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									                            Watsonville/Aptos Adult Education
                             Selected Community Resources Referral List
                                                   November 2009

   Name of                                 Services offered                                     Contact
 Organization                                                                                 information
                                  Job-Related Services and Programs
CalWORKS             Assists low-income parents to find and retain jobs while providing 18 West Beach Street
                     childcare subsidies, transportation, and temporary cash aid. Watsonville
                     Participants are eligible for Medi-Cal, Food Stamps, substance 831-763-8700
                     abuse and mental health counseling and domestic violence services.

CalWORKS          Offers assistance to active CalWORKS participants who have left in 406 Main Street, Suite 207
Emergency Payment good standing within the last year: provides advocacy, referrals and Watsonville
Program           guidance in dealing with merchants, service providers, landlords, 831-763-2147 x260
                  and others to negotiate purchases, contracts, agreements, etc.

Employment and       Offers access to a career center with a full range of employment 18 West Beach Street
Benefit Services     resources including; reference materials, computers, Internet access, Watsonville
                     copy services, fax machines and telephones, and a Virtual Career 831-763-8700
                     Center providing similar services on-line; provides cash assistance
                     to needy families with dependent children to help meet basic needs
                     such as shelter, food, and clothing while they work to increase their
                     job readiness skills and prepare to enter the labor force.

Center for           Provides skills training and job placement to economically 10 Blanca Lane
Employment           disadvantaged persons in fields including: clerical work, welding Watsonville
Training             fabrication, machine shop, building maintenance, electronics. Also 831-728-4551
                     provides basic education, ESL and GED classes.

California           Offers young men and women 18-25 years of age the chance to 757 Green Valley Road
Conservation Corps   serve their state and become employable citizens through life skills Watsonville
                     training and hard work in environmental conservation, fire 831-768-0150
                     protection, and emergency response; both residential and non-
                     residential programs and centers. Helps improves the life of
                     participants and contributes to the state’s public safety.

Women Ventures       Provides workforce preparation and job referrals in non-traditional 406 Main Street, Suite 202
Project              employment for women through a four-week training program Watsonville
                     accompanied by intensive case management services. Focus is on 831-724-0206
                     the building trades, transportation, and public safety professions.

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California State       Helps people with disabilities enter or return to the work force. 18 West Beach Street
Rehabilitation         Provides vocational counseling, independent living and personal Watsonville
Department             counseling, retraining, job placement, job coaching and the supplies 831-763-8700
                       and licenses necessary for employment. Will also help with
                       transportation, and other services as needed. Provides re-entry to
                       educational programs.

                             Support and Counseling Services and Programs
Cal-Learn              Provides pregnant or parenting teens under 19 years of age in the 18 West Beach Street
                       CalWORKs program with the support they need to complete their Watsonville
                       high school or GED education. Includes payments for child care, 831-763-8700
                       transportation and school expenses, intensive case management,
                       cash bonuses to motivate achievement, and additional services such
                       as Women, Infant and Children (WIC), Food Stamps, Medi-Cal and
                       family planning services.

Youth Services          Provides individual, group and family counseling services to youth     241 East Lake Avenue
                       and their families: crisis intervention services for runaway and out    Watsonville
                       of control youth, family abuse, domestic violence, and substance        831-688-8856
                       abuse, and residential treatment for drug and alcohol issues;
                       communication, divorce, parenting issues, and outpatient mental         831-728-2226 –
                       health and advocacy services; relationships, self-image, self-esteem,   24 hour hot line
                       Free drug treatment to adolescents (12-18 years of age).

California Youth       Confidential 24-hour crisis counseling hotline. Provides information 1-800-843-5200
Crisis Line            and referrals for youth and families experiencing a variety of
                       situations such as abuse, AIDS, pregnancy, runaways and lack of
                       shelter. Spanish speakers available.

Pájaro Valley          Serves Pájaro Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) youth and 335 East Lake Avenue
Prevention and         their families: counseling; drug, alcohol, and tobacco use prevention Watsonville
Student Assistance     and intervention; conflict resolution; mentorship; programs in 831-728-6445
                       connection with probation and the juvenile justice system; school-
                       based prevention, including primary intervention; community-based
                       prevention and gang intervention.

Suicide Prevention     Provides trained volunteers available 24 hours a day to assist          P.O. Box 1222
Service                anyone (youth or adult) who is feeling suicidal, experiencing a         Santa Cruz 95061-1222
of the Central Coast   crisis, or feeling extremely lonely and isolated and needing support.   831-663-459-6617
                       Multi-lingual counselors will listen without judging and offer          931-458-5300 hot Line
                       empathy, help, hope and referrals. Special programs for youth and
                       seniors and those who are living with the grief of another’s suicide
                       are offered.

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Defensa de Mujeres   Offers support and advocacy in the areas of domestic violence,         233 East Lake Avenue
~Women’s Crisis      sexual assault, including emergency response; drug and alcohol use,    Watsonville
Support              emergency shelter; telephone and in-person crisis counseling;          831-722-4532
                     advocacy; support groups; professional counseling; legal assistance
                     with temporary restraining orders; court accompaniments;               Emergency crisis line –
                     information and referrals; professional trainings and presentations;   831-685-3737
                     specialized services for child witnesses to domestic violence and      (Call 911 if you are in
                     survivors of teen dating violence; parenting education; family         immediate danger).
                     workshops; neighborhood outreach; community organizing; and
                     self-defense classes. Services include a 24-hour bilingual crisis

Family Service       Provides individual, family, couple and group counseling, stress 11D Alexander Street
Agency               counseling for low-income people on Medicare, senior outreach, all Watsonville
                     on a sliding fee scale. Medical and private insurance accepted.    831-728-9970

Catholic Charities   Provides 1) Counseling services for families, married couples or 217 East Lake Street
                     single individuals; 2) Direct aid with emergency needs such as Watsonville
                     eviction, utility shutoffs, food, lodging or other critical problems; 3) 831-722-2675
                     Immigration Services: Helping              immigrants navigate the
                     cumbersome and complex processes and procedures involved in
                     becoming naturalized citizens.

South County         Serves individuals with serious and persistent mental disabilities, 12 West Beach Street,
Mental Health        authorizes and oversees the provision of mental health services to Watsonville
Clinic: Adult,       Santa Cruz County Medi-Cal recipients meeting medical necessity 831-763-8990
Children,            criteria, and serves those at risk of psychiatric hospitalization.
Adolescents          Provides a broad continuum of care from outpatient assessment to
                     inpatient hospitalization and community based psychosocial

Mariposa Wellness    Provides support for recovery for those who no longer need more 40 Penny Lane, #4
Center               intensive mental health services, promoting growth in hope, Watsonville 95076
                     personal empowerment, respect, social connections, self- 831- 724-7525
                     responsibility and self-determination.

Santa Cruz AIDS      Provides counseling, peer support, and social and practical support 326 Main Street
Project              for people living with HIV/AIDS and for the people in their lives. Watsonville
                     Prevention, testing, safer sex and injection, workshops, referral, 831-763-1374
                     food delivery, massage, therapists on call. Financial emergency
                     assistance program, street outreach program.

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                                                 Health Services
Salud Para La         Primary care clinic providing medical, dental, mental health, vision   204 East Beach Street
Gente                 and adult health care for the entire family. Women's health care       45Nielson Street
                      services include family planning, prenatal, postpartum, and            Watsonville 95076
                      newborn care. Onsite pharmacy. All are welcome; focus toward           831-728-0222
                      low-income and the uninsured.

Watsonville Health    Medical care for individuals and families. Laboratory, pharmacy 9 Crestview Drive
Center                and x-ray services, immunization, prenatal and Tuberculosis clinics, Watsonville 95076
(Santa Cruz County    annual PAP exams, family planning counseling and information, 831-763-8400
Public Health         sterilization referral, low and no-cost service for eligible clients,
Clinic)               emergency contraception available, well child examinations. Free
                      service for eligible clients. Medi-Cal, Medi-Cruz, Central Coast
                      Alliance for Health and self-pay clients are accepted.

Planned Parenthood Family planning and related reproductive health care: annual 40 Penny Lane
                   exams, birth control, breast, cervical and testicular cancer screening, Watsonville 95076
                   pregnancy testing and counseling; HIV testing and counseling, 831-724-7525
                   emergency contraception, and colposcopy/cryotherapy. Basic
                   family health services: physical exams, immunizations, prenatal
                   care, pediatrics, headaches, sore throat, rashes, high blood pressure,
                   diabetes and mid-life services.

PVUSD                 Low-cost insurance that covers health, dental and eye for children 294 Green Valley Road
Healthy Families      0-5 years old when they are not covered by private insurance, Watsonville 95076
                      including immunizations, information and referral, students in 831-786-2100

Healthy Start         Provides students without primary medical and dental providers an 831-761-6125
Children’s Resource   array of services at several PVUSD school sites throughout the
Center                district: CDHP health examinations, health insurance enrollment,
                      immunizations, information and general health referrals, preventive
                      and restorative dental referrals and counseling referrals. Additional
                      services are provided for homeless youth, foster youth and families
                      in transition, including emergency food referrals, school supplies,
                      referrals for emergency shelter, Extended Learning and school

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Medi-Cal              California's Medicaid program: a public health insurance program 119 West Beach Street
                      which covers needed health care services for low-income Watsonville 95076
                      individuals including families with children, seniors, persons with 831-763-8500
                      disabilities, foster care, pregnant women, and low income people
                      with specific diseases such as tuberculosis, breast cancer or

Medi-Cruz             Covers financial and medical treatment for people without 9 Crestview Drive
                      insurance and undocumented persons from 21 to 65 years of age. Watsonville 95076
                      Must be a resident of Santa Cruz County at least 6 months.     831-763-8033

Women Care~Entre      Provides free Spanish language services for women who have been 1001 41st Avenue
Nosotras              diagnosed with cancer: advocacy, resources, home visits, support Santa Cruz 95062
                      groups, referral to social services, education and support to women 831-457-2273
                      with cancer, their families, friends and health practitioners
                      throughout diagnosis, healing, surviving or dying.

Diabetes Health       A multi-disciplinary program designed to meet the unique needs of 85 Nielson Street
Center                the diverse population of those affected with diabetes. Provides Watsonville 95076
                      clients and their families with the tools needed for diabetes self- 831-724-4741
                      management. Develops coping skills and techniques for improving
                      the quality of life for persons with diabetes.

Watsonville Host      Provides free or low cost vision and ophthalmic examinations, P.O. Box 1072
Lions Club            operations, medication and glasses, and hearing exams and hearing Freedom, CA 95019
                      aids for low-income persons.                                      (See a counselor or advisor
                                                                                             for an application)

                                 Substance Abuse Prevention Programs
Alcoholics            A fellowship of men and women with drinking problems helping           1302 Lincoln Street
Anonymous             each other achieve sobriety. The only requirement for membership       Watsonville 95076
                      is a desire to stop drinking. Our primary objective is to stay sober   831-722-7304
                      and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. Information and
                      literature are also available. Meetings are held at many sites and     831-475-5782, 24 hour line
                      times throughout the county.

California Smokers’   Provides a telephone program that can help callers quit smoking. 1-800-nobutts
Helpline              Offers a choice of services: self-help materials, a referral list of 1-800-662-8887
                      other programs in the area, and one-on-one counseling over the
                      phone. Specialized assistance is offered for teens, pregnant women,
                      and those using chewing tobacco.

November 2009                                                                                                      Page 5
Fenix Outpatient       Provides outpatient drug and/or alcohol abuse treatment services to 10 Alexander Street
Drug Counseling        adults, comprehensive individual sessions, family and group Watsonville
                       sessions, substance abuse counseling including: Early Sobriety, 831- 722-5914
                       Relapse Prevention, Perinatal Cal-Works, Anger Management,
                       Domestic Violence and Prop 36.

Alto Outpatient Drug   An outpatient chemical dependency program which provides 18 Alexander Street
Counseling             prevention, early intervention and treatment services, individual and Watsonville
                       group counseling, services to special needs populations such as 831-728-2233
                       Hispanics, women, and criminal justice system referrals.

Si Se Puede            Provides comprehensive 3 to 6 month residential treatment targeted 161 Miles Lane
                       for drug and alcohol abusing Latino men; job training, probation Watsonville
                       referrals and self referrals.                                      831-761-5422

Hermanas               Provides 2 to 6 month culturally sensitive approach to residential     640 Rodriguez Street
                       treatment for drug and alcohol abusing Latina women in a social        Watsonville
                       model: community re-entry planning, probation and health service        831-722-2471
                       agency referrals; includes pregnant women and women with
Pájaro Valley          For PVUSD youth and their families: counseling and prevention of       335 East Lake Avenue
Prevention and         use of drugs, alcohol and snuff, and intervention; conflict            Watsonville
Student Assistance     resolution; counseling; programs related to juvenile justice system    728-6445
                       and probation; gang prevention in the school and community.

Second Harvest         Referral hotline for emergency sources of food and basic               800 Ohlone Parkway
Food Bank              necessities.     Emergency food boxes provided to distribution         Watsonville 95076
                       agencies and programs, and on site at specific distribution times to   831-722-7110, including
                       individuals and families in need of assistance. Call to learn          hotline
                       distribution times and sites.

Loaves and Fishes      Provides a free hot lunch every weekday at noon to all needy 150 Second Street
                       individuals. Offers free bags of groceries for those in need, amount Watsonville 95076
                       based on family size. Also offers nutrition education and 831-722-4144
                       information and referral for related services such as financial help,
                       shelters, etc.

Women, Infants and     Provides nutrition education, special checks to buy healthy food, 18-A West Lake
Children (WIC)         help in finding health care and other community services to women Watsonville 95076
                       who are pregnant, breastfeeding, postpartum, and to children up to 831-722-7121
                       age five years.

November 2009                                                                                                    Page 6
Food Stamp            Provides nutritional support services to low-income people, 119 West Beach Street
Program, Santa        including those moving from welfare to work, providing additional Watsonville 95076
Cruz County           food purchasing power to help prevent hunger, malnutrition, and 831-763-8500
                      related health problems.

Meals on Wheels for Provides a daily visit and a nutritious meal, helping to support 1777-A Capitola Road
Santa Cruz County   independence for vulnerable elders and disabled residents. Capitola 95010
                    Provides five senior dining centers located in Live Oak, Ben 831-464-3180
                    Lomond, Santa Cruz and Watsonville offering a daily hot meal to
                    adults 60 years of age or older.

                                                Social Services
La Manzana            Provides outreach, advocacy, translation services, education and 521 Main Street, Suite Y
Community             health services, legal services, citizenship information, and more to Watsonville
Resources –           the low-income Spanish speaking community of Pájaro Valley. 831-724-2997
Community             Coordinates classes in ESL, Citizenship, helps fill out government
Bridges               forms such as AFDC/Food Stamps, Medi-Cal, Healthy Families,
                      etc. The La Manzana Family Literacy Center helps family members
                      of all ages learn to read in Spanish and English.

Casa de la Cultura    Provides culturally sensitive advocacy and referral to appropriate 225-4A Salinas Road
                      agencies, translation, a food pantry, a flea market for clothing, Pájaro
                      limited rent assistance (as funds allow) health services and seasonal 831-763-0702
                      tax services.

General Assistance    Provide applications for Medi-Cal, food stamps, cash aid and 119 West Beach Street
Eligibility Program   general assistance.   Workers are on site to meet with clients Watsonville
                      regarding Medi Cal, cash aid and food stamps.                  831-763-8500

St. Vincent de Paul   Free assistance with food, baby formula, dishes, appliances, Need line: 831-722-3250
Society               clothing, blankets, medicine, furniture, transportation, rent and
                      utility shut-off assistance

                                                Legal Services
California Rural      Provides free legal services to low income persons in the areas of 21 Carr Street
Legal Assistance      housing (primarily eviction defense), fair housing, public benefits Watsonville 95076
                      (Cal-WORKS, General Assistance, Food Stamps, Medi-Cal, 831-724-2253
                      Unemployment, State Disability, SSI, etc.), access to education for
                      public school students (including school expulsion defense and
                      special education placement disputes) and debt collection. The
                      Immigration unit helps agricultural workers with work-related
                      problems. Agricultural workers should make an appointment with
                      an attorney in the Immigration Unit.

November 2009                                                                                                 Page 7
Watsonville Law       Provides services in four general areas: agricultural workers access 521 Main Street, Suite H
Center                to health, barriers to employment, economic justice and consumer Watsonville 95076
                      protection through advice clinics, one-on-one consultations, and 831-722-2845
                      sometimes through direct representation.

Santa Cruz County     Provides free general information regarding immigration topics: 406 Main Street, Room 217
Immigration Project   help with INS and consular inquiries, applications for permanent Watsonville 95076
                      residence, replacement green cards, citizenship, relative visa 831-724-5667
                      petitions, adjustment of status, temporary permits, Family Unity,
                      free income tax assistance, Border Patrol abuse monitoring,
                      workplace discrimination complaints, information on worker and
                      resident rights and attorney referrals.

                                       Shelter and Rental Assistance
Pájaro Valley         Provides emergency and transitional shelter and case management 115 Brennan Street
Shelter Services      to help homeless families identify and change the circumstances Watsonville 95076
                      that led to their being homeless. The Emergency Shelter houses 831-728-5649
                      homeless women and children for up to 90 days in a home-like
                      setting. The Transitional Housing Program provides homeless
                      families up to 24 months to gain job and life skills in order to build
                      a secure economic future.

Pájaro Rescue         Provides nightly shelter for homeless men in a Christian 111 Railroad Avenue
Mission               community. Dormitory atmosphere, dinner and breakfast served, Pájaro 95076
                      beds and showers provided. Attending a daily Christian service is 831-724-9576
                      encouraged, but not required.

Salvation Army        Provides transitional housing for up to six months for eight families 214 Union Street
Emergency Shelter     at a time. Families live in a cooperative living situation, commit to a Watsonville
                      job search and job training if needed, and participate in ESL or 831-763-0131
                      academic classes if appropriate. Case management services and
                      laundry facilities are provided. Call for an application or walk-in.

Above the Line        Residential treatment program for at-risk teenage girls. Operates 2716 Freedom Boulevard
                      one home with nine beds and a Santa Cruz County Office of Watsonville 95076
                      Education school, Dewitt Anderson School. Offers therapy, 831-724-3077
                      education, job training, transportation and counseling.

Families in           Provides long term case management services to homeless or near      15 East Beach Street
Transition            homeless families referred by other agencies and who face barriers   Rooms 201-204
                      to stable housing, including rental on a case-by-case basis;         Watsonville
                      eligibility assessment required.                                     831-728-9791

November 2009                                                                                                     Page 8
The Shelter Project     Watsonville telephone service (831-763-4634): Provides telephone 831-763-4634
                        communication between homeless people in emergency and
                        transitional shelter facilities, or people who are at risk of
                        homelessness;     and service providers, medical professionals,
                        prospective landlords and employers.

                        Santa Cruz office: Provides housing for medical emergencies, motel 501-E Soquel Avenue
                        vouchers as available for families or individuals who are Santa Cruz, CA 95062
                        encountering emergency situations which threaten their health 831-457-1741
                        and/or safety; rental/ mortgage assistance to avoid eviction.

Senior Network          Provides senior citizens and persons with disabilities with 1777A Capitola Road
Services                information, guidance and assistance in coordinating existing Santa Cruz 95062
                        resources to promote independence and the highest quality of life, 831-728-1751
                        health insurance counseling and advocacy program, home help
                        services/employment, housing, care management and respite care
                        registry, and money management.

Association of          Provides referral services, preparation and renters rebate assistance, 114 East 5th Street
Watsonville Area        recreational, educational and social activities such as bingo, Watsonville 95076
Seniors, Inc.           exercise, art, music and dance, English as a Second Language and 831-722-1333
                        Senior Network Employment. Provides lunch with reservations 24
                        hours ahead; call 724-2024

Lift Line,              Provides specialized transportation for the elderly, frail and disabled 236 Santa Cruz Avenue
Community Bridges       persons in Santa Cruz County, 7 days a week.                            Aptos 95003

Meals on Wheels         Provides a daily visit and a nutritious meal to help support 1777A Capitola Road
                        independence for vulnerable elders and disabled residents Santa Cruz 95062
                        throughout Santa Cruz County.                                831-464-3180

Companion for           Provides specialized transportation for elderly and disabled persons 1570 Soquel Drive, Suite 2
Life/Lifeline Project   in Santa Cruz County. Transportation provided 7 days a week. Santa Cruz 95065
                        Private nonprofit service organization.                              831-475-2778

Foster                  Foster grandparent program seeks low-income seniors age 60 and 234 Santa Cruz Avenue
Grandparent/Senior      older to volunteer 20 hours per week with children with special Aptos 95003
Companion               needs in setting such as schools and day care centers. Senior 831-475-0816 ext. 12
Program                 companion program seeks low-income seniors age 60 and older to
                        volunteer 20 hours per week with frail elderly at adult day care
                        centers and homebound in their homes, including providing
                        companionship and light respite care.

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HSA Older Adult      Provides bilingual staff with a psychiatrist, older adult crisis         1400 Emeline Avenue
Mental Health        specialist and care coordinators providing assistance and referral in    Santa Cruz 95060
Services             a variety of settings, including private homes, residential care         831-454-4170
                     facilities, nursing homes, acute hospitals, senior centers, facilities   24 hour crisis line
                     for homeless persons, and in other settings. Eligibility: anyone not     1-800-952-2335.
                     currently receiving services from County Mental Health or
                     community providers who are part of the mental health system.

Project SCOUT Tax    Provides volunteer income tax assistance and counseling for all 114 East Fifth Street
Counseling for the   middle and low-income persons, including Earned Income Tax Watsonville, CA 95076
Elderly              Credit. Some volunteers have extra training for tax problems of 831- 724-2606
                     seniors. Call for information on days, hours and various sites. Home
                     visits can be arranged for disabled.

Santa Cruz County    Advises the Board of Supervisors on issues concerning seniors; 701 Ocean Street Room 30
Seniors Commission   composed of ten commissioners, two from each district, appointed Santa Cruz 95060
                     by the Board of Supervisors. Subcommittees also exist to deal with 831-454-2355
                     housing, legislative, and other issues.

Senior Citizens      Defends the right of seniors to live in peace and comfort, and to 114 E. 5th Street
Legal Services       enjoy decent housing, quality health care, financial security, social Watsonville 95076
Watsonville          integration, security of their persons and property, and freedom 831-728-4711
                     from discrimination based on age or disability. Emphasizes age
                     discrimination, consumer problems, debt collection defense, health
                     insurance, housing problems.
Parents Center of    Provides professional counseling for parents and families: parent 255 East Lake Avenue,
Watsonville          support groups, parenting skills classes, education and counseling Watsonville
                     for prevention of child abuse, and strengthening of families.      831-724-2879
                                                                                              (also 24-hr parenting hotline)
PAPÁS                For those chosen to participate in a study on parenting: provides
                     sessions on parenting, relationships, and health, fun social events 18 West Lake
                     and referrals to local agencies. Program aims to increase fathers' Watsonville
                     positive involvement in their families.
Helping After        Provides peer support for parents, and their relatives and friends Congregational Church of
Neonatal Death of    during the normal mourning following miscarriage, stillbirth, or Soquel, 4951 Soquel Drive
Santa Cruz (HAND)    death of baby. Information and referral, general support, phone Soquel - 3rd Wednesday of
                     support and resource library available.
                                                                                        each month, 7:30-9:30pm
Parental Stress      24-hour bilingual hotline staffed by trained interns and volunteers 255 East Lake Avenue
Hotline Santa Cruz   who provide over-the-telephone confidential (except for situations Watsonville, CA 95076
                     that legally require reporting) counseling for parents under stress 831-724-2879
                     and concerned about possible child abuse.

November 2009                                                                                                         Page 10
Autism Santa Cruz      Provides support, information and resources to families in the Santa 9010 Soquel Drive
                       Cruz area with children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Aptos, CA 95003
                       including Autism, pervasive developmental disorders and 831-457-1600
                       Asperger's Syndrome.

Special Parents        Nonprofit organization offering support, information and resources P.O. Box 2367
Information            to strengthen and empower families of children with special needs, Santa Cruz, CA 95063-
Network (SPIN)         providing phone support, information, resource referrals, 2367
                       educational and networking events.
Youth Services -       An adolescent and family counseling agency that supports youth by 241 E. Lake Avenue
Watsonville            providing culturally relevant, positive solutions to difficult Watsonville, CA 95076
                       situations; responds to crises related to emotional distress, family 831-688-8856
                       conflict, alcohol and drug use, gang involvement, school, suicide,
                       homeless youth and running away; individual, group, and family
                       counseling and support groups

                   Mortgage Foreclosure and Predatory Mortgage Lending Assistance

District Attorney’s  Receives complaints from residents of Santa Cruz County who wish 401Ocean Street
Office of Santa Cruz to file a complaint against a business in the county, including Santa Cruz 95060
County               investigation of claims of consumer fraud against local real estate 831-768-6500
                     agents, lenders or other related businesses and individuals.

Santa Cruz County      Helps the public get legal advice at a reasonable price: For a $40 fee P.O. Box 1311
Bar Association        the client receives up to a 30 minute consultation with a lawyer. All Santa Cruz, CA 95061
Lawyer Referral        charges after the first 30 minute consultation will be arranged 831-425-4755
Services               between the client and the lawyer

Watsonville Law        Provides free legal advice about foreclosure to low- and moderate- 521 Main Street, Suite H
Center                 income homeowners in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. By Watsonville 95076
                       appointment only                                                   831-722-2845

California Rural       Provides free legal services to low income persons in the areas of 21 Carr Street
Legal Assistance       housing (primarily eviction defense), and fair housing.            Watsonville 95076

Consumer Credit        Provides free or low cost advice on mortgage foreclosure and credit 1-800-540-2227 Toll-Free
Counseling Services    issues and assistance with negotiating with lenders

U.S. Department of     Refers members of the general public to agencies that provide free 1-800-569-4287 Toll-Free
Housing and Urban      or low cost advice on mortgage foreclosure and assistance with
Development            negotiating with lenders

November 2009                                                                                                   Page 11
                      Services for People Who Are Incarcerated and Their Families
Friends Outside         Provides support and assistance to those incarcerated in all four 1010 Emeline, Bldg. C
                        county jail facilities, their families, and to those recently released Santa Cruz 95060
                        from jail or prison. Services include in-custody visits, property 831-427-5078
                        matters, helping families maintain contact with incarcerated loved
                        ones, inmate location, family support and referrals for food,
                        clothing, shelter and rehabilitation. Free After Care services.

Gemma                   Provides a Day Program, a 9-week series of diverse life skills 501 Soquel Ave. Suite E
                        classes, preparing women in jail for their reentry, including topics Santa Cruz CA 95062
                        such as substance abuse, job readiness and career planning, adult 831-457-4560
                        education,     parenting,    financial    education,     nonviolent
                        communication, nutrition, self-esteem, accessing healthcare and
                        social services.      Provides a residential program supporting
                        otherwise homeless women recently released from jail in setting
                        short-term and long-term goals related to sobriety, education,
                        employment, financial stability, support networks, health, and
                        securing permanent housing.

Community               Provides weekend work crews for youth and adults as an alternative 406 Main Street, Suite 207
Restoration Project     to detention, follow-up job/mentoring program for selected Watsonville 95076
                        graduates, after-school and weekend supervised work preparedness 831-763-2147
                        and job readiness workshops for at-risk youth.

                                              Other Social Services
Casa de la Cultura      Provides culturally sensitive advocacy and referral to appropriate 225-4A Salinas Road
                        agencies, translation, a food pantry, a flea market for clothing, Pájaro
                        limited rent assistance (as funds allow) health services and seasonal 831-763-0702
                        tax services.

General Assistance      Ayuda financiera para las personas sin trabajo e incapacitas para 119 West Beach Street,
Eligibility Program     residentes del condado.                                           Watsonville

St. Vincent de Paul     Free assistance with food, baby formula, dishes, appliances, Need line: 831-722-3250
Society                 clothing, blankets, medicine, furniture, transportation, rent and
                        utility shut-off assistance.

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