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                            HOSTED BY

                                JUNE 12 – 13, 2009

                           ELLERSLIE RUGBY PARK
                            EDMONTON, ALBERTA

Ellerslie Rugby Park
11004 Ellerslie Road SW
Edmonton, AB

Host Website:

Tournament Coordinator:    Pat Forsyth
                           Phone: 780 – 467–0044

                           Norma Smith
                           Phone: 780 – 989-3005

ASAA Executive Director:   John Paton
                           Phone: 780 – 427-8182

Boy’s Rugby Commissioner: Craig Patton
                                 F.P. Walshe School, Fort Macleod

Girl’s Rugby Commissioner: Pat Forsyth
                                  Bev Facey Community High School
1. Team Registration:
           All team registrations must be completed online at by 9:00 am. on Wednesday, June 10.
           Registration includes a team roster, team photo, and your team order form (which
            includes your entry and your meal ticket number). Be sure to describe your jerseys in the
            uniform colors area of the team roster form so we can work to avoid jersey conflicts.

2. Competition Entry Fees:
   The entry fee will be $275/team. Cheques are to be made payable to:
   Bev Facey Community High School.

3. Awards
   ASAA medals and plaques will be presented to the gold, silver, and bronze recipients.
   Presentations will take place soon after the competition of the final matches.

   In order that the ASAA has proper visual record of contestants, please include the names of the
   players in your team photo/registration information.

4. Replacement of Players (substitution):
   There shall be an unlimited number of players on the team roster. For each game a maximum of
   25 players can be designated on the game sheet prior to commencement of the match and only
   22 of those players may play in the game. A substituted player may not return to the game.
   Exceptions are as per U-19 IRB Rugby Laws regarding the front row. At each field of play there
              th                                                              th
   will be a 4 official that will collect team rosters before the match. The 4 official will be located at
   the scorekeepers table between the two team benches on one side of the field. All
   substitutions must be initiated through this 4 official not through the referee.
   Substitutions can occur at any time during the game however there is a maximum of
   7substitutions per team per game.

5. Competition Scoring:
   a)       Points will be awarded for play on the following basis:
                  Win                                  4 points
                  Tie                                  2 points
                  Loss of 7 points or less             1 point
                  4 Tries or more                      1 point
                  Loss of more than 7                  0 points

   b)       The standings at the completion of the round robin will be determined by the ranking of
            teams according to points awarded above.
            (i)    If at the conclusion of the round robin play, there is a tie between based on points
                   awarded, the team with the better win/loss record against the teams with which
                   they are tied shall be deemed the higher in the standings
            (ii)   If there is still a tie, the team that scored the most tries in games against each
                   other shall be deemed higher in the standings.
            (iii)  If there is still a tie, the team that scored the most goals (converted tries being of
                   higher value than unconverted tries) in games against each other, shall be
                   deemed higher in the standings.
            (iv)   If there is still a tie, the team that has scored the most drop goals in games
                   against each other, shall be deemed higher in the standings.
            (v)    If there is still a tie, the team that has scored the most penalty goals in games
                   against each other, shall be deemed the higher in the standings.
            (vi)   If there is still a tie, the team that has the highest points differential (game points
                   for divided by points against) shall be deemed higher in the standings.
            (vii)  If there us still a tie, the above process will begin again and include pool results.
            (viii) If there is still a tie, each team shall identify a starting team of 15 athletes from
                   which they will choose kickers to drop kick at goal from the 22-metre line. The
                    Referee shall select the spot from which the kicks shall be taken (approximately
                    at centre). Each team will choose five athletes from the starting lineup to kick.
                    The team that scores the higher number of successful kicks out of five shall be
                    deemed higher in the standings.
            (ix)     If there is still a tie, the competition shall continue using five new kickers from
                    among the identified starting lineup. The team that scores the higher number of
                    successful kicks out of five shall be deemed higher in the standings.
            (x)     If there is still a tie, the competition shall continue using the final group of five
                    kickers from among the identified starting lineup. The team that scores the
                    higher number of successful kicks out of five shall be deemed higher in the
            (xi)    If there is still a tie, the competition shall begin again using the first group of five
                    kickers and so on until one team scores a higher number of successful kicks out
                    of five. That team shall be deemed higher in the standings.
            Note: In the event that more than two teams are tied and the above process reduces the
            tied teams by one or more, then in order to break further ties, the process shall
            commence again, from the beginning.

6. Games:
   All Friday games will last 40 minutes – two 20 minute halves and a 5 minute half-time break. The
   Saturday finals will last 60 minutes and will include two 30 minute halves and a 5 minute half-time
   break. Though space is limited, warm-ups for games can be held in the off field areas. No warm-
   ups are allowed on Field 5 (the Championship pitch).

    In the 40 minute games, if a player is yellow carded, then the time spent in “sin bin” is 5 minutes.
    In the 60 minute games, if a player is yellow carded, then the time spent in the “sin bin” is 10

7. Coaches Information:
       There will be a pre-tournament meeting on June 11, Thursday evening, at 9:00 p.m. of the
        competition. Any concerns regarding the tournament or referees will be addressed at this
        meeting. Though different zones have their own league variations, U-19 Law Variations
        through the IRB will be played in this tournament.
       Coaches are responsible for being versed with regard to this posted information package on
        the website before they arrive at the tournament (including uniform policy, coaching zones,
        and other clarifications). There will be a check-in desk located in the main clubhouse. All
        teams are asked to have a representative check-in upon arrival for any last minute
        information items, and to have any questions answered.
       Field allocations for Saturday’s games will be announced on the Saturday morning.
       There may be a coach’s meeting, on Saturday morning at 9:00 am at Ellerslie Rugby Park
        clubhouse. This will depend on any appeals/discipline meetings that occurred on Friday.
        Coaches will be notified on Friday, if there is a need for the meeting. The agenda for this
        meeting would include:
                 1. Address any appeals from the previous day of the competition.
                 2. Discipline committee findings.

8. Uniform Policy:
    Athletes must compete in a uniform that represents the school they are playing for. All uniforms
    must be uniquely numbered to distinguish each athlete from on-field teammates. No
    unnumbered uniforms shall be permitted. Uniforms must not contain logos of community rugby
    clubs, provincial representative teams, etc. If there is a conflict in the uniform colors, a coin toss
    will determine which team will change uniforms. The team with the lower school population will
    call the toss.
9. Competition Site Security and Coaching Zone:
   For each playing field there will be one side designated for teams and one for spectators.
   Spectators may not view the game from within the team areas, nor may coaches or players view
   the game from the designated spectator areas (at the very least, a decision has to be made for
   the duration of the match. If a coach wants to sit in the spectator area, he/she must do so for the
   entire match and must not enter the team area until the competition has concluded).

   Communication to coaches/players from outside the team area is prohibited (this includes
   headphones, two-way radios, etc.) This type of team management strategy is outside the spirit of
   the game. Designated trainers are permitted on or around the field as the needs of the players
   warrant. Teams/coaches will have a designated area during the game. Coaches are not to leave
   this area.

   Coaches are not allowed on the field except during half time. If the need arises the referee will
   call the coach onto the field.

   Water may be provided to the on-field players by designated water carriers. The number of
   carriers may not exceed three. These persons must not be dressed in uniform.

10. Protests:
   Protests concerning results or conduct within an event must be made within 30 of the results
   being posted or announced. The protest must be made to the Tournament Tier Manager and/or
   the Tournament Director. A Discipline Committee made up of one Referee (who will not be
   officiating at the event), and the Tournament Director and Tier Managers, will deliberate and a
   decision will be rendered, where, possible, fore the next scheduled match of any team involved
   with or included in the protest.

   Any response to the decision will be heard immediately at which point the Discipline Committee
   may alter the decision. At this point the Committee’s decision will stand (for the purposes of
   moving on with competition and the resolution of the tournament) and any appeals must be filed
   with the ASAA Provincial Rugby Commissioner of the corresponding gender. Appeals will be
   documented and used constructively toward improved equity, sportsmanship, and general
   fairness if and where these things may be found lacking.

11. Sportsmanship
   There will be a Sportsmanship Committee at the tournament watching teams both on and off the
   field. The week following the tournament, the winner will be announced and the Sportsmanship
   Banner will be forwarded to the winning school.

12. Tournament Balls:
   Games will be played using match balls provided by Alberta Junior Rugby Association. The
   official game ball will be an IRB approved size 5 ball.

13. Physiotherapy Services:
   Physiotherapy services will be provided on site. The paid personnel will be there for injury
   assessment and treatment (or treatment recommendations). They are not expected to provide
   taping, massage therapy or any other responsibilities typically associated with team trainers. It is
   strongly recommended that teams supply their own tape and physio requirements.
14. Dressing Rooms and Washroom Facilities:
   There are limited dressing room/shower facilities available to Ellerslie Rugby Park. No keys will
   be issued for changing rooms, so it is important that athletes do not leave valuables, kits or
   garbage in the dressing room area. It is expected that no teams will occupy these spaces, other
   than the teams who are next in the match schedule, or those who have just played. When teams
   are through changing, they should remove all belongings from these rooms. Changing in the
   clubhouse common area is not permitted.

15. Food Services:
   The clubhouse concession will be open. Ellerslie Rugby Park is able to keep the rental costs
   down by providing food services to rental groups. The means no outside food is allowed in the
   park. Meal tickets costs TBA per athlete/coach will be charged to each team. Meal tickets are to
   be ordered online at the time of registration using the team order form. A separate cheque for the
   meal tickets needs to be included with the tournament registration cheque.

16. Souvenir Apparel:
   Gimmics will be onsite to customize souvenir apparel for athletes to purchase.

17. Parking:
   Parking is available on site and will be managed by parking volunteers. The main spectator
   parking lot is accessed from 111 Street just north of Ellerslie Rugby Park on 5 Avenue. Access
   to this road is from 111 Street only. A charge of $10 per vehicle will be in effect. Do not park on
   the side of any roads, adjacent neighborhoods, or in the ditches along Ellerslie Road. Buses may
   drop-off teams and park in the clubhouse parking lot directly in front of the Clubhouse doors
   (enter from Ellerslie Road). Parking in front of the clubhouse is restricted to team buses, vans,
   and referees.

18. Accommodations: (See the accommodation link on the website)

19. Site Information:
       a. Field space for warm up is limited during the competition. Teams must vacate the
          playing area immediately after games conclude and contestants have shaken hands. All
          team talks, coach conversations, etc. should be done off of the field so that teams for the
          following games may warm up as soon as possible.
       b. Please help keep the ERP clean. Teams are asked to clean up the sidelines during and
          after each game.
       c. No cleats are allowed in the Clubhouse so please take cleats off outside the Clubhouse
          entrance. This is especially important on a wet, muddy day. Please ask you players to
          clean up after themselves in the Clubhouse.
       d. Ellerslie is a private facility. Please refrain from bringing in outside food. This is a school
          sponsored event, no smoking is allowed in the Clubhouse facility nor near the field of
          play. If you must smoke, then stay in the designated parking lot areas. No alcohol/drugs
          are allowed on site.
       e. No dogs are allowed on site during the tournament.

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