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Aromatherapy Treatments


Aromatherapy has been defined in many ways. The most basic definition that I have seen is that aromatherapy is diffusing scents/aromas into the air. It can also be defined as using essential oils to help your body relax and heal.

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                                           Aromatherapy has been defined in many ways. The most
                                           basic definition that I have seen is that aromatherapy is
                                           diffusing scents/aromas into the air. It can also be defined
                                           as using essential oils to help your body relax and heal.

           Aromatherapy Treatments

   Aromatherapy Using Essential Oils

  Essential Oils Diffusers - 4 Different
                Types To Choose From

How to Pick the Right Oil for Essential
                        Oils Diffusers
Aromatherapy Massage Treatments

                                          Aromatherapy is one of the oldest healing arts in the world. For
                                          thousands of years, ancient peoples used the oils derived from
                                          natural plants as a way to heal a multitude of conditions and
                                          ailments. Today, many massage therapists are incorporating
                                          aromatherapy into their massage therapy treatments so they
                                          can give their clients better and more effective natural

                                          There are hundreds of natural massage products on the market
                                          today. Aromatherapy can be used in the actual massage and
                                          incorporated into the massage oil, and can also be infused and
                                          inhaled during the course of the massage therapy treatment.

Essential oils are the basis for aromatherapy massage products. These oils are natural products that are
derived from all organic products such as plants, fruits, flowers, barks and herbs. There are hundreds of
indispensable oils available and they can be used in many different ways in aromatherapy massage

The oils used in aromatherapy massage treatments should not be used directly upon the skin. Some
clients might find this direct contact irritates their skin and could cause minor discomfort. Also, they are
very concentrated and must be mixed with carrier oil. There are different recipes for oils used in
massage therapy and they range from treating everything from depression, to migraines, to arthritis.

Many massage therapists who incorporate aromatherapy into their treatments make their own special
blend of massage oils. Others simply purchase their aromatherapy massage oils on one of the many
online outlets that offer these types of products. As essential oils derive their healing power from being
absorbed into the skin, it is important that the massage oils that boast to contain vital oils contain pure
significant oils and not synthetic products. Pure indispensable oils are expensive and are also used in
aromatherapy soaps and other products. However, they are well worth the cost.

Another way to incorporate aromatherapy into massage treatments is to infuse the essential oils and
allow the client to breath in the healing powers of the oils into their lungs. Breathing the essential oils is
just as effective as having them rubbed into the skin, sometimes even more so. Massage with the oils
can still be performed thus doubling the healing powers of the essential oils.

Alternate healing properties that have worked wonders in the East for thousands of years are finally
beginning to be recognized in the West. Many people are tired of taking prescriptive medication for all
ailments that can be both physically and emotionally addictive. This is the reason why so many people in
the West suffering from chronic painful conditions, anxiety and other conditions are seeking out the
healing powers of aromatherapy massage treatments.

Today fortunately natural and organic products are readily available. Natural massage products are
available throughout the Internet and in most health food stores as well as some nationally recognized

                                                                       Aromatherapy Treatments        2
grocery food chains. It is important to make certain the aromatherapy massage products that you
purchase are all natural products and contain no synthetic chemicals.

Aromatherapy Using Essential Oils

                                    Everyone enjoys the inhalation of a beautiful perfume. We are all
                                    familiar with the desire to try to prolong the satisfaction of a breath
                                    from a fragrant rose in the garden. Nature offers us many
                                    opportunities to enjoy aromatics. In addition there are opportunities
                                    to enjoy scents and perfumery indoors, in our home life also.

                                    We have the benefit of the availability of the finest essential oils and
                                    produce the world offers on the market for those interested in
                                    perfumery and in use of oils in aromatherapy. They are in regular use
                                    in beauty parlours, healing clinics, churches and the home. Scientific
                                    research continues to make us aware of wider benefit as in the case
                                    of mental stress, psychological tension and in reference to the
                                    benefit to the development of children.

When we want to screen unpleasant odours we can use one of the many, but often unpleasant chemical
sprays on the market. Or we can use natural scents such as eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and thyme and
many others that have a beneficial nature and do not cause allergic reactions. It is good to walk into a
home and to experience our first breath as a pleasant one that sets a good atmosphere.

Although many people use incense sticks to perfume their homes or to create an atmosphere suitable
for their meditations, discrimination must be used as many commercial products are polluted by foreign
ingredients that outweigh any natural ingredient and nullify any beneficial influence. To use any scent so
that it has an overpowering effect, particularly when it is a questionable one, is more damaging than
helpful to the business that market inferior products. In Australia one of the most popular uses of
aromatics is the outdoor burning of lavender or sandalwood sticks to reduce the smells at barbeques. It
has the additional benefit in reducing insect problems.

However, it is when studying the subtle healing influences of the pure essential oils, that we find many
pleasant surprises in the wide range of applications that can benefit us personally. Many oils are now
regularly used by physiotherapists and aromatherapists, massage parlours and naturopathic clinics. For
instance, healing oils such as peppermint can be used with great success in massaging sore muscles
around the spine. Inhalation of lavender brings relief from nervous strain and stress. We can apply the
magic powers of Tea Tree oil to cure fungal conditions and a great range of minor problems or we can
add beautiful perfumed oils to our bathwater for a relaxing soak. Other practical uses of scented oils
include scented pillows to induce good quality sleep. Asthmatics find relief after direct or steam
inhalations. Oils can provide safe, natural deodorants -the list of benefits is extensive.

                                                                     Aromatherapy Treatments       3
Essential oils can be diluted with almond oil for direct use on the body, and must be carefully considered
before applying to a baby or infant. So begin to experiment for pure enjoyment or visit an experienced
aromatherapist for specific healing oils.

Enjoy every breath of the lovely natural essential oils - nature's rich storehouse of pleasures and

Essential Oils Diffusers - 4 Different Types To Choose From

                                         Essential oils diffusers can play an important role in the home.
                                         They diffuse a pleasant scent into the air which can affect our
                                         mind, mood, and emotions. They also can help with lung
                                         problems, dust mites, mildew, and mold. There's really not
                                         much out there that can affect the mind and body in such a
                                         positive way.

                                         There are many types to choose from. It really just depends on
                                         how large of an area you need one for and how much you want
                                         to spend.

                                        One inexpensive type of essential oils diffusers are reed
                                        diffusers. The reeds absorb the oil and then disperse into the
air. These are often seen in bathrooms and bedrooms and work like an air freshener.

Another type are lamp rings. Lamp rings are usually ceramic or made out of terracotta. A few drops of
oil are added to the ring and then the ring is placed around the lamp or light bulb. The heat of the lamp
heats up the oil and disperses it into the air. This is one inexpensive method for essential oils diffusers
but can be a possible fire hazard. Also, heating the oil reduces its therapeutic benefits.

One more type of essential oils diffusers that uses heat are candle diffusers. A reservoir holds water and
drops of oil are added to it. The reservoir is then heated by a candle and the scent is dispersed into the
air. This method is also fairly inexpensive but is also a potential fire hazard.

One type of essential oils diffusers that doesn't use heat are atomizers. Atomizers use a fine mist of
evaporated water to disperse the oil into the air. They are easy to use and simply just need to be
plugged in. To increase or decrease the scent, adjust the amount of oil drops added.

                                                                     Aromatherapy Treatments          4
How to Pick the Right Oil for Essential Oils Diffusers

                                   Essential oils have been around for centuries. They play a valuable
                                   part by affecting the brain in a positive way through your sense of
                                   smell and can control parts of our mind like emotions, moods,
                                   memory, and learning. It is possible to absorb them through the skin,
                                   like during a massage, but inhaling them is the most popular method.
                                   They can have a specific effect depending on the type of oil used. Oils
                                   can be used to have an uplifting effect, a calming effect, to stimulate,
                                   or to relax. Essential oils diffusers make it easy to disperse the
                                   pleasant scent into the air we breathe.

                                    Essential oils are even used today by large companies in the
                                    marketplace. Johnson and Johnson uses lavender oil in their night-
                                    time bath soap and shampoo for kids to help put them to bed and to
                                    improve their sleep. Vicks uses eucalyptus oil, nutmeg oil, and cedar
leaf oil in their vaporub. The eucalyptus oil works as a cough suppressant and can be used in essential
oils diffusers to do the same.

Picking the right oil for essential oils diffusers just takes a little research. They should be 100% pure and
not be processed in any way. They need to have been extracted from plants, fruits, trees, or flowers.
There are websites that offer information about each oil's benefits, both physical and mental, and also
possible combination's to create a pleasant scent.

But, it may be easiest to just go to any health food store and some pharmacies and pick out the ones
you want. Research first on the websites to see which ones you are interested in and make a list. Then
go to the store to smell each one. You may want to bring some coffee beans to sniff between each
scent. Some will smell great and will work for you, but some won't and this gives you a chance to find
out. It's possible to substitute one for another that has the same benefits.

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