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					                       Diploma in Wedding Planning and
                           Start Your Own Business.


This is a great opportunity to totally change the direction of your life. Ever fancied
being your own boss? Well, now’s the time to make money and have lots of fun at
the same time. If you’re hard working, enjoy socialising and are a good organiser,
you’ll find that your future career may lie in one of the most exciting and
rewarding businesses around – Wedding Planning.

So why study for the nationally accredited Diploma in Wedding Planning from UK
Open Learning? Answer in one word: ‘demand’.

You’ll be surprised at just how few professional Wedding Planners there are out
there, particularly in your area. Suffice it to say, the demand is incredible. As
you know, people lead busy lives these days and don’t have the time or want the
worry of having to organise a Wedding that’s why they are looking to people like
you. Someone who can ‘deliver’ by organising a successful and memorable
occasion for them.

Undertaking a Diploma in Wedding Planning from UK Open Learning, one of the
UK’s leading distance learning providers, is the first day of the rest of your life. In
no time at all, and for very little cost you could soon be running your own
successful Wedding Planning business, enjoying the glamour as well as the ‘buzz’
of making other people happy. And the great thing is, you get paid for it!

The Diploma in Event Management & Wedding Planning is in THREE

Part A:        Wedding Planning
Part B:        Start Your Own Business
Part C:        Professional Wedding Planning Software

Your Diploma in Wedding Planning consists of:

PART A         Wedding Planning

Unit 1 Many different weddings

       The History of Weddings
       The Law of the Land

Unit 2 Starting Your Career
       The Business of Wedding Planning
       A Professional Approach
       Be a People Person
       Challenges and Rewards
       Wedding Planner Test
       Will you be Successful?
       Tips on How to Start
       Wedding Planning Skills
       Day-to-Day Activities
Unit 3 Preparing your portfolio

       What should be in your Portfolio
       Examples of Wedding planning packages
       Bridal & wedding publications
       Your Costing

Unit 4 Meeting your clients

       Code of Ethics
       First contact
       Your first meeting overview
       Get the details
       Write up the Brief
       Hand over a Contract

Unit 5 Budgeting & Planning
       Time line
       Breakdown of the Budget
       Insurance Planning

Unit 6 Venues
       What to look out for in a wedding venue
       The Law Regarding Licensed Venues
       Choice of Venues

Unit 7 Wedding Themes
       How to choose a wedding theme
       Theme Invitations
       Things to consider about a Theme Wedding
       Theme Ideas

Unit 8 Catering
       Sample menus
       What to Consider when Catering a Wedding
       Choosing a Wedding Cake
       Types of Wedding Cakes

Unit 9 The Wedding Dress
       East versus West in Wedding Dresses
       Choosing a Wedding Dress
       Selection of Dresses
       Where to Shop for Wedding Dresses
       What the Bridal Party should be wearing Checklist

Unit 10 Flowers
      Planning the Flowers
      Flower Ideas
      What Flowers does a wedding need?
      What different Flowers Mean
      Selecting the right Florist
Unit 11 Transport
      What to look for in hiring a Limousine
      How much does Wedding Transport cost
      Alternative Means of Transport

Unit 12 Invitations
      The Correct wording
      Who to Invite
      Wedding Invitation Designs

Unit 13 Wedding Hire
      Tips on Hiring
      Ceremony Hire Package
      Hire catalogues

Unit 14 Photographers
      How to Select a Photographer
      What Photographs Should be Taken
      Fun Pictures

Unit 15 Entertainment
      Praise Singers

Unit 16 Gifts
      How to arrange a Gift List service
      How to Select a Gift List
      The Gift check list

Unit 17 The Big Day
      Duties of the Bridal party
      Wedding Day traditions
      Checking the Event is Ready
      Smooth Flow for the Day
      Clearing Up
      What to do Next

Part B:     Start Your Own Business
Course Syllabus

Your course covers the following syllabus:

Unit One - Starting A Starting Your Own Business
      The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
      Think about the benefits and problems of starting a business
      Look at the practical aspects of setting up in business
      Look at the qualities you will need to succeed

Unit Two - Ways of Starting a Business
The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
       Think about the legal aspects of setting up a business
       Look at the different possible ways of buying a existing business
       Consider franchise and multi-level marketing operations
       Understand the difference between multi-level marketing and pyramid
       Look at how best to protect and exploit an original invention

Unit Three - Recruiting Staff
The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
       Know when you need to take on staff
       Consider the problems and advantages of working with people you know
       Understand the recruitment process
       Learn to write a Job Description and Person Specification
       Learn to select employees successfully by interview
       Know what to put in a contract

Unit Four - Dealing with Staff
The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
       Determine appropriate pay rates and methods for staff
       Look at providing benefits
       Understand the importance of obeying the law on employment
       Consider the issues of discrimination and trade unions

Unit Five - Fraud and Theft
The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
       Spot whether your business is vulnerable to fraud
       Prevent employees having the opportunity to commit fraud
       Set up financial controls
       Prevent theft of stock and equipment
       Protect intellectually property
       Promoting Your Business

Unit Six – Marketing
The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
       Understand what is meant by marketing
       Analyse your market
       Understand market research procedures
       Develop, price and package your product
       Work out a marketing plan

Unit Seven – Advertising
The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
       Know what advertising is
       Recognise different types of advertising
       Know the rules governing advertising

Unit Eight - The Business Plan
The aims of this unit are to enable you to:
       Understand the role of business plan
       List several reasons for developing a Business plan
       Identify sources to get help in developing a business plan
       Identify the type of information to include a business plan
       Prepare an outline of a business plan
Part C: Professional Wedding Planning Software.

             The numbers you need
             Beyond the question of how many people you're inviting, what you
             really want to know is how many people are going to show up -
             and just how many orders of salmon vs. chicken you're going to
             need to pay for. With our software, we give you the numbers you
             really want.
             A wedding checklist that customises itself for you
             Our Software has the most thorough database of tasks available
             (over 700 tasks). But what good is a huge list of tasks if they don't
             apply to your situation? Instead of burying you in useless work,
             we automatically build a customized list for you, based on your
             religion(s) (if any) and the specific events you're planning. We
             even scale the tasks to fit your time frame, whether that's 12
             months or 8 weeks.
             Seating that isn't musical chairs
             Our seating organizer shows you your tables - rectangular or
             round, with the right placement of chairs - and lets you drag-and-
             drop your guests to the chairs you'd like them to have. We can
             even generate your place cards and table cards for you, creating
             text that is formally perfect, automatically.
             We've already read the etiquette books
             When it comes to invitation envelopes, most people want to follow
             the rules of etiquette - but who can figure them out? We can do it
             for you, automatically, whether you're inviting judges and
             ambassadors or just plain "Mr. and Mrs." (Or the subtle variations
             of "Mrs." you might be surprised to find out about!)
             We can read your book, too
             If you have an address book (Eudora®, Palm™ Desktop,
             Microsoft® Outlook®, or Microsoft Outlook Express) or a Microsoft
             Excel spreadsheet, we can read it directly into our software. Even
             if your address book uses abbreviations, we can put the formal
             version on your invitation envelopes ("One Hundred Main Street
             Southeast, Apartment Seventeen"). Formal perfection.
             Helping you compare apples to oranges
             When you start comparing information from all those wedding
             vendors, you'll notice that they like to look different — so different
             that it's hard to compare their estimates. Our software helps you
             organize the information so that you can compare vendors at a
             A budget that helps you get what you want
             A good budgeting program does more than track your spending; it
             helps you figure out how to spend your money to get what you
             want. With our software you can play "what if" and see what
             combination of services gets you what you want, within the
             amount of money you'd like to spend.
             Appointments, with time to spare
             Our appointment calendar — with daily, weekly, and monthly
             views — lets you schedule and re-schedule appointments, shows
             you at a glance when you might have conflicting appointments,
             and can even remind you before the appointments. You'll find it so
             helpful, you'll use it for more than your wedding-related meetings!
Get started quickly: If you already have a vendor database or address book, you don't
need to re-type anything — the program can import a wide variety of formats. The same
goes for clients' address books, so you can be up and running with each new guest list in
Print formal envelopes from informal addresses: If a client's address book reads
"100 St. James St. NW", the software creates envelope text that reads "One Hundred
Saint James Street Northwest" — automatically!
Match vendors to clients: Keep one list of all your vendors. To help you select the
right vendors for each client, the software creates a comparison table of prices and
Ace the etiquette: Whether it’s “Mr. and Mrs.” or doctors, colonels, and clergy, the
software creates all the text for your clients' invitation envelopes — formally perfect,
automatically. You set the formality level the client wants, and the software does the
Print business correspondence and reports as professional as you are: Your
business letterhead and page footers appear on every printout created by the software.
Get things done: Get a list of things to do for exactly what each client is planning, on the
right schedule for their events. Change the "default" list to reflect your own system for
planning weddings.
Control the spending: Plan budgets, and track expenses and payments as you go.
Arrange seating: Just drag and drop guests' names onto a diagram that shows you the
actual shapes of the tables and positions of chairs. If you want to get fancy with “proper”
seating, the software helps with that, too. The program gives you a running total of the
number of tables, chairs, and place settings you'll need.
Print invitations, envelopes, mailing labels, place cards, table cards, and more:
Choose from the classic invitation fonts we provide, or use your own.
Get a headcount early: Track RSVPs with ease. Even when guests haven’t responded,
the software gives you a running estimate of what the final attendance will be for each
Do it your way: By changing the default settings of the program, you can guarantee
that the software does things your way — from the default distribution of the budget, to
the list of things to do, to the way the software organizes information, and on and on.
Organize on the go: If you normally use a day planner, keep using it! Print lists and
reports that fit directly into the day planner you (or your clients) already have.
Stop worrying: When new hassles come up, you’ve got the software to knock them
down. There’s so much more our software can do that isn’t in this list!


Q. I have no experience of Wedding Planning or have ever worked for
myself. Would this course be suitable?
A. Yes we will teach you all you need to know to start your own business as a
Wedding Planner.

Q. Do you send all the course materials in one pack even if I pay in
A. Yes unlike some companies you receive ALL your course materials together.

Q. What type of support will I receive?
A. You will be allocated an experienced tutor who will guide you through the
course, mark your assignments and generally help you with any problems you
may have. Your tutors can be contacted via email and post. If you need to speak
to a student advisor, you can telephone UK Open Learning.
Q. Is the course properly accredited?
A. Yes, on successful completion of this course you will receive a OCN Level 3
Award in Wedding Planning and Starting your Own Business. Plus a UK Open
Learning Diploma.

Q. Can I use letters after my name?
A. Yes, you can use the initials Dip.WP.

Q. How do I send in my work?
A. You can post or email your assignments for marking. It is best to send your
assignments in one at a time so the tutor can mark one and give you the
feedback and give you comments if there is any.

Q. If I fail an assignment can I retake it?
A. Yes, your tutor will ask you to resubmit your assignment and give you some
pointers as to where you could improve.

Q. What do I receive once I order the course?
A. We will send you ALL the course materials. This consists of a 400-page course
delivered to your door within 48 hours. You can start your studies straight away.

Q. Is there a time limit or any deadlines?
A. We do like you to complete the course within 12 months but we can extend
this if you check with your tutor. If you allow 100 study hours this will give you a
good guide There are no deadlines to meet.

Q. Is there a word count for my assignments?
No, there is no specific word count but you have to prove to the tutor that you
have fully understood the questions. One sentence answers will not be accepted,
your tutor will send them back to you and ask you to redo them.

Q. What if I don’t like the course? Can I send it back?
A. Yes, if you are not happy with the course and feel it is not for you, you can
return it within 7 days as per the terms and conditions on our web site www .uk-

Q. Do I need a computer to take the course?
A. No, but if you have one, you will receive tutor support and results of your
assignments faster.

Q. Can you help me promote my services?
A. Yes we will list your services on our Event Management Directory free of
charge using our specialist Web Design team who will submit your details to
dozens of sites free of charge.

Q. Is the course paper-based or a on CD Rom?
A. The course is paper-based and comes in sturdy folders.

Q. Can I pay in instalments?
A. Yes see below.

A156    Paper & CD     £630.00         £560.00                          6 Months at

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