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North Luzon Expressway Rehabilitation and Expansion Project

VIEWS: 176 PAGES: 97

									Environmental, Safety and Health Monitoring Report

Loan number: 1769/7162
Feb 2008 to Feb 2009

PHI: North Luzon Expressway Rehabilitation and
Expansion Project

Prepared by Manila North Tollways Corporation

For the Asian Development Bank

This report has been submitted to ADB by Manila North Tollways Corporation and is made publicly
available in accordance with ADB’s public communications policy (2005). It does not necessarily reflect
the views of ADB.


               MANILA, PHILIPPINES

Reporting Period:       FEBRUARY It 2008 TO FEBRUARY 11, 2009
ESHAMViR Completion Date:             APRIL 30. 2009
            ^N19IRONMEN q AL,

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

 Section                     Title

    1.        MNTC Philippines Certification

    2.        Report of Significant Events and Issues

              Other Information and Feedback

   4.         Sampling and Measurement Reports

                • Occupational Health and Safety
                ® Traffic and Safety Enhancement Projects
                e Ambient Air Quality
                e Pest Management Programs Monitoring
                ® Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
                  Re-vegetation Monitoring


Appendix A Monitoring Station Coordinates - Latitude & Lonigtude
Appendix B NLEX Map

Appendix C ESH Activities

Appendix D NLEX Tree Planting Program

Appendix E NLEX Community Dialogues

Appendix F News Articles
                                           Section 'I

                                 MNTC CERTIFICATION

 1.1. ESHAMR Certification

         1.1.1. IFC Project Indentificaiion: Manila North Tollwavs Corporation (MNTC)
         1.1.2. IFC Project Sponsor: Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC)
         1.1.3. IFC Investment Number: 9981
         1.1.4, AMR reporting period:         February 11, 2008 - February 11. 2009

         1.1.5. MNTC authorized representative:
                Allan Jeffrey N. Anq - Environment, Safety & Health Manager

        1.1.6. Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC) office physical address:
               NLEX Compound. Balintawak, Caloocan City, 1400, Philip pines

        '2.1.7. Telephone: (Country code - City code - Local telephone , no.)
                                 63 - 2 - 4793000

        2:1.8. Facsimile: (Country code - City code - Local telephone no.)
                                 63 -- 2 - 3308820

        2.1.9. Electronic E-mail address:

        2.1.10. Manila Tollways web page addresses (if applicable):
 certify that the data contained in this ESHAMR completely and accurately
                represent Manila Tollways operations during this reporting , period. I further
               'certify that analytical data summaries' incorporated into Section 5 are based
                upon data collected and analyzed in a manner consistent with the World Bank
                Group's Pollution Prevention and Abatement Handbook, Monitoring. 2

ENGR. ALLAN JEFFREY N. ANG                   . Environment Safety & Health
MNTC Employee Name/Designation

 Raw analytical data upon which summaries are based should not be submitted with this ESHAMR . .
but.must be preserved by Investment Sponsor and :presented upon demand.
                                              Section 2

                          SIGNIFICANT INCIDENTS REPORT

2.1. Reporting Events

 Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC) personnel are required to report all
 environmental and social events3 that may have caused damage; brought about injuries or
 fatalities or other health problems; attracted the attention of outside parties; affected project
 labor or adjacent populations; affected cultural property; or created Manila North Tollways
 Corporation (MNTC) and/or MNTC liabilities.

2.2. Describing Events

Prepare discrete Significant Events Reports (see following page) for each incident that
occurred during the reporting period. Attach photographs, plot plans, newspaper articles and
all relevant supporting information that the lender will need to be completely conversant with
the incident and associated environmental and social issues.

2.3. Table of Significant Event Reports

Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC) and Tollways Management Corporation (TMC)
Significant Event Reports

                         SIGNIFICANT EVENTS AND ISSUES                             NO. OF CASES
           1      Chemical and/or hydrocarbon material spills                             0
           2      Fire                                                                    0
           3      Explosion or unplanned releases                                         0
           4      Industrial Injuries (Lost Time Injuries)                                8
           5      Fatalities including transportation                             1 (TMC Outsource)
           6      Ecological damage/destruction                                           0         _
           7      Local population disruption                                             0
           8      Disruption of emissions or effluent treatment                           0
           9      Legal/administrative notice of violation                                0
          10      Penalties                                                               0
          11      Fines                                                                   0
          12      Increase in pollution charges                                           0
          13      Negative media attention                                                0
          14      Chance cultural finds                                                   0
          15      Labor unrest or disputes                                                D
                                          TOTAL                                        9-cases

' Examples of significant incidents follow. Chemical and/or hydrocarbon materials spills; fire, explosion
or unplanned releases; industrial injuries; fatalities including transportation; ecological damage /
destruction; local population disruption; disruption of emissions of effluent treatment; legal f
administrative notice of violation; penalties, fines, or increase in pollution 'charges; negative media
attention; chance cultural finds; labor unrest or disputes.
                                              Section 3


 Provide any additional information including the following".

         Describe on-going public consultation and disclosure:

        1. MNTC continues to.strengthen its alliance with various government units including
           the governors, congressmen and mayors, as well as, with transport and business
           groups. MNTC also regularly meets with Local Government Executives, national
           and local media, non-government organizations, and other government and
           private agencies to listen to their concerns and thus,. be prepared to respond to
           these concerns.

        2. The company also submits regular reports and project progress updates to the
           regional and local government groups of Central Luzon which include NEDA-(Il,
           DTI-Ill and the Presidential Commission on the Central Luzon Growth Corridor

        3. MNTC conducted consultations and dialogues with the communities and local.
           government units. These include education campaign on "Republic Act 2000 -
           Limited Access Facility Law" aimed at increasing the awareness of the
           communities, of the dangers of crossing the expressway. It also conducted
           emergency response plan and risk awareness program for residents in- three
           communities living underneath the Candaba Viaduct in Bulacan and Pampanga.

       4. It also closely worked with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources
           (DENR), Local Government Units (LGUs) and communities to maintain the good
           social and sustainable environmental condition of the NLEX. It launched the the
           "Greening the NLEX" program wherein it planted 20,000 trees on NLEX
           interchanges and other plantable areas of the 84-kilometer expressway. This.
          .year-long activity was pursued mainly through employee volunteerism and
          reaffirmed the company's 'commitment to promote a clean environment at the
           NLEX. .

       5. MNTC conducted NLEX Tours for 48 project directors and staff of the Asian
          Development Bank, and delegates of the 30' h APEC Transport Working Group. It
          also conducted Appreciation Parties for Central Luzon NGOs and Pampanga
          media. These activities strengthened relations with stakeholders and
          demonstrated corporate openness thus, earning their goodwill and trust.

' Provide additional sheets as needed for complete information
e In detail, describe print or broadcast media attention given to Manila
  North Tollways during this reporting period.

    1. The North Luzon Expressway Project continues to get positive and good publicity
       from both the print and broadcast media, both national and local.
    2. In fact, out of the 282 MNTC/NLEX stories published in ten dailies and nine
       tabloids from January to June 2008, 191 stories or 68% are positive, 39 stories or
       14% are negative, and 52 stories or 18% are neutral.

    3. This resulted to an average ratio of 5:1 between positive and negative stories.

    4. Positive media comments are more numerous indicating the economic benefits of
       the project on both local and national levels.

    5. There are still numerous good news stories, radio commentaries and television
       features, as well as columns, have, been written and presented about the NLE
       project. These involve the resulting progress and project benefits for the country.
       MNTC stories highlighted its numerous initiatives which include the following:

       a. ADB Report highlighting the significance of NLEX as growth engine capable of
          accelerating economic growth in Central and North Luzon
       b. Ecosys Report showing NLEX air and water quality are within the permissible
       c. Road safety audit confirming that there were relatively few accidents at the
          NLEX compared to roads of similar nature elsewhere in the country,
       d. Customer saftisfaction survey showing NLEX gaining wider acceptance among
       e. New safety features to ensure that the quality of service at the NLEX will just
          get better and better through the years to enable the motorists to continue to
          enjoy optimum public safety and convenience.

o In detail, describe interactions with non-governmental organizations or
    public scrutiny of the Manila North Tollways Corporation.

    The Non-Government Organizations and the public are fully aware and recognized
    the benefits of the NLEX improvements. Toll rates concerns was their primary focus
    but was addressed by the numerous information campaign of both Corporate
    Communications (CorpComm) and Marketing Groups. We had distributed leaflets
    and produced Television Commercials for public information.

e   Describe training and quality initiatives_(e.g. IS014001 and IS09000):

    In terms of ISO initiatives, the Organization was conferred three (3) world-recognized
    management system standards in quality, environment, and occupational health and
    safety by Certification Internationale Philippines. MNTC garnered the Integrated
    Management System Certifications ISO9001:2001 (Quality Management System),
    1S014001:2004 (Environmental) and OHSAS18001:2007 (Health & Safety) in a
    record of five months of audit and review processes.
                                                             IiHILlITINEFJAII.Y11 .1011111EIt
                                                                                       VI 0 7 (a -,''T
Four releases on kDB's Extended            ADB g gves MINI                     IL- Riga m1:1i-1;gs
                                              THE ASIAN DEVELOPMENT                                     t:;
                                              lilted art "hibhiy
Annual Review Report published in the        ways Corp.'s tlytfi,l'TCI
                                                                                     Manila Nor!lr
                                                                                 fonnancu ir; nrrirrlin
                                             Its primal y rf iltye lo p maidubiecilves as chief
following dailies:                           proponent of the                         North Luzon Ex-
                                             pressway (NLLC)
  * Philippine Daily Inquirer (June 9)            The objectives were i dentified as pionlo-
                                          ' 110n of p conuntic davoloprneni In Central
                                             and Northern LU7oh, r i%patichdo
  • Philippine Star (June 9)                 ity to accommodate traffic growth on til t;
                                                                                          road ,::;if3ai':-

                                             major route from Metro Manila 10 Central
  • Manila Standard Today (June 5)           and Nortliorn
                                                                             and Increasing ern-
                                                                                 at and arrnlird Ilre
    Manila Bulletin (June 4)                      "Tim dr. ,valnpirrerd impair! of flit: plroleci it:
                                            rr:d::ullndl"Ilia /WF-l                          soared
                                                  Tha nyalitalion ixtls In;rrltt :ii ilyrrculivri
                                            summary of the ADP's: E-. 1ailiclel Annuaf Hu-
It highlights ADB's evaluation of           vww Report on Ihs Mfit C's performance on
                                            bb i lder-concessionaire of Iho ADB-fundeil
                                            IiJLEX.                                    _
MNTC's performance in meeting its                AI !east IDI,lt s:rR!1:ria Wflril       as 11a:3C.; 01
                                            lap assrissmerit. TIle.,.;uy.,jrtr private seclot i.le-
primary development objectives as chief    vulopmont; businosn sriccess, aconnitilu
                                            larnabilily: and enyironin p ill. liealth
proponent of NLEX.                               In lip review, HIP ADO said that NLP:-: hoc
                                           math: an ''rnir:rlllra      r.:oillrdJuiiorl overall to pri-
                                           vate :-arclor duvolopmeni. -
                                                 The bank also noted that M t.: f%iLf7d.e. was Ow
ADB's rating: :Highiiy                     county's first niajor irpr ,,r tssway lbal :rl
                                          lJ 5111, operatt2i.1 ailtf nuirntamud accorOlnp lo in-
                                           terhaliotlal i,iltuir.lardS lJ; r i privall? GnmrialtV.
                                                 "P^IDI IC's economic nnstamahlllly is satis-
                                           factory, whIlil its environment, lloalth and safe-
                                           ty periordiance is excellonL" the AUB said,
                                           adding that 11'lfi LOpf3ff-led oorporptIon has us-
                                                          a h' lahagerTlerlt system thal keeps
                                           pollcies- and procedures within globally ac-
                                           cepted standards.
                            PUBLICATION                  '       fi0\n E\-in'R  Y'                                          DATE         01 •          lq
                            PAGE 1 ^             SECTION           .t   RW . -

' S-ii'dnrd

                                                          'rri           ^_._, ::-^c u::.' _•:11 ^! 31Y4te'.X      .
                                                                                                                ,r.,^?   L-h.,y^. ^5 : ^^
                                                                                                                               L wf is ^'
  Triple treat.                                                                                                                                            gl^ .-;.u^ I

                     The Manila North Tollways Corporation, builder and concessionaire of the North Luzon Expressway, was conferred three
 world-recognized management system standards in quality, environment, and occupational health and safety by Certification Internationale
 Philippines. MNTCgamered the Integrated Management Systems Certifications
                                                                                   ISO 9001:2001, ISO 14001:2004, and
 in a record of five months of audit and review processes. Savoring the "triple victory' are: Lopez Group and MNTC Ol-ISAS 18001:2007,
                                                                                                                           Chairman Oscar M.
 Lopez (3rd from right) and Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan (4th from right) of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation Inc MPIC recently
 acquired majority shares in MNTC. Flanking the two at the awarding rites are (from left): Renato V. Navarette, managing director, Cerlificalion
 Internationale; Jose Maria K. Lim, MPIC president; former Chief Justice Artemio V. Panganiban, board member of bath MPIC and First
 Philippine Holdings Corp; Jose P. De Jesus, MNTC president & CEO and Elpidio L Ibanez, FPHC president

                                                    Produced by
                                             CORPORATE COMMU NICATIONS
       19 September 2008

       President and CEO
       Manila North Tollways Corporation
       NLEX Compound, Balintawak
       Caloocan City, Philippines 1400

       Thru: Mr. J. Luigi L. Bautista
             SVP-Operations Management / MR

    Dear Mr. De Jesus,

    Ce•tification to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 1-1001:2004 and OHS:IS 18001:2007

    After your successful completion of the requirements for certification, the Governing Board of
    Certification International UK Ltd. hereby awards Manila Nort/&Tolh'm's Cot potation Certificates
    of Registration to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and O1•ISAS 1.8001:2007. The Certificates are
    valid from 19 September 2008, with the following scope:
           "Operatic= and maintenance assurance of Norh Luzon Expressway (Segments 1, 2 and 3). •'
    Your IMS Certificates are valid for three years until 18 September 201 I, subject to satisfactory results
    of semi-annual surveillance audits. The extension of your Certificates after this three-year period will
    be based on your effective conformity to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and
    OHSAS 18001:2007, as determined by a re-assessment of your integrated Management System in its
    entirety. Please see attached surveillance audit schedule.
    As a certified organization, you are required to maintain your Integrated Management System to ISO
    9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 and to comply with Cl's Conditions of
    Certification, including the use of CI's Certificates of Registration and Certification Marks in
    accordance with Cl Regulations Part 4 and Part 5 (copy enclosed).
   Cont, atulations on your accomplishments with the use of IMS as an instrument for enhancing the
   competitiveness of your organization and for meeting your customers' needs and expectations. We
   look fonvard,to a strong partnership that will maximize your organization's benefits from its certified
   Integrated Management System.
   Best wishes for your continued success.
   Very truly yours,

   Managing Director

   End:   CI   Regulation Pons •I and 5

                                          Certification International Philippines, Inc.
                                                  .CERTIFICATION TItAININGS
  rA            Unit 601, Onc Magtiticent 83ilc Building, San lingual Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, blctro Manila, Pltilippinus-1605
  ZIB           Phone: (632) 637279D to 91; Fax (632) 9148742; E-mail:
  Q1L 11aw
               Cebu Muritoting Office: Room 406, Iirizta Building, Ganznles Compound, Luitug,     Cebu   City P)dapptntia 6000
1l,trd•,61i01  PhonclPnc:-(1332) 231622
e   Describe Manila North Tollways Corp. public relations efforts (e.g.
    establishments or a web page, etc.)

    The Corporate Communication implements communication campaigns that would
    communicate the various programs and initiatives of the company.

    The Department continues to develop and implements CSR programs to enhance
    corporate image . These programs are focused on environment, education, health
    and safety.

    It also conducts MNTC Drivers' Forum on Safety for truck and bus drivers to
    promote road safety in a high-speed expressways like the NLEX. The Forum won
    an Anvil Award for Best PR Program in support of Advocacy from the Public
    Relations Society of the Philippines.

    It also updated its MNTC website which now sports a new look with new sections
    added to make it truly informative and easy to navigate.

    It produced the 2009 MNTC Calendar with the theme "Day Trips" which provides
    travelers several options for an out-of-town one-day trip.

    In 2008, the Public Relations Society of the Philippines recognized MNTC's 2007
    calendar "Rediscovering the North: One Adventure Leads to Another' with an Anvil
    Award for Best PR Tool.

    It also enabled to build positive corporate image through the successful conduct of
    events for various groups:

      •   Conduct of numerous TV interviews and commercials explaining the traffic
          and safety management and benefits of the NLE, respectively.
      ­ Good relationship with the media group is constantly nurtured by the

      . Produced the 2008 MNTC Calendar promoting the NLEX benefits received by
         congressmen, local government executives, motorists and the general public.
         This is to promote tourism and business investments in the Northern Luzon
               SECTION 4







Section 4

                                                Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC) Employees

    Incident statistics reporting for MNTC personnel from January to December 2008 ,

                                        No.of - -
MNTC Occupational Health            incidents this
                                                                           MNTC Occupational Health and Safety Incidents Detaiis i
  and Safety Incidents                Reporting
Fatalities                                0                  1. Date(s) of fatality: NA
                                                             2. Cause of fatality: NA
                                                             3. Corrective or preventive measures to prevent re-occurrence: NA
Total Lost Time Accidents'                  0                1. Date(s) of lost time accidents: NA
                                                             2. Cause(s) of lost time accident(s): NA.
                                                             3. Corrective or preventive measures to prevent re-occurrence: NA
Total no. of lost workdays                  0                1.. Total lost workdays this reporting period: NA
resulting from incidents.                                    2, Total lost workdays last reporting period: NA
                                                             3. Total lost workdays next to last reporting period: NA
Total man-hours        worked           320,000             .1. Total man-hours worked this reporting period: 320,000-manhours
(total hours worked by all                                   2. Incidence = total lost workdays / total hours worked: 0
employees)      during     the                               3. Incidence this reporting period: 0
reporting      period     and                                4. Incidence last reporting period: 0
incidence calculation                                        5. Incidence next to last reporting period: 0
Vehicle Collisions '                        0                1. Date(s) of vehicular collision(s): NA                         -
                                                             2. Vehicular collision(s) cause: NA
                                                             3. Corrective or preventive measures to prevent re-occurrence: NA

  Provide additional sheets as needed.
2 Incapacity to work for at least one full workday beyond the day on which the accident or illness occurred.
  Lost workdays are the number of workdays (consecutive or not) beyond the date of injury or onset of illness that the employee was away from work or
limited to restricted work activity because of an occupational injury or illness.
  Vehicle collision: when a vehicle (device used to transport people or things) collides (comes together with violent force) with another vehicle or inanimate or
animate object(s) and results in injury (other than the need for First-Aid) or death.                                .
Training5                         13-training             1. For each type of training, list the date and number of employees that attended during
                                  programs                   this reporting period.

                                                               item                 Type of training                  Date Conducted           No. of
                                                                No.                                                                          Attendees
                                                                 1     Quality Policy & Objective           setting      April 1, 2008           34
                                                                 2     IMS Management Orientation                        April 1, 2008            34

                                                                      Setting Quality Policy & Top Level                 April 1, 2008            34
                                                                      Quay Objectives
                                                                 4    Overview    of   IS014001:2004                     April 3, 2008            46
                                                                 5    QMS Planning Workshop                              April 8, 2008            35

                                                                 6    ESH Planning, Setting of ESH          Policy,     April 21, 2008            38
                                                                      Objectives, Targets & Programs
                                                                 7     Basic Quality Management for IMS                  June 3, 2008             'I 8
                                                                 8     Basic Environmental Management for                June 4, 2008             30
                                                                       IMS Auditors
                                                                       QESHMS Audit Training Workshop                   June 10 -12,              20
                                                                10     Enhancing QESH Auditing Skills                 June12-16,2008              17
                                                                11     Environment, Safety & Health Orientation         June 27 - 28,             98
                                                                12     Emergency First Aid Training                    August 1, 2008             42
                                                                13     Emergency Response Team Training               August 15, 2008             25

5Investment Name personnel should be trained in environmental, safety & health matters including accident prevention, safe lifting practices, the use of
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), safe chemical handling practices, proper control and maintenance of equipment and facilities, emergency response,
personal protective equipment (PPE), emergency response, etc.
                               Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC) Contractor and Sub-Contractor

O     Incident statistics reporting.for MNTC Contractor and Sub-Contractor personnel from January toDecember2008

                                           No. of
    MNTC Occupational Health          incidents this
                                                                            MNTC Occupational Health and Safety Incidents Details1
      and Safety Incidents              .Reporting
    Fatalities                         1 (Operator's          1. Date(s) of fatality: April 1, 2008
                                        Outsourced            2. Cause of fatality: Vehicular Accident
                                         Personnel)           3. Corrective or preventive measures to prevent re-occurrence:               Defensive driving
                                                                 education for drivers conducted.

    Total Lost Time Incidents                 8               1. Date(s) of lost time incidents: Please see "Summary of First Aid Case (FAC), Medical
    (LTI)2                                                       Treatment Case (MTC), Restricted Work Case (RWC) and Lost Time Incidents (LTI)".
                                                              2. Cause(s) of lost time accident(s): See above mentioned summary.
                                                              3. Corrective or preventive • measures to prevent re-occurrence: Safety programs,
                                                                 practices, policies and procedures were implemented to ensure prevention of similar
    Total no. of lost workdays3            10 days            1. Total lost workdays this reporting period: 10 days
    resulting from incidents.                                 2. Total lost workdays last reporting period: 126 days

    Total man-hours        worked        3,482,824            1.   Total man-hours worked this reporting period: 3,482,824 Man-hours
    (total hours worked by all           Man-hours            2.   Incidence = total lost workdays X 1,000,000 / total hours worked: 6.19
    employees)      during     the                            3.    Incidence this reporting period: 8 (1 fatality, 6 LTIs and 1 Medical Treatment Case)
    reporting     period      and                             4.   Incidence last reporting period: 6 (6 LTAs)
    incidence calculation

      Provide additional sheets as needed.
    "- Incapacity to work for at least one full workday beyond the day on which the accident or illness occurred.
    3 Lost workdays are the number of workdays (consecutive or not) beyond the date of injury or onset of illness that the employee was away from work or
    limited to restricted work activity because of an occupational injury or illness.
                                        No. of
MNTC Occupational Health            incidents this
                                                                           MNTC Occupational Health and Safety Incidents Details 4
  and Safety Incidents                Reporting
Vehicle Collisions5                  1 (Operator's          1. Date(s) of vehicular collision(s): April 1, 2008 (as mentioned in Fatality case)
                                      Outsourced            2. Vehicular collision(s) cause: Driver's error
                                     Personnel as           3. Corrective or preventive measures to prevent re-occurrence: Defensive driving
                                     mentioned in              education for drivers conducted.
                                     Fatality case)

Trainings6                             5-training           1. For each type of training, list the date and number of employees that attended during
                                       programs                this reporting period.

                                                                 Item                  Type of training                    Date Conducted            No. of
                                                                  No.                                                                              Attendees
                                                                   1     Hazardous Material Awareness Seminar     April 3, 2008                        30
                                                                   2     Greenhouse Gas Accounting Seminar       July 3-4, 2008                         3
                                                                   3     Hazardous Material First responders     August 8 -15,                         70
                                                                         Training Awareness Seminar                   2008
                                                                   4     Accelerated Chemical Safety and Spill September 18-19,                        46
                                                                         Response Training                            2008
                                                                   5     Hazardous Chemical Spill Drill        . December 24,                           15

  Provide additional sheets as needed.
5 Vehicle collision: when a vehicle (device used to transport people or things) collides (comes together with violent force) with another vehicle or inanimate or
animate object(s) and results in injury (other than the need for First-Aid) or death.
  Vehicle collision: when a vehicle (device used to transport people or things) collides (comes together with violent force) with another vehicle or inanimate or
animate object(s) and results in injury (other than the need for First-Aid) or death.

                                                        ESH PERFORMANCE REPORT SUMMARY: YEAR TO DATE .
YEAR: 2008
                                                                                                                                              .,                                     YEARTO,DATE
                                                                                                                                                                                  CANOIDENTIMAWH OUR
Fatality (LTI)


Property Damage                       8        7        11            14           15       11          11             9                               15        9            3                   120

Occupational Illness

TOTAL                               12         10        12            19         17         12         12.             9         9               21             10         5                      148
TOTAL MAN HOURS                231,409    218,602   219,680       213,849   306,388     334,827   342147.3        307,476   334,326          346,511        311,355   316,253                3,482,824


                                                              19            . 17                                                                                         1   1"
                                                                                                                                                        - ''
                                                                                                                                - 'V .r.:^

                                  2             3             4               5             6                 7             o                      9             10
                                                            SAFE MAN-HOURS TRACKING (RULE 1050)

 Frequency Rate -- Total number of disabling injuries per million employee hours of exposure
        FR = # of Disablinq Injuries X 1,000,000
                 Employee-Hours of Exposure
 Severity Rate - The total number of days lost o charged per million employee-hours of exposure
          SR = it of days lost or charged X 1,000,000
                       Employee hours of exposure

Exposure: Total number of hours worked by all employees in each establishment including employees of operating production, maintenance, transportation,
electrical, administrative, sales and other departments.
Disabling Injuries (LTI): work injuries which result in death (FAT) , permanent total disability (PTD), permanent partial disability (PPD) or temporary total
disability (TTD). This includes Lost Workday Case (LWC)

Non disabling injuries (FAC, MTC, RWC) - injuries which do not result into disabling injuries but require first aid or medical attention of any kind:
Employee Hours of Exposure - Accumulated employee hours from the first working Day of the Year.

                                   Non-Disabling Injuries

                                 FIRST AIDE     MEDICAL TREATMENT
                                                                    t-LbssWORK                     it OF   Days    Emp. Hrs of
           MONTH                                 CASE&RESTRICTED                   FATAL' i                                             FR               SR
                                    CASE           WORK CASE            CASE                          Lost          Exposure
          January                      1                                     1                          2          159013.58           6.29             12.58
          February                     1                                                                 1         152095.98           0.00              6.57
           March                       1                                                                0          162227.74           0.00              0,00
            April                                                                                       0          155967.48           0.00              0.00
            May                        1                                                                0           164929.3           0.00              0.00
            June                       1                                                                2           164661.77          0.00             12,15
            July                                                                                        0          165549.34           0.00              0.00
           August                                                                                       0          161452.83           0.00              0.00
         September                    2                                                                 0           160188.07          0.00              0.00
          October                     1                 1                    1                          5           168881.23           5.92            29.61
         November                                                                                       0          153879.42           0.00              0.00
         December                                                                                       0          156813.33           0.00              0.00
         2008 YTD                      8                1                    2          0               10         1925660.07          1.04              5.19

      MONTH               Jan              Feb        Mar       Apr        May    _    Jun                Jul             Aug          Sep     Oct    Nov       Dec   Totals

    (FATALITY)               0              0          0         1           0             0               0                   0        0       0           0    0        1

    (Loss Work
                                            0                    2           0             0               0                   0        0       2       I        0        6

  Treatment Case
                             0              0          0         0           0             0               0                   0        0       i      0         0        1
    I Restricted
     Work Case

  First Aide Case         1               1          1                      2         1               1                                 2       1                2    _   12
      TOTALS              2               1          1           3          2         1               1                        0        2       4       1        2        20
  *Data indicates number of injuries (not number of incidents. 1 Incident may have multiple injuries)

                                                                                                                                       u (FATALITY)

                                                                                                                                       .0 (Loss Work Case)
       6-                                                                                                                              u Medical Treatment Case /
                                                                                                                                         Restricted Work Case
                                       2         .2                                2       2                         2.   ;<           u First Aide Case
       2- =1             1       1^1                        1        1                 -       11-   -^                  r1
       0-                        11                         n        n--                       ..                    Il r`
               N                       a                                                              0
                                       Q                                                              z         0
SUMMARY OF FAG, MTC, RAC and LTI Cases - T MC Staffs and Outsource

    Incident No.   Incident Date       DIv/Dept                             Incident Title                                    Type uf Injury               Remarks
                                                          Suffered minor Injury during his ride from a Nearmiss               First Aid.Case
                    1/15/200$            TMS
                                                                       Incident of a shuttle service
                                                          Suffered from sprain caused by trip-off due to sloppy
         2          1/20/2008            TMA                          surface on the toll plaza area.
                                                                                                                            Loss Workday Case
                                                        Suffered cut on head cause by accidental head bump at an
         3          2/13/2008        Toll Collection                                                                          First Aid Case
                                                                   emergency switch panel in the TSB
                                                          Minor Burn Incurred by TMS Patrol Crew upon giving
         4          3/31/2008             TMS
                                                                        assistance to motorists.
                                                                                                                              First Aid Case

                                                        Service Vehicle accident resulting to outsource fatality and
         5           4/1/2008      HRGS (outsource)
                                                                           damage to property
                                                                                                                                  Fatality                 Outsource
                                                          ,2nd degree bum on two RMD outsourcewhile doing
         6          4/17/2008      RMD (outsource)
                                                                        aspha lt pavement work
                                                                                                                          Loss Workday Case (2)            Outsource
         7           5/3/2008      HRGS (outsource)             Shuttle bus driver suffers severe backache                    First Aid Case               OUtsoUree
         8          5/23/2008             TMS                     Patrol crew suffers minor cut on finger                     First Aid    Case
         9           6/8/2008        Tall Collection             Toll Teller caught finger In the locker door                 First Aid Case                      _
                                                         Outsource suffers cut during replacement of grasscuttter
         10         7/10/2008      RMD (outsource)
                                                                                                                              First Aid    Case            OUfSOUfCe
                                                        Patrol crew minor cut on right eyebrow after hitting PV side
         11         9/11/2008             TMs                                       door
                                                                                                                              First Aid Case

         12         9/22/2008       Toll Verification               Toll Verifier bitten by rat on her desk                   First Aid Case
                                                        TMS staff suffered sprain ankle after tripping over on a two
         13         10/i 0/2008           TMS                                   down step
                                                                                                                        Lost Workday Case     (5   days)

                                                        Systems technician splash the left eye with battery solution
         14         10/16/2008      Traffic Systems                                                                            First Aid Case
                                                                      while doing AOVP activities
                                                        TMs Outsouce personnel suffered sprained ankle after the
         15         10/21/2008     TMS (Outsource)        Patrol motorcycle stumbled on him on his way to the           Lost Workday Case (3 days)         Outsource
                                                                              parking area
                                                          Toll teller suffers eye Irritation and minor scratch on his
         16         10/25/2008       Toll Collection                                                                      Medical Treatment Case
                                                                    cornea after contact with foreign object

         17         11/21/2008      RMD (outsource)        RMD outsource thumbs caught by towing hook & eye             Loss Workday Case (30 days)        outsource
         18         12/16/2009      RMD (outsource)         Outsource personnel hit by foreign object In the leg               First Aid Case              Outsource
         19         12/17/2009      RMD (outsource)         outsource personnel hit by foreign object In the eye               First Aid   Case            Outsource


MNTC's major important goal is the provision of superior quality of service and assets for
the public. As part of this goal, we ensure complete installation of additional traffic and
safety enhancements for 2008 (engineering measures, signages and pavement
markings). We implemented the following:

 1. Conducted study, design and presentation reports for project proposals including
    design, schedule and cost comparison.

2. Coordinated with concerned groups for the consolidation of their comments and
   inputs for finalization of the project enhancements, signs, leaflets and traffic
   management plans.

3. Completion of the following 5-major enhancement projects:

     a. Universal Tau II Impact Attenuators (6-systems) - 24 September 2008
     b. Guardrail Installation (710-meters) -24 July 2008
     c. Fixed Concrete Barrier (43-units) - 20 February 2008.
     d. Salem to Staines Enhancement -19 December 2008
     e: Brifen Wire Rope Median Installation (300-meters) - 08 February 2008.

   Additional 12-minor projects completed:

     a. Public Informatory and Roadwork Signs - installed 45 tarpaulin signs.
     b. Bocaue Toll Barrier Additional Chevron Signs (7-pieces) - 10 January 2008.
     c. Salem to Staines Additional Pavement Studs (50-pieces) -15. March 2008.
     d. Segment 7 Signs (20-pieces) - 15 February 2008
     e. EMS & AOVP Surface Plastering and Repainting Works - 07 March 2008.
     f. EMS Standard Signs (3-pieces) - 8 March 2008.
     g- MNTC & TMC Visitor Signs (2-pieces) - 19 March 2008.
    ft. NLEX Compound Temporary Guardhouse - 20 May 2008.
        SCTEx signs (4-pieces) - 08 May 2008.
        National Shrine of the Divine Mercy - 12 April 2008
    k. Balintawak Cloverleaf Lane Marking (400 meters) - 08 May 2008.
    1. Road Safety Partnership Booth Exhibit - 20 November 2008
    m. Public Informatory Leaflets - provided technical design assistance
II. Universal Tau II - Impact   The 6-systems were installed at both Bocaue (3-systems) and
   Attenuator                   Balintawak (3-systems) Toll Barriers. This is for the safety protection
                                of both passing motorists and Operator's personnel.
2. Greening the NLEX
                                Three (3) major tree planting events for the organization's
                                volunteer day was conducted at Sindalan, Angeles and
                                Tabang areas.
3. Candaba Viaduct              Project completion is 100% - The activity covered three (3)
    Emergency Response Plan     communities including Brgy.San Juan, Brgy.Dulong Malabon and
    Communication               Brgy.Tabuyuc. Participated by 161-households with their
                                Brgy.Chairman, Councilors and residents.
4. RA2000 Education             RA2000 dialogues completed by 100% for 63-communities.
Campaign -

5. IMS Requirements - Safety
                                Achieved with 100% compliance - This included
  & Environmental
                                preparation and implementation of required 18014001 and
                                OHSAS18001 policies, procedures and programs for the
                                IMVIS Certification.
impact Attenuator - Universal Tau II System
  A total of six sets of Universal Tau II Impact Attenuators
  were installed at the Balintawak Toll Barrier and Bocaue
  Toll Barrier.
CCTV System
Additional CCTV cameras were installed in the Candaba Viaduct and
Sta. Ines in addition to the 12 traffic and plaza surveillance cameras.

Salem to Sta Ines Enhancements
Additional double yellow lane markings, rumble strips, signages and
Cat's eyes were installed.
section 4


                         -SAMPLING AND MEASUREMENT-
      (Section 5 of the Environmental, Safety and Health Annual Monitoring Report)

Ambient Air Quality

Ambient air sampling was conducted while the MNTP is in operation. Individual samples
and individual report for each sampling station were presented. The results were taken by
conducting a twenty four (24) sampling period for each station.

Ambient air quality parameters were analyzed and included Particulate Matter (PM10),
Oxides of Nitrogen (NO2),SulfurOxides (SO 2), Lead(Pb) and Ozone(0 3).

The sampling methodology and apparatuses used, location of sampling stations/points,
existing weather condition, existing LCAL activities during the actual sampling, results
and discussion and the summary and conclusion part were discussed in detailed below.

Methodology and apparatuses used

Particulate Matter (PM 10)

The High Volume Sampler equipment was used to measure the Particulate Matter
(PM10). The sampling equipment was positioned two (2) meters above ground level as
its required height. Flow rate is strictly monitored during the entire period to attain
measurement accuracy.

Ambient air is drawn for a period of 24 hours for each station through a pre-weigh filter by
means of a turbine blower. The filter paper was carefully placed inside the plastic
envelope container every sampling has completed and then brought to laboratory for
proper measurement. The filter is weighed before and after sampling so that the mass of
collected sample is determined. The concentration of the dust is computed as the mass
of collected particulates divided by the volume of air sampled and is expressed in
microgram/m3, or u g/m3.

Data collection was completed in seven (7) days for monitoring three stations.

Lead, Pb

The High Volume Sampler equipment was also used to collect air samples for measuring
Lead (Ph). The filter paper used to measure particulate matter was then brought to an
accredited laboratory for the analysis of Lead.

Sulfur Dioxide(S02) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

The Ambient Air sampling for SOx and NOx was done using a Kimoto Gas Bubbler air
sampling equipment. Grab sampling using one (1) hour averaging time was conducted
over a 24 hour period per station. This procedure ensures that air samples at various

times of the day are taken to establish the real situation of the ambient air quality of the

The Kimoto Gas Bubbler was also positioned at two (2) meters above the ground. For
each pre-identified stations four (4)-one hour ambient air sampling was conducted to
represent the 24 -hour period requirement. SO2 and NO2 laboratory prepared solutions
were used to collect air samples and brought to an accredited laboratory for analysis. To
preserve the samples during the entire sampling activity these samples were placed at
the ice chess container and sealed properly to control the temperature.

Location of sampling stationsfpoints

The pre-identified sampling stations outside of the toliways boundary were located
strategically at Sta, Ines, Mabalacat, Pampanga, Tabang, Guiguinto, Balaban, and
Balintawak, Quezon City.

Comprehensive Report

See next page for ECOSYS comprehensive report for Environmental
Management andMonitoring Program (EMMP) for the North Luzon
Expressway (NLEX) 4th Quarter of 2008, which covers the whole
annual operation of the business.

             Manila North Tollways Corporat

       Ai~ QualitySampling and Analysis Report
              ^t,                        -^~^~
                       for the
           ^^Luzon Expressway MEX)
                     August 2008

011-                                          August 2008



 The North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) starts from the Balintawak Overpass at EDSA
 and ends at Sta.. Ines, Mabalacat, Pampanga. Its entire length is approximately 84 km,
 has two (2) carriageways, consisting of the North Bound (NB) and South Bound (SB)
 lanes, and 16 interchanges/toll plazas. The NLEX is composed of three (3) segments,
 namely Segment 1, Segment 2, and Segment 3.

 Segment 1 starts from the Balintawak Overpass and ends at the Burol Interchange, in
 Balagtas, Bulacan. Its length is approximately 23.5 lam, consisting of eight (8)
 interchanges/toll plazas, namely the (i) Balintawak Toll Plaza, (ii) Valenzuela
 Interchange, (iii) Meycauayan Interchange, (iv) IVlarilao Interchange, (v) Bocaue
 Interchange; (vi) Bocaue Toll Plaza.. (vii) Burol Interchange, and (viii) Tabang Toll Plaza,
 and one (i) flyover, the Novaliches Flyover.

 Segment 2 is approximately 32 km. in length and starts from Burol, Bulacan and ends at
San Fernando Pampanga. .It has four (4) interchanges and toll plazas, namely the (i) Sta.
Rita Interchange, (ii) Pulilan Interchange, (iii) San Simon Interchange, and, (iv) San
Fernando Interchange.

Segment 3 starts from San Fernando, Pampanga, and ends at Sta. Ines, Mabalacat,
Pampanga. It has a length of 28 km with four (4) interchanges and toll plazas namely,
the (i) Mexico Interchange, (ii) Angeles Interchange, (iii) Dau Interchange and Toll Plaza,
and (iv) Sta. Ines Interchange.

The Project

This Report is based on air quality sampling conducted from August 13 to 15, 2008.
Included are results of Air Quality Sampling and Monitoring obtained from 1b sites, as
shown in Table I. The air quality parameters considered were Sulfur Dioxide (SO 2),
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Lead (Pb), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocar-bon (HC) and Total
Suspended Particulates (TSP).

                          Air' Qualify Sampling and Analysis for the IVLEY Project, August 2008   page 1
            Table I        Air Quality Sampling Stations along the NLEX

             Station No.     Description of Station
                 Al          Balintawalc Cloverleaf Interchange (South Bound Outer Lane)
                 A2          Novallches Flyover (South Bound Outer Lane - Bus Unloading
                 A3          Balintawalc Toll Plaza (At Toll Gate Lane N15 - North Bound)
                 A4          Valenzuela Interchange (North Bound Outer Lane)
                 AS          Meycauayan Exit/Interchange (North Bound Toll Plaza)
                 AS          Marilao Exit (North Bound Outer Lane)
                A7           Bocaue Interchange (At Tall Gate - South Bound Exit Lane)
                A6          Tabang Toll Plaza (At Toll Gate - NLEX Entry Lane)
                A9          Sta. Rita Interchange (North Bound Outer Lane)
                A10          Pulilan Interchange (At Tall Plaza - North Bound Exit Lane)
                All         San Simon Interchange (At Toll Plaza - North Bound Exit Lane)
                A12         San Fernando Interchange (At Toll Gate - South Bound Exit Lane)
                A13         Sindalan/Mexico Interchange (At Toll Plaza - North Bound Exit Lane)
                A14         Angeles Interchange (At Toll Gate - NLEX Exit Lane)
                A15         Dau Interchange (At Toll Gate-South Bound Exit Lane)
                A16'        Sta. Ines Interchange (North Bound Center Lahe)

The weather conditions during the monitoring period were part cloudy with occasional
rain during the time of sampling. A weather disturbance in the northern part of
Philippines was present causing sudden rains with wind gustiness that intensified the
southwest monsoon.

                           Air Quality Sampling and Analysis for the teat PioJec, August 2008   page 2

    To determine the level of concentration of sulfur dioxide (SO 2) and nitrogen dioxide
    (1\102), ambient air is bubbled through an absorbing solution in the glass impingers using
    the AirChelt Gas Sampler. Total Suspended Particulate (TSP) and Lead (Pb) sampling
    was done using a Staplex high-Volume sampler with a filter paper weighed before and
    after sampling. A grab sampling method using a Gastec Piston Pump with corresponding
 Gastec detector tubes was used to collect the Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbon

 To quantify the S02, a measured , volume of air was bubbled through                   a solution of
 potassiumtetrachloromercurate (TOM). The complex was made to react with
 pararosaniline to form the intensely colored pararosalinic methyl sulfonic acid. The
 intensity of the color produced was measured by means of spectrophotometer. Nitrogen
 dioxide (NO2) samples were analyzed by Griess-Saltzman Method.

 Particulate matter (TSP) in ambient air was determined gravimetrically within one (1)
 hour of sampling period. The Lead (Pb) content of the sample was taken from the filter
 paper, digested with acid and analyzed by Atomic Absorption Spectophotometry, using
 air-acetylene flame.

 Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbon (HC) were directly measured on-site using a
 Gastec piston pump with corresponding gastec detector tubes for CO and HC as specified
in DEIN1R DAO 14. Sampling was done in conformity with the National Ambient Air
Quality Standards (NAAQS) of the Department of Environment and Natural. Resources
(DENR).                 .


Traffic/vehicular emissions are the primary sources of pollutants along the North Luzon
Expressway (NLEX) alignment from Baiintawak Cloverleaf to Sta. Ines, The measured
ambient concentrations of gaseous air pollutants (SO2 NO2, CO and HC) are within the
DENR limits. The TSP values are relatively high and exceeded DENR limit at six
sampling stations, namely Al, A2, A3, A4, A7 and AI5. These are due to
particulates/soot coming from exhaust of moving vehicles. The lead (Pb) concentrations
are within the DENR limit. Air quality monitoring results along the project site is
presented in Table 2. Photographs of the sampling activities are shown in Plates 1 to S.

                            Air Quality Sampling and Analysis for fhe NLl Project, August 2008 page 3
           3.11 Gaseous Air Polhautarr

            Q and N02.

           Results show that the ambient ground level concentrations of gaseous air
           contaminants are within the DENR limit for SO2 and NO 2. The concentration levels
           range from 20 to 40 pg/l\Tcm for S02 and from 16to 33 µg/I\Tcm for NO 2. These
           values are typical for a moderately clean atmosphere and are well within 1-hr DENR
           ambient standards of 340 µg/I\Tcm for S02 and 260 pg/Ncm for N0 2. The maximum
           observed level of S02 is 40 pg/Ncm about 11.8% of the DE1\TR standard of 340
           pgfNcm and 33 p.g/Ncm for NO 2, or about 12.7% of the allowable limit of 260

       Carbon Monoxide (CO)

           For carbon monoxide (CO), the measured levels ranged from below detectable limit
           to 15.0 ppm with an average CO concentration of 4.63 pgm for 16 stations. At
           sampling stations A3 (Balintawak Toll Plaza) and A12 (San Fernando Toll Plaza),
           CO levels were recorded at 10 ppm or more. The air quality index for CO with a
           concentration of 5 ppm is considered as fair. The observed values are still within
       the allowable DENR standard of 30 ppm. The maximum measured CO of 15 ppm is
       about 50.0% of the DENR standard of 30 ppm Hydrocarbon (HC).


       For hydrocarbon (HC), the measured levels ranged from 50 to 340 ppm.
       Hydrocarbon pollutant has no existing DENR standard for ambient air. This
       pollutant is the main source of smog and ground level of ozone when it interacts with
       nitrogen oxides.

Shown in Figures 1 to 4 are the graphical outputs of gaseous air pollutants monitored
along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) from Balintawak Cloverleaf to Sta. Ines

             FO              Air Quality Sampling and Analysis fur the NLEX Protest, August 20Q8   page 4
         3.2 Total Suspended Particulates (TSP) and Lead (Pb)

         Total Suspended Particulates (TSP)

         The observed ambient concentrations of TSP exceeded the DENR limit of 300
          sg/Ncm at six sampling stations namely, (i) Al-Balintawak Cloverleaf Interchange,
         (ii) A2NovaIiches Flyover Area, (iii) A3-Balintawak Toll Plaza,            (iv) A4-Valenzuela
         Interchange, (v) A7-Bocaue Interchange and (vi) AI5-Dau Interchange. Observed
         TSP concentration levels range from as low as 107 to as high as 499 Lig/Ncm. The
         average TSP level for sixteen stations is 272.3 p.g/Ncm (about 90.8% of the DENR
         standard). The six sampling stations that exceeded the DENR limit has an-average
         level ranging from 310 to 499 Etg/Nem. The observed TSP level at station A3
         (Balintawak Toll Plaza) recorded the highest level of 499 gg/Ncm_ The TSP values
        that exceeded the limit mostly come from the emitted exhaust of accelerating
        vehicles adjacent to the sampling stations. The particulates are resuspended in air
        due to wind force or turbulence caused by vehicular movement along the NLEX
        alignment. The TSP levels are quite high at some congested stations and could be
        unhealthy for sensitive individuals. The maximum TSP level measured is about
        166% greater than the allowable DENR limit 300 p.g/Ncm.

        Lead (Pb)

        The measured lead concentrations ranged from 0.142 to 0.407 lag/Ncm, which are
        way below the allowable limit of 20 lig/Ncm. The kind and extent of all identifiable
        effects on public health or welfare that maybe expected in the presence of lead at 20
        µg/Ncm in the ambient air is not recognizable. The observed concentration is less
        than 1 gg/Ncm, this level is considered as a good air quality that no harmful effect is
        expected on human but long-term . exposure may cause health deterioration

Figures 5 & 6 show the graphical output for Total Suspended Particulates (TSP) and lead
(Ph), respectively along the North Luzon Expressway (ILEX) from Balintawak
Cloverleaf to Sta. Ines section.

                           Air Quality Sampling and Analysis for the NLF,. Project, August 200B   page 5
 Table 2           Air Quality Concentration Measured Along 'North Luzon Expressway
                   (NLEX) August 13-15, 2008
                                                  Measured Ambient Concentration
                                                 S02         N02       TSP       Lead       CO           HC
                                               pglNcm       pglNcm   pglNcm    pg/Ncm      Ppm          Ppm
 DENR Standards                                  340    I    260       300        20        30      I     -

         Station               Date & Time
 Al     Balintawalr             1038-11381
                                15Aug2000         37          30       464       O.^t07         9       200
 A2     Novaliches              0919-iD19H
                                15Aug2008        39           26       310       0.32D       4          250
 A3     Balintawalt Toll        1330-14301.1
                                15Aug2008        40          33        499       0.398      15          340
 A4     Valenzuele             1452-1552H
                               15Aug2008         33          30        370       0.363       3          22D
 A5     Meycauayan             D755-06551
                                                 30          24        227       0.217       1          106.
        Interchange            15Aug2008

 AS     Marilao                0700-0800H
                                                 29          22        244     .11.228       3           60
        Interchange            14Aug2008

 A7     Bocaue                 0821-0921H
                               14Aug2008         35          22        380      0.299       4           120
 AB     Tabang                 0946-1946H
                               14AU92008         30          17'       273      0.254       5           200
        Toll Plaza
 A9     Sta. Rita              1109-1209H
                               14Aug2008         28          19        158      6.187       ND          80
 A10    Pulilan                1244-1344H
                                                 22          20        137      0.170      ND           100
        Interchange            14Aug2008

 All    San Simon              0839-0932H
                               13Aug2008         29          17       259       0.211       4           180.
A'12   San Fernando            1410-151 DH
                                                 29          15       275       0.237       13          300
       Interchange             13Aug2008

A13    Mexico                  1736-18351
                               13Aug200B         20          18       107       0.142      ND           150
A14    Angeles                 1425-15251
                               14Aug2008        22           19       163       0.194       6           50
A15    Dau                     1547-1647H
                               14Aug2008        31           23       322       0.305       7           280
A16    Sta. Ines               1713-1813H
                               14Aug2008        25           20       168       0.159      ND           80

 Not Detectable

MtO1 °';                   {   Air Quality Sampling and Analysis far the JVLEXProject, August 2068 page 6
Plate No. I Photo showing air quality monitoring along the
               Balintawak Toll Plaza (At Toll Gate Lane N15 -
               North Bound)

              Sampling at the Novaliches . Flyover (South
              Bound Outer Lane . with bus unloading on the
              right side

         Air Quality Sampling and Analysis for the NLEX Project, August 200   page 7
             Plate No.    3       Monitoring along the Valenzuela Interchange
                                  (North Bound Outer Lane)

                               .- ...I  L D AD
              El 0 CAUE INTERCHANGE 70LL FEES
              CLOSED SYSTEM . FEE OY
                                         o 15TIIIICE)
                    PLEASE PAY HERE

           Plate No. 4          Measurements at the Bocaue Interchange (At
                                Toll Gate - South Bound Exit Lane)

1:1,JE@:ffa-gNTLI         Air Quality Sampling and AnplysIs for the 1VLEX Project, August 2008 page 8
 Plate No.          Photo of the TSP and lead (Pb) sampling at the
                    Sta. Rita Interchange (North Bound Outer Lane)

Plate No. 6       Air quality sampling conducted along the San ,
                  Fernando Interchange (At Toll Gate - South
                  Bound Exit)

              Air Quality Sampling and Analysis for the NLoProject August 2000   page 9
 Plate No. 7      Measurements at Angeles Interchange (At Toll
                  Plaza - NLEX Exit Lane)

Plate No. 8     Photo of the air quality monitoring along the Dau
                Interchange (At Toll Gate - South Bound Exit

          Air Quality Sampling and Analysts for the NLEK Project, August 2000   page 10
                                 Figure 1. Measured SO2 Levels Along the NLEX - August 13 to 15, 2008


     300 -


.E   2 00-




        0-                                                          t
                                                                                                            r-fi - _
                        1                                                         I
              Al   A2       A3       A4     AS    A6     A7    A8         A9          A10   All   A12       .A13       A14   A15   A16   DEdR
                       Figure 2. Measured NO2 Levels Along the NLEX .. August 13 to 15, 2008


 50 -

200 -

150 -



        i                                    I                                          I
            Al   A2   A3   A4     AS    A6       A7   AEI     A9      A10   A11   A12       A13   A14   A15   A15   DENR
                  CO in   pprn
                                 N   N '   W.
     C   UI   O       U1         O   lT    O
         1    I                            t





                                                      4       WV)










1:1)                                                      4


       u0 7   Q
                      P7   C'         N      0   .r
                                 wdd U! 0H
                      Figure 6. Measured Lead (Pb) Levels Along the NLEX - August 13 to 16, 2008

20.000 -


16.000 -

14.000 --


10.000 -

 8.000 -

 6.000 --

  4.000 -

  2.000 -

  0.000-                                        1             i                               I         I         I         I         I
            Al   A2    A3    A4     AS     AB       A7   A8         A9      A10   Ail " A12       A13       A14       A15       A16       DEPJR
Section 4



The Manila North Toliways Corporation (MNTC) has not encountered significant
pest which would require extensive pest management.

   7. List pest species affecting in Manila Tollways, harmful effect and control

      No pest has significantly affected the MNTC requiring extensive pest
      management program.

                                                               Total Liters (liquids) or
                                                                 Kilograms (solids)
       Item       Target Species      Name of Chemical                Pesticide
        No.      (common name)         Pesticide (brand         Concentration and
                                       name and type ')         Application Method 2
                                                                Applied during the
                                                                 Reporting Period
        1       Cockroach           Maxforce                         1,100 liters
        2       Mosquitoes          PesGuard                         3,080 liters
        3       Termites            PesGuard
        4       Ants                PesGuard

  2. Describe other pest control methods utilized during the reporting period:
         o    Regular housekeeping
         o    Fogging
         o    Insecticide spraying
         o    Proper garbage disposal and recycling
         o    Supply of proper and adequate waste containers
Section 4


All solid wastes and hazardous waste are being managed in accordance with the
requirement of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2001 and Toxic
Substances and Hazardous Wastes Control Act of 1990, respectively.

Manila Tollwavs Solid and Hazardous Waste Generation and Disposal
                                              Method of
     Waste Type                            Storage and/or        Disposal Methodass
 Reporting period      Year: 2008
    Containers/palle Approx. 5 tons        Segregation      Sold to recyclers/reuse
    #s                                     area
  o Domestic waste     Approx. 15 tons     Disposal area Hauled by accredited waste
                                           (containers)     treater
  e Truck and auto Approx.             150 Segregation      Sold to recyclers/reuse
    tires              pieces/yr.          area
  o Waste         fuel Approx. 1,000 L/yr. Stored in drums Hauled by accredited waste
    hydrocarbons                                            treater
  e Waste hydraulic Approx. 4,000 Uyr.     Stored in drums Hauled by accredited waste
    fluids                                                  treater
  o Waste              Approx. 2,000 Uyr. Stored in drums Hauled by accredited waste
    lubricating                                             treater
  Q Waste solvents     Approx. 800 Uyr.    Stored in drums Hauled by accredited waste
  0 Contaminated       0                   Stored in drums Hauling by accredited waste
    soil                                                    treater
Section 4.



 All required areas for reclamation and re-vegetation have been regulary monitored and
 maintained to prevent soil erosion and scouring along the river banks and slope areas.
 As of the end of year 2008, continuous reclamation and re-vegetation activity is being
 done. Environmental sustainability of the existing flora and fauna system is well
 maintained by the Operator.

As part of MNTC's environmental program, we had implemented the "Greening the
NLEX" program, which we planted about 20,000 trees along strategic and safe sections
of the expressway. MNTC employee volunteers planted the tree saplings at various
interchanges and slope embankments of the road way. We were also joined by various
groups including government agencies, local government units and other companies.
The highlights of the program are the following:

    A July 25, 2008 - NLEX Tree Planting Program 2008 - OMAS had conducted the
      employee volunteer day for the "Greening the NLEX" program at Angeles
      Interchange site (Sta.81+304)last 25 July 2008. The activity was attended by 61-
      volunteers planting a total of 1,800 saplings (fire treeslpringon/golden shower).
    fi September 12, 2008 - Another "Greening the NLEX" activity was conducted near
       the Tabang Toll Barrier. A total of 800 saplings (Fire trees and Alibangbangs)
       were planted by 50 volunteer employees from other departments.
    ­ October 11, 2008 - Nestle Tree Planting Activity - OMAS had supervised the
      Nestle tree planting activity at Meycauayan South West quadrant. There were 90-
      volunteers and they were able to plant a total of 250-Pringon saplings adding to
      our "Greening the NLEX Program".
    ­ October 24, 2008 - OMD group had successfully conducted the tree planting
      volunteer activity at Marisa) Interchange (Sta.23+850 West and East Sides) last
      24 October 2008. A total of 600-Alibangbang tree saplings were planted for this
    Y November 21, 2008 - MNTC & BCDA had successfully conducted the tree
      planting volunteer day for "Greening the NLEX" at Balem road section
      (Sta.86+050 to 87+050) last 21 November 2008. A total of 1,000 tree saplings
      (Alibangbang and Mahogany) were planted by 77-participants.
   ­ December 3, 2008 - 1st District Caloocan City Tree Planting Activity - OMAS
     assisted the 21-barangays of the 15t District of Caloocan City in the conduct of
     their tree planting activity at Balintawak SB (Sta.12+085 to 12+000). They had
     planted 280-tree saplings (Mahogany and Alibangbang) contributing to our
   ­ December 16, 2008 - "Greening the NLEX - A Milestone" at the NLEX Compound
     (Sta.12+075). A total of 350 tree saplings (Anahaw and Indian Tree) were planted
     by 108-participants. The total project accomplishment is now 100% (20,000 tree

MNTC is conducting maintenance and replacement activity for the planted 20,000 tree
saplings for the whole year of 2009.

                                  ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM - TREE PLAN'T ' ING FOR YEAR 2008
                                        (Actual Tree Planting : February - December 2008)

ITEM                  TREE PLANTING ACTIVITY                                                                               2008
 No.                   (TOTAL OF 20,000 TREES)                       •     DEC           JAN   FEB         MAR APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC
     Identification of tree species for each site
     Marking of tree by staking
     Purchase of tools/materials for the planting of trees
     Purchase of trees or request to DENR
     Maintenance activity for planted trees
     Supervision and inspection (twice a week)                         _                               I
     Meycauayan                                                                                  96
     Bocaue                                                                                      192
     Sta.Rita                                                                                     96
     Pulilan                                                                                     160
     San Fernando                                                                              . 128
     Angeles                                                                                     128
     Sindalan                                                                                    240
     Dau                                                                                          48
     Sta.lnes                                                                                     48
     North Bound Section                                                                                         10,748
      South Bound Section                                                                                                      8,115
       - Completed schedule of activity (Number of planted trees indicated)
Tree planting assumptions:
         50-trees can be planted by one worker per day
         150-trees per day using three workers Including site preparation and planting
        Working days does not include weekends and holidays
        'Additional days were assumed for weather considerations

 I. Air Monitoring Stations

 A. Air Quality (Total Suspended Particulates)

  Station No.                         Location                   Geog raphical Coordinates
                                                                 Latitude    r Lonna-itu.d:
      Al             Pulilan Plant Site                        15°10'52.87"         120°.50'42.15"
      A2             Balintawak clover leaf interchange        14°39'32.18"         120°59'54.48"
      A3             Novaliches flyovr                         14°40'5.60"          120°59'55.60"
      A4             Balintawak tollgate, 500m(New)            14°39'49.90"         120°59'55.•0"
      A5             Va_enzuelati interehang                  14°2'35:90"          120°59'28.50"
      A6             Meycauayan exit/interchange              14°44'46.60"         120°58'17.30"
     A7              Matilao exit. 500 after (Marilac new)    14°46'36.10"         120°57'19.00 '
     A8              Bocaue interchange                       14°48'9.90"          120°.16'28.90"
     A9              Tabang toll plaza                        14°50'19.26"         120°52 ' 07.65"
     Al 0            Sta. Rita interchange                    14°51'49.00"         120°51'27.00"
     All             San Simon interchange                    14°59'30.80"         120°44'55.10"
     A12             San Fernando interchange                 15°3'4.7"            120°41'36.50"
     A13             Sindalanmterchanye new                   15°6'23.4"           12.0°39.'43.4" _
    A14              Angeles interchange new                  15°9'52.20"     J    120°36'42.80"
    A15              Dau interchange                          15°9'47.0"           120°36'47.80"
    A16              Sta. Ines interchange                    15°13'24.80"         1^^0°35' 11.40"

B. Air       Quality-IFC (SO2, N02, PMIO,Pb,03)

 Station No.                         Location                   Geographical Coordinates
                                                                Latitude       Longitude
  Station 1          Near Sta.ines Toll Plaza                14°13'24.80"         120°35'11.40"
  Station 2          Near Balintawak Toll Plaza              14°39'32.18"         120°59'54.48"
  Station 3          Near Tabang Toll Plaza                  14°50' 19.26"        120°52'07.65"

C. Noise Monitoring Stations- DENR FORMAT

 Station No.                         Location                   Geographical Coordinates
                                                                Latitude      Longitude
         1          Balintawak Interchange                   14°39'49.90"         120°59'55.40"
     2              Novaliches Flyover                       14°40'5.60"          120°59'55.60"
     3              Pedestrian Overpass (Bagong Barrio)      14°40'55.90"         120°59'57.60"
     4              New Balintawak Toll Plaza                14°39'49.90"         120°59'55.40"
     5              Tullahan River Bridge                    14°41'09.65"         120°59'57.01"
     6              Valenzuela-Interchange                   14°2'35.90"          120°59'28.50"
     7              Malaking Sapa River Bridge               14°43'38.77"         120°58'34.84"
      8             Meycauayan River Bridge                   ^'^                 120°58'28.70"
     9              Meycauayan Interchange                   14°44'46.60"         120°58'17.30"
     10             Marilao River Bridge                     14°46'20.92"         120°57'26.90"
     lI_            Marilao'Interchange (New)                14°46'36.10"         120.°57' 19.00"

                          Manila North Tollways Corporation                                                                              T0UL/MKS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION

                                                                     NORTH LUZON EXPRESSWAY LINE DIAGRAM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               LaUK31:35.1   '

        '"Mi"' "'.r,lflr                                  (3ta 15.'11+1
                                                                                                                                                                                1133s     s t4
                                                                                                                                                                                           11. II t:
                                                                                                                                                                                                           11-sass Is t
                                                                                                                                                                                                              ILL. 77 . 1411
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1,4 Pam
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                to trq
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ;5h 3t' 1h
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Bari luildf
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (513 5.?f-1431

                                                                                                                            :ism of , 31.3

                                                                                         LOOP :I                                                                                                                                                                          LOOf'
        lid   lltAIT sof                                                   lt•lnfl(tflfj:                                                            t.ol   Iona,          1osf                                                                        1,111           ,kf
              (AU   :1101111                                              l1U 41'11 tj                                                                      MI5          111   .1   11                                                                         {'1: ,,:'1)11

                           _ anara

  .?4                      1,        h, i:.:                                                                                                                                                                                                      ,.
                                     Y1        Jt              Sl                j                          3           1            a       1                                                                                 al      -    III


                                                                                                                               MNI.;o; 15T l:; tjo
                                                                                                                                        , fi                I..: s   R11                      Tl,%;';?: "               19s, 1I ^+r                        111 ls:lbmf talto
                                                                                                                                                                                                       )                                                      1113 I 11,141 t
                                                    ""';,::'s !;.Igl"'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I It', T,s,V

                                          t                                  .       _     ir
                                                                                                 5 5'
                                                                                                  -     5         a-                                                 _               so                •
                ,               -Z -      =                .
                                                                                                                -7- -
                                                                                                                        -                                                                      ..             t ---I-=r- I

          61       Baknlnvrak - Sabana ( 27.02 km )
          S-2      Burol - Bon Fernando ( 3200 km l
          S-3      6an Fernando - Same boa ( 2220 km
          B-4      Ban Simon - Guaqua 117.00 km l
          B-5      Guaqua - Dhek ppihan 13L00 km 1 .
          5-8      D'arluphan - Tlpo 110.50 km 1
           B-7     Tipo - BBLtA I LSO km 1
           B-B     11LE - GP Garcia 11257 km I
          .S-0.1   lAn6anno.Avo. - NLE 1227 km
           0-B2    GP Gaicla - ^ 0ndnnoo Ave. ( 10.30 Inn
           B-D      ME -MoAilhn13ASkm l
ro•:crr    6-10     Ido Arihrr - Loire (515 km I
  ;o •r


                 TMC GROUP
                   TE : JUNE 25 200
ATE    NE 27, 2O1   46'
           oz 6v          ev
6133d g   V 1 ^>..>   a   N



             sil, Ishon   31v
OMNI f 4!   (1 ) uvv3z      dS31i A3N 38
E   C1FYtlE     EN `   vy   ES NSE   15   EA `? (E 9 T) T
                              ATE m AUGUST 15, 200



                                  ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM. - TREE PLANTING FOR YEAR 2008
                                        (Actual Tree Planting : February - December 2008)

ITEM                   TREE PLANTING ACTIVITY                               2007                                     2008
 NO.                   (TOTAL OF 20;000 TREES)                          •       •       JAN   FEB MAR APRI     MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC
       Identification of tree species for each site
       Marking of tree by staking
       Purchase of toolsli-naterials for the planting of trees
       Purchase of trees or request to DENR
       Maintenance activity for planted trees
       Su •ervislon and ins•ection twice a week
       Meycauayan                                                                             96
       Bocaue                                                                                 192
       Sta.Rita                                                                                96
       Pulilan                                                                                160
       San Fernando                                                                           128
       Angeles                                                                                128
       Sindalan                                                                               240
       Dau                                                                                     48

M      Staines
        North Bound Section

       South Bound Section                                         ^s ^                                        ^^         8,115   ss
         -Completed schedule of activity (Number of planted trees indicated)
Tree planting assumptions: -
       50-trees can be planted by one worker per day
        150-trees per day using three workers including site preparation and planting
       Working days does not Include weekends and holidays
       Additional days were. assumed for weather considerations
M31,-NVS 110 DNV:VL ° 2115 X21N @Hi ONIN331:10



MNTC conducts dialogues for nearby communities to promote community relationship
and increase safety awareness of the residents. This also includes the education
campaign for "RA2000- Limited Access Facility Act" in the prevention of pedestrians
crossing or walking inside the expressway.

The primary reason for the program is for the safety, traffic and security management for
both the passing motorists and the community. This is to prevent vehicle-pedestrian
collision, property damages and theft cases.

The target audience is the nearby communities, barangay officials/councilors, local
government units, toll service facilities and pedestrians. This. is to communicate
alternative access, utilize existing overpasses, awareness of the law and also NLEX
community events like medical/dental assistance..

MNTC arrange meetings with target audience and utilize council meetings/assemblies in ' :
the implementation of the program. Please see next pages of the community dialogues.
                     Community Dialogues
Community dialogues were conducted year round to educate the nearby
communities of NLEX on RA 2.000, dangers posed on pedestrians, etc.
  Location- Bamngoy Taal, Becaua , Bulacan                  Location- Bemrgay Thong , Gulgulnlo , Bulacan
 Chairman -Nlcenor T. Slivesue                              Chairman- Nardso C. Jose
 No. of Altendees-4                                         No. ofAltendees-13
 DateS Time of Dialeguo - December 22, 2007 -2PM.           Dale S Time of Dialogue- Jan 1E, 2008 - 130PM

Location - Bamrgay Lambskin , Maniac. , Bulacan           Location -Bamngey San Felipe , San Fernando . Pempanga
Chairman- Romeo dales Rayon                               Chairman - Adel C. Cannon
No. of Altandoes-310110                                   No. of Almndeas-15
Dale 11 Time of Dialogue-January 15.3p, 17-2p and 21.0a   Date S Time-14FebOO-120P, 0JanO9 1040A, 3Mar09-130P
 Location -Bomngay Paso de Blas , Volonzuele , Bulaean    Location - Bomngay Tobo , Gulgufnlo , Buacan
 Chairman- Famando Esteban                                Chaim= - DlIvof ht Lopez
 No. of Attondoos-22                                      No. of Attendees -0
 Dalo & Time of Dialogue-April 17,2008-2PM                Date & lime of Dlologuo- May 13,2000-815PM

Location -Bamnpoy Sta. Monica , San Simon , Pampanga     Location -Barangay 'Map , Puluan , Bulacan
Chairman - Romoglo D. Carina                             Chairman - Rasttuto Esguono
No.ofAttentions -                                        No. of Atlendooo - 20
Dalo& Timo of Dialogue- May 29, 2000-4PM                 Data & Than of Dlalopuo-June 03, 2008-2PM

 Location - Bamngay Mats . Guiguinto Du Moan        Location - Bomngay Data Pau. San Simon , Pampanga
 Chairman - Somabe R. Capon                        Chairman - Pelklano Oulambao
 No. of Attendees -10                              No. of Attendees -
 Dale & Time of Dialogua -July.01. 2008 -640PM     Date & limo of Dialogue - Sept 04, 2000 -1 1Ald

Location - Sarong ay 162 , Caloocan Clly          Location -Barangay Damp!, Platidol , Bulacan
Chairman - Roily Rivera                           Chaimtan - Feliciano T. De Rablen Sr.
No. of Attendees-                                 No. of Attendees - 7
Data S Than of Dlaloguo - Sept 20 , 2000 - 10AM   Dale & Timo of Dialogue - October 02.2000 -145PM
 Location-Bamngoy Duquit, Mobalacat , Pampango        Location -Barangay Unang Slgaw, Caloocan City
 Cholmion -Clam B. Gatcla , Jr.                       Chalman-Orlando G. Mamonang
 ND. of Almndaos-
                                                      No. of Atlrndoes-
 Dale 8 Time of Dialogue-Oct 15.2000-130PM            Dalo & Time of Dialogue - Oct 21.2000 - 1030AM

Location- Bamngoy Toro , Boma , Bulocan              Location- among ay Puling. Matagul . Ang alas , Pomp.
Chairman-Badolomo F. Mauddo                          Chairman- EdOberta Cayman
No. of Menaces-                                      No. of Atlanaces- 3
Dale S limo   of   Dialogue- Oct. 30, 2008- 1030AM   Dale S Time of Dialogue - Nov 25, 2000 -9AM

                 PUBLICATION!                                                    'OM                    lt4f` Utl'IwUS/

                 PAGE                 1   3                SECTION rJ;Ji R't                                Vl>_O

 . ...                        ..           ,          ^.                          PHILIPPWEDAILYINQUppinEf[^F--

 riY)OtVp.'aY jiJ3^lE9^^O^t3
fi                                                     ^   U 'F`'1ESS '4fon

                                                                                 'rT i^^IRE Bi*f REF

               .A gives.MNTC high ratings
      d         rated as "highly successfui" Manila North Toll-
                ways Corp.'s (MNTC) performance in meeting
                its primary development objectlvesas chief
                proponent of the world-class North Luzon Ex-
                pressway (NLEX).
                   The objectives were identified as promo-
                tion of economic development in Central
                and Northern Luzon, expanding road capac-
                ity to accommodate traffic growth on the
                major route from'Metrc) Manila to Central
                and Northern Luzon, and Increasingem -
                ployment opportunities at and around the
                    The development impact of the project is
                excellent,' the ADB evaluation report stated.
                "The evaluation was made In an executive
                summary of theADB's Extended Annual Re-
                view Report an the MNTG's performance as
                builder-concessionaire of the ADB-funded
                NLEX. '
                   At least four criteria'were used as basis of
                the assessment. These were private sector de-
                velopment; business success; economic sus-
                talnablilty; and environment, health and safety
                performance.                                                                                        "Because the p rojeat.(NLEX) has reaped
                   In its review, the ADS said the NLEX has                                                     benefits for the country, other developing
                made an "excellent contribution overall to pri-                                               • countries view-It as a model for government
                vate seater development."                                                                       and private sector p artnership," the ADB
                   The bank also noted that the NLEX was the                                                    said.
                country'sfirst major expressway that was                                                           'The gove rnment-MNTC-collahoralion was
                built, apetated'and maintained according to in-                                                 a successful public-private partnership that
                ternational standards by a private company.                                                     bears replication in future ADB road sector
                   "MNTC's economic sustainability is satis .                                                   projects," the ADB review concluded.
                                                              -fadtory,while t'environment;healthandsafe-         The ADB provided In October 2000 the loan
                ty performance is excellent," the ADB said,                                                    portfolio'totaltng $70 million to bankroll the re-
                adding that the Lopez led corporation has es-                                               . 'habllitatibn, expansion and modernization of
                tablished afiianagement system that keeps                                                      the 8 3.7-kllometertollway then being operated .
               'policiesand procedures within globallyso                                                       by the slate-run Philippine National Construc-
               'cepted standards:                                                                             tion Corp: ..


    C-2 The Philippine STAR   MIME f,                       MONDAY, JUNE 9, 2008
                                      The evaluation
      Aj                           was made in an ex-
                                   ecutive summary
      gives                        of the ADB's Ex-
                                   tended Annual Re-
                                   view Report on the
     IiV C                         IvINTC's perform-
                                   ance as builder-
      nggn                         concessionaire of
                             l " the ADB= funded-
                                : .North Luzon Ex-
     mars                         pressway (NLEX).
                                     At least four cri-
       The Asian De-              teria were used as
     velopment Bank               basis of-the assess-
     (ADB)'has 'rated as          ment. These were
     "highly success-            private sector de-
    ful" Manila North            velopment; busi-
    Tollways .Corp.'s            ness success; eco-
    (IvNTC) perform-             nomic sustainabil-
  , once in meeting its          ity; and envirop-
    primary develop=           .ment, health and
   went objectives as           safety perform-
    chief proponent of          ance.
   the world-class                  In its review, the
   North Luzon Ex-              ADD said the
   pressway (NLEX).             NLEX has made an
      The objectives            "excellent contri-
   were identified as          bution overall to              agement system
  promotion of eco-            private sector de-             that keeps policies
  nomic develop-               velopment."                  ,and procedures
  ment in Central                   The bank also             within globally ac-
  and Northern Lu-             noted that the                 cepted standards.
  zon, expanding               NLEX was the                      "Because the
  road capacity to             country's first ma-           Project (NLEX) has •
  accommodate traf-         .jor expressway                  reaped benefits for
  fic growth on the            that was built, op- .         the country, other
  major•route from            erated and main-               developing coun-
 Metro Manila to              tained according to            tries view it as a `
 Central and North-           international                  modeLfor govern-
 ern Luzon, and in-           standards by a pri-           ment.and private
 creasing employ-             vate company.                 sectorparlnershipJ'
                                   "MNTC's eco-             the ADB said.
 ment opportuni-
 ties at and around         nomicsustainabili-                  "The govern-
 the toll ways.              ty is satisfactory,            ment=MNTC-co1-
                            while its enuiron=              laboration wasa• •
     "The develop-                                         successful public-
mentimpact of the           nient, health, and
project ;ia :excel-         safetyperformance              private partner-
lent;' the ADB              is excellent," tthe            ship thathearsnape,.
evaluation report           ADB=said; adding'              lication.'in future .
                           that! the .Lgpe -led           ADB road sector
stated. ,                                                 projects;" the ADB
                           ,corporation has es-
                           tablished a man                review concluded.
                                                                                       '    i'µ.u .P ., ,sa,^-9
                  VV.                                                                       pug- _A)

                      'l!^11^^15 rnl(           ;lL                 -^-I        DATE       a-ft ^ ^To .
PAGE _A-Pe        HECTIOlP r(\1)                J)$

_ 7 y e k'conon'iy                                    MoNAA]; SEPTEh BER 1, 2008            I B5 '

     A DB cites MNTC 's economic value
    THE Asian Development Bank                Nlex we.s the country ' s first
     (ADO) has underscored the                major expressway that was
    significance of the North Luzon           built, operated and maintained
    •Expressway (Nlex) as a growth            according to international
    engine capable of accelerating the
    economic d evelopment o f Cen tral
    and Northern Luzon.
                                              standards by a private company.
                                                    MNTC's         economic
                                              sustainability is satisfactory,
       The ADB also rated as "highly          while its environment, health
    successful " the performance              and safety performance is
    of Manila North Tdllways                  excellent," the ADB said, wading
    Corp. (1t1NTC), builder and               that the Lopez-led corporation
    concessionaire of the Nlex, in           has established a management
    meetingitsprimarydevelopment             system that keeps policies and
    objectives as chief proponent of         procedures within globally
    the world-class tollway.                 accepted standards.
       The hank listed MNTC's                    The ADB pointed out that
    goal as promotion of economic            traffic volume has increased
    development in Central and               significantly since the Nlex
    Northern Luzon; expanding road           started commercial operations
    capacity to accommodate traffic          in 2005.
    growth on the major route from               " Because the project (Nlexl has
   Metro Manila to Central and               reaped benefits for the country,
    Northern Luzon; and increasing           other developing countries view
    employment opportunities atand           it as a model forgovernment and
   around the toliways.                      private-sector partnership," the
       "The development impact               ADB said.
   of the project is excellent, " the    .       The government-MNTC-
   ADB Extended Annual Review                 collaboration was a successful
   Report said.                              public-private partnership that
      At least four criteria were used        bears replication in future ADB
   as basis of the assessment.                road-sector projects," the ADB
        These were private sector            review concluded.
   development; business success;               The ADB provided in October
   economic sustainability; and              2000 the loan portfolio totaling
   environment, health and safety            $70 million to bankroll the
   performance.                              rehabilitation, expansion and
      The review noted that the              modernization of the 83.7- -
   ADB-funded Nlex has made an-              lcilometef tollyray .then being
   "excellent contribution overall to        operated by the state-run
   private-sector development."              Philippine Na ti anal Construction
      The bank also said the                 Corp.
                              . MANILA NORTH TOLLWAYS CORPORATION

                                       1. Oi Y. [10k,                    Ira                     rt

     bliway fin pushes 1\-                                     17X greening
    SANFERNANDO CITY, Pampanga company ' s commitment to promote ing firm that specializes in environ-
 - The Manila North Tollways Corp. a clean environment at NLEX. It also mental impact studies, resettlement -
 (MNTC) has surpassed the half-way           involved strict monitoring of air and    action plan, and technology transfer.
 mark of its year-long tree planting        water quality in host communities            MNTC employees, joined by valun-
 program meant to further improve            alongside the expressway.                teers from host communities, business
 air quality within the vicinity of the         To date, MNTC, builder and con-      groups, and local government units,
 North Luzon Expressway (NLEX).             cessionaire of the NLEX, has planted     have so far planted 80D tree seedlings
    Dubbed "Greening the NLEX," the         a total of 10,500 seedlings with 9,500   at the Sta. Rita Interchange in Bulacan;
 program was launched in November           more to be planted in the next four      500 at the Pulilan Interchange, also
 last year with the goal of planting        months.                                  in Bulacan; 600 at the Mexico Inter-
 by yearend 20,000 tree seedlings on            The latest batch of 600 tree seed-   change, 3,00D at the Candaba Swamp;
 sides of .the entire stretch of the 847
kilometer tollway connecting Sta.
Inez :in Pampanga to Balintawak in
                                            lings was planted recently at the An-
                                            geles Interchange in Pampanga.
                                                Meanwhile, a scientific research
                                                                                     and 600 at the Angeles Interchange, all
                                                                                     in Pampanga. (Jun Velasco)
Caloacan City.                             group has reported that the levels of
    "We are confident that we will lit     air pollution at the NLEX remained
our target,of 20,000 tree seedlings by     within the allowable limits set the by
December,"said MNTC president and
CEO Jose Ping" de Jesus who led
MNTC personnel in all tree-planting
                                           the Department of Environment and
                                           Natural Resources (DENR).
                                               The environmental management
activities and other events under the -    and monitoring report prepared by
company's corporate social responsi-       ECOSYSCORP Inc. stated that emis-
bility program.                            sions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen
  . The program, which is being            dioxide indicated levels within the
pursued mainly through employee            standards allowed by law.
volunteerism, is in keeping with the           ECOSYSCORP is a private consult-

                                                    Produced by:
                                 CORPORATE COMBUNDCATflONS.
                                   MANILA NO RIM TOLLWAYS CORPORATION

                                               all !maws mouitorin


           MITTC p sue toi
     The Manila North TolIways Corp.           indicated levels within the standards al- firm that specializes in environmental
  (IvINTC) has surpassed the half-way          lowed by law.                             impact studies, resettlement action plan,
 mark of its year-long tree .plartting pro-       ECOSYSCORP is a private consulting and technology transfer.
 gram to further enhance air quality within
  the vicinity of the North Luzon Express-
 way (NLEX).
     "We are confident that we will hit our
  target of 20,000 trees by December, " said
 IVINTCp  'president and CEO Jose "Ping" de
 Jesus who has Ted IvINTC personnel in all
 tree-planting activities and other events
 under the company's corporate social re-
 sponsibility programs.
     Dubbed "Greening the NLEX," the
 program was launched in November last
 year with the objective of planting 20,000
 tree saplings along the entire stretch of
 the B4-kilometer tollway connecting
 Balintawali, Caloocan City to Sta. Ines in
 Pampanga by yearend.
     The program, which is being pursued
 mainly through employee vobtmteerism,
 is in keeping with the company's com-
 mitment to promote a clean environment
 at NLEX. It also involves strict monitor-
 ing of air and water quality in host com-
 munities of the expressway.
     To date, MNTC,, builder and conces-
 sionaire of the NLEX, has planted a total
 of 10,500 saplings, leaving 9,500 more to
 be planted over the next four months.
     The latest batch of GOO young trees was
planted recently at the Angeles Inter-
 change in Pampanga.
    Meanwhile, a scientific research group
has reported that the levels of air pollu-
tion at the NLEX remained within the al-
lowable limits set by the Department of
Environment and Natural Resources
    The environmental management and
monitoring report prepared by
ECOSYSCORP Inc stated that emissions
of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide
                              MANILA NORTH TOLLWAYS CORPORATION

                                       g 4 [ME M Mlt                                   g

              PLIEILIGATIOI I   ,
              PAGE '                   SEC FIOI\     o?                              NK,c

      Vol]; Ydb No. 231 8-Wenesday, August 27, 2008 . ?

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  pKCedivay. .: ;-                 -
    ,.irtYe are co nfider' ['bat -wa W111-hit .
  our tttrgEt of 20,000 trees, by 'I?ee:em- .
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                                  hi . rsioyetubpr four months.            .                   morit actiorcplan; antl'fechftolugy,
  last year, iyitlt          view. oL ptaruipg.            The IDlestbatch. of 600'ybung transfer. .                         .
 ati,oba tr-oe .;.asiftings-ilorig tha =dire trees wee platib recently nt .the An- :":141sITC emplOyeulailnod: by vat,
 ptey'.11 :.- l, the 81 2.1loateter' follway 'gales Interchange hf.Pampangti, . untiiers fnimhoSt ccurbhuriltlas, buqi
 ibtitiettlnQ DAitiYalt, Caloocnn,CiLy                    -Mem.While, nellettlfic redearch. ne a ti:- grouPt, arld:10cA1 g8remmeil t
  to Ste Iaeb ' in, Ftunp !ltnga by year-- grm.s 1-sateporteCtlhat.the levels of .unit , have so fir 'p1nnted '000'anP-'
 cror                                                  .
                                                      arr pollution at the 1'sILEX remained lln at tlie:9ta.'Rltn Interchange hi..
       TheTrog'Fam, ,wItIch 'is being pur- within' the allowable Width net the by 1341 can; 500 at. the,' Pulilnit Intor=
 sued mainly through . qmploye the Ddprtslmeitt of Ettvironment and chn ge, also in Bulncsn; 60D nt .the
                      ,;ti keeping wIth.tho- Nal-uralastespurcen.
 vo tq                                                                                         Mc ico Interchange, 3,000.nt.the
 cotnparty!a.cnartialt.cricnt to prrrtnUlc               .The enlirbttmenhit-:,nianagement.. Can aba Swamp, and 600 nt.thoAn-
 n.cipaii;envilripmant at NI-EX. It Ostr:. and En.nioring'..1hiii-t prepared by gelea Interchange, all In Parnpnhgrt.
 invalvod . stilcb!Mbnholing of air, end .' .t C05Y5C0fi-I':4fic.--hFated that etnis-.                addition, the M14TC.officlnlo
                                                of • stuns' 6f.eulfia?.i:LlpAde and nitrogen andintnff heve nlah participated' in
                                             , : dloxldp IngibstedJuvela within the governtnittlt-sponsored.enviranfrienial
   :;..To thate;':lAhTC.r . hVItiealand : co h-
                                              '                                               programs such Co
     slihiru ii 'of                                      1''IfV5.r.ORP -la a private con- pine Itighways. oi thh D81' and the
 n                       tiz.ifflitig.s; leaving sulfitio; •„
                           .                                             speciallms ln. ensi- Save Mt. Ar'ayat Movement of Sari
.%500 nlareitIrBe'kJaiited ov&;.th'emd . ranmentrl(inpact studies, resettle- Fernando City in 'Pampaugn.'
                                                            _„ `

             PUBLICATION        t--....
             PAGE `                SECTION LAATDIJ

                                                                              Lr           Fr
                                   r                   T        f " € .
t4yfskrvsw      J     »a,.                 US.
'+s            Sy2.                        1r'3'
                                   -                                         Is?..
                      LW, f                                rT trl                        is.

                      I.' ,. urh       .

                      •   Agrasto 27, 2OO8 '

                          I^II^O;nes               ^ON aws    ^'
                                                              L Q           w

                          ` evee<ling              ng NLEX w ang paint
                               Nalagpnsan rm ng Manila North Tollways Corp.
                           (MNTC) ang halfway mark ng year-long tree planting
                           program nlto na nnglalttyong lalong magbigay ng sariweng
                           Imngin sa buengkapallgiran rig North Luzon Expressway -
                              "We are confident that we will hit our target of20,000
                           trees by December," oni MNTC president and CEO lase
                          "Ping" de Jesus na personal na nanguna sa lvNtC person-
                          nel se Wait rig tree-planting activities at ibn pang okasyon
                          so ilaliro ng " corporate social responsibility programs"
                          rig Itumpanya.
                              Avg prdgramana linawag na "Greening the NLEX"
                          ay inilunsad noong Nobycmbre ng nakaraang loon on
                          nng inisyal na layunin ay makapu gtanim ng 20,000 tree                -
                          saplings sa buong Irahabaan ng 84-kilometrong tollwny
                          salratapusan•ng taong Ito.
                              Se ngayon ay 10,500 saplings na ang naltanim at
                          9,500 na laming ang tetopusin sa boob rig natitirong irpat
                          na buwun.

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