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									             Fall 2009 INTERNATIONAL CAFÉ SCHEDULE

Service Learning Opportunities Before        *You may continue to help at the Next
Opening of International Café:               Homeless Transition Center for service
*3 (Th) Hakuoh University KCCVisitation
Cross-Cultural Interaction                   *19 (Sat) International Coastal
1-3 pm Kopiko 127-128                         Cleanup Activity contact
                                              Melisa Orozco,
*5 (Sat) Okinawan Festival
        Kapiolani Park , 9-7                 Week 3: 22 (T), 23 (W)
                                            *Begin Nature Pathway: The
* 6 (Sun) Okinawan Festival                 Hawaiian Ahupua’a System
         Kapiolani Park, 9-4                 *Project: What are ongoing ways
                                              to take care of nature and
Ohia Building First Floor
KCC Bookstore Lounge                         *Project Proposal and Discussion:
8 (T) 12-2pm                                 Solar Powered Computer Charging
9 (W) 3-5 pm                                 Station Creation and Maintenance
                                            *Introduction to Moriso Teraoka Garden
 Week 1: SEPTEMBER 8 (T), 9 (W)              T: Guest Speaker: Moriso Teraoka
 *Introduction/Registration                  W: Lyon Arboretum Visit
 *Cultural Awareness                         2:00 pm , carpool KCC, behind the cafeteria
 *Presentation: Mongolia:                   Visitation from 2:30-4, return to
 Bolor-Erdene Tseren
                                              KCC by 5 pm
 *Begin Health Pathway: H1N1 Awareness
 *Begin Language Circle, W, 4-5             *You may continue to help at the Lyon
                                             Arboretum throughout the semester
Outside Activity:                            for outside service hours
11 (F) Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii
       Visitation and Interaction with      *REQUIRED OUTSIDE ACTIVITY:
       students from Kagoshima University   KCC Moriso Teraoka Garden Cleanup
                                            26 (Sat) 8am – 11 am
 Week 2: 15 (T), 16 (W)                     Lunch provided
* Complete Registration                     *Long sleeve, long pants, covered shoes,
*Continue Health Pathway:                    sunscreen
H1N1 Awareness and
Poster Project                                  Week 4: 29 (T) 30 (W)
*Life Pathway: W, 2pm:
Michael Tengan,                              *Continue Nature Pathway and
President, Move Fitness. Certified           *Start Bridging Generations Pathway
Personal Trainer                            * Movie: Home ,by Yann Arthus-Bertrand,
The 15th Annual Komen Hawaii                  Care of our Home, Earth and Nature
Race for the Cure (breast cancer)           *Discussion of care of the elderly in various
Date:    October 18, 2009                    cultures, solutions, what we can do
*Language Circle : Topic: Food              *Start making decorations out of recycled
*Get ready for International Coastal          material and make plans for
 Cleanup Day                                  Leahi Hospital Visitation Program
*Organize signup and carpool for             *Guest speaker: Wendell Chock, Leahi
 Next Step Visit                              Hospital Recreation Therapy Coordinator
                                             *Guest Speaker:
Outside Activity:                            Charmaine Birchard
**16 (W) NEXT STEP HOMELESS                   Blind Awareness
TRANSITION CENTER Orientation                *Continue Language Circle: Practice songs
and visit, 4pm, International Café            in various language to present at Leahi
 Hospital and/or Next Step Homeless         COVERED SHOES (no slippers or
 Transition Center (Focus on Children’s     sandals) small towel, water, sunscreen
 Songs with motion and activity)

Outside Activity:                           Week 6: 13 (T) 14 (W)
Oct. 2 (F) Leahi Hosptial Visit             *Begin International/Culture/Education
AM group meet at Olapa 204 at 9:30 am       Pathway
PM group meet at Leahi Hospital Reception   *Discussion of Izumo Taisha Experience
                                            *Start preparation and planning for
                                            International Education Week
*You may continue to help at Leahi          Start to form Groups for:
Hospital for service hours. Please          a. Presentations: Ideas, Topics
contact:                                    b. Fundraisers: Ideas, Activities
Leahi Hospital
Joan Watanabe, Volunteer Coordinator        *Guest Speakers:
733-7943                 Oct. 14, W, 2-3
                                            Dawn Baxter
*October 3, Sat., KEIKI DAY,                Americorp Service Opportunities
Children’s Day, Help at the Hawaii
Plantation Village, Waipahu, 10-2 pm        Oct. 14, W, 3-4 PM
                                            Mr. Anthony Lang
JUST FOR FUN:                               Chief Division Counsel
WELCOME PICNIC OCT. 2,                      Federal Bureau of Investigation
Sans Souci Beach, 4….!

Week 5: 6(T), 7(W)                          Outside Activity:
*Samoa, Tonga, Indonesia, Phillipines,      Oct. 18, Sunday, Race for the Cure: Susan
Vietnam, Red Cross, Disaster Relief                  Komen Breast Cancer Awareness
Fundraiser Activity                                  Race, Kapi’olani Park
*Meet at International Café and may
be go up to KCC Cafeteria to help           Week 7: 20 (T) , 21 (W)
*Need helpers from 12-2 on W                *Continue Preparation for International
*Wed 4:30-6:30 Next Step                      Education Week
Homeless Transition Center                  *Guest speakers:
GED/Adult Literacy Tutoring                 *Isaac Lau
                                             Handicap Challenges, Awareness and
Outside Activity:                           Living Life Fully
10 (Sat) Cure for Breast Cancer Race        *Matthew May
Prep, 10-2, different shifts available      My Life Journey: Japan,
at Ward Warehouse, Contact Mike             SanFrancisco, Germany, and My Korean
Tengan, 372-0804                            Friend in Ireland
                                            Outside Activity:
                                            24(Sat) Okinawan Center, Chimgusuku
11 (Sun) Izumo Taisha Shrine,103rd           1-9 pm, Shari Tamashiro,
Autumn Festival                   
Carry omikoshi, portable shrine with
members of the historical mikoshi           Week 8: 27 (T), 28 (W)
preservation society of Japan               * Health Pathway: Organ Donor
Meet at 12:30 noon                          Awareness: Guest Speaker
Izumo Taisha Shrine                         Mr. Dustin Wright
215 N. Kukui Street                         *Sean Earring                   Nagasaki Wesleyan University Summer
538-7778                                    Exchange Program
                                            *Bridging Generations Pathway
*W, 28, Leahi Hospital Halloween Cheer          DEC 10 (Th)   Last Day of Instruction
Up Visit (wear costumes to cheer up senior
residents at Leahi, we will make Halloween
cards then pass these cards out to residents,
wear costumes)

Outside Activity: Enjoy Halloween Safely!

Week 9: NOVEMBER 3 (T), 4 (W)
Week 10: 10 (T) 11(W is a holiday)
*This is the culmination of our semester!
Let’s bring all that we learned in our
various pathways (health, nature,
homelessness, bridging generations,
international, culture, and education) to
share our experiences,
understanding, knowledge, with our
colleagues and the community during the
International Education Week
*Finalize all our plans
*Student Presentations

17 (T) Presentations/ Fundraiser
18 (W) Presentations/ Fundraiser

Week 12: November 24 (T) and 25 (W)
Last week of International Café/

*Now we are at the end of our semester.
Let’s take this time to reflect upon what
we did this semester:

1. What did you do?
2. What did you learn from these
3. How will you apply what you have
learned from your experience at the
International Café to what you learned in
class? Life?

27 (F) Non-Instruction Day

Week 13: December 1 (T) and 2 (W)
           ******ALL FORMS DUE
Dec. 1 (T) All Forms Due for Tuesday Group
     2 (W) All Forms Due for Wed. Group

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