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									 From the desk of Amy Jones, Principal                               Week of October 12, 2010

                                                     Community Service Update:
                                                          Coat and Halloween Costume Drive:
                                                          October 18 – October 26, benefits
                                                          Martha’s Table (see attached flier)
                                                          Family Opportunities: If you and your
                                                          children volunteer after school or on the
                                                          weekends and if the opportunity is open
                                                          to other families, we would love to
                                                          know about it.        Please email PA
                                                          Community Service Chair Debbie
                                                          Friedlander at

Parent Questionnaire: We are still missing a
few parent questionnaires. This information is
essential in our getting to know your child well
and serving him or her as effectively as possible.
Please send it in to your child’s homeroom
teacher as soon as possible. We have attached
it electronically if you have misplaced it. Thank

Parent/Teacher Conferences: We look forward
to seeing you this Thursday and Friday at            Community Connection: Fifth graders will
Parent/Teacher Conferences.                          welcome students from the Diener School next
                                                     Tuesday; the students will be doing a craft
        Forgot to sign up? Please contact Ms.
                                                     project and playing on the playground. The
        Kotzker in the office
                                                     Diener School, located just up Falls Road, is a
        Noon dismissal on Thursday
                                                     school that provides a “developmental,
        Buses depart at 12:15 p.m.
                                                     educational, and therapeutic environment for
        Please be on time to car pool
        Visit the Book Fair while on campus!
                                                     students requiring smaller class sizes and
        No school for students on Friday             individual attention.” Thanks for hosting,
                                                     fifth graders!
                                                     began meeting with each homeroom this past
                                                     Friday. Her first unit will focus on the theme of
                                                     reaching out to others. The 30-minute class
                                                     meetings on most Fridays will touch on the
                                                     topics of inclusion, communication (both verbal
                                                     and non-verbal), friendship and listening. Mrs.
                                                     Koltun uses hands-on activities and simulations
                                                     to bring to life some of these more abstract
                                                     topics. The homeroom teachers work with Mrs.
                                                     Koltun, also, and help direct sessions depending
                                                     on the needs of the group. While the homeroom
                                                     teacher is still the key contact, you can reach
                                                     Mrs. Koltun through Mrs. Kotzker in the Lower
                                                     School office should you want to discuss your
                                                     child’s social and emotional development. Mrs.
                                                     Koltun is on campus each Friday morning.
Book Fair Information: The Book Fair is this
                                                     Halloween at Bullis: See the attached flier for
week! Come shop! If you wish to support your
                                                     information about Halloween in Lower School.
child’s classroom libraries, teachers have written
                                                     Please join us for an assembly at 2 p.m. on
up “Wish Lists” for your convenience. Your
                                                     October 29; class parties follow.
children will be browsing today and then
purchasing tomorrow. Check out their Wish
Lists. Cash or checks (made out to Bullis) will
be accepted. Flier attached. Questions? Contact
Book       Fair    co-chairs      Liz    Peacock
(         or      Pam       Bass

                                                     Looking Ahead (through October 31):
                                                            10/12 – 10/15, Book Fair
                                                            10/14, noon dismissal, L/MS
                                                            Parent/Teacher Conferences
                                                            10/15, no school, L/MS Parent Teacher
                                                            10/21, 8 a.m., Conversation and Coffee
                                                            with Head of School Dr. Boarman
                                                            10/27, delayed opening, 9:15 a.m. start of
                                                            school, children can arrive after 8:45 a.m.
                                                            10/28, 11:15 a.m., US Children’s Concert
             LS Counselor, Mrs. Koltun                      (LS attends and fifth graders sing)
                                                            10/29, 2 p.m. Halloween Assembly and
                                                            class parties
Introducing Barbara Koltun, LS Counselor:
Our Lower School counselor, Mrs. Koltun,
                                                               Have a Great Week!
                                             Bullis Book Fair 
                                         October 12‐15, 2010 
                                           8:00 AM ‐ 5:00 PM 
                                     Proceeds benefit the Marriott 
                                            Family Library 

Books by visiting author, Fred Bowen ‐  KidsPost sports columnist and author of 
numerous sports series books. Fred Bowen is visiting Bullis on Oct. 21. His 13 
books all weave a little history into each story. 

The Good Garden – the subject of a Lower School assembly on Oct. 14.  The Good 
Garden is the story of a farming family in Honduras who goes from being hungry 
to having a sustainable farm. Third graders have been studying this book in 
preparation for a micro‐loan project. 

Pre‐Orders for Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth, being released on Nov. 9! 

Black‐Eyed Susan Nominated books ‐ Bullis students read and discuss these 
books and vote for their favorite in April.  

And other great titles, too numerous to mention! 

For the first time, the Book Fair is open during Parent Teacher Conferences! 
Please stop by to shop for books for your own children, or for gift‐giving. The 
holidays are approaching faster than we think! Parents may pay with cash, check 
or credit card.  

     Got 5 minutes? Closet out of control?
                 We can help!

                         Bullis Parent Association
                            LOWER SCHOOL
                        Community Service Project

   Looking for gently used coats or Halloween costumes!!
 Make some space in those closets just in time for the holidays!

         ** Donations collected Oct 18th - 26th **
         Two collection bins will be in South Hall

o Must be in good condition, gently used or brand new
o Lightweight, heavy or rainproof
o All sizes appreciated

o Looking for complete costumes
(Please label costumes with age, gender and size. Place in XL Ziploc bag).

                **All donations given to Martha’s Table

        Questions? Please contact Susan Fink at
                  301/365-9430 (home) 301/648-9430 (cell)
               Halloween Notes
                            For October 29, 2010

                     2 p.m. Lower School Assembly
                         Marriot Family Library

                              Class parties follow

   • Children wear regular school uniforms to school
   • Costumes should be brought in a bag on Friday (if your child will not be dressing
      up, that is fine)
   • Costumes should be easy to put on (we will change into the costumes after lunch
      and only have about ten minutes; parents may help – meet in homeroom about
   • Masks that completely cover the face will need to be removed for presentations
   • No hair dyeing
   • Simple makeup /face paint only (again, we only have about ten minutes to
   • No fake weapons or blood

   • Each class will be presenting something
   • Parents and younger siblings invited
   • Seating is tight; please try to arrive by 2:00 p.m.

Class Parties
   • Follow assembly (about 2:45 – 3:20 p.m.)
   • Parents and younger siblings invited

   • May be brought to school as a snack on Monday, November 1, only

   • Car pool line starts to “roll” about 3:30! Thanks for being in your car and ready
      to go then.

                              Happy Halloween!

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