board member-at-large, and Sara Churchill is                  workshop will run from 9:00-4:00 with a cost of
continuing as NEMA secretary. Our President Elect is          $20.00 (includes lunch). Mr. Graham will discuss:
Karen Buckley. We have some new liaisons as well.             handling difficult customers, security staff training,
Sara Mitchell from Loveland Elementary in Omaha,              analyzing existing procedures and recommendations
will be our new Talking Books and Braille liaison and         for improvements, training for specific needs, and self-
Sharon Axthelm, North Platte Public Schools, will be          defense tactics for front line staff. You can register
our student liaison for the next two years. Lora              for the precession workshop at the NLANEMA
Leibrandt, of Lewis and Clark Middle School, will be          conference website
our new AFCON liaison, and Stacy Johnson of         
Hillside Elementary is taking over as chair of the
Scholarships and Awards Committee.
                                                              Gering Teen Wins Logo Contest
We are fortunate at our school, but I have learned from                 Submitted by Robin Schrack
others that not every administration will be supportive
or understand what we do. It is up to us show them
how we teach students to evaluate the abundance of
information they are presented with on a daily basis.
Demonstrate how the use of technology tools you use
and teach in the classroom, actually open up a world of
information possibilities.

In Nebraska, we have a wonderful group of school
librarians, teacher librarians and media specialists. I
have learned that no matter what moniker you choose,          Congratulations to Kayley Cooper from Gering High
we are a community of people dedicated to our                 School for her winning logo design! Kayley has
students and our profession. Thank you for allowing           received an iPod Touch for her logo. The new NEMA
me the opportunity to serve as your NEMA President            logo will be unveiled at the NLA/NEMA Conference
for the past year. I have learned a lot! Carrie               in Grand Island on October 13-15, 2010.

                                                      NEMA News 2
      WANTED: Exploratorium                                      2009-2010 GOLDEN SOWER
            Presenters                                             WINNERS ANNOUNCED
       for Fall Conference!
                                                                The winners and honor books for the annual Golden
        Submitted by Bev Gustafson                              Sower Award have been selected by a record-breaking
                                                                70,009 student readers across the great state of
  REWARD: Good Vibes from Colleagues +                          Nebraska!
        Personal Satisfaction
                                                                Primary Winner
If you’re looking for a great feeling of personal               The Secret Science Project That Almost Ate the
satisfaction, sign on to present a tabletop display for the     School by Judy Sierra; illustrated by Stephen
Exploratorium at the NLA/NEMA Fall Conference!                  Gammell
Exploratorium is one of the most anticipated sessions at
the conference, because you get to pick up great, practical     Primary Honor Books
ideas from fellow librarians.                                   Woolbur by Leslie Helakoski; illustrated by Lee
You can prepare a display about anything you have going         Dogku by Andrew Clements; illustrated by Tim
on in your library--                                            Bowers
      a student research project
      a reading club success story                             Intermediate Winner
      a successful collaborative project                       Deep and Dark and Dangerous: A Ghost Story by
      tips for a library youth advisory council                Mary Downing Hahn
      a fundraising project that helped out your budget
      Golden Sower ideas                                       Intermediate Honor Books
      etc., etc., etc.!                                        The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee
                                                                Stewart; illustrated by Carson Ellis
                                                                The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies

                                                                Young Adult Winner
    To get those good vibes from colleagues                     Cracker!: The Best Dog in Vietnam by Cynthia
             contact Bev Gustafson                              Kadohata
       ( for an
        Exploratorium presenter form.                           Young Adult Honor Books
                                                                The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin
                                                                Peak by Roland Smith

                                                                The winners have been posted on the Golden Sower
        Membership Report                                       web page:
       Submitted by Jean Hellwege                               Click on the ipod to go to the information about the
                                                                winners. (Note: If the ipod is not red, refresh the
       Jan 26,   May 25,    Type of Membership
         2010     2010                                          Thank you to all of you for your help in promoting the
                                                                Golden Sower Award with the students of Nebraska!

                                                                Kathy Schultz
          280         291   1-3 Years
                                                                Chair, Golden Sower Award Committee
           24          24   DSA/Life
             1          2   Commercial/Institution
           14          14   Retired
           33          36   Student
         352*         367   Total Active

      *correction from Spring NEMA News

                                                       NEMA News 3
                           Submitted by Anne Kalkowski, Scholarships & Awards Chair

        Do you know an outstanding school librarian that deserves recognition? (Come on, we all do!)
        Have you implemented a program that you are proud of? (I bet you have!)
        Do you want to be an advocate for school librarians? (Of course you do!)

 I encourage you to take the time to nominate a school librarian (you can even self-nominate) for the
 annual NEMA Sound Off for Media Award by August 15. The application and more information can be
 found on the NEMA web site at

 Let’s all sound off for school library media programs!

 Sound Off for Media Award image created at:

                                     MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
NEMA Board Meetings
      Thursday, July 15, 2010             9:30 AM Lincoln, Scott Middle School

State NLA/NEMA Conference
        October 13-15, 2010               Grand Island, Midtown Holiday Inn and
                                                  Howard Johnson’s Residence Inn
Other State Events
        June 14-15, 2010                Heartland School Librarian’s Conference, UNO, Omaha
        July 31, 2010                   Norfolk Public Library’s Literature Festival, Norfolk

 RAN News submitted by Joie Taylor
National Conferences
        June 24-30, 2010                ALA Conference, Washington, DC
        June here! 2010                  Read Aloud Nebraska. CO
 The time is27-30, Time to renew or joinISTE Conference, Denver,Enrollment is from May 1 to November 1. Go to
 the RAN web site to join. It’s painless and costs zero dollars. In return you have
 access to ideas for getting children to read and, after your second continuous year of membership, can apply for a
  Submission deadlines February school. 15, July 21,
 grant for a reading activity in your 15, MayJOIN now. and November 15.
  Mailing/Posting dates March 15, June 15, August 15, and December 10.

                                                     NEMA News 4
      ANNUAL LITERATURE FESTIVAL                                           NEMA Student Liaison:
         Saturday, July 31--9:00 a.m.. - 4:00 p.m.                           My Final Thoughts
                                                                              Submitted by Susan Hubbard
         801 East Benjamin Avenue, Norfolk, NE

Funded by the Norfolk Library Foundation, SCYP, and the
                    City of Norfolk

Youth (18 & under): $5.00/advance & $7.50/door
Adults: $20.00/advance & $25.00/door
Free admission for current SCYP members!

Advance tickets are available at Norfolk Public Library or
by mail order. To order tickets by mail, send a stamped,
                                                                 I have enjoyed my two years as the Student Liaison for NEMA.
self-addressed envelope with full payment (make checks
                                                                 As I pondered about what to write in this article, the following
payable to “Norfolk Library Foundation--Literature
                                                                 words kept popping into my head.
Festival”) to:
                                                                 Networking: Through my participation in NEMA I have met
                    Literature Festival
                                                                 many energetic and dedicated school library media specialists
                  Norfolk Public Library
                                                                 from around the state. It has been a terrific journey,
                 308 W. Prospect Avenue
                                                                 interviewing other students in our wonderful profession.
                   Norfolk, NE 68701
                                                                 NEMA is a marvelous organization to establish friendships with
                                                                 others who share that same passion for our profession as we do.
For more information, contact Karen Drevo at NPL by
                                                                 By attending the conference held each fall, you can come away
phone (402/844-2108) or e-mail
                                                                 with many ideas and useful information to use in your library,
                                                                 and also meet new friends!

                                                                 Collaboration: It is essential, as a school librarian, that we
                                                                 have the ability to work well with many people, to insure the
       NEMA Listserv INFORMATION                                 best education for our students. We need to reach out to our
                                                                 teachers in our buildings and let them know that we are
 Submitted by Jean Hellwege, Executive Secretary
                                                                 available to help their students research topics related to the
                                                                 curriculum they are teaching. We also want to pass on all the
The NEMA listerv sends announcements and reminders
                                                                 wonderful ideas we are learning about in our classes,
from NEMA to your mailbox. It is another way to
                                                                 conferences, and workshops that we attend.
collaborate and share with our colleagues, such as the
Nebraska Library Commission’s Books in Series:
                                                                 Advocacy: This is a huge undertaking. It is very important that
                                                                 we promote our libraries to our administrators and our parents in
                                                                 our schools. Sometimes this is not an easy task, but it is an
To subscribe or unsubscribe to the NEMA listserv, go to
                                                                 important one. Take your ideas to your principals and to your
                                                                 parent meetings. If we don’t express our needs and ideas, they
                                                                 probably will never come into fruition. This holds true for our
     and follow the instructions found at this site.
                                                                 government officials as well. We need to let them know who
                                                                 we are and what we do and can do!
 To post messages to the listserv, email your message to
                                                                 Service: Finding joy in serving others goes hand in hand with
                                                                 our job. Making students, teachers, and parents feel welcome in
Please follow these guidelines when posting messages:
                                                                 our libraries should bring us great joy. Keeping up with new
**Posts should be relevant to librarianship/library issues.
                                                                 technology ideas and passing that information on to others in
** Please do not send or forward to the list virus
                                                                 our buildings is important. We can never stop learning. But
warnings, recipes, chain letters, etc.
                                                                 most of all, love what you do, and that joy will be very evident
** Please respect copyright, trademarks, logos, etc.
                                                                 to others. It might even be contagious!
**Political activity, such as campaigning or endorsing a
candidate, is not permitted

                                                           NEMA News 5
                                                AASL INFORMATION
                                                  Submitted by Nancy Larimer

AASL Fall Forum 2010

It isn’t too early to start planning to attend the AASL Fall Forum 2010. "In Focus: The Essentials for 21st-Century Learning," will
be held November 5-6, 2010 in Portland, Oregon. The Fall Forum 2010 will bring together some of the greatest minds in the
library field--Gail Dickinson, Leslie Maniotes and Ross Todd--to help school librarians understand how to guide 21st-century
students toward meaningful learning. Keynote speaker Paige Johnson, global manager of K-12 education for Intel's Corporate
Affairs Group, will discuss the challenge of 21st-century reform from the perspective of the workforce and students. She will help
attendees understand why corporations are interested in 21st-century education. She will also encourage school librarians to make
learning more personalized to include students that may become overwhelmed by the more rigorous standards.

The Fall Forum occurs in the years that AASL does not host a National Conference. For more information about the 2010 Fall
Forum and to register, visit the AASL Web site at Attendees will receive a price break for registering
before Oct. 4. If you are not an AASL member, this would be a great time to join so you can attend.

New AASL President Elected

Carl A. Harvey III, school librarian for North Elementary School, Noblesville, Ind., has been elected president-elect of the
American Association of School Librarians (AASL).

For his election platform, Harvey stated, "I believe the future for our profession lies with involvement. School librarians are
leaders in teaching 21st Century skills; yet, due to budget shortfalls positions are being cut. Being involved is convincing decision
makers that library programs are a good use of scarce dollars. These are unsettling times, but being involved and working together
we can fulfill a vision where school libraries are a necessity in every district and every school."

Harvey is currently a member of AASL's Board of Directors. He served as a chair of AASL's Affiliate Assembly in 2007, and has
served on many other AASL committees. Outside of AASL, he serves as a board member for the Indiana Library Federation and
has authored three publications, including the 2010 release "The 21st Century Elementary Library Media Program."

Harvey's school library program at North Elementary was the recipient of the AASL National School Library Program of the Year
award (NSLPY), previously NSLMPY, in 2007. Of winning NSLPY Harvey says, "To me, my major accomplishment wasn't
really mine at all, but rather a team effort of our entire school. It truly was an example of the hard work of our entire school --
library staff, teachers, administrators, students and parents." His exemplary work as a school librarian has won him numerous
other awards and accolades.

Harvey will serve as president-elect during 2010-2011 under Nancy Everhart, AASL's current president-elect.

                                                     What is AASL?

   The American Association of School Librarians,, a division of the
   American Library Association (ALA), promotes the improvement and extension of
   library services in elementary and secondary schools as a means of strengthening the total
   education program. Its mission is to advocate excellence, facilitate change and develop
   leaders in the school library field.

                                                           NEMA News 6
AASL Announces Summer Online Courses

AASL is offering two online summer courses for school librarians. During the classes librarians will identify problem areas in
their current school library program and develop the techniques and endurance to bring the program into the 21st century. The
courses include:

        Monday, May 31 - Friday, June 25-Making a Place, Making a Case for Read-Alouds: A Powerful Teaching Tool for
        Literacy K-6. Trainers: Christina Dorr and Liz Deskins

        In this 4-week e-course, participants will learn how to infuse literacy skills while continuing to share the passion and
        power of a great read-aloud. The culminating project will be a collaborative lesson plan that incorporates nonfiction read
        alouds with critical thinking strategies into a content area while also including indicators from AASL’s Standards for the
        21st-Century Learner.

        Monday, July 12 - Friday, August 6: The Path to Collaboration: Making it Happen

        This four-week class is designed to help media specialists identify and analyze the factors that contribute to successful
        collaboration with teachers. Topics covered include: the culture of the school, the role of the media specialist, qualities of
        successful leaders, and the various facets of the collaboration process. Media specialists will learn what to bring to the
        collaboration table and how to develop and initiate an action plan to encourage teachers to join them.

                                 AFCON Plans Annual Meeting,
                               Updates on Student Expression Bill
                                               Submitted by Karen Buckley
The student expression bill, LB 898, did not move forward this session of the Unicameral. However, Senator Haar has introduced
an interim study, LR 433, to examine the status of student expression in Nebraska. This study was viewed as a positive action,
amid assurances that the bill would be reintroduced in the next legislative session. Supporters of the bill were pleased by the
number of persons who attended the public hearing on the bill to testify for the bill. While this bill is known as the student
expression bill, the bill is designed to provide support also for teachers and administrators supporting student expression.

President-elect Rod Wagner recommended to the board that Frank LoMonte, executive director of the Student Press Law Center,
be invited to be the featured speaker at the AFCON annual meeting November 6 at Beacon Hill Restaurant in Lincoln. The board
accepted Wagner’s recommendation. The annual membership meeting is open to the public; AFCON board and executive board
meetings are also open to the public.

The AFCON board revised its meeting schedule, with board officers meeting alternating months between full board attendance
and just the executive board. Full membership meets annually.

NEMA is seeking a new representative on the AFCON board. The NEMA liaison is a voting member of the board. In addition to
advocating for academic freedom issues, AFCON also sponsors educational activities, including cosponsoring observances of
Banned Books Week. Since the meetings are open to the public, any NEMA member is welcome to attend aboard meetings. If you
are interested in serving as NEMA’s liaison to AFCON or just learning more about AFCON activities, consider attending a board
member as a guest.

Learn more from the AFCON website:

                                                          NEMA News 7
                                 Meet UNO Student Denise Ebeler
                              Submitted by Susan Hubbard, NEMA student liaison

Denise Ebeler is the Library Media Specialist at Prescott Elementary School in her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, She is a UNO
graduate student working on her library media endorsement. While getting her undergraduate degree from UNL, Denise was able
to spend one of her junior-year semesters studying in Erlangen, Germany. Her endorsements from UNL are in early childhood,
elementary education, and German education.

Denise taught second grade in San Bernardino, California for three years and second and third grade at Clinton Elementary School
in Lincoln before getting her present job as a media specialist for LPS. She has been at her present position for two years.

I asked Denise about the importance of collaboration in her school. She replied, “Our job is about supporting staff and students
with their informational and media needs. We have to communicate with them to know what those needs are. I am fortunate to
work with teachers that are willing to meet during plan days and before or after school as needed.” Denise tells me she has been
working with fourth graders doing research on Nebraska related topics such as state symbols, famous people, and landmarks.

When I asked Denise about her coursework at UNO, she mentioned that she appreciated that each class she took included the
AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner. She says, “I feel like I know what my objectives are because of the emphasis and
expectation that we incorporate these into our lessons.” She also mentioned the use of technology and how she is planning to have
her students blog about the Golden Sower nominees next year.

What qualities should a 21st Century School Librarian possess? Denise told me, “It has been a surprise to find out how many hats
a school librarian must wear. I think the first priority is to be a great teacher of information literacy skills.” She mentioned
organizational, communication, and research skills, as well as having the best digital information available for our students, as
being important. Denise said, “One of the most fun aspects of my job is planning special events such as Read Across America
Day, our used book exchange, a Book Character Parade, summer library, and author visits.”

When I asked Denise about her advice for those interested in becoming library media specialists, she mentioned, “If you love
working with children and reading, this is the career for you.”

              Retiring? Be sure to contact NEMA with your new e-mail or mailing address AND keep in
       mind that the membership rate for retired library media specialists is a bargain at $10!
           Changing schools or moving into a new home? Be sure to contact NEMA with your new
              contact information by emailing or writing to
                                   Jean Hellwege, NEMA Executive Secretary
                                              2925 Drawbridge Ct.
                                               Lincoln, NE 68516

                                                         NEMA News 8
                                                 NEMA News
The NEMA News is the official newsletter of the Nebraska Educational Media Association (NEMA). NEMA News is
published four times a year: August, January, March, and June, with news and advertising deadlines of July 21,
December 15, February 15, and May 15. Advertising rates for camera-ready copy are as follows: quarter-page, $25.00;
one-half, $50.00; full-page, $100.00. Non-profit organizations or individuals may quote from or reproduce the articles
herein for noncommercial purposes, provided full acknowledgement is given. Articles may be submitted via email at

Carrie Turner                     Board Members:                Liaisons: Turner, President
Westside High School              Jeanne Bergsten
8701 Pacific St.                  (2008-2010)                   Glenda Willnerd                  Rod Wagner
Omaha, NE 68114                   Windy Hills Elem. School      State Advisory Council           NLC Liaison
(W) 402-343-2715                  4211 20th Ave.                 on Libraries                    NE Library Commission
(H) 402-238-3315                  Kearney, NE 68845             Lincoln Public Schools           1200 N St., Suite 120       (W) 308-698-8220              5901 O Street                    Lincoln, NE 68508-2023
                                  jeanne.bergsten@              Lincoln, NE 68510                (W) (402) 471-4001
Betty Meyer, President-Elect             (W) 402-436-1832                 FAX: (402) 471-2083
Thayer Central                                                 
930 Eads
Hebron, NE 68370                  Stacy Lickteig                Christine Walsh                   Joie Taylor
(W) 402-768-6117                  (2009-2011)                   NLA Liaison                       Read Aloud NE Liaison     Bryan High School-OPS         2020 First Avenue                 2301 31st St.
                                  4700 Giles Road               Kearney, NE 68847                 Columbus, NE 68601
Robin Schrack, Past-President     Omaha, NE 68157               (W) 308-233-3291                 (H) 402-564-1781
31154 W. 169th Terr.              (W) 402-557-3116       
Gardner, KS 66030       
(W) 913-856-2647                                             Kelly Melson                     Karen Buckley
                                  Laura Pietsch (2009-2011)     NLC Youth Advisory Board         AFCON Liaison
Sara Churchill                    Bellevue East                 Kearney Public Schools           Pius X High School
Secretary and Webmaster           1401 High School Dr.          910 East 34th                    6000 A Street
Arbor Park Middle School          Bellevue, NE 68005            Kearney, NE 68847                Lincoln, NE 68510
PO Box 288                        (W) 293-4190                  (W) 308-698-8232                  (W) 402-488-0931
Blair, NE 68008         
(W) 402-426-2735   Kathy Terrell                 Susan Hubbard
                                  (2008-2010)                   Student Membership                 Mary Reiman
Lynne Wragge, Treasurer           Morrill Public Schools        Liaison                            NDE Liaison
Kennedy Elementary-OPS            P.O. Box 486                  Cathedral of the Risen             Lincoln Public Schools
2906 N. 30th St.                  Morrill, NE 69358             Christ School                      5901 O Street
Omaha, NE 68111                   (HS) 308-247-2149             3245 S. 37 St.                     Lincoln, NE 68510
(W) 402-457-5520                  (EL) 308-247-2176             Lincoln, NE 68506                  (W) 402-436-1627               (W) 402-489-9621         
Ex-Officio Members:                                   
Jean Hellwege,                     Anne Kalkowski               Nancy Larimer                    Judy Henning
Executive Secretary                Awards & Scholarships        Talking Book & Braille           Learning4Life
Scott Middle School                Bell Elementary School       Liaison                          Kearney Public Schools
2200 Pine Lake Rd                  7909 Reed Street             Lincoln Public Schools           3610 Sixth Ave
Lincoln, NE 68512                  Papillion, NE 68046          5901 O St.                       Kearney, NE 68854
Mail to: 2925 Drawbridge Ct.       (W) 402-537-9998             Lincoln, NE 68510                (W)308-698-8072
Lincoln, NE 68516                   (W) 402-436-1842                                        

                                                           NEMA News 9
_______________________________________________________             X     C    CD      L     D     G        S    M     ____________________
Last Name                           First Name                                                                            Expiration Date

EXECUTIVE SECRETARY USE ONLY                                         Date Received__________ Check Number__________Amount $_______

                        Nebraska Educational Media Association Membership Application
                 ___New ___Renewal                                I would be interested in serving NEMA:
Name_____________________________________                         ___ Scholarship and Awards        ___ Elections
Position/Title________________________________                    ___ Membership                    ___ Finance
Institution__________________________________                     ___ Program/Conference            ___ Publications
Business Address____________________________                      ___ Board Member/Officer          ___ Liaison
Phone ( ) _________________________________                       Other organizations in which I am a member:
E-mail address______________________________                      ___ AASL                               ___ NETA
Home Address______________________________                        ___ AECT                               ___ NLA
City___________________________ Zip________                       ___ ALA                                ___ SCYP
Phone ( )_________________________________                        ___ MPLA                               ___ Other
ESU, if applicable__________
Preferred Mailing Address: ___Business ___Home              Dues: All memberships run October 1 to September 30.
Sign me up for the NEMA listserv ____Yes ____No
                                 Already on listserv____
                                                                          3-Year Individual/Institutional       _____ $75.00
My contact information will be released in NEMA’s                         1-Year Commercial                     _____ $35.00
Membership Directory unless checked NO _____                              1-Year Individual/Institutional       _____ $30.00
                                                                          1-Year Student                        _____ $15.00
                                                                          1-Year Retired Individual             _____ $10.00
Signature                                                         Make checks payable to Nebraska Educational Media Association.
                                                                         Mail to Jean Hellwege, Executive Secretary
                                                                                  2925 Drawbridge Court
                                                                                  Lincoln, NE 68516

                                                              NEMA News 10