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									 2010 Iowa Student
   Mock Election

                 Presented by

  Iowa Secretary of State Michael A. Mauro
Governor’s Developmental Disabilities Council
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W       elcome to the 2010 Iowa Student Mock Election. Secretary of State Michael A. Mauro

would like to invite you to participate in the 2010 Student Mock Election. We hope that you are
as excited as we are for the upcoming mock election. This year the Iowa Secretary of State's
Office has partnered with the Governor's Developmental Disabilities Council to coordinate this
event. The Governor’s Developmental Disabilities Council is a federally funded state agency that
advocates for the development of services and support so that Iowans with developmental
disabilities can make choices and take control of their lives.


The 2010 Iowa Student Mock Election is an event held for students all around the state. Students
will be able to participate in the electoral process much like adults do. The mock election is a
great chance to educate students on political issues and candidates.


Your school will be the perfect setting for this event. Before the mock election can be held,
students must have knowledge about the candidates and issues. We have provided
INFORMATION MATERIALS you can download from our website for your classroom to aid you
with your curriculum.


Please sign up HERE to participate. Your email address will be used it to login to the results page
and submit your results from your school.


On Thursday October 28, 2010 schools in Iowa and across the nation will be participating in the
mock election. Students will be able to cast their votes for Iowa candidates for Congress and
State Elected officials. We ask that you submit your results by 3:00 PM on that day so we may
tally the results and get them posted on the website.

You will use your email address to sign in to the RESULTS PAGE. Your ballot with have Federal
and Statewide Candidates only and it will be specific to your congressional district. Your
congressional district is determined by your school’s address for purposes of the 2010 Student
Mock Election. Print this ballot out to have your students vote individually.

If you have any further questions, please contact Gina Fontanini or Pam Conner in the Iowa
Secretary of State's Office at (515) 281-8993 or gina.fontanini@sos.state.ia.us or

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                       EDUCATE YOURSELF:
                History of Voting in the United States
The history of voting in the United States has followed a long, winding path. The question of who is eligible to
vote has caused much controversy in our nation. Today, all registered voters who are at least 18 years of age
may participate in an election. This was not always the case. Take a look at some of the steps voting rights
have taken since the early days of our country.

1600s - All Officials Appointed by the King
The first colonial governments were appointed by the King of England and served at his pleasure. The king
could remove any government official for any reason, at any time.

Early 1700s - White, Protestant Property-Owning Males
The first legislature elected by the people was the Virginia House of Burgesses. However, only males owning
property and belonging to the Anglican Church were able to vote or to serve as a representative.

1787 - White Males Over the Age of 21
The United States Constitution established that all white men over the age of 21 could vote for members of the
House of Representatives. An Electoral College was established for selecting the president and vice president
of the United States.

1870 - Males Over the Age of 21
As a result of the Civil War, the practice of slavery in the United States was abolished. The 15th Amendment to
the Constitution gave the right to vote to all men regardless of race.

1913 - Direct Popular Election of Senators
Before 1913, members of the state legislature selected U.S. senators. The 17th Amendment allowed the
people of each state to elect their U.S. senators directly.

1920 – Women’s Right to Vote
After years of struggle, women in the United States finally won the right to vote in 1920 through the 19th
Amendment to the Constitution.

1961 - District of Columbia Given Electoral Voting Rights
Because the Electoral College is made up of electors from each state that elect the president and vice
president, residents of the District of Columbia had no voice in the selection of the national leaders. The 23rd
Amendment allowed Washington D.C. the same number of electoral votes as the state with the smallest

1964 - Abolition of Poll Taxes
Some states charged a tax to people who wanted to vote in an election. The 24th Amendment outlawed any
such tax.

1965 - Voting Rights Act
This important law was enacted to protect and facilitate the voting rights of racial minorities.

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1971 - Citizens Over the Age of 18
The age of an eligible voter dropped from 21 to 18 with the passage of the 26th Amendment.

1993 - National Voter Registration Act (NVRA)
This act requires states to facilitate voter registration by offering registration when individuals apply or renew a
driver‟s license or other personal identification documents issued by a state motor vehicle authority. The law
also requires that individuals be given the opportunity to register to vote at certain state agencies.

2002 - Help America Vote Act (HAVA)
This act provides funds to states to replace punch card voting systems; establishes the Election Assistance
Commission to assist with Federal elections, election laws and programs; and establishes minimum Federal
election administration standards.

2008 - Election Day Registration
Voters in Iowa may register to vote on Election Day at the polling place for the precinct where they currently

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                      EDUCATE YOURSELF:
                                                Is s u e s
Knowledge is power. You have the power to guide the policies and thinking of this country for generations to
come. Take time to understand the issues that shape political debates and public policy so that you will be able
to make an informed decision when you go to cast your vote. Below is a list of some of the issues that are
being discussed in this election. Research the topics further by visiting your local library, reading newspapers
and magazines, and searching online.


Young people rank the economy as one of their top concerns. According to the Pew Research Center, as a
result of the economic downturn, fully 37 percent of 18 to 29 year olds are unemployed or out of the workforce,
the highest share among this age group in more than three decades. With these financial hurdles, saving for
emergencies, making a down payment on a home, or saving for retirement become difficult, if not impossible.

      What specific legislative proposals will you support to ensure jobs that pay a living wage are available
      domestically for America‟s younger generation?
      In this time of high unemployment, what are the most important things that should be done to improve
      our nation‟s economy?
      With many young adults believing Social Security will not be available once they retire what proposals
      would you support so that members of the next generation will be able to meet their financial
      obligations when they retire?
      Because young adults have expressed concern that federal, state and local taxes are too high, what
      solutions would you offer to address this concern?
      What policies and legislation will you promote to help 18 to 30 year olds achieve greater financial
      planning and security, and to help those who are living paycheck to paycheck to get out of that cycle?


National security and the war on terrorism remain important issues for young people. With approximately 69
percent of enlisted personnel under the age of 30, and a majority of them leaving spouses behind, U.S. military
decisions have a significant impact on young adults. Young adults are also increasingly concerned with the
way in which the United States balances national security with its diplomatic role in the world.

      What are the most important steps toward assuring the short- and long-term security of Americans at
      home and abroad?
      Before U.S. troops completely leave Iraq and Afghanistan, what structure needs to be in place to
      ensure stability in these countries?
      How will you balance the continuing costs of military actions with the costs of domestic needs?
      What recruitment and retention measures do you support to ensure our military maintains adequate
      personnel levels?
      What actions do you support to stabilize U.S. relations with Iran?

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Another issue that young people remain concerned about is access to affordable higher education. College
costs continue to increase, resulting in a greater reliance on student loans (and even credit cards) and an
accumulation of unmanageable debt. The debt burden becomes substantially greater for those continuing on to
graduate school.

      What role do you believe the government should play in making higher education more accessible and
      In light of the struggle to pay for college, what will you do to make it easier for young adults to attend
      college or graduate school without accumulating unmanageable debt?
      What policies will you promote to help better prepare high school students for college or for entering the
      What skills and training can help U.S. workers stay competitive in a global economy?


Health care is an important issue for young adults, regularly ranking among the top issues for 18 to 30 year
olds. One in four young adults are uninsured, the largest percentage of uninsured across any age group. A
majority of these young adults want health insurance, but cite issues such as prohibitive costs and access to
care as barriers. A majority of young adults have said that health insurance is a key factor in taking a job, and
the vast majority of employed 18 to 30 year olds accept insurance when offered by their employer.

      How do you believe the recent federal reforms will impact health care in America and young adults
      What more, if anything, should the government do to tackle the challenge of providing all young adults
      with access to affordable health care while controlling costs for the long-term?
      What responsibility do employers have to assist in addressing the current health care dilemma for 18 to
      30 year olds, particularly for young adults who are hired as short-or long-term temp workers as they
      start their careers?


The environment continues to be discussed in great depth with the implications of global climate change at the
forefront of the debate. Young people in particular have voiced their concerns over decisions made by elected
officials that impact the environment. They are concerned about protecting the environment, global warming,
and preserving our natural resources. Historically, our nation‟s largest energy source has been fossil fuels.
The mining and use of fossil fuels may be harmful to the environment. Environmentalists push for alternative
ways to produce energy to lessen the impact of global warming.

      What steps will you take in order to ensure that our environment will be protected for future
      What are your thoughts on climate change and how do you plan to address this issue?
      What will you do to address factors that are detrimental to the environment, such as pollution and a
      potential energy crisis?
      What measures do you support to address our country‟s dependence on foreign oil?
      What should be done, if anything, by the government to reduce our use of and dependence on fossil

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D       on‟t see the questions that address your concerns? Add them below for future reference:

*Information obtained from the WWE at http://www.wwe.com/content/media/pdf/2010_VIP_Brochure.pdf

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                       EDUCATE YOURSELF:
                              TERMS AND DEFINITIONS

Democratic Party
   One of two major political parties in the United States
   Nation‟s oldest existing party
   The Democratic National Committee is the governing body for the Democratic Party
   Website: www.dnc.org

Republican Party
   One of two major political parties in the United States
   Often called G.O.P., which stands for Grand Old Party
   The Republican National Committee is the governing body for the Republican Party
   Website: www.rnc.org

   A political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, the autonomy
   of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties

   A political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and
   preferring gradual development to abrupt change

   An individual who holds a viewpoint that lies between liberal and conservative viewpoints

   Not supporting or controlled by a group or a cause

   A strong supporter of a person or cause; can apply to a group as well as individuals

   Representative from a political party that is elected to represent the party at the county, district, state, and
   national conventions

   The positions that a political party adopts at the beginning of the election campaign

 Merriam-Webster Dictionary
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                         EDUCATE YOURSELF:
                        Iowa Congressional Candidates
U.S. Senate

                        Roxanne Conlin – Democrat
                        Contact Information:
                        PO Box 876
                        Des Moines, IA 50304

At the age of 14, Roxanne went to work in a soda fountain in Des Moines to help her parents make ends meet. At 16, she
enrolled in Drake University - taking on extra classes while holding down several jobs at the same time. She finished in
just 3 years and by 21 she had earned her law degree from Drake University. During this time she decided to devote her
career to giving a voice to those without one. As an Assistant Attorney General for Iowa, Roxanne fought public
corruption and wrote the first law of its kind protecting rape victims. As the United States Attorney for the Southern District
of Iowa, she worked hand in hand with law enforcement, staring down death threats, leading major drug busts and
cracking down on violent crime. For more than 25 years, Roxanne has owned and managed a small law firm in Iowa. A
successful small business, Roxanne Conlin & Associates was recently cited by a national magazine as one of the best
firms to work for because of its family-friendly practices, welcoming the children of staff into the workplace. Conlin has
served as United States Attorney in Iowa, she earned the Democratic nomination for Governor of Iowa, and she was
elected as the first woman President of the American Association for Justice, and selected as one of the first women in
the Inner Circle of Advocates. Roxanne lives in Des Moines with her husband of 46 years, James. They are most proud of
their four adult children and five grandchildren.

                     Chuck Grassley – Republican
                     Contact Information:
                     Grassley Works
                     4515 Fleur Dr
                     Des Moines, IA 50315

Chuck Grassley was born Sept. 17, 1933, New Hartford, Iowa and is married Barbara Speicher in 1954. He has five
children, Lee, Wendy, Robin, Michele, and Jay. His occupation is a farmer (son, Robin, currently operates family farm);
sheet metal shearer 1959-1961; assembly line worker 1961-1971. He was elected to Iowa Legislature 1958; U.S. House
of Representatives 1974, U.S. Senate 1980. He received his B.A. 1955, M.A. 1956 Political Science, University of
Northern Iowa; Ph.D. work, University of Iowa. He currently serves as a member of Farm Bureau, the Butler County and
State of Iowa Historical Societies, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, International Association of Machinists 1962-71,
International Parliamentary Group for Human Rights, Masons, Eagles, Baptist Church. He is currently serving on the
following committees, Finance (Ranking Member), Judiciary, Budget, Agriculture, Joint Tax, and Senate Caucus on
International Narcotics Control (Co-Chairman). Iowa's senior U.S. Senator considers public service an honorable privilege
of citizenship and together with his wife Barbara, works to do right by Iowa voters who have placed their trust in his
political leadership and personal integrity. Chuck and Barbara Grassley raised five children and today enjoy nine
grandchildren and four great grandkids.

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U.S. House of Representatives – District 1
Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Butler, Clayton, Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque, Fayette, Jackson, Jones, Scott

                   Bruce Braley – Democrat
                   Contact Information:
                   Braley for Congress
                   PO Box 390
                   Waterloo, IA 50704

Congressman Bruce Braley was born in Grinnell, Iowa in 1957 and grew up in nearby Brooklyn, Iowa. Bruce and his wife
Carolyn moved to Waterloo in 1983, where he practiced law for 23 years. He made a career representing hardworking
people, including those who lost their jobs due to corporate downsizing and employees who challenged dangerous safety
standards. First elected in November of 2006, Bruce is now serving his second term representing the First District of Iowa
in Congress. Currently, Bruce sits on the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee. As Vice-Chairman of the
Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Bruce works to hold corporations accountable and protect families from
unsafe food and drugs and defective products. Bruce lives in Waterloo with his wife Carolyn, who grew up in Dubuque
and teaches at West High School in Waterloo. Their daughter, Lisa, is a recent graduate of Iowa State University. Their
sons, David and Paul, are currently attending Iowa State and the University of Iowa, respectively.

                   Benjamin Lange – Republican
                   Contact Information:
                   606-13th Ave NE
                   Independence, IA 50644

Ben grew up in Quasqueton, IA, a small rural town in Eastern Iowa, population 499. After graduating from East Buchanan
High School, he then attended Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX, where he played college baseball. Ben went
on to earn his Bachelors‟ degree in political science and became the first member of his family to earn a four-year college
degree. Three years later, Ben earned a law degree from Hamline University. During school, he served as policy advisor
to U.S. Congressman John Kline, a conservative from Minnesota and a former military advisor who carried the nuclear
launch codes for President Reagan. It was also during school that Ben‟s courtship with a girl from Masonville, IA began.
Ben married Kelly Dolan, a farmer‟s daughter, on November 27, 2004. In 2007, with the birth of their first baby girl,
Addison, the Langes moved home to Buchanan County to raise a family and be closer to the grandparents. Ben and Kelly
welcomed their second baby girl, Emelia, into the world in 2008. Ben now owns and operates a small business in
Independence, IA and Kelly works at a local community college.

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U.S. House of Representatives – District 2
Appanoose, Cedar, Davis, Des Moines, Henry, Jefferson, Johnson, Lee, Linn Louisa, Muscatine, Van Buren,
Wapello, Washington, Wayne

                   David Loebsack – Democrat
                   Contact Information:
                   PO Box 2720
                   Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

David Loebsack grew up in Sioux City, where he attended East High School. After graduation, he attended Iowa State
University, where he earned a bachelor‟s and a master‟s degree. Dave then went on to earn a PhD in Political Science
from the University of California, Davis. He is currently serving his second term in the United States House of
Representatives. He represents Iowa‟s Second Congressional District that encompasses much of Southeastern Iowa. He
is a member of the House Education and Labor Committee and the House Armed Services Committee. Before getting
elected to Congress in November 2006, Dave was a teacher at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon for 24 years. Dave and his
wife, Terry, call Mt. Vernon home. Terry, a retired school teacher, taught second grade in Mt. Vernon for 28 years. Dave
and his wife have 4 grown children that live all across the country.

                   Mariannette Miller-Meeks – Republican
                   Contact Information:
                   PO Box 3091
                   Iowa City, IA 52244

Mariannette, her husband Curt and their two children reside in Ottumwa, Iowa. At the age of 20, she enlisted ranks into
the officer corps as a nurse. She completed her Masters of Science degree in Education from the University of Southern
California. After six years of active duty, she entered medical school in 1982 at the University of Texas and graduated in
the top of her class, achieving Alpha Omega Alpha (the national medical honor society). After completing her residency in
ophthalmology at the University of Iowa, Mariannette joined the faculty at the University of Michigan and was then
recruited back to the University of Iowa as the first female faculty member in the department of ophthalmology. She has
authored numerous articles, presented national lectures and research, awarded the Charles Phelps Award in 1995 and
has been named numerous times to America's best doctors. After 24 years of dedicated service to her country, Dr.
Mariannette Miller-Meeks retired with an honorable discharge as a Lt. Colonel. Today she owns a small business serving
Iowa families as an ophthalmologist, and volunteers her time and medical services to families who can‟t afford medical

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U.S. House of Representatives – District 3
Benton, Grundy, Iowa, Jasper, Keokuk, Lucas, Mahaska, Marion, Monroe, Polk, Poweshiek, Tama

                  Leonard Boswell – Democrat
                  Contact Information:
                  PO Box 6220
                  Des Moines, IA 50309

Leonard Boswell was born and raised in Ringgold and Decatur counties where he attended public schools and graduated
from Lamoni High School. He later earned his bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Graceland College. He
has been married for more than fifty three years. Together they have three children and four grandchildren.
Congressman Leonard Boswell was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1996. He served twenty years
in the United States Army, twelve years in the Iowa Senate, and six terms in the halls of Congress. Congressman
Boswell is a member of the House Committee on Agriculture, where he presently serves as Chairman of the
Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities and Risk Management. Congressman Boswell was also named to the
House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, where he serves on the Subcommittee on Aviation, as well as the
Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials, and the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit.
Congressman Boswell was recently named to the House Armed Services Committee and serves on the air and Land
Forces Subcommittee.

                   Brad Zaun – Republican
                   Contact Information:
                   PO Box 42221
                   Urbandale, IA 50323

Brad was born and raised in Des Moines. He graduated from Dowling High School. Brad attended college at Grand View
and Ellsworth. After college he worked in hardware trade and opened Zaun‟s Trustworthy Hardware, in Urbandale for
eighteen years then was eventually bought out. Now he is the vice president of a local real estate firm, R & R Realty
Marketing Group. He has served on the Urbandale City Council (1996-1998), and as the City of Urbandale‟s Mayor
(1998-2004). He is currently a sitting Senator in the Iowa Senate for NW Des Moines and Urbandale. Brad was elected
Assistant Minority Leader during the last senate session. Brad serves as a board member of the Greater Dallas County
Development Alliance, the Greater Des Moines Animal Rescue League, Iowa Commercial Real Estate Association and
member of the Urbandale Breakfast Lions Club. He and his wife, Dede, live in Urbandale with their five children: Zac,
Bailey, Drew, Greyson and Devon.

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U.S. House of Representatives – District 4
Allamakee, Boone, Calhoun, Cerro Gordo, Chickasaw, Dallas, Emmet, Floyd, Franklin, Greene, Hamilton,
Hancock, Hardin, Howard, Humboldt, Kossuth, Madison, Marshall, Mitchell, Palo Alto, Pocahontas, Story,
Warren, Webster, Winnebago, Winneshiek, Worth, Wright

                    Bill Maske – Democrat
                    Contact Information:
                    PO Box 20
                    Truro, IA 50257

Bill Maske grew up in the small rural northwest Iowa town of Peterson. Bill and his wife, Carole, are the parents of four
grown children and the grandparents of five -- with a sixth on the way. They are devoted to their family and cherish the
times they can spend together. Bill has been a professional educator for the past thirty-four years. He began his
educational career as a teacher, coach, and athletic coordinator at the American School in Tehran, Iran, in 1975. For the
past twenty-five years, Bill has served as an educational administrator, focused on educational excellence for all students.
Bill‟s career as an educational administrator began with the Everly Community School District, and took him to Nashua,
Valley (Clermont, Elgin, and Wadena), Belmond-Klemme, and Interstate 35 Community Schools. In addition to being a
lifelong educator, Bill has had a lasting interest in politics and government, which began with the Presidency of John F.
Kennedy. Bill‟s first political activity involved being a high school volunteer for Robert Kennedy in 1968. Bill has remained
active in politics and the Democratic Party as a campaign worker, city councilman, campaign chair, county chair, Local
ISEA Officer, and community volunteer.

                    Tom Latham – Republican
                    Contact Information:
                    PO Box 71
                    Clarion, IA 50525

Tom Latham was born and raised in Alexander, Iowa, a town of 168 people. Tom has served Iowans in Congress since
1995. He is the Dean of Iowa‟s delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives and is the only Iowan on the powerful
House Appropriations Committee. Tom is the Ranking Member on the Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee.
He also serves on the Agriculture and Rural Development Appropriations Subcommittee, as well as the Appropriations
Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice and Science. Tom has served on important task forces such as the Speaker‟s Task
Force for a Drug-Free America, the House Prescription Drug Action Leadership Team, and the Congressional Task Force
for Affordable Natural Gas. Tom also serves on various issues specific caucuses important to Iowa. He is the founder and
Chairman of the Congressional Community College Caucus and the House Soils Caucus. He is also a leader on the
Congressional Rural Caucus, the Congressional Bio-fuels Caucus, and the Congressional Nursing Caucus among many

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U.S. House of Representatives – District 5
Adair, Adams, Audubon, Buena Vista, Carroll, Cass, Cherokee, Clarke, Clay, Crawford, Decatur, Dickinson,
Fremont, Guthrie, Harrison, Ida, Lyon, Mills, Monona, Montgomery, O’Brien, Osceola, Page, Plymouth,
Pottawattamie, Ringgold, Sac, Shelby, Sioux, Taylor, Union, Woodbury

                    Matthew Campbell – Democrat
                    Contact Information:
                    PO Box 597
                    Sioux City, IA 51101

Matthew Campbell is a fifth generation Campbell to have lived on an Iowa Century Farm established in 1880 near
Manning, Iowa. Matt graduated in 1993 from Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa with a B.A. double major in political
science and economics and thereafter achieved his law degree from the University Of Iowa College Of Law. Matt also is a
2001 graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C., where he obtained a LL.M in taxation. Matt
is a member of the Iowa Bar Association, U.S. Tax Court Bar and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims Bar. Overall, Matt has
over 10 years of experience providing international tax services, representing numerous Fortune 500 companies on a
wide range of tax issues, primarily in mergers and acquisitions. Matt is a founding member of the Iowa chapter of the
Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation Alumni Association having served as its president for its first two years of
existence and was the director of the 1992 Sioux City Community Leadership and Educational Workshop for high school
youth at Morningside College. While at Morningside College, Matt was a volunteer, intern and temporary caseworker for
Senator Tom Harkin and helped campaign for Senator Harkin in Iowa and New Hampshire when he ran for U.S.

                    Steve King – Republican
                    Contact Information:
                    PO Box 400
                    116 N Main
                    Early, IA 50535

Steve King grew up in a law enforcement family in Storm Lake, Iowa. He attended Denison Community High School. King
went on to study math and science at Northwest Missouri State University. He started King Construction in 1975 and built
the business up from one bulldozer. He served six years in the Iowa Senate. King was elected to Congress in 2002 to
represent Iowa‟s new fifth congressional district. Since his election to Congress, he has served on the House Agriculture
Committee, the House Judiciary Committee, where he sits on the Constitution Subcommittee and is the Ranking Member
of the Immigration Subcommittee. King is well known for carrying a copy of the Constitution in his coat pocket. He also
sought a special waiver to serve on a third committee and was appointed to the House Small Business Committee. Steve
King lives with Marilyn, his wife of 35 years, on acreage near Kiron where they have made their home for nearly 30 years.
The Kings are lucky to have their three grown sons living and working nearby, and recently welcomed the birth of their
second granddaughter.

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                        EDUCATE YOURSELF:
                                    Statewide Candidates

                    Chet Culver/Patty Judge - Democrat
                    Contact Information:
                    PO Box 6068
                    Des Moines, IA 50309

Governor Chet Culver began his career as an environmental and consumer advocate in the Iowa Attorney General‟s
Office. After receiving his Master of Arts in Teaching at Drake University in 1994, he taught government and history at
Roosevelt High School and Hoover High School in Des Moines, where he also coached football and basketball. In 1998,
Chet was elected as Iowa‟s 29th Secretary of State and the youngest Secretary of State in the nation, and he was re-
elected in 2002. As Secretary of State, Chet created the Iowa Student Political Awareness Club (ISPAC), a nonpartisan
statewide student organization dedicated to increasing civic and community participation among Iowa‟s young people. He
also streamlined Iowa‟s voting process, making it easier for people to vote, and expanded access to polling places for the
disabled. In 2006 Chet Culver was elected Governor of the state of Iowa. As Governor, Culver has managed the state
through the worst flood in Iowa history and a worldwide recession, without raising taxes. While balancing three budgets,
he increased the minimum wage, brought teacher salaries and expanded health care for uninsured Iowa children. In
addition, Chet has invested millions in new jobs, new roads, new bridges, renewable energy and flood prevention, and at
the same time protected our state‟s cash reserves and improved Iowa‟s bond rating to Triple-A. The Governor has also
helped attract new industries like IBM and Google to the state and led the way to Iowa becoming a national leader in wind
and alternative energy. During these troubled times, Chet has been a strong leader who has forced government to tighten
its belt and do more with less – while extending a helping hand to families and small businesses in need. Chet and his
wife, Mari, live with their two young children, Clare Honour and John William, at Terrace Hill. Chet is a member of the
Central Presbyterian Church, where he served as an Elder.

                    Terry Branstand/Kim Reynolds - Republican
                    Contact Information:
                    3590 – 109th St
                    Urbandale, IA 50322

Governor Terry Branstad was born, raised and educated in Iowa. A native of Leland, Branstad was elected to the Iowa
House in 1972, ‟74 and ‟76, and elected as Iowa‟s lieutenant governor in 1978. Branstad served as Iowa‟s longest-serving
governor, from 1983 to 1999. As the state‟s chief executive, he weathered some of the worse economic turmoil Iowa has
ever seen during the Farm Crisis, while helping lead the state‟s resurgence to a booming economy in the „90s. At the end
of his tenure, Iowa enjoyed record employment, an unprecedented $900 million surplus, and the enactment of historic
government overhauls that led to greater efficiencies in state government. Following his four terms as governor, Branstad
went on to serve as President of Des Moines University. During his 6-year, 2-month tenure, he was able to grow the
university into a world-class educational facility. DMU graduates offer health care within all 50 states, and in nearly every
county in Iowa. While there, he grew enrollment, grew their endowment and integrated new buildings, programs and
initiatives. Under Branstad‟s leadership, DMU became the first college or university in America to receive the “Platinum
Level of Recognition” from the Wellness Council of America. In October of 2009, sensing a need for change in the way
state government operates and wanting to “lead Iowa‟s comeback,” Governor Branstad retired from DMU to explore
running for governor in 2010. He and his wife Chris have three grown children: Eric, Allison and Marcus, and two
grandchildren, Mackenzie and Bridget.

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Secretary of State

                     Michael A. Mauro - Democrat
                     Contact Information:
                     4325 SW 31st St
                     Des Moines, IA 50321

Secretary Mauro is a Des Moines native and a graduate of Drake University. A former high school government teacher,
coach and referee, he worked in the Polk County Auditor‟s Office – climbing the ladder and eventually serving as Auditor
for nine years – before being elected Secretary of State in 2006. He is well versed in elections and election law, both on a
local and national level. He served as Polk County Election Director from 1984-1996, and in 2003 was designated a
Certified Elections/Registrations Administrator, the highest professional achievement in the election administrator field.
Under his leadership as Secretary of State, Mauro worked with the Iowa Legislature to allow same-day voter registration,
and worked tirelessly to establish a uniform voting system for all 99 Iowa counties. As a result, legislation is now in place
to ensure a voter-verified paper trail for all future elections. In the fall of 2009, Iowa‟s election laws and procedures
implemented by Secretary Mauro gained national attention when the state ranked first in a study focusing on the ease of
voting for members of the military and U.S. citizens living overseas. Mauro has also worked to save taxpayers money.
City, school and special elections have been consolidated, which will increase voter participation and save money.
Additionally, in the spring of 2009, Mauro brought IT support for the statewide voter registration and election management
system in-house, saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. In the 2008 General Election, Iowa had the
fifth highest voter percentage turnout in the nation – and thanks to Mauro, one of the cleanest election processes ever.
The Secretary of State‟s website was also honored as the top elections website in the country, according to a leading
national research group. For businesses, a new website will soon be in place for on-line corporate filings, and additional
technology enhancements are in the works. Mauro and his wife of 35 years, Dorothy, have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

                       Matt Schultz - Republican
                       Contact Information:
                       PO Box 1
                       Council Bluffs, IA 51502

Councilman Matt Schultz has served the City of Council Bluffs since he was elected in 2005. Matt is also an attorney at
the law firm of Schultz and Watson, LLP. Matt grew up in the Des Moines area where he and his four brothers graduated
high school. In high school Matt was a varsity wrestler, ran cross country, and was an accomplished singer. Matt also
received the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts of America. After high school, Matt went on a two year mission for his church
to the country of Argentina, where he was able to serve hundreds of people and learn to speak Spanish. After his mission
to Argentina, Matt received an Associate‟s Degree from BYU-Idaho, after which he transferred to the University of Iowa
where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree with Honors in Political Science. After graduating from the University of
Iowa, Matt moved his family to Council Bluffs and attended Law School at Creighton University.Councilman Matt Schultz
is married to his wife, Zola Schultz, and they have three children: Levi, Hyrum, and Kendra.

                                                                                                                 Page | 17
Auditor of that State

                   Jon Murphy – Democrat
                   Contact Information:
                   PO Box 12028
                   Des Moines, IA 50312

Jon is a Des Moines native and a 1994 graduate of Iowa State University. Jon is married to Katherine Lefert, a pediatric
physical therapist at ChildServe in Johnston. They live in the Des Moines neighborhood of Sherman Hill with their one-
year old son, Hank. Jon has a diverse professional background working in the Iowa Legislature, the United States
Congress, higher education and organizational politics. After working in organizational politics, Jon joined Congressman
Leonard Boswell's Washington office in 1999 as a Legislative Assistant, with primary responsibility for the Congressman's
staff work on the House Agriculture Committee. Jon left Congressman Boswell's office in 2001 to accept a position with
his alma mater, Iowa State University. Jon opened ISU's first Washington, D.C. office, and developed the university's
federal legislative agenda. In 2005, Jon was promoted to Director of Federal Relations and joined the President's Cabinet.
In March 2007, Jon was nominated by Governor Culver to become Director of the Iowa Office for State-Federal Relations
(OSFR) and was unanimously confirmed by the State Senate. As the state's point person on federal policy, Jon has been
part of the team that has helped secure billions of dollars to assist Iowa in tackling the challenges presented by the floods
of 2008 and the effects of the worldwide economic downturn. In February 2009, Governor Culver charged Jon with
leading Iowa's implementation team for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Iowa's ARRA team
worked quickly, organizing two dozen departments of state government to receive, expend and monitor funding from over
80 federal programs totaling nearly $2.4 billion. The Iowa ARRA team also created an innovative "dashboard" feature on
the www.recovery.iowa.gov website that allows Iowans to track where the money is being spent.

                    David A. Vaudt - Republican
                    Contact Information:
                    PO Box 65785
                    West Des Moines, IA 50265

Auditor Vaudt graduated Summa Cum Laude from Upper Iowa University with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, and
joined KPMG to pursue his CPA career where he spent 25 years. As a partner at KPMG, Vaudt managed and worked
with teams of CPAs auditing many diverse types of industries including governments. During his career of almost 30 years
in the audit business, Vaudt has lived by the words, "In God we trust; everyone else we audit." Vaudt left his 25 year
career at KPMG doing what he loved because he wanted to use his audit skills for the state of Iowa. Vaudt was first
elected State Auditor in 2002. In 2004, Vaudt was named to Accounting Today publication‟s “2004 List of Top 100 Most
Influential People in Accounting.” Vaudt is a current member of both the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
(AICPA) and the Iowa Society of Certified Public Accountants (ISCPA). Vaudt is married to his wife Jeanie Kunkle Vaudt.

                                                                                                                 Page | 18
Treasurer of the State

                      Michael Fitzgerald - Democrat
                      Contact Information:
                      1850 SE Ashleaf Circle
                      Waukee, IA 50263

Michael L. Fitzgerald was first elected State Treasurer of Iowa in 1982. He was born in Marshalltown, Iowa, and
completed high school in Colo, Iowa. He then attended the University of Iowa and received a B.S. in Business
Administration. Prior to being elected state treasurer, Fitzgerald worked as a marketing analyst for Massey Ferguson
Company in Des Moines for eight years. Fitzgerald has become a leader in public service during his tenure as state
treasurer. He serves as trustee and custodian of Iowa's three state pension funds. In addition, he invests over two billion
dollars of state operating funds. He has returned millions of dollars in lost property through the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt.
Fitzgerald is the administrator of College Savings Iowa, the college savings plan which has been ranked as one of the top
529 plans in the country by Kiplinger Magazine, Money Magazine and Time Magazine. He is proud to offer the 4 Annual
Iowa Women and Money Conference coming in October. Fitzgerald is a member and past president of the National
Association of State Treasurers; the Midwest Treasurer‟s Association; the National Association of State Auditors,
Comptrollers and Treasurers; and the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Fitzgerald is married
and has two children.

                     David D. Jamison - Republican
                     Contact Information:
                     PO Box 2484
                     Ames, IA 50010

Dave Jamison is a life-long resident of Iowa and has called Ames home for more than 20 years. Dave‟s only time away
from Iowa has been while serving in the US Marine Corps. Jamison has been the Treasurer of Story County since 1995.
Throughout his tenure, Dave has a record of outstanding success fighting government red tape. The County Treasurer‟s
office has reduced the time it takes to process tax payments from over four weeks to one day – earning money for Iowa
taxpayers while reducing cost of running government. Jamison has worked to improve government for all Iowans by
leading the effort to get all counties in Iowa to provide on-line property tax payments and motor vehicle registration
renewals – saving tax dollars while expanding service and convenience. Jamison also serves on the Iowa Donor Network
Board of Directors. Jamison has been a fighter to reduce government waste. Jamison was a strong voice calling for
greater openness and disclosure in Story County when Board members mishandled public funds related to employees‟
deferred compensation. Dave supports greater accountability and transparency in government at ALL levels. Jamison has
a proven track record of reducing government, fighting against government debt and overspending, reducing taxes, and
focusing on serving all Iowans. Dave and his wife Karen have three children.

                                                                                                                 Page | 19
Secretary of Agriculture

                      Francis Thicke - Democrat
                      Contact Information:
                      PO Box 1870
                      Fairfield, IA 52556

Francis Thicke and his wife, Susan, own and operate an 80-cow, grass-based, organic dairy near Fairfield, Iowa. They
have a processing plant on their farm where they process all the milk from their cows and sell it locally. Thicke grew up on
a hog and dairy farm, where he helped with farm work from an early age. After high school, Thicke completed a B.A.
degree in music and philosophy. After that, he returned to the family farm full-time for nine years. Then, he attended
graduate school, completing an M.S. in soil science and a Ph.D. in agronomy, with a soil fertility specialty. After
completing his Ph.D., Thicke worked at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C., serving as the National
Program Leader for Soil Science for the USDA-Extension Service. He and his wife returned to full-time farming in 1992 in
the farming operation they own and operate today. Thicke has received many awards and honors over the years,
including the 2009 Spencer Award for Sustainable Agriculture from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, 2007
Sustainable Agriculture Achievement Award from the Practical Farmers of Iowa, Friend of Extension Award from Iowa
State University Extension Service, Outstanding Pasture Management Award from the Jefferson County Soil and Water
Conservation District, and Steward of the Land Award from the Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club. He has also served on
the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission, the Iowa Food Policy Council, and the Iowa Organic Standards Boards.

                      Bill Northey - Republican
                      Contact Information:
                      PO Box 212
                      Okoboji, IA 51355

Bill Northey is a fourth generation farmer from Spirit Lake, Iowa who grows corn and soybeans. Northey returned to Spirit
Lake to farm with his grandfather after graduating from Iowa State University in 1981. He later received a Masters in
Business Administration from Southwest Minnesota State University in 2004. Northey is serving his first term as Secretary
of Agriculture after being elected in November of 2006. As Secretary, Northey has committed to traveling to each of
Iowa‟s 99 counties every year to hear from farmers and rural residents with a stake in the future of agriculture. These
meetings allow him to listen to their needs and better lead the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship as it
seeks to serve the people of the state. His priorities as Secretary of Agriculture are advancing the opportunities available
through renewable energy, promoting conservation and stewardship, and telling the story of Iowa agriculture. Northey was
named a “Friend of Agriculture” by the Iowa Farm Bureau Political Action Committee in 2006 and has served in a number
of Farm Bureau offices at the county and state level, including serving as President, Vice President and committee
chairman of the Dickinson County Farm Bureau. Northey has also served on the Iowa USDA Farm Service Agency State
Committee, was a Dickinson County Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioner and was a board member of Ag
Ventures Alliance. As a result of his involvement in these organizations, Northey has traveled around the world to view
agriculture. He has traveled to Taiwan, Japan (five times), Indonesia and Singapore (to the WTO Secretariat) representing
Iowa farmers. He has also traveled to another 17 countries spending time studying agriculture production and policy. Bill
and his wife Cindy have three daughters. The family is active in Faith Evangelical Free Church in Spirit Lake.

                                                                                                                Page | 20
Attorney General

                        Tom Miller - Democrat
                        Contact Information:
                        213 - 28th St
                        Des Moines, IA 50312

Tom Miller is serving in his seventh four-year term as Attorney General of Iowa. He was born August 11, 1944, in
Dubuque, Iowa, the son of the late Elmer and Betty Miller. Tom grew up in Dubuque, where his father was the longtime
county assessor and an inspiration for Tom's early interest in public service. Tom graduated from Wahlert High School in
1962 and Loras College in 1966, and he received his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1969. After law school, Tom
served as a VISTA volunteer in Baltimore, Maryland, for two years, and then as legislative assistant to U.S.
Representative John C. Culver (D-IA.) He returned to the Baltimore Legal Aid Bureau as legal education director, and he
also taught part-time at the Maryland School of Law. In 1973, Tom returned to live in Iowa. He opened a law practice in
McGregor in northeast Iowa and served as city attorney of McGregor and Marquette, Iowa. He ran for Attorney General in
1974. Tom has served as Attorney General of Iowa since he was first elected in 1978, except for four years when he was
in private practice as a partner at the Des Moines office of the Faegre & Benson Law Firm (1991-94.) Attorney General
Tom Miller has earned a reputation for integrity, high quality legal work, and strong work on behalf of ordinary Iowans. He
has a long record of achieving results through cooperation with other State Attorneys General and with local, state and
federal officials, regardless of their political affiliation. He has served as President of the National Association of Attorneys
General (NAAG) and received NAAG's Wyman Award as the Attorney General who contributed most to NAAG and its
members. He has chaired several NAAG committees and led major multi-state working groups working on tobacco
issues, antitrust enforcement, agriculture, and consumer protection. Tom is well known for his work to prevent crime and
assist crime victims, to protect consumers, and to be an advocate for farmers. Miller was also a leader in the multi-state
settlement agreement that resulted in the tobacco industry paying billions of dollars to the states and changing the way it
conducts business. Now Miller is working to reduce youth addiction and the death count of five thousand Iowans who die
every year from tobacco-related disease. Miller is married and has one son.

                       Brenna Findley - Republican
                       Contact Information:
                       1421 State St.
                       Dexter, IA 50070

Brenna Findley is a conservative, hardworking attorney from Dexter, Iowa. Raised and homeschooled on a farm near
Dexter in Dallas County, she was an active 4-Her. She got her start early by volunteering on local campaigns and serving
as a Page at the Statehouse before attending Drake University in Des Moines. She graduated with honors from Drake
with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History and a minor in Russian while working full-time to pay her tuition.
After Drake, she went to law school to stand up for the Constitution. Findley attended the University of Chicago Law
School. While at the University of Chicago, she served as Symposium Editor of The University of Chicago Law School
Roundtable, a law journal. She understands what it takes to create jobs. She helped entrepreneurs on Chicago‟s south
side start their own businesses while volunteering at the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship. Upon graduation
from law school, she worked in private practice where she focused on helping companies create jobs and litigation to fight
fraud. Today, Findley is an attorney in private practice. Findley served as Chief of Staff to Congressman Steve King (R-
Kiron). She managed the daily operations and budget for his six offices, all legislative and constituent services and staff
and serves 32 counties in western Iowa. Findley also served as King‟s senior advisor on judiciary issues. In her work with
the Judiciary Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, she dealt with many of the most pressing legal issues of
the day, working to bring accountability and transparency to government and defending the principles of our Constitution.
Every day, she helps hard-working Iowans navigate through unnecessary governmental red tape. Findley is a member of
All Saints Church in Stuart. She spends her free time trying new recipes, reading and quilting.
                                                                                                                     Page | 21
                             Third Party Candidates
U.S. Senate

John Heiderscheit – Libertarian
Contact Information:
2133 St. Andrews Circle
Bettendorf, IA 52722

U.S. House of Representatives – District 1
Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Butler, Clayton, Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque, Fayette, Jackson, Jones, Scott

Rob J. Petsche – Libertarian
Contact Information:
103 West Acres St
Manchester, IA 52057

Jason A. Faulkner – Nominated by Petition
Contact Information:
700 Pershing Road, Lot #62
Maquoketa, IA 52060

U.S. House of Representatives – District 2
Appanoose, Cedar, Davis, Des Moines, Henry, Jefferson, Johnson, Lee, Linn Louisa, Muscatine, Van Buren,
Wapello, Washington, Wayne

Jon Tack – Constitution Party
Contact Information:
115 East Willman Street
Hiawatha, IA 52233

Gary Sicard – Libertarian
Contact Information:
585 Brougham Rd
Robins, IA 52328

                                                                                                Page | 22
U.S. House of Representatives – District 3
Benton, Grundy, Iowa, Jasper, Keokuk, Lucas, Mahaska, Marion, Monroe, Polk, Poweshiek, Tama

Rebecca Williamson – Socialist Workers Party
Contact Information:
3830 6th Ave, Apt. 9A
Des Moines, IA 50313

U.S. House of Representatives – District 4
Allamakee, Boone, Calhoun, Cerro Gordo, Chickasaw, Dallas, Emmet, Floyd, Franklin, Greene, Hamilton,
Hancock, Hardin, Howard, Humboldt, Kossuth, Madison, Marshall, Mitchell, Palo Alto, Pocahontas, Story,
Warren, Webster, Winnebago, Winneshiek, Worth, Wright

Dan Lensing – Nominated by Petition
Contact Information:
2558 Hwy 24
Ft. Atkinson, IA 52144

U.S. House of Representatives – District 5
Adair, Adams, Audubon, Buena Vista, Carroll, Cass, Cherokee, Clarke, Clay, Crawford, Decatur, Dickinson,
Fremont, Guthrie, Harrison, Ida, Lyon, Mills, Monona, Montgomery, O’Brien, Osceola, Page, Plymouth,
Pottawattamie, Ringgold, Sac, Shelby, Sioux, Taylor, Union, Woodbury

Martin James Monroe – Nominated by Petition
Contact Information:
3121 Glenn Ave
Sioux City, IA 51106

                                                                                                 Page | 23

Jonathan Narcisse/Richard Marlar – Iowa Party
Contact Information:
1083½ - 27th St
Des Moines, IA 50311

Eric Cooper/Nick Weltha – Libertarian
Contact Information:
902 Burnett Ave
Ames, IA 50010

David Rosenfeld/Helen Meyers – Socialist Workers Party
Contact Information:
811 – 16th Street
Des Moines, IA 50314

Gregory James Hughes/Robin Prior-Calef – Nominated by Petition
Contact Information:
1202 – 36th St SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

Secretary of State

Jake Porter – Libertarian
2714 Fleur Dr
Des Moines, IA 50321

                                                                 Page | 24
                               State Legislative Candidates
Senate                                       House                                      House      Continued…
District   Candidates                Party   District   Candidates              Party   District   Candidate                Party
      1    Rick Mullin               DEM           1    David Alan Dawson       DEM          26    Mary Wolfe               DEM
           Rick Bertrand             REP                Jeremy Taylor           REP                David A. Rose            REP
      3    David Johnson             REP           2    Chris Hall              DEM          27    Charles Isenhart         DEM
      5    Rich Olive                DEM                Cate Bryan              REP                Hank Linden              REP
           Robert Bacon              REP           3    Chuck Soderberg         REP          28    Pat Murphy               DEM
      7    Amanda Ragan              DEM           4    Dwayne Alons            REP                Paul Kern                REP
           James Mills               REP           5    Royd E. Chambers        REP          29    Nathan Willems           DEM
      9    William M. Heckroth       DEM           6    Jeff Smith              REP                Shawn Graham             REP
           Bill Dix                  REP           7    John Wittneben          DEM          30    Dave Jacoby              DEM
     11    Bill Dotzler              DEM                Lannie Miller           REP                Dustin Krutsinger        LIB
           Ron Welper                REP           8    Susan G. Bangert        DEM          31    Ray Zirkelbach           DEM
     13    Tod R. Bowman             DEM                Tom W. Shaw             REP                Lee Hein                 REP
           Andrew Naeve              REP           9    McKinley D. Bailey      DEM          32    Steven F. Lukan          REP
                                                                                                   Kirsten Running-
     15    Robert E. Dvorsky         DEM                Stewart Iverson, Jr.    REP          33    Marquardt                DEM
           Christopher Peters        LIB          10    Selden Spencer          DEM                Josh Thurston            REP
     17    Wally E. Horn             DEM                Dave Deyoe              REP          34    Todd Taylor              DEM
     19    Robert M. Hogg            DEM          11    Ann Marie Fairchild     DEM                Jim Burke                REP
     21    Dennis H. Black           DEM                Henry Vincent Rayhons   REP          35    Kraig Paulsen            REP
           Joe Pirillo               REP          12    Linda Upmeyer           REP          36    Nick Wagner              REP
     23    Herman C. Quirmbach       DEM          13    Sharon Steckman         DEM          37    Mark J. Seidl            DEM
           Timothy L. Gartin         REP                Brian R. Randall        REP                Renee Schulte            REP
     25    Daryl Beall               DEM          14    Kurt Meyer              DEM          38    Tyler Olson              DEM
           Chris McGonegle           REP                Josh Byrnes             REP                Jason M. Marshall        NBP
     27    Marty Pottebaum           DEM          15    Brian J. Quirk          DEM          39    Dawn Pettengill          REP
           Bill Anderson             REP                Michael T. Klimesh      REP          40    Lance Horbach            REP
     29    Nancy Boettger            REP          16    John W. Beard           DEM          41    Dan Kelley               DEM
     31    Matt McCoy                DEM                Bob Hager               REP                Gabriel Swersie          REP
           Dave Leach                REP          17    Pat Grassley            REP          42    Geri D. Huser            DEM
     33    Jack Hatch                DEM          18    Andrew Wenthe           DEM                Kim Pearson              REP
     35    Larry Noble               REP                Roger Arthur            REP                Dan Nieland              NBP
     37    Staci Appel               DEM          19    Bob Kressig             DEM          43    Mark Smith               DEM
           Kent Sorenson             REP                Darin Beck              REP                Jane A. Jech             REP
     39    Joe Bolkcom               DEM          20    Doris J. Kelley         DEM          44    Mike Gerhart             DEM
     41    Richard A. Clewell        DEM                Walt Rogers             REP                Annette Sweeney          REP
           Roby Smith                REP          21    Anesa Kajtazovic        DEM          45    Beth Wessel-Kroeschell   DEM
     43    Joe M. Seng               DEM                John Rooff              REP                Karin Sevde              REP
           Mark J. Riley             REP          22    Deborah L. Berry        DEM          46    Lisa Heddens             DEM
     45    Becky Schmitz             DEM          23    Gene Ficken             DEM                Chad R. Steenhoek        REP
           Sandra Greiner            REP                Dan Rasmussen           REP                Tyler Pauly              LIB
           Douglas William Philips   IOWA         24    Roger Thomas            DEM          47    Roger Huston             DEM
     47    Keith A. Kreiman          DEM                Michael Breitbach       REP                Ralph Watts              REP
           Mark Chelgren             REP          25    Tom Schueller           DEM          48    Donovan Olson            DEM
     49    Scott Schondelmeyer       DEM                Brian Moore             REP                Chip Baltimore           REP
           Hubert Houser             REP                                                     49    Helen Miller             DEM
                                                                                                   Matt Alcazar             REP

                                                                                                                            Page | 25
House      Continued…                      House      Continued…
District   Candidate               Party   District   Candidate               Party
     50    David Tjepkes           REP          76    Nathan Clubb            DEM
     51    Dan Muhlbauer           DEM                Betty R. De Boef        REP
           Daniel D. Dirkx         REP          77    Mary Mascher            DEM
     52    Danuta Hutchins         DEM          78    Vicki Lensing           DEM
           Gary Worthan            REP          79    John E. Archer          DEM
     53    Daniel Huseman          REP                Jeff Kaufmann           REP
     54    Carlos Venable-Ridley   DEM          80    Nathan K. Reichert      DEM
           Ron Jorgensen           REP                Mark S. Lofgren         REP
     55    Jason Schultz           REP          81    Phyllis Thede           DEM
     56    Matt W. Windschitl      REP                Carla Batchelor         REP
     57    Jack Drake              REP          82    Linda J. Miller         REP
     58    Clel Baudler            REP          83    Steven N. Olson         REP
           Dallas Ford             NBP          84    Sheri L. Carnahan       DEM
     59    Andrew McDowell         DEM                Ross C. Paustian        REP
           Chris Hagenow           REP          85    Jim Lykam               DEM
     60    Alan R. Koslow          DEM          86    Cindy L. Winckler       DEM
           Peter Cownie            REP                Ray Ambrose             REP
     61    Jo Oldson               DEM          87    Thomas R. Sands         REP
           Darlene Blake           REP          88    Dennis M. Cohoon        DEM
     62    Bruce Hunter            DEM                Dave Selmon             REP
     63    John E. Sachs           DEM          89    Larry K. Marek          DEM
           Scott Raecker           REP                Jarad Klein             REP
     64    Janet Petersen          DEM                David Arthur Smithers   GRN
           Dan Kennedy             REP          90    Curt Hanson             DEM
           Vicki Stogdill          NBP                Stephen Burgmeier       REP
     65    Ruth Ann Gaines         DEM          91    Ron Fedler              DEM
           Gary L. Jordan          REP                Dave Heaton             REP
     66    Ako Abdul-Samad         DEM          92    Jerry A. Kearns         DEM
     67    Kevin McCarthy          DEM                Richard Gates           REP
           Jeremy L. Walters       REP          93    Mary Gaskill            DEM
     68    Rick L. Olson           DEM                Jane Hodoly             REP
           Dave Dicks              REP          94    Kurt Swaim              DEM
     69    Erik Helland            REP                James F. Johnson        REP
     70    Kevin Koester           REP          95    Michael J. Reasoner     DEM
     71    Pat VanZante            DEM                Joel Fry                REP
           Jim Van Engelenhoven    REP          96    Cecil Dolecheck         REP
     72    Deb Ballalatak          DEM          97    Richard Anderson        REP
           Richard D. Arnold       REP          98    Greg Forristall         REP
     73    Tim Pierce              DEM          99    Kurt Hubler             DEM
           Julian B. Garrett       REP                Mary Ann Hanusa         REP
     74    Scott Ourth             DEM         100    Paul Shomshor           DEM
           Glen H. Massie          REP                Mark A. Brandenburg     REP
     75    Eric J. Palmer          DEM
           Guy Vander Linden       REP

                                                                                      Page | 26

1. Research campaign issues and discuss them with your family and friends.

2. Gather information from all of the candidates and make a campaign scrapbook with articles,
   editorials, cartoons and campaign literature to track the campaign.

3. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper in support of a particular candidate and
   explain why you support the candidate.

4. Organize a debate watch party and discuss the debate topics with family and friends.

5. Volunteer for a candidate or with a political party of your choice. Help with mailings, phone
   calls, parades, and events. Contact your candidate‟s campaign or party headquarters for more

6. Become a Legislative Page if you will be a junior or a senior in high school by going to the
   Iowa General Assembly website http://www.legis.state.ia.us/PageInfo/.

7. Participate in the 2010 Student Mock Election.

8. Register to vote if you‟re at least 17 ½ years of age. Vote on November 2 nd if you are 18 years
   of age.

9. After the election, hold your public officials accountable by writing them letters, sending emails
   and staying on top of issues affecting Iowa youth.

10. Stay active in civic participation and make a difference in your community!

                                                                                            Page | 27
*Disclaimer: The material provided in this booklet is for informational purposes only and does not portray the
views of the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office.

**Candidate biographical information was found on the candidates’ websites.

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