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                             JUNE 24TH, 2010
                     DAYS INN CONFERENCE CENTER
                           FLATWOODS, WV

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 All Registration Forms must be returned to the Commission no later than June 11, 2010.
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                                              Charleston, WV 25301
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           BECKLEY                                                                    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

        To:    Pre-license and Continuing Education Providers

        From: Nedka Dineva, PhD, Education Director

        Date: May 3, 2010

        Re:    Distance Education Certification Requirement

        At its meeting on April 29, 2010, the Real Estate Commission voted to require ARELLO
        certification of all pre-license and continuing education courses offered through distance
        education formats. The certification is based on a set of strict standards whose
        enforcement will positively influence the development of distance education courses offered
        to real estate professionals in West Virginia. The requirement goes into effect on July 1,
        2010 and all distance education courses offered after that must be ARELLO certified, in
        order to be approved by the Commission.

        The purpose of this certification is to make sure that the education providers have the
        knowledge, tools and procedures in place to do a quality job in the design and delivery of
        the courses they offer, and to offer support services to their students. This will help to offer
        enhanced value to real estate licensees when they purchase a distance education product
        approved by the Commission. All certified courses will be required to have a qualified and
        certified instructor available to answer student’s questions about the content within a
        reasonable period of time. Education providers will also be required to provide opportunities
        for interaction, support, administrative communications, and assessment and evaluation

        To facilitate the transition and to provide the knowledge necessary to comply with this new
        requirement, the Commission will offer a special workshop for providers and instructors of
        distance education courses. The workshop will be held at Flatwoods, Days Inn Conference
        Center, on June 24th. Lodging and meals will be the responsibility of each attendee. Room
        reservations may be made by calling 1-866-700-7284 no later than June 13, 2010. There
        will be no registration fee for the workshop.

        For more information and registration go to Registrations must be
        received in the Commission’s office no later than June 11, 2010.
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 a.m.
                                                               Seminar Agenda
   I.          Introduction to Distance Education in the Real Estate Industry (1 Hour)

               a. Introduction to ARELLO-IDECC

               b. The Effectiveness of Distance Education

               c.   The Economics of Distance Education

               d. Group Exercise

   II.         Meeting ARELLO-IDECC Instructional Design Standards (3 Hours)

               a. Mission Statements

               b. Instructional Design

               c.   Interactivity

               d. Group Exercise

               e. Course Delivery

               f.   Equipment and Learning Environments

               g. Student Support Services and Instructor Requirements

               h. Evaluation and Assessment

               i.   Commitment to Support

               j.   Group Exercise

   III.        Issues for Secondary Providers (1 hour)

               a. Application Review

               b. Common Deficiencies

               c.   Tips For Expediting Certification and Course Management System Overview

   IV.         Technologies Used in Distance Education (1 hour)

               a. Internet Delivery (synchronous/asynchronous)

               b. Hybrid Delivery Methods

               c.   Other eLearning Tools

               d. Course Evaluation Tools

   V.          ARELLO-IDECC Internet Course Delivery System Overview (1 hour)
               (Provides an example of standards put into practice.)

          a. Course Orientations

          b. Course Navigation Features

          c.   Learning Management System Features for Administrators

          d. Assessment Examples

               Lunch will be from approximately 11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
               Other breaks will be taken as necessary.
               The seminar agenda is subject to change and times listed are approximate.

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