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									   Award Winning Publication of Golden Valley VFW Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary
            The Post Home: 510 West Allen Street, Clinton, Missouri 64735 Telephone: 660-885-5980
                  HF (Rick) House III 660-924-1853,postal.blue@hotmail.com, Editor & Publisher

Commander:        Rick House      924-1853                     President:   Barbara Danforth   492-7495
Adjutant:         Sam Gibbons     890-2370                     Secretary:   Bonnie Newell      885-5139
Quartermaster:    Bob Easton      885-4920                     Treasurer:   Mary Hubbard       885-7404
Chaplain:         Bob Hubbard     885-7404                     Chaplain:    Cathline Vest      885-9777

   Volunteers will be meeting at the Post Home on the
 Sunday after Thanksgiving at 2 pm, to decorate the Post
                     for Christmas.
            READ NOTICE ON PAGE 3
Attention WWII Veterans
   All VFW members and their spouses are invited to a dinner of Fried
 Chicken on December 6, 2010 at 5:30pm. Dinner will be hosted by the
       Ladies Auxiliary and all ladies are asked to bring a side dish.
 We will be honoring all WWII Veterans and recognizing when Pearl Har-
                    bor was bombed on December 7th.
 All WWII are encouraged to bring any memorabilia to share. We would
 also be delighted to have you share any stories with us. So that we may
    prepare enough food we ask that you sign up by December 1st.

   You may also contact Mary Hubbard (660)885-7404, Corlene Wilson
              (660)885-3845, Rita Brandt (660)647-2665

                      Christmas Party
                 December 17th at 6:00pm
    This Christmas Dinner will be a Potluck. Turkey and ham will be
  provided. Sign-up sheets are located at the Post Home, or you may
   email information to vfwpost1894@live.com. When you sign up,
   please indicate the side dish you will be bringing and the number of
   guests attending with you. Entertainment will be Karaoke/DJ Kelly
 Bates. Items will be collected for the Warrensburg Veterans Home as we
         have in past years (ie white undergarments, socks, etc…)
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                                                                                                   VFW NATIONAL HOME
                                                                                                     FOR CHILDREN   .
                                                                                                      The new website is up,
                                                                                                           Check it out at .
VFW Membership                                                                               http://www.vfwnationalhome.org/
    Annual and Lifetime plans
available. Reasonable rates, and
 financial assistance is available
                                                                   If you’re not already a Life Member
      for those who qualify.                                     please consider it for this worthwhile or-
    Ask about our discounts                                                     ganization.
        for older veterans.
                                                                 Cost is only $35.00 and includes a Life
     Contact Bob Wonnell at                                                    Member Pin.
(660)890-2072 or (660)351-2410
      for more information              Our MO VFW Service Officer Fundraiser Pins are in. They are available at BINGO,
                                        through the Quartermaster, Ladies Auxiliary Treasurer or they can be available through
                                        YOU. Please contact the Quartermaster or LA Treasurer for more information.
   Comrade Chester Jones is
 looking for a trailer, approx.          “As we express our gratitude, we must never for-
  6x10 or 12 to haul mowing
    equipment. Please call
                                          get that the highest appreciation is not to utter
(660)885-7508 if you have one                       words, but to live by them.”
     you would like to sell.                                            -- John F. Kennedy
                                         be lost, and a Merry Christmas and                We now have a committee, chaired
                                         Happy New Year to all.                        by Bonnie Newell, that is in the proc-

  The Holiday Season has always
                                                      HF (Rick) House III              ess of planning our annual Christmas
                                                                                       dinner party. The party will be held
  been one to celebrate with family                                                    at the post on Friday December 17,
  and friends. During this time of                                                     2010, and will be a potluck event.
  celebration take a moment to re-                                                     Hope to see you all there.
                                                                                           At our last meeting on November
  member both the servicemen and
                                                                                       11, 2010, District 6 President was pre-
  women serving our country both at      My apologies to everyone for not hav-         sent for our annual inspection, and I
  home and abroad in harms way           ing anything in the last couple of news-      thank all a good representative atten-
  and the families who sacrifice to      letters, I simply did not have the time.      dance.
  allow them to do so.                   I must say that I am very impressed               It is heartwarming to see so many
                                         with the recent events that our chairper-     ladies helping with bingo. Ladies give
  We must never forget that freedom      sons have organized and held.                 yourself a big hand. I love to see how
  is far from free, and someone has          The fundraisers for Cancer Aid and        we can pull together for the mutual
  always had to bear the cost. When      Research have been well publicized. I         benefit of our organization.
  you count your blessings over your     was somewhat disappointed that more                Thanks to our secretary, Bonnie
  Thanksgiving Meal, be sure to in-      of our auxillary members did not attend,      Newell, who has agreed to take re-
  clude them.                            my thanks to those who did support the        sponsibility for the kitchen. She is ex-
                                         cause, and the lasagna dinner was ex-         perienced, a great cook and will do a
                                         cellent. Great work, Betty.                   great job.
  We are presently 44 members
                                              Rita Brandt had a very impressive             Again we need everyone to help
  away from 100 percent with             POW-MIA balloon launch at the post            Corlene Wilson in recruiting new
  67 unpaid from our current             on September 17, 2010, she also has           members if we are going to be at
  membership. If you are wait-           plans for a yellow ribbon project that        100%. Please step up like you always
  ing for a good time to send in         sounds wonderful, as well as plans for        do.
  your dues, this is it!                 Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day,                   Sally Flynn as always is taking such
                                         which is a pet project of mine, as I'm        good care of our contributions to the
  Come out and join us for the           sure you all know that my father was a        Warrensburg Veterans Home. Thank
  WWII Veteran celebration on De-        WWII veteran. I hope that this year's         you Sally for all of your efforts. Good
  cember 6th, and the Post Christmas     dinner will be well attended.                 work ladies.
                                              Faye Ball is conducting a make a              As always ladies, I'm just a call
  Party on December 17th. God
                                         difference day project that I hope every-     away. I can be reached at 660)492-
  Bless America, and God Bless
                                         one can help out with. She is also send-      7495 or you can e-mail me at:
  those who have been willing to
                                         ing a Thanksgiving Basket to the mem-
  serve her both in times of War and     ber of the post who is currently over-
  Peace, for without them we would                                                     badanforth1941@yahoo.com.
                                         seas on active duty.

       If you are interested in receiving our Post newsletter electronically please send an email to
  postal.blue@hotmail.com and request to be placed on the newsletter email list. Each month you will
   receive an email with a link to the newsletter on the internet. The benefits are that you will receive
               the newsletter earlier, in color and you will save the post $.15 each month.
                                                                                     HF (Rick) House III
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      2010      VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary            3

                                Flag Schedule

New Years Day                                Saturday                      January 1
Martin Luther King Jr Day                    Monday                        January 17
Presidents Day                               Monday                        February 21
Armed Forces Day                             Saturday                      May 21
Memorial Day                                 Monday                        May 30
Flag Day                                     Tuesday                       June 14
Independence Day                             Monday                        July 4
Labor Day                                    Monday                        September 5
Patriot’s Day                                Sunday                        September 11
Columbus Day                                 Monday                        October 10
Veterans Day                                 Friday                        November 11
Pearl Harbor Day                             Wednesday                     December 7

                      Flags up——6:50 am
                      Flags Down—4:45 pm
                  Meet in front of the Elks Lodge (Center North Side of Square)
                         Contact Person: Bill Harrison (660) 492-0183

We will be voting at the next meeting December 9th, on three bids for
 Heating and Air Conditioning work at the Post. We are drafting
  standing rules for the old post property to include hunting and
     dumping/burning and will vote on December 9th as well.

    Next MO Department Convention                    Please keep your address updated to help
           is June 19-19, 2011                      us avoid costs from the Postal Service. We
           Columbia, Missouri                              pay $.50 for each correction.
      Start planning now to attend.                                                      Thanks

      The next District 6 meeting                         The 111th National Convention
    Feb 13, 2010, meal at 12:00 noon                       August 27-September 1, 2011
          meetings to follow.                                    San Antonio, Texas
      Knob Noster, Missouri Post                           Start Planning NOW to attend
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             2010            VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary              4

  Computer Repair Center
                                                                                You could be supporting
   417 N Maguire Ste F                                                            our newsletter, too!
   Warrensburg, MO 64093
                                                                           Contact postal.blue@hotmail.com
Your all in one stop for personal                                               For more information
 service done right the first time.

  We also sell used computers,
 come see what we have today!                                                                      Boy Scouts of
                                                                                                   Investment in
Rick House “In business for 15 years and with 45 years com-
bined experience, this family owned business provides friendly ,                                     Campaign
courteous service. I trust them to fix it right the first time I bring
it in.”

Bob Easton “Working on both PC’s and Laptops they provide a
variety of services, all for the right price. I wouldn’t take my
                                                                           Investing in the future by instilling
computers anywhere else”                                                     Character in the youth of today.
Stop in and see what these Comrades and more have already dis-
                                                                          Celebrating 100 years of good turns
covered. You’ll never want to go anyone else again!                      To make a pledge, call 1(800)776-1110

     Members of VFW Post 1894                                               Yellow Ribbon Campaign
     currently deployed overseas.
Please provide information on any others we may be missing including
          addresses if known to Rick House 924-1853 or at                 The Ladies Auxiliary would like to host a
                      Postal.blue@hotmail.com.                            "Yellow Ribbon Campaign" to remember all
                                                                          the Men & Women who will be serving over-
                                                                          seas during the Holidays and therefore will
LCPL Stephen Schildgen                                                    not be with their families.
3/7 Lima Co, 2nd Plt
Unit 41590                                                                We who are fortunate to be with our loved
FPO AP 96427-1590                                                         ones during the holidays, take it for granted.
    Currently in Afghanistan                                              We sometimes forget those who are separated.
                                                                          We would like to remember the soldiers and
                                                                          their families by placing a "Yellow Ribbon"
Clint Pietrzak                                                            at their homes.
(address unavailable)
     Currently in Afghanistan
                                                                          We would place the Yellow Ribbon at their
Feel free to drop them a line and                                         homes on Saturday, December 4.
 let him know that we are think-                                          We would be responsible for removing them
ing of him and supporting him!!!                                          after the holidays.We need names for the pro-
                                                                          ject to be a success.
   There’s nothing like a letter
          from home!!                                                     If you are a soldier or know of one who might
                                                                          participate please contact:
Know of someone we missed?
 Have more information?
       Let us know!                                                                           Rita Brandt 660-647-2665
                                                                                              Corlene Wilson 885-3845
                                                                                               Mary Hubbard 885-7404
           Winter                 The Golden Valley VFW Voice                              Page
            2010      VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary               5

COMING EVENTS:View our Calendar online at http://tinyurl.com/

Monday        December 6      Chicken Dinner to Honor WWII Veterans (ALL Members welcome)
Tuesday       December 7      Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (69 years)
Friday        December 17     Post and Auxiliary Christmas Party
Saturday      December 25     Christmas Day (Banks and USPS Closed)
Friday        December 31     New Year’s Eve (Banks and USPS Closed)

Saturday      January 1       New Years Day
Monday        January 17      Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Wednesday     February 2      Groundhogs Day
Sunday        February 13     District 6 Meeting Knob Noster, MO
Monday        February 14     Valentines Day
Monday        February 21     Presidents Day

  Tales from the WEBCOM
  More than 1,000 Missouri              they have done on our behalf, we         a team, discipline, and a can-do
   employers have taken                 can and should let them know how         attitude. Our employer partners
  Show-Me Heroes pledge                 much we appreciate their service to      in Show-Me Heroes know when
  since Governor launched               the United States."                      they pledge to put a veteran's
     program in January                                                          resume at the top of the stack
                                        The Governor also praised Mis-
                                        souri employers for their re-            that they are helping themselves
Gov. Nixon encourages Missouri-         sponse in signing up for Show-           as well as veterans. Especially on
ans to remember, thank military         Me Heroes, a program he                  a day when we give special
veterans for their sacrifice; asks      launched in January as a way to          honor to our veterans, I encour-
employers to join "Show-Me He-          support Missouri's veterans.             age more employers to be a part
roes" to interview, hire Missouri       More than 1,000 employers have           of Show-Me Heroes."
veterans                                joined Show-Me Heroes, a pro-            Gov. Nixon has released a spe-
JEFFERSON CITY - On the eve             gram that connects veterans with         cial Veterans Day video mes-
of Veterans Day, Gov. Jay Nixon         job openings in their area. Busi-        sage encouraging employers to
encouraged Missourians to take          nesses agree to actively recruit and     join Show-Me Heroes. To view
time to remember and thank mili-        interview veterans when hiring           the video, visit the State of
tary veterans for the sacrifices they   new employees. Gov. Nixon urged          Missouri website, mo.gov, and
have made on behalf of the nation       other employers to be a part of the      clicking on the "Featured Vid-
and the state. Our country's veter-     program.                                 eos" link. Employers and vet-
ans and active military members                                                  erans also can learn more
have ensured the freedoms we en-        "Many times when a veteran               about the Show-Me Heroes
joy, the Governor said.                 comes back from serving over-            program by visiting the web-
                                        seas, he or she is concerned             site.
"We must always remember the            about the prospect of finding a
true price of freedom, and honor        good job," Gov. Nixon said.              Read more on this and other
the sacrifices of the men and           "Veterans bring a lot of inherent        stories at vfwpost1894.org
women in our armed forces,"             skills to the job market, including      a n d       h t t p : / /
Gov. Nixon said. "While we can          the ability to work successfully on      vfwwebcom.org/Missouri
never repay our veterans for what

                                                                                Veterans Day Ceremony at
                                                                                 Clinton School District
                                                                               On November 11, two Veterans Day Cere-
                                                                               monies took place in the Clinton School
                                                                               District. Speakers included: Chuck Hull on
                                                                               WWII, Sam Gibbons and Bob Easton on
                                                                               Vietnam, Nolan Rutter on the Cold War and
                                                                               Rick House on the First Gulf War.

                                                                               Pictured from Left to right are Dr. Craig
                                                                               Eaton, Mr Steve Ritter, Major Retired Nor-
                                                                               man King, Chuck Hull, Bob Easton, Nolan
                                                                               Rutter, Rick House, and Cadet Derek Gates
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          2010        VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary             6

                            DECEMBER 2010
    SUNDAY         MONDAY         TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY THURSDAY               FRIDAY        SATURDAY

                                                     1               2             3                4            5
    View our Calendar online at
           http://tinyurl.com/                                                     Reserved for
                                                                                   Pitch Players
          vfwpost1894calendar                                                        6:00 p.m.
                                                                                                    POST BINGO

5              6                 7                   8               9             10               11           12
                  WWII Veteran                                       Post Meets
                  Appreciation       Pitch Players
                                        Play at                       at 7 p.m.
                     Dinner                                                        Reserved for
                                      11:30 a.m.                     Ladies Aux
                    5:30 pm                                                        Pitch Players
                                                                                     6:00 p.m.      POST BINGO
                  ALL welcome    AUX BINGO                            at 7 p.m.

12             13                14                  15              16            17               18           19
                                                                                       Post and
                                     Pitch Players
                                                         Men’s Aux                    Auxiliaries
                                        Play at
                                      11:30 a.m.          Meets at
                                                          7:30 pm
                                 AUX BINGO                                             6:00 pm      POST BINGO

19             20                21                  22              23            24               25           26
                                     Pitch Players
                                        Play at                                    Reserved for     CHRISTMAS
      Post                            11:30 a.m.
                                                                                   Pitch Players       DAY
                                 AUX BINGO                                           6:00 p.m.

26             27                28                  29              30           31                HA
                                                                                       New Years       PPY
                                     Pitch Players

                                        Play at                                           Eve
                                      11:30 a.m.                                   Reserved for     Y EA W
                                                                                   Pitch Players        R
                                 AUX BINGO                                           6:00 p.m.

                                 JANUARY 2011
    SUNDAY        MONDAY          TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY THURSDAY               FRIDAY        SATURDAY
                                                                                  HA                1            2
                                                                                    N EW

                                                                                                    NEW YEARS
                                                                                  Y EA                 DAY
                                                                                       R            POST BINGO

2              3                 4                   5               6            7                 8            9
                                     Pitch Players
                                        Play at                                    Reserved for
                                      11:30 a.m.                                   Pitch Players
                                                                                     6:00 p.m.      POST BINGO
                                 AUX BINGO
9              10                11                  12              13           14                15           16
                                     Pitch Players                   Post Meets
                                        Play at                       at 7 p.m.   Cancer Benefit
                                      11:30 a.m.                     Ladies Aux    Dinner 4:30-
                                                                       Meets         7:30 pm
                                 AUX BINGO                            at 7 p.m.                     POST BINGO

16             17                18                  19              20           21                22           23
                                     Pitch Players
                                        Play at       Men’s Aux                    Reserved for
                                      11:30 a.m.       Meets at                    Pitch Players
                                                       7:30 pm                       6:00 p.m.      POST BINGO
                                 AUX BINGO
23             24                25                  26              27           28                29           30
                                     Pitch Players
                                        Play at                      Post Meets    Reserved for
                                      11:30 a.m.                      at 7 p.m.    Pitch Players
30             31                AUX BINGO                                           6:00 p.m.
                                                                                                    POST BINGO

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