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   Born December 10, 1830, second child of Emily
    and Edward Dickinson; she died in the same
    house some 56 years later
   She left her home state once and her village only
    a handful of times during her life
   In her later years, she dressed in white, avoided
    strangers, and communicated chiefly through
    cryptic notes and fragments of poems
   She died of Bright‟s disease on May 15, 1886
   At the time of her death, only seven of her poems
    had appeared in print, all anonymous
   She left   1,775 poems behind at her death.
   Her chief formal model was the commonly
    used hymnals of the times with their simple
    patterns of meter and rhyme.
   Early editions of her work frequently
    “corrected” and “smoothed” out her eccentric,
    often startling grammatical and poetic
   Her public career as a poet didn‟t begin until
    1890, when 115 of her poems were selected
    and edited for publication
   She understood what at times we all
    understand—that the “sweetness of life”
    consists in our knowing “that it will never
    come again,” and that this same awareness is
    the source of the bitterness of life.
I heard a Fly buzz—when I died—                 With Blue—uncertain stumbling Buzz—
The stillness in the Room             Between the light—and me—
Was like the Stillness in the Air—              And then the Windows failed—and then
Between the Heaves of Storm—                    I could not see to see—

The Eyes around—had wrung them dry—
And Breaths were gathering firm
For the last Onset—when the King
Be witnessed—in the Room—

I willed my Keepsakes—Signed away
What portion of me be
Assignable—and then it was
There interposed a Fly—
Why can‟t I see you?
But I can feel your presence.
Is that possible?

Light from the great sun
Shines down on the flower bed
As they sway gently
School‟s out
School‟s already out
So much fun on vacation
The fun will soon end

Dogs and birds
When birds are flying
And dogs are running in fields
Everything is great
Nice war chocolate
In the kitchen where it‟s hid
I want to eat it

I can‟t believe it
It really isn‟t butter
Um … then what is it?
This here is Sparta
300 men marched onward
Gone by the Persians

I want to swim free
To go on an adventure
Just like a dolphin
Protest killing cows and sheep
Too bad they don‟t farm

It‟s Bambi‟s birthday
Thumper invites too many
That‟s why there‟s hunters
Poor beavers
Lumberjacks have come
Buzz, “Timber!”, thud, no more trees
Poor baby beavers

My grade is stinky
I hate being a freshman
I‟m way more mature
Pretty things
I like pretty things
Like earrings and shoes and rings
Shopping is tight too

Gym class
Gym class is so lame
They don‟t play the sports I like
I‟m good at ballet
Haikus are easy
But can be random sometimes

The dog
Barking and licking
Chasing squirrels and a rabbit
Running through the fields
My puppy
I love my puppy
He is cute as a button
And he is so sweet

The beach
I played in the sand
The sun was shining on me
I had a good time
Running down the field
Hitting anyone I see
Scoring a TD

Softly the wind blows
Through sweet green grass and blue skies
The summer I love
Rain falls from above
Food for plants I‟m stuck inside
Thunder claps I sleep

Cherry blossoms start
Flowers bloom next to my house
Fragrance fills the house
The days are longer
Summer approaching faster
Sunshine on my face

Warming like fire
Only made to give away
Mostly is received
Mystic tree
Beautiful in size
Never touched by human eyes
Magic surrounds it

Boring but …
When school is boring
Just remember what happens
When you do quite well
I like all my pets
My cats are very crazy
My turtle is cool

Tonight I have track
It‟s the last meet of the year
I hope to run fast
The grass is so green
Blades of grass are very soft
The man mows the lawn

Whipping wind
The wind is whipping
The willows groan, oak trees moan
While their branches snap
Retreating sun
Sun has retreated
Behind the dark mask of clouds
Rain pours to the earth

The night
Daylight turns to dark
Day fades to night‟s black kingdom
Safety turns to fear
Thunder and lightning
Dry earth is quick-soaked
Thunder shakes barren landscapes
Lightning scorches trees

The dead
The dead know one thing
It‟s better to be alive
Yes, the dead is dead
Fierce, aggressive beast
Territorial Monsters
Beautiful creatures

The Hawk
The powerful hawk
Sits on the churches steeple
Waiting for its prey
Flowers outside my window
Blossoming flowers
On the branches of a tree
Outside a window

I fly
I fly, I fly high
Soaring through the deep blue sky
I smile and then fly
Summer begun
The sun is shining
The birds are singing loudly
Summer has begun

Small feet big smile
In this world but awhile
Sleep my loved new child
Red love
As green as the grass
But still as red as your blood
Love is what one wants

The man
I am the man now
You don‟t understand that man
Can‟t do what I can
The flag
Flying so gently
Under the blazing sunlight
A flag in calm wind

Parents, they‟re the “boss”
They try to teach you what‟s right
They think they‟re all that
What up?
What up, my homies?
How y‟all doin‟ tonight?
Gotta go see ya

Bella is my dog
She‟s very energetic
She never calms down
I‟m nobody! Who are you?
Are you—Nobody—too?
Then there‟s a pair of us!
Don‟t tell! They‟d advertise—you know!

How dreary—to be—Somebody!
How public—like a frog—
To tell one‟s name—the livelong June—
To an admiring Bog!
If I can stop one Heart from breaking
I shall not live in vain
If I can ease one Life the Aching
Or cool one Pain

Or help one fainting Robin
Unto his Nest again
I shall not live in Vain.
   Robert Lee Frost (named after Southern General
    Robert E. Lee) was born on 26 March 1874 in San
    Francisco, California to Isabelle Moodie (1844-
    1900) teacher, and William Prescott Frost Jr. (1850-
    1885), teacher and journalist. San Francisco was a
    lively city full of citizens of Pioneering spirit,
    including Will who had ventured there from New
    Hampshire to seek his fortune as a journalist. He
    also started gambling and drinking, habits which
    left his family in dire financial straits when he died
    in 1885 after contracting tuberculosis.
   Honouring his last wishes to be buried in Lawrence,
    Massachusetts where he was born, Isabelle, Robert
    and his sister Jeanie Florence (1876-1929) made
    the long train journey across the country to the
    New England town. Isabelle took up teaching again
    to support her children.
   With both parents as teachers, young Robert was
    early on exposed to the world of books and
    reading, studying such works as those by William
    Shakespeare and poets Robert Burns and William
    Wordsworth. He also formed a life-long love of
    nature, the great outdoors and rural countryside.
   After enrolling in Lawrence High School he was soon
    writing his own poems including one published in the
    school‟s paper. He excelled in many subjects including
    history, botany, Latin and Greek, and played football,
    graduating at the head of his class. In 1892 he entered
    Dartmouth, the Ivy League College in Hanover, New
    Hampshire, but soon became disenchanted with the
    atmosphere of campus life. He then took on a series of
    jobs including teaching and working in a mill, all the
    while continuing to write poetry.
   Frost drifted through a string of occupations after leaving
    school, working as a teacher, cobbler, and editor of the
    Lawrence Sentinel. His first professional poem, “My
    Butterfly,” was published on November 8, 1894, in the New
    York newspaper The Independent.
   In 1895, Frost married Elinor Miriam White, who became
    a major inspiration in his poetry until her death in 1938.
    The couple moved to England in 1912, after their New
    Hampshire farm failed, and it was abroad that Frost met
    and was influenced by contemporary British poets.
   By the time Frost returned to the United States in 1915,
    he had published two full-length collections and his
    reputation was established. By the 1920s, he was the most
    celebrated poet in America, and with each new book—
    including New Hampshire (1923), A Further Range
    (1936), Steeple Bush (1947), and In the Clearing
    (1962)—his fame and honors (including four Pulitzer
    Prizes) increased.
   Frost suffered devastating losses in his life
    including the untimely deaths of his sister,
    two of his children and his wife.
   Though not without his critics, millions of
    readers the world over have found comfort
    and profound meaning in his poetry and he
    has influenced numerous other authors,
    poets, musicians, and playwrights into the
    21st Century.
   Though his work is principally associated with the life and
    landscape of New England, and though he was a poet of
    traditional verse forms and metrics who remained steadfastly
    aloof from the poetic movements and fashions of his time,
    Frost is anything but a merely regional or minor poet. The
    author of searching and often dark meditations on universal
    themes, he is a quintessentially modern poet in his adherence
    to language as it is actually spoken, in the psychological
    complexity of his portraits, and in the degree to which his
    work is infused with layers of ambiguity and irony.
   About Frost, President John F. Kennedy said, “He has
    bequeathed his nation a body of imperishable verse
    from which Americans will forever gain joy and
   Robert Frost lived and taught for many years in
    Massachusetts and Vermont, and died in Boston on
    January 29, 1963.
   In a 1970 review of The Poetry of Robert Frost, the
    poet Daniel Hoffman describes Frost’s early work as
    “the Puritan ethic turned astonishingly lyrical and
    enabled to say out loud the sources of its own delight
    in the world,” and comments on Frost’s career as The
    American Bard: “He became a national celebrity, our
    nearly official Poet Laureate, and a great performer in
    the tradition of that earlier master of the literary
    vernacular, Mark Twain.”
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,     And both that morning equally lay
And sorry I could not travel both        In leaves no step had trodden black.
And be one traveler, long I stood        Oh, I kept the first for another day!
And looked down one as far as I could    Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
To where it bent in the undergrowth;     I doubted if I should ever come back.

Then took the other, as just as fair,    I shall be telling this with a sigh
And having perhaps the better claim,     Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;   Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
Though as for that the passing there     I took the one less traveled by,
Had worn them really about the same,     And that has made all the difference.
Nature‟s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leafs a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
   Whose woods these are I think I know.
    His house is in the village though;
    He will not see me stopping here
    To watch his woods fill up with snow.
    My little horse must think it queer
    To stop without a farmhouse near
    Between the woods and frozen lake
    The darkest evening of the year.
    He gives his harness bells a shake
    To ask if there is some mistake.
    The only other sound's the sweep
    Of easy wind and downy flake.
    The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.
                When the air becomes colder
           And the trees start to lose their leaves
     Little children put their bags on their shoulders
          And head to school in the gentle breeze

             Then the air becomes chillier still
             And white snowflakes fall the sky
Christmas is right around the corner nobody can wait until
           Santa Claus comes you cannot deny

          After the show melts from the ground
            The trees start to bud and bloom
              It is very quiet, the only sound
            Are the birds chirping like a loon

              Finally the school year is over
             All the children start to swoon
      They run out of the school not of them is sour
        But only next season classes will resume.
   I take my first step         The last show of the year
   I walk onto the stage        The curtain is falling
   Like a bird who was kept     Our smiles disappear
   I‟m unleashed from my cage   And everyone is bawling

   I sing every pitch           Apart comes the set
   I know every line            The costumes are put back
   The scene makes a switch     I will never forget
   This experience is mine      What it feels like to act

   I could be afraid
   But I don‟t care
   Many people have paid
   For me to walk on air
We‟re known as the land of the free,                           I‟m ready to quit society and maybe live in a cave,
All around the world other countries hate us,                  I see it now a new 1984 will come soon.
They burn the president‟s body in effigy,                      The government will take their slave
We don‟t have gas money to take a bus!                         And watch you like a monkey in a zoon

A small few of us donate money to help the Third World.
Though we claim to be helping, we‟re actually causing drama.
People dying, babies crying, and bodies are hurled.
We should give peace a chance like the Dalai Lama.

But back at home where the free people roam,
Freedom at last, least that‟s what we‟re told,
The Government listens to you on the phone
Try to rebel that‟s kind of bold.

And the kids, their idols are evil
Worshiping musicians and actors who all they do is,
Drink, kill, and do drugs and stunts like Knievel.
Head in the clouds forgetting to study for the next quiz.
The Eagle is the King of Birds
As it sits on its perch waiting for its prey
Saying a falcon is stronger is absolutely absurd
And as I sat there gazing at it, I began to say
Hey, someone who knows 55 squared right of their head is a nerd

Or, incredibly smart but anyway they are apart
From all of the other birds for one main reason
That‟s because for one small start
It‟s the U.S. animal symbol for all seasons

Watching an eagle in its natural habitat is pure art
And as I glared at it fly by, I began cheezin
Watching the Eagle soar is as amusing as watching Homer Simpson choke Bart
The eagle saw me watching and began teasin

After gazing for so long, I began to do a report
But the zookeeper began watching me
I would have to take the bird with me so I had to extort
I start to tell him, “You‟re a low down dirty punk and you‟ll be eaten without me.”
You are something special to me     I can see the love you hold in your eye
I hope forever we will be           It is as big as the deep blue sky
Together because you care
For me you‟re always there

When I‟m sad
You give me a smile
When I‟m mad
You hold me for a while

Being around you I feel I can fly
With you I can touch the sky
You bring in the light
You help me shine on bright

Things now seem dearer
Everytime you hold me nearer
The tension in your bones        Boom!!
While you warm up                You‟re off!!
The bright orange cones          Doom!!
You take a drink from your cup

A skips, B skips, toes
Warming up
Stretches, strides, goes
You take a drink from your cup

You sit in your blocks
Ready to go
As the gun clocks
“Let‟s get some mo”

On your mark
12 flat
You get ready to dart
Get set
Friends keep you calm,                                 You are pleasure in my life,
Sometimes they know you like the back of their palm,   I hope that you can see,
Mostly you have fun,                                   How meaningful your friendship is,
Maybe even in the sun                                  You are a joy to me.

Friends are as sweet as honey,                         Friends are forever,
And as cool as money,                                  Leave them, I will never.
Laughs are a must,
If not, leave them in the dust.

In some cases it is sad,
But my friends are rad,
Yours could be rad, too,
If not, boo-hoo.

You help my happiness,
When I am feeling glad,
You defiantly help me
Whenever I am sad.
It has its ups                          You may know the difference
It has its downs                        Between right and wrong
It has the like a circular cup          But then you miss it
That makes thins go around and around   That your heart knew all along.

Death may seem closer
But its really not
When good things move over
It gets so close you‟ll get hot.

You try to put a curtain
Over the bad things you did
But then you are certain
That you just overdid the bid.
Throughout your life                            And then the leaves start to fall, with soft dappled light
You will come to find                           And as much as you can‟t bear to let her go
Things come and go                              You know there comes a time for everyone to take flight
Like Italians with bottles of wine              And no matter how far she may fly you both always know
                                                The bond of sisterhood will remain.
However I have found
That one thing seems to stay
As deep as footprints through the snow-covered ground
It is the bond of sisterhood.

Like an anchor it holds fast to the sea floor
Through flashing lightning and pestering rain
Through summer breeze with flung wide windows and doors
It is the bond of sisterhood

As time passes you come to realize
Peter Pan is not coming to take you to Never Never Land
Each day your are more willing to compromise
Maybe even your right hand, just for an extra day
           I‟ve got great news
      Something I wish you to see.
      But you‟re down with argues,
        And go on ignoring me.

           I came in for a hug,
  You were screaming, he shot glares.
       I life the room with a shrug
  But could hear venting still upstairs.

     Just be quiet just stop fighting,
   Neither of you has got more power.
 He‟s as thunder you look like lightning,
You‟re two harsh bees in the same flower.

        Just be happy get along,
    I would love for things less wild.
   You could both be right or wrong,
But why should I know? I‟m just the child.
The evil wizard,           The powerful blizzard
Who hated Mr. Izzard       Gave him time to summon a lizard
Had a very good reason     The lizard killed Mr. Izzard
For causing this treason   Yay for the wizard

The evil wizard,           The evil wizard,
Who hated Mr. Izzard       Who summoned the blizzard
Had caused the blizzard    That was like an icy breath
To trap Mr. Izzard         Took him to his death
There was a time when we were friends
But we crossed a path that split our ends
Time has passed
Life will not last.

You used to love my name,
Now you loathe me less the same,
Indeed this painful strife,
Must not be ended by the knife.

You run as if from a beast
You run to the sun in the east.
Only time will tell,
What will come with this hell.

Now you must know,
This is my time to go.
My spirit will be free
When you let me be.
Nestled in the earthen dome,
the furry creatures make their home.
Their fluffy tails are sleeping sound
inside the dark and sun-warmed ground.

They emerge with the sun,
Find their way home when day is done.
Searching through the plants-
delicately making the flowers dance.

Returning home to get some rest,
making sure their dens aren‟t messed.
Snuggling down, their day comes to an end-
the gardeners emerge, with gardens to tend.

Day once again dawns-
The gardeners are perfect pawns
They‟ve cleaned their gardens, cleaned the leaves,
Again the rabbit in the garden weaves.
A song is a song is a song, right?
Wrong, a song is not just words put together.
It is a story, maybe about somebody‟s fight
Or about someone feeling as light as a feather.

The story is an interesting one,
Like two fugitives on the run.
It can be a funny one, too
Like an old lady who lived in a shoe.

A song can be beautiful art
Or roll away like a forgotten grocery cart
It is very true that music can bring joy
To both girls and boys

But why is music so great?
Could it be the poetry behind them?
Or maybe it is the story of somebody‟s fate
Maybe that is what makes music such a gem.
On a bright sunny day             So the cat did go away
In a town without a name          And to a new yard he came
A cat came upon a yard            This friend he left all alone
Where a dog was set as guard      Only with a chewing bone.

The cat did stop to play
An innocent little game
Of tag, hide-and-seek or catch
Of round-the-rosie run or fetch

But these games could not be
These games they couldn‟t play
For the dog was plenty tame
But was bound by metal chain
The   days grow longer                 The days grow shorter
The   nights grow shorter              The nights grow longer
The   flowers are blooming             The leaves turn yellow
The   green grass is the joy of all.   Goodbye my Summer fellow.

The wind is gently blowing
The sun in the sky is glowing
The clouds are gliding through the sky
We look and see the airplanes fly

Threes are full of big green leaves
It‟s not time to wear the long sleeves
The dogs come out and they bark real loud
The cats come out and make no sound.
I am the man                        Like a diamond in the rough
Like a steamy frying pan            I keep it tough
I‟m a fire in the rain              I am a baller
I came to bring the pain            I hold you guys by the collar

You are a clown                     Like Vince Carter
Trying to put me down               Much more smarter
Like a firework I boom              If you disrespect it is you I‟ll crush
And I sweep you away like a broom   If you listen you will get a sudden rush
A team, what is a team?                               A team, what is a team?
A group of people that only dream?                    A group of people that only dream?
Or is it the ones who aren‟t afraid to admit,         The students whose brain is dim like
When the times get hard, will always quit.            Broken lamps.
                                                      No, last time I checked it was Tosa East
Maybe it‟s the ones who lose their first game,        Raiders, this year‟s State Champs!
Step on the court with a fire that will
never be the same
Or is the people who say, “I‟ll never be good at this.”
Or maybe the ones who never show up for practice.

Is it like a spirit that only cries?
Who only complains and never tries.
The people who make the cuts then kick back and chill.
And are the ones on the court that stand still.
A feather floating in the breeze          Swimming through the sea for fun
Flying fast with such ease                Playing beneath the bright bright sun
Never knowing when it stops               As smart as we but even more
The wind died down, now it drops          Find nothing in the world a bore
The beauty of the horse                   The beauty of the dolphin.

Crying out like a small child
At the light that pierces the dark wild
Heard from miles and miles away
A warning to the unsuspecting prey
The beauty of the wolf.

Crawling through the grass so high
Seeing the herd about to fly
Leaping through the air never to touch the ground
Waiting for the wealth he will have found
The beauty of the cheetah
    I have a dog
 Her name is Jazz
She eats like a hog
   She is a spazz

 She likes to sleep
 On her bed all day
Curled up in a heap
Like on a bed of hay

  She likes to play
 With little puppies
 All happy and gay
But not with guppies

   My dog is cool
   I love her a lot
And she hates pools
Whether cold or hot
I hear a song—what could it be?   For you see
It‟s expressive musicality        Music can be
In key of C.                      So much to me
Is it really random rumpus?       My musicality.
No, it is the trilling trumpets
Between drum bits.                I‟ve begun to know
What is that silver chute?        the rhythm‟s flow
It‟s the barrel of a flute        ways it goes
Giving a toot.                    the musicality.
Is all that wrought from dots?
A dot is just a spot              The snare and bass
But it‟s got a lot.               As hearts do race
                                  keep beats in place
                                  in musicality.

                                  I hope that you
                                  will someday do
                                  try music, too
                                  to get a true view
                                  of Musicality.
        Your name is the Power of the Sun,
          It was that that sent your son.
       Your name is like the rain that falls,
                  It covers us all.

          Your name is a Strong Tower,
              It shows all your Power
                Your name is love,
             It is what created above.

                 Your name is all,
                  Big and Small.
               Your name is strong,
           Even through all the wrong.

              When the dark comes,
You are the light that shines the way that becomes.
              When there are depths,
           They are all heights to you.

    Your name is all that made my life renew.
                      In an instant darkness falls,
              And covers the softness of my chamber walls.
                The weeping willows wilt wondering why
                  This shadow has fallen over the sky.

                    But a candle glows and flickers
                 Despite these souls‟ ignorant bickers.
                    It holds on, steady and strong,
                 And guides me to where I truly belong.

         Though the waves may crash and bash along the shore,
                 I will feel no fright to open the cell door.
       For a spirit, like a blessing, will be there waiting and willing
                     To help me mend my soul‟s aching.

                  The sun and moon and stars together
            Create a path to guide me from stormy weather.
Each day they light that seemingly insignificant candle to help me through
       For then to the ghosts of the world I am able to say adieu.
Racing, turning, chasing, flipping
 Fetching her green tennis ball
 She can chase a lot of tripping
   My dog, cute as a squirrel

  I love my dog, as you can tell
      She‟s part of our family
 We care for her, and do so well
„Cause she „s no longer sprightly

 Limping, struggling constantly
   Tumors cover her hind leg
   Watching her walk is a pity
   To God, for her life, we beg

  I love my dog, as you can see
   None of us want to lose her
     She is so very dear to me
 Her leg is a constant reminder.
When it‟s the bottom of the 9th inning
And the bases are dripping,
A hit will score two,
Although an infield bunt will do,
A sac fly is surely a favorite,
But an infield fly will not save it,
If the catcher loses the ball in the sun,
On the called third strike, like a rocket, he can run.

When I was watching a close game at the dome,
I actually saw a player steal home,
When a hurler relaxes before the pitch,
The man on 2nd steals 3rd without a hitch,
If the player overruns the bag,
A quick throw will make the tag,
Of all the weird plays seen and done,
The strangest of all, In The Park Home Run.
I‟m sitting here thinking about someone special—
              Someone special to me.
       Whenever I hear that name I‟m happy,
                 Everyone can see.

  Being with them turns my frown to a smile,
   Oh how I hope they will stay for a while.
 Whenever they‟re near my insides get tangled,
        My liver is now weirdly angled!

   Whenever I need a helping hand—it‟s there,
      This tells me that they really do care.
   Without them I don‟t know how I‟d survive,
         I wouldn‟t be able to stay alive.

            Every time I see their face
         I feel like I‟m in a better place.
       I wish they‟d stay around forever
   Cause I never want to lose them—not ever.
            Writing poems is hard business,
Having to write them for homework I could do with less.
             I cannot write under pressure,
  I need time to think while my thoughts are fresher.

   I am busy as a bee after school, I like to play sports,
            I wrestle, golf, and play baseball.
          Others are good, too, I play all sorts,
I am very busy every season but I take a break in the fall.

       It‟s kind of hard to make a poem flow,
  So many different things to say just confuse me so.
       Right now this poem is just kinda goin‟
       Where exactly I have no way of knowin‟.

                I don‟t want to get a job,
               There is really just no time.
        On my keys I have this think called a fob
          I can‟t believe I made all this rhyme!
     My best friend‟s name is Haley Hook
        I rarely see her reading a book
    Haley and I have a lot of common traits,
    We both treat gossip magazines as bait.

    Haley always has a smile on her face,
    Her house is our main hang-out base,
      Haley always wants to bake a cake,
     Although her cooking skills are fake.

      Haley loves to stay on the move,
   And she always has something to prove,
     Haley‟s shopping habits are absurd,
       Most of the time she is a nerd.

         Haley‟s laugh lights up a room,
  Sometimes I want to knock her out—boom,
        Haley will be a friend for infinity,
Our friendship is as random as true serendipity.
        It all started with a rock
       I should have worn a sock
       I was taking out the trash
I never imagined my foot would smash.

     Some days I look back to this
And oh, the days before the boot, I miss
         I thought I was alright
   But then the pain began to ignite

   My dad drove me to Urgent Care
     The nurse told me to beware
 For three weeks I would be in a boot
It feels like I am walking in a spacesuit

   And now, I‟m immobile as a rock
        And I can‟t fit on a sock
     I‟m only a limping freshman
  I wish I was an Orthopedic Surgeon.
            Football is the ultimate game
 Compared to football every other sport is just lame
    Touchdowns and turnovers are life and death
     Don‟t be surprised if you run out of breath.

       I love to hit people so I play linebacker
     It allows me to cover and become a sacker
My number one goal is to inflict punishment and pain
        When I hit you it will feel like a train.

 From the line to the secondary everyone digs deep
 We stick to our assignments and never go to sleep
  If you score a touchdown think of it as a present
 It won‟t happen much it‟s unlikely with our defense

            The offense gains the yards
  This can only work if the linemen serve as guards
    The quarterback‟s job is to throw me the ball
   I will do anything to score even if I must crawl.

              I love football it is my life
      I would maybe even take it over my wife.
      Cast beyond the shadows she lays her heart torn.
               Everyone tells her not to worry
              She is caught in a thorn of love.

                  Although no one will listen
                 She speaks of this love loud.
                    Even if no one is there
                She can still talk to the clouds.

                       She felt so alone
                   In a world full of people
                 Until one day, he found her
              Carried her away to a safer place.
           The love in his heart such a sweet taste.

        Her heart is together now whole once more
And the only thing left of that hurt is one mark, a single scar.
      Two lovers dance,
Moving gracefully on their feet,
     Like a deer‟s prance.
 Their two young hearts beat.

      His lips move in,
     To get a small taste.
   He has committed a sin,
    So he leaves in haste.

      She stands alone,
         About to cry.
    But she holds her own,
     And looks at the sky.

      She hears the song,
       The clouds sang.
       She hums along,
     And forgets the pain.
     On the field I want to score
          As I race everyone
  Off the field I want nothing more
   Than to prove I‟m number one.

     I can hear fans as they cheer
           Go! Go for the goal!
         I can feel as I get near
       It is time to take this toll.

    I swiftly cut through defenders
        Trying to get my chance
   To cause our rivals to surrender
   And to make our score advance.

     Now I‟m setting up the ball
      And I take another stride
       Now I let my swing fall
And hear a thrilling swoosh with pride.
The bells ring                  For we know our destiny is worse
As I sing
In the distance                 The ears hear everything
I see a stance                  Yet at the same time nothing
                                Silence fills the air
The hour I dread                Like fire in a pit
The story I‟ve read
Has come at last                It has begun
It‟s been four years hast it?   As the bells rung

I hear the voice
That wasn‟t there once
Small, all-knowing eyes
No ones eyes rise

It has begun
As the bells rung
The burn our ears
I was bound up with ropes           When I woke up, the bedclothes
And chained to a wall               were in a heap, my pillow was
I kicked                            like a cloud in the sky
I struggled, trying to get loose.   And I was cold—but sweating.

I was not going to be defeated.
I was going to get free.

A class of students
Were led past my cell
They pointed and stared
Yelling—isn‟t she interesting?

I struggled harder.
I was like a champion struggler.
Here I walk                  So stop your crying
To his sobering place        calm your fears
Thinking of you              we‟ll get through this
My tears can‟t erase         Even if it takes us years.

A sobering place             Let‟s turn around and
So gloomy and dark           walk to our sobering place
I can not remove             where we know
Those nasty remarks.         Our love can‟t erase.

As I walk I start to think
About my heart
You broke it—
What‟s the next part?

I maybe invisible
You may not see
What my feelings are
For you and me.
Our small snowflake drifted down             And everything turns an ugly brown.
It didn‟t even make a sound
Winter is so cold and dreary                 All of the seasons come and go
When it lasts forever it makes me teary.     And how I love them so.

Snow melts away and spring is here
The robins whistle a jolly tune in my ear
Rain drop bullets hit the earth with power
Soon the ground will spring with a flower.

Schools out and summer‟s no trouble
I float along just like a bubble
The ice cream truck plays its song
And children eat ice cream all day long

Autumn creeps upon us so fast
It makes you wish summer could last
All the trees leaves fall down
   Like a prisoner on escape
    My soul it does reshape
    In my mind all the time
Without you it would be a crime.

        You set the bar
       When I play guitar
        Lifting me high
         Up to the sky.

    When I listen to my Ipod
      I feel like I‟m God
     When I‟m in my room
       I‟m not in gloom

   My emotions are in speed
    That‟s when I‟m freed
       Playing my guitar
       You take me far.
           If I were a butterfly
       I‟d soar high into the sky.
         And sit upon a daffodil
       As if it were a windowsill.

            If I were a kangeroo
      I‟d get to hop around the zoo.
And leap and jump and bounce and spring
        Like I was on a trampoline.

          If I were a grizzly bear
        I‟d give everyone a scare.
     I‟d be big and fierce and srong
   And munch on berries all day long.

          If I were a garder snake
       I‟d live near a pond or lake.
    I would find great hiding places
    And be gone without any traces.
I am the best
I beat the rest
The way I roll you‟d think I was a tire
Watch out because I‟m on fire

I don‟t like to fight because I don‟t believe in violence.
But when I get mad the whole room gets silent.
It is true that I am the best
That‟s why you know not to mess.

After school I go home and take a nap
When I wake up at nine I‟m like oh crap.
I have a lot of money
You think it‟s a joke but it‟s not funny.

I am the best
I beat the rest
It‟s true that I‟m the best
That why you know not to mess
  Small dog running around,
Picking up toys on the ground.
      Playing in the snow
     And always on the go.

   Coat as white as a pearl
  Likes both boys and girls
  Always next to his mom
 Afraid of a dog named Tom

      Max is quite lazy
    But is also very crazy
   Eyes as black as space,
      What a cute face!

       Sweet as can be
  And means so much to me
      Peaceful as a dove,
I praise him with lots of Love
         Poetry is fun for some,
           For others it is lame,
   It‟s easy when the words come,
         I‟d rather play a game.

Sometimes I don‟t know what to write,
   I fall asleep thinking what to say,
 It‟s hard to make it come out right,
          It usually takes all day.

        If I want to go to college,
           I need a decent grade,
       I also need the knowledge,
  If in the future I want to get paid.

 The teacher said we had to do this,
         I‟d really like to pass,
   This is one thing I will not miss,
  Hopefully summer will be a blast.
    There is this person I‟m thinking of,
          Everytime I look above.
      I remember the way he smiled
     And the way his hair was styled.

       There was this tragic accident
         I still remember his scent
     There was a man who was drunk,
And he ran into the back of my friend‟s truck.

All I know was that there was shattered glass
       And all those other cars did pass
        I could feel my mind go insane
          I could feel my friend‟s pain

          He just laid in that hospital bed
            And just that he was dead.
 I still remember the words the reporter said
           They always ring in my head
     “Kids be sure to wear your seatbelts.”

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