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The Coliseum, Michaelangelo, and International Travel Insurance

        Italy is a very beautiful country, it has a lot of interesting things set for the visitors. Italy
has a lot of tourist attractions to offer such as modern art galleries, museums, buildings in ancient
roman architecture, and many more.

        One of the most popular cities in Italy is Rome. Rome is one of the most fascinating cities
in the world. It is full of ancient monuments and galleries displaying arts from the renaissance
period. Rome is full of historical glamour – it was even deemed as the ancient capital of the

        Rome has a lot of museums depicting the beautiful Roman art and architecture. But
Rome is so beautiful that the city streets are the museum itself. The center of religious life in
Rome is the beautiful Piazza del Campidoglio, designed by Michaelangelo, and overlooks the
magnificent Roman coliseum and the beautiful ruins of temples, basilicas, and triumphal arches
of the Forum Romanum.

        In Rome, you will find a city within a city -the Vatican City, which is built over the St.
Peter’s tomb. Inside is the famous Sistine Chapel in which its interior design is frescoed by the
very amazing Renaissance art from the famous artists including Raphael, Michaelangelo, Sandro
Boticelli, and Bernini.

        In addition, Rome has a lot more to offer a traveler, including entertainment, the best-
tasting wine and fine dining restaurants.

        To experience your vacation in Rome at its best, don’t board on your plane without
getting yourself an international travel insurance. International travel insurance provides help
in case of emergency – whether a delayed flight, lost or stolen valuables, or health-related