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					Arusha included in international travel insurance coverage

One of my travel health insurance clients went to Arusha, a city in the northern part of
Tanzania. Arusha is primarily a gateway town for those who wish to take an African
safari tour. Other places close by popular to travelers are the Serengeti, Lake
Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, Olduvai Gorge, and Mount

The city’s affinity for music influences much of its cultural events. Quite a number of
festivals are being held in Arusha. Usually hosted by the Tanzanian business
community, these festivals often invite artists from other countries to perform. A
major, though non-music oriented, festival is the yearly Nane Nane Agricultural
Show. In August 8 of every year, up to half a million people, mostly farmers and
businessmen in related industries gather to exchange the latest knowledge and trends.

Whithin Arusha itself, there are also interesting places to visit. Go to the Arusha
Declaration Museum and learn about the postcolonial history of Tanzania. If you want
to see some fossils, schedule a visit to the Natural History Museum. If you wish to see
a more nature-oriented attraction, there is the Arusha National Park. While it is one of
Tanzania’s smallest parks, it is nevertheless the most topographically varied. The
main features of the park are the Ngurdoto Crater, Mt. Meru, and the Momela Lakes.
For a more interesting day, you can go and observe the UN International Criminal
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