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					                     HOLY FAMILY PARISH -- WORKERS’ SCHEDULE
                      FALL FESTIVAL – SEPTEMBER 12 and 13, 2009
Please CHECK THIS LIST for the time and place you are assigned to work. If your name is not on the list, we invite
you to call the booth/activity chair or the general chair (Dave & Betty Wolfe 323-3087) to volunteer. “Thank you”.
We appreciate all your efforts.

Dining Room Assignments Chairs: Aggie Haines & Cathy Diebold
Lorraine Schmidtknecht Diane Lisowski                                      Shirley Rebhahn             Cathy Diebold
Linda Slaby            Ann George (Franklin)                               Jane Weisenberger           Agnes Haines

DINING ROOM TABLES: Set up tables either on Saturday after 1:00 p.m. or Sunday before 9:45 a.m. Arrive at 9:45
a.m. on Sunday. The first person listed per table is the head waitress. Please check with one another at your table, as to who
will bring the following items: centerpiece, a small cooler for milk, garbage can with bags for your garbage, small pail or
spray bottle with cloth to wipe your tables. Dinner is served until 2:00, and all tables are to be set till that time.
NOTE: Clean tables completely when the dinner is finished. THANK YOU

Cindy Sobotta            Celeste Grossman          Barb Slaby (Frank)              Jane Weisenberger           Peggy Halverson
Kelsey Sobotta           Joan Koval                Jane Giemza                     Carmen Lisowski             Vicky Andre
Mary Tuschner

Bette Moe                Barb Garofalo             Ann George (Franklin)           Barb Kupka                  Rita Edmunds
Carissa Moe              Janet Smith               Heidi Arendt                    Pat Haines                  Geena Whalen
Shaylah Roesler

Carol Wineski            Char Schweisthal          Carol Bawek                     Lisa S. Schock              Anne McFarland
Evelyn Losinski          Kim Patzner               Diane Lisowski                  Courtney Slaby              Hilary Korpal
                                                                                                               Sydney Korpal
Shirley Weisenberger
Lorraine Schmidtknecht

Dining Room Assignments for Sunday
COFFEE MAKERS                DINING ROOM               CLEAN UP KITCHEN                                        SUNDAY DINING
Bernie Hesch                 USHERS                    & DINING ROOM – 2:30 PM                                 ROOM HELP
Ken/Lou Ann Mashak           Michael Schroeder         Jerry & Joan Dekan                                      Bernie Hesch
Roy Kujak                    Bernie Pronschinske       Greg Slaby         Vince/Christi Wozney                 Roger Sobotta
                             Gerald Puchalla           Kevin Slaby        Jack Slaby                           Connor Misch
DINNER TICKET                Bob Schmidtknecht         Dottie Slaby       Rylie Sobotta                        Craig Bawek
COLLECTORS                   Terry Madden              Dan Arendt         Hollie Sobotta                       Robert Hertzfeldt
Rich/T. Sonsalla 10-12       LeRoy Haines              Amy Slaby          Garrett Arendt                       Ron Tuschner
Theresa Grossman 12-2                                  Jeff Sonsalla                                           Kelly Diebold
Mary Haines                                                                                                    Randy Schock
Florence Nelson                                                                                                Mike Schmidtknecht
                                                                                                               Mike Helwig
CARRY FOOD TO                HELP WITH                          CARRY CLEAN DISHES                             John Helwig
SERVING TABLES               CHILDREN’S PLATES                  Adrian Sonsalla
David Fernholz               Shirley Rebhahn                    Stella Sonsalla
Donald Lisowski              Rosemary Rybarczyk
Darrel Lisowski              Grace Wolfe                        PIES
                                                                Mary Lou Slaby
                                                                Marie Sobotta
                                                                Mary Jane Wolfe
                                                                Zelda Benusa
KITCHEN-Saturday             Chair: Joan Hanson
    GENERAL KITCHEN HELP: 8:00 am                   -Peel vegetables/make dressing

   Bob/Nick Wozney           Delores Slaby      Lynette Schoch       Bernie Hesch                       Joan Klink
   Wanda Slaby               Char Schweisthal   Mary Lou Grulkowski  Nancee Quinn
   Glen Bawek                Velma Davey        Terry Stoneberg      Lori Klink                          Ruth Manley
   Ruth Pronschinske         Mary Haines        Deb Kiekhoefer       Mary Sobotta (James)                Michael Schock
   Dorothy Herrick           Ken/LouAnn Mashak  Cathy Diebold        Audrey Zastrow                     Marion Gandera
   Angie Wolfe               Ken Myers          Ruth Pronschinske    Dorothy Tempski                    Carmen Lisowski
   Joan Guenther             Rich Andre         Josie Korpal         Mary Sobotta (Daryl)               Ben/Diane Filla
   Mary Sobotta (Daryl)              CONFIRMATION STUDENTS – please help!

   MEATBALLS: 8:00 am
   Franc/Mary Klonecki Helen/George Blaha              Pat Brovold           Delores Slaby
   Adeline Klopotek    Bernice Bautch                  Bette Moe

   KITCHEN- Sunday Chair: Joan Hanson
   GENERAL KITCHEN HELP: 7:00 am                                                 TAKE OUTS
   Franc/Mary Klonecki       Karen/Brian Klink                                   Juanita Konkel        Bob Boberg
   Margie Soppa              Mary Gamez                                          Bobbi Kupietz         Roxane Dorn
   Mary Ruth Waldera         Donna Jensen                                        Greg Boberg           Brenda Przybylla
   Jennifer Severson         Severine Schlesser                                  Sharon Pronschinske   Jean Forsythe
   Betty Schlesser           Betty Wozney                                        Joan Korpal           Ken Klink
   Dennis Klonecki           Vicky Grulkowski                                    Kris VanAcker         Michael Schock
   Delores Slaby             Andy/Michelle Haines                                Tony Kupietz          George Rippley
   Lynn Pronschinske         Daryl Sobotta                                       Charlotte Schank      Bruce Schweisthal
   Renee Suchla              Pete Pronschinske                                   Bonnie Roesler        Joe Matchey
   Darrell/Donald Lisowski   Darlene Filla                                       Bob Skroch            Kathy Nelson
   David Fernholz            Kelly Diebold                                       Terry Gamoke          Herb Lallemont
   Ricardo Schock            Dave/Ann George                                     Rollie Conrad         Scott Schank
   John Leavitt              Joan Klink
   Darlene Kamla             Mary Jane Wolfe
   Marie Korpal               Theresa Sonsalla
   Bernie Hesch               Fay Berg
   Evelyn Losinski           Janet Bremer

   BREAD & COFFEE            TRANSPORTATION                                      DISHWASHERS: Elaine Suchla-Chr.
   CAKE: 9:00 am             Ronald Moga, Chr.                                   10:30 am – 2 pm     1:30 pm - End
   Lilah Klink               Jim Sonsalla                                        Marie Conrad        Mary Ritter
   Joan Klink                Allen Pierzina                                      Phyllis Sonsalla    Ann Nelson
   Diane Schoeder            Randy Suchla                                        Joan Weaver         Ann Platteter
                             Joe Haines                                          Stella Sonsalla     Bonnie Roesler
                                                                                 Carrie Boberg       Nicole Michalak
                                                                                 CONFIRMATION STUDENTS –WELCOME!

   CAKE WALK- Wednesday/Thursday
   Mary Benusa    .   Mary Rindahl                          Pat Moga                     Kathy Bisek            Carol Lager
   Nancy(Dean) Suchla Romelle Berzinski                     Rita Edmunds                 Mary Meyer Nelson      Lynelle Bawek
   Donna Jensen       Mary Waldera                          Kristee Misch                Jane Kujak             Jenny Losinski
   Lori Semling       Lorraine Schmidtknecht                Lisa S. Schock               Leanne Haines          Amanda Lettner
   Sue Wozney         Cathy Lallemont                       Dottie Myers                 Brandi Bawek
CHICKEN FRYING          CHICKEN SERVING                                 RUMMAGE SALE – SET UP – 8 a.m.-NOON
Jerry Haines, Chr.      Sherry Reck-Haines, Chr.                          SELLING: Sat. 1 pm-7 pm & Sun. 9 am to 2 pm
Perry Hoesley           Theresa Soppa              Madonna Klopotek      Cindy McFarland, Chr. Mary Lisowski
Dale Pehler             Anita Sobotta              Robin Schmidtknecht   Barb Klink             Charlotte Gadzinski
Neal Wozney             Colleen Sobotta            Shanyn Schmidtknecht  Toni Johnson            Delores Helwig
Mike Sobotta            Margaret Forsythe          Joan Thames           Karla Leavitt           Linda Skroch
Todd Klopotek           Christy Weisenberger                             Jeannine Davis          Roger Wojchik
Sam Sobotta                                                              Carol Killian           Carol Weltzien
                                                                         Olivia Leavitt
                                                                       CONFIRMATION STUDENTS – Please Help Sat. a.m.
REFRESHMENT              CAKE WALK                 BINGO                        BAR-B-Q CHICKEN                   MILK SHAKES
STAND WORKERS            Debbie Kamla              Mary Beth Klonecki, Chr.      Larry Sonsalla, Chr.    Sharon Fernholz, Co-Chr.
Ron Benusa, Chr.         Betty Sobotta             Paul & Eva Anderson           John Kampa              Marilyn Motsko, Co-Chr.
Scott Fernholz           Cindy Schreiber           Lori Moe                      Tom/Grant Woychik       Mackenzie Ferguson
Mike Rumpel              Alana Suchla              Carissa Moe                   Kenny Myers             Jodie Ferguson
Dean A Suchla            Erica Suchla              Nancy Filla                   Jay Moe                 Dan/Barb Fernholz
Edmund Suchla            Jean Slaby                Joyce Woychik                 Louie/Max Ferguson      John/Judy Kampa
Allen Kujak              Wina Sonsalla             Amy Rindahl                   Paul Halverson          John Pronschinske
Daniel Klink             Lyn Putz                  Mary Rindahl                  Kevin Manley            Jorgette Pronschinske
David Waldera            Debbie Haines                                           Eric Sonsalla           Brenda Lund
Alan Suchla              Carol Hesch                                              Wayne Bautch           Marilyn Boberg
Mike Hestekin            Mandy Korpal              OUTSIDE                         Andy Filla            Doris Bagniewski
Dennis Motszko           Nancy Kupietz             FOOD STAND                     Bill Lunsford          Leroy Fernholz
Matt Benusa              Barb/Laura Losinski       Stefanie Matchey, Co-Chr.      Shawn Sobotta          Ron Motszko
Sam Sobotta              Brandi Bawek              Marilyn Whalen Co-Chr.         Bill Boberg             Brenda Suchla
Mike Edmunds             Kim Suchla                Jodi Ganschow                  Kevin Whalen            Ruth Manley
Bernie Hesch             Amber Lisowski            Diane Kutt                    CHILDREN’S GAMES
Greg Fernholz            Julie Hurlburt            Julie Severson               Anita Pronschinske, Co-Chr.
Mike Krett               Natasha Pierzina          Barb Slaby                   Amanda Lettner, Co-chr.
                         Theresa Pierzina          Kristee & Dave Misch         Jodi Pronschinske           COUNTRY STORE
JEWELRY BOOTH __________                           Sue Kiehl                    Linda Bjorge             Marion Waldera, Co-Chr.
Toni Johnson, Chr. Karla Leavitt                   Judy Hesch                   Bobbie Jo Suchla         Betty Baker, Co-Chr.
Jane Bautch        Linda Skroch                    Barb Sonsalla                Cory Hestekin            Karen Klink
                                                   Ben Matchey                  Rebecca Edmunds          Susan Weltzien
WOODEN NICKELS          CASINO GAMES               Gideon Matchey               Erin Boland              Ruth Schank
GAME (for adults)       Randy Kloecki, chr.        Sandy Tamke                  Dottie Myers             Sandy Slaby
Alan/Monica Herman      Dan Filla                  Rocky Anderson                Brad Pronschinske       Jo Kiekhoefer
        (chrs.)                                    Lucia Wineski                 Amy Pieterick           Bev Hoch
Diana Genelin           KIDS’ CORNER                                             Lindsey Hestekin         Mary Ann Baker
 Peter Herman           Sue Pronschinske, chr.                                   Lindsey Schweisthal     Mary Lou Pientok
Donna Sonsalla          Cathy Lallemont            FRUIT GAME                    Hanah Diebold            Mary Pronschinske
Jacob Sonsalla          Mike Kotlarz               Dennis Kiehl, Chr.            Jessie Filla             Pat Moga
Nancee Quinn            Sue Kotlarz                Red Glowcheski                Andy Edmunds
Kallie Quinn            Elizabeth Hestekin         Janice Glowcheski             Kim Pronschinske
Colleen Sobotta         Brenda Bautch              John/Triauna Krett            Kelsey Pronschinske
Brenda Sonsalla         Pam Waters                                                                       RAFFLE TICKETS &
Sue Back                Trisha Schock                                                                    BUCKET RAFFLE
Carol Krett             Mary Slaby                                                                       Patsy Kamla
Missy Pehler            Nancy Berg                 BAKE SALE Set-up: 7:30 am/Sell: 9:30 am               Marian Klimek
Sallie Braun            Jane Hoesley               Pat Moga, Chr.          Carmen Sobotta, Co-chr.       Jim Skroch
Cheryl Boberg           Mary Rose Skroch           Jo Blaschko               Sonja George                Mary Lou Kamla
Vickie Kreibich         Sharon Lunsford            Terri Ammann              Chris Hannon                Mary Lisowski
                        Lisa Rumpel                Marge Pierzina            Diane Kokott                Toni Johnson
Auction: Pick up on Fri. starting at 3:00 pm, Sat. 8:00 am-1:00 pm, Sun. Auction starting at 12:30 pm
FRIDAY 3-5 pm             SAT. 8AM – 1PM          SUNDAY 11AM (SET UP)                               LIVESTOCK AUCTION
(set up & pick up)        (set up & pick up)      12:30 auction
Tom Schank                Tom Schank              Tom Schank            Nancy(Dean)Suchla            Dan Kamla, Chr.
Jeff Bawek                Jeff Bawek              Brad Schank           Jeff Bawek                   Francis Pehler
Jerry Rumpel              Jeff Anderson           Kathy Bisek           Joe Pronschinske             Mike/Pete Kupka
                          Jordan Anderson         Randy Pronschinske Ron Pronschinske                Ernie Lisowski
                          Jerry Rumpel            Bob Sonsalla          Karl Bisek                   Ron Grulkowski
                          Mike Schmidtknecht       Ray Kamrowski        Jerry Rumpel
                          Bob Theisen             Mike Schmidtknecht Mary Benusa                     PIE AUCTION
                          Karl Bisek              Bob Theisen           Mike/Elva Helwig             Barb/Tom Tock, chrs.
                          Ron Pronschinske                                                          Call Barb (323-3474)
                          Ray Kamrowski                                                                 to VOLUNTEER!!
                          Brad Schank      Auctioneers: Gary Pronschinske & Jamie Back

Mary Benusa, Chr.            Steve/Rose Chambers

FINANCE                   TICKET BOOTH CASHIERS-                                     TAKE OUT(outside)
Cleo Rumpel, Chr.         REFRESHMENT STAND                                          TICKET SELLERS
Romelle Berzinski         Ron Benusa, Chr.                                           Steve & Lori Semling, Co-Chrs.
Pauline Pieterick         Alvin/Clarice Fernholz
Paul Sobotta              Diane Thomas                                               SELL DINNER TICKETS
Mary Angst                Roland/Jane Thomas                                         Bob Wozney
Pat Dolan                 Randy/Nancy Thomas                                         Kathy Andre
Carol/Junior Lager        Tom/Mary Ann Haines                                        Mary Wozney
Janet Mueller                                                                        Jackie Sonsalla

TVs                       SECURITY                                         PARKING
Bob Wozney, Chr.          Bill/Billie Jo Klimek, Co-Chrs                   Joe Meinerz, Chr.         Jerome Bisek
Jeff Anderson                                                              Adam/Andy Meinerz         Brian Bisek
Nick Wozney                                                                Roland Sonsalla           Mike Grulkowski
                                                                           Josh Gzradzielewski       Glen Pronschinske

Set-Up/Take Down: Saturday 8 a.m.
John Leavitt, Chr.        Brad Suchla         Charles Kulas        Gregory Boberg            Kyle Pronschinske
Bob Pronschinske          David Kiekhoefer    Neil Pronschinske    Dave Bagniewski           Mark Wineski
Paul Slaby                Jim Kiekhoefer      Rob Hurlburt         Mike Shuda                Brian Kamla
Bob Pyka                  Ben Slaby           Roman Pronschinske   Leo Schank                Leroy Pyka
Gary Thames               Dan Suchla          Leon Ackerman        Justin Miller             Brandon Reid
Adam Schlesser            Curtis Platteter    Mike Wineski

Take Out Area Mobilization
Kevin Whalen
Bill Boberg
Confirmation Candidates

Coffee Cake Baking: Thurs. September 10, 7 am-6 pm; Bread Baking: Fri. September 11, 7 am-4 pm
                                     Many Jobs All Day Long, Please Come!

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