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									                         Writers’ Hub
  hours                          About the Writers’ hub
  Monday - Thursday              A college professor once returned a writing assignment to
  9am - 7pm                      a student with the following comments: “i am returning this
  For general use                otherwise good typing paper to you, because someone has
                                 printed gibberish all over it and put your name at the top.”
  Writing assistance sessions
  available by appointment       the team that brings you the Paul Quinn College Writers’ hub
  9am - 1pm & 3pm - 7pm          believes that everyone’s good name deserves to be attached to
                                 great writing. We’re here to help every student make that happen.
  Closed Friday and Saturday
                                 the Writers’ hub is devoted to transforming students into
  Sunday                         exceptional writers. We view writing as a process that grows
  2pm - 6pm                      through discovery, learning and sharing. We provide students with
  Scheduled writing assistance   individual assistance for any writing need, from formal research
  only (no general use)          papers to resumes and cover letters. Come to us at any stage of
                                 the writing process. have an idea, but you’re not sure how to put
  the hubbub bLog                it into words? Let’s chat. Need tips for organizing an outline or
                                 drafting a thesis statement? We can talk about that, too.
  hoW-tos & hANdouts
                                 Assistance in the Writers’ hub is collaborative. the goal of each
  the Writers’ hub               session is to determine the student’s writing needs, provide tools
  John Hurst Adams               so that the student can take ownership of the work and assist the
  Lower Level                    student in becoming a good steward of his or her writing skills.
  Paul Quinn College
  3837 Simpson Stuart Road       the Writers’ hub is located on the lower level of the Adams
  Dallas, TX 75241               administration building. it includes four studios for private
  writershub@pqc.edu             assistance and room for meetings, study groups, and personal
                                 quiet time.

                                 sigN uP for AN APPoiNtmeNt
                                 students may schedule a writing session online or by stopping by
                                 the Writers’ hub.. students should come to the session prepared,
                                 with the syllabus or the instructor’s written description of the
                                 assignment and a list of prepared questions. students are limited
                                 to one writing session per day and two sessions per week.

Paul Quinn College :: 3837 Simpson Stuart Road :: Dallas, Texas :: 75241 :: 214.376.1000

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