Seven Tips for Buying Car Insurance

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					    Seven Tips for Buying
       Car Insurance
Last year, ten days before his 21st Birthday, Bradley
Dreyer was Skateboarding trafficking and a number of
vehicles parked in Sonoma, California, when a drunken
motorcyclist, not safe to cross the double yellow line and
struck him from behind . Dreyer, who had studied to be an
ER nurse, suffered a severe brain injury.

With the help of lawyer Guy Kornblum, parents Dreyer has
its own insurer, State Farm to pay both the total coverage of
$ 100,000 insured driver on your auto policy and $
1,000,000 in umbrella coverage. But Bradley's view is most
needed, they want that now would be more likely. "We
have to make tough decisions," said Bradley's mother,
Mary Kate Dreyer. "We will not deprive him of treatment,
but we have to keep your heritage for the future, what we
care about life."

Drag to purchase your policy. It may be prudent, since it
can reduce your premiums, as rising deductibles, dropping
in a older car insurance, special discounts sophisticated or
consolidate your policies with one insurer. But you may

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also need more protection against uninsured motorists to
pay and catastrophic injuries, says Kornblum, who is
dealing with the consequences of a serious car accident 44

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1. Raise your deductible

The easiest way to save is by increasing the collision and
comprehensive (damage caused by vandalism, fire, flood)
deductible for damage to your car. In practice, if you were
$ 500 and $ 700 deductible for damage to your vehicle, you
can even put in a claim? Many people do not increase for
fear that would be its price. This is one reason that makes
more sense to have a deductible of $ 1,000, says Mark
McConnell, a claims officer in Roanoke, Virginia with
ACE Private Risk Services. Consider the "glass" coverage
if you are worried about a thing on the windshield, it is
cheaper than an integral lower deductible.

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2. Getting uninsured motorist coverage

This protects you and relatives living with you must be
negligent by a driver who is uninsured or hit "poor", even
then walking, biking or skating. According to the Insurance
Research Council, at least 16% of drivers, and about a
quarter are in New Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama,
Oklahoma and Florida uninsured. Underinsured? In
California, they have an "insured" drivers in the assigned
risk pool as little as $ 15,000 in bodily injury coverage per
person and $ 30,000 per accident.

In most states, uninsured motorist protection does not
necessarily cover, says Diane Giles, vice president of
Marsh, an insurance broker several high-end. This means
there could be a policy without it, especially if you bought
at the price. The amount of uninsured / underinsured
motorist coverage to be carried in your automobile
insurance limits primary responsibility - to pay the
maximum amount your insurance company so the other
guy, if you cause an accident. Typically, this amount is $
100,000 per person and $ 300,000 per accident in a primary
automobile policy. This limit, which in turn should, find its
roof kicks in. (some screens have your auto policy, up to $
500,000 per accident to cover. Make sure there are no
differences in coverage between the two policies.)

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3. Take the big screen

An umbrella or "excess" policy advocates in civil liability
insurance for your car at home and ends and is a must if
you have any property to be protected. An umbrella of $
1,000,000 is widespread, but $ 2,000,000 is more realistic
in those days. "The more wealth a person has, the greater
goal," says ACE procedures McConnell. Current data jury's
verdict show that 14% of cases of injuries of liability
awards over $ 1,000,000, he says. If you have young people
driving, consider increasing your umbrella. The second
million is cheaper than the first.

Warning: Although the uninsured motorist coverage in the
old Dreyer umbrella "policy has been included, many
insurance companies now offer either no extra pay or
Convert to pay $ 125 to $ 250 per additional year of $
1,000,000 such coverage .. "You need it," says Kornblum,
who is personally $ 10,000,000 Chubb (CB - news -
people) $ 5,000,000 umbrella insurance / uninsured
motorist coverage.

You can often save a screen getting through the same
insurance policy for your car, go to an independent agent

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and ask for package deals from multiple companies. Be
sure to compare what each screen deck.

4. Discount hunting dark

accommodate a good trip - - Certain discounts are usually
applied automatically. But other loans to do something. For
example, as you get older, a defensive driving course (even
online), you can get a loan. When you start telecommuting
2 days a week, call your insurer and ask for a discount. You
may be able to save by buying through a discount program
work. If you have a teenage driver, have the good student
discount. (If the child is not high enough to take the bus.)

5. Do not buy your own car a teenager

Usually cheaper not to a third car, when you add to add a
teen driver to one of two parents, two cars of the family, as
the insurer is entitled to, the child is less to go without a
car. (He even without a third car, the average annual
premium by 58% with a teenager has, according to a recent
study by

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The exception: If you and your spouse both luxury cars
with the new unit collision coverage, then you could both
raw and family conflict by reducing your child a pileup
uninsured. Warning: Some insurers charge, as if the child
drives the best car in the garage, even if you do not trust
him. You may have to sell his midlife crisis Corvette or a
different insurer.

6. Avoid limited liability insurance

In some states, like Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you can
buy "limited liability" coverage at a discount, but be careful
what you give. Limited liability means that even if the
other is to blame, that they do not charge for his "pain and
suffering" - extra money that may be necessary to say that
to get help at home, if you had to do. "We encourage
customers to choose full tort," said Giles.

7. Make a complete disaster

If you have a car paid over five years or less (depending on
model) may make sense to drop collision and
comprehensive. This is because if you rest your car or
stolen, the insurer will pay most of the depreciated value be

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less than what you have to replace your old car could. This
is also true, if it costs more to repair your car is worth.

On the other hand, if you have an outstanding car loan or
lease a car, consider stuffing your coverage. MetLife (MET
- news - people) Auto & Home provides, for example, the
"gap" insurance, which depreciated the difference between
value and pay the required amount of the loan or lease, and
pay full costs of an average collision 7%.

high-end companies like Chubb and ACE have the option
of setting an "agreed value" at the beginning of each year
on the amount of the premium you receive, your car is
totaled. It was worth for Giles adult daughters, the VW
Jetta was destroyed in a flood. The disbursement of the
remaining lease and left with $ 4,000 for a down payment
on a new boom.

Try Chandra

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