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I love My Laptop Contest


									I love My Laptop Contest !

      Contest starts on: May 01, 2008
      Ends on: May 31, 2008

Prizes to be won:

Grand Prize:

A Brand New Laptop for the winning entry ! Also get featured in Digit !

Other Prizes:

10 one year subscription to Digit Magazine

Every participant will get 3 months of electronic copy of the Digit Magazine

Contest Details:


We believe that a laptop is not merely a technological device, but an integral
part of your daily life, and we would like to hear from you what you have to say
about the laptop that you so judiciously chose from countless options available
in the market.

If you are a proud owner of a laptop that is everything you could ever dream
of, OR even if you feel that it has certain shortcomings, write to us in not more
than 400 hundred words, your honest and unbiased review about your prized
possession – mentioning the features you like and those you don’t, along with a
picture of you and your laptop.

The winning entry wins a spanking new notebook, plus an opportunity to get
his/her photograph published in DIGIT – Your favourite tech magazine.
How to participate:
Step 1: Mention the Brand, Model & Registration No of your laptop (check
manufacturers label on the reverse)

Step 2: Write down a review of YOUR laptop in about 300 – 400 words briefly
touching upon features like Build and Design, Display, Ports and Features,
Audio, Performance and Benchmarks, Heat and Noise, Battery Life, Keyboard,
Touchpad, Media Controls and Indicators, etc.

Step 3: Write down 5 most common uses of your laptop (e.g.: surfing the
internet, chatting, playing games etc.)

Step 4: Mention the overall rating of the laptop you own - on a scale of 1 to 5

Step 5: Mention the overall rating of after sales customer support you get from
the brand on a scale of 1 to 5

Step 6: Click a photograph of yourself along with your laptop (max size: 500

Step 7: Write down your Name, Age, Occupation, Postal address, Telephone
numbers & E-mail address

Step 8: Email all the above details and the photograph to laptop- OR you could alternatively submit all details by clicking
on the "submit your entry" button below.

*The contest is open to participants residing in India having a postal address in India where we
can ship the prize if the participant wins the contest.
*The content submitted in the entries will be owned by Nine dot Nine Media.
*Terms and conditions apply.

       Submit your entry

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