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									   U.S. COAST GUARD
  YORKTOWN, VA 23690




     Revised – 11/28/07
                               HOBBY SHOP HOURS
                                         Summer Hours
                                        April 1 – Sept 30th

                      MONDAY – FRIDAY                         0900 - 2000
                      SATURDAY – SUNDAY                       0900 – 1700

                                          Winter Hours
                                          Oct 1 – Mar 31st

                      MONDAY – FRIDAY                         0900 - 1830
                      SATURDAY – SUNDAY                       0900 – 1700

                                    CLOSED HOLIDAYS!

Phone: 757-856-2279

                            OUTDOOR RECREATION
Outdoor Recreation is a multifaceted program. It includes the following: Adventure trips
(scheduled at least once per month), fishing gear and pier passes, and rental equipment itemized
in this handout including camping gear, kayaks, canoes, canopies, hybrid bicycles and lawn and
garden equipment. For information on any of the above programs or to make reservations
contact the outdoor recreation supervisor located at the Hobby Shop, 757-856-2100.
                                     AUTO HOBBY
The Auto Hobby Shop has 6 bays, three with lifts, a tire changer, parts cleaner, engine and
transmission hoist, used oil and transmission fluid disposal, bearing press, engine analyzer, and
much more. Customers are allowed usage of the equipment and facilities on a “first come – first
served” basis.

                                  BOATING RENTALS
                                     Daily                          Weekend

CANOE/KAYAK                          $15.00 ($10.00 up to half day)
6 CANOES OR KAYAKS w/TRAILER         $75.00                       $100.00
DRY BAGS                             $ 2.00
CANOE TRAILER                        $25.00
KAYAK TRAILER                        $25.00
PFD                                  $ 2.00

(Canoe and/or Kayak trailer is provided for $15.00 when two or more canoes are rented)

                                    Daily                         Annual

ROD AND REEL                        $3.00
PIER PASS                           $4.00                         $25.00
                             Pier Passes FREE for Students

                                    CAMPING GEAR

                                            Daily                          Weekend
ROCKWELL CAMPING TRAILER                    $49.00 ($150.00 Deposit)       $195.00(week)
TENT (1-3 person)                           $ 7.50                         $ 12.00
TENT (4-6 person)                           $12.50                         $ 21.00
STOVE                                       $ 3.00
LANTERN                                     $ 5.00
SLEEPING BAG                                $ 4.00
COT                                         $ 3.00
COOKING SET                                 $ 2.00
FAMILY CAMPING BIN (All Equip)              $45.00                         $ 75.00
CAMPING BIN (1-6 person)                    $35.00                         $ 55.00
TARP                                        $ 2.00
FLASHLIGHT                                  $ 1.00
COOLER (Large)                              $ 5.00
COOLER (Small)                              $ 3.00

Camping Gear must be returned clean. All poles and tent stakes must be returned. Replacement
costs are: Stakes $5.00 Poles $15.00


                                            Daily                          Weekend

SMALL (12X12)                               $45.00                         $75.00

LARGE (20X20, 20X30)                 $90.00                                $150.00
                        ALL CANOPIES ARE FREE STANDING!

MULTI-SPEED HYBRID                  $3.00
Bicycles can only be rented during the normal operating hours of the Auto Hobby Shop.
Bicycles can be rented for trips or longer periods only with prior approval from the Outdoor
Recreation supervisor.
                    LAWN and GARDEN RENTALS
                              Daily                 Weekend

AERATOR                       $35.00                $65.00
THATCHER                      $35.00                $60.00
CHIPPER/SHREDDER              $35.00                $65.00
CHAIN SAW                     $25.00                $45.00
EDGER                         $10.00                $15.00
LAWN MOWER (Push)             $15.00                $25.00
LAWN VACUUM                   $25.00                $40.00
LEAF BLOWER                   $10.00                $15.00
LOG SPLITTER                  $45.00                $75.00
TILLER (Rear)                 $40.00                $70.00
TILLER (Front)                $15.00                $25.00
SAW, POLE GAS 8’              $10.00                $15.00
SPREADER                      $5.00                 $10.00
WEED TRIMMER                  $10.00                $15.00
ELECTRIC HEDGE TRIMMER        $10.00                $15.00

                     HOME CARPENTRY ITEMS
AIR COMPRESSOR                         $5.00
CEMENT MIXER, ELECTRIC                 $15.00
DRILL, CORDLESS                        $5.00
HAMMER, SLEDGE                         $3.00
LEVEL                                  $2.00
NAIL GUN, FINISH                       $5.00
POST HOLE DIGGER                       $5.00
ROUTER                                 $5.00
SAW, CHOP                              $10.00
SAW, CIRCULAR                          $5.00
SAW, COMPOUND MITRE                    $15.00
STAND, MITRE SAW                       $5.00
TAMPER, 8X8                            $2.00

                               HOBBY SHOP
BAY TIME                               $2.50 PER ½ HOUR
FULL DAY BAY TIME 0900-1830            $30.00
OVERNIGHT BAY                          $15.00
PARKING LOT                            $ 5.00
ENGINE ANALYSIS                        $15.00
BENCH USE                              $ 5.00
TIRE CHANGE                            $ 4.00 PER TIRE
TIRE BALANCE                           $ 4.00 PER TIRE (plus $.50 per weight)
BATTERY CHARGE                                      $ 3.00
PARTS WASHER                                        $ 2.00
BREARING PRESS                                      $ 1.00

                                     MISC. RENTALS
BAR B Q GRILL                                     $30.00 PER DAY
CAR TOW DOLLY                                     $30.00        $50.00 WEEKEND
EXTENTION LADDER(28’)                             $ 10.00
GENERATOR                                         $25.00
GOLF CLUBS                                        $ 8.00
OPEN/CLOSED TRAILER                               $25.00 PER DAY
PAINTBALL                                         $8.00 PER DAY
PRESSURE WASHER                                   $20.00
RUG DOCTOR                                        $24.00
SNO CONE MACHINE                                  $10.00
TABLES 8’                                         $ 5.00

                                  DEPOSITS AND FEES

There will be a $25.00 Cleaning Fee for any piece of equipment that is not clean
when it is returned.
A Deposit of $150.00 will be charged for the Camping Trailer

ALL fees and charges are due in full upon receipt of the item. Payment may be
made by cash, check, or credit card.

A late charge will be assessed if the item is not returned by the due date and time.
The user will be charged the daily rate for each additional day.

Additional charges will be assessed to cover damaged or missing parts.

                           POLICIES AND PROCEDURES

Active duty military and their dependants, retired military and their dependants, DOD civilians,
and contractors that are assigned to TRACEN Yorktown are authorized to checkout equipment.
Family members, other than spouses who wish to checkout equipment must be at least 18 years
of age. All authorized users are required to present a valid identification card before issue.
Condition of Equipment
Every effort is made to ensure items are clean and serviceable prior to issue. It is the patron’s
right and responsibility to check the condition of each item before accepting the item. If any
item has discrepancies the patron should request the item be exchanged or annotate the receipt
with the discrepancy and the condition of the item. After signing the receipt and departing the
facility, it is the patron’s responsibility to ensure all items are returned clean and in serviceable

All items are issued strictly on a first come, first served basis and may be reserved 30 days in
advance for daily loan/rentals with a deposit equal to 25% of the daily rate.

Full refunds will only be made if canceled a minimum of 7 days in advance. Refunds for
reservation deposits will be given with less than 7 days notice with documentation of one of the
following: a) mission requirements b) medical emergencies c) emergency leave situations or d)
act of nature

1 Day Weekday issue – any 24 hour period from the date and or time noted on the receipt and
issue, except for holidays, late or reservation issues.

2 Day/ or Weekend – any 48 hour period or from 1500 Friday until 0900 Monday morning.

Holiday – any item issued over a holiday weekend must be returned by 0900 on the first day
following the holiday.

                          EQUIPMENT RETURN HOURS
                                           Summer Hours
                                          April 1 – Sept 30th

                       MONDAY – FRIDAY                          0900 - 2000
                       SATURDAY – SUNDAY                        0900 – 1700

                                            Winter Hours
                                            Oct 1 – Mar 31st

                       MONDAY - FRIDAY                          0900 - 1830
                       SATURDAY – SUNDAY                        0900 – 1700

                                      CLOSED HOLIDAYS!

Phone: 757-856-2279

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