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					                              PSG INDUSTRIAL INSTITUTE
                              INPLANT TRAINING EXAM
                               II SEM BE SW MECH/PROD
     Time: 90 Minutes                                             Max marks: 60
 1) The size of a horizontal boring machine is designed by
    a) Bed length b) diameter of the spindle c) column d) lead screw
 2) The clapper box is swiveled away from the face of the work to be cut
    a) Horizontal shaping b) Vertical shaping c) Angular shaping d) Irregular cutting
 3) The other name of irregular shaping
    a) Angular shaping b) Gear shaping c) Boring d) Contour shaping
 4) The angle plate is made up of
    a) Steel b) HSS c) Mild steel d) Cast iron
 5) Angular shaping is also known as
    a) Cutting splines b) Cutting of gear teeth c) Step cutting d) Dovetail cutting
 6) A screw thread pitch gauge can be used to check the _________________of threads
    a) Finer pitch b) Major diameter c) Minor diameter d) Lead
 7) A _______________may be defined as a cone shaped surface
    a) Taper b) Turning c) Facing d) Boring
 8) Given that conicity is 1/10 the length of taper 250mm the small diameter 50mm calculate the large
     diameter D
    a) 65 b) 45 c) 35 d) 75
 9) _______ is the distance between adjacent, corresponding points on the helix measured parallel
     to the axis
    a) Lead b) Major diameter c) Minor diameter d) Pitch
10) ________ machine is used to generate flat surface
    a) Shaping b) Milling c) Drilling d) Slotting
11) _______________ is the operation of removing excess metal stock rapidly and efficiently from the
      work piece, leaving enough stock for finishing to the specified size
    a) Rough turning b) Finish turning c) Turning d) None of these
12) ______________ produces a cylindrical pieces of work on which the diameter is uniform in size
      through out its entire length
    a) Rough turning b) Finish turning c) Straight turning d) None of these
13) It is the operation of machining a work piece the required dimensions within the tolerance specified
    a) Rough turning b) Finish turning c) Shoulder turning d) Turning between centers
14) Which materials produce continuous chip
     a) Ductile material b) Brittle material c) Rigid material d) None of these
15) Discontinuous chip is produced while machining ___________
     a) Ductile material b) Brittle material c) Rigid material d) None of these
16) It is a sequence of number listing the various angles in degrees and the size of the nose radius
     a) Tool signature b) Basic tool angles c) Tool geometry d) Tool life
17) It is an angle between the tool face and a line which represents the top of the nonground tool as it is
     viewed from the end
     a) Side rake angle b) Back rake angle c) Nose radius d) End relief angle
18) End relief angle is also known as
     a) End cutting edge angle b) Back rake angle c) Clearance angle d) Side relief angle
19) Three jaw chuck is also called as
     a) Self centering chuck b) Magnetic chuck c) Combination chuck d) Spindle chuck
20) Four jaw chuck possesses ___________ gripping power
     a) Less b) High c) Neither less nor high d) None of these
21) ______ is used to hold the work which due to its complicated shape and size
     a) face plate b) angle plate c) lathe dog d) mandrels
22) Carbide cutting tool inserts are made only by the
     a) plastic injection molding b) extrusion c) forging d) powder metallurgy technique
23) In shaping machine __________________ allows the cutting tool to lift on the return or idle stroke
     a) clapper box b) ram c) tool head d)table
24) Cutting is done during the return stroke as the tool is set in a reversed direction it is called as
     a) push-cut shaper b) traveling head shaper c) draw – cut shaper d) gear shaper
25) _______________ is the smallest unit to allow unmanned operation of a CNC machine
     a) flexible manufacturing module b) flexible manufacturing cell c) flexible manufacturing line
      d) flexible manufacturing factory
26) The expansion of ATC
     a) automatic tool changer b) arithmetic tool changer c) automatic tool charge d) none of these
27) ________ is used to move a tool or work piece from one programmed point to another
      for an operation such as drilling a hole
     a) point –to – point b) straight line c) contouring d) none of these
28) What are the types of thread used in lead screw rod
     a) ACME thread b) square thread c) rolled thread end d) none of these
29) The size of radial drilling machine is depends upon
     a) length of the arm b) drilling area c) number of holes can be drill d) maximum diameter of the drill
  30) The radial drilling machine is a ___________ duty machine
       a) Light b) heavy c) both a & b d) none of these
  31) The feed drive gives ____________ feed motion to the drill spindle
        a) Longitudinal b) transverse c) linear d) rotatory
  32) The operation which bevels the mouth of a hole with a rotary tool is caused as
        a) Counter boring b) counter sinking c) spot facing d) boring
  33) The drilling machine is based on which mechanism
        a) Rack and pinion b) spur gear c) compound gear train d) simple gear train
  34) ___________ operation becomes essential when a fairly large hole has to be cutb in thin material
        a) Trepanning b) boring c) spot facing d) reaming
  35) Tapping operation may be carried out on the drill press in order to _______________ in drilled hole
        a) drilling b) boring c) cutting threads d) reaming
  36) ________________ is the edge formed by the intersection of the flute surface and the body clearance
        a) body b) heel c) shank d) flute length
  37) ____________is the operation of the drill by which it is held and drive
        a) body b) heel c) shank d) flute length
  38) ______________is called as high production turning machine
        a) lathe b) cnc c) nc d) turret lathe
  39) _______________ may be defined as the thickness of metal removed in one
        a) feed b) speed c) depth of cut d) machining time
  40) Parting –off is also known as
        a) taper boring b) cutting –off c) key way cutting d) milling
  41) calculate the gear for cutting the following threads on a lathe with a leadscrew of 6mm pitch of 4mm
pitch _______________
        a) 30/60 b) 20/40 c) 40/60 d) 90/100
  42) This is just like a spur gear but with its teeth at an angle with the axis of rotation of the gear
        a) worm gear b) bevel gear c) rack and pinion d) helical gear
  43) The least count for screw gauge is
        a)0.1mm b) 0.01mm c) 0.001mm c) 0.0001mm
  44) The tolerance grade for IT6
         a) grinding, fine honing b) press work, tub rolling c) sand casting, flame cutting
         d) very fine reference gauge
  45) __ is defined as a measure of the extent to which a part is free from error
         a) Accuracy b) repeatability c) reliability d) precision
  46) Expansion of CIF
       a) computer integrated factor b) computerized manufacturing factor c) computer integral factor
      d) none of the these
47) It is a measure of the difference among the same dimensions of each piece machined
      a) Accuracy b) repeatability c) reliability d) precision
48) ______is a measure of dependability of the extend to which the machine can be consistently relied upon
      a) Accuracy b) repeatability c) reliability d) precision
49) The function of G21
      a) Metric input b) inch c) dwell time d) rapid position
50) The function of G84
      a) Tapping cycle b) drilling cycle c) boring cycle d) feed per minute
51) The vertical passage through the cope and connecting the poring basin to the runner or gate is called
      a) pouring basin b) sprue c) runner d) riser
52) _________________is a void or depression in the casting caused mainly by uncontrolled and
       haphazard solidification of the metal
      a) shrinkage cavity b) porosity c) pin holes d) gas holes
53) _____ is a hole cut or molded in the cope to permit the molten metal to rise above the
       highest point in the casting
      a) riser b) pouring cup c) sprue d) gate
54) ________________ is used when the casting are of intricate design or are required in bulk
       a) split pattern b) gated pattern c) match-plate pattern d) solid pattern
55) ________________ is describe the relative cross-sectional areas of the component of a gating system
       a) gating ratio b) bottom gate c) top gate d) parting gate
56) The accuracy of CMM
       a) 0.001-0.005mm b) 0.002-0.005mm             c) 0.01-0.005mm     d) 0.001-0.006mm

57) The size of the lathe is specified by
       a) maximum distance between the centre b) swing over the saddle c) swing over the cross slide
       d) maximium size of the work
58) Lathe head stock is made up of ___________materials
       a) cast iron b) gray cast iron c) malleable cast iron c) mild steel
59) __________________is used when machining tapers on the job
       a) Linear feed b) Angular feed c) cross feed d) feed
 60) ___________is a power driven machine
       a) drilling machine b) milling machine c) boring machine d) shaping machine

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