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  19TH NOVEMBER 2010

                           The Salerooms, Norcote, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 5RH
  Telephone : 01285 646050    Fax : 01285 652862     E-mail : Website :

The Timetable below is only a guide. The Auctioneer may be ahead of schedule. It is hoped to maintain a selling rate of about
120 lots per hour and the timetable below is a rough guide only. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE IN THE SALEROOM AT
LEAST 20 MINUTES BEFORE YOU EXPECT A LOT TO BE OFFERED, in case the Auctioneer is ahead of schedule.

 LOT NOS                        APPROXIMATE TIMETABLE                                                   APPROX. TIME

 1 - 74                         Domestic Effects                                                         9.30 am -10.10am
 79 - 200                       Wines                                                                    10.10 am - 11.10am
 201 - 325                      Pottery, Porcelain, Glass & Lighting                                     11.10 am - 12.10 pm
 326 - 469                      Boxes, Treen, Clocks, Toys, Metalware & Miscellaneous                    12.10 pm - 1.40 pm
 471 - 557                      Silver, Plate, Jewellery & Objets de Vertus                              1.40 pm - 2.25 pm
 558 - 605                      NO LOTS
 606 - 736                      Pictures, Books & Mirrors                                                2.25 pm - 3.30 pm
 740 - 763                      Carpets & Rugs                                                           3.30 pm - 3.40 pm
                                                            BOOKS & CARPETS
 770 - 777                      OUTSIDE : Garden Effects, etc.                                           2.30 pm - 2.35 pm
 781 - 866                      IN BARN : Antique & Domestic Effects                                     2.35 pm - 3.15 pm
 867 - 877                      FOYER : Antique & Domestic Furniture                                     3.15 pm - 3.20 pm
 878 - 1049                     MAIN SALEROOM : Antique & Domestic Furniture                             3.40 pm - 5.10 pm

 10.30 am - 8.00 pm day prior to Sale and from 9.00 am on Sale Day (Light refreshments available Sale & View Days)
 Please register for a bidding number prior to bidding. Commission and telephone bids must be submitted on the correct forms in full and
 received by the auctioneers by 8.00 pm on View Day. The Auctioneers regret that any bids left after this time are not guaranteed to be
 processed/executed. Please also refer to Condition 20 of the Terms & Conditions of Sale at the back of this catalogue.
 Credit cards are subject to a 3% charge. Debit cards incur no charge. Overseas customers can only pay by bank transfer. Non approved
 buyer who pay by card not present will need to wait 7 working days before being able to clear goods.
 Please note the estimates are guide prices only and may be subject to change. Any changes will be displayed on View Day and Sale Day in
 the Saleroom. Any lots without guide prices will have them displayed on View Day and Sale Day.
 We can recommend a professional packing firm for any items which you are unable to collect. We do offer a post and packing service but
 are not professional packers and will require a disclaimer from buyers confirming that they will take responsibility for packaged items once
 they leave our premises. Our post and packing rates range from a minimum of £10.00 (for a single small item) to £35.00 and over for larger
 items and multiple packages, all plus current Royal Mail postage rates for Special Delivery. Buyers should also be aware that antiques,
 collectables, china, glass, etc. are not insured by Royal Mail. Please contact us for further information and/or a quotation.
                      THE NEXT AUCTION IS OUR
                    SELECTED ANTIQUE SALE ON
                       FRIDAY, 10TH DECEMBER
          (Closing date for entries Monday, 22nd November)


Catalogue subscriptions are available at the following rates (running for one calendar year from date of receipt) :
Antique & General - £52 / Selected Antique - £24 / Selected Picture - £12 / Sporting : £8 / All Catalogues : £88

   DATE                                SALE                                    CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES
   7TH JANUARY                         ANTIQUE & GENERAL                       13TH DECEMBER 2010
   21ST JANUARY                        ANTIQUE & GENERAL                       10TH JANUARY
   4TH FEBRUARY                        SPORTING SALE                           24TH JANUARY
   18TH FEBRUARY                       ANTIQUE & GENERAL                       7TH FEBRUARY
   4TH MARCH                           SELECTED ANTIQUE                        14TH FEBRUARY
   18TH MARCH                          ANTIQUE & GENERAL                       7TH MARCH
   1ST APRIL                           ANTIQUE & GENERAL                       21ST MARCH
   15TH APRIL                          SELECTED PICTURE                        28TH MARCH
   29TH APRIL                          ANTIQUE & GENERAL                       18TH APRIL
   13TH MAY                            ANTIQUE & GENERAL                       3RD MAY (TUESDAY)
   27TH MAY                            SELECTED ANTIQUE                        9TH MAY
   10TH JUNE                           ANTIQUE & GENERAL                       31ST MAY (TUESDAY)
   1ST JULY                            ANTIQUE & GENERAL                       20TH JUNE
   22ND JULY                           ANTIQUE & GENERAL                       11TH JULY


We can provide detailed inventories and valuations for Probate, Insurance and Family Division. We give free
valuations for Auction Sale purposes at the Saleroom, or a valuer will be pleased to call at your home to appraise
a single item or the whole house contents.


A work catalogued with forename(s) and surname or recognised designation of an artist is, in our opinion, a work by the artist
Attributed to……. In our opinion a work of the period for the artist which may be in whole or part the work of the artist
Manner of…… In our opinion a work executed in the artist's style, but of a later date
Studio of…… In our opinion a work executed in the studio of the artist, possibly under his supervision
After……. In our opinion a copy, of any date, of a work by the artist
Circle of…… In our opinion a work of the period of the artist and showing his influence
Signed/inscribed/dated……. In our opinion the work has been Signed/inscribed/dated by the artist
Follower of…… In our opinion a work executed in the style of the artist but not necessarily by a pupil
With signature/inscription/date…… In our opinion the signature/inscription /date are not by the artist, and possibly of a later date
All measurements are shown in centimeters. Print measurements (where shown) are taken where possible for the plate mark (pl.)
otherwise they record the size of the sheets on the borderline(s).

A work catalogued as 'school' accompanied by the name of a place or country and a date means that in our opinion the work was
executed at that time and in that location, e.g. Russian School circa 1780. The term 'ascribed to' may in certain cases be used to denote
a traditional attribution based on style, but not necessarily confirmed by the auctioneers.

References to Condition are included for Prints in some instances. However the absence of a reference does not imply that a lot is
free from defects nor does any reference to particular defects imply the absence of others. Such information is for guidance only and
the condition of any lot should be confirmed by examination prior to sale. Reference to condition is not given for oil paintings or
watercolours in catalogue descriptions.
   1   A Lloyd Loom tub chair together with a painted tin        20   A box containing two cruet stands together with an
       trunk, assorted linen and cushions (3) £15 - 20                EPNS mounted pressed glass biscuit barrel, etc, a
                                                                      box of assorted chinaware to include a set of three
   2   A small 19th Century tin trunk containing an
                                                                      graduated jugs, a box of assorted glass and two
       assortment of various sheet music and other
                                                                      Lloyd Loom type tub chairs (5) £20 - 30
       sundry items to include china, a selection of
       various old postcards, costume jewellery, two             21   NO LOT
       books, etc £15 - 20
                                                                 22   A box of sundry items to include an ebonised
   3   A box containing various commemorative wares to                dressing table set, a painted light shade and a wall
       include Bells whisky decanters, etc (1) £15 - 20               clock (2) £10 - 15
   4   A box containing three modern brass and green             23   Two boxes containing a George Jones & Sons part
       glass reading lights together with a box containing            dinner service retailed by Lawleys together with a
       three other table lamps, china, etc (2) £15 - 20               box of sundry tea wares, etc (3) £20 - 30
   5   A box containing various tins, etc and a box              24   Two boxes of assorted china and glassware, etc,
       containing various mid 20th Century ephemera,                  to include jugs, candlesticks, etc plus a box of
       gramophone needles, etc (2) £15 - 20                           assorted pictures (3) £30 - 50
   6   Two boxes of assorted china and glassware to             24A   A box containing assorted decorative wall mirrors
       include a tea set, lemonade set, plus a wash jug               (1) £15 - 20
       and bowl set and a collection of books on Royalty
                                                                 25   A box containing various assorted teapots together
       (4) £20 - 30
                                                                      with a box of assorted tea wares, glassware, etc
   7   A box containing assorted chinaware to include                 £20 - 30
       late 19th Century Staffordshire pen holder figure
                                                                 26   A box containing assorted chinaware, etc, to
       group, etc £20 - 30
                                                                      include Royal Worcester "Evesham" ware plus a
   8   Two boxes of assorted chinaware to include                     basket containing two lights £20 - 30
       various vases, dinner plates, etc £30 - 50
                                                                 27   Three boxes of sundry household china,
   9   Two boxes of assorted china and glassware to                   glassware, etc together with a box of assorted
       include a Cottage ware teapot, biscuit barrel, etc, a          glassware (4) £0 - 0
       late Victorian pink milk glass vase, etc, plus a box
                                                                 28   Two boxes of assorted china and glassware to
       of assorted metalwares (3) £30 - 40
                                                                      include a Foley tea set and a Ridgeways
  10   NO LOT                                                         "Venetian" part dinner service, etc plus a box of
                                                                      sundry items to include lamps, etc (3) £40 - 60
  11   Two boxes of assorted glassware to include
       decanters plus a box of assorted sundry items to          29   Five boxes of assorted sundry chinaware to
       include a pair of plated fighting cocks, etc (3) £15 -         include decorative plates, jugs, etc (5) £30 - 50
                                                                 30   A box containing assorted treen wares together
  12   A pair of mid 20th Century rowing oars together                with a pair of brass candlesticks, playing cards,
       with another £20 - 30                                          etc, plus a box of assorted china and glassware to
                                                                      include a pair of vases, cruet frame, etc and an
  13   NO LOT
                                                                      Indian brass floor vase containing various
  14   A box of assorted Oriental china to include ginger             umbrellas, etc (3) £20 - 30
       jars, vases, etc £30 - 40
                                                                 31   NO LOT
  15   Two boxes of assorted china and glassware to
                                                                 32   A leather vanity case together with a leather trunk
       include a decorative Chinese jug and bowl,
                                                                      and a dual gauge 8mm movie editor and screen
       together with a box of assorted LP records to
                                                                      £30 - 50
       include The Beatles "Hey Jude", The Beatles
       1962-66 and 1967-70, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby                33   A box of assorted chinaware to include a Border
       Stills Nash & Young, etc (3) £50 - 80                          Fine Arts figure of a gun dog with gun and game
                                                                      bag by D Walton, plus a box of assorted glassware
  16   Three boxes of sundry china and glassware (3)
                                                                      to include a lemonade set, etc (2) £15 - 20
       £15 - 20
                                                                 34   A box of assorted modern studio pottery £20 - 40
  17   Two boxes of assorted chinaware to include a
       Wedgwood transfer decorated plate, cups, etc plus         35   A box of assorted metalware to include copper
       a box of assorted glassware to include vases, etc              kettles, assorted handbells, etc (1) £20 - 30
       (3) £30 - 40
                                                                 36   A box containing various Corgi Eddie Stobart
  18   NO LOT                                                         models, a Coalport Father Christmas Halcyon
                                                                      Days character no'd. 800/4000, a Beatles plaque,
  19   NO LOT
                                                                      etc (1) £30 - 50
37   A box containing a large cut glass vase, various          57   A pair of cotton lined curtains, the beige ground
     Carnival glass, etc (1) £20 - 30                               decorated with Classical urns, swags, etc, together
                                                                    with various other pairs of floral curtains and a silk
38   A Parianware type figure of a Classical maiden
                                                                    purple striped interlined door curtain £30 - 50
     together with a pair of early 20th Century dogs, etc
     plus a box of wine glasses (2) £10 - 15                   58   Two pairs of cotton lined curtains, the cream
                                                                    ground decorated with green, red, blue, vines and
39   A box of assorted chinaware to include jelly mould,
                                                                    flowers, together with a pair of cotton lined white
     tin glazed plate, etc (1) £20 - 30
                                                                    quilted curtains £30 - 50
40   A box containing Hornsea Bronte patterned dinner
                                                               59   A pair of gold coloured chenille curtains with floral
     wares together with assorted teawares, etc and a
                                                                    decoration and matching pelmet £40 - 60
     chrome framed Art Deco style wall mirror (2) £20 -
     30                                                        60   Five pairs of assorted curtains to include a pair of
                                                                    glazed cotton interlined curtains, the yellow ground
41   A box containing a Satsuma type cased coffee cup
                                                                    with floral and swag decoration £40 - 60
     and saucer set together with a box containing
     assorted stands, teapot, etc (2) £10 - 15                60A   Two pairs of glazed cotton interlined curtains, the
                                                                    white ground decorated with a blue floral and swag
42   A box containing two wooden boxes plus a copper
                                                                    decoration £30 - 50
     kettle, two oriental carved figures, books etc (1)
     £20 - 40                                                  61   Two pairs of glazed cotton interlined curtains, the
                                                                    cream ground decorated with foliate and bird
43   A bundle of assorted walking sticks, parasols, etc
                                                                    pattern, plus a pair of glazed cotton lined curtains,
     £15 - 20
                                                                    the cream ground decorated with foliate and bird
44   NO LOT                                                         pattern £30 - 50
45   A large collection of assorted collector's plates         62   A pair of cotton interlined curtains, the blue ground
     £20 - 30                                                       decorated with a yellow stripe together with two
                                                                    pairs of cotton interlined curtains, the mustard
46   Two boxes of assorted metalware to include a
                                                                    ground decorated green and pink swags and
     porthole, chaffing dish on stand, etc (2) £20 - 30
                                                                    scrolls, plus another pair of cotton curtains,
47   A box containing a Royal Doulton "Minuet" part                 matching cushions, etc £20 - 30
     dinner service, to include tureens, gravy boat, etc,
                                                               63   A bag of assorted scatter cushions together with
     plus two large transfer decorated meat platters and            three rolls of assorted material £15 - 20
     a tureen £30 - 40
                                                               64   A box containing assorted material, curtains, etc to
48   A box containing assorted copper and brass wares
                                                                    include a red velvet interlined curtain and a green
     to include candlesticks, a copper coal helmet, etc,
                                                                    velvet interlined curtain £20 - 30
     plus an oak three tier cake stand (3) £30 - 50
                                                              64A   A pair of cotton interlined curtains, the grey ground
49   A box containing Duchess Ivy tea wares and
                                                                    decorated with floral sprays £10 - 20
     Crown Stafford tea wares plus two boxes of
     assorted early 20th Century English and                   65   Two boxes of various curtains £20 - 30
     Continental decorative plates, sucriers, teapots,
                                                               66   Two bedspreads £20 - 30
     etc, plus a box of sundry statues, glassware, etc
     (4) £30 - 50                                              67   A box containing various curtains, bed throws, etc
                                                                    £20 - 30
50   A box containing a fur jacket, three assorted stoles,
     etc (1) £30 - 50                                          68   Two pairs of cotton interlined curtains in a red and
                                                                    cream gingham type material £40 - 60
51   A collection of men's suits together with a navy
     overcoat £20 - 30                                         69   Two pairs of cotton lined curtains, the black ground
                                                                    decorated with Islamic style pattern £50 - 80
52   A pair of Luceplan Fupergiù suspension lights £15
     - 20                                                      70   Three pairs of blue moire silk interlined curtains,
                                                                    together with a matching bed valance and a blind
53   A bag containing various rolls of floral material plus
                                                                    and co-ordinating yellow tie backs £80 - 120
     two other bags of material (3) £15 - 20
                                                               71   Two pairs of silk interlined curtains, the cream
54   A 19th century military jacket and trousers, the
                                                                    ground with blue and green stripes £30 - 40
     blue trousers with two red stripes, the jacket with
     brass buttons with embossed Royal insignia, the           72   A pair of cotton lined curtains, the grey ground
     jacket embellished with brass lyre pins £60 - 90               decorated with floral sprays together with matching
                                                                    pelmet £15 - 20
55   A late 1970's RAF Air Crew Warrant Officer's Mess
     kit £20 - 30                                              73   A pair of woven cotton interlined curtains, the
                                                                    mustard ground decorated with red stylised floral
56   A maroon suede lady's jacket by Jean Muir made
                                                                    medallions, together with a pair of cotton lined
     for Elizabeth Frink £50 - 80
                                                                    curtains £40 - 60
   74    A box of assorted table linen, etc £20 - 30         101   6 bottles Fonseca Vintage Port 1963 £300 - 500
75-78 NO LOTS                                                102   6 bottles Fonseca Vintage Port 1963 £300 - 500
 WINES                                                       103   6 bottles Fonseca Vintage Port 1963 £300 - 500
                                                             104   6 bottles Fonseca Vintage Port 1963 £300 - 500
   79    Two bottles Taylor's vintage port 1975 £100 - 150
                                                             105   6 bottles Fonseca Vintage Port 1963 £300 - 500
   80    1 bottle Croft's Vintage Port
         1960(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80                          106   6 bottles Fonseca Vintage Port 1963 £300 - 500
   81    1 bottle Quinta do Noval Vintage                    107   6 bottles Fonseca Vintage Port 1963 £300 - 500
         Port(ILLUSTRATED) £60 - 100
                                                             108   3 bottles Fonseca Vintage Port 1963 and another
   82    1 bottle Taylor's Quinta de Vargellas Vintage             well below shoulder £150 - 250
         Port 1978 bottled in Oporto in 1980
         (ILLUSTRATED) £30 - 50                              109   12 bottles Taylor's Select Reserve Port (75cl) £70
                                                                   - 100
   83    1 bottle Quinta de Vargellas Vintage Port
         1972(ILLUSTRATED) £30 - 50                          110   12 bottles Taylor's Select Reserve Port (75cl) £70
                                                                   - 100
   84    1 bottle Warre's Vintage Port
         1975(ILLUSTRATED) £20 - 30                          111   4 bottles Fonseca Quinta do Panascal Vintage Port
                                                                   1998 £80 - 120
   85    1 bottle Sandeman's Vintage Port
         1934(ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150                        112   6 bottles Taylor's Ten Year Old Tawny Port
                                                                   (bottled in 2009) (50cl) £50 - 80
   86    1 bottle Sandeman's Vintage Port
         1934(ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150                        113   6 bottles Taylor's Ten Year Old Tawny Port
                                                                   (bottled in 2009) (50cl) £50 - 80
   87    7 bottles Grahams Vintage Port
         1975(ILLUSTRATED) £150 - 200                        114   6 bottles Taylor's Ten Year Old Tawny Port
                                                                   (bottled in 2009) (50cl) £50 - 80
   88    2 bottles Rebello Valente Vintage Port 1955
         (bottled 1957) (ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150             115   45 bottles Taylor's late bottled Vintage Port 2003
                                                                   (bottled in 2008) (20cl) £100 - 150
   89    1 bottle Dow's Vintage Port 1963
         (ILLUSTRATED) £60 - 90                              116   45 bottles Taylor's late bottled Vintage Port 2003
                                                                   (bottled in 2008) (20cl) £100 - 150
   90    1 bottle Graham's late bottled Vintage Port
         1979(ILLUSTRATED) £20 - 30                          117   45 bottles Taylor's late bottled Vintage Port 2003
                                                                   (bottled in 2008) (20cl) £100 - 150
   91    1 bottle Sandemann late bottled Vintage Port
         1983 (bottled 1988)(ILLUSTRATED) £20 - 30           118   24 bottles Taylor's Select Reserve Port (20cl) £50
                                                                   - 80
   92    1 bottle Cockburn's late bottled Vintage Port
         1982(ILLUSTRATED) £20 - 30                          119   24 bottles Taylor's Select Reserve Port (20cl) £50
                                                                   - 80
   93    1 bottle Taylors Crusted Port
         1974(ILLUSTRATED) £20 - 30                          120   24 bottles Taylor's Select Reserve Port (20cl) £50
                                                                   - 80
   94    5 bottles Fonseca Vintage Port
         1966(ILLUSTRATED) £250 - 350                        121   12 bottles Taylors late bottled Vintage Port 2003
                                                                   (bottled 2008) (37.5 cl) £50 - 80
   95    6 bottles various Port including Souza Fine Old
         Ruby (x 4), Warre's Ruby and one                    122   12 bottles Taylor 10 Year Old Tawny Port (37.5cl)
         other(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80                               £70 - 100

   96    6 bottles Cockburn's Vintage Port                   123   2 bottles Royal Oporto Vintage Port 1997, 1 bottle
         1963(ILLUSTRATED) £250 - 350                              Taylors Quinta de Terra Feita Vintage Port 1999
                                                                   (bottled 2001) and 1 bottle Fonseca Porto
   97    5 bottles W & J Graham & Co. Finest Reserve               Guimaraens Vintage Port 1996 (bottled 1998) £80
         Vintage Port Wine 1966 and 1 bottle Warre's               - 120
         Otima Ten Year Old Tawny Port
                                                             124   1 bottle Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut, 1 bottle
         (50cl)(ILLUSTRATED) £150 - 200
                                                                   Taittinger Brut, 1 bottle Pol Roger Brut white
   98    6 bottles Fonseca Vintage Port 1963                       foil, 1 bottle Saint-Veran Terroirs de Davaye
         (ILLUSTRATED) £300 - 400                                  2001 and another 2002(ILLUSTRATED) £40 - 60
   99    6 bottles Fonseca Vintage Port                      125   5 bottles G H Mumm & Cie Brut and 1 bottle
         1963(ILLUSTRATED) £300 - 500                              Gaillac Doux 1998(ILLUSTRATED) £60 - 90
  100    6 bottles Fonseca Vintage Port
         1963(ILLUSTRATED) £300 - 500
 126   6 bottles sparkling wines / Champagnes to              144   1 case (12 bottles) Le Clarence de Haut-Brion
       include 1 x Moët & Chandon, 1 x Bollinger                    2007(ILLUSTRATED) £500 - 800
       Special Cuvée Brut, 1 x Roger Doucette & Fils,
                                                              145    1 case (12 bottles) Le Clarence de Haut-Brion
       1 x Chateau St. Jean Brut, 1 x Crémant de
                                                                    2007(ILLUSTRATED) £500 - 800
       Bourgogne Blanc de Blanc and 1 x Petillant
       Blanc de Blanc(ILLUSTRATED) £30 - 50                   146   A half case (6 bottles) Chateau Cordeillan-
                                                                    Bages, Pauillac 2001(ILLUSTRATED) £150 -
 127   1 bottle Cristal Champagne, Louis Roderer
       1988 boxed(ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150
                                                              147   1 case (12 bottles) The Wine Club's Bordeaux
 128   1 bottle Louis Roderer Brut Premier boxed, 1
                                                                    (Sunday Times Wine Club)
       bottle Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut boxed, 1
                                                                    1989(ILLUSTRATED) £60 - 100
       bottle Taittinger Brut boxed and 1 bottle The
       Wine Society's Private Cuvée Champagne Brut            148   1 case (12 bottles) Artigue de Senejac, Haut-
       (ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80                                       Médoc 1988(ILLUSTRATED) £80 - 120
 129   1 bottle Moët & Chandon Dry Imperial Finest            149   1 case (12 bottles) Domaine La Grave Bordeaux
       Extra Quality Champagne 1966(ILLUSTRATED)                    1998(ILLUSTRATED) £80 - 120
       £40 - 60
 130   1 bottle Louis Roderer Champagne (possibly
       mid-1950's) and 1 bottle Louis Fernay Epernay          150   1 case (12 bottles) Domaine La Grave Bordeaux
       Imperial Reserve Champagne 1923 (approx                      1985(ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150
       300cl)(ILLUSTRATED) £20 - 30                           151   1 case (12 bottles) Domaine La Grave Bordeaux
                                                                    1989(ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150
 131   1 bottle Chassagne-Montrachet, Picard Père et Fils
       1989 £50 - 80                                          152   1 case (12 bottles) Los Vascos, Colchagua
                                                                    Cabernet Sauvignon 1985(ILLUSTRATED) £60 -
 132   6 bottles Pouilly-Vinzelles En Paradis, Louis Latour
       2006 £70 - 100                                               100
                                                              153   1 case (12 bottles) Vieux Chateau Landon
 133   12 bottles Chablis Caves de La Reine Blanche
                                                                    Begadan-Medoc Cru Bourgeois
       2004 £60 - 100
                                                                    1985(ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150
 134   8 bottles Macon Lugny Saint Pierre 1996, 3 bottles
                                                              154   12 bottles Chateau Michel de Montaigne AC
       Macon Lugny Les Genières 1998 and 1 bottle
       Orvieto Classico Secco 2000 £60 - 100                        Bergerac 1995 £60 - 100

 135   1 case (6 bottles) Chateau Laville Haut-Brion          155   12 bottles Chateau Michel de Montaigne AC
       Grand Cru Classé, Pessac-Leognan                             Bergerac 1995 £60 - 100
       2007(ILLUSTRATED) £1500 - 2500                         156   12 bottles Chateau Michel de Montaigne AC
 136   1 case (6 bottles) Chateau Laville Haut-Brion                Bergerac 1995 £60 - 100
       Grand Cru Classé, Pessac-Leognan                       157   12 bottles Chateau Greysac, Medoc Cru Bourgeois
       2007(ILLUSTRATED) £1500 - 2500                               Superieur 1999 £150 - 200
 137   1 case (6 bottles) Chateau Laville Haut-Brion          158   6 bottles The Holy Trinity Barossa 2003 £80 - 120
       Grand Cru Classé, Pessac-Leognan
       2007(ILLUSTRATED) £1500 - 2500                         159   12 bottles Bourgogne François Diligent
                                                                    Chardonnay 2004 £80 - 120
137A   Two bottles Chateau Sigalas Rabaud Sauternes
       Premier Cru Classe 1982 £50 - 80                       160   6 bottles Barolo, Antologia 2003 £80 - 120

 138   1 case (12 bottles) Montagny Premier Cru, Les          161   6 bottles Barolo, Antologia 2003 £80 - 120
       Platieres Domaine Jean-Pierre Berthenet 2002           162   12 bottles Chateau Tour St Bonnet Cru Bourgeois
       £70 - 100                                                    Medoc 2003 £120 - 180
 139   1 case (12 bottles) Chateau Haut-Brion Premier         163   12 bottles Domaine de Mayol Merlot Vin de Pays
       Grand Cru 2007 (ILLUSTRATED) £2000 - 3000                    de Vauxluse 2004 £50 - 80
 140   1 case (12 bottles) Chateau Haut-Brion Premier         164   6 bottles Domaine Faiveley, Nuit-St-Gorges 1er
       Grand Cru 2007(ILLUSTRATED) £2000 - 3000                     Cru Aux Chaignots 2006 £150 - 200
 141   1 case (12 bottles) Chateau Haut-Brion Premier         165   12 bottles Chateau Lacaussade St Martin Vielles
       Grand Cru 2007(ILLUSTRATED) £2000 - 3000                     Vignes Premiéres Côtes de Blaye 2006 £60 - 90
 142   1 case (12 bottles) Chateau Haut-Brion Premier         166   12 bottles Chateau Beauregard du Court 2005
       Grand Cru 2007(ILLUSTRATED) £2000 - 3000                     £60 - 90
 143   1 case (12 bottles) Le Clarence de Haut-Brion          167   6 bottles Chateau Sigognac Medoc Cru Bourgeois
       2007(ILLUSTRATED) £500 - 800                                 2006 £50 - 80
 168   12 bottles Chateau Signonac Medoc Cru               184   5 bottles Chateau La Croix Fronsac
       Bourgeois 2006 £100 - 150                                 1989(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
 169   12 bottles Chateau Signonac Medoc Cru               185   6 various bottles to include 1 x La Bergerie
       Bourgeois 2006 £100 - 150                                 Baron Philippe de Rothschild Mouton-Cadet
                                                                 1967, 1 x La Bergerie Baron Philippe de
 170   12 bottles Chateau Signonac Medoc Cru
                                                                 Rothschild Mouton-Cadet 1964, 1 x Saint-
       Bourgeois 2006 £100 - 150
                                                                 Emilion 2006, 2 x Fauchon Saint-Emilion 1989
 171   12 bottles Chateau Signonac Medoc Cru                     and 1 x Broken Wood Harlequin
       Bourgeois 2006 £100 - 150                                 2001(ILLUSTRATED) £30 - 50
 172   6 bottles Chanson Pere et Fils Nuit-St-Georges      186   4 bottles Chateau Canon la Caffeliére Saint-
       Premiére Cru Les Boudots 2001 £100 - 150                  Emilion 1970(ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150
 173   6 bottles Chanson Pere et Fils Savigny Les          187   11 various wines to include Montagny Premier
       Beaune Premiére Cru Les Dominode 2004 £80 -               Cru 1994, Chateau St-Georges Côte du Rhone
       120                                                       1972, Courti Brothers Reserve Selection
                                                                 Zinfandel 1970, etc.(ILLUSTRATED) £30 - 50
 174   12 half bottles (37.5 cl) M. Chapoutier Crozes
       Hermitage Petite Rouche 2007 £40 - 60               188   1 bottle Chateau Brane Cantenac Margaux
                                                                 1983, and 1 bottle Chateau Les Ormes de Pez
 175   12 half bottles (37.5 cl) M. Chapoutier Côte du           Saint Estèphe 1983(ILLUSTRATED) £30 - 50
       Rhone Belleruche 2006 £40 - 60
                                                           189   7 bottles Chateau des Tours Montagne-St-
 176   2 bottles Chateau Tour St Bonnet Medoc Cru                Emilion 1962(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
       Bourgeois 2002, and 2 bottles Chateau Tour St
       Bonnet Medoc Cru Bourgeois 2003 £40 - 60            190   5 various bottles to include 1 x Chateau
                                                                 Fontrose Medoc 1970, 1 x Chateau Cos
 177   2 bottles Clos des Papes Chateauneuf-du-Pape              d'Estournel Grand Cru Classé Saint Estèphe
       1998(ILLUSTRATED) £80 - 120                               1958, 1 x Chateau Moulin a Vent 1972, and 2 x
 178   2 bottles Chateau Lascombes Grand Cru                     Chateau Fortia Chateauneuf-du-Pape Tête de
       Classé Margaux 1973, the label inscribed "Not             Cru 1971(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
       for resale in USA"(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
                                                           191   1 bottle Chateau Batailley (Pauillac)
 179   1 bottle Chateau St Mayme Monbazillac                     1961(ILLUSTRATED) £80 - 120
       1961(ILLUSTRATED) £10 - 20                         191A   Three bottles Chateau Gloria St Julienne
179A   1 bottle Chateau Dudon Barsac                             1985(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
       1953(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
                                                           192   1 bottle Domaine de Fontarney Margaux
 180   9 half bottles (37.5 cl) Oremus Tokaji Late               1979(ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150
       Harvest 2003(ILLUSTRATED) £30 - 50
                                                          192A   Two bottles Chateau L'Angelus St Emilion Grand
 181   6 bottles Henriques & Henriques Madeira Wine              Cru Classe £80 - 120
       including 2 x Full Rich, 1 x Medium Rich, 2 x
                                                           193   1 bottle Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou Saint Julien
       Finest Dry 5 Years Old and 1 x Monte Seco
                                                                 Medoc 1971 £30 - 50
       Extra Dry Aperitif(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
                                                          193A   Two bottles Chateau Pavie Saint-Emilion Premier
 182   12 bottles various wine including 1 x
                                                                 Grand Cru Classe 1970 £100 - 150
       Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2005, 1 x M. Chapoutier
       Côte du Rhone 2006, 1 x Chateau Guiot 2006,         194   5 various wines including 2 x Lafont St Julien 1964,
       Faiveley Nuits St Georges 1999, 1 x Domaine               1 x Beau Rivage Bordeaux 1975, 1 x Brouilly
       Chanté Cigale Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2005, 1 x               Chateau de Nervers 1966 and 1 bottle bearing
       McGuigan Petit Verdot 2004, 1 x Sommariva                 hand-written label inscribed "Calvados ... 82 ..."
       Proseco Le Sec de Rayne Vigneau Bourdeaux                 with wax seal bearing monogram "MB" £50 - 80
       1990, 1 x Villa Antianori Toscana 2006, 2 x 37.5
                                                           195   4 bottles Chateau Larrivet-Haut-Brion-Pessac-
       cl bottles Chablis 1997 and 1 x (37.5 cl)
                                                                 Léognan 1987 £150 - 200
       Domaine de Coyeux Muscat de Beaumes de
       Venise(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
 183   6 various bottles to include 1 x Chateau
       Cormeil-Figeac Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2003,
       2 x Chateau Lescombes Grand Cru Classé
       Margaux 1979, 1 x Chateau de Pennautier
       Cabardés 2006, 1 x Chateau de Lisse Saint-
       Emilion 1994 and 1 x Chateau Fonroque Grand
       Cru Classe Saint-Emilion 1990(ILLUSTRATED)
       £50 - 80
196   10 various wines to include 1 x Chateau Boyd            207   A Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" part tea/coffee
      Cantenac Margaux Grand Cru Classé 1973, 1 x La                service, comprising coffee pot, milk jug and sugar
      Bergerie Baron Philippe de Rothschild Mouton                  bowl, teacups, coffee cups, cereal bowls, and
      Cadet 1967, 1 x Chateau Bel-Air 1976, 1 x                     plates £30 - 40
      Chateau Giscours Margaux 1978, 1 x Chateau
                                                              208   A Royal Worcester "Spiers & Pond Ld" twin
      Gazin Pomerol 1979, 1 x Chateau Haut-Bages
                                                                    handled pedestal bowl, a George Jones & Sons
      Librol Pauillac 1977, 2 x Chateau La Tour St
                                                                    "Abbey" pattern blue and white transfer decorated
      Bonnet Cru Bourgeois Medoc 1981, 1 x
                                                                    chamber pot and a further blue and white transfer
      Blaauwklippen Cabernet Sauvignon 1982, and 1 x
                                                                    decorated chamber pot £30 - 50
      Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
      1977 £100 - 150                                         209   A circa 1950 ceramic wall pocket with mottled
                                                                    green decoration on a cream ground, together with
197   6 various wines to include 1 x Chateau Le Pape
                                                                    a porcelain part coffee service and a fireside
      Léognan 1955 (well below shoulder), 1 x Chateau
                                                                    companion set in the form of a knight in armour
      Haut Reygnac 1994, 1 x Chateau Le Pierre Levée
                                                                    £10 - 15
      Bordeaux 1970, 1 x Cooperativa Agricola de
      Reguengos de Monsaraz 1983, 1 x Domaine                 210   A late 19th / early 20th Century Chinese
      Cazes Muscat de Rivesaltes 1990, and 1 x                      polychrome decorated cylindrical vase/stick stand
      Domaine de Bel-Air Côte du Rhone 1984 £60 -                   decorated with famille rose panels depicting birds
      100                                                           amongst foliage £40 - 60
198   3 bottles P'tit Baron Brouilly 1999 £15 - 20            211   An early 20th Century Noritake porcelain pedestal
                                                                    bowl and stand decorated with figures in a
199   1 bottle Mackillop's Choice Single Cask Malt
                                                                    landscape, the stand raised on three gilt decorated
      Scotch Whisky, Bottle No. 170, distilled at the
                                                                    lion's paw feet, together with a Royal Albert "Lady
      Dalmore Distillery 1986 £50 - 80
                                                                    Hamilton" pattern part tea set, and a black-ground
200   1 bottle The Bin Club Howells of Bristol Orkney               enamel decorated twin handled vase £40 - 60
      Single Malt Scotch Whisky, distilled at Highland
                                                             211A   A Royal Albert "Lady Hamilton" pattern part tea
      Park Distillery 1978, matured and bottled in 1995
                                                                    set, and a late Victorian twin handled vase
      £40 - 60
                                                                    decorated with bird and nest amongst branches on
POTTERY, PORCELAIN & GLASS                                          a black ground £20 - 30
                                                              212   A set of eight late 19th Century Minton's tiles
201   An early 20th century Meissen blue floral spray
                                                                    decorated in browns and yellows in the Art
      and gilt decorated part tea set, a similar
                                                                    Nouveau taste, stamped to the back "Minton's
      polychrome floral spray decorated part tea set, and
                                                                    Chinaworks Stoke on Trent" £80 - 120
      a pen tray £30 - 50
                                                              213   A collection of 19th Century ceramic tiles (14),
202   A Continental porcelain four branch candelabra in
                                                                    together with a pair of late 19th Century
      the form of a mother and child £20 - 30
                                                                    Staffordshire spaniels, a Staffordshire cottage
203   A ceramic "Toucan pint clock" Guiness clock, the              ornament, and a small 19th Century Staffordshire
      rectangular ceramic dial flanked by a toucan and a            spill vase in the form of a bird and chicks in a nest
      glass (boxed), together with a "Lamplight Lane"               £40 - 60
      collector's clock and two modern Oriental plates
                                                              214   A 20th Century Gouda Dutch pottery baluster
      £30 - 40
                                                                    shaped vase decorated in the Art pottery taste in
204   A box containing a collection of 19th Century and             shades of turquoise yellow and brown, together
      later chinaware to include 19th Century coffee can            with a further smaller Gouda Dutch vase with floral
      decorated in puce and gilt, Oriental famille rose             and foliate decoration, and a Myott Son & Co
      saucer, various 19th Century teacups and saucers              pottery cheese dish and cover £20 - 30
      to include Worcester and "Imari" decorated
                                                              215   A pair of Wedgwood blue Jasperware twin handled
      examples, etc £20 - 30
                                                                    lidded urns, each relief decorated with Classical
205   A Susie Cooper hors d'oeuvres set comprising oak              figures £50 - 80
      tray with carrying handle containing two
                                                              216   A collection of 19th Century Worcester comports
      rectangular creamware dishes and four square
                                                                    and plates decorated with various hand-painted
      creamware dishes £20 - 40
                                                                    rural, sea scape and wildlife scenes, each with
206   A box containing a small collection of decorative             pierced and gilt decorated border, comprising three
      ceramics and glassware to include a Hornsea                   comports including one inscribed "Westwater
      pottery miniature flower trough in the form of a log          Cumberland", and eight plates, one inscribed
      and a seated deer, a small Wedgwood lidded                    "Loch Katrine with Ellen's Isle", one inscribed "A
      trinket box, Whimsey type cat figure and figure of a          view in Scotland", one inscribed "North Loch
      child, a 19th Century clear glass eye bath, a green           Bridge Scotland", another inscribed "Mucross
      glass eye bath, etc £30 - 50                                  Abbey Killarney" and one inscribed "Linr.... Dee?"
                                                                    £60 - 100
217   A late 19th / early 20th Century porcelain lamp         230   A Chinese provincial Ming pottery saucer with
      base of large proportions with gilt metal mounts              grey-blue foliate decoration and a 20th Century
      and raised on a circular gilt metal base, the body of         Chinese pottery figure of a pig with brown spot
      the vase decorated with a portrait of a lady in 18th          markings(ILLUSTRATED) £70 - 100
      Century costume, with floral and putti decorated
                                                              231   A Victorian Staffordshire pottery spill vase group
      border £80 - 120
                                                                    depicting two Continental huntsman with a spaniel
218   A late 19th Century Bonn twin handled urn shaped              by a tree, and another Staffordshire pottery figure
      blush ware vase with floral and foliate decoration,           of a figure on horseback (2) £30 - 50
      together with a pair of Royal Nippon lidded urns
                                                              232   A Griselda Hill Pottery Wemyss pottery figure
      decorated with figures in garden settings £30 - 40
                                                                    of a bulldog(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
219   A collection of Wedgwood blue Jasperware
                                                              233   A Minton Aesthetic Movement ceramic tile "The
      Christmas plates, together with a Woods ware
                                                                    Lion & The Rat", together with a further Victorian
      "Rangoon" pattern part dinner service £20 - 30
                                                                    tile, each mounted as a pot stand £20 - 30
220   A collection of 19th Century and later
                                                              234   An 18th century English blue and white Delftware
      stoneware bottles and a flagon to include two
                                                                    charger with chinoiserie decoration of
      stoneware bottles inscribed "T, Welsby
                                                                    chrysanthemums and a rock in garden, and two
      Chester", a white glazed stoneware bottle,
                                                                    18th century Dutch blue and white plates (3) £30 -
      ovoid stoneware bottle and a small flagon
      (5)(ILLUSTRATED) £30 - 50
                                                              235   Three Oriental pottery figures, two miniature
221   A Wedgwood Susie Cooper "Glen Mist" part coffee
                                                                    porcelain figures of Oriental gentleman, and two
      / tea set to include coffee pot, teapot, cake plate,
                                                                    Oriental cylindrical plant holders decorated with
      milk jug and sugar bowl, coffee cans and saucers,
                                                                    rural landscapes £40 - 60
      teacups and saucers, plates, lidded trinket dish,
      circular trinket dish and bell £40 - 60                 236   A pair of 19th century Staffordshire pottery figures
                                                                    of spaniels, together with a further pair of 19th
222   Two 18th Century Chinese ginger jars, one
                                                                    century Staffordshire pottery figures of spaniels
      decorated in underglazed blue with lake scene and
                                                                    £30 - 40
      figure, the other with banded decoration (2) £40 -
      60                                                      237   A set of four Theodore Haviland Limoges plates
                                                                    with relief basket weave decoration in the Chinese
223   A Griselda Hill Pottery Wemyss pig decorated with
                                                                    taste, and a set of four Court china coffee cans and
      blackberries, together with a Griselda Hill Pottery
                                                                    saucers decorated with floral sprigs £20 - 30
      Wemyss jar and cover with blackberry decoration
      £20 - 30                                                238   A 19th century Copeland Spode baluster shaped
                                                                    jar and cover with floral and foliate decoration, a
224   A pair of circa 1900 biscuit fired figures of a young
                                                                    large Oriental baluster shaped jar decorated with
      boy and girl with table tennis bats, by the New York
                                                                    figures, a graduated pair of stone china jugs
      & Rudolstadt Pottery Co. £30 - 50
                                                                    decorated in the Imari palette, a Victorian
225   A mid 20th century Dresden type figure group of a             Staffordshire pottery jug inscribed "William
      man and woman with birdcage and bird, a young                 Bateson 1827", and a further creamware jug with
      child looking on, bears pseudo Augustus Rex mark              fern decoration £30 - 50
      to base, plus an early century continental figure
                                                              239   A Carltonware leaf moulded salad bowl and salad
      group as a young man with hat and flowers wooing
                                                                    servers, a Susie Cooper part tea set decorated
      a shepherdess £120 - 180
                                                                    with teal and white dots, a Shelley part tea set
226   A late 19th/early 20th century Japanese Kutani                decorated with anemones, a set of six Susie
      charger of lotus form decorated with figures in a             Cooper coffee cans with sponged floral decoration
      garden landscape, the border decorated with                   in shades of brown and black, a triform hors
      panels of ducks by lakeside £30 - 40                          d'oeuvre dish, a Royal Worcester trinket dish, a
                                                                    Royal Crown Derby trinket dish, and a miniature
227   A large pair of 19th Century Staffordshire pottery
                                                                    coffee can £50 - 80
      figures of Queen Victoria and Prince Edward
      entitled "Queen of England" and Prince of Wales"        240   A 19th century Royal Doulton stoneware jug, a
      £100 - 150                                                    Royal Doulton miniature stoneware jug, a
                                                                    collection of 19th century and later leaf moulded
228   A Staffordshire blue transferred pottery half pint
                                                                    plates, a miniature Spode Copelands loving mug, a
      mug decorated with a fox hunting scene £30 - 50
                                                                    miniature Staffordshire coffee can, a Hammersley
229   A pair of circa 1830 English porcelain teacups and            candle snuffer, a Meissen type plate, a Millefiore
      saucers with floral spray panels reserved on a                glass paperweight, two Torquay paperweights, etc.
      cobalt and gilt decorated ground £30 - 50                     £30 - 40
 241   A 19th century Staffordshire pottery figure of a       252   A collection of Spodes "Royal Jade" pattern dinner
       spaniel decorated in duck egg blue and shades of             wares with relief basket weave decoration, to
       grey, and a large 19th century Staffordshire pottery         include plates, dishes and bowls, together with a
       figure group titled "Prodigals Return" £30 - 40              pair of green acorn and leaf patterned oval dishes,
                                                                    a Wedgwood plate, and two Oriental trinket dishes
241A   A Poole Pottery fruit bowl with floral and foliate
                                                                    £100 - 150
       decoration in shades of green and blue £60 - 90
                                                              253   A collection of blue and white transfer decorated
 242   A late 19th/early 20th century Chinese vase of
                                                                    wares to include a pair of John Rogers & Son
       large proportions decorated with pheasant on a
                                                                    plates with elephants in a landscape and floral
       rocky outcrop, a late 19th century Chinese jar
                                                                    border, a pair of Masons Patent Ironstone
       decorated with geometric patterns in shades of
                                                                    "American Marine" pattern vegetable dishes, a
       pink and turquoise, two 19th century Chinese
                                                                    small Patent Ironstone plate, etc. £10 - 20
       ginger jars and a large Chinese jar decorated with
       dragons £50 - 80                                       254   NO LOT
 243   A near pair of 19th century Chinese ginger jars        255   A pair of large 19th century Chinese baluster
       of large proportions decorated in underglaze                 shaped vases with flared rims, each decorated
       blue with trailing foliage and geometric design,             in underglaze blue with all over floral and
       each raised on turned wood                                   foliate decoration and geometric designs, a
       bases(ILLUSTRATED) £80 - 120                                 large Poole Pottery jug with mottled blue glaze,
                                                                    a studio type pottery bowl, and a
243A   A late 19th/early 20th century Chinese porcelain
                                                                    plate(ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150
       circular dish with leaf shaped edge decorated in
       the Imari palette with gourds, two further pieces of   256   A collection of studio pottery wares to include a
       Oriental porcelain, and a Staffordshire saucer £50           South Cerney Pottery slipware dish, an Ardington
       - 80                                                         jug, a small terracotta urn, a Bourne Denby vase,
                                                                    etc. £30 - 50
 244   A 19th century Chinese porcelain ginger jar
       decorated in underglaze blue and polychrome            257   A pair of circa 1900 Japanese Kutani baluster
       colours with fish swimming amongst reeds, a pair             shaped vases decorated with figures in
       of Oriental bowls decorated with fish, a                     landscapes, each bearing character marks to
       Staffordshire "Wild Rose" pattern meat plate, and a          base, together with a pine packing
       Staffordshire blue and white decorated fruit bowl            crate(ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150
       £50 - 80
                                                              258   A 19th century Staffordshire creamware baluster
 245   A Meissen vase of flared form decorated with                 shaped jug bearing initials "C D", with floral painted
       flowers and foliage and a cobalt and gilt decorated          decoration, a Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug with
       border, and a 19th century Doulton Lambeth type              silver rim, a further Doulton Lambeth jug, a
       stoneware jug £30 - 50                                       Staffordshire jug initialled "GD", and a Staffordshire
                                                                    spongeware decorated soap dish with drainer £60
 246   An Oriental blue and white kendi, a small Chinese
                                                                    - 100
       porcelain teapot (minus lid) plus a large Rye (Iden
       Pottery) baluster shaped vase with polychrome          259   An Adams "Cattle" pattern oval tureen and cover,
       floral decoration, the base monogrammed "DT"                 and a matching oval platter £30 - 45
       and dated 1999 £20 - 30
                                                              260   A collection of porcelain and pottery jugs, etc. to
 247   A collection of chinawares to include a Lancaster &          include a small Mintons cream jug, a T. G. Greene
       Sandland Ltd. Staffordshire pottery "Cognac                  & Co. Ltd. Cornish kitchenware quart measuring
       Martell Brandy" jug, a Coronation 1937 tyg, a                jug, a Torquay ware jug, a large beer stein
       Coronation 1937 musical tankard, a majolica type             inscribed "Munchen", and a similar miniature stein,
       fish shaped vase, W.H. Goss commemorative                    a Barnstaple jug, etc. £20 - 40
       wares, a miniature Thun jug, etc. £30 - 50
                                                              261   A collection of china and pottery wares to include a
 248   A collection of seven Burlington ware Toby Jugs to           Sadler apple sauce jar and cover, a Sylvac apple
       include three large examples and four smaller jugs           sauce jar and cover, a Goebel figure of a swallow,
       £20 - 30                                                     a Goebel figure of a kingfisher, a Beswick black
                                                                    mare, a Beswick bird figure, a miniature teapot, a
 249   A circa 1900 buff ware pottery game pie dish
                                                                    Royal Copenhagen commemorative plate, a
       decorated in relief with hanging game £50 - 80
                                                                    Staffordshire willow pattern meat plate, etc. £40 -
 250   A set of three 19th century graduated prattware              60
       jugs decorated with Continental scenes £20 - 40
                                                              262   A 19th century Copeland pottery game pie dish
 251   A 19th century Masons Patent Ironstone china jug             and cover decorated with game, and a pair of
       with floral decoration in shades of orange and               modern Staffordshire figures of spaniels £20 - 40
       green, together with a large Staffordshire pottery
       figure group £10 - 20
263   A 19th century Continental porcelain posy vase in      275   A collection of cottage ornaments to include
      the form of three pails, a Grimwades eggcup stand,           examples by Danbury Mint, David Winter, Liliput
      a child's part tea set, an Aynsley coffee can and            Lane, etc. (15) £20 - 30
      saucer, and two plates £10 - 20
                                                             276   A collection of chinawares to include a graduated
264   A 19th century Chelsea type porcelain plate with             pair of "Japan" opaque china, Staffordshire pottery
      shaped rim, decorated with fruit, butterflies and            jugs, a Staffordshire comport, Staffordshire jug, a
      insects, and a Meissen type soup plate decorated             Continental porcelain dish, and a pair of 19th
      with birds in a landscape, butterflies and insects           century cups and saucers £30 - 50
      £20 - 30
                                                             277   A box containing a collection of chinawares to
265   A 19th century Continental faiance campana                   include Royal Crown Derby floral decorated
      vase decorated with a castle(ILLUSTRATED)                    teawares, tea strainer etc, Royal Crown Derby
      £40 - 60                                                     "Derby Posies" teawares, etc. £30 - 40
266   A collection of Staffordshire pottery figure groups    278   A collection of Coalport, Crown, Wedgwood, etc.
      to include girl with dog, two children with a basket         "Hunting scenes" china wares to include vases,
      of shells, two figure groups of courting couples, a          bells, miniature ginger jars, pen tray, lidded
      pair of figures - one of a lady and the other of a           canisters, clock, mugs, salt and pepper, etc. £80 -
      gentleman, and a porcelain figure of a shepherd              120
      with sheep (7) £20 - 40
                                                             279   A box containing a collection of 19th century and
267   A 19th century Walton type Staffordshire figure              later chinawares to include a large 19th century
      group of a couple titled "Farewell", she sat on a            Staffordshire pottery figure of a standing dog, a
      wall, he standing by her side, raised on a shaped            pair of 19th century Staffordshire figures of
      rectangular plinth base with marbled decoration,             poodles, an art pottery bowl, a stoneware vase,
      together with a Staffordshire figure of a sailor             etc. £50 - 80
      standing bedside an anchor £50 - 80
                                                             280   A 19th century Chinese famille rose punch bowl
268   A quantity of magic lantern slides to include                decorated with figures in landscapes, a Davenport
      Royalty, Gulliver's Travels, Nursery rhymes,                 pottery fruit bowl, and a Wedgwood meat plate
      Military, Firemen, etc £30 - 50                              £50 - 80
269   A box containing a Noritake part tea service           281   A box containing a collection of teawares to include
      decorated in cream and gilt £20 - 30                         Radfords "Selwood" cups and saucers, Paragon
                                                                   china teawares, etc. £20 - 30
270   A collection of Copeland Spodes "Italian" pattern
      teawares to include cups, saucers, cake plate, etc.    282   Four stoneware flagons to include a large example
      £10 - 20                                                     inscribed "Dobell & Co., Cheltenham", a large
                                                                   example inscribed "Wintle & Arkell, Gloucester",
271   A large Chinese celadon glazed charger, a
                                                                   one inscribed "E. Giddings, Devizes", and one
      Chinese celadon glazed dish with lotus decoration,
                                                                   inscribed "R.B. Bowly & Co., Swindon" (4) £30 -
      a celadon glazed vase, a 19th century Chinese
      ginger jar, and an 18th century Chinese famille
      rose decorated jardinier £60 - 100                     283   A collection of Masons Patent Ironstone china
                                                                   "Bible" pattern dinner wares to include two lidded
272   An early 20th century Shelley mauve and blue drip
                                                                   tureens, dinner plates, graduated meat plates,
      glaze fruit bowl, a pair of Continental porcelain
                                                                   gravy boat, bowl, salad plates, and side plates £60
      figures of a lady and gentleman in 18th century
                                                                   - 90
      style dress, a box containing a collection of
      Shelley, Arcadian etc mottowares to include a          284   A collection of Masons Patent Ironstone china
      willow art china figure of an aeroplane, and a box           "Regency" pattern dinnerwares to include three
      containing a bed pan, toilet jug and plated wares            oval lidded tureens, vegetable dish, eggcups,
      £30 - 50                                                     plates and bowls £80 - 120
273   A box containing a collection of porcelain and other   285   A Mintons "Patent No. 14095" part dinner service
      collectors thimbles, to include examples by Royal            with cobalt and gilt decorated borders, to include
      Doulton, Adams, Royal Adderley, etc. £20 - 30                dinner plates, soup plates, salad plates, side
                                                                   plates, tea plates, small dishes and cups and
274   A box containing a collection of china and
                                                                   saucers £30 - 50
      glasswares to include a Royal Doulton "Anne
      Page" miniature vase, a Masons "Mandalay"              286   A 19th century Meissen "Onion" pattern teapot and
      pattern vase, a set of four Babycham glasses and             stand £50 - 80
      various chinawares, together with a baluster
                                                             287   A Beswick pottery figure of a zebra £80 - 120
      shaped vase decorated with a bird in flight, a pair
      of Continental porcelain figures, and a                288   A Beswick pottery figure of a Fresian Bull
      Staffordshire sauce tureen and stand £20 - 30                "Coddington Hilt Bar", and a Beswick pottery figure
                                                                   of a Fresian cow "Claybury Leggwater" £70 - 100
 289   A Beswick pottery figure of a "Stocky Jogger            303   A collection of glassware to include five decorative
       Grey", and a Beswick pottery figure of a                      glass lampshades, pair of stem vases, pair of tulip
       huntsman's horse - grey £150 - 200                            shaped vases and a cut glass vase with flared rim
                                                                     £30 - 50
 290   A late 19th/early 20th century Oriental dish and
       cover with all over polychrome decoration of            304   A blown glass spirit barrel with removable top and
       flowers on a black ground £30 - 50                            metal tap £30 - 50
 291   A Clarice Cliff pottery wall pocket by Newport          305   An 18th Century green-brown glass bottle with
       Pottery of England, modelled as a lady in 19th                "oily" patination £50 - 80
       century dress, standing by woodland £50 - 80
                                                               306   A pair of 19th Century cut glass goblets, the thistle
 292   A "Bizarre by Clarice Cliff" pottery beehive honey            head shaped bowls with engraved initials within an
       pot and cover with sponged green decoration, the              acorn and oak leaf border, above hollow baluster
       lid decorated with flowers £50 - 80                           stems to circular feet, both approx 18 cm high £30
                                                                     - 50
 293   A Beswick pottery figure group of a mare and foal
       raised on a naturalistic grassy base £50 - 80           307   A large Murano type glass vase with brown
                                                                     marbled decoration, together with a Wedgwood
 294   A pair of Chinese chocolate pots and covers,
                                                                     glass paperweight in the form of a frog £30 - 50
       polychrome decorated on a black ground, and a
       small circular Chinese dish with yellow border £30      308   A large oval boat shaped cut glass bowl /
       - 50                                                          centrepiece £20 - 30
 295   A collection of Lladro and Nao porcelain figures to     309   A circa 1800 Georgian Bristol blue "Hollands" gin
       include a Lladro figure of a girl feeding a goose, a          decanter and two Wade "Noddy series" figures
       Nao figure group of three geese, a pair of Lladro             "Miss Fluffy cat" & "Mr Plod" £100 - 150
       geese, and a Lladro boy seated with lamb (5) £40
                                                              309A   A frosted glass paperweight in the form of a bird
       - 60
                                                                     with spread wings, raised on octagonal clear glass
 296   A Lladro porcelain figure "Daisa 1983", of a girl             base £30 - 50
       carrying a basket of flowers, together with a Lladro
                                                               310   A Bristol type blue glass decanter with painted gilt
       figure of a sailor boy sat on a quayside holding
                                                                     decoration of a gryphon and five similar shot
       model sailing boat, a Lladro fisherman, and a
                                                                     glasses, three overlaid glass Hock glasses,
       Lladro figure of boy with accordion (4) £50 - 80
                                                                     coloured glass bowls, etc £30 - 50
 297   A 19th century Ashworth "Real Ironstone China"
                                                               311   A pair of late 19th/early 20th century cut glass and
       oval tureen and cover with cobalt and floral
                                                                     gilt mounted two branch candelabra with acanthus
       decorated border £40 - 60
                                                                     decoration £50 - 80
 298   A modern Limoges type French porcelain two
                                                               312   A harlequin set of six floral enamel decorated glass
       handled tureen and cover with floral and ribbon gilt
                                                                     goblets £30 - 50
       decoration £30 - 50
                                                               313   A collection of various glassware to include cut
298A   A Davenport Longport small lidded jug with cobalt
                                                                     glass tumblers, rummer, wine, Etruscan style two
       and gilt decoration, together with a Royal Crown
                                                                     handled vase on circular foot, posy vase, ale flute,
       Derby porcelain figure of a tortoise £20 - 30
                                                                     etc. £50 - 80
 299   A pair of large ruby overlaid cut glass vases of
                                                               314   A 19th century mallet shaped cut glass decanter
       flared form £200 - 300
                                                                     with three ring neck and mushroom stopper £20 -
 300   A 19th century ring necked mallet shaped                      30
       decanter, a 19th century cut glass liqueur
                                                               315   A quantity of various glassware to include salt
       decanter, a blown glass claret jug with cut glass
                                                                     bottle, knitting needles, paperweights, pedestal
       stopper, a modern cut glass whisky decanter, a
                                                                     salts, posy vases, decanter and stopper, Kosta
       collection of six green glass wines, and a glass
                                                                     Boda bowl, etc. £30 - 50
       cocktail stirrer etc £30 - 50
                                                               316   A large quantity of cut glassware to include a cut
 301   A cut glass shaped rectangular drinks tray,
                                                                     glass gourd shaped decanter with stopper, a pair
       together with a small carnival glass bowl, and a
                                                                     of square decanters, a pair of mallet shaped
       collection of green glass wines £20 - 30
                                                                     decanters, a cut glass decanter of waisted form, a
 302   A collection of glassware to include a mottled glass          tall glass jug, a frosted glass tazza, cut glass
       rinser, cobalt glass ashtray, a Murano glass figure           pedestal bowls, vases, fruit bowl, twin handled cut
       of an elephant, two glass ashtrays with bubble                glass jar and cover, various sundae dishes, cut
       decoration, smoked glass vase, a glass                        glass sherries, glass jug engraved with figures of
       paperweight depicting stag in landscape and a                 horses, etc. £100 - 150
       Mdina type glass paperweight £30 - 50
  317   A collection of drinking glasses to include cut glass    334   A gilt metal and frosted glass ceiling lantern £20 -
        wines, cut glass sherries, etched liqueur glasses,             40
        etc. (27) £50 - 80
                                                                 335   A pair of late 19th Century patinated and gilt
  318   A plated decanter stand in the form of a rowing                bronze figures of male and female blackamores,
        boat, and two glass decanters with stoppers £20 -              each standing in Eastern dress with an arm aloft,
        30                                                             an urn upon their shoulder on circular spreading
                                                                       foot (converted to table lamps) £200 - 300
  319   A blue glass bowl with bubble decoration, two cut
        glass fruit bowls, a vaseline glass vase, and a          336   Two Art Deco plaster figurines, one of a scantily
        glass bowl with gilt decoration £10 - 20                       clad maiden, the other of a similarly clad gymnast
                                                                       with hoop, both on plinth bases £20 - 30
319A    A cut glass ceiling light fitting with gilt metal
        mounts, a cut glass vase, an etched glass stem           337   A Victorian oil lamp with etched clear and pink
        vase, a glass ship in a bottle, and a glass scent              decorated shade, clear flue, over an opaque pink
        bottle with ring decoration £50 - 80                           reservoir painted with ribbons and laurels in the
                                                                       Neo-Classical manner on a spreading square
  320   A pair of Victorian milk glass vases with giltwork
                                                                       pierced gilt metal base £30 - 40
        decoration depicting monogram "A M" within a
        thistle band £50 - 80                                    338   NO LOT
  321   A collection of glassware to include a cut glass         339   A George III mahogany serpentine fronted knife
        decanter with plated mounts, a cut glass water jug,            box, with boxwood stringing, the sloping hinged top
        vase, liqueur decanter, sundae dishes, fruit bowl,             opening to reveal a fitted interior for cutlery, twin
        etc. £10 - 20                                                  brass swan neck carrying handles to the sides,
                                                                       brass escutcheon £200 - 300
  322   A large quantity of cut glassware to include a pair
        of 19th century cut glass decanters, cut glass           340   An Edwardian mahogany and satinwood strung
        vases with flared rims, cut glass wines, sherries,             oval two handled drinks tray, dressing mirror,
        etched liqueur glasses, etc. £50 - 80                          barley twist table lamp, lacquered tray and oak
                                                                       framed mirror £30 - 50
  323   A Waterford type slab and pineapple cut glass
        water jug, and a 19th century cut glass decanter of      341   A pair of pottery Buddhist lion figures, another
        mallet form, with stopper £30 - 50                             similar and a brass water vessel £50 - 80
  324   A six branch gilt metal ceiling light fitting, two       342   A scratch built battle ship "Admiral Vernon" £30 -
        smaller matching five branch light fittings with               50
        frosted glass shades with wavy rims £30 - 50
                                                                 343   A Colombia model 201 portable gramophone in
  325   A box containing a quantity of witches balls, to               black case(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
        include a large green example and several smaller
                                                                 344   A Colombia model 213 portable gramophone in
        examples £50 - 80
                                                                       black case(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
                                                                 345   An early 20th Century carved oak armorial panel of
METALWARE & MISCELLANEOUS                                              shield shape with acorn leaves surmounted by a
                                                                       Centurion head, fitted with 17th Century style gilt
  326   A brassed and glass hanging lantern £20 - 30                   metal and steel bladed swords £30 - 50
  327   A three branch electrolier with frosted glass shades     346   A Victorian GWR lamp yoke, stamped "GWR",
        and gilt metal fitments, and a four branch                     arms marked "95" £50 - 80
        electrolier with cut glass drops and cut glass swags
                                                                 347   A late 19th / early 20th Century oak wall bracket
        and scrolling acanthus decoration £20 - 30
                                                                       with foliate and scroll carved decoration £20 - 30
  328   Two cut glass ceiling light fittings with gilt metal
                                                                 348   Two wooden planes, a 1930's ¾ striking bracket
        mounts and cut glass swags £30 - 50
                                                                       clock, a set of brass scales, two wooden handled
  329   A mid 20th century ceiling light fitting with etched           swords and a Noritake tea set £20 - 30
        glass shade and gilt metal mounts £10 - 20
                                                                348A   A fruitwood spinning wheel £20 - 30
  330   A three branch electrolier with cut glass swags and
                                                                 349   A composition stone statue of Venus standing on a
        pink glass drops with spiral twist glass branches
                                                                       shell moulded plinth base £100 - 150
        and metal mounts £30 - 50
                                                                 350   A Tri-ang toy with electrical fittings doll's house
  331   A cut glass electrolier with cut glass drops and cut
                                                                       made by Lions Brothers Limited in painted pine
        glass swags on gilt metal mounts £30 - 50
                                                                       with papier maché red roof on a green plinth base
  332   A three branch electrolier with cut glass drops and            £20 - 30
        clear glass arms £30 - 50
                                                                 351   Two black painted wrought iron fire baskets £20 -
  333   A gilt decorated electrolier with large tear shaped            30
        glass drops and acanthus decoration £20 - 30
 352   A set of four brass fire irons, a pair of wrought iron      370   An Art Nouveau style figural table lamp modelled
       hand irons and a fire guard £20 - 30                              as a musician draped in neoclassical robes seated
                                                                         on a moulded circular base beside a rising branch,
 353   A painted metal and wrought iron framed wall clock
                                                                         with green and orange mottled tulip shade £30 -
       £20 - 30
 354   A gilt metal fire screen in th Rococo taste with
                                                                   371   An Art Deco bronze figure group of a lady in green
       cherubs and floral gardens within a C scroll and
                                                                         painted dress seated with head tilted upwards, on
       leaf decorated frame £30 - 40
                                                                         a shaped rectangular veined marble base £30 - 50
 355   A cast iron fire grate with integral back £10 - 20
                                                                  371A   AFTER ROLAND MOLL "Katja", a nude study,
 356   NO LOT                                                            coldcast bronze, limited edition 133/750, signed
                                                                         £30 - 50
 357   A copper copper and a brass coal bucket with
       embossed floral decoration £80 - 120                        372   AFTER COUSTEAU, a pair of patinated spelter
                                                                         Marley horse groups, each on moulded rocky
 358   Two boxes of mixed silver plate, brassware, etc
                                                                         bases, and a brass bust of a Chinese elder £80 -
       £20 - 30
 359   NO LOT                                                      373   A modern bronze figure of an Indian seated in
 360   A pair of silver plated tureens and covers and two                an open top kayak, wearing headdress and
       framed tapestry panels £15 - 25                                   carrying a bow in his left hand, dead game
                                                                         towards the stern, on a circular plinth base
 361   A late 19th Century leather jewellery box, the                    (ILLUSTRATED) £150 - 200
       hinged cover with initialled monogram opening to
       reveal a green velvet lined interior with lift-out tray,    374   A cast iron gilt and green painted railway sign -
       stamped "AUG KLEIN, 6 BD DES CAPUGINES"                           "The Flying Scotsman" £40 - 60
       £80 - 120                                                   375   Two American wrought and cast iron road signs -
 362   A box of miscellaneous brass and copper to                        "E Cayuga T R" and "E Ogontz T R" £20 - 30
       include warming pans, bells, candlesticks, etc £20
                                                                   376   A pair of late 19th century Chinese cloisonné
       - 30
                                                                         vases decorated with stylised motifs, all on a blue
 363   Two 19th century brass preserving pans £20 - 30                   ground, and a similar circular bellied bowl on
                                                                         hardwood stand £40 - 60
363A   A pair of 19th century gilt metal and porcelain
       mounted three branch candelabra with floral                 377   A 19th century Chinese cloisonné ovoid vase and
       scrolling branches to a cylindrical column painted                cover decorated with figures and flowers, all on a
       with flowers within oval medallions on a blue                     blue ground, and a pair of similar circular jars and
       ground, on a shaped circular base with scrolling                  covers with all over decoration of prunus leaves
       bracket feet £60 - 80                                             and flowers £30 - 40
 364   A pair of late 19th century French bronzed                  378   AFTER JOE DESCOMPS, a modern bronze
       spelter figures, each in classical dress, on                      figure group of a naked lady pulling the horns
       moulded rocky painted socle                                       of a goat, on a rocky plinth base
       bases(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80                                       (ILLUSTRATED) £80 - 120
 365   A rectangular copper twin handled tray,                     379   A pair of beech framed and jadeite book-ends in
       stamped to underside "J P"(ILLUSTRATED)                           the Art Deco taste, a pair of stone book-ends with
       £30 - 40                                                          applied rosette medallion inscribed "This stone
                                                                         came from the houses of Parliament", and a
 366   A set of Victor black painted and brass scales and                rectangular burr cedar galleried tray with marquetry
       five associated brass bell weights £10 - 20                       and Tunbridgeware inlaid decoration £20 - 30
 367   Three various chrome car mascots, to include                380   A late 19th century Japanese bronze incense
       "AA", "The Vintage Sports Car Club" and "IAM -                    burner decorated in raised relief with flowering
       Institute of Advanced Motorists, presented to M.G.                prunus on a tripod base with mask head terminals
       Burges-Short", on contemporary curved chrome                      and mythical dog finial, a Japanese bronze oval
       frame £20 - 30                                                    dish decorated in shallow raised relief with
 368   Three 19th Century iron handled copper                            fishmonger and carp within bamboo leaf borders,
       saucepans £50 - 80                                                and an Oriental brass ovoid vase decorated with
                                                                         mythical beasts (3) £50 - 80
 369   An early 20th century WMF brass and plated
       centre piece in the Art Nouveau taste, the
       circular bowl with guilloche decoration to rim
       embellished with four oval medallions, raised
       on a pedestal with downswept pierced
       supports on a circular foot(ILLUSTRATED) £80
       - 120
 381   A Chinese brass circular bowl with cloisonné           391   An Edwardian mahogany desk top writing slope
       decorated frieze on four splayed feet, a pair of             with rolling tambour front opening to reveal a fold-
       bronzed jardinier stands in the Oriental taste               over velvet lined interior with recesses for inkwells
       decorated in raised relief with verdigris finish, a          and pens and a frieze drawer, with lion mask drop
       pair of patinated cylindrical shaped coasters with           ring handles to sides, and an oak wall mounted
       foliate decoration stamped "Geschutz", and a                 box with hinged lid (2) £50 - 80
       cylindrical bamboo vase £20 - 30
                                                              392   NO LOT
 382   A mixed lot to include an ivory handled corkscrew,
                                                              393   A box of miscellaneous brassware to include
       two pen knives, etc. £30 - 40
                                                                    candlesticks, oil lamp, charger, bells, etc. £25 - 50
 383   A 19th Century miniature painted beech Windsor
                                                              394   A mixed lot to include a "Hercules" corkscrew, a
       armchair and a similar folding coaching table, the
                                                                    small rectangular tortoiseshell box with fitted
       circular top on an X framed base (2) £30 - 50
                                                                    interior, a horn beaker, a turned wooden canister
383A   An unusual William Crawford & Sons biscuit tin as            with screw on cover, another similar hexagonal
       a lidded tankard, and a Rowntree lidded tin of               canister, two boxes fitted with boxwood and
       basket form £30 - 50                                         ebonised draught pieces, two painted paddles, etc.
                                                                    £40 - 60
 384   A Victorian mahogany framed dressing table pin
       cushion of sarcophagus form, the silk covered top      395   A Victorian mahogany and brass bound book slide
       opening to reveal the mechanism for a secret                 £30 - 40
       drawer to one side with brass ring handles raised
                                                              396   A 19th century lacquered bronze cendrier with
       on brass ball feet £60 - 80
                                                                    turned wooden handle, an Anglo-Indian
 385   A circa 1900 oak cased smokers compendium with               cedarwood, ivory and mother of pearl inlaid
       pipe racks and glazed door enclosing a small                 rectangular box, a soapstone shaped oval dish
       drawer £30 - 50                                              with pierced frieze, a 19th century "Norwegian"
                                                                    rustic Viking comb, etc. £30 - 50
 386   A pair of cast bronze candlesticks in the Empire
       taste with mask head and foliate scroll decoration,    397   Two Chinese famille rose decorated plates,
       the urn shaped sconce raised on a triangular base            another similar with shaped figural cartouche, a
       on mythical beast modelled feet £80 - 120                    porcelain blue and white dish and cover on
                                                                    hardwood stand, another porcelain dish and cove,r
 387   A pair of German patinated chargers, each
                                                                    and two Oriental pierced decorated plaques £25 -
       decorated in relief with scenes from "Der
       Trompeter Von Sackingen" within pierced C-scroll
       and mask head decorated borders, one volume            398   A late Victorian oak table top desk stand, the
       "Der Trompeter Von Sackingen" by Joseph Victor               rectangular hinged top with presentation
       Von Scheffel, and a gilt brass rectangular easel             inscription, opening to reveal a fitted interior, the
       back picture frame £25 - 35                                  base with two fitted glass inkwells and a pen
                                                                    recess, over a frieze drawer on moulded base and
 388   A pair of late 19th Century Chinese cloisonné
                                                                    bun feet £50 - 80
       enamel chargers, each decorated with birds in
       branches on a pale blue ground, together with a        399   A set of four 20th century North African tribal busts
       19th Century Chinese porcelain plate decorated               £20 - 30
       with two with mythical dragon amongst prunus on a
                                                              400   A late 19th/early 20th century walnut and ebonised
       yellow ground within a blue border with four
                                                                    ink stand fitted with three glass inkwells on a
       shaped cartouches of birds in branches, and a pair
                                                                    shaped base, and a brass candlestick £20 - 30
       of 19th Century cloisonné vases with cylindrical
       tapering necks and ovoid bodies, decorated with        401   A late Victorian oak smokers cabinet, the rising lid
       birds in branches, foliate scrolls and shaped panels         with moulded edge over two carved panelled doors
       £80 - 100                                                    opening to reveal a fitted interior, a circa 1900
                                                                    plywood toilet mirror with pierced fretwork Art
 389   Two boxes of assorted brassware to include a
                                                                    Nouveau design inscribed verso with printed
       desk top calendar, candlesticks, etc, and a
                                                                    picture of the mirror and "Handicrafts Design No.
       scrolling glass twin branch wall light £15 - 20
                                                                    375 Shaving Mirror Size 14" x 9" ", two barley twist
 390   A 19th century French bayonet, the steel grooved             candlesticks and a similar table lamp £60 - 100
       blade with reeded brass handle stamped "A G
                                                              402   A milliners elm hat block £25 - 35
       51315", with rusted scabbard, together with a
       photocopy of Certificate of Discharge £30 - 50         403   A Regency rosewood sarcophagus shaped tea
                                                                    caddy with ring drop handles on bun feet £50 - 80
404   A circa 1900 Japanese table top cabinet with two         418   A George V silver and chinoiserie lacquered
      lacquered decorated doors enclosing drawers over               dressing table set comprising comb, two clothes
      two short and one long drawer, all with parquetry              brushes, two hairbrushes and mirror, each
      work decoration, and a walnut and floral marquetry             decorated with figures in garden settings
      inlaid book slide £20 - 30                                     (Birmingham 1926), cased £30 - 50
405   An early 20th century oak smokers/tinder box with        419   A walnut canteen of various EPNS and bone
      hinged top, inscribed "Smokers ... Drop Box" on                handled cutlery £20 - 30
      block feet, and a similar oak cigarette box with twin
                                                               420   Three various antler handled walking sticks, and
      division interior £25 - 35
                                                                     another walking stick £10 - 20
406   An embossed brass sheathed log box, the slope
                                                               421   An Art Nouveau style embossed copper and brass
      top and other panels with figural decoration in the
                                                                     jug of tapering form, various other jugs, miniature
      manner of David Teniers £20 - 30
                                                                     cattle, Indian bell, miniature candlesticks, etc. £10
407   Two studded copper and brass handled log                       - 20
      buckets £50 - 80
                                                               422   A quantity of various metalwares to include a pair
408   A wrought iron handled copper fish kettle of                   of bronze wool teasers, a Middle Eastern elm
      large proportions with lid, 19th century                       handled iron mounted wool teaser, various copper
      clockwork roasting jack by John Linwood, pair                  printing blocks, painted wooden box decorated with
      of pierced brass galleried chambersticks,                      the Rialto Bridge, sycamore bowl, other brassware,
      heavy bronze trivet with pierced decoration,                   pewterware, oak two handled tray, etc. £30 - 50
      and a copper jardinier of elongated oval
                                                               423   A Victorian pewter samovar or tea urn with
      form(ILLUSTRATED) £80 - 120
                                                                     engraved decoration, converted to table lamp £10
409   A copper coal helmet and a copper and brass                    - 20
      spirit kettle on stand, with
                                                               424   A German silver plated "Rosehill Instruments"
      burner(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
                                                                     tuba(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
410   A copper coal helmet, brass coal helmet, two
                                                               425   A walnut cased HMV radio, and a cream plastic
      copper haystack measures, brass trivet, two
                                                                     cased Ever Ready radio(ILLUSTRATED) £50 -
      Middle Eastern copper cooking vessels, and a coal
      shovel £30 - 50
                                                               426   A box containing a large quantity of vintage jigsaw
411   Three various copper baluster shaped jugs, a
                                                                     puzzles and various other games, to include
      similar brass jug, and three brass framed
                                                                     "Victory" jigsaw puzzle of a treasure ship, etc. £30
      sieves/colanders £30 - 50
                                                                     - 50
412   A box of various brass and copperware to include
                                                               427   Seven volumes "The Picture Magazine" circa
      a WMF vase with classical style decoration, an
                                                                     1895, with marbled board covers and leather
      Arnold & Sons of London brass enema, copper
                                                                     spines, together with a cased set of early 20th
      funnel, chromium plated enema, various Middle
                                                                     century Bartholomew maps to include Cambridge,
      Eastern brass bowls, Salters 60 lb spring balance,
                                                                     Potteries, Cheltenham, etc., a cased set of The
      miniature copper and brass saucepans, etc. £30 -
                                                                     Royal Automobile Club quarter inch maps, and a
                                                                     collection of "Mapad Map" printing blocks" with
413   A Chinese carved wooden framed ceiling lantern                 turned wood handles £80 - 120
      with hand-painted glass panel figural decoration
                                                               428   Four boxes containing a large collection of vintage
      £40 - 60
                                                                     jigsaw puzzles and games to include a tin plated
414   A cast iron fire basket and pair of wrought iron               roulette type toy "Disc O'Games", "Geographia"
      dogs £30 - 50                                                  Touring Europe game, a Spears game "Rail Race"
                                                                     travelling game, etc. £30 - 40
415   A wrought iron fire poker with openwork handle,
      and a pair of carved oak bellows decorated with          429   A large quantity of vintage medical equipment £20
      thatched cottage inscribed "Ann Hathaway's                     - 30
      Cottage" £30 - 50
                                                               430   A Framus F-Hole acoustic jazz-style
416   A box of various plated wares to include vegetable             guitar(ILLUSTRATED) £20 - 30
      tureens, heart shaped toast rack, various cased
                                                              430A   A box containing a collection of vintage mah-jong
      cutlery, fish knives and forks, four piece tea set,
                                                                     sets and mah-jong pieces £50 - 80
      loose cutlery, etc. £30 - 50
                                                               431   A BM Clasico acoustic Spanish guitar in
417   A box of various plated wares to include teawares,
                                                                     leatherette carrying case(ILLUSTRATED) £20 -
      tureens, tankard, silver handled knives,
      candlesticks, various brassware, etc. £50 - 80
431A   A "Kima" monocular microscope by W. Watson &             446   A box containing a quantity of china and other
       Sons Ltd., London contained in a wooden carrying               wares to include a dolls part tea set, a further toy
       case £30 - 50                                                  tea set, a "Mr Plod" porcelain figure, further
                                                                      porcelain figures, etc. £10 - 20
 432   An early 20th century "Star" vacuum cleaner with
       bellows action, Patent No. 18899 £30 - 50                447   A croquet set comprising six mallets, balls, red
                                                                      painted metal hoops and various pegs, contained
 433   GIACOMO PUCCINI " Die Kleine Frau
                                                                      in a stained pine box £30 - 50
       Schmetterling (Madame Butterfly)", bears printed
       message and signature by the composer to inside          448   A Jaques, London croquet set in pine box,
       front, one volume "Tosca", one volume "Die                     comprising mallets, three matching and one not
       Boheme", all published Ricordi & C (3) £50 - 80                matching balls, hoops, and two posts £50 - 80
 434   A military field telephone by S.B. & Co. Ltd. £20 -      449   A Silver Cross dolls pram £30 - 50
                                                               449A   An early 20th century lacquered brass 365 day
 435   A box containing a quantity of cigarette card                  clock of temple form, the circular dial set with
       albums, to include John Player & Sons, W.D. &                  Arabic numerals, housed under a glass dome £70
       H.O. Wills, including "Motor Cars", "Our King &                - 100
       Queen", an album of "Film Stars", and a small
                                                                450   An American mahogany cased wall clock with
       collection of cigarette cards to include Players
                                                                      reverse decorated glass panel £30 - 50
       Navy Cut "Football" and "Military" subjects £30 -
       50                                                      450A   A Victorian mahogany barometer / therometer with
                                                                      silvered dial £80 - 120
 436   A vintage sphygmomanometer (blood pressure
       gauge) by Accoson in wooden case, and a vintage          451   A 19th century mahogany framed
       stethoscope (2) £30 - 50                                       barometer/thermometer with dry/damp dial above
                                                                      an alcohol thermometer, convex mirror glass and
 437   A box of miscellaneous items to include a set of
                                                                      silvered main dial over a level inscribed "A Page
       four Babycham glasses, a Cadbury's Bourneville
                                                                      Marlborugh" £100 - 150
       biscuit tin in the form of a lidded chest with
       shamrock decoration, a vintage lamp by Brown             452   A circa 1900 carved walnut cased aneroid
       Brothers Ltd. "The Rival", a vintage brass lamp by             barometer with mercury thermometer surmount
       Powell & Hamner Co., mid 20th century Matchbox                 £30 - 50
       die cast models, and a quantity of Royal ephemera
       £20 - 30                                                452A   A Victorian walnut banjo barometer, swan neck
                                                                      pediment over a brass thermometer and dial
 438   A box containing a pair of wooden shoe lasts and               inscribed B Bordeli, Andover, the case inlaid with
       two iron shoe lasts £10 - 20                                   shell medallions £150 - 200
 439   A box containing a quantity of vintage postcards         453   A circa 1900 ebonised oak cased aneroid
       and photographs, to include topographical                      barometer/thermometer, the circular dial inscribed
       subjects, circa 1900 Christmas postcards, postcard             "Abraham Southampton" £20 - 30
       depicting Queen Mary, RMSP Asturias, etc. £20 -
                                                                454   A Victorian carved oak cased
                                                                      barometer/thermometer, the mercury thermometer
 440   A mahogany cased set of "Improved Perforating                  with silvered dial flanked by two Doric columns
       Presses" containing dies for the months of the year            above the circular silvered dial inscribed "T & H
       and days £30 - 40                                              Doublet, 11 Moorgate St London" £80 - 120
 441   A box containing a quantity of camera equipment          455   A circa 1910 German eight day striking mantel
       and binoculars £30 - 50                                        clock in oak case by Gustav Becker £50 - 80
 442   A Mamod steam engine in original box £20 - 30            456   A 19th century French gilt metal cased mantel
                                                                      clock, the architectural style case decorated with
 443   A case containing a collection of LP records to
                                                                      winged lions, dragon scales and Sphinx, enclosing
       include The Communards, Simply Red, West Side
                                                                      an eight day movement with circular dial £100 -
       Story, etc. together with a quantity of vintage sheet
       music £10 - 20
                                                                457   A pierced brass cased Continental mantel
 444   A collection of mid 20th century dolls to include
                                                                      clock with circular porcelain dial and Arabic
       "Angela" peach blossom vinyl etc. £20 - 30
                                                                      numerals(ILLUSTRATED) £20 - 30
 445   Two fitted wooden boxes containing a quantity of
                                                                458   A circa 1900 French brass cased carriage
       glass lantern slides, to include Gloucester
                                                                      timepiece, the white enamelled dial with Roman
       Cathedral, various military figures, etc. £30 - 50
                                                                      numerals, the top and base of serpentine form
                                                                      with applied pierced scrolling foliate banding
                                                                      raised on four turned feet(ILLUSTRATED) £100
                                                                      - 150
 459   A circa 1900 French brass cased carriage              473   A pair of Edwardian squat silver sheathed
       timepiece, the white enamelled dial with Roman              candlesticks (Birmingham, 1909) and a similar
       numerals raised on turned feet(ILLUSTRATED)                 pair of table candlesticks (Birmingham,
       £60 - 100                                                   1908)(ILLUSTRATED) £70 - 100
 460   A circa 1900 oak cased mantel clock of                474   An Edwardian silver three piece tea set of half
       architectural form, the 30 hour movement with               reeded form (Birmingham,
       circular enamelled dial and Roman numerals £30 -            1904)(ILLUSTRATED) £250 - 350
                                                             475   An Edwardian silver mounted decanter with handle
 461   A circa 1900 gilt brass cased mantel clock in the           (Birmingham, 1907), together with a silver mounted
       rococo style, the eight day movement by The                 cut glass condiment bottle (London, 1933) £60 -
       British United Clock Co. Ltd., Birmingham £50 - 80          80
 462   A stained beech cased eight day clock, the circular   476   An Edwardian silver sugar bowl raised on lion paw
       dial with Arabic numerals £30 - 50                          feet together with a matching cream jug (London,
                                                                   1924 and 1926 by John Hunt Preston) together
462A   A Mid 19th century mahogany banjo barometer,
                                                                   with a small silver cream jug and six silver
       with silvered dial, butlers mirror, thermomenter,
                                                                   teaspoons £50 - 80
       hygrometer and spirit level inscribed 'Rooks,
       Cirencester' £150 - 200                               477   An Art Deco style cut glass blue flashed
                                                                   dressing table jar with enamel decorated silver
 463   An early 20th century mahogany cased balloon
                                                                   mounted lid (Birmingham,
       clock, the French eight day movement with
                                                                   1934)(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
       circular enamelled dial and Arabic
       numerals(ILLUSTRATED) £80 - 120                       478   A George V silver capstan type inkwell with gilt
                                                                   wash interior (Birmingham, 1910), together with a
 464   A circa 1900 mahogany and boxwood strung
                                                                   silver retractable swizel stick, a pair of plated sugar
       mantel clock, the eight day movement with
                                                                   tongs, sardine tongs and a sovereign holder/vesta
       silvered dial by "W. & H. Sch"(ILLUSTRATED)
                                                                   case £30 - 40
       £60 - 100
                                                             479   A mid 20th Century French white metal
 465   An early to mid 20th century oak cased dome top
                                                                   Christofle twin pouring sauce ladle with turned
       mantel clock, the eight day movement with circular
                                                                   wooden handle(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
       dial inscribed "Bentima" £20 - 30
                                                             480   A Victorian silver trophy cup with engraved
 466   A Victorian mahogany cased mantel clock of arch
                                                                   decoration and C scroll handles, raised on a
       form with circular white enamel dial with Roman
                                                                   tapering pedestal to circular foot, engraved
       numerals, a two train French brass movement
                                                                   "Cirencester Park 1954" (London, 1872, by E J &
       striking half hourly on a gong, the case with brass
                                                                   W Barnard) £40 - 60
       line inlay and raised on brass ball feet £150 - 200
                                                             481   A George V cut glass punch glass with pierced
 467   A 19th century black painted cast iron cased
                                                                   silver holder and scroll handle (by Mappin &
       mantel clock, the eight day movement by The
                                                                   Webb, London 1913)(ILLUSTRATED) £30 - 50
       Ansonia Clock Co., New York £30 - 50
                                                             482   A Scottish copper and brass three piece dressing
 468   An early 20th century nine piece gilt metal framed
                                                                   table set comprising two brushes and a mirror
       dressing table set comprising clock, tray, four
                                                                   together with a comb ridge and a similar pin stand
       brushes, glass jar and two mirrors £20 - 30
                                                                   of triangular form £30 - 50
 469   A brass clock garniture in the rococo taste, the
                                                             483   A silver butter dish ring, together with two silver
       eight day movement with circular dial and
                                                                   matchbox covers £15 - 20
       Roman numerals, the case with pierced and
       scrollwork decoration flanked by two five             484   NO LOT
       branch six light candle holders(ILLUSTRATED)
                                                             485   A cased set of six silver teaspoons (Birmingham,
       £120 - 180
                                                                   1920) £30 - 50
 470   NO LOT
                                                             486   An early 20th Century Scottish silver plated and
SILVER, PLATE, JEWELLERY & OBJECTS DE                              mahogany based oval drinks tray stamped "Brook
VERTUS                                                             & Son Edinburgh" £30 - 50
                                                             487   A modern silver shell shaped perfume flask by
 471   A modern Indian white metal swing handled basket
                                                                   Tiffany & Co., bears import marks, complete with
       with pierced decoration and panels depicting
                                                                   box, together with a George VI silver twin handled
       hunting scenes raised on four paw feet £20 - 30
                                                                   bonbon dish in the Art Deco manner (Birmingham,
 472   A 19th century Continental wirework silver                  1939), plus a propelling pencil stamped "825", a
       plated wine pouring basket(ILLUSTRATED)                     lighter and a tortoiseshell comb £30 - 50
       £50 - 80
488   A cased set of silver commemorative ingots for          501   A graduated pair of love heart shaped dressing
      Queen Elizabeth II, bears plaque to front inscribed           table boxes with velvet covering, a beadwork
      "Elizabeth our Queen, this collection was minted              purse, a white metal evening bag, a Ronson crown
      for Barbara and Henry Holworth" £150 - 200                    table lighter, a Goldsmiths & Silversmiths silver
                                                                    and enamel decorated cigarette box, a small silver
489   A George VI silver lidded mustard raised on three
                                                                    cigarette box, a plated vesta/sovereign case and
      hoof feet (Birmingham, 1946), together with a silver
                                                                    an EPNS miniature flask with enamelled
      pepper, a set of six silver Rat's tail coffee spoons
                                                                    decoration of lion inscribed "Wembley" £50 - 80
      (Sheffield, 1926), etc £150 - 200
                                                              502   An early 20th Century silver topped glass sugar
490   A cased pair of Victorian silver jam spoons with cut
                                                                    shaker, together with a silver backed hairbrush,
      bright decoration (London, 1891), together with a
                                                                    comb, napkin ring, etc, plus a collection of plated
      cased Victorian silver Christening set comprising
                                                                    cutlery, egg cups, etc £20 - 30
      knife, fork and spoon, a pair of cased silver squat
      candlesticks and a cased set of six silver coffee       503   Two modern resin scent bottles in the Chinese
      bean spoons plus two similar EPNS spoons £40 -                manner together with a papier maché black
      60                                                            lacquered pen box, the lid depicting Japanese
                                                                    figures in a garden setting £25 - 35
491   An Edwardian silver Christening mug inscribed
      "DHEB December 16 1909", a pair of squat silver         504   A circa 1900 silver plated cigar lighter, the
      candlesticks, a silver tea strainer, together with a          spherical body raised on a pedestal to tripod base
      small bowl, pepper, etc £50 - 80                              decorated with three Arabic men, each with a pipe
                                                                    and raised on ball feet, together with an EPNS
492   A pair of George III silver beaded tablespoons
                                                                    three piece tea set £40 - 60
      (London, 1809, by George Smith) £30 - 50
                                                              505   A collection of mainly British coinage £20 - 30
493   An oak cased silver plated fish knife and fork set
      by Walker & Hall £50 - 80                               506   A W. Christesen silver sugar caster £50 - 80
494   An Auschwitz cross bearing a blue and grey              507   An EPNS four piece tea set plus an associated
      striped ribbon, together with a postcard sent from            twin handled tray, all raised on hoof
      Auschwitz entitled Konz.-Lager Auschwitz, bears               feet(ILLUSTRATED) £20 - 30
      Hitler stamp and Auschwitz postmark dated 03 8
                                                              508   A collection of 120 modern pocket watches with
      42 £150 - 250
                                                                    Quartz movements £350 - 450
495   19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL "Portrait of a
                                                              509   A quantity of assorted plated wares to include toast
      lady wearing a white brimmed and feathered hat,
                                                                    rack, muffin dishes, sauceboats, plus two sets of
      white ruff and purple ermine lined jacket", head
                                                                    cased silver handled butter knives, and a silver
      and shoulders, miniature £60 - 100
                                                                    scalloped butter dish £30 - 50
496   A set of Victorian silver dessert knives and forks
                                                              510    A box of assorted silver plated items to include
      with silver blades and prongs, with embossed
                                                                    soup spoons, bone handled knives, plated salver
      decoration (Sheffield, 1848) £30 - 40
                                                                    etc £40 - 60
497   A box containing assorted cutlery, napkin rings, a
                                                              511   A box of assorted plated wares to include entree
      pewter jug, plus a cased pair of fish servers and
                                                                    dishes, pierced swing handled baskets, trays, etc
      fish knives and forks, etc £15 - 20
                                                                    £30 - 50
498   An Edwardian cased set of four silver salts in the
                                                              512   A box containing a Queen Mary Christmas box, a
      form of quaiches (London, 1909), together with a
                                                                    1939-45 Defence medal, the 1939-45 War medal,
      cased mother of pearl handled fruit knife and fork
                                                                    various cap badges and batons plus an Exposition
      set £80 - 120
                                                                    International 1907 medallion £30 - 40
499   A cased set of Edwardian silver coffee bean
                                                             512A   A synthetic alexanderite solitaire dress ring £100 -
      spoons plus a George IV silver Fiddle pattern
      sauce ladle (London, 1825) £30 - 50
                                                             512B   A modern diamond cluster ring £60 - 90
500   Two Georgian silver salts both raised on three hoof
      feet, together with a silver lidded trinket bowl        513   An 18 carat gold ring set with a jade lozenge,
      (London, 1901) and a small plated pierced                     together with a 22 carat gold band £100 - 150
      galleried tray raised on four feet £60 - 80
                                                             513A   A 9 carat gold diamond and moonstone set type
                                                                    dress ring £70 - 100
                                                              514   A box containing assorted fountain pens, etc £30 -
514A   A British War medal and a Victory medal, both          528   An early 20th Century Continental silver and
       inscribed "162585 PNR. A.G. Richards. RE.",                  enamel decorated bell push, the stepped top with
       together with a Medal for Faithful Service in the            central pink hard stone button within a floral and
       Special Constabulary inscribed "To Sidney Kite", a           foliate guilloche enamel ground (bears Austro-
       medallion to commemorate the Allied Victory                  Hungarian .900 silver marks) £50 - 80
       RAOB 1919, plus four assorted watches, two
                                                              529   An Omega Speedmaster gentleman's stainless
       lighters, etc. £30 - 50
                                                                    steel cased watch, the movement with 17
 515   A 18 carat gold pocket watch, the decorated                  jewels, no. 26554467, with rotating bezel and
       enameled dial set with Roman numerals plus a                 black dial, baton numerals, enclosing
       yew wood stand £50 - 80                                      subsidiary seconds, hour and minute dials,
                                                                    Omega chronograph movement, Cal 321 with
 516   A collection of five various silver spoons including
                                                                    block link bracelet (ILLUSTRATED) £500 - 800
       a Guild of Handicraft seal spoon £30 - 50
                                                              530   An 18th Century Continental silver (unmarked) and
 517   A Chinese interior painted cameo glass scent
                                                                    mother of pearl oval snuff box, the lid carved with a
       bottle decorated with a European woman
                                                                    figure playing woodwind instrument with a woman
       overlooking a lily and a Chinese cinnebar
                                                                    dancing with castanets, a tree and house in
       lacquered style relief decorated scent bottle and
                                                                    background £150 - 200
       stopper, plus a circa 1900 Chinese oxide red
       dragon and ball decorated snuff bottle with spoon      531   An 18th Century silver (unmarked) and mother of
       and snuffer £50 - 80                                         pearl snuff box of cartouche shaped form, the lid
                                                                    carved with mountainous landscape scene with
 518   A pair of circa 1900 Japanese cloisonné miniature
                                                                    buildings on hills and trees in foreground, the
       vases of rounded square form with narrow necks
                                                                    underside decorated with a goat and fruit £150 -
       and flared rims, the main bodies decorated with
       prunus blossom £30 - 50
                                                              532   A Russian gilt silver and enamel decorated salt
 519   A box containing a small ivory dome topped box
                                                                    plus a similar spoon £70 - 100
       with hinged lid, stamped "French ivory" to base,
       together with two other small boxes, an ivory shoe     533   A box of assorted plated wares to include assorted
       horn, etc £30 - 50                                           cutlery, three piece tea set, etc £30 - 50
 520   An ivory netsuke in the form of a running horse,       534   A pair of silver plated entree dishes together with
       together with another in the form of a crab and              two other entree dishes and a pierced tray £30 -
       another in the form of two birds on a tree stump             50
       £50 - 80
                                                              535   A collection of cutlery to include a pair of Victorian
 521   Two carved wood netsukes in the forms of Dogs of             bone handled fish servers, a bread knife, two
       Fo £20 - 30                                                  bread forks, a pair of silver sheathed cake forks,
                                                                    together with a collection of modern cutlery, etc
 522   GOWAY "Study of a young child with curled locks",
                                                                    £30 - 50
       miniature on ivory, signed, contained within an
       ebonised lozenge shaped gilt metal mounted frame       536   A cut glass and silver mounted dressing table
       £80 - 120                                                    bottle together with a cut glass and silver mounted
                                                                    inkwell together with another cut glass and brass
                                                                    mounted inkwell with a moulded glass dog finial, a
       "Joseph Henry Esq.", miniature portrait study,
                                                                    modern cut glass and plated sugar sifter and a
       unsigned, oval, with inscription verso "Joseph
                                                                    plated four piece tea set £60 - 100
       Henry Esq. Son of J Henry Esq. and Lady
       Catherine Henry of Straffan, (Ireland)", 9 x 7 cm      537   An early 20th Century faux crocodile effect
       £50 - 80                                                     postcard album containing various topographical
                                                                    postcards £50 - 80
 524   A Waterman Ripple lever fill fountain pen in orange
       and black, a Waterman black Ideal self filling         538   A box of assorted costume jewellery plus various
       fountain pen (boxed), a Parker No. 51 grey                   cufflinks, etc £15 - 20
       fountain pen, and two further pens (5) £80 - 120
                                                              539   A modern stamp album containing mainly late 20th
 525   A box containing two silver propelling pencils               Century stamps £15 - 20
       together with assorted buttons, coinage, etc £30 -
                                                              540   A collection of assorted draught and chess pieces,
                                                                    plus a wooden box Alma game £15 - 20
 526   A Continental silver scent bottle with foliate and
                                                              541   A 1930's Nazi party Swastika armband mounted in
       scrolling all-over decoration, stamped "925" to
                                                                    display with magazine image of Hitler meeting
       body, plus a small scent decanting funnel £50 - 80
                                                                    army members, together with a pair of Hermann
 527   Two dress rings set with white stones, a gold dress          Goring Division Private's collar tabs from dress
       ring set with diamonds and sapphire, two                     tunic housed in a display with picture back plus a
       brooches, a pendant and a bracelet £30 - 40                  pair of Nazi Party leader's collar tabs £80 - 120
  542   A 1914 German iron cross mounted with a                   606   A late 19th century gilt bronze three branch wall
        Swastika badge and five magazine images of                      light in the neoclassical taste with urn shaped leaf
        Göring, General Litzman £50 - 80                                moulded sconces and drip pans centred by a leaf
                                                                        moulded support surmounted by ribboned cresting
  543   A Nazi Swastika flag £200 - 300
                                                                        £80 - 120
  544   A ivory and red stained ivory chess set £30 - 50
                                                                 606A   A pair of gilt bronze twin branch wall lights in the
  545   A Staunton boxwood and ebony chess set £60 -                    rococo taste with C-scroll foliate decoration, a
        100                                                             Dutch style brass twin branch wall light, and a
                                                                        rusted and glass hexagonal wall mounted light
  546   A box containing assorted chinawares to include a
                                                                        £60 - 80
        miniature Royal Doulton stoneware harvest jug, a
        Victorian glass top hat, and a box containing             607   A giltwood wall mirror in the Gothic Revival taste,
        assorted treen and ivory wares, etc. £20 - 30                   the pointed arched twin plate flanked by cluster
                                                                        column supports surmounted by foliate carved
  547   An early 20th century stamp album, and a
                                                                        decoration and fretwork tracery £80 - 120
        collection of assorted pipes to include a Victorian
        clay pipe depicting footballers £15 - 20                  608   A late 19th Century rectangular giltwood and gesso
                                                                        carved picture frame, decorated in raised relief with
  548   NO LOT
                                                                        C scrolls and Antheneum motifs £25 - 35
  549   A box of assorted pens, and a box of assorted             609   A Regency style circular giltwood convex wall
        knives to include mother of pearl handle silver                 mirror, the circular plate within an ebonised reeded
        bladed fruit knives, penknives, etc. £20 - 30
                                                                        and ball ornament frame £30 - 40
  550   A tin containing various costume jewellery to
                                                                  610   A gilt metal wall mirror in the Italian taste, the
        include beaded necklaces, etc. £30 - 50
                                                                        shaped bevel edge rectangular plate within a
  551   A box containing a Victory medal and British War                pierced foliate frame of vine tendrels, surmounted
        medal, both inscribed to "Capt.A.H. Smith",                     by head of Bacchus £80 - 120
        together with his diaries for the years 1917 and
                                                                  611   A modern rectangular wall mirror, the rectangular
        1918 and other associated ephemera from the
                                                                        bevelled edge plate within a moulded concave
        25th Batallion of the Middlesex Regiment, and a
                                                                        frame £30 - 50
        silver cigarette case £50 - 80
                                                                  612   An early 20th Century oak arched framed wall
  552   A box of assorted costume jewellery, and a small                mirror, the arched plate within a beaded and
        plated christening mug £20 - 30                                 moulded frame together with a modern giltwood
  553   A small silver plated meat dome, and a silver                   rectangular wall mirror £30 - 50
        plated twin handled tray £40 - 60
                                                                  613   A mahogany and gilt decorated rectangular wall
  554   A box containing a set of six niello napkin rings and           mirror in the Georgian taste and a Regency style
        cigarette box, plus a white metal and gilt washed               giltwood circular convex wall mirror £25 - 35
        interior twin handled trophy cup, an enamelled            614   NO LOT
        travelling beauty box, etc. £30 - 50
                                                                  615   A 19th century Venetian etched glass multi-plate
  555   A box containing assorted costume jewellery to
                                                                        elongated octagonal wall mirror with stamped
        include simulated pearl necklaces, watches, etc,
                                                                        brass frame £80 - 120
        plus two "Mother Jacksons Jiffy Popping Corn"
        popcorn tins and contents £80 - 120                       616   A modern rectangular giltwood wall mirror with
                                                                        bevelled edge plate £20 - 30
  556   A collection of various ivory wares to include
        cocktail sticks, napkin rings, candlestick, three         617   A late 19th Century giltwood wall mirror, the
        crocodile ornaments, etc. £100 - 150                            rectangular plate within a moulded frame
                                                                        surmounted by a shaped panel painted with
  557   A box containing assorted silver and plated wares
                                                                        soldiers and buildings within a tree landscape and
        to include a silver four section toast rack, two
                                                                        a late 19th Century giltwood sunburst wall mirror
        cased sets of six silver handled butter knives, a               £30 - 50
        cased set of six silver teaspoons, a silver toast
        rack, a silver bottle coasters, assorted silver napkin    618   A giltwood carved wall mirror in the 18th Century
        rings, and assorted plated wares to include a                   taste, the shaped plate within a moulded and
        pierced swing handled pedestal sweetmeat dish                   foliate scroll and shell decorated frame £30 - 50
        with blue glass liner, and a Wedgwood shell
                                                                  619   An early 20th Century oak framed oval wall mirror
        shaped dish £50 - 80
                                                                        and a circular mirror within a reeded moulded
558-605 NO LOTS                                                         frame £20 - 30
620   A Regency style giltwood convex wall mirror, the        633   AFTER PICASSO "A reclining nude", pen and ink,
      circular plate within a reeded slip and ball                  together with a pair of French black and white
      ornament frame, bears label verso for "Mawson,                engravings "Le Lever" and "La Promenade du
      Swan & Morgan, Newcastle on Tyne, Picture                     matin" (3) £25 - 35
      Frame Makers, Fine Art Dealers" £70 - 100
                                                              634   J T RICHARDSON "Landscapes with lake", a pair,
621   NO LOT                                                        oils £20 - 30
622   A giltwood wall mirror in the Regency taste, the        635   AFTER F BARTOLOZZI "The Mouse's Petition"
      circular ball and beaded decorated frame                      and "Marian", a pair of black and white mezzotints
      surmounted by an outstretched eagle with foliate              and a pair of black and white prints "In honour of
      carved decoration £30 - 50                                    his eminence" and "The vesper bell" £50 - 80
623   ROBERTO DOMINGO Y FALLOLA (1883-1965)                   636   AFTER WILLIAM WYLLIE "Sailing vessels, steam
      "Bull fighting scene", pen, ink and watercolour               ships and tugboats in a harbour", black and white
      study, signed £50 - 80                                        etching, bears signature lower right £40 - 60
624   BRETON SCHOOL "Fisherfolk on a beach with               637   AFTER TERENCE CUNEO "Mosquito Mk.V1",
      sailing boats on calm waters in the distance", oil on         colour print, limited edition no'd. 682/850, signed in
      wood panel, contained within a giltwood frame £40             pencil by the artist and Group Captain Leonard
      - 60                                                          Cheshire £50 - 80
625   A First World War bronze death plaque awarded to        638   19th CENTURY CONTINENTAL SCHOOL "A
      Leonard Walter Busson, together with a trio of                huntsman with page carrying game on a rural track
      medals to include Victory, First World War Star,              with baronial castle in the distance", "Mounted
      and War medal, together with a black and white                horsemen before a palace", "Figures with a dog in
      photograph, framed and mounted within a                       a tree lined landscape", a set of three coloured
      contemporary oak frame £60 - 80                               lithographic prints, each indistinctly inscribed £60 -
626   REGINALD MILLS "Enfield Chase Hounds at
      Temple Bar", pencil, watercolour heightened with        639   W BENNETT "Horse and cart with man and
      white and body colour, unsigned £80 - 120                     woman on a pathway, women in background",
                                                                    watercolour, signed bottom left, together with a
                                                                    companion "Horse and cart with figures gathered,
      FIELDING (1788-1855) "A harbour scene with
                                                                    turf in baskets", watercolour heightened with white
      masted shipping and tugboats with mill houses and
                                                                    and body colour, signed bottom right £200 - 300
      further buildings on the shoreline close by",
      watercolour £200 - 250                                  640   AFTER TIM J GREENWOOD "Study of an eagle
                                                                    owl", black and white etching with dry point, signed
                                                                    in pencil, limited edition no'd. 28/50, AFTER
      boats on calm waters with figures on a beach and
                                                                    PERCIVAL GASKELL "Stags and does in a
      pier in the foreground", pen and watercolour
                                                                    wooded landscape", black and white etching and
      monochrome wash, unsigned. PROVENANCE -
                                                                    dry point, signed artist's proof print £30 - 50
      INGRAM COLLECTION £150 - 180
                                                              641   AFTER CAPTAIN G COLLINS "A new and exact
                                                                    survey of the River Dee or Chester-Water by
      figural study of men and women standing waiting
                                                                    Captain G Collins.... most humbly dedicated and
      to register before the Town Hall", watercolour,
                                                                    presented to his most sacred Majesty William III",
      unsigned, together with a further study of
                                                                    coloured engraved map with figural cartouche, "A
      Edwardian ladies and gentlemen £100 - 150
                                                                    correct chart of The English Channel from the No
630   IN THE MANNER OF BIRKETT FOSTER, "Ruins",                     Foreland to the Land's End.... from Calais to Brest
      pen £30 - 50                                                  on the coast of France", with panels for Isles of
                                                                    Scilly, Falmouth Haven, Plymouth Sound, Isle of
631   6th EARL OF ESSEX, "Trees", signed 1848 £40 -                 Wight, hand-coloured engraving and "A mapp of
      60                                                            Surrey with its hundreds after R Blome" £100 -
632   WINSTON MEGORAN (20th CENTURY) "A sailing                     150
      yacht on the high seas with white cliffs in the
                                                              642   LATE 19th CENTURY CONTINENTAL SCHOOL
      distance", watercolour, signed, 20th CENTURY
                                                                    "Bearded Arab wearing traditional headdress and
      ENGLISH SCHOOL "HMS Campbell - 22nd May
                                                                    shoulder garment, on a black ground", head and
      1941", watercolour, a pair of maritime lithographic           shoulders, portrait study, unsigned £100 - 150
      prints of fully rigged ships on the high seas, and
      boats and rowing boats with Georgian style
      buildings in the background" (5) £50 - 80
643   EARLY 20th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL "John                   658   FRITH (MID 19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL)
      Purdy", a portrait study wearing a black jacket and             "Young gentleman wearing a black coat and brown
      waistcoat, half length, oil on canvas, unsigned,                trousers with top hat in his right hand",
      (John Purdy worked with Lord Cowdray at the                     watercolour, signed and dated 1851, a County
      Dutch Eagle Oil Company which later became                      Map of Gloucestershire after Thomas Kitchin, an
      Shell. Purdy went on to become a Director of                    engraved print 'Dawlish' and a quantity of
      Shell-Mex Petroleum Limited, the London Holding                 decorative pictures and prints £80 - 120
      Company, in the 1920's) £150 - 200
                                                               658A   BEATRIX POTTER - 23 volumes, published F
644   J.W. MILLIKEN (1887-1930) "Venetian backwater                   Warne & Company Limited, within a white painted
      with gondola in foreground", watercolour                        bookshelf £20 - 30
      heightened with white, signed bottom left, £50 - 80
                                                                659   JOHN CLAUDE MATTES "Hyde Park", pen and
645   WILLIAM BINGHAM MCGUINNESS "Rural river                         ink, IN THE MANNER OF PARMIGIANO
      landscape with dwellings in background",                        "Cherubs", pen and ink, 18th CENTURY SCHOOL
      watercolour heightened with white, signed and                   "Figure and tree in a landscape", pen and ink (3)
      dated 1871 bottom left, £100 - 150                              £60 - 80
646   AFTER DEREK G M GARDNER "Fully rigged ship               659A   P W TOMKINS after W Hamilton "The Evening",
      on the high seas with icebergs close by", coloured              coloured engraving, 19th Century English School
      print, signed artist's proof bearing blind stamp £30            "Botanical studies of bluebells", watercolour, and a
      - 50                                                            quantity of prints £30 - 50
647   LASCELLE "A rural river landscape with poplars            660   AFTER THOMAS KITCHEN "A county map of
      and buildings on the river bank", oil, signed                   Warwickshire", hand-coloured £30 - 50
      lower left £60 - 80
                                                               660A   K A KIRBY - Study of three sunflowers with foliage,
648   M A LAMBERT (20th CENTURY) "Stag and does                       acrylic, monogrammed KAK dated '64 £30 - 45
      grazing on a cliff top pasture", watercolour, signed
                                                                661   PETER COSSLETT "A moonlit seascape", oil on
      lower right £30 - 50
                                                                      canvas laid on board, signed lower right and a
649   ALI STONE (20th CENTURY) "Study of floral                       companion study, a pair £80 - 120
      blooms in a porcelain jug on a ledge in an interior",
                                                               661A   AFTER EDMUND BLAMPIED "For she'd spoken
      watercolour, signed lower right £25 - 35
                                                                      lightly of another lady's name", coloured humourist
650   A V ROE "Tri-plane", oil, signed lower right £20 -              print, published Frost & Reed Limited, FRENCH
      30                                                              SCHOOL "Quai St. Michel", black and white
                                                                      etching, ANDREAS (20th CENTURY) "Study of a
651   AFTER EDWARD BURNE JONES "The seasons",
                                                                      mask with oranges and a vase on a ledge", acrylic
      a set of six black and white engravings mounted as
                                                                      and various other pictures and prints £20 - 30
      one within an oak frame and a "Chapel interior",
      black and white print £200 - 300                          662   One volume Bacon's Atlas of Great Britain and
                                                                      Ireland, two 19th Century Bibles, gilt and tooled
652   Five boxes of art related books £30 - 50
                                                                      leather bindings, various musical score titles to
653   E WALTON "Sheep on a path in a wooded                           include two volumes "Songs of the Four Nations",
      landscape", watercolour, signed lower right £100 -              published Cramer, London, four volumes "The War
      150                                                             Illustrated" and a quantity of early 20th Century
                                                                      and later titles (3 boxes) £30 - 40
654   19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL "A family
      group walking in a landscape with father seated on        663   ENGLISH SCHOOL "Children playing in country
      a donkey, mother with babe with two children and                setting", a pair of chromolithographs of children
      dog close by", oil on wood panel, indistinctly                  chasing a hare (2) £30 - 50
      signed lower left within a giltwood and gesso frame
                                                                664   Ten volumes "Wisden Cricketers Almanac", 1966,
      £50 - 80
                                                                      1970-1986, 1988, 1990-1993, 1995 & 2002, plus
655   20th CENTURY SCHOOL "An autumnal river                          eight volumes "Wisden Cricketers Almanac" 1960-
      landscape", oil on canvas, unsigned, and a similar              1968, in original brown cloth boards and a further
      landscape (2) £20 - 30                                          fifteen volumes (33) £120 - 180
656   20th CENTURY SCHOOL "A butterfly wing and
      watercolour study of a young woman in a tree and
      floral landscape", indistinctly signed lower right and
      a colour print AFTER GEORGE STUBBS £20 -
657   Two Japanese woodblock prints depicting ladies in
      traditional Japanese dress, one signed in pencil
      "Kyoshi Saito", both bearing gallery label verso
      "Ryman & Co. Ltd" £100 - 150
665   One volume Eleanor Fortescue Brickdales "Golden            676   One volume "The Illustrated Exhibitor - a tribute to
      Book of Famous Women", published Hodder &                        the Worlds Industrial Jubilee, comprising sketches
      Stoughton with numerous coloured illustrations,                  by pen and pencil of the principal objects in the
      one volume "The Admirable Crichton" by J M                       Great Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations,
      Barrie, illustrated by Hugh Thompson, gilt cloth                 1851", published by John Cassell, London, leather
      boards, three volumes "Arabian Nights" by Edward                 and cloth boards £30 - 50
      William Lane, one volume "Mrs. Beeton's Family
                                                                 677   Edward Topham "The life of the late John Elwes,
      Cookery", three volumes "Modern Motor Cars" and
                                                                       Esq. Member in three successive parliaments for
      a quantity of miscellaneous other titles (2 boxes)
                                                                       the County of Berks", 12th edition, published
      £50 - 80
                                                                       James Ridgway, 1805, leather and cloth boards,
666   AFTER M C ROBINSON "A London street scene                        one volume "The Cotswolds", published 1908 and
      with St. Paul's rising in the distance", signed artist's         various other regional titles £20 - 30
      proof, black and white etching, AFTER ROWLES
                                                                 678   20th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL "Still life
      "A Thames scene with shipping", black and white
                                                                       study of a pomegranate, grapes and a vase",
      etching, signed artist's proof, AFTER SARAH
                                                                       watercolour, dated 07, C B CLARK "The west gate,
      YOUNG "Penberth Cove", a blue and white wood
                                                                       Warwick", black and white etching, signed in pencil
      cut signed artist's limited edition proof no'd. 26/300
                                                                       in the margin, AFTER LIONEL EDWARDS "A
      and various other pictures £30 - 50
                                                                       racing print", a 19th Century alphabet sampler and
667   AFTER ALAN ELLISON "Field sketches - a study                     various pictures and prints £25 - 35
      of black labradors in a field", a coloured signed
                                                                 679   AFTER PAUL HENRY "A loch scape", coloured
      artist's limited edition proof print no'd. 474/950, D G
                                                                       print, ten various black and white etchings, etc £30
      BOYNTON "A hunting scene with pheasants in
                                                                       - 40
      flight and foxes on the run", oil, signed, and various
      other sporting prints £30 - 40                             680   IN THE MANNER OF JENKINS "A coastal sea
                                                                       scape with rigger and figures in the foreground with
668   NO LOT
                                                                       rowing boat", oil on board, unsigned £100 - 150
669   A set of eight racing prints £10 - 20
                                                                 681   J P UREN S.W.A. "Mullion Cove - figures with
670   A set of six "Bachelors Hall" hunting prints,                    beached boats, with waves crashing on rocks
      aquatints and a coloured engraving, "Arrivals for                close by", watercolour, signed lower right £100 -
      the horse show at the agricultural show Islington"               150
      £20 - 30
                                                                 682   LATE 19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL "A
671   A collection of four 18th Century black and white                maritime scene with fully rigged sailing vessels and
      portrait engravings depicting Sophia Countess                    steam ship in a harbour with figures in a rowing
      Granville, Maria Stewart, William Duke of                        boat in foreground", watercolour, unsigned £150 -
      Gloucester and George Saville Marquis of Halifax                 200
      and two further prints (6) £80 - 120
                                                                 683   MICHAEL BROCKWAY "Burano from Torcello,
672    20th CENTURY SCHOOL "Mallard ducks in flight                    Venice", watercolour, signed, bears Thomas
      over a beach", watercolour, monogrammed and                      Agnew & Sons Limited Gallery label verso, T
      dated 1952, a satirical print "Stag at bay" published            GIRTIN "A rural river landscape with figure on a
      by Thomas McLean, L A GARROD "Oast house -                       bridge in the background", watercolour, signed
      Ilkestone", oil on board, AFTER T WEBSTER "The                   lower right, ENGLISH SCHOOL "Fully rigged ships
      playground", a black and white engraving by                      on the high seas", watercolour, unsigned, C E
      JOUBERT and a quantity of miscellaneous                          WARING (20th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL)
      pictures and prints £30 - 50                                     "Study of birds" - a set of three watercolours,
                                                                       MARK DE BYE "Goat and kid", pen and ink and
673   A collection of golfing memorabilia to include a
                                                                       various pictures and prints £60 - 80
      framed cover from the Connoisseur Christmas
      number 1909 depicting the Blackheath golfers, two          684   JAMES CANON "Still life of pears, apple and
      other framed prints, a Biffit golf set, a novelty brass          cherries on a ledge", oil on canvas, and a quantity
      ashtray, a chrome finished golf ball lighter, a                  of miscellaneous acrylic oils and prints £20 - 30
      Wedgwood powder blue Jasper ware trinket dish
                                                                 685   TOBY SPENCE (20th CENTURY) "Devil's Glen"
      etc plus a collection of golfing books £20 - 30
                                                                       and "Glenda Lough, County Wicklow", oils on
674   One volume "The Book of Household                                canvas, both signed £60 - 80
      Management", one volume "Dr. Chase's Recipes",
                                                                 686   17 various Second World War Air, RAF, Ordnance
      one volume "The Modern Illustrated Home
                                                                       Survey maps of Great Britain, together with various
      Dictionary", and a quantity of various other titles (2
                                                                       instruction manuals £50 - 80
      boxes) £30 - 40
675   "The Hero of Trafalgar", chromolithograph and two
      chromolithographic landscape prints £20 - 30
687   19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL "Caister                     699   Two boxes of books to include four volumes "The
      Castle, Norfolk", pastel, ROY LAPIDGE                          Windsor Magazine" published Ward & Lock, one
      "Rodborough Hill, Stroud" and "Westonbirt Park",               volume "English Illustrated Magazine 1883-1884",
      watercolour, signed, another similar "The open                 twelve volumes "Comprehensive History of
      gate", 20th CENTURY SCHOOL "A river                            England" and various other similar titles £40 - 60
      landscape with figures and boats", oil on canvas,
                                                               700   19th CENTURY CONTINENTAL SCHOOL
      indistinctly signed, various prints and two boxes of
                                                                     "Portrait study of a young woman wearing a blue
      miscellaneous books to include children's titles
                                                                     dress", oil on canvas, AFTER MAURICE DUPUIS
      £20 - 40
                                                                     "Work labourers pushing a sack trolley", black and
688   Two boxes of children's books to include "The Big              white dry point etching, AFTER K B DAVIS "Rabbit
      Book for Boys", "Schoolgirl's Annual", "National               shooting" and "Retour de chasse", a pair of black
      Nursery Rhymes", "Cor!!, Whizzer, Topper", etc                 and white prints, AFTER PATEL "An 18th Century
      £30 - 50                                                       rural mountainous landscape with classical ruins,
                                                                     figures in the foreground", engraved by Vivares
689   A set of four colour hunting prints £20 - 30
                                                                     and various other pictures and prints £30 - 40
690   24 x Ventagli Cinesi Chinese fans in blue case,
                                                               701   12 volumes "Punch" 1909-1918, two further
      prints, circa 1971 print set and a modern print
                                                                     volumes 1844 and 1845, one volume "The Sphere
      depicting The Last Supper £30 - 50
                                                                     1905", various volumes "The Strand Magazine",
691   A box of assorted pictures and prints £15 - 20                 one volume "The Lady's Realm" and various other
                                                                     similar titles £50 - 80
692   ENGLISH SCHOOL "Study of woodland", pastel,
      indistinctly initialled and dated 1939 together with K   702   AFTER E J MAYBERY "A Continental scene",
      CRAKER "Pansies" watercolour signed and                        black and white etching, indistinctly inscribed and
      various modern prints etc (14) £20 - 30                        signed in pencil in the margin, another "The
                                                                     Harbour, Lynmouth", and four further black and
                                                                     white etchings £30 - 50
      SCHOOL "A river landscape with cows grazing in
      the distance", watercolour, unsigned,                    703   ENGLISH SCHOOL "Regency costumes", a set of
      CONTINENTAL SCHOOL "A sunset scene with                        12 coloured engravings, a set of six modern colour
      gondolas in the foreground", watercolour,                      prints of Edinburgh, a set of four modern black and
      indistinctly signed lower right, ENGLISH SCHOOL                white copies of 1764 engravings of London
      "Mountainous river landscape", oil on board,                   scenes, after Landseer an engraving of a lion, and
      unsigned (3) £50 - 80                                          a sepia photograph of a young girl on pony £60 -
694   A county map of Gloucestershire by Robert
      Morden, hand-coloured engraving, AFTER                   704   20th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL "A coastal
      SANDERSON WELLS "At the Coach and Horses"                      cove sea scape", monogrammed lower right,
      and "Waiting for the Mail", a pair of black and white          AFTER W H PYNE "A set of three agricultural
      prints and two further prints £10 - 20                         black and white engraved prints", a set of four
                                                                     Edwardian photograph boat scenes (facsimile
695   A set of six 18th Century botanical prints,
                                                                     reproductions), a coloured print AFTER L S
      published by W Curtis circa 1791/2, together with
                                                                     LOWRY, pine mirror, etc £30 - 50
      another similar print and an 18th Century map of
      Germany £30 - 50                                         705   ATTRIBUTED TO HENRY MARTIN "Travellers in
                                                                     a storm", oil on canvas £50 - 80
696   J B "Head and shoulder study of a young girl
      wearing a necklace", watercolour, GOLDING                706   20th CENTURY SCHOOL "Frankistan, study of a
      CONSTABLE "A loch scape with mountains rising                  clipper on the high seas", oil on board £30 - 50
      in the distance", watercolour and a quantity of
                                                               707   AFTER J SPURLING "Dreadnought", a coloured
      miscellaneous pictures, watercolours and oils £30
                                                                     print, signed in pencil in the margin, another "Red
      - 60
                                                                     jacket", a colour print of a fully rigged ship on the
697   Two boxes of books to include four volumes "The                high seas (both signed artist proofs) and two
      Practical Woodworker", seven volumes "The Royal                further prints (5) £30 - 50
      Horticultural Society Dictionary of Gardening", four
                                                               708   A WATERFIELD (20th CENTURY) "A rural
      volumes "Birds of our Country", one volume "Birds
                                                                     landscape with cattle grazing in the foreground, a
      of Britain" by J Lewis Bonhote and a quantity of
                                                                     cathedral rising in the background", watercolour,
      various bird and botanical titles £50 - 80
                                                                     signed lower right and two further 20th CENTURY
698   19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL "The Bottle",                      watercolours £25 - 35
      a set of seven hand-coloured lithographic prints
                                                               709   A collection of five 18th and 19th Century French
      £30 - 40
                                                                     engravings AFTER A WATTEAU, J MOYREAU
                                                                     and AMICONI £100 - 150
710   RICHARD O'CONNELL - a folio of 27 life drawings           723   ALAN WHITEHEAD (20th CENTURY) "Boathouse
      together with two similar framed drawings £50 - 80              and barge at anchor", watercolour, signed lower
                                                                      right, and a companion, a pair (2) £80 - 120
711   A terrestrial map "The Western Hemisphere"
      engraved by J Rogers and J Ratkin, published              724   MARY EYRE WALKER "Inlet river landscape with
      John Tallis and Company, AFTER J T                              mountains beyond", watercolour, signed £50 - 80
      DESCOURLITZ "Perruche-Guiaruba", coloured
                                                                725   ROWLAND HILDER "An open landscape with
      print and various other pictures and prints £20 - 30
                                                                      homestead", watercolour, signed lower left £80 -
712   D MACKENZIE (ENGLISH SCHOOL) "Woman                             120
      and child on a bridge", watercolour, signed lower
                                                                726   A W CHESHER "Wallis Patent Motor", study of a
      right, R LAMOUSSIERE "Harbour with boats", oil
                                                                      steam traction engine with trailer, two roadworkers
      on board, signed, BUSSELL "Street scene", oil on
                                                                      looking on, oil on board, inscribed on "Arthur
      canvas, 19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL
                                                                      Jeffress Gallery" label verso £50 - 80
      "Shepherds by river", watercolour, Bernard
      Bowesman, "Temple Inn, London", oil on board            726A    NEIL COX (20th CENTURY) "Birds perched in a fir
      and two further pictures £30 - 50                               tree", watercolour, signed, together with B
                                                                      RIDGLEY "An owl perched on a branch", signed
713   R. CLOUGH (20TH CENTURY) "The Feet of
                                                                      and dated 1978 (2) £50 - 80
      Clay", oil on paper, signed and dated 68, and two
      similar pictures by the same artist (3) £15 - 20          727   EARLY 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL "A
                                                                      cow herd and female companion with cattle, dog
714   A collection of various 18th, 19th Century and
                                                                      and horned goat crossing a stream in a
      other black and white engravings including
                                                                      landscape", watercolour, unsigned £30 - 50
      topographical study of Southam, seat of Kinaird de
      la Bere Esq., Cleeve Hill, seat of William Player         728   ENGLISH SCHOOL "A portrait study of a young
      Esq., New Somerset House with Saint Mary's                      woman wearing a white dress, her head resting
      Church, London, map of Lincolnshire and various                 upon a chair", oil on canvas £25 - 35
      others £30 - 50
                                                                729   FRANCES DANBY "A river landscape with horse
715   AFTER A G GOW "Vive l'Empereur", black and                      and cart in the foreground", watercolour, signed
      white etching, signed in pencil in the margin with              lower left, together with H H BINGLEY
      remarque, also bears signature "A Nungry (?)",                  "Perranporth", watercolour, signed lower left,
      published by Tooth & Sons and Messrs Salmon                     bearing label verso £150 - 200
      and Ardait, Berlin, Published Graves and Co. "A
                                                                730   TINA STOKES (20TH CENTURY) "A moonlit
      naked young woman with mandolin strapped to her
                                                                      estuary scene", oil on board, signed lower right
      back crouched under the root of a tree, coloured
                                                                      £30 - 50
      print, Published Thomas McLean, "Four semi-clad
      ladies in a Classical interior", black and white          731   19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL "Portrait
      engraved print and three further prints £20 - 40                study of a gentleman wearing a black coat and
716   A folio of miscellaneous pictures to include                    white winged collar", half length, oil on canvas and
                                                                      another similar portrait of a gentleman (2) £160 -
      ALISON SMITH, etc £30 - 50
717   HERBERT CHRISTIE "Loch Morar", loch
                                                                732   IN THE MANNER OF AUGUSTUS JOHN "Study
      landscape with mountains rising in background, oil
                                                                      of a female nude", pencil, bears signature "John"
      on board, indistinctly signed bottom right, inscribed
      verso and dated 1965 £15 - 20                                   £50 - 80

718   E A MELLON "Figures in a wooded landscape", oil           733   A Pears print of a lion and lioness £30 - 50
      on board £50 - 80                                         734   19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL "A gentleman
                                                                      standing half length in black coat with white
                                                                      waistcoat", portrait study, oil on canvas £150 - 200
      landscape", oil on canvas, signed lower right £30 -
      50                                                        735   ENGLISH SCHOOL "A young sailor boy wearing
720   IN THE MANNER OF EDWARD NICKELS                                 cap inscribed ".... Flottan" with a toy ship on a table
                                                                      close by with ball of string and dagger", oil on
      "Villagers merry-making", watercolour, unsigned,
                                                                      canvas and a coloured engraved print "The chess
      bearing Reigate Galleries label verso £150 - 200
                                                                      players" AFTER C M WEBB £50 - 80
721   RICHARD O'CONNELL "A reclining nude", pencil
                                                                736   EDWIN LA DELL "Christchurch", colour print,
      heightened with watercolour, signed in pencil lower
      right £40 - 50                                                  signed in pencil and titled in pencil bottom left £40
                                                                      - 60
722   W HUNT "Still life of primroses, carnation, red
                                                              737 -739 NO LOTS
      berries on a mossy ground", watercolour, signed
      lower right, together with MILDRED A BUTLER              CARPETS & RUGS
      "Steps", watercolour £30 - 50
740 A Belouch rug, the central panel set with lozenge          754   An African style rug, the central panel set with a
    shaped medallions on a aubergine ground within a                 striped stylised flag pattern of red, yellow and
    brown and navy geometrically patterned stepped                   green within a geometric patterned border, 145 x
    border, 132 x 72 cm £20 -30                                      90 cm £20 - 30
741   A Belouch rug, the central panel set with repeating    754A    A Indian crewel work rug, the central panel
      lozenge shaped medallions on a red ground within               decorated with flowers and foliage on a black
      a stepped geometrically patterned border, 157 x 95             ground set within a foliate decorated stepped red
      cm £30 - 40                                                    and cream border, 170 x 112 cm £50 - 80
742   A Caucasian rug, the central panel set with two          755   NO LOT
      joined medallions on a beige ground within a
                                                               756   A Belouch rug, the central panel set with three
      stepped geometrically patterned blue, red and
                                                                     stylised medallions on a red and rust ground
      cream border, 165 x 95 cm £30 - 40
                                                                     decorated with stylised birds, animals and flowers
743   A small Caucasian rug, the central panel set with a            within a stepped brown and blue geometrically
      lozenge shaped medallion on a navy ground within               patterned border, 300 x 210 cm £50 - 80
      a navy and burgundy stepped floral decorated
                                                               757   A Belouch rug, the central panel set with three
      border, 165x95cm £20 - 30
                                                                     stylised medallions decorated with stylised birds,
744   A Qum style rug, the central panel set with all over           animals and flowers on a navy ground within a
      geometric pattern on a navy ground set within a                stepped geometric patterned cream and blue
      white, red and blue geometrically patterned                    border, 175 x 120 cm £20 - 30
      stepped border, 170 x 105 cm £30 - 50
                                                               758   An Indian silk rug, the salmon pink ground with
745   A Persian runner, the central panel set with                   central medallions within a shaped cartouche
      columns on a red, blue and cream ground                        flanked by broad panelled borders with floral
      decorated with stylised flowers set within a cream             motifs, 195 x 120 cm £100 - 150
      and blue ground stepped geometrically patterned
                                                               759   A modern Persian carpet, the central panel set with
      border, 380 x 122cm £100 - 200
                                                                     floral pattern on a red ground set within a stepped
746   A Caucasian runner, the central panel set with a               blue and cream floral decorated border, 340 x 240
      multi-coloured geometric pattern on a navy ground              cm £30 - 40
      within a red and cream stepped stylised border,
                                                               760   A Caucasian rug, the central panel set with a
      305 x 103 cm £100 - 150
                                                                     stylised medallion on a pink and blue ground set
747   A Belouch rug, the plum ground set with foliate                within a geometrically patterned stepped border,
      decoration, 128 x 94 cm £30 - 50                               350 x 275 cm £40 - 60
748   A Caucasian rug, the central panel set with three        761   A modern Persian style machine woven carpet with
      diamond shaped medallions on a blue ground                     an all over design of scrolling flowering tendrils
      decorated with geometric shapes and stylised                   centred by a medallion with surrounding palmettes
      deer, set within a stepped geometrically patterned             within a broad panelled border, 367 x 415 cm £40
      red, blue and green border, 280 x 157 cm £50 - 80              - 60
749   A modern carpet, the central panel set with a green      762   A modern Persian carpet, the central panel set with
      foliate decorated medallion within a cream ground              lozenge shaped medallion on a burgundy ground
      and a stepped green floral decorated border, 355 x             with profuse stylised foliate decoration with tiger
      280 cm £20 - 30                                                four quarter in the corners, set within a navy,
                                                                     cream and red stepped stylised border,
750   A Moroccan carpet, the central panel set with three
                                                                     264x168cm £50 - 80
      stylised medallions on a red ground, set within a
      stylised stepped multi-coloured blue, yellow and         763   A Caucasian carpet, the eight petalled central
      red border, bears label verso "Courante ...", 400 x            florets within a palmette shaped oval medallion on
      251 cm £150 - 250                                              a red ground, within a panelled border with an all
                                                                     over design of flower heads and stylised motifs
751   A Belouch style rug, the plum ground with all over
                                                                     within a broad border of further flower heads on a
      geometric repeating pattern set within a
                                                                     blue ground within smaller narrow borders, 44 x
      geometrically patterned border and two end
                                                                     316 cm £100 - 150
      panels, 404 x 225 cm £60 - 100
                                                             764 - 759 NO LOTS
752   A Chinese Superwash carpet, the peach ground
      set with stylised lotus leaf and prunus blossom        OUTSIDE : GARDEN EFFECTS ETC.
      pattern within a cream border, 220 x 140cm £15 -
                                                               770   A wood burning stove with chimney section above
                                                                     a canted roof and relief decorated doors on four
753   A woven rug, the central cream panel flanked by                splayed supports, and two terracotta plant bowls
      two banks of brown and blue striped borders,                   £50 - 80
      220x115cm £10 - 15
  771   A painted terracotta garden urn with bark effect        792   An oak shop display cabinet of large proportions,
        decoration £30 - 50                                           the upper section with two sliding glazed doors
                                                                      enclosing adjustable shelving on a bank of sixteen
  772   A vintage cast iron mangle £20 - 30
                                                                      small drawers flanked by fluted side pilasters £500
  773   Three natural stone staddle stone bases £100 -                - 800
                                                                793   A modern brown leather upholstered bar back easy
  774   A black painted pub style circular garden table, a            chair on turned tapering front legs £20 - 30
        slatted wooden top garden table and parsol £30 -
                                                                794   An ash ladder back rush seat elbow chair in the
                                                                      19th century taste £30 - 50
  775   A rustic plank top garden table on wrought iron
                                                                795   A large oak refectory style dining table on square
        painted base £30 - 50
                                                                      end supports united by a central stretcher £30 - 40
  776   A modern teak folding armchair by Oriental Garden
                                                                796   A set of four mahogany framed dining chairs with
        Furniture £30 - 50
                                                                      leather upholstered seats on fluted front supports
  777   A 1930's Qualcast petrol driven cylinder                      £60 - 80
        lawnmower with roller £30 - 50
                                                                797   A composite set of six Carolean style carved oak
778-780 NO LOTS                                                       dining chairs comprising two carvers and four
                                                                      similar standard chairs £100 - 150
                                                               797A   A pair of Carolean style panel seated standard
  781   A pair of modern upholstered two seat scroll arm              chairs £30 - 50
        sofas and matching arm chair £100 - 150
                                                                798   A late Victorian mahogany sideboard with three
  782   An oak ladder back rush seat elbow chair in the               drawers over a central recess and two small
        19th century manner, and a modern teak bergere                cupboard doors flanked by two further cupboard
        tub chair £30 - 50                                            doors on a plinth base £30 - 50
  783   A set of thirteen blue painted beech ladder back        799   A pine overmantel mirror, the rectangular plate with
        rush seat chairs and matched stool £50 - 80                   shelf above two further short shelves to each side
                                                                      £30 - 50
  784   Four Edwardian mahogany inlaid salon chairs with
        central oval and floral decorated back panels           800   A set of ten modern stained pine ladder back panel
        above upholstered seats on ringed and turned front            seat dining chairs £50 - 80
        supports £30 - 50
                                                                801   A modern pine farmhouse style kitchen table, the
  785   A late Victorian brass and iron double bedstead               plank top on a painted base in the Victorian
        £50 - 80                                                      manner £80 - 120
  786   A Victorian oak framed dining chair, stamped           801A   A modern pine corner unit £10 - 20
        "John Taylor & Son - R9426", a similar oak framed
                                                                802   Three Victorian cane seated bedroom chairs £10 -
        dining chair, four early 20th century mahogany
        dining chairs in the Queen Anne taste, and a wing
        back scroll arm chair on cabriole legs to pad feet      803   An upholstered scroll arm chair £20 - 30
        plus another £50 - 80
                                                                804   An HSL "Ayr" chestnut leather upholstered
  787   A modern upholstered scroll arm chair on turned               adjustable swivel arm chair and matching stool
        feet £20 - 30                                                 £100 - 150
  788   A late 19th century upholstered scroll arm tub chair    805   A modern yew wood veneered bookcase cabinet
        on square tapered legs to castors £20 - 30                    with two glazed doors above two drawers and two
                                                                      cupboard doors on plinth base £30 - 50
  789   A pair of 19th century oak bar back dining chairs
        with reeded spindles above a panel seat on square       806   A circa 1900 mahogany chest of four long drawers
        tapered legs united by stretchers plus another tub            on bracket feet £80 - 120
        type chair £20 - 30
                                                                807   A Victorian walnut and inlaid side cabinet with
  790   A modern brown leather upholstered scroll arm                 single glazed door on a plinth base £30 - 50
        suite comprising sofa, two chairs and pouffe ( Ex-
                                                                808   A 19th century rectangular elm stool on four turned
        John Lewis) £500 - 800
                                                                      and splayed legs, a small yew wood stool on
  791   A late Victorian walnut framed dressing table mirror          turned beech legs, and a circa 1900 upholstered
        £10 - 20                                                      footstool £20 - 30
                                                                809   A circa 1900 mahogany breakfront desk, the plain
                                                                      top with moulded edge above a central drawer and
                                                                      kneehole flanked by two banks of four drawers to
                                                                      plinth bases £300 - 500
 810   An upholstered three seat scroll arm sofa, and a         826   A modern oxblood leather and beech framed
       similar matched pair of arm chairs (in matching                button back three piece suite comprising a three
       floral decorated loose covers) £50 - 80                        seat sofa and pair of matching armchairs £100 -
 811   A modern oak dwarf chest of four drawers, and a
       matching single drawer chest £50 - 80                    827   An oak fire kerb, a white painted three branch
                                                                      electrolier and various shades and a standard lamp
 812   An early 20th century oak cabinet with two
                                                                      £10 - 20
       cupboard doors above two drawers on square
       tapered legs £20 - 30                                    828   An early 20th Century mahogany sideboard of
                                                                      small proportions, the superstructure with two
 813   An oak oval gate-leg drop-leaf dining table on
                                                                      sliding doors above a single drawer flanked by two
       ringed and turned supports united by stretchers
                                                                      convex cupboard doors on square tapered legs to
       and a set of four 19th Century stained beech dining
                                                                      spade feet £100 - 150
       chairs with panelled seats on square supports
       united by stretchers £20 - 30                            829   A late Victorian mahogany single drawer side table
                                                                      on turned legs to castors, a Victorian dining chair
 814   A late Victorian bamboo framed and lacquered four
                                                                      and drop-leaf Sutherland table £40 - 60
       tier etagere £50 - 80
                                                                830   A modern mahogany bow fronted display cabinet
 815   An oak cupboard in the 17th century taste, the top
                                                                      with two glazed doors above two panelled
       with moulded edge above a single cupboard door
                                                                      cupboard doors raised on bracket feet £20 - 30
       with medallion carved decoration on V-cut plank
       end supports £50 - 80                                    831   An Edwardian mahogany and satinwood banded
                                                                      bureau, the fall front with conch shell inlay
 816   A late Victorian mahogany framed yoke back office
                                                                      enclosing a basic fitted interior above three
       swivel chair on quadruped base £50 - 80
                                                                      drawers on bracket feet £30 - 50
 817   A 20th Century African carved hardwood throne
                                                                832   A Victorian mahogany Derbyshire style chest, the
       type chair with animal motifs throughout £60 - 80
                                                                      plain top above a cushioned drawer and three
 818   A pair of early 19th century mahogany framed bar               further drawers flanked by half -cut barley-twist
       back dining chairs with scrolling foliate carved back          side pilasters to plinth base and turned feet £50 -
       rail above a drop-in seat on turned and reeded                 80
       tapering front legs to peg feet £100 - 150
                                                                833   An early 19th Century mahogany framed elbow
 819   A Victorian mahogany framed button back salon                  chair and two wheel and stick back chairs £30 - 50
       chair with carved scroll arms above a serpentine
                                                                834   A Victorian mahogany side table, the top with
       fronted seat on cabriole legs to scroll feet and
                                                                      moulded edge above two frieze drawers on turned
       castors £70 - 100
                                                                      and fluted tapering legs to castors £100 - 150
 820   A Victorian mahogany framed nursing chair with
                                                                835   NO LOT
       rust upholstery on reeded front supports and
       splayed back legs to brass castors £70 - 100             836   An early 19th Century mahogany Pembroke table,
                                                                      the rounded rectangular top with two drop leaves
 821   A circa 1800 oak tea table, the circular top on a
                                                                      over a single end drawer raised on turned and
       turned pedestal to cabriole tripod base £60 - 90
                                                                      ringed tapering legs to brass caps and castors
 822   A Victorian walnut occasional table, the circular top          £150 - 250
       with moulded edge on a baluster turned and ringed
                                                                837   A Victorian mahogany and oak cabinet, the plain
       pedestal to platform tripod base £30 - 50
                                                                      top above a panelled door enclosing a shelf, the
 823   A 20th century oak coffer in the 17th century taste,           base with side cupboard raised on bracket feet to
       a Chinese elm occasional table on a pierced                    castors £50 - 80
       bronze vase style base, and a Benares style brass
                                                                838   A Victorian poker work decorated "witch's" chair,
       top occasional table £40 - 60
                                                                      shield shaped dressing mirror and a pedestal
 824   A 1930's oak breakfront sideboard with two central             occasional table £30 - 50
       drawers flanked by two bowed cupboard doors on
                                                                839   A 19th Century mahogany corner cabinet with
       bun feet £30 - 50
                                                                      single drawer above a tambour compartment on
824A   A reproduction mahogany oval occasional/coffee                 square tapered feet £60 - 90
       table on ringed and turned central pedestal to
                                                                840   A Victorian walnut piano stool, the circular
       quadruped base and lion paw brass castors by
                                                                      revolving upholstered seat on a carved tripod base
       Archer and Smith for Harrods £15 - 20
                                                                      £20 - 30
 825   A pair of circa 1800 mahogany framed pierced
                                                               840A   An early 20th Century upholstered armchair in the
       splat back dining chairs with upholstered seats on
                                                                      manner of Howard of London on square tapered
       square moulded and chamfered legs united by
                                                                      front legs £30 - 50
       stretchers £30 - 50
840B   A modern upholstered wing back scroll arm chair in     855   A modern floral upholstered Wesley Barrell two
       the Georgian taste £50 - 80                                  seat sofa £50 - 80
 841   A Victorian white painted marble topped cylindrical    856   A Victorian satinwood rectangular "Carters"
       pot cupboard, a mahogany framed elbow chair,                 adjustable reading table on square inlaid support to
       two white painted occasional tables and a small              shaped base £30 - 40
       mahogany occasional table £30 - 50
                                                             856A   A pair of William IV rosewood framed dining chairs,
 842   A modern long coffee table/window seat, the burr             the kidney shaped backs with flower head carved
       yew rustic top on square tapering legs (the top              decoration above a drop-in seat on carved and
       made from one of the trees at the Beaufort Estate)           turned tapering front legs £60 - 90
       £15 - 20
                                                              857   A late Victorian carved sideboard in the Gothic
 843   A Victorian mahogany pedestal occasional table               Revival taste, the scrolling acanthus carved
       with rectangular snap top on a tripod base, a                cornice above a mirrored back, the base with two
       mahogany book trough, white painted framed                   grotesque mask carved drawers above two foliate
       bevel edged mirror, school trunk and a box seated            carved panelled doors enclosing a shelf to a
       stool £30 - 50                                               bracket foot base £100 - 150
 844   A Victorian rosewood framed and carved salon           858   An Edwardian carved mahogany framed open arm
       chair with upholstered back panel and seat on                elbow chair on cabriole front legs to pad feet £30 -
       turned, reeded and fluted tapering legs to castors           50
       £100 - 150
                                                             858A   An early 20th Century buttoned upholstered chaise
 845   A late Victorian walnut framed salon chair with              longue on cabriole legs to pad feet £100 - 150
       carved decoration, upholstered back and seat on
                                                              859   A late Victorian carved oak dresser in the Gothic
       turned front legs to castors £20 - 30
                                                                    Revival taste, the upper section with three central
 846   A Victorian rosewood framed salon chair, the                 shelves flanked by shelves and cupboard doors on
       scrollwork carved back with tapestry panel above a           a base with three drawers above a shaped frieze to
       similarly decorated seat on cabriole moulded front           acanthus carved cabriole legs £150 - 200
       legs to scroll feet and castors £100 - 150
                                                              860   A late Victorian carved walnut framed salon chair
 847   A Victorian parquetry and marquetry octagonal                with shaped and carved moulded back above an
       trumpet shaped sewing table (cut down), a                    upholstered seat on carved cabriole front legs to
       mahogany standard lamp on tripod base (pole                  scroll feet £30 - 50
       screen conversion) and a small cupboard with
                                                              861   A circa 1900 upholstered wing back scroll arm
       rising lid and fall front on turned legs to later
                                                                    chair on cabriole front legs £30 - 50
       castors £20 - 30
                                                              862   A modern upholstered two seat sofa with show
 848   An early 19th Century mahogany Pembroke table,
                                                                    frame and serpentine fronted seat £30 - 50
       the rounded rectangular drop-leaf top above single
       end drawer on turned and ringed legs £60 - 90          863   A 19th Century French chestnut armoire, the top
                                                                    inscribed with date "1874", brass studded over two
 849   An early 20th Century walnut occasional table, the
                                                                    shaped panelled doors enclosing two shelves, the
       circular mirrored top with moulded edge raised on
                                                                    lower with two fitted drawers over a shaped apron
       cabriole legs to claw and ball feet £20 - 30
                                                                    to bracket feet £300 - 500
 850   An early 19th Century mahogany tea table, the
                                                              864   A circa 1900 poker work decorated spinning chair
       circular dished snap top on a baluster turned
                                                                    with all-over mask and foliate decoration, an
       pedestal to tripod base £100 - 150
                                                                    Edwardian mahogany and inlaid bedroom chair,
 851   A late Victorian carved oak bookcase cabinet in the          oak oval gate-leg drop-leaf tea table and a
       Gothic Revival taste, the cornice with foliate               simulated rosewood framed oval wall mirror £30 -
       decoration over a grotesque mask decorated                   50
       frieze, the two glazed doors enclosing adjustable
                                                              865   A modern mahogany corner display cabinet with
       shelving, raised on a later base with barley twist
                                                                    single door flanked by two glass panels enclosing
       and block supports £100 - 150
                                                                    a mirrored and shelved interior £30 - 50
 852   An Edwardian mahogany and marquetry inlaid
                                                              866   An early 20th Century oak fire screen, poker work
       yoke back salon chair with upholstered back panel
                                                                    decorated drinks tray, oak drinks tray and
       and seat on cabriole front legs £20 - 30
                                                                    rosewood writing slope £20 - 30
 853   Two modern hardwood Eastern style occasional
       tables £15 - 20
                                                             FOYER : ANTIQUE & DOMESTIC FURNITURE
 854   Three circa 1900 Continental chairs each on
       turned and fluted front legs to peg feet £50 - 80
867   A circa 1900 mahogany four poster bedstead in the       882   An oak bedroom suite, the wardrobe with central
      Georgian taste with brocade drapes, supported on              mirrored door above a single drawer, dressing
      turned, fluted and reeded posts to blocks united by           chest with three long drawers, oak single drawer
      stretchers £300 - 500                                         bedside cupboard and a light oak dressing chest
                                                                    £50 - 80
868   An early to mid 20th century upholstered long stool
      on stained beech cabriole legs to pad feet £20 -        883   A simulated rosewood cabinet with two arched
      30                                                            panelled doors enclosing three shelves above a fall
                                                                    front compartment as three drawers enclosing
869   An upholstered three piece suite in the early 18th
                                                                    three pigeon holes £40 - 60
      century Flemish taste comprising three seat sofa
      and pair of matching arm chairs, each with hump         884   An oak oval gate-leg drop-leaf dining table on
      and wing backs and scroll arms, raised on squat               barley-twist supports united by stretchers £40 - 60
      cabriole legs to pad feet £300 - 500
                                                              885   A late Victorian rectangular two tier occasional
870   A teak bench seat with slatted back and plank seat            table with central shell decoration medallion with
      on square supports £120 - 180                                 turned and ringed supports, an oak coffer with
                                                                    carved decoration, an oak barometer and an oak
871   A 20th century oak refectory style table, the
                                                                    framed mirror £50 - 80
      rectangular plank top with cleated ends and extra
      leaf, raised on turned and ringed legs to block feet    886   A square mahogany occasional table with floral
      united by a centre stretcher in the late 17th century         carved decoration, the square tapering legs united
      manner, together with a set of six oak ladder back            by stretchers and floral decorated undertier £30 -
      rush seat dining chairs on turned legs united by              40
      turned stretchers £600 - 900
                                                              887   An Edwardian mahogany wardrobe, the shaped
872   A rectangular mahogany framed display cabinet                 top above a single mirrored door flanked by inlaid
      with glazed top and sides, with single fall flap              panels, opening to reveal a fitted interior above a
      above a solid base £30 - 50                                   single drawer to bracket feet £30 - 50
873   A late Victorian pitch pine pew with brass swing        888   An Edwardian mahogany student's bureau
      umbrella stand £30 - 50                                       bookcase, the two glazed doors above a fall front
                                                                    over a single drawer and adjustable shelf £50 - 80
874   A Victorian oak butlers tray with galleried top on
      folding X frame base £300 - 500                         889   A Hotpoint Iced Diamond upright freezer £10 - 15
875   A walnut cased harpsichord inscribed "Alec              890   A mid 20th century oak drawer leaf rectangular
      Hodsdon Lavenham Suffolk. fecit anno MCMLIX"                  dining table with two extra leaves on square
      £70 - 100                                                     chamfered supports united by stretchers to squat
                                                                    bun feet £30 - 40
876   A modern oak gate-leg drop-leaf dining table in the
      18th Century manner on turned and ringed                891   A modern beech spinning wheel £15 - 20
      supports united by stretchers £40 - 60
                                                              892   A late Victorian stained beech framed child's
877   A bronzed figure group of two naked young                     metamorphic high chair £40 - 60
      women standing back to back with arms raised
                                                              893   A walnut cased pump organ £30 - 50
      above their heads on a stone square plinth
      base (ILLUSTRATED) £300 - 500                           894   A 1920's oak three piece bedroom suite
                                                                    comprising a single mirror door wardrobe, three
                                                                    drawer dressing chest with mirrored back and a
                                                                    marble topped washstand £100 - 150
878   A modern oak rectangular dining table with leaf         895   A late Victorian square oak occasional table on
      and a set of six oak framed bar back dining chairs            shaped supports united by a turned and ringed
      with drop-in seats £30 - 50                                   stretcher to squat bun feet £30 - 50
879   A 1940's/50's walnut oak bureau, the fall front         896   A Victorian walnut and inlaid overmantel mirror on
      above three drawers to shaped supports and apron              squat bun china feet and another mirror with
      £60 - 100                                                     bevelled edge £15 - 20
880   A painted ladder back rush seat elbow chair on          897   A 19th century mahogany occasional table, the
      turned legs to pad and ball feet £30 - 40                     circular top on a turned and fluted pedestal to
                                                                    cabriole tripod base and pad feet £30 - 50
881   A Victorian mahogany occasional table, the
      shaped top on turned and ringed support to tripod       898   A Victorian painted pot cupboard, single panelled
      base £150 - 250                                               door on plinth base, the cupboard door decorated
                                                                    with galleon on stormy seas £30 - 50
899   A modern oak rectangular nest of three occasional        914   A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table with single
      tables on turned and ringed supports united by                 end drawer on turned and ringed supports to brass
      stretchers £20 - 30                                            caps and china castors £50 - 80
900   A 19th Century mahogany card table, the rounded          915   A circa 1900 stained pine bookcase with two
      rectangular top opening to reveal a baize lined                glazed doors opening to reveal various adjustable
      interior above a rosewood strung frieze on four                shelves £30 - 40
      column supports to four square splayed legs to
                                                               916   A light oak sideboard, the two doors opening to
      brass caps and castors £50 - 80
                                                                     reveal various drawers and shelves on turned
901   A pair of Regency style ebonised and gilt                      supports together with a set of four matching oak
      decorated chairs, the decorative backs above a                 framed chairs with caned back and upholstered
      caned seat on turned and ringed front supports                 seats and an oak two tier plate rack £30 - 50
      £20 - 30
                                                               917   A 1950's dining suite, the rectangular drawer leaf
902   A late Victorian oak three tier open bookcase, a               dining table on square supports united by
      further oak adjustable bookcase and another small              stretchers, together with eight oak framed dining
      freestanding bookcase £50 - 80                                 chairs with leather upholstered seats (6 plus 2
                                                                     carvers), an oak sideboard with three central
903   A circa 1900 oak glazed walnut cabinet with Gothic
                                                                     drawers flanked by two cupboard doors on square
      arch design £40 - 60
                                                                     supports united by stretchers £150 - 250
904   A Victorian mahogany tripod occasional table with
                                                               918   An oak oval gate-leg drop-leaf dining table on
      brass galleried top above a turned and ringed
                                                                     turned and ringed supports united by stretchers
      central pedestal to tripod base £150 - 250
                                                                     £20 - 30
905   An oak tambour fronted roll top desk, the S shaped
                                                               919   A walnut kneehole dressing table, the plain top
      fall enclosing a fitted interior of drawers and pigeon
                                                                     with shaped moulded edge above a central bowed
      holes over a single bank of four drawers to one
                                                                     drawer and kneehole flanked by two banks of two
      side £50 - 80
                                                                     drawers above cupboard doors to plinth bases
906   An oak double pedestal desk, the central drawer                £100 - 150
      flanked by two banks of four drawers on bracket
                                                               920   NO LOT
      feet £40 - 60
                                                               921   An early 19th century North Country oak and cross
907   An assortment of various sundry furniture to
                                                                     banded hanging corner cupboard, the single door
      include a late Victorian bar back dining chair with
                                                                     enclosing three shelves above a single drawer
      upholstered seat on turned front legs, a stained
                                                                     flanked by two dummy drawers £100 - 150
      beech framed cane seat commode elbow chair, an
      oak framed dressing mirror, an oval painted wall         922   An Edwardian mahogany boxwood strung tub
      mirror with bevelled edge and a standard lamp and              occasional chair with upholstered seat on square
      shade £30 - 40                                                 tapering legs united by stretchers, a 19th Century
                                                                     beech framed open elbow chair with spindle back
908   A circa 1900 rectangular mahogany framed toilet
                                                                     and arms over a rush seat on turned and ringed
      mirror and a pair of stained beech bar back chairs
                                                                     out-swept splayed legs united by stretchers and a
      £15 - 20
                                                                     circular occasional table on cabriole legs to claw
909   A mahogany circular occasional table with inlaid               and ball feet £50 - 80
      decoration on turned and ringed supports united by
                                                               923   A large assortment of various sundry furniture to
      an undertier £20 - 30
                                                                     include two small Edwardian mahogany and
910   An early 20th century mahogany glazed display                  chequer-banded inlaid rectangular topped
      cabinet, the two doors opening to reveal two                   occasional tables, a teak slatted luggage /
      shelves on cabriole legs to claw and ball feet and             occasional table, a 1920's walnut dining chair in
      an oak square drop-leaf occasional table on turned             the Queen Anne taste, an assortment of various
      and ringed supports united by an undertier £30 -               dining chairs, various occasional tables, a
      40                                                             bookcase, etc £50 - 80
911   An ash seated patented stool by Evertaut on a            924   A late 19th Century beech spindle back dining
      wrought iron downswept frame £25 - 45                          chair with rattan seat on turned legs united by
                                                                     stretchers and an oak blanket box £20 - 30
912   A circa 1900 oak butler's tray, the galleried top on
      X frame folding base £60 - 100                           925   A large selection of modern furniture to include two
                                                                     modern pine bedside cupboards fitted with an open
913   A 1930's oak table, the square tapering supports               shelf on castors, a modern circular kitchen table
      with carved decorative panels united by an
                                                                     with four metal framed chairs, modern circular
      undertier and a Victorian mahogany toilet mirror
                                                                     stool, various towel rails, modern table, folding
      £30 - 40
                                                                     chair/steps, etc £50 - 80
                                                               926   A modern painted fire surround £30 - 40
927   A five sectional pine gymnasium vaulting horse         943   An oak pig bench of naturalistic form in the 19th
      £15 - 20                                                     Century manner, the single piece top on plank end
                                                                   supports united by an undertier £50 - 80
928   A burr walnut coffer in the 18th Century taste, the
      hinged top over a plain panelled front on stile        944   A pair of early 20th Century tapestry upholstered
      supports £50 - 80                                            square footstools on squat bun feet £30 - 50
929   A modern large pine framed wall mirror, a modern       945   A 19th Century three section glazed breakfront
      pine double bed, a modern print of "Flaming June"            bookcase, the central section with two glazed
      in modern gilt frame and a Victorian box commode             doors flanked by two further sections with single
      £50 - 80                                                     glazed doors on shaped brackets to feet £80 - 120
930   An early 19th Century mahogany bureau, the             946   A Victorian walnut chest of three graduated
      sloping fall above four long graduated drawers to            drawers £30 - 50
      bracket feet £100 - 150
                                                             947   A stained beech circular kitchen stool on turned
931   An oak rectangular occasional table in the 18th              and ringed supports united by stretchers and
      Century manner on turned and ringed supports                 another similar kitchen stool £20 - 30
      united by stretchers £40 - 60
                                                             948   A Victorian pine stained trunk £50 - 80
932   A 19th Century oak octagonal work table, the
                                                             949   A rectangular pine and painted side table on
      chequerboard top opening to reveal a plain interior
                                                                   square tapering supports £80 - 120
      on an octagonal base to cabriole tripod legs and a
      19th Century circular ebonised gypsy table £60 -       950   A Victorian pine chest of two short and two long
      100                                                          drawers on plinth base £60 - 100
933   NO LOT                                                 951   An oak carved wall mounted coat rack £30 - 40
934   An Art Deco walnut fire screen with central            952   A modern pine rectangular two plank farmhouse
      decorative panel of ducks in flight over lake, Art           kitchen table on turned and ringed supports united
      Deco style copper tray and a painted wall mirror             by stretchers £100 - 150
      £30 - 40
                                                             953   A modern oak dining suite, the eight plank table on
935   A Victorian mahogany framed prie à dieu chair with           turned and ringed supports, the six oak framed
      tapestry seat and back, turned and ringed                    chairs with upholstered seats and turned and
      decorative side supports and front legs to brass             ringed front supports, the dresser with three glazed
      caps and china castors £60 - 100                             doors above two cupboard doors and three further
                                                                   panelled doors on plinth base £150 - 250
936   A late 19th Century mahogany bureau of small
      proportions, the fall front with fitted interior of    954   A pair of painted rectangular window seats with
      pigeon holes and drawers over three graduated                scroll end decoration on square tapering supports
      cock beaded drawers on bracket feet £200 - 300               £100 - 150
937   An Edwardian mahogany and satinwood strung             955   A rectangular pine kitchen table with painted blue
      dressing chest, the shield shaped mirror over two            ringed and turned base and legs £80 - 120
      cabinet doors, the base with two short and one
                                                             956   A 19th Century oak carver child's commode chair
      long graduated drawer on square tapering
                                                                   £100 - 150
      supports to castors £50 - 80
                                                             957   A modern pine corner unit, the two panelled doors
938   A circa 1900 mahogany dressing chest, the oval
                                                                   opening to reveal a single shelf on plinth base £40
      bevelled edge mirror supported by two small
      drawers over three long drawers on square                    - 60
      tapering supports £40 - 60                             958   A Polynesian carved wooden figure, the grimacing
                                                                   face with cowrie shell inset eyes, feather hair and
939   A 19th Century oak bureau, the fall front opening to
                                                                   rope work beard, his arms upon his hips, wearing a
      reveal a fitted interior above three drawers to
                                                                   grass loin cloth, (ILLUSTRATED) £250 - 350
      bracket feet £150 - 200
940   A 19th Century upholstered mahogany framed             959   A Victorian painted pine two drawer writing table
      waisted dressing stool on squat bun feet £20 - 30            on square tapering supports £60 - 100
                                                             960   A Victorian pine trunk £30 - 50
941   A 19th Century oak framed rectangular low stool
      with floral needlework top supported on turned feet    961   An oak corner washstand with single drawer on
      and a small mahogany framed rectangular toilet               square tapering supports united by an undertier
      mirror £50 - 80                                              £50 - 80
942   An early Victorian upholstered footstool on a          962   A cedarwood door upper section with leaded
      rosewood frame to scrollwork carved splayed feet             panels and armorial glass on three panels £100 -
      £30 - 50                                                     150
963   A Victorian pine two tier washstand with              979   An early 19th century mahogany boxwood and
      splashback over an undertier with frieze drawer on          chequer strung chest, the rectangular top over two
      turned legs united by a single drawer undertier,            frieze drawers with two further short and long
      and a Shorter & Sons jug and washbowl £50 - 70              graduated drawers on bracket feet £250 - 350
964   A small late Victorian pine pedestal desk, the        980   A Victorian walnut marquetry inlaid music cabinet
      rectangular moulded edge top over a frieze drawer           with single glazed door opening to reveal various
      flanked by two banks of three drawers on plinth             shelves, on plinth base £30 - 50
      base £50 - 80
                                                            981   A modern mahogany bureau, the plain top above a
965   A Victorian mahogany secretaire bookcase, the               sloping cross banded fall enclosing a stepped fitted
      two glazed doors opening to reveal adjustable               interior over two short and three long graduated
      shelving above a fall front opening to reveal               drawers with brass swan neck handles, to bracket
      various pigeonholes and drawers, over two                   feet £30 - 50
      panelled cupboard doors £100 - 150
                                                            982   A Victorian mahogany square fronted chest with
966   An Art Nouveau style walnut single mirror door              two short and three long graduated drawers
      wardrobe, the central door flanked by two panels of         flanked by quarter cut side pilasters raised on
      floral decoration on a plinth base £70 - 100                bracket feet £100 - 150
967   A pine dresser, the two tier plate rack above         983   An early 19th century mahogany square fronted
      various drawers and a central panelled door on              chest of two short and three long graduated
      turned supports £50 - 80                                    drawers with turned knob handles, to bracket feet
                                                                  £100 - 150
968   A Victorian pine clerk's desk, the sloping writing
      surface opening to reveal a basic pigeon holed        984   A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three
      interior over one long drawer raised on square              long graduated drawers with turned knob handles,
      tapered legs £50 - 80                                       to plinth base (one handle missing) £70 - 100
969   An early 20th century pine dresser, the two tier      985   A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three
      plate rack above two short and three long drawers           long drawers on bracket feet £150 - 200
      with brass swan neck handles £150 - 250
                                                            986   A 19th century mahogany and inlaid bow fronted
970   A Victorian satin walnut dressing chest with                chest, the three small drawers above three long
      mirrored superstructure over two short and two              drawers on bracket feet £150 - 250
      long graduated drawers £50 - 80
                                                            987   A 19th century mahogany wash stand, the shaped
971   A 19th century mahogany corner cupboard, the                galleried top above a serpentine front with two
      panelled door opening to reveal three shelves               panelled cupboard doors on square tapering
      £100 - 150                                                  supports to spade feet £40 - 60
972   A circa 1900 mahogany hanging corner cupboard,        988   A late Victorian walnut chest of two short and three
      the moulded dentil cornice above two astragal               long graduated drawers to plinth base £70 - 100
      glazed doors with conche marquetry inlaid panels
                                                            989   A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and two
      enclosing three shelves £100 - 150
                                                                  long drawers with turned knob handles to squat
973   A 19th century stained pine chest of three long             bun feet £100 - 150
      drawers with turned knob handles £50 - 80
                                                            990   A 19th century mahogany linen press, the two
974   An early 19th Century mahogany chest of two                 panelled cupboard doors opening the reveal three
      short and three long drawers with turned knob               linen shelves above two short and three long
      handles £30 - 50                                            drawers to bracket feet £70 - 100
975   A 19th Century mahogany chest, the two short and      991   A late 19th century mahogany cupboard on stand,
      three long graduated drawers with brass oval                the two cupboard doors with oval decoration
      handles on bracket feet £50 - 80                            opening to reveal a single shelf above two drawers
                                                                  above a single brushing slide, on square
976   A 19th century oak chest with serpentine front,
                                                                  chamfered stand with sunburst decoration £200 -
      the four panelled shaped drawers with brass
      swan neck handles and brass escutcheons, on
      turned feet(ILLUSTRATED) £200 - 300                   992   A late Victorian mahogany tripod occasional table,
                                                                  the circular dished top on bobbin and ring turned
977   A Victorian chest, the pain top above two short and
                                                                  pedestal to three downswept scroll legs £30 - 50
      three long graduated drawers to turned feet, bears
      label verso "William Small, House Furnisher,          993   A late 19th century mahogany oval toilet mirror, the
      Midland Bridge, Bath" £120 - 180                            shaped base with single drawer on squat bun feet
                                                                  £30 - 50
978   A 19th century long pine dresser base, the four
      drawers on square supports united by a pot shelf
      £200 - 300
994    An early 19th century mahogany bureau, the fall          1005   An early 19th century oak and mahogany cross
       front opening to reveal a fitted interior with various          banded dresser, the plate rack with various
       pigeonholes, drawers and well, above a single long              shelves and two doors and two small drawers
       slim drawer, two short drawers and two long                     above three drawers with brass swan neck handles
       graduated drawers with brass swan neck handles                  and escucheons, with shaped apron to cabriole
       and brass escutcheons, on bracket feet £150 -                   front supports (parts later) £500 - 800
                                                                1006   A circa 1800 oak corner cupboard, the moulded
995    A 19th century gilt and painted decorative side                 cornice above a twin panelled door enclosing two
       table with carved floral and leaf decoration, the               shelves raised on bracket feet £80 - 120
       single drawer above cabriole supports £150 - 250
                                                                1007   A Victorian mahogany framed salon chair on
996    A Victorian mahogany dressing table, the oval                   ringed and turned front supports to castors £30 -
       mirror with superstructure of various drawers                   50
       above a shaped top with single central drawer, on
                                                                1008   A late 19th century Indonesian carved
       cabriole carved front supports to a shaped base,
                                                                       hardwood occasional table with central carved
       and a Victorian walnut box with medallion
                                                                       pedestal on mythical beast tripod
       decoration to the rising lid £60 - 90
                                                                       base(ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150
997    A Victorian mahogany linen press, the two
                                                                1009   A mahogany corner chair in the early Georgian
       panelled doors opening to reveal five linen drawers
                                                                       taste with tapestry upholstered seat on turned and
       above two short and three long drawers with
                                                                       ringed supports united by stretchers £60 - 80
       turned knob handles, to bracket feet £250 - 350
                                                                1010   A 19th century D-end mahogany dining table with
998    A Victorian mirror back credenza, the mirror with
                                                                       three leaves on square tapering supports to brass
       scroll and leaf decoration above a marble top with
                                                                       caps and castors £300 - 500
       central door with oval mirrored panel flanked by
       two further rectangular mirrored panelled doors on       1011   A set of eight Regency style mahogany framed bar
       shaped base £100 - 200                                          back dining chairs, the top rails with scroll and
                                                                       brass inlaid decoration above rope twist and turned
999    An Edwardian mahogany satinwood banded
                                                                       central rails above upholstered seats flanked by
       display cabinet in the Sheraton Revival manner,
                                                                       reeded decoration to swept front supports (two
       the raised back over a cushion frieze and a pair of
                                                                       carvers plus six) £100 - 150
       glazed doors enclosing two shelves, on square
       tapering legs to spade feet £100 - 150                   1012   An early 19th century mahogany circular
                                                                       occasional table on ringed and turned supports to
1000   A late 18th / early 19th Century oak and later
                                                                       hip tripod base £60 - 90
       carved long case clock, the domed hood with
       moulded cornice over an arched door on a plinth          1013   A Victorian mahogany single door pot
       base, the eight day movement with brass arched                  cupboard on plinth base (with china chamber
       face centred by a silvered roundel with engraved                pot)(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
       Ho-Ho bird flanked by dolphin and foliate scrolls
                                                                1014   A Victorian walnut and floral marquetry inlaid
       over a silvered chapter ring with Roman and Arabic
                                                                       display cabinet with gilt metal mounts and
       numerals within mask head and foliate scroll
                                                                       rectangluar moulded edge top over a pair of
       spandrels, centred by a subsidiary seconds dial
                                                                       glazed doors enclosing two shelves, on bracket
       and date aperture on a matted ground, inscribed
                                                                       feet(ILLUSTRATED) £250 - 350
       "W Tomlinson, London" £600 - 900
1001   An early 20th century oak sideboard, the mirrored        1015   A late 19th century mahogany breakfront pedestal
                                                                       desk, the tooled and gilded leather top above a
       back with shaped top flanked by turned pillars to
                                                                       central drawer flanked by two pedestals of four
       single shelf above two drawers over two panelled
                                                                       drawers to plinth base £200 - 300
       cupboard doors to plinth base £100 - 150
1002   An early 20th century mahogany triple dressing           1016   A circa 1900 mahogany framed two seater open
       table mirror, the shaped top with central shell motif           arm settee in the Georgian taste raised on square
                                                                       supports united by stretchers £50 - 80
       with carved side supports to shaped feet £50 - 80
                                                                1017   A late Victorian oak revolving bookcase of typical
1003   A 19th Century mahogany serpentine breakfront
                                                                       form, the plain top with applied moulded edge
       sideboard, the top satinwood strung and cross-
                                                                       above slatted sides raised on quadruped base and
       banded with fluted edge over a central bowed
       drawer flanked by a deep cellerette drawer and two              castors, together with an Indian hardwood
       small drawers interspersed by floral and foliate,               occasional table £100 - 150
       oak leaf and acorn marquetry inlaid medallions           1018   An 18th century oak oval gate-leg drop-leaf dining
       raised on turned and fluted tapering legs, 171 cm               table on turned and block supports raised on
       wide £300 - 500                                                 turned feet £60 - 80
1004   A 19th century mahogany bidet £20 - 30
1019   A circa 1900 mahogany washstand, the three            1034   A Victorian mahogany cylinder pot cupboard,
       quarter galleried top above a single frieze drawer           the single door opening to reveal a single
       on square chamfered supports £60 - 80                        shaped shelf(ILLUSTRATED) £100 - 150
1020   A 19th Century Italian pine candle stand, the         1035   An 18th century oak tea table, the circular snap top
       shaped top with carved edge on a turbanned,                  on a birdcage to turned and ringed pedestal and
       figural and acanthus carved scrollwork                       cabriole tripod base £100 - 150
       pedestal to foliate carved scrolling tripod
                                                             1036   A Victorian satin walnut marble top cylinder pot
       base(ILLUSTRATED) £200 - 300
                                                                    cupboard, the single door opening to reveal a
1021   A pair of Georgian mahogany D-end dining table               single shelf on plinth base
       ends with a shaped and cross banded apron on                 (damaged)(ILLUSTRATED) £50 - 80
       square tapering supports £300 - 450
                                                             1037   An 18th Century oak dining table, the oval drop-
1022   A Victorian mahogany loo table, the oval top above           leaf top above a single end drawer raised on
       a ringed and turned central pedestal to shaped and           turned supports to the gate-leg base, the blocks
       carved cabriole supports to china castors £150 -             united by stretchers raised on turned feet £150 -
       250                                                          200
1023   A set of six Victorian walnut framed dining           1038   A 19th century mahogany and inlaid bedside
       chairs, the Gothic style backs with simulated                cabinet, the single door with shaped panel and
       studded top rail over a scrolling foliate and                decorative shield and inlaid decoration opening
       knot work back splat, the upholstered seat with              to reveal a single shelf on cabriole
       serpentine front rail raised on foliate carved               supports(ILLUSTRATED) £80 - 120
       and moulded cabriole front legs to scroll
                                                             1039   An Edwardian mahogany and inlaid writing desk,
       feet(ILLUSTRATED) £200 - 300
                                                                    the shaped galleried back with shaped shelf above
1024   An early 19th Century mahogany tray top night                a pen and ink well, the lid with tooled and gilded
       table with single cupboard door and deep drawer              leather insert top opening to reveal pigeonholes
       (as two) on square moulded legs £100 - 150                   above a shaped apron to square tapering supports
                                                                    united by a central stretcher to castors £120 - 180
1025   A 19th century mahogany Pembroke table with
       single end drawer with turned knob handles on         1040   A mahogany revolving bookcase of typical form
       central ringed and turned pedestal to swept                  £100 - 150
       quadruped base to brass lion claw castors £300 -
                                                             1041   A George III mahogany night table, the tray top
                                                                    above a single door and pull-out commode drawer
1026   A 19th century satinwood and inlaid card table, the          raised on square moulded supports £60 - 80
       top opening to reveal a fitted baize on square
                                                             1042   A 19th century mahogany writing table, the top with
       tapering supports £150 - 250
                                                                    tooled leather insert surface with a moulded edge
1027   A circa 1900 ebonised embroidery stand stamped               with serpentine front, over two frieze drawers
       "Muir of Edinburgh" £50 - 80                                 raised on turned and ringed legs united by
                                                                    stretchers to peg feet £150 - 250
1028   A Victorian mahogany and cross banded card
       table, the shaped top opening to reveal a fitted      1043   An oak rectangular occasional in the 17th century
       baize above an inlaid frieze on square tapering              manner with shallow cup and cover supports to
       supports to spade feet £100 - 150                            block feet united by an undertier £50 - 70
1029   An early 19th century mahogany card table, the        1044   A Victorian walnut Davenport, the stationery box
       rounded rectangular top cross banded with                    top opening to reveal fitted compartments, the fall
       rosewood and satinwood stringing over a plain                front with tooled and gilded leather inset top
       frieze on turned and ringed tapering supports £50            opening to reveal various drawers, the base with
       - 80                                                         four drawers and four dummy drawers, with
                                                                    shaped carved front supports to a shaped base
1030   A late 19th century mahogany corner two tier shelf
                                                                    and squat bun feet £200 - 300
       unit with carved decoration throughout £30 - 40
                                                             1045   A 19th century mahogany lowboy, the
1031   A Victorian rosewood music stand on ringed and
                                                                    crossbanded moulded top above two drawers and
       turned central pedestal to tripod shaped base to
                                                                    two further smaller drawers with brass swan neck
       scroll feet (converted from pole screen base) £50 -
                                                                    handles, raised on cabriole legs to claw and ball
                                                                    feet £150 - 250
1032   A late 19th century four-fold "shibayama" panelled
                                                             1046   A "red walnut" gate leg drop leaf dining table in the
       small screen with figural decoration £100 - 150
                                                                    early 18th Century manner, on turned and ringed
1033   A 19th century mahogany rectangular drop leaf                supports united by stretchers £200 - 300
       table on square tapered moulded supports £30 -
1047   A George III mahogany bureau, the plain top          1049   A Victorian mahogany dining table, the rounded
       above a sloping fall enclosing a fitted stepped             rectangular top with moulded edge, with an extra
       interior over four long graduated drawers with              leaf, raised on turned and reeded tapering legs
       brass swan neck handles to bracket feet £150 -              £100 - 150
                                                            END OF SALE
1048   A composite set of six mahogany dining chairs in
       the 18th century taste, the shaped back splats
       above drop-in seats to cabriole front legs and pad
       feet £100 - 150
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1. Every Sale and these Conditions of Sale shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of English

2.   The Company acts as Agents only in respect of goods delivered for the purposes of sale and herein shall be known as the ‘Auctioneers’. Persons instructing the
     Firm to sell goods are herein known as ‘Vendors’. Persons who have acquired lots offered for sale by the Auctioneers are herein known as the ‘Purchasers’.

3.   All persons attending a Sale under the conduct of the Auctioneers – whether at their Salerooms or elsewhere – shall be deemed to be on the land and premises at
     their own risk and shall have no claim against the Auctioneers or their principals in respect of the cancellation/ postponement of a Sale or any loss, accident or
     injury however occasioned, save in so far as the same is proven to be caused by the direct negligence of an employee(s) of the Firm.
4.   The Auctioneers make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of advertisements, catalogue descriptions and other publicity but except where specifically
     instructed so to certify by a Vendor, declare that all statements, oral or in writing, are those of opinion only, made without responsibility and shall not give rise to
     any action in law for damages, compensation or rescission of a sale by a Purchaser, against any Vendor, the Auctioneers or their employees.

5.   Many lots are of an age or nature which preclude their being in pristine condition. Some catalogue descriptions may make reference to damage and/or restoration;
     however, omission of such a reference does not imply a lot is free from defects nor does any reference to a particular defect imply the absence of others.

6.   Purchasers should, therefore, satisfy themselves by physical inspection of lots, before bidding, as to the origin, authenticity, quality, age, weight, size and general
     description – as lots are sold in their actual state with all faults, imperfections or errors of description. If physical inspection is not possible, condition reports
     must be reviewed by purchasers in full before bids can be accepted.

7.   Electrical/ mechanical goods are sold on the strict understanding that these are untested, without warranties or any other guarantees as to serviceability or
     working order.

8.   Persons handling lots do so at their own risk and shall make good all loss or damage howsoever sustained; each estimate of cost to be assessed by the Auctioneers
     whose decision shall be final.

9.   In making a bid, Purchasers acknowledge their attention has been drawn to these Conditions of Sale and that they are satisfied as to the description and condition
     of lots.

10. Lots are sold subject to any announcement, declaration, alteration of description or other matters, made by the Auctioneers prior to the invitation of bids.
11. At the fall of the hammer, the highest bidder, acceptable to the Auctioneers, shall be the Purchaser and any dispute shall be settled by the Auctioneers, whose
    decision shall be absolute and final. No lots shall be transferred.

12. The Auctioneers may divide, combine, add or withdraw lots and make any catalogue alterations without notice or reason; they shall regulate the advance of
    bidding, accept or reject (at their absolute discretion and without justification) and bid on behalf of the Vendor, where there is a reserve price or at their
    authorised discretion.

13. Prospective purchasers must register their name, full address and credit or debit card details with the Auctioneers before bidding. They will then be issued with a
    number card which must be shown every time they make a successful bid. Upon failure to do so, the Auctioneers may re-offer the lot at their sole discretion.

14. As Agents only, the Auctioneers shall not be responsible for default on the part of Vendors or Purchasers. Any resultant deficiency, together with interest, costs
    and expenses, shall be made good by the defaulter, recoverable as and for liquidated damages. This condition is, however, without prejudice to the right of the
    Auctioneer, in appropriate circumstances, to enforce the Sale Contract if they see fit.

15. The Contract of Sale is made with the Auctioneers, as Agents for the Vendors and payment shall be made only to them. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the
    Auctioneers shall retain a lien on all goods which shall not pass to the Purchaser until full payment has been received.
16. Unless prior arrangements have been made with the Auctioneers, cheques in excess of recognised limits will not be accepted from the Purchasers unknown to
    them who have not supplied a Bank or other suitable reference. In all cases, cheques must be supported with the production of a valid Bank card. Non
    compliance with this condition may delay the release of lots, pending the clearance of cheques.
17. At the fall of the hammer, all lots shall be and remain, in every respect, at the absolute risk of the Purchaser, including those of fire, burglary, etc, and damage
    occasioned to lots by the removal of other goods.
18. Purchasers shall pay for and remove lots at their own risk and expense immediately following the Sale; after 7 days from the sale date uucollected lots shall be
    subject to a charge of between £2 and £10 per day to cover storage, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Saleroom Manager. The Auctioneers
    reserve the right to resell uncollected lots by auction or private treaty or alternatively, warehouse goods at a Purchaser’s expense. In all cases, the Auctioneers
    may act without notice and any incidental expenses incurred will become a liability to the defaulter.
19. Notwithstanding any other terms in these Conditions of Sale, if within seven days of a Sale, a Purchaser gives notice in writing to the Auctioneers, that in his/her
    opinion a particular lot (this shall not apply to books or similar printed matter) is a deliberate forgery, as defined below and within fourteen days after such
    written notice, returns lots to the Auctioneers in the same condition as it was at the time of Sale – and by producing evidence, the burden of proof to be upon the
    Purchaser- satisfies the Auctioneers that the lot is a deliberate forgery, then the Auctioneers are authorised to do so and will rescind the transaction and refund
    the purchase price received by them. This benefit is not assignable.

            In the context of this guarantee, a ‘deliberate forgery’ means a lot made with an intention to deceive, when considered in the light of the catalogue entry and at
            the date of the Sale had a value substantially less than it would have had, had it been in accordance with the description. However, there will be no right where
            the description in the catalogue at the time of the Sale was in accordance with the general opinion of experts or fairly indicated there to be a conflict of
            opinion. The Auctioneers reserve the right in forming their opinion to consult and rely upon any expert or authority considered by them to by reliable.
20. The Auctioneers are prepared to accept commission bids on behalf of intending Purchasers unable to attend at the time of Sale, provided they are completed on
    the correct bidding form and received by the Auctioneers by 8.00 pm on View Day. The Auctioneers regret that any bids left after this time are not guaranteed
    to be processed/executed. Telephone bids must be organised by contacting the Auctioneers directly. As a matter of policy all bids must be backed by credit/debit
    card details, unless the prospective purchaser has received in writing from the Auctioneers "Approved" or "Regular" buyer status, in which case the relevant
    code will be required. If submitting bids by e-mail please confirm credit/debit cards with the Auctioneers by telephone. The Auctioneers regret that any bids left
    without the backing of credit/debit card details, or an "Approved" or "Regular" buyer code, will not be processed/executed. The Auctioneers cannot be held
    responsible for, nor are they connected with, commission bids given to Porters.

21. A Buyers Premium of 15% is payable by all Purchasers and is subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.
22. The Auctioneers reserve the right to ask for evidence of identity before clients complete transactions.
23. Moore Allen & Innocent is a Limited Liability Partnership registered in England and Wales, No 0C311820. Registered Office 33 Castle Street, Glos. GL7 1QD. A
    list of members is available at the registered office.You will be contracting directly with Moore Allen & Innocent, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), and not
    with any individual Member or employee personally. No Member of the LLP or any fee earner can accept personal liability for your work. The legal liability will
    be the liability of the LLP. Regulated by R.I.C.S.

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