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									                                                                            October 27, 2010

          M      T      W      Th      F Events            Shaded date means no school for students
Oct.      25     26     27     28      29
                                            Wed. 10/27 Felta Education Foundati on; Felta Schoolhouse; 6:00 p.m.
                                            Fri.   10/29 Harvest Festi val & Costume Parade
Nov.       1    2        3      4      5    Wed. 11/3 School Site Council; Li brary; 2:00 p.m.
                                            Tues. 11/9 B oard of Trustees Meeting; Li brary; 6:00 p.m.
           8        9   10      11     12   Thurs. 11/11 Veteran’s Day Holi day-No School
                                            Fri.   11/12 Budget Cut Day-No School
                                            Thurs. 12/16 Winter Program; Raven Theater
          15     16     17      18     19
                                             Wednesday early release of students
                                             Grades 1-6 dismissed at 1:40 p.m.
Phoenix Hall is the multi-purpose room on the main campus. Felta S choolhouse is our one -room schoolhouse on the corner.

Dear West Side Students and Families,

Reminder: Adjust your clocks (turn back one hour) this Saturday night as Daylight Savings Time

Felta Education Foundation Needs You! We presently have three vacancies that need be filled. The
meeting is tonight at 6:00 p.m. at Felta Schoolhouse. Come to the meeting and learn about ways you can
get involved and support your school. Many exciting projects coming up.

School Site Council: Please see attached notice regarding the School Site Council slate for the 2010-11
school year.

Hard Worke r: Our theme for this year is to work hard. Lucas Olney, first grader, was acknowledged at
All School Assembly this Monday for working hard, and going beyond his regular assignments. We
salute you, Lucas!

The Harvest Festival and Halloween Celebration this Friday, October 29, rain or shine. Parents
welcome--come join us celebrate this year’s harvest. One of the harvest activities will be making
scarecrows for the Farmers’ Market Pumpkin Festival on Saturday. VOLUNTEERS ARE STILL
NEEDED. If you have the time, we could really use your help. This day is only successful with the help
of our terrific parents! Please call or email me if you are interested in helping out. Thank you, Gretchen
Specht 322-5749 or is scheduled as follows:
                                         11:00-12:00 grades K-4-3 Harvest projects
                                         12:00-12:10 Costume Parade for all
                                          1:00-2:00 grades 1-2-5-6 Harvest projects

Halloween Costume Parade: Please follow these guidelines for Halloween costumes: 1) no weapons,
swords, knives, guns, or combative type costumes or accessories; 2) not too scary, or bloody costumes;
     3) no full face masks (faces must be recognizable); 4) costumes must accommodate movement easily; 5)
     costumes must be sturdy and able to hold together for one day; 6) costumes must allow for independent
     use of the bathroom facilities; and 7) costumes are, of course, optional.

     To All Band Pare nts : On Wednesday the band will be rehearsing from 1:40 until 2:15. As the students
     develop, the class will last a little longer until 2:30 at the latest. I will be on campus teaching and giving
     help until 3:30. Any music student that wants help is welcome to stay with the understanding that they
     are expected to be playing their instruments and working. Thank you for helping at home to keep your
     children motivated and practicing. Gary Johnson/music teacher

     The annual Pumpkin Festival sponsored by the Healds burg Farme rs’ Market is coming right up this
     Sat., Oct. 30, 9:00 (pre-registration 8:30 a.m.) Great family fun. Pumpkin carving, pumpkin car races,
     scarecrow contest, and more.

     Piano Lessons: Interested in piano for your child? Classes will be starting on Today October 27 in
     Room 2 for first thru fourth grades from 1:45-2:45. To pre-register please call Diane Tolhurst 433-7303.

     Lunch Menu: Included with this grapevine is the November lunch menu.

                                            All School Assembly: Taylor Richardson, 6th grade class president; Recycling: Clay
       QuickTime™ and a
are needed to see this pictur e.
                                            Gattuso, and Colton Sode rling. Flag: Ian Hale and Miles Foley-Beining. Third graders,
                                           Alyssa Burr and Brendon Whisenant, are doing a wonderful job of composting. All the
                                           students are working hard to keep the bathrooms clean. Anna Whiteley was Secretary for a
                                           Day, and she did a wonderful job in the office!

     Compost Recycling Training: Our students were invited to assist Rick Kaye (Ellie’s dad) in presenting
     a training for teachers on recycling and composting in schools. Special thanks to M r. Lownes and
     grandson Carlos Rodriguez, Sophia Ramazzotti, Alyssa Burr, and Mathhe w Bynum for doing such a
     fine job helping Mr. Kaye. West Side students are doing a great job recycling and composting for our

     Toolbox Project Update: The Breathing Tool means taking a few long, deep breaths to calm down,
     reconsider actions, or clear one's thoughts. West Side students will learn about the Breathing Tool's
     usefulness during the next week through puppetry, role-play, art, and stories. Families may check out the
     Toolbox Project curriculum and informational DVD from the main office.

     School Directory: Every student should have received their directory. If your family is in need of more
     copies please see Ms. Cook and she can get you another copy. Please update your directory: Mr. David
     Dove’s email is (his son Peyton is in third grade).

     School Pictures: Your child’s school photographs are on their way. I experienced a computer hard drive
     crash, which caused me to be behind schedule. I apologize for the delay and I am working hard to get
     them out to you ASAP. Thank you, Jason Ballard @ 707-849-9963.

     Healdsburg Special Education: The parents group will be having a meeting on November 8.
     The meeting is held at the Healdsburg Elementary Library from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Come and listen to all
     the opportunities for your children.

                                          PARKING LOT SAFETY: Please do not block the entrance pulling into the school. If you need to meet
        Qu i ckTi me ™ an d a
           de co mp re s so r
a re ne ed ed to se e thi s p i cture .
                                          someone please park in a proper space. The morning drop off is very busy and if traffic can keep moving
                                          it will go much smoother. Please be polite and friendly drivers—it really helps.

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