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					Customized Photo Gifts for the Holidays - The Picture Perfect Stocking

Whether it’s a hobby or an obsession, if you love taking photos and want
to share your photos with friends or family this holiday season, consider
using the printing services provided by This easy-
to-use website makes turning photos into poster size prints a snap.

Denver, CO, November 20, 2010 -- If you're interested in sending unique
or unusual photo gifts to loved ones this holiday season, and stay within
your budget, PosterDog has your solution. In a matter of minutes, you can
take a favorite picture you've captured on your digital camera or high
quality cell phone camera, and turn it into a gorgeous large size poster
print. We'll make your photos picture-perfect customized photo gifts!

“After checking out all PosterDog had to offer, I was excited not only to
print a couple of pictures of my son from this year's football season for
his new bedroom, but I also made and printed a collage of pictures I took
in Puerto Rico for the new 'beach house' room in our new house,” said
Courtney Hutson, an amateur photographer and PosterDog customer.

Here’s how the PosterDog process works: First, you should make sure you
have high resolution digital copies of your photos on your computer.
Original files downloaded from your digital camera or high resolution
camera phone are ideally what you want. Then, for you own sanity, take
note where those files are located (you'll need to find them to upload
them onto the PosterDog website).

Then just visit Here all you need to do is
upload your photo, select the size poster you want, and hit upload. And
that’s basically it! If you want, you'll have the option of custom
cropping your photo to focus in on the "important" part of the photo. You
can also add a colored border to your poster (at no extra cost) to help
accent a certain color within your photo, or even have your image printed
in black & white or sepia tone. Of course, these are only optional and
you can skip them if you want.

Another great thing about PosterDog is the free collage maker they have.
And because it's built right into the site there's no software to
download. The collage maker is simple to use and is ideal for making
photo gifts, especially if you can't decide on one photo or your original
photo files are kind of small. If you want to send photo collage gifts,
the process is pretty straight forward. Once you choose the size collage
print you want and select the material you want your collage print on
(you can choose poster paper or canvas), just upload the photos you want
to use. From there you can let your creativity take over by adding
colored backgrounds, arranging the photos the way you want and even
adding text. Once you've added your items to the shopping cart, you just
add your shipping and payment details and that's it. Oh, you can even add
a little note to the recipient, which is nice touch. Then you just sit
back and wait for your prints to be delivered.

"Everything about this company is amazing," said Kevin Flynn, an amateur
outdoor photographer. "All my pictures came out great and the delivery
was incredibly fast." Courtney Hutson added: “I was blown away! My three
18x24 prints arrived so fast and were not made of thin poster like paper.
They're made of thick photo paper and truly high quality."

For a limited time, PosterDog is offering a 10% discount on your first
order, to learn more visit

Tim McAndrew
13333 E 37th Ave
Denver, CO 80239

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