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									                          ERIEVIEW ELEMENTARY
                         OCTOBER NEWSLETTER 2008

                          FROM CARL BOSWORTH, PRINCIPAL
         Summer is officially over, winter is just around the corner, and as I write this the smell of fall is
definitely in the air. The leaves on many trees have already begun to turn from their summer green to
brilliant reds and golden shades of yellow. By now most of the students have put many of the events
of summer behind them and are well aware that school is very much in session.
  There are many things they and we have accomplished to date and there are many yet to come.
Most recently we celebrated Homecoming Weekend – which admittedly took on a very different tone
than those of many years past. Unfortunately, it was a very somber homecoming for the Medders
family in particular and for those who knew and enjoyed the friendship, humor and zest for life
enjoyed by Captain Michael Medders Jr. It was a somber time as well for those who stood in respect
and honor at the passing of his procession on the day of his funeral. A hometown hero, the casualty
of a much debated war - in a far off land. Countless members of the community stood in honor of this
fallen hero as the procession passed through town on the way to the cemetery. What a sad and yet
very proud day for all who showed their respect. Call me prejudiced, but I am extremely proud of the
students at Erieview Elementary. I am grateful as well to those parents who made themselves
available to assist with supervision. The demonstration of respect was not only honorable in its own
right - it was offered at a time when it was truly needed. This was a moment in time that forced a
pause in the conventions of the usual school day. Spelling, Mathematics, Language Arts and more,
each took a back seat to a rare and sorrowful lesson which will hopefully be long remembered by our
students and I am sure will be remembered by the Medders family.

                      The mission statement for Avon Lake City Schools is as follows:

                    The mission of the Avon Lake City Schools, a district committed
                  to personalized educational excellence, is to challenge all students
                  and develop their individual goals through community partnerships,
                    resources, and technologies which will produce responsible and
                                        compassionate citizens.

       Some of the lessons our children learn do not come from textbooks, workbooks or otherwise.
Some of these lessons come from the things of life that present themselves at unexpected and rather
inopportune times. The lesson of compassion comes most often when there is a moment where
normal meets not so normal. I am sure we will have other and hopefully less painful opportunities to
help our children develop their caring side. Thank you for for your partnership in this educational
journey as together we strive to teach our children some of the more difficult lessons of life along with
the typical 3 R's.


Carl Bosworth

I love fall. The air is crisp, the leaves are colorful, and football is in full swing! The kids are now fully
acclimated to school and are looking forward to Halloween.

Thanks to Bob Scott for attending our meeting this morning and talking about the upcoming school
district emergency operating levy. If you would like more information about this levy, please visit on the district page.

School has been canceled for Tuesday, November 4th which was the day of our scheduled November
PTA Meeting. We have changed the meeting to November 11th at 7pm. Please watch your email
for an update on the program for that evening.

Did you know that we have a closet in the cafeteria? Gretchen Hebert (VP) and I spent many days
cleaning it out this past month and we enjoyed the discovery of several unusual items in there! We
donated a sewing machine, two punch bowls and several serving trays to the Thrift Store. We found
three coffee makers and photos dating back to the 1950’s. If you are ever interested in looking at this
history, just let me know.

October brings our twice-annual Book Fair and Family Fun Night with magician Jim Kleefeld. We will
also be offering Erieview and Avon Lake sportswear this month.

PTA Tidbit: Last month I mentioned the National PTA website Please use this website
as a resource for topics such as advocacy, parenting, wellness, etc. This week is also National
Bullying Prevention Awareness Week. Please consider visiting
with your kids to play games and start a discussion about this topic in your home.

Thanks:       To all of the parents who attended the funeral procession with the children
              To Gretchen Hebert for helping to clean out the PTA closet
              To Nicole McNulty for coordinating our Homecoming float
              To the group of ladies who helped audit and count the fall sale money

Our group is not possible without so many of you volunteering your time and talents. Thanks again
for being a part of your child’s school experience. If you have a comment or suggestion regarding the
PTA, please email me at

Shelley MacDonald

            Levy signs available – please contact Shelley
            MacDonald @ with your
            name and address if you are willing to have a sign in
            your yard.
Please make the following corrections to the PTA Roster in your Directory:

Mary Krupar – email address should be
Sally Tomko – email address is
Add Yearbook, Penny Duchesneau, 930-0034,

        Devin Dyer        Grade 4           Mrs. Forte
        Dave and Debbie Dyer    188 Herrman Dr.   930-5852

        Ava Vernallis      Grade 1           Mrs. Shanko
        Laura and Brad Vernallis 120 Vineyard Rd. 440-385-6835

                                 PTA MINUTES, OCTOBER 7TH

                                            Erieview Elementary PTA Minutes
                                                      October 7, 2008
                                      Meeting began 9:30 am Adjourned 10:50 am
                                                    17 members present
Shelley MacDonald, President, called the meeting to order.
Carl Bosworth, Principal
                 Third grade acheivement testing going on this week.
                 Thanked chaperones for coming in on Friday, October 3 to honor Captain Michael Medders. Mr. Bosworth
                 was extremely proud of our students.
                 Blue buckets are now in lunch room for recycling milk containers. Little bucket is for dumping out liquid
                 and large blue container is for the actual milk containers. Erieview is now recycling plastic, aluminum,
                 paper, printer cartridges and now there is also a bin in the back for cardboard.
                 New dismissal path in front of building. Follow the painted lines and signs (to be put up soon). There will
                 be a letter coming home with a map of the front of the building. *Just a reminder: walkers are out at
                 3:10, bussers out at 3:15.
Shelley MacDonald, President
Thanked parents also for coming out for Capt. Medders procession.
Cleaned out the PTA closet with Gretchen Hebert.
Thank you notes going around from teachers for Holcombs gift cards.
                 Thanked Julie Appleton, Tracey Harrington, Gretchen Hebert, Amy Shoop, and Mary Krupar for counting
                 fall sale proceeds.
Cafeteria Boards have been changed.
Sherry Hird is looking for Jr. Achievement volunteers.
                 Gift to school: Music class needs a new autoharp. Motion to pay the $260.51 for the autoharp. 1st Merri
                 Killius 2nd Gretchen Hebert.
Cash Box is now located in PTA closet, locked with a lock also on the cupboard.
                 Copy Center not free anymore. Either 2 ½ cents per copy or a flat $75 fee. Motion to pay the flat $75 fee
                 to copy center. 1st Renee Wickman 2nd Brian Yarham
                 Library has a $500 PTA budget. Fall book fair proceeds will go to the library also. February will now be
                 "Library Month" in lieu of the monthly Birthday Book Club.
Bob Scott, Superintendent
                 Issue #36 Renewel Levy for Avon Lake City Schools.
It is an emergency levy for a fixed $3.4 mil. Levy money is 10% of operating budget.
Special Education certification changing in 2010. Avon Lake teachers will be ready.
Average students/classroom: 2nd grade and lower 22, 3rd grade and above 25.
Committee Reports:
              Sportswear Sale: shoe laces, temporary tattoos, bike bottles. We will need a set up fee and a minimum
              order. Motion to have $500 budget for the sportswear sale. 1st Merri Killius 2nd Carol Ann Lambert.
              Holiday Shoppe: Motion to lower table fee to $20. 1st Gretchen Hebert 2nd Carol Ann Lambert.
              CRS Basket: CRS is having a benefit for their 20th anniversary in January. Merri Killius and Kelly Brion
              have offered to head this up for parents to donate money for a basket.
                 Fall Sale: Proceeds are almost $11,000. We receive half of that.
                    Book Fair and Family Fun Night is Thursday, October 16.

                                 READING IS IN AT ERIEVIEW!!!!!!

Have your I Love To Read reading logs in on Monday, Oct. 13th. The program has now ended.

                            ERIEVIEW’S SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR HOURS:

           NEW! Wed. night, Oct. 15th from 7:00-8:00 (for those unavailable Thurs. night)
           During school hours on Thurs., Oct. 16th 8:40-3:00
           Thurs., Oct. 16th from 6:15-8:00 p.m.
           Magician Jim Kleefeld in the gym from 7:00-8:00!

    1. Payment: Accepting cash, checks (and credit card) during the class’ assigned time during the
       school AND in the evening from 6:15-8:00.
    2. Great time to purchase books for teachers for Christmas! There will be a teacher’s request list
       again this year!

Read on! Kim Krock              930-8896
         Amy Shoop              933-0422

                 Erieview PTA’sFamily Fun Night
                      Magic Show for the whole family
                           Thursday, October 16th
                                   7:00 pm
                 Come early to browse the Scholastic Book Fair
                                      Are you ready for some fun?
                                           Reading is Magic!

                                        JUNIOR GREAT BOOKS

Junior Great Books (JGB) will once again be offered by the PTA this year. The program will begin January
12th and run for eight weeks through March 6th. For those of you unfamiliar with JGB, it is a program in which
interested students meet with a volunteer parent once a week during their lunch period to read and discuss great
literature. It is open to any student in grades 1-4 who would like to participate. Sign-up sheets for students and
parent volunteers will be coming home soon. Please feel free to call me with any questions you have about the
program or if you’re interested in being a parent volunteer.

Thanks. I’m looking forward to another great year of JGB!                       Laurie Kuhar 933-4921
                                        Indoor Recess Cart

             On inclement weather days, the children get to play with toys from the recess cart and
over time, pieces get lost to games and games get broken. As you clean out, please consider
donating games with complete pieces and any building blocks/jenga items you have at home. If
possible, provide a container with a lid for easy stacking on the cart.

If any parent volunteers are interested in spending time, sorting through and organizing the cart,
please let us know.

Items not appropriate for the cart could be donated to the kindergarten and first grade store. So,
clean out your closets!

                                        NEW TO ERIEVIEW!!

      You may now throw your cardboard in the multipurpose recycling bin outside behind
       the cafeteria on the EAST SIDE of the school!

                 WANTED! GRADE 4 AND GRADE 3 MATH
                       To join the 24 Math Club!

The game involves using four numbers, and a combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication and
division to obtain an answer of “24”. The fourth graders will meet on Fridays, mid-Nov. through mid-
Feb., 12:00-12:30. The third graders will meet on Fridays in Jan. and Feb., 11:40-12:10. A maximum
of 12 or 16 students will play each week, 4 per team. A playoff tournament will be conducted in
February by a county representative to choose players to represent ERVW in a county-wide math
tournament on March 2nd at Lorain County Community College.
       If you are interested in being a “guide on the side” (no experience needed) or have any
questions, contact Debbie Dyer at 930-5852 or Mrs. Kaput at

                                              4TH GRADE RECOGNITION
                    The 4th Grade Recognition Committee will be meeting several times throughout the year to
                    plan this year’s activities. If you have a fourth grader this year and would like to be a part
of the committee, please contact Kandice Carson and Melissa Bubolz. It seems far away but please begin a
folder on your computer where you can place any pictures for the power point presentation at the end of the
                Reflections Creative Arts Program

Parents should have received their first flyer a few weeks ago regarding Reflections. For parents that have not
heard of Reflections, it is our National PTA sponsored creative arts fair. Students can submit entries in many
forms, from visual arts (drawings, paintings, etc.), photography, literature, dance choreography, music
composition, and film and video production. All entries must fit the theme and follow the parameters set by the
National PTA. The Reflections guidelines are in our PTA cupboard in the workroom if you would like to see

Our theme this year is “WOW”. Hopefully this theme will inspire our students to knock our socks off! The
Reflections committee will once again be providing time during school in October and November through our
creative sessions. These sessions hope to inspire our kids to submit their art work. All entries are due
December 5th.

If you have any questions regarding any entry or would like to help with our committee please contact Merri
Killius or myself. We are both looking forward to seeing what Erieview students can do!

Merri Killius 930-4621
Carol Ann Lambert 933-6457
Reflections Committee

                               Mrs. Lewis’ New Reader Club Members

                          Congratulations to the following kindergarten students for joining the New
                                              Reader’s Club:

Gavin Krock                  Alexis Soucy                  Michael Knick
Emma Knick                   Corey Kroneker                Gabrielle Pietromica
Jason Vocaire                Keegan Kwiatt

Great Job! Keep Reading!

Birthday club will be replaced by a program during February, which is Library Month!

                           HEALTH and SAFETY COMMITTEE

So, you are thinking about getting a flu shot…

Who CANNOT receive the flu shot?

* Anyone who has had an allergic reaction to the flu vaccine.
* Anyone who is allergic to chicken eggs or any component of flu vaccines including Thimerosal.
* Anyone who has already received an influenza immunization in the past 6 months.
* Anyone who has recently been immunized against another type of illness.
* Anyone who presently has a fever or infection.
* Anyone who has a prior history of Guillian-Barre' Syndrome.
NOTE: Any female who is or may be pregnant should consult with their obstetrician and ask for a
preservative-free flu vaccine and avoid the nasal spray FluMist.

What are some common side effects?

* Soreness at or around the injection site as well as swelling and redness.
* Fever, chills, malaise, headache, joint pain, rash, sore throat, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
NOTE: Rare neurological disorders known as Guillian-Barre' Syndrome or a severe allergic reaction
may occur.

What about the FluMist?

The FluMist is an attenuated (or weakened) version of the flu virus administered as a nasal spray.
The following groups should not receive this variety:

* Children below the age of 2.
* Children under the age of 5 with a recent history of wheezing.
* Adults over age 50.
* People receiving aspirin therapy.
* People with chronic or long-term illnesses involving the kidneys, heart, nervous system, brain,
diabetes, lungs (cystic fibrosis, asthma) or blood (anemia, sickle cell).
* People living with someone who has a weakened immune system, AIDS or is receiving
chemotherapy, bone marrow, or a bone marrow transplant.
*People who received any live vaccinations in the past month, ex. MMR vaccine.

Consult your physician if you have any concerns about receiving the FluMist.

Excerpt: Center for Disease Control and Prevention


Avon Lake Giant Eagle       10/20   10am-2pm     Children ages 14 and up     933-9598
                            11/13   5pm-8pm
Avon Lake Drug Mart         10/9    3pm-7pm      Ages 18 and over            933-2327
                            10/25   10am-2pm
Avon CVS                    10/11   10am-2pm     Ages 9 and up               937-4027
                            10/23   3pm-7pm
                            11/12   10am-2pm
Lorain City Health Dept     10/18   10am-2pm     Call for ages               204-2300
Avon Lake High School
Lorain City Health Dept     10/4, 10/18, 11/6, Ages 3 and up                 204-2300
1144 W Erie Ave Lorain      11/20, 12/4, 12/18,
                            1/15 1pm-4pm
*** Please call prior to attending a flu clinic to verify ages accepted, schedule an appointment and
determine availability of the flu vaccine.

Have a Healthy Flu Free Season!!
Sally Tomko

                                                MARKET DAY

 We’d like to thank everyone who supported our October Market Day sale! Erieview earned over $300. Market Day is
pleased to offer November Bonus Days this month with thirteen high quality desserts. These desserts are great tasting and
every purchase helps your organization earn more profit! Your order is important to us so please look for your November
order guide to come home soon or visit to see the entire selection of Market Day foods at a great value!

Also for those who ordered in September and October don’t pass up your opportunity to join our Frequent Buyer Program.
         -Simply place an order of $35 in 2 or more months September through November
         -You will automatically receive a FREE 4 pack of ChikNSteaks with your order of $35 or more in December

The Market Day committee is also in need of more volunteers. We are looking for people who can help with Delivery Days
and someone to help with reminder calls. If you would like to volunteer please contact me at 933-6457.

Please order online at until NOON on 10/29. With your support, we’re looking forward to reaching our
fundraising goals of $2600.

Thanks Again            Carol Ann Lambert                Market Day Chair

                                      ERIEVIEW RECYCLES

       Please remember to recycle your used papers at Erieview School on the west side of the
        school. Anyone in the community can discard their used papers in the two Abitibi recycling
        bins located in the schools parking lot 24 hours a day.
       Erieview PTA earns money per ton of paper so the more we recycle the better!

It's a win win situation! We help save the environment and the PTA earns valuable money which goes
towards projects like playgrounds, landscaping, books and other worthwhile activities.

Please recycle magazines, shopping catalogs, newspapers, office and school papers ,mail, posters,
folders, self stick notes. Please bag all shredded paper!

Attention All Parents!
Don’’t Throw Away That Empty Cartriidge!
Don t Throw Away That Empty Cartr dge!
Briing iit to schooll!
Br ng t to schoo !
The PTA has launched a fundraising project with the help of an inkjet recycling company
Empties4Cash. Empty inkjet cartridges can be recycled and remanufactured. Our school will receive
up to $4.00 for each cartridge turned in. This will directly benefit our school and the students. Plus it
is great for the environment!

YOU CAN HELP! Any inkjet cartridge with a print head can be recycled, regardless of brand or type.
Do you have an HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Compaq, Brother, Dell, Canon, or Apple printer? Bring in your
empty OEM inkjet cartridges (placed in the original box or a Ziploc bag to keep it safe from spills and
damages) to the school. Just drop the cartridges into the collection box located in the school media
lab. It is that easy! Thank you for your Support!

               BOX TOPS = EASY $ FOR OUR SCHOOL!!!!!!
       As a quick reminder, the Box Top For Education coupons can be found on numerous
products in your home. These include General Mills cereal, Betty Crocker potatoes, frosting,
cake and brownie mixes, Fruit Roll Ups, Yoplait/Gogurts, Old El Paso Mexican products,
Pillsbury products, Totino’s Pizza Rolls, Ziploc bags, Cottonelle toilet paper, Kleenex brand
tissues, Bugles, Chex Mix, etc. All that is needed from these packages are the small
rectangular “Box Top For Education” coupon. Please make sure the expiration date is intact.

                            Avon Lake Public Library- October News

Thursday, October 23, 4:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.
Krazy Kolors
Design and build your very own kaleidoscope.
Registration: Friday, October 17 in DiscoveryWorks

The Tree House Club (Ages 8-11)
Wednesday, October 15, 4:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.
Up and Away
Examine the principles of flight by making and flying paper airplanes.
Registration: Friday, October 10 in DiscoveryWorks

Wednesday, October 29, 4:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.
Spooky Origami
Create some very spooky creatures for Halloween.
Registration: Friday, October 24 in DiscoveryWorks
Saturday, October 25, 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. (Ages 8 & up)
This thrilling pop-up book workshop is a fall favorite created by author/illustrator Laurie Knowlton.
Participants will shiver with delight over this spooky workshop while learning Halloween trivia and
making their own pop-up book creation! Registration begins Monday, October 13 in the Children’s

Pumpkin Extravaganza
Wednesday, October 29, 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Ages 6-9)
Join us for some spook-tacular fun! Costumes are allowed. (No masks please.) Enjoy fun and
games, a craft and a “spook-a-licious” snack! Registration begins Monday, October 20.

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