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Hearing Loss is nothing but a condition which disables the hearing power of an individual or we can say that it is a type of disease in which a human losses his hearing ability. He can’t detect the sound which a normal person can easily get. It’s also known as “Deafness”.

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									Hearing Loss which is also known as "deafness", "hearing impairment "is the condition in which
a human is unable to hear or detect the sound. It can be fully and partial both. Hearing Loss can
be measured according to the frequency of sound such as mild, profound, moderate or severe. It
is measured in DB.

Conductive, Sensor, Mixed and central are the types of hearing loss. can affect a child’s ability
to develop communication, language, and social skills. Reasons behind Conductive hear loss are
ear infections, injury, tumors, ear wax whereas Sensor Hear loss can be there due to bacterial
infections, exposure to medications or toxics and chemicals, genetic changes such as Down
syndrome, problem with the structure of inner part of an ear etc. In Mixed hearing loss an
individual suffers from mix symptoms of Conductive and Sensor.

The most common cause of deafness or hearing problem is due to the aging process. Dizziness
and earaches can be signs of hearing loss. Hearing problems are pretty common in older people.

Unable to differentiate between sounds due to muffling of sound, not getting words properly,
falling suddenly, Emotional problems due to feelings of isolation, earache are some
complications which comes due to deafness.

In the cases of repeated Infections Blood and Pus may come out from external auditory canal.

There are some treatments to avoid this problem like: Surgery if anybody have ear structural problem,
patients can use Ear Tubes for preventing ears from repeated infections & Medications suggested by
doctors can also be helpful for deaf patients.

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