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                                                                                                                                                  Issue No. 3
                                                                                                                                                  Fall/Winter 2006

            design                                            Build                                        Maintain

Mechanical Construction • Team Construct • Design Assist • Design Build • Facility Maintenance Service • Building Automation

Limbach Embraces BIM:
Building Information Modeling
Providing its customers the best in class mechanical contracting
services and implementing new technology is a hallmark of
Limbach. This is what consistently separates Limbach from
its competitors. Limbach is continuing with this standard by
incorporating the process of taking 2-D coordination drawings
and converting them to 3-D shop drawings in our design
The idea of converting 2-D drawings into 3-D images is not a
new concept, but it is being elevated to an entirely different
level. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process of
modeling that coordinates the design aspects of a project with
the construction side. This collaboration will ultimately result in
major benefits for firms and, in turn, for the customer.
BIM is about combining computable data about a project
within the electronic design that can be easily modified and
automatically updated. The key to the model’s innovation is
the amount of detailed information available with respect to
the project. The 3-D, 4-D and 5-D models provide information
about the properties of materials incorporated in the design. It
incorporates the functionality of physical objects such as doors
and windows, as well as, the notion of abstract concepts such as
space and organization. BIM is also equipped with the ability to                        The potential benefits of incorporating BIM in the design and
detect problems of said design and materials; essentially being                         implementation process are remarkable and support Limbach’s
able to fix problems before they arise. BIM also incorporates                           goal to provide innovative mechanical solutions. Currently,
estimating and scheduling capabilities, and alternative designs                         Limbach is working the Bakersfield Memorial Hospital to
as fourth and fifth dimensions.                                                         implement BIM. At Bakersfield, Limbach utilized Cadduct,
                                                                                        QuickPen Piping & Navisworks software (all branches have
With these capabilities, there are numerous benefits to Building                        been utilizing these programs over the last few years). Limbach
Information Modeling. This methodology streamlines the design                           was able to provide general contractor Rudolph & Sletten, Inc.
process, produces more accurate and efficient time and cost                             their first real look at the powerful technology of BIM. Limbach
estimates, and prevents costly construction mistakes. Overall,                          also furthered the success of the project by implementing this
BIM reduces costs, time, and risk, resulting in higher quality                          unique 3-D coordination process. Limbach plans to implement
work and profitability of projects...the fundamentals of Limbach                        this technology in many more projects to come.
standards. | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing   
liMBach d.c. overcoMes                                                                    liMBach reMeMBers
challenges to Meeting                                                                     charlie Boyd
leed standards                                                                            Early Monday, November 13, 2006,
                                                                                          Limbach lost a great individual, someone
Limbach’s D.C. branch was commissioned by the
                                                                                          very dear to our hearts. Charlie Boyd
Department of Defense to be the design build mechanical                                   passed away after fighting a serious
and electrical subcontractor for the Pentagon Library and                                 illness for the past several months.
Conference Center project in Arlington, VA. Due to the                                    Charlie was a devoted employee and a
complexity of the government standards and intricate                                      kind person.
design for the project, Limbach faced many challenges to
meet the LEED standards; however, the project, nearing                                    For those of you that had the opportunity
                                                                                          to be his friend or work closely with
completion, will be LEED certified. The two-story multi-use
                                                                                          Charlie, you would agree that we lost a good man, a man that
facility, includes a multiple room conference center, a Library,
                                                                                          truly cared about the people with whom he interfaced with. He
Kitchen & Food Services Facility and Pentagon                                             touched so many people with his brilliance, optimism, loyalty,
Police Agency.                                                                            energy, commitment, a can do attitude... a man with a driven
                                                                                          passion to do the best he could in everything he did. He had
This Design Build project for the Pentagon involved the
                                                                                          many positive attributes that made him the Charlie Boyd we all
conversion of an existing athletic center into a library and
                                                                                          knew... possibly his number one trait was being a teacher. He
conference center. The work encompassed two stories and                                   always wanted to share his immense knowledge of the business
121,000 square feet, and included a total renovation and                                  and help others to be successful.
installation of all new mechanical and electrical systems.
Limbach incorporated multiple unique mechanical systems,                                  Charlie was the Executive Vice President of National Sales and
including collective protection air handling system with HEPA                             oversaw Mechanical Professional Services (Limbach’s in-house
filtration, site chilled and steam, and heat recovery for preheat                         engineering division). He dedicated over 35 years of his life
and humidity control. The project incorporated extensive                                  to working with Limbach, sharing his vast knowledge of the
                                                                                          industry; it was indeed vast. Charlie was the past president of
accommodations for information technology systems,
                                                                                          the Mechanical Contractors Association of Detroit and past board
including design of pathways for LAN distribution systems, as
                                                                                          member of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America.
well as several communication equipment rooms.
                                                                                          Outside work, Charlie was just as active and enthusiastic about
Limbach faced major obstacles to accomplish the LEED                                      life and helping others. He was a past board member of Mariner’s
requirements, primarily due to the multiple uses and mostly                               Inn, Detroit, a homeless and drug rehab center. A graduate of
underground nature of the facility. However, Limbach was                                  Virginia Tech, Charlie was an avid Virginia Tech and University
able to implement several energy conservation strategies in                               of Michigan football fan. Charlie also enjoyed playing golf and
the design and construction of the project. A few examples                                listening to oldies and Motown music. He leaves behind three
include a super-insulated “green” roof and the installation                               people he loved so dearly – his wife, Joanne, and their two
of mechanical systems that actually exceed the LEED                                       children, Charlie and Carolyn.
base case standards for energy use by 30%. The facility                                   Sometimes life is difficult to explain or even understand. Charlie
was designed to meet the Anti-Terrorism/ Force Protection                                 left us too early, but with the time he had, he made his mark,
standards of the Department of Defense. The project is                                    touched many, and truly made a difference in this world. Touching
expected to qualify for a LEED “Silver” rating when it is                                 memories of him will always be with us.
submitted for evaluation later this year.

                                                                                          liMBach PittsBurgh delivers
                                                                                          engineering solutions!
                                                                                          Continental Building Systems awarded a Design Build contract
                                                                                          to Limbach for the 50,000 square foot expansion to the Civil
                                                                                          & Environmental Consultants (CEC) Headquarters Building in
                                                                                          Pittsburgh, PA.

                                                                                          The HVAC system is designed and engineered by Mechanical
                                                                                          Professional Services (MPS). Our in-house Engineer, Rick Mosser,
                                                                                          has designed a practical, energy-efficient system to achieve a
                                                                                          “Silver” LEED certification in accordance with the U.S. Green
                                                                                          Building Council rating system.

                                                                                          Start-up and commissioning is in the final stages as CEC plans to
                                                                                          occupy the new addition this winter. | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing   
hands on safety
Robert Wilder, Limbach National Safety Chairperson

Since assuming the Chair of the National Safety & Wellness                               dangerous. Aren’t vehicle accidents to be expected? They are
Committee (NS & WC) in June 2006, I’ve learned a lot about                               just the price we must pay for living in the modern, fast-paced
our sister companies at Limbach. One of the first things I                               world of the 21st Century.
noticed is there are no cultural differences between branches
when it comes to Safety. Everyone I’ve talked to throughout                              WRONG! Just as we have not, and will not tolerate that
the various trades, whether in the field or the office, has the                          working in the construction industry means expecting an
same common goals of working safely and going home each                                  occasional serious debilitating injury or catastrophic loss of
and every day to their families in the same shape they started                           a life as part of doing business, we do not accept vehicle
the day.                                                                                 accidents as a price we must pay for driving. We expect our
                                                                                         employees to drive accident free.
However, I have also seen an alarming upswing in one very
key area, vehicle accidents. Whether we are at fault or not                              As IIF becomes ingrained in the cultures of every Limbach
is not the issue. The fact that one of our employees was                                 branch and in the mindset of all employees, it will continue
involved in an incident and was at risk of being injured does                            to influence others and spread throughout the construction,
not meet with our common goal of getting home safely.                                    as well as other industries. So too, will the idea that safe
Incident & Injury Free (IIF) does not punch a time clock; it is                          driving is everybody’s responsibility. By continually teaching
24/7. We care for our employees wherever they are.                                       ourselves to think before we do and to remain focused upon
                                                                                         the task at hand, we will create a community where arriving to
As drivers, we must remember that it is our responsibility                               work safely is the easiest part of our day.
to be aware of our surroundings, which includes all other
drivers, pedestrians, as well as weather and road conditions.                            Proper reporting of all accidents and near misses while
                                                                                         traveling to and from work holds the same importance as
Driving is something that almost every employee does on a                                accident reporting on the job. As a driver, be sure you have
daily basis and with one in five drivers on the road involved                            all the paperwork you need to be able to report any incident
in a traffic accident each year, the odds say that we are due                            immediately to your Safety Manager. Remember, “The show
our share of these accidents. After all, the roadways are                                cannot go on without you” – drive safely. | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing   
                                  Joe doody retires                                       Prior to joining the company, Mr. Doody had over 12 years
                                                                                          experience in the manufacturing and hospital industry
                                  Joe Doody, Executive Vice                               sectors which included the engineering standards group of
                                  President in charge of Special                          ITT Nesbitt, a leading HVAC manufacturer, and American
                                  Strategic Projects, has retired after                   Medicorp, a leading for profit chain working in the design
                                  almost three decades of dedicated                       build construction group. Mr. Doody also served on the
                                  service to the Limbach Family.                          Board of Directors of the Eastern Division of the Mechanical
                                                                                          Contractors Association for over 10 years.
                        Joe Doody has been with Limbach
                        and its former affiliate company,                                 Mr. Doody obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business
                        Williard Inc., in Philadelphia, for                               Administration in 1966 from LaSalle University and received
                        the past 28 years. Mr. Doody                                      a Graduate degree from LaSalle in 1987 with an MBA in
                        has served a variety of positions                                 Finance.
                        including CFO of Williard Inc. and
President and CEO of its wholly owned subsidiaries, Fire                                  Limbach has truly benefited from the expertise and
Protection Industries and Entertech Services, an Energy                                   professionalism that Mr. Doody has contributed over the
Services Company. He was CEO and President of Williard                                    last 28 years. Those of us who have known Mr. Doody
Inc. for 17 years and most recently served as President of                                personally will truly miss his presence at the office. Limbach
the Eastern Region of Limbach Facility Services for the past                              extends its best wishes and greatest appreciation to Mr.
3 years.                                                                                  Doody in his retirement.

liMBach PittsBurgh celeBrates safety Milestone
On Friday August 25, 2006, the Pittsburgh Branch employees along with the Corporate Services team gathered together to celebrate
working three consecutive years without a lost workday. Mike Balistreri and Marty Keyser led off the event with a discussion on the
development of our safety culture as well as an overview of recent company accomplishments. After that, attendees enjoyed a barbeque
lunch followed by games and prizes for all in attendance. Thanks to all who attended and to all Limbach employees who are helping us
to work Incident and Injury Free.

                                            Mercy suBurBan hosPital - er addition coMPlete
                                            Williard Limbach recently completed the HVAC installation for Mercy Suburban Hospital’s 65,000
                                            square foot ER / OR addition. The hospital, located in Norristown, Pennsylvania, is an energy-efficient
                                            Green facility, the first of its kind on the East Coast.

                                            Due to space constraints at the facility, Williard Limbach installed a modular 900-ton chiller plant
                                            designed to comply with LEED requirements. The new chiller plant, which replaced the 30-year-old
                                            existing 600-ton plant, has improved the overall efficiency of the hospital’s HVAC systems over 30
                                            percent by reducing energy consumption and harmful emissions.

                                            There are four degrees of LEED certification, Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Mercy Suburban
                                            Hospital is seeking the LEED Gold certification for its new expansion and renovation project.
                                            Complying with LEED standards is a challenge but with the coordination, effort and workmanship of
                                            the Williard Limbach team the facility is getting closer to their certification. | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing   
                                                                                mbus, OH
                                                                   hools - Colu
                                                     gton City Sc
                                          Upper Arlin
                                                        LEED C
                                                                 er ti fi ed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Pitt sbu rgh, PA
                                                                                           Det ro it                                                                                                                eri ng Bui ldi ng -
                                                                                                       Lio n s P                                                                               Sci enc e & Engine
                                                                                                                   ra ct ic e
                                                                                                                                Fa ci li ty                              Gen eva Col lege of
                                                                                                                                              - All en
                                                                                                                                                         Pa rk , M
liMBach taKes the LEED
As our world continues to change and grow, the need for environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly more critical, especially
within the building industry. Limbach recognizes the necessity of energy conservation and conscientiousness and faces it head on by
designing smart, energy-efficient Green and LEED certified projects. What is LEED? Over the last several years, the U.S. Green Building
Council has developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System to create a nationally
recognized standard for the creation, construction and operation of a truly Green Building.

The LEED Rating System attempts to unify the building industry by providing credible standards that address various building types and
the different phases of a building lifecycle and offer the tools to create a Green Building. According to the USGBC, there are five key
areas in which LEED focuses its approach to sustainability: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials
selection, and indoor environmental quality. To become LEED Certified, a building project is assessed and awarded points for meeting
specifications within each of these categories. A project can achieve a Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum certification according to the
project’s final points assessment.

LEED has tailored individual programs to prepare and guide projects through implementation according to the project type and lifecycle
phase. The LEED programs include: New commercial construction and major renovation projects; Existing building operations and
maintenance; Commercial interiors projects; Core and shell development projects; Homes; and Neighborhood development. Each of
these programs is assessed accordingly.

The purpose of the LEED System is to transform the building industry and its impact on society, the environment and an overall quality of
life. Social responsibility is a fundamental value at Limbach; it is instilled in our employees and reflected in our work. Many of Limbach’s
projects have gained the LEED certification designation among a wide variety of industries.

Limbach is committed to create and maintain comprehensive solutions that consistently exceed customer expectations and benefit all
parties involved. In order to maintain this commitment and still remain socially responsible, you must act proactively. Limbach provides
Performance Contracting, a process that begins involvement with the initial concept meeting and carries through to the final program
implementation. The success of this performance-based program is attributed to preventing failure cycles of systems by initial Energy
Design Alternatives, Best in Class Construction Services, and proper Maintenance after implementation. With proper planning and
execution, initial costs can be minimized and production costs can be reduced through energy efficient consumption systems.

The benefits of energy conservation extend beyond its impact on
our direct environment. Limbach continually produces systems
that reduce energy costs and result in profitability increases for our
customers. Some of Limbach’s Green or LEED projects include:

•    Civil & Environmental Consultants Office Building – Pittsburgh, PA
•    David L. Lawrence Convention Center – Pittsburgh, PA
•    East Valley High School – Los Angeles, CA
•    Lazarus/S. High Street Renovation – Columbus, OH
•    Manulife Project – Boston, MA
•    Mercy Suburban Hospital – Philadelphia, PA
•    National Defense University – Washington, D.C.
•    Ohio Veteran’s Home – Columbus, OH
•    The Pentagon Library & Conference Center – Washington, D.C.
•    Worthington Schools – Columbus, OH | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing                                                                           
Sand Lake Hospital Central Energy Plant                    Select Health – Latrobe Area Hospital                        Bunnell School Renovation
Owner:      ORMC                                           Owner:       Excela Health                                   Owner:       Flagler County Schools
Customer:   Robins & Morton                                Customer:    A. Martini & Co.                                Customer:    Siemens
Market:     Healthcare                                     Market:      Healthcare                                      Market:      Municipal
Service:    HVAC & Plumbing                                Service:     Plans & Spec                                    Service:     Team Construct
Location:   Orlando, FL                                    Location:    Latrobe, PA                                     Location:    Bunnell, FL

Ozzy Properties                                            Lanxess                                                      Indian River County Jail
Owner:      Ozzy Properties Inc.                           Owner:       Lanxess                                         Owner:       Indian River County
Customer:   Columbia Construction                          Customer:    Deklewa & Sons Construction                     Customer:    Peter Brown Construction
Market:     Commercial                                     Market:      Lab                                             Market:      Institutional
Service:    Value Engineering                              Service:     Plans & Spec                                    Service:     Plan & Spec
Location:   North Andover, MA                              Location:    Pittsburgh, PA                                  Location:    Indian River, FL

1330 Boylston Street                                       University of Pittsburgh – Public Safety Building            Pasco High School DDD
Owner:      1330 Holdings LLC                              Owner:       University of Pittsburgh                        Owner:       Pasco County Schools
Customer:   Suffolk Construction                           Customer:     .J.
                                                                        P Dick, Inc.                                    Customer:    Skanska
Market:     Commercial                                     Market:      Office                                          Market:      Municipal
Service:    Team Construct                                 Service:     Plans & Spec                                    Service:     Plan & Spec
Location:   Boston, MA                                     Location:    Pittsburgh, PA                                  Location:    Land-0-Lakes, FL

Fidelity, 245 Summer Street                                Gailliot Center for Newman Studies                           Ross Heart Hospital
Owner:      Fidelity Real Estate Company                   Owner:       Gailliot Center                                 Owner:       Ohio State University
Customer:   Payton Construction                            Customer:     .J.
                                                                        P Dick                                          Customer:    Ohio State University
Market:     Commercial                                     Market:      Educational                                     Market:      Healthcare
Service:    Team Construct                                 Service:     Team Construct                                  Service:     Plan & Spec
Location:   Boston, MA                                     Location:    Pittsburgh, PA                                  Location:    Columbus, OH

McCarter & English                                         Verizon – Mt. Pleasant, Connellsville, Pittsburgh            Sterling Data Center
Owner:      McCarter & English                             Owner:       Verizon                                         Owner:       Sterling Commerce
Customer:   Jones Lang LaSalle LLC                         Customer:    Verizon                                         Customer:    Skanska-Shook
Market:     Commercial                                     Market:      Communication                                   Market:      Commerce
Service:    Team Construct                                 Service:     Plans & Spec                                    Service:     Plan & Spec
Location:   Boston, MA                                     Location:    Mt. Pleasant, Connellsville, & Pittsburgh, PA   Location:    Columbus, OH

Tufts University 6th & 7th Floors                          Sand Lake Central Energy Plant                               6th Floor Renovation
Owner:      Tufts University                               Owner:       ORMC                                            Owner:       Mt. Carmel Hospital
Customer:   Greene Construction                            Customer:    Robins & Morton                                 Customer:    Elford, Inc.
Market:     Institutional                                  Market:      Healthcare                                      Market:      Healthcare
Service:    Team Construct                                 Service:     Plan & Spec                                     Service:     Special Project
Location:   Boston, MA                                     Location:    Orlando, FL                                     Location:    Columbus, OH

Amgen B99 CR&D Exp                                         ERAU North Plant Expansion                                   BTS Piping
Owner:      Amgen Inc.                                     Owner:       ERAU                                            Owner:       Henkel Surface Tech
Customer:   Turner Construction                            Customer:    A.M.Weigel                                      Customer:    Henkel Surface Tech
Market:     Pharmaceutical                                 Market:      Industrial                                      Market:      Manufacturing
Service:    Plans & Specs.                                 Service:     Design Build                                    Service:     Special Project
Location:   Thousand Oaks, CA                              Location:    Daytona Beach, FL                               Location:    Columbus, OH

East Valley High School                                    ERAU New Residence Hall                                      Energy Conservation Project
Owner:      LAUSD                                          Owner:       ERAU                                            Owner:       Teays Valley Schools
Customer:   Turner Construction                            Customer:    Stellar Group                                   Customer:    Teays Valley Schools
Market:     Institutional                                  Market:      Office                                          Market:      Educational
Service:    Team Construct                                 Service:     Plan & Spec                                     Service:     Performance Contracting
Location:   Los Angeles, CA                                Location:    Daytona Beach, FL                               Location:    Columbus, OH

Bakersfield Memorial Phase 1A                              Parrish Medical Center                                       R&D E/M Dyno
Owner:      Catholic Health Care W./Northridge Hospital    Owner:       Parrish Medical Center                          Owner:       Honda Research & Development
Customer:   Rudolph & Sletten                              Cusotmer:    Johnson Controls                                Customer:    Honda Research & Development
Market:     Healthcare                                     Market:      Healthcare                                      Market:      Research & Development
Service:    Team Construct                                 Service:     Plan & Spec                                     Service:     Plan & Spec
Location:   Bakersfield, CA                                Location:    Cocoa, FL                                       Location:    Columbus, OH

California Science Center Phase II                         USF Tampa Infrastructure                                     Indoor Water Park Renovation
Owner:      California Science Center Foundation           Owner:       USF                                             Owner:       Cherry Valley Lodge
Customer:   Morley Construction                            Customer:    Kenyon & Partners                               Customer:    Horizon Construction Company
Market:     Institutional                                  Market:      Mech Equip room                                 Market:      Entertainment
Service:    Plans & Specs.                                 Service:     Plan & Spec                                     Service:     Plan & Spec
Location:   Los Angeles, CA                                Location:    Tampa, FL                                       Location:    Columbus, OH
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liMBach’s ProMotions and neW hires
As part of Limbach’s continual growth process, there have been promotions and new hires at many of our locations. We would like to
extend our warmest welcome and congratulations to all!

Mark Guidi                                                                               Michele Mack
Promoted to Assistant Project Engineer                                                   Hired as Project Control Administrative Assistant

Rich Mague                                                                               Teri Schagane
Hired as Branch Controller                                                               Hired as Accounting Clerk

William Sacco                                                                            Chris Wong
Promoted to Contract Manager                                                             Hired as Southeast Region Controller

columbus:                                                                                los angeles:
Bob Keck                                                                                 Cintia Gomez
Promoted to Shipping Manager                                                             Hired as Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Tom Magnuson                                                                             Philadelphia:
Promoted to Senior Project Manager                                                       Kenneth Gallagher
                                                                                         Hired as Safety Manager
Sheri McCoy
Hired as Executive Assistant                                                             Pittsburgh:
                                                                                         Jim Bennett
Ginny O’Neill                                                                            Hired as Project Manager
Hired as Service Coordinator
                                                                                         Linda Cecchetti
Brent Wilburn                                                                            Promoted to Admin/Expediter
Hired as Truck Driver
                                                                                         Luke Mosser
corporate:                                                                               Hired as Warehouse Driver
Greg Dunn
Hired as Assistant Controller                                                            Kim Roscoe
                                                                                         Hired as Accounting Clerk
Carey Hays
Hired as Receptionist                                                                    Mike Yakich
                                                                                         Hired as Project Engineer
David Leathers
Hired as Sr. Vice President, Director of Service & Maintenance                           Washington, dc:
                                                                                         Tim Feehely
Peggy Sissem                                                                             Hired as a Controller
Promoted to Director of Compliance
                                                                                         Greg Frey
Scott Wright                                                                             Hired as a Service Account Executive
Hired as Senior Attorney
                                                                                         Howard Geiger III
detroit:                                                                                 Hired as an Estimator
Debbie Bulinda
Hired as Administrative Expeditor - Providence Hospital                                  Robert Harbert
                                                                                         Hired as a Project Manager
Kyle Maurer
Hired as Engineering & Management Training                                               Loretta Jones
                                                                                         Hired as a Service Senior Accountant
Ken Ostach
Hired as Sr. Project Manager for MGM Casino                                              James Larson
                                                                                         Hired as a Commissioning Manager
Kip Schultz
Promoted to Estimating Manager                                                           Harry Lightfoot
                                                                                         Hired as a Project Manager
Jody Jones                                                                               Kristen Terry
Hired as Receptionist                                                                    Hired as a Service Dispatcher | Healthcare • Institutional & Government • Entertainment & Leisure • Commercial • Residential • Retail • Mission Critical • Transportation • Manufacturing   
Aircraft Research Support Facility                         Double Tree - Plymouth Meeting                              Providence Park
Owner:      US Navy                                        Owner:       Double Tree Guest Suites                       Owner:       Providence Hospital & Medical Center
Customer:   Coakley Williams Construction                  Customer:    Double Tree Guest Suites                       Customer:    Barton Malow/White
Market:     Government/Military                            Market:      Hospitality                                    Market:      Healthcare
Service:    Design Build MEP                               Service:     HVAC                                           Service:     Team Construct
Location:   Pax River Naval Air Station, MD                Location:    Plymouth Meeting, PA                           Location:    Novi, MI

Grow Hospital HVAC Equipment Replacement                   Hope Creek                                                  TCF – Tenant
Owner:      US Air Force                                   Owner:       PSEG                                           Owner        TCF Headquarters
Customer:   Trane Company                                  Customer:    Metro Streel, Inc.                             Customer:    The Allen Group
Market:     Government/Military                            Market:      Industrial                                     Market:      Office
Service:    Design Build MEP                               Service:     HVAC                                           Service:     Design Build
Location:   Andrews Air Force Base, MD                     Location:    Salem, NJ                                      Location:    Livonia, MI

Philadelphia VA Medical Center                             Hopkinson House                                             WBH Troy Short Stay
Owner:      Veterans Administration                        Owner:       Hopkinson House Owners Association             Owner:       Beaumont Hospital
Customer:   Marco Enterprises                              Customer:    Hopkinson House                                Customer:    Contracting Resources
Market:     Government                                     Market:      Residential                                    Market:      Healthcare
Service:    Plumbing & HVAC                                Service:     HVAC                                           Service:     Value Engineering
Location:   Philadelphia, PA                               Location:    Philadelphia, PA                               Location:    Troy, MI

Holiday Inn Express                                        Waterford Surgery Center
Owner:      Holiday Inn Express                            Owner:       Waterford Partners LLC
Customer:   Holiday Inn Express                            Customer:    DeMaria Building Co.
Market:     Hospitality                                    Market:      Healthcare
Service:    HVAC                                           Service:     Value Engineering
Location:   Philadelphia, PA                               Location:    Waterford, MI

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