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					Thank you for purchasing this guide. In the guide I will show
you many ways to make money. Some of which have been
carefully guarded by many players, but I will reveal my best
secrets in this guide. Enjoy!

                         Table Of Contents
             1.Guide To Making 70-120k per hour
             requirements: none                      Page 1

             2.Guide to making 100-400k per hour       4

             3. Runescape (free 2 play) Money Making Page 4-
             Guide.                                    8
             4. The best skills to make money and how
                            to use them.
             5.Combat training guide                  16-19
Section 1. Secrets To Making 70-120k
per hour with combat level 40
       There are many ways in Runescape to make money and do so
fairly quickly. I will explain to you several of the best ways.

      The first method is a very easy but requires a combat level of at
least 40. This method is simple once you are familiar with the game.

       -The first Secret is to kill all flesh crawlers that are at level 30.

    -Secondly, the flesh crawlers only hit one (hit point) if your
combat level is 40 or greater.

       -Third, the location has been kept secret by many guides but I
will reveal it to you. The crawlers are on the third second level in the
stronghold of security and are located near the prize room on the
level. In the prize room go south and then go east. The crawlers are
in the corner. You can easily make 50k if you pick up only the herbs on
the following chart and with a full inventory of rannar’s it equals
around 120k.
Name/        | rarity   |price| how quick they are sold
Grimy Rannar| rare | 6k | they sell immediately
Grimy Cadentine| uncommon|1k|sell immediately
Grimy Irit|uncommon|1k|quickly sold
Grimy Dwarf weed| uncommon|2-3k|sold quickly

  Another method of moneymaking is by picking flax near seer’s village
then putting it in the bank. Do this until you have 5k of flax. This may
take a while but it is well worth it. Teleport to lumbridge then in lumby
at the top of the castle there is a bank. Fill your inventory with flax
then spin it on the spinning wheel located in the second floor of the
lumbridge castle. Do this until you have 5k bow strings. Each bow
string sell for about 120 gp so 5000 would equal 700k.
Guide to making 100-400k per hour

               70 strength or 70 agility
                      70+ range
                     High Defense
  Some Money to buy Equipment , food , and other items
        Avas Accumulator (animal Magnatism)

                    Lets Get Started
          (bring a rope if its your first time)

              And your Equipment Like this
Now Use a Burthorpe games necklace and go a little north west and
                       follow this path
Use your rope on the hole if its your first time then go down and go a
 little south and you will see creatures called Avansies Kill these and
pickup the Adamant bars they pick up they are noted so you can bank
   when you want and alch the rune items like dagger (p) and rune
            limbs. You can make up to 2.5m a day.

Runescape (free 2 play) Money
Making Guide.

In this guide I will give you hints and tips on money making and
becoming a millionaire! I’ve personally tried all of these and know how
they all work! In this guide I’ll explain how to make over 900k at level
3! Follow the instructions in my guide and you’ll be a millionaire in no

Air Running:

  Difficulty: Low
  World(s): 16
  Requirements: Rune mysteries Quest, Air talisman/tiara

On world 16 near Falador, you’ll see a bunch of people running around
together. Why? Because they’re running to the air temple and back.
Air running is a pretty popular thing, because it’s a way to get 2k for

All you need is an Air talisman (or tiara), 25 UNNOTED essences, and a
lot of patience. What you do is you get 25 unnoted essences, and rune
to the mysterious ruins (follow someone to get there if you don’t know
how) and use your talisman with it. it’ll teleport you. After you get
teleported, look around for someone that is saying “Open” or “Open
2k” and trade them. Put up your 25 unnoted essences and he’ll put up
2k cash and 25 noted essences.

Accept and you’ll have 2k and 25 unnoted essences. Run back to the
bank and deposit your 25 essences, and withdraw them back out
unnoted and run back to the mysterious ruins. Find someone else (or
the same person) saying open, trade them your unnoted essences and
you’ll get 2k and 25 noted essences. Run back, unnote them and
repeat until you have 100k. Air running takes a long time but is a
foolproof method of getting money.

   •   0-100k
   •   Difficulty: Low
   •   Time: Medium
   •   World(s): Any
   •   Rating: 6/10
   •   Requirements: None

What you do is you go to the chicken coop near lumbridge, or in the
champions guild (32 Quest Points required) and start killing chickens,
they probably won’t even cause any damage on you, regardless of
your level, and pick up all the feathers they drop. They drop 5-15
feathers almost every time, but occasionally they won’t drop any.

After you get about 5k feathers (should take about 30 minutes to an
hour) go to the Runescape forums, and look around for a thread
saying “buying feathers 7-10.

ea”. Since you’re f2p you won’t be able to post, but you can still read
the threads and sell to the people buying feathers, add them to your
friends list and tell them you’re selling your feathers. If you got 5k
feathers like I said, the very least you should sell them for is 35k, or
you could go to Varrock world 1 and say you’re selling feathers 7-10
ea, that works too.

After you’ve sold your feathers you will hire other people to get the
feathers for you. Just go to the lumbridge Chicken Coop and tell the
people there you’ll pay 3 gp per feather, hire about 5-10 people there
and tell them to sell you the feathers every 1k. So 5 people selling you
1k feathers for 4 ea is 20k. Now you sell those 5k feathers for another
35k, bringing your total to 45k. Repeat until 100k.

Eyes of Newt:

   •   6k-400k

   •   Difficulty: Easy
   •   World(s):Any

   •   Requirements: Some money to buy eye of newts

Eye of newts can be a huge money maker but it takes a lot of time. First
go to the Draynor bank. Have some money and go to the Port Sarim
magic shop. Buy 27 eye of newts for 3 gp each then store them in the
bank. Once you have 2k eye of newts or more try to sell them in the
Runescape forums. This will take some time but you can sell them for
gp each, thus making a 197 gp profit on each eye of newt! While the
eyes of newt might seem like it could make you rich, it is one the most
incredibly long and boring ways to merchant.

Rune Merchanting

   •   100k-200k
   •   Difficulty: Low
   •   Time: Medium
   •   World(s): 1-5
   •   Rating: 8/10
   •   Requirements: None

Congratulations you made your first 100k! Now with that 100k you can
go to Varrock and start merchanting rune items, like scimitars, 2h’s,
Full helms and plate bodies. Personally I like 2h’s and full helms, you
can buy a rune scimitar for 20k and sell it for 25k. Rune 2h for 45k
and sell for 50-55k. Rune plate bodies for 50k and sell for 55-60k, and
full helms for 18-20k and sell for 25-36k.

I’ve tried all these, and in my experience, it’s easiest to buy rune full
helms for 20k and selling for 25k. With your first 100k, I recommend
buying 5 rune full helms for 20k ea and selling for 25k ea. After you’ve
sold all your full helms you should have 125k, and with that you can
buy 6 rune full helms for 20k ea. Do so, and resell for 25k ea. That’ll
bring you to 150k. Buy 7 rune full helms 20k ea and sell for 25k ea.
That’ll bring you to 175k. You know what you can buy with that much?
That’s right! FULL RUNE!

With your 175k buying full rune for 165-175k. and sell for 180-200k.
It’ll be hard to sell for 200k, or 190k for that matter. so try to sell for
180k. Do that until you have 200k, and then you can choose to do one
of two things: Rune merchanting (as in air runes, waters, fires, etc..) or
my favorite f2p money maker of all time: Lobster merchanting.

Lobster Merchanting:

   •   200k-1000k+
   •   Difficulty: Low
   •   Time: Short
   •   World(s): 1-5
   •   Rating: 10/10
   •   Requirements: None

This is by far my favorite method in Runescape, Lobster merchanting!
With your 200k (from Rune item merchanting) go to world 1 Varrock
in front of the bank (past where you buy runes, in the big field) type
“Buying 1k Lobs, 200k!” and you should get them relatively quick.
After you buy the lobs, walk to Edgeville bank, and switch to worlds
either 3 or 5, and say “Selling lobs 220 ea!!!===your game name”
and you’ll get a lot of trades pretty fast, as soon as the trade screen
comes up put up all your lobsters.

Normally, the person will put up 22k (enough for 100 lobsters) but
sometimes they’ll buy up 44k (200 lobs) 66k (300 lobs) or sometimes
even 88k (400 lobs). Sometimes, if you’re lucky the person will put up
25k for 100 lobsters, because that’s there normal price for buying 100
lobsters, and they don’t want to mess up their amount of money. So if
someone puts up 25k, they’ll want 100 lobsters. You’ll sell the lobsters
pretty quickly, and after you sell them all you should have 220k. Not
that big of a profit NOW.
But keep doing that (or any of the other methods listed in this guide)
until you have 400k. At 400k you can buy 2k lobsters, and sell for
440k. 40k profit? Nice! Keep merchanting lobsters until 780k, or you
can keep going forever to get as much money as you want.

Rune T/G Merchanting:

• 780k-1400k+
• World(s): 1-5
• Rating: 7/10
• Requirements: None

Congratulations, you now have enough money to buy full rune t!! You
can either quit here, or you can continue on and make even more
money! Ok now. With your 780k, go to the left of Varrock West bank,
and at the top left corner, you’ll see people buying and selling full rune
t/g. With your 780k (you can with 750k, but it’s MUCH harder) say
“Buying full rune t”. After you’ve bought your full rune t, say “Selling
full rune T” and you’ll get a lot of trades. Only accept if they offer 840k
or more. After you’ve sold it, re-buy for 780k, and sell for 840k (or

From here and you could start merchanting party hats and other rare
stuff like or just continue merchanting using my ideas.

(Note all the prices may and could suddenly change, be aware of that.)

      The best skills to make money and
              how to use them.

                         Wood Cutting

                             Tree Guide
                    Wc Lvl        Market
Tree                       Per              Locations/Notes
                    Needed        Price/Log

Regular/Evergreen                               Good place to chop regular trees
                                  Trivial-      is the Draynor forest. However,
                    1      25     don't sell,   they are almost everywhere.
                                  burn.         Do not try to sell these logs,
                                                burn them.
                                                Oaks are usually located
Oak                                             anywhere regular trees are. Try
                                Trivial-        Draynor forest, as usual. I
                    15     37.5 don’t sell,     personally chop Oaks at the
                                burn.           Southern entrance of Varrock.
                                                It is also recommended to burn
                                                Near Draynor Bank, and in
                                                Draynor Forest (they are in a
Willow              30     62.5 50 gp           circle around a swamp)
                                                Try to sell these in large
Hollow (Members)                                  Hollow Trees are found just west
                                                  of Canifis, in Mauritania.
                     45          82.5 Unknown     The Hollow logs are used to
                                                  make Spitbark armor.
Maple (Members)

                                                  Located in the Seers Bank area.
                                                  This tree is only found in
                     45          100              members areas, but can be
                                       gp each    traded, burned etc in non
                                                  members areas.

                                                  Members- Directly under
                                                  flax/beehive fields (best place),
Yew                                               various other spots
                                                  Non-Members- Draynor Forest
                     60          175              (highly recommended) , Castle in
                                       gp         Varrock, deserted crumbling
                                                  house near Edgeville (crowded
                                                  on Nonmembers servers,
Magic (Members)                                   Near the Ranging Gulid (best
                                                  location). One is in Tree Gnome
                     75          250   1000+ gp   Stronghold, near a bank. Few
                                                  other areas (isolated trees)

                                  Axe Guide
An axe's quality and speed of chopping increases as the
material quality increases. The better the material, the
faster you will get logs, etc.
       Type of Axe              Tree to Cut        Attack Lvl            Cost
Bronze                    Regular/Oak                    1           20gp
Iron                      Oak                            1           50gp
Steel                     Oak/Willow                     5           225gp
Black                         Oak/Willow                           10            750gp
Mithril                       Willow                               20            500gp
Adamantine                    Yew                                  30            3000gp
Rune                          Yew/Magic                            40
Note: you can use any axe at any attack level, but you can't weild an axe unless
you have the right attack level.

          It is recommended you get a Rune axe for around
20k. It will pay for itself in no time.

•  Profitable- 300k to 400k in a week if you work hard chopping
   yews, and profits over 1 million if you work hard chopping
• Simple- Just click on a tree a bunch times, instead of running
   around smithing, mining, fishing etc.
• Easier Selling- Most people will have armor, but there is a
   constant need for yews in the game (for fletching). The
   demand will never be quenched.
No matter what anyone says, woodcutting is an awesome
skill to have in Runescape. I thought very little of it until I
realized I could get almost anything I wanted in the game
with a high woodcut. Much money can be derived from the
selling of yews, and magic logs. Therefore, I followed this

Below I describe the basic Woodcutting regimen I followed.

Level 1-14
    •     Cut down regular tree after regular tree in various spots of the game. I
          recommended starting serious woodcut skill training at 15 WC. Basically, cut down
          tree after tree in Draynor forest and burn them for fire making XP.
Level 15-29
    •     I was already in this range when I started. So, I did the Draynor forest deal again,
          because many Oak trees are in the area. Just get a load of oaks, run to the bank,
       and keep on doing this until you have a large quantity of logs. Do not sell these
       logs unless you are desperately poor. They give fairly decent fire making XP.
Level 30-44
   •   This level is where the woodcut process really began. I got to such a high woodcut
       level primarily from chopping willow trees. There are about three willow trees
       behind a little shed in Lumbridge. (The shed is near the bridge crossing the river,
       right across from the general store). Almost directly across from the shed/willow
       combo, was a general store, which I ran to after I had got a load. I made,
       surprisingly, quite a bit of spare change from this. Although, if you prefer slower,
       but much more, cash for your logs, then stockpile them (run painstakingly over to
       the Draynor bank), although that will impede your woodcut progress a lot. If you
       don’t want the profits at all, then go to the Draynor bank, and right next to it, by the
       seashore, is a patch of usually crowded willow trees. This gives you the XP, not
       the cash. Highly recommended to do the first option I presented. Chop willows
       until lvl 60 woodcut if you are a non member. It will take forever, but it’s HIGHLY
       worth it. Mithral or Adamant axe needed.
Lvl 45-59
   •   If you are a member, simply cut the maples surrounding the Seers bank.
       Otherwise, cut willows until 60 woodcut selling them to a general store while you
       are at it.
Lvl 60-74

   •   Time to cut yews! For the yew Business, you will make huge profits if you are
       willing to spend a little extra time. First off, you definitely need a Rune axe for this
       tree. It will be incredibly slow without one. They are only 30k. After purchase, head
       to your roots, Draynor forest. Start to chop the heck out of the few Yew trees there.
       When your inventory gets full, run to Draynor bank to empty you load. Yew trees
       die (duh), so run from tree to tree as they die out. You also will need a
       dealer. Dealers usually buy 500 to 1k batches of yew logs. When you actually have
       all 1k (recommended amount) of logs, post on Tip. It Forums, in the Marketplace.
       Don’t go to World 1, Varrock to do it. It just doesn’t work. Arrange a longtime
       dealership with someone who you find needs the logs. Just let the profits roll in.

Lvl 75-99

   •   By this time, I'm sure you are a Woodcutting expert. Some things to remember
       though. Magic’s are incredibly slow to chop (you need a lot of patience to get a
       great quantity), and Yews are definitely faster to chop. However if you or a friend
       has high enough magic to High Alchemy magic short/long bows you fletched from
       your logs. This can give you gargantuan profits. Definitely high alchemy some
       magic bows, if you possibly can. Here’s a mini guide to High Alchemy of bows.

       Magic Longbow: High Alchemy: 1,536 gp
       Magic Short bow: High Alchemy: 960 gp

   •   Of course, you will get more money per bow for selling them on the street, but no
       one will buy them in very big quantities. HIGH ALCH them! I can't stress that
       enough. You will be insanely rich in no time. If you don't have a way to High Alch
       bows, then just chop yews some more.

                                       Concerning axes
While I was getting my woodcut up, I used a Mithril
axe up until I could chop yews. Don't do what I did,
though. Follow the axe guide above for what to cut at
what level.

               Woodcutting Random Events

While chopping at a tree, a nest might randomly tumble out
of the branches. They are not bad; in fact, they may contain
useful items (including farming seeds) and seeds which vary
from 22gp to 120k.


While you are chopping, sometimes, your tree will turn into
a monster with a face and moustache. Stop chopping the
tree immediately and pick another tree. If you continue
chopping at it, it will damage your axe and you will need to
get it repaired in Lumbridge (Bob's Axe Shop).

Tree Spirit

After chopping for a while, sometimes, a ghostly tree Spirit
will appear. It is rather easy to defeat, and its combat is
always higher than yours. You should kill it, although I can
tell you that it doesn’t drop many valuable things (a mith
axe here and there, perhaps) and it gives you very little XP.
Flying Axe Heads

Sometimes, but rarely, your axe head will randomly fly off
your axe (any type of axe), and will land a few squares away
from you in various directions. Look on your mini-map for a
red dot near your tree to find it, or just look around on the
ground. After you have it in your inventory, right click on it
and "Use" it with the Axe Handle you now have. It should

                     Other Important Info

If your axe breaks...

Go to Bob's axe shop located In Lumbridge.
You will need to talk to him and then hand him
the axe head or handle depending on what is
damaged or lost. Do this by clicking on the
chipped axe head and them him. It is much
cheaper than buying a whole new axe,
especially when you start needing to fix Rune

                    Mining Guide
Beginning-So Easy...
It is not recommended that you immediately start mining
after you arrive at Lumbridge. You should level up your
combat first as there is many monsters that guard the mine
that will attack you if your combat level is below a certain
point. Once you have gotten to around a recommended level
10 you can start mining. My favorite mine for in the
beginning is the one in south-east Varrock. There are a
handful of Tin and Copper rocks, the rocks that you start
mining at such a level. Keep mining Copper and Tin; note
that you should mine 14 of each every time as one of each
is required to make a bronze bar. After mining a full
inventory head north to the Varrock bank then head back.
Keep repeating this process until level 20. There should have
quite a lot of tin and copper n your bank now. You can now
either go to Fallador or Al Kharid to smelt the ores into bars.
If you followed my instructions you should have half of the
number of Copper/ Tin in your bank. After smelting all of
your ores into Bronze Bars head to west Varrock where
there is an anvil right next to the bank. At first you can only
make bronze axes but as you keep making them you will get
more and more varieties of items. Do not sell the items just
yet. After you are done with all of the bronze balls withdraw
everything you made as a note and head over to the Grand
Exchange and sell everything you don't need. It is a lot
easier if you are a member as you have 6 slots instead of
just 2. By now you should be able to make iron objects!

Intermediacy-The Long Road of boringness
Head back to th same Varrock mine and prepare for a insane
amount of iron mining as you will be mining iron from now
until level 60!!! You have probably noticed that you could
mine iron at level 15 but yet I told you to raise your mining
level to 20 until you start mining iron. The reason is that
there’s a lot of competition out there for iron and level 15
miners won't beat the level 40's and beyond mining for iron.
Even at this level you will probably have a lot of hardship
and competitions for iron. Do the same mining-banking until
you reach level 30. You can now mine Coal but trust me;
you'll have a lot of hard time getting even 1 coal ore. You
may think that it's a real bargain only needing one ore to
smelt but there’s another factor. Every time smelt iron ore
into a bar there’s a 50% chance of it being impure and
failing. This way, you'd probably lose more than a half of
your iron. Go back to the Varrock anvil and do the same
Anvil-G.E process until everything is gone. Now go back to
the Varrock mine and continue mining iron. Your probably
wondering why we're still mining iron when i can mine coal
now. The reason is, all of the ores above iron (excluding
Gold and Silver) require Coal as a secondary or primary ore
and in increasing amounts too. Because of this all miners,
including ones that are level 99 will be mining for coal. Now,
do you think a level 30 mining has a match for say, level 60
one? Nope! So let's keeping mining iron! Once you have
reached level 60 you will be able to enter the Mining Guild,
where there is 37 coal rocks. It is a lot easier to mine coal
here but there’s still quite a competition. Remember all that
iron that's still in your bank? Now we're going to have to
mine 2x the amount of iron you have. This will take at least
2 weeks to do so try doing something in between so you
don't burn out. When you finish this, prepare for a lot of
smithing. A steel bar equals to 2 coal ores and 1 iron ores.
The there isn't any chance of the ore being impure so you
will have the same amount of steel bars as the iron ores.
After a whole lot of smithing your smithing level should be
level around level 60. You can now smith mithril! The
remaining ores that we haven't unlocked yet is getting rarer
and rarer so the competition will get even bigger. I
recommend you to continue mining coal at the guild as
higher leveled miners will steal most of the mithril ores. You
should start mining mithril at around level 70 as the mining
time becomes less and less. Also make sure to have a 4:1
ratio mining mithril and coal respectively.

Now that you have reached level 70, you can mine
adamantine ores. But like I have said many times before,
the competition is even bigger. You may be tempted as coal
ores itself can self for 0.3k but if you do this your Smithing
well get off track. Once you have reached level 85, you
should start addy mining. Adamantine ores require 6 coal
ores to smelt into an adamantine bar. Do you see now why
there’s such a big competition for coal? Keep mining
adamant ores until you have 1/6 of your coal. Now smelt it
into bars and make them into items. It's basically the same
for runite ores so I won't go into detail. Rune ores can only
be found in level 45 wilderness if you’re on F2P so you
should have a high combat level if you’re planning on mining

Mining and Smithing can be a pain but you can make lots of
money doing it. It is the source of many players's economy
on Runescape and it can make you rich as well.

                Combat training Guide
Looking for places to train? Training in combat, range, and
mage is easy at first, but it gets harder and harder the more
you level up.
Lvl 3-10
This place is for beginners. I mean real beginners, people
with a level from 3-10. The place is the cow farm near the
toll gate of Al Kharid. This is a really good place to train for
beginners. Keep on killing the cows until your level is 14 or
15. I recommend bringing an axe and tinderbox as well. You
will need food because your health will go down rapidly at
your level. Get the raw beef of cows you kill and cook them
on the fire you make with logs you get from cutting trees
and the tinderbox. This will also help to get your cooking
level up.
Lv 14- 15
This is the second place to train. Train here when your level
is 14 to 15. This place is near the cow farm just go a little up
until you see the farmers. Keep on killing the farmers until
you get your combat level up to 20. The farmers also drop
coins so you can save those coins to buy whatever. I would
suggest kebabs from Al kharid kebab shop. The kebabs are
only one coin. Don't keep the kebabs for more than a day
cause they will get stale and if you eat some of them your
stats will go down.
Lv 20+
This is the third place to train. I suggest going here when
your level 20 or up because they will be easier to kill. Go to
barbarian village with food and train combat level up to
25.Barbarians lose hit points easy cause their defense is low
and you probably will be at level 20 or higher. When your
combat level is up to 25 we go to what I think is the best
training place in the free world. Be sure to bring food there.
Lv 25+
Go down the stronghold at barbarian village. It’s that hole in
the middle of barbarian village by the place where there is a
little mining spot. I suggest you go here if your level 25 or
higher. Go down and go straight through the doors. You
might have to answer the question they ask. Once you get
through the two doors go left and through the other two
doors. There are wolves and Minotaur here. I suggest you
only attack the Minotaur unless you want to lose a lot of
health. I guarantee you will get more exp here than any of
the other training places I mentioned. Train with the
Minotaur until your combat level is 30 or higher. After you
reached level 30 or higher than you can start attacking the
wolves too. Continue attacking wolves and Minotaur until
you are level 40. After that explore the first and second level
of the stronghold until you find a monster that you think will
help you get into a higher combat level of 70+
Here is a new place to train that I thought should be put on
this article. It’s the place with ice warriors and ice giants. Be
sure to bring food if you’re low leveled. Go to Port Sarim and
keep on going forward on the right side. If you have done
the quest knights sword then I say it’s near the place with
the dwarf Thurgo. Keep on going until you see a dungeon
sign (it’s the red exclamation point). Go down the hole and
you see pirates and other monsters and they will attack you
for no reason. Ignore them and keep on going to the end of
the dungeon until you start seeing ice giants and ice
warriors. Train with them until your level 100 or up.

Use this guide and you can
have an inventory like mine!

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