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					Grand Cayman's Best Kept Secret!
                               The Island Houses at Cayman Kai
                                Sand Pointe & Water Cay Roads
                                    Cayman Kai, Rum Point
                                    Grand Cayman, B.W.I.

                         "Cloud Nine" - Island House #9
                                   41 Sand Pointe Road

         Cloud Nine
        Island House

    Cayman Kai Vacations

  412-828-2111 in the US

 Island Houses of Cayman Kai

                                                          Cloud Nine Island House #9
                                      Cloud Nine – Island House #9
                                       Cayman Kai, Grand Cayman

 Located in the exclusive Cayman Kai area, it is nestled between a beautiful blue lagoon and the famous Rum Point
               Beach. With its open-air island styling, the house lets in summer breezes all year long.

Kick off your shoes, relax in a home away from home, play in the sea, swim in the pool, taste culinary delights, take
a bicycles ride, take a long walk on the beaches with few footprints, lay in a hammock and just relax and end your
day with a romantic sunset of the Caribbean at Rum Point Beach. Located in the heart of Rum Point on the north
shore of Grand Cayman. The Island House features a pool, deck, lagoon with dock with water views from both the
two-story screened-in lanai and the pool.

                                                     Floor Plan for

                                        Main Floor                    Upper Level
The living room is open and has plenty of seating for the entire family.
Large open living room area with a sun/TV room off the living room.

             Sun/TV room is directly off the living room

             Sun/TV room is directly off the living room
Dining area will seat six comfortably with easy access to the fully equipped kitchen. Also has a half bath off the
                                                  dining area.

                        Open kitchen with new appliances within the last three years.
                          Owner just put in (May 2008) all new kitchen cabinets.
                        Complete laundry room off to the right with washer and dryer
                    Stairway to second floor
The upstairs bedrooms have been retiled within the last three years.

 The master bedroom has a king size bed with a full bath, walk in
    closet and a balcony over looking the lanai and backyard.
The guest bedroom has a queen size bed with a full bath, walk in
   closet and a balcony over looking the lanai and backyard.

  Large two story lanai leads to the backyard, pool and lagoon.
The lanai offers a spacious area with plenty of seating for entertaining

         Sit in your lanai and enjoy the stunning view of the
              back yard and the calm water of the lagoon.
                           Cloud Nine is pictured off to the left directly behind the pool.

Care to take your dip in a swimming pool rather than the Caribbean Sea? You can swim in our 20' x 40' private pool
 surrounded by palm trees with their branches gently swaying in the breeze. For those who would rather lounge by
  the pool than swim, there is enough deck furniture provided for 20 people with a mixture of chairs, lounges and
Enjoy a swim in the freshwater pool that overlooks the lagoon, or step across to Rum Point (a one minute stroll) and
   enjoy lunch and drinks at the Wreck Bar then nap in one of the many hammocks shaded by Australian pine.

                                                Rum Point Beach which is just steps from
                                                your front door features lovely white sand
                                                beaches, pristine snorkeling over marine
                                                protected reefs, volleyball and beautiful
                                                Casuarinas Australian pines with shaded
                                                hammocks, beach chairs and picnic tables.
                                                The Wreck Bar & Grill offers an excellent
                                                lunch menu and full bar.

                                                Your front yard is North Sound where you can enjoy some of the
                                                best swimming, snorkeling and diving in the world. Enter Rum
                                                Point Beach by taking a few steps from your front door on a sand
                                                path between white picket fences. As you walk toward the beach,
                                                cool trade winds quickly erase all thoughts of your job, commute
                                                and bad weather at home. Australian pines with island parrots and
                                                tropical birds sitting on feathery branches shade the shore.

                                        Equipped with the following amenities:
 Air-Conditioned bedrooms                   Screened-Lanai                       Ceiling Fans in all rooms

 Master Bedroom- King Size Bed              Guest Bedroom- Two doubles           Each bedroom has full bath

 Balcony off each bedroom                    New fully Equipped Kitchen          Dishwasher

 Microwave                                  Coffee Maker                         All utensils & pots & pans
                                            Linens (Bed & Bath) & Beach
 Washer and Dryer                                                                Laundry supplies
 Iron/Ironing Board                          TV -Satellite Cable                 TV - VCR
                                                                                  Telephone- Local Free -
 Stereo with CD Player & CD's                VCR Library
                                                                               International calls with credit card
                                                                                  Famous Rum Point Beach-
  Swimming Pool                              Lagoon and Dock
                                                                               150 feet out the front door
                                    Amenities, Activities, Restaurants
                               and Other Services near to the Island Houses

  Convenient store-5 miles away         "Upstairs Restaurant" at The Kaibo     "The Kaibo Beach Bar & Grill
                                        Wreck Bar & Grill at Rum Point
  "Rum Point Restaurant"                                                       "Over the Edge Restaurant
                                        Other Restaurants within a short       "The Famous "Rum Point
  "Driftwood Sport Bar"
                                      drive                                  Beach"
  Red Sail Sports Water Facility at
                                        Scuba Diving                           Jet-Skiing
Rum Point
  Paddle Boats at Rum Point Beach       Water Skiing                           Boating
                                        Wading and Swimming in the
  Swimming at Rum Point Beach                                                  Snorkeling at Rum Point Beach
                                                                               Treasure Gift Shop at Rum
  All types of Fishing                  Sailing
                                                                             Point Beach
  Walking - lovely area to walk in      Bicycling                              Beach Combing
                                        Cayman Kayaks at Rum Point
  Tennis                                                                       Local Craft Stores
             An investment that will give you many type of "Returns"!
Over the years the owner of Cloud Nine – Island House have truly enjoyed not only their
time spent at "Cloud Nine” but what it has given them in return..

The owners will always have very fond memories of the Island of Grand Cayman, the area
of Cayman Kai/Rum Point and especially the People and their Neighbors.

Now they have decided to move on and look forward to other adventures and places to go,
so they have elected to offer their Island House for purchase to someone who would like to
enjoy these benefits that they have enjoyed over the years.

They are positive you will come to appreciate the tranquil captivating beauty, most
assuredly the safety and refreshing lifestyle and return on your investment that is exclusive
to owning Cloud Nine at Cayman Kai, Rum Point, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, B. W. I.

                                AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

                      An Investment in "Cloud Nine- Island House
a Caribbean Island House at Cayman Kai, Rum Point, Grand Caymans, B.W.I. can offer you
                                     many things:

                                 Excellent Return on Investment

         Affordable Vacations       Great Rental Occupancy & Income          Retirement

                                  They Can All Be Yours!!!

      In concerning the purchase of our Island House - "Cloud Nine", please take into
           consideration what you would receive in return for your investment:

     - An excellent overall return on your investment. - Since Grand Cayman is one of the
most popular vacation spots in the Caribbean, the future holds very good appreciation
value in the upcoming years. Over the last five years investment properties have double in

- The Best Location on Grand Cayman - Located in the exclusive area of Cayman Kai is this
Community by the Sea. Cayman Kai covers 400 acres, and has more than six miles of beach
with very few footprints. It is low density, mostly private homes on half acre sites. Located
on the quiet North Side of the island, a 45-minute drive from the busy city of Georgetown
or a twenty minute ferry ride, it has the famous Rum Point Beach only a few steps from
your front door, a fresh water pool only a few steps from your back door, a inlet lagoon
that exits in to the Caribbean Sea, many activities for adults and children, many very good
restaurants, a complete water facility "Red Sport Sails" at Rum Point Beach which offers any
water sport you could want, a convenience store within a short distance and some of the
World's finest neighbors.

-Completely Updated Exterior- A recently completed update of the exterior of the Island
House. The outside has been completely updated with a new stucco finish that has a 20
year life expectancy, new screening, updated electrical, new air conditioning units and a
new roof with a 20 year guarantee.
- A Complete Updating of Outside Landscaping. - They have recently updated all
landscaping around the Island House.

- Great "Rental Occupancy & Income"- This Island House even though it has never been
used as a rental property does have the capability of generated rental income to off set your
expenses to own the Island House. Other Island Houses in the same area generate $25, 000
and more.

- A Web Site to Generate Rentals- Using Cayman Kai Vacation as your rental management
company, that is listed on all the top search engines and major travel web sites, so that it
will generate rental income from the potential of millions of people that are looking for a
place to vacation at every day of the year.

-Recent Improvements-

   1.   Installation of a new state of the art septic system for the Island House.
   2.   New aluminum roof with a 20 year guarantee.
   3.   Synergy (stuccoing) the entire outside of the house with a 20 year guarantee.
   4.   Synergy (stuccoing) the interior of the lanai.
   5.   Replace structural support beams on the lanai.
   6.   New air conditioners for both bedrooms.
   7.   New carpeting for the stairs, hallway, and both bedrooms.
   8.   All new screening

                                            Keys to
                                 "Cloud Nine – Island House"
                               Selling Price: $425,000.00 USD

                       This Island House is priced to "Sell Now".

Since the Owners has not been able to use this Island House because of health problems she
                            has elected to price it to sell now!

               1. There is a one time Stamp Tax paid by the purchaser which is 6% of the
                  selling price. This tax is calculated as follows
                       a. Selling price less the total value of the chattels at the Island House
                          equals the price the Stamp Tax is paid on
                               i. Selling price $425,000.00
                              ii. Chattel Value $42,500.00 (Normally around 10% of
                                  Selling Price
                             iii. Stamp Tax paid on $382,500.00 (6%)
                             iv. Stamp Tax is $22,950.00

               If you are interested in discussing the purchase of Cloud Nine:
              Please send your inquiry with your name and phone number to:

                                   Cayman Kai Vacations
                                         or call
                                      (412) 828-2111

General Operating Cost of the Island House
      1. Hurricane Insurance - $10,500 per year paid in equal installments on April 1,
          May 1, June 1 & July 1 each year.
      2. Maintenance Fee - $7200.00 per year paid quarterly- $1800.00. (Included all
          maintenance of outside common area & pool maintenance, plus cable TV).
      3. Contents Insurance – Covering $35,000 is $900.00 approx. per year.
      4. Utilities
             a. Electric – depends on if you are renting it. Figure about $75 per week
                  when you use it. For renters figure $150 per week since you do not know
                  how much air conditioning they will be using
             b. Telephone – approx. $45.00 per month plus your call international.
                  Phone is blocked when renters are there, but they can use their credit
                  cards. DSL High Speed Internet is $40.00 per month.
             c. Water – comes from the cistern but if it doesn’t rain you have to order it
                  - if needed ($300.00 per 4500 gallons) There will be city water very
                  soon. They are in the process of completing the project now which will
                  reduce the water expense.
      5. Pest Control - $75 per quarter done by the management company.
      6. Repairs – depends if needed
      7. There are no taxes in the Caymans

General Cost of Rentals
Advertise on Cayman Kai Vacations web site:
Individual Web site on Cayman Kai Vacations
Cost is $150 per year listing fee with Commission of 12% of Net Rentals
Cayman Kai Vacations handles all aspects of dealing with renters.
You must have a management company on the island, who will supply opening, closing
services, maid service and emergency services.

      1. We recommend (North Coast Resort Management) - $50.00 per month to have
           them on call at all times for renters and repairs if necessary.
      2. Cayman Government Annual Tourist Accommodation License Fee - $ 185.00
           per year.
      3. Opening Cost for renters is approx. $50.00/$75.00 depending how long the
           maid service takes
      4. Closing Cost for renters is approx. $75.00/$120.00 depending on now long the
           maid service takes.
      5. Maid Service – approx. $25.00/$50.00 per day (offer maid service twice a week
           a week. Approx. Cost of $50/$100.00 per week rental.)
      6. Supplies – approx. $25.00/$50.00 per month
      7. Utilities
               a. Electric – figure approx. $75.00/$150.00 per week (can be more or less
                  depending on the usage by the renter).
               b. Telephone – no additional charges since they must use their credit card
                  to call international.
               c. Water – depends if needed ($269.00 per 4500 galloons)
General Information regarding rentals from Cayman Kai Vacations
      1. 75% of rentals are to families with children
      2. 15% of rentals are to couples
      3. 10% of rentals are to honeymooners
      4. Prime rental season is from December 15 thru April 14 - @ $350.00 per day,
           $2450 per week
5. Summer rental season is from April 15 thru December 14 - @$325.00 per day,
   $2275.00 per week
6. Holiday rental season is Christmas and New Years week @ $375.00 per day,
   @2675.00 per week
7. Offer maid service every other day at no charge to renter

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