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North Korean Fact Sheet


									                                           NORTH KOREA
                                                                                           CONTACT INFORMATION
FACT SHEET                                                                                 Barry Burnett
                                                                                           (202) 712-0318
Last updated: March 22, 2010                                                     

Food Security Situation                    Total Food for Peace Contributions
• Widespread food shortages in North       Fiscal Year 2009                         $5.6 million       21,000 MT
Korea are the result of long-term          Fiscal Year 2008                        $93.7 million      148,270 MT
declines in soil fertility,                Fiscal Year 2007                             ----               ----
structural/economic factors, shortages     Fiscal Year 2006                             ----               ----
of inputs (fuel, fertilizer, farming and
transport machinery) and vulnerability     Food for Peace Contribution Breakdown
to extreme weather events, including
severe flooding in August 2007.                                                 FY09                            FY08

• Approximately a third of the country's         Partners                     Emergency                    Emergency
24 million people are food insecure,
                                                                     USD in                          USD in
according to the World Food                                          millions
                                                                                       metric tons
                                                                                                                   metric tons
Program.The United Nations Food and
                                            NGO Consortium*            $5.6              21,000       $23.6            38,000
Agricultural Organization estimates a
1,250,000 ton cereals import                WFP*                       ----                ----       $70.1            110,270
requirement for the 2009-2010
marketing year. There is concern that
the DPRK may not have the foreign
                                           Food for Peace Program Details
reserves to import this quantity through   Awardee:                                World Food Program, NGO Consortium*
commercial channels, therefore
requiring food assistance.                 Targeted Beneficiaries:                 NGO Consortium: 894,160 food
                                                                                   insecure North Koreans
                                                                                   WFP: 1,200,000 food insecure North
                                           Current Projects:                       Vulnerable group feeding, maternal/child
                                                                                   health activities, food for education
                                           Project Locations:                      NGO Consortium: Vulnerable rural and
                                                                                   urban populations in North Pyongan and
                                                                                   Chagang provinces
                                                                                   WFP: Rural and urban populations in
                                                                                   eight provinces

                                           * NGO Consortium: Mercy Corps International (lead), Christian Friends of Korea, Global
                                           Resources Services, Samaritan’s Purse and World Vision; FY: fiscal year; MT: metric tons;
                                           USD: United States Dollar; WFP: World Food Program.
                                             Food Security Situation information is provided by the United Nations Food and Agriculture
    CIA Factbook, January 22, 2009         Organization, NGO Consortium and WFP.

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