Written Warning Template by financedude

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									               WRITTEN WARNING - PERFORMANCE
SUBJECT: Performance

This Written Warning is intended to clearly articulate deficiencies we have discussed,
performance expectations and type of improvements you will be required to demonstrate
going forward, the support you will receive and consequences if you fail to meet and
maintain the expectations.

At COMPANY NAME, our goal is to maintain the highest standards in accuracy,
processing, productivity, and level of service. Each employee is required to meet
performance standards in a fully satisfactory manner.


Manager complete this section


Manager complete this section


Manager complete this section


Any further incidents including, but not limited to, the issues noted above within the next
___ days of the date of this notice may result in further disciplinary action, up to and
including termination. However, we reserve the right to take additional action with
respect to your employment, including termination, prior to the completion of the time
period stated above. You are encouraged to meet with me for further assistance on ways
to improve your performance. Upon successful completion of the notice, you will be
expected to maintain satisfactory performance in all areas. If you fail to do so, you will
be subject to further disciplinary action, up to and including termination without
additional warning periods.
It is my hope that this action plan, along with any assistance I can provide to you, will
bring a positive resolution to these performance issues and prevent future issues from
occurring. Your signature below indicates that you have received a copy of this Written

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