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Appliance Category


									Appliance Category

Appliance Category              Manufacturer              Number

Adaptive Flt Disp (AFD)         Collins
Air Conditioner                 Beech Aircraft Corp.
                                Raytheon Aircraft Co.
Air Data Computers (ADC)        Collins
Air Data Inertl Ref Unit        AlliedSignal Avionics
                                Honeywell, Inc.
Air Filter                      Brackett Aircraft
                                Induction Air Filters
                                Pure-Air, Inc.
Airspeed Indicator              Filotecnica Salmoiraghi
Alternators                     Prestolite Co
Altimeter                       Kollsman
                                United Instruments
                                Weston-Garwin Carruth
Angle of Attack sensor          Sundstrand
Attitude Hdg Reference System   Honeywell, Inc.
                                Litef GmbH
Auto-pilot                      Aircraft Radio Corp.
                                AlliedSignal Avionics
                                Bendix Corporation
                                Honeywell, Inc.
                                King Radio
Autopilot Servo                 AlliedSignal Avionics
                                Honeywell, Inc.
Auxiliary Power Unit            Airesearch Mfg. Co.
                                AlliedSignal Engines
                                Auxiliary Power
                                Garrett Turbine Engine
                                Honeywell, Inc.
                                Pratt & Whitney Canada
Ball/Swivel Quick Connector     L'Hotellier, Louis
Ballasts                        Bruce Industries
Balloon Burner                  Cameron Balloons Ltd.

Batteries                  Artex Aircraft Supplies
                           Esb Wisco Inc.
                           Lithium Sulfur Dioxide
                           Nickel-Cadmium Battery
                           Saft America Inc.
Beverage Maker             Britax Sell GmbH & Co OHG
Brake Assemblies           Aircraft Braking Systems
                           Cleveland Aircraft
                           Goodrich, B.F.
                           Parker Hannifin
Cabin Doors                Bob Fields Aerocess
Cabin Superchargers        Godfrey Engineering Co.
Carburetors                Facet Aerospace
                           Precision Airmotive
Circuit Breakers           Mechanical Products
                           Texas Instruments
                           Wood Electric
Cockpt Voice Record        Fairchild Indust.Prod.
                           Microdot Inc.
Coffee Makers              Britax Sell GmbH & Co OHG
                           Nordskog Industries, Inc.
Combustion Heaters         JanAero Devices
                           Janitrol Aero Division
                           Kelly Aerospace
Cylinder Assemblies        Superior Air Parts
Cylinder, Propane          Cameron Balloons Ltd.
DME-Dist Measuring         AlliedSignal Avionics
                           Honeywell, Inc.
Dusting/Spraying Ops       Aircraft Dusting
EFIS-Elec Flight Inst Sy   Honeywell, Inc.
ELT                        AlliedSignal Engines
                           Garrett Turbine Engine
                           Honeywell, Inc.
                           Leigh Systems
                           Pathfinder Corp.

Emergency/Survival Equipment   Air Cruisers Co.
                               Eureka Williams Co.
                               Frost Engineering
                               Frost Engineering
                               Goodrich, B.F.
                               International Inflatables
                               Kidde, Walter
                               Pacific Inflatables Co
                               Pan Avion Co.
                               Sargent Industries
                               Switlik Parachute Co.
Emergncy Pwr Supplies          Jet Electronics & Tech
Engine Gage Units              Edison, Thomas A., Inc.
                               Garwin, Inc.
Fire Detectors                 Edison, Thomas A., Inc.
                               Pyrotector, Inc.
Fire Ext Dischargers           HTL Advanced Technology
                               Kidde, Walter
                               Overland Aviation
Fire Extinguishers             First Technology Fire
                               Graviner Manufacturing
                               Kidde, Walter
                               Pacific Scientific Co.
Flight Control System          Honeywell, Inc.
Flight Data Recorder           Fairchild Camera
                               Lockheed Aircraft Service
                               United Data Control
Flight Director System         Collins
                               Honeywell, Inc.
Flight Management System       Honeywell, Inc.
Flight Mgmt. Comp. (FMC)       Collins
Floats                         Edo Corporation
Fuel Cells                     Aircraft Braking Systems
                               Goodyear Aerospace
                               O & N Aircraft Mod Inc.
Fuel Control/Turbine Eng       Hamilton Standard
Fuel Flow Transmitter          Beech Aircraft Corp.
                               Bendix Corporation
                               Garwin, Inc.
                               Raytheon Aircraft Co.
Fuel Injected System           Bendix Corporation
                               Precision Airmotive

Fuel Pumps                  AC Spark Plug
                            Aero Accessories
                            Airesearch Mfg. Co.
                            Avco Lycoming
                            Chandler Evans
                            Consolidated Fuel Sys
                            Rajay Corp.
                            Roto-Master, Inc.
                            Textron Lycoming
                            Thompson Products, Inc
Fuel Selector Valve         Airborne Manufacturing
                            Parker Hannifin
Fuel System                 Chadwick, Inc.
GPS/NAV/COM                 Garmin International
GPWS(Gnd Prxmty Warn Sys)   Airtell International
Gear Boxes                  Dowty Aerospace
Glass Fiber Fabrics         Razorback Fabrics,inc
Glider Tow Couplings        Tost
Global Positioning System   AlliedSignal Avionics
                            Global Wulfsberg
                            Honeywell, Inc.
Governors                   Detroit Diesel Allison
                            Hamilton Standard
                            Woodward Governor Co.
Hardpoint Assemblies        Flight Trails Helicopters
Heater Fuel Reg/SO Valve    JanAero Devices
                            Kelly Aerospace
Hoists                      Breeze Eastern Aerospace
                            Lucas Aerospace
Horizontal Sit Ind-HIS      Collins
Hoses                       Aircraft Metal Products
                            Airesearch Mfg. Co.
                            Consolidated Fuel Sys
                            Consolidated Fuel Sys
                            Lindstrand Balloons
                            Rajay Corp.
                            Roto-Master, Inc.
                            Titeflex Corporation

Ignition Switches            ACS Products Company
                             Bendix Corporation
                             Briggs & Stratton Corp.
                             Gerdes Products Co.
                             Teledyne Continental
Inertial Ref. Unit (IRU)     Honeywell, Inc.
Instrument Filters           RAPCO Inc.
Instrument Landing Systema   AlliedSignal Avionics
                             Honeywell, Inc.
Integr. Avionics Computer    Honeywell, Inc.
Intercom/System              Andrea Radio Corp.
LORAN                        Edo Corporation
Landing Gear                 Volpar, Inc.
Lavatory Receptacles         Transport Category
Lighting                     Aerospace Lighting
                             Day-Ray Products
                             Precise Flight Inc.
                             S.E.L.A. Laboratoire
                             Transport Category
                             Whelen Engineering Co.
Magnetic Compass Systems     AlliedSignal Avionics
                             Honeywell, Inc.
                             King Radio
Magnetos                     American Industrial Sales
                             Bendix Corporation
                             Teledyne Continental
Navigation Systems           AlliedSignal Avionics
                             Honeywell, Inc.
                             Jet Electronics & Tech
                             Litton Systems
                             Mitchell Industries
                             Tracor Aerospace
Oil Coolers                  Stewart-Warner
Oil Filters                  Cessna Aircraft Company
                             Champion Spark Plug
                             Superior Flow Co.

Oxygen System             Eros
                          O2 Corporation
                          Pressed Steel Tank Co.
                          PTC Aerospace
                          Puritan-Bennett Aero
                          Rajay Corp.
                          Roto-Master, Inc.
                          Scott Aviation
                          Sierra Engineering Co.
Parachutes                3-Ring, Incorporated
                          Airotech, Inc.
                          G.Q. Security
                          Graves, Herb M.
                          Para-Flite Inc.
                          Pioneer Parachute Co.
                          Rigging Innovations
                          Strong Enterprises
                          Uninsured Relative
Piston Pin                Superior Air Parts
Pistons                   Superior Air Parts
Pitot Static Heater       Rosemount, Inc.
Protect Breathing Equip   E.I. Dupont De Nemours
                          Essex PB&R Corp.
                          Puritan-Bennett Aero
Push-pull Control         Shakespeare Products
Radio Magntic Indicator   Collins
Receiver(s)               Collins
Refueling System          Aircraft Tank Service
Remote Water Boiler       Britax Sell GmbH & Co OHG

Safety Belts               Air Associates
                           Aircraft Belt & Trim
                           Aircraft Belts, Inc.
                           Am-Safe, Inc.
                           Anjou Aeronautique
                           Auto Crat Manufacturing
                           Aviatech Inc.
                           Beech Aircraft Corp.
                           Brown-Line Corp.
                           Davis Aircraft Products
                           Eon Corporation
                           Hamill Manufacturing
                           Indiana Mills
                           Pacific Scientific Co.
                           Raytheon Aircraft Co.
                           Rupert Parachute Co.
                           Russell Manufacturing
                           Secur Aiglon
Seat Track Fittings        Weber Aircraft
Seats                      AMI Industries, Inc.
                           Aviointeriors S.p.A.
                           Flight Equipment
                           PTC Aerospace
                           Teco, Inc.
                           Transport Category
                           Universal Oil Products
Smoke Detectors            C-O-Two Div., Fyr-Fyter
                           Kidde, Walter
Spark Plugs                AC Spark Plug
Speaker(s)                 AlliedSignal Avionics
                           Bendix Corporation
                           Honeywell, Inc.
Standby Vacuum Systems     Precise Flight Inc.
Starter                    AlliedSignal Engines
                           Bendix Corporation
                           Garrett Turbine Engine
                           Honeywell, Inc.
Starting Vibrator          Bendix Corporation
                           Teledyne Continental
TAWS(Ter Aware Warn Sys)   Goodrich Avionics Systems
                           L-3 Communications

TCAS Terr Collision Avoid   AlliedSignal Avionics
                            Honeywell, Inc.
                            King Radio
                            Thales Aviation
Tires                       Aircraft Braking Systems
                            Goodrich, B.F.
                            Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co
Traffic Advisory System     BFGoodrich Avionics
Transducers                 Aerosonic Corporation
Transponder                 AlliedSignal Avionics
                            Garmin International
                            Honeywell, Inc.
                            Terra Corporation
                            Transport Category
Transponder Control Unit    Collins
Turbine Power Conversion    Soloy Conversions, Ltd
Turbochargers               Airesearch Mfg. Co.
                            Consolidated Fuel Sys
                            Rajay Corp.
                            Roto-Master, Inc.
Turn and Bank Indicator     Schwien Engineering
Unapproved Parts            ADS Supply Co.
                            Air Spares International
                            Spencer Aircraft
VHF Nav/Comm                UPS Aviation Technologies
VHF Nav/Comm Transceiver    Becker Flugfunkwerk
Vacuum Pumps                Airborne Manufacturing
                            Parker Hannifin
Vertical Gyro               Honeywell, Inc.
Water Boiler                Britax Sell GmbH & Co OHG
Water Heaters               Nordskog Industries, Inc.
                            Royal Inventum Company
Wheel Assemblies            Aircraft Braking Systems
                            Bendix Corporation
                            Goodrich, B.F.
Wheel Skis                  Federal Ski & Engineering

ral Ski & Engineering


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