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					Arkansas School Nursing:
Out with the Old, In with the New

                Paula Smith, RNP, MNSc.
              State School Nurse Consultant
            Arkansas Department of Education
             Arkansas Department of Health

  Describe changes in Screenings for
   School Year 2009-2010
  Describe 2009 Legislation that will
   impact school nursing practice and the
   school environment.
  Discuss assessment/survey tools utilized
   in identifying practice issues common to
   school nurses in the state and nation.
Screenings and Reporting

  Vision
  Hearing
  Scoliosis
  Growth (Height and Weight)
  Programming changes
  Report Deadlines
  Initial Screenings NEED to be completed by end of
   Fall semester.
  If screenings are performed during registration in
   August, will not be able to enter into APSCN until
   August 19, the first official day of SY 09-10.
  Any data completed needs to be entered soon after.
  Data pulls will be Cycle 3 (Nov. 15) and Cycle 6 (April
   15). DO NOT wait until then to enter. Make your
   deadline to enter Oct. 31 and March 31. Have to make
   time to run error reports and fix the errors before
   submitting report to ADE. Deadline may be sooner if
   your APSCN person requires that.
Hearing and Scoliosis for SY 09-10

  Data belongs to ADH
  Enter all Hearing and Scoliosis data into
      Data will be pulled in Cycle 7, June 15,
      Make your deadline June 1, 2010

      No more paper summary
2009 Legislation and school nursing

    Act 496, ―Antony Hobbs III Act
      ADE will write the rules
      All in place by May, 2011

      More details to follow

    Seasonal Flu Vaccine clinics
      Oct. 15-Dec. 31
      Collaborate with LHU

      No liability issues for School Nurses giving

  New and improved rules
  Kindergarten requirements for entry
  1st – 12th grade requirements
  7th grade requirements
  Responsibility for enforcement
  Documentation
  Exemptions
Kindergarten Requirements

  DTaP/DTP or DT- 4 doses
  Polio – 3 doses
  MMR-2 doses
  Hepatits B – 3 doses
  Varicella – 2 doses
1st through 12th grade requirements

  DTaP/DTP/DT-ped or Td-adult or
   Tdap-adult– 3 doses
  Polio – 3 doses
  MMR – 2 doses
  Hepatitis B – an appropriate series
7th grade requirements
  In addition to those listed in the previous slide—
  Tdap
     a 5-yr interval between Td and Tdap. May be shorter
       than 5 but not less than 2 yrs. If protection from
       pertussis is needed.
  Varicella – 1 or 2 doses
     1 dose required if less than age 13

     2 doses, separated by 28 days, are required if dose 1 is
       given at or greater than age 13.
     A parent/guardian or physician history of disease may
       be accepted in lieu of receiving Varicella vaccine
Responsibility for enforcement
  School boards, superintendents and principals shall be
   responsible for enforcing immunization requirements for K-
  May temporarily admit a child provided the child becomes
   appropriately immunized, is in-process of receiving the
   needed doses of vaccine, or shows proof that they have
   applied for an exemption for those vaccines he/she has not
   received within 30 calendar days after the original
  Must have written statement that the student is in process.
  If no documentation, they must be excluded until
   documentation is provided.
School Nurse Survey

  87 Schools completed the survey
  Look for the results before school starts
  Link is on

  Use of Epi-pens at school
  Track usage of epi-pens
  Form will be sent to your CHNS for
   distribution to all school nurses
  Each time an Epi-pen is used, please
   complete the form and can fax or email it
   to me
  Gathering data

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