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					Graphic Design Contest: - a Channel for Creativity

                                                     A Graphics Design Contest may be in respect of any kind of
                                                     graphic design; such as slogan and logo design, graphic
                                                     poster design, website design, or just about anything.
                                                     What is more, anyone not even trained in graphic design
                                                     can send their entry and participate in all these online

How would you like to design a t shirt for instance? How would you like to wear a tee shirt that has been
designed by you? Well this is a trend that is getting more and more popular on the internet these days. It works
like this: tee shirt design contests are held by a lot of sites, where anyone can enter and participate by giving
their own entry or tshirt design. These graphic design contests are a great way to express creativity. It gives
people a chance to express their creativity, sense of humor, or even their existential angst! There are many
sites that hold such contests. is an interesting one with attractive cash prizes for winners and
fame in the form of their name being printed on the label. is another one that holds design
and photography contests regularly.
Many of the sites that conduct graphic design contests have some very substantial prizes in cash or
sometimes in kind which are up for grabs for the winning entry which are a great incentive. Another interesting
thing about design contests is that you can visit the site and check out the forums that are often set up for
likeminded people to hang out and exchange thoughts, ideas, news, banter or just chat and make friends.
Design forums or t shirt forums are places where you can view and post questions, communicate publicly or
privately with members or moderators of the community etc. You can also set up or respond to or participate in
polls. You can also sell and buy items of interest or from the classifieds that are set up on the forums. As a
member of the forum you can take part in all the contests and giveaways and access many other special
features. This is a great way to become part of a community where you can learn, share tips and experiences
and get help from likeminded people as well as network for your own benefit.

Forums are a great networking tool and a way to keep abreast of what is going on in terms of new contests,
announcements as to winner and prizes etc. Seeing other peoples' designs, especially the winning entries
can be inspiring and give you ideas for creating your own graphic design.

The great thing about these forums is that you can learn a lot and take the benefit of other people's
experiences. Marketing, business and finance are other matters which can be discussed which can be very
beneficial. So don't hide away your creativity, express it! And don't think that you cannot do it, you can! Original
ideas always get a lot of appreciation and perhaps it may be you that gets the appreciation as well as the prize
money next time!

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