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									                           An Idaho Real Estate Commission-certified Education Provider

     Idaho Real Estate Continuing Education Classes
              Idaho Falls Classes on Wednesday & Thursday, October 27th & 28th
                       1301 E. 17th, Idaho Falls (Old RE/MAX Building)

 (   ) C2010: Core 2010                                  ( ) E0280: Copywriting & Photography
 Wednesday, October 27th                                 that Moves Property Fast
 8:00 am - 12:00 pm                                      Wednesday, October 27th
 $50                                                     1 pm - 5 pm
 4 credits. This is the Core class required each         $50
 Idaho licensing period. Includes recent Idaho court     4 credits. In today's tough markets, it is critical to
 cases, Idaho legislative actions, a section on          aggressively market your listings. The point of beginning is
 fraudulent short sale & foreclosure transactions,       a great write-up and superior photos that showcase the
 and technology risks. If already taken Core, use as     property. Lots of examples of inferior photos and the
 elective.                                               opportunity to practice improving your drafting skills

 (   ) E0775: Risk Reduction                             ( ) E0776: Residential Real Estate Forms
 Thursday, October 14th                                  Thursday, October 28th
 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm                                       1 pm - 5 pm
 $50                                                     $50
 4 credits. Real estate sales includes all kinds of      4 credits. Boost your understanding of key IAR forms
 potential risks: Agency duties, drafting mistakes,      including the current seller representation, buyer
 failure to disclose, agent safety, communication        representation and purchase & sale agreements. A great
 errors, regulatory pitfalls, etc. The purpose of this   course for boosting your professionalism and skill.
 course is to sensitize your to some of your risks and
 discuss methods of minimizing them.

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