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									F O R T C H E R R Y E L E M E N TA R Y C E N T E R

 October 12, 2010

 Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

 Please be advised that Halloween celebrations will be on Friday, October 29, 2010. In
 accordance with school guidelines, students must wear respectable costumes for school
 day activities. Students are prohibited from having any costume or accessory that
 in any way represents a weapon, violence, blood, or acts of destruction. Any
 student possessing items of this nature will be required to change and will be
 disciplined accordingly.

 All students (K-6) will bring their Halloween costumes to school. Students will dress at
 school during the appropriate times. However, please apply any makeup or hair
 accessories at home before the start of the school day.

 We request all parents visiting the Elementary Center for Halloween Celebrations to
 sign in and OUT at the office. Due to our safety procedures, as a guest, you are not
 permitted to wear a costume. This request is for the safety and security of all
 students and building staff. We ask for your full cooperation in this matter.

 Please remember the school day ends at 3:20. If you would like to take your student
 home from school instead of riding the bus, a written note at the start of school is
 required. Your student will be dismissed at the regular time. We ask that all parents
 and/or classroom helpers return and/or remain in the main lobby starting at 3:15.
 This allows all teachers time to organize and dismiss students according to regular

 In addition, specific party times will be available in next Tuesday’s take-home packet.

 We appreciate your assistance.

 Dr. Jill M. Jacoby
 Elementary Principal

              110 FORT CHERRY ROAD • MCDONALD, PA • 15057
                  PHONE: 724-796-1551 • FAX: 724-356-2770
  –2–   November 19, 2010


Dr. Jill M. Jacoby

Elementary Principal

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