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									                    Top Tools:
   What the Top Young Entrepreneurs use to
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                 November 3, 2010

                  Jason Duff
Jason Duff, Founder and CEO of Community Storage
  & Properties, Ltd. And COMSTOR Outdoor, Ltd.


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                                    Featured Speaker:

                                       Jason Duff

                     JASON DUFF           VIRTUAL SPEAKER SERIES
Jason started his ent repreneurial endeavor when he was about ten-years-old selling candy bars. He
came from an entrepreneurial family who helped him understand how to run a business By the time he
entered college, he was involve in starting his new businesses in real estate and storage facilities. He
graduated from Ohio Northern University in 2005 and received a degree in Business M anagement from
the Dicke College of Business. He is an acclaimed speaker, real estate developer and award -winning

Founder & CEO of Community Storage & Properties, Ltd. and COMS TOR Out door, Ltd., Jason also
serves in executive capacities to several other businesses and not-for-profit organizations. He has been
recognized for his contributions as a real estate developer. In 2005, he was awarded the prestigious
Global Student Entrepreneur.

Jason is very passionate about bringing new businesses in the community to give life back to that
community. His enthusiasm to the ent repreneurial world is inspiring and motivating for your
entrepreneurs to follow into his footsteps. His insights on different tools will surely help any business get
in the right track.

                         JASON DUFF               VIRTUAL SPEAKER SERIES
          The early you start in tackling the business world, the better even if it means selling candy
           bars to local businesses
          It is ok to “think outside the box” when it comes to starting your business. It doesn’t have to
           be the next Facebook company, but think how your business can have an impact to you
          Look around your town and see what do they need. Do not be afraid to ask other business
           owners and brainstorm with them ideas that would not only help you as ent repreneur but also
           your entire community.

“…So, I started finding out that people benefit from having storage. Out of that, that created a
vehicle for my company. We are much more than self-storage facilities. I kind of equate that sel f-
storage pays our grocery bill s, but what we are passionate about i s community revitalization.

That i s investing in downtown buildings. Properties that had been in di stress that we feel we can
bring new life to. And so, for me, that was the focusing on some of the bank buildings in town.
The bank s had left, and we bought those buildings and recrui ted more bank s to those properties.
Really the whol e aspect of revitalization takes place when you can bring a bank back to the
community. Bring a grocery store back. Find other businesses that cluster to create economic
developm ent and jobs. So, that really has become my passion wi th real estate business. ”
- Jason Duff

          You can learn a lot from your parents, whether or not, they own a business. All you have to
           do is ask them questions and be willing to explore ideas that you might not be aware of.
          First, coming up with the idea for a business. Next, which is probably the hardest part of
           starting a business, is being proactive.
          Do not just let an idea be an idea on a piece of paper. Go out there and do your research.
           Do anything you can to keep yourself motivat ed to start whatever business you might be
           interested in.
          Be a good listener. If you listen closely to what your customers needs or what your loc al
           businesses challenges are, you will be very successful entrepreneu r bec ause you know how
           to listen and formulate a solution to those conc erns.
          Be mindful of what you are passionate about. Remember that being a kid, does not equate
           to being inexperience.

                        JASON DUFF               VIRTUAL SPEAKER SERIES
           Learning starts at home. You can ask your parents for advice about starting your business
            as well as close family friends.
           Look around your community to see who you can ask questions to and learn a great deal
            from especially from a certain industry that you are interested in.
           Do not be afraid to approach them and ask them to go out to lunch, so you can ask quest ions
            about them personally and professionally.

“I heard other people give that advi ce, but what I did was to call up thi s real estate broker.
Introduce myself and said that I was very impressed with what he had done and who he was in the
community. I asked him, “Would you mind if I take you out to lunch?” - Ja son Duff

           It may be intimidating to approach a potential mentor. However, all you have to do is have
            the courage to reach out and ask them and be res pectful. community
           I would help if your mentor shares the same ideas and passion that you have such as
            community revitalization.
           Your mentor can introduce your to different types of people like an accountant and an
            attorney to be part of your team.

“In my case, in term s of my mentor, he introduced to me to an attorney. I was al so introduced to
an accountant, som eone that really understood finances and money. And other community
leaders, many of them are retired; most of them are looking for som ething to do. By me taking all
that experience and plugging in some energy and some innovation, we were able to build a true
team to revitalize the community and really launch my company. So for me, it was building that
right group of people to help and give me advice. Also, provide the credibility as I w as going out
and trying to create projects.” – Ja son Duff

           Join different organizations such as the Kiwanis and Lions where you can meet not only
            prospect clients but someone who can be part of your team.
           Remember to always be respectful towards every one you meet.


                        JASON DUFF                VIRTUAL SPEAKER SERIES
           It is important to find that balanc e in your life. Understand that as you get excited with all the
            events that is going on in your life that you are willing to step back and regroup.
           Read books. This can be fundamental to your success in business.
           Enjoy what you have in front of you. If you a young entrepreneur entering college, make you
            that you allow yourself to experience what life has to offer.
           Do your homework and build a team. This could be vital to when starting out your business.
           Having a nurturing family and surround yourself with people who has their own business can
            help balance your life.
           Don’t think of mistake as failures. They are mistakes that can help you in the long run.

“Well, it is. There’ s a lot of learning that happens with that. I don’t want to com e across saying
that everything I’ve done has been a complete success. I’ve had plenty of failures. Maybe they’re
not giganti c failures, but what I call them are nice mi stakes. This al so translates for maybe being
accelerated learning. There are a lot of things that you cannot learn from a textbook. I am a big
believer in term s of how I learned to do business.” –Ja son Duff

           The one thing to fear is fear itself. You will limit yours elf on what you can achieve if you think
            that you are too young or too inexperience. Be mindful of what you do.

           Get an internship on the area of business that you are interested in. You will learn about the
            industry a little bit more and know how you can improve your business in the long run.
           This is also another way for you to figure out if this is the industry that you want to be part of.
           If you have never had a job previously, having an internship can teach you how to discipline
            yourself and be a better entrepreneur.
           It can feel as if other people do not understand where you care coming from especially about
            starting your own business. But, reach out to people out there in the community or even
            through social media.
           Find Link edIn groups, groups on Facebook and Twitter, and so on, that understand and be
            there to support you and answer any of your questions.
           Anyone can start their own business but remember to work hard and have fun starting your
            business and making an impact.
           There are unt apped opportunities everywhere. New ideas are waiting to be discovered and
            products to be invented. The possibilities are endless.
           You don’t have to move to a big town. If you love your town, you can find eno urmous
            opportunities to start your business.

                        JASON DUFF                  VIRTUAL SPEAKER SERIES
“…You’ll drive by these buildings. They have for sale signs on them, and it really i s businesses
that you drive by everyday that just need a new marketing campaign. It needs a new coat of paint.
Need a new idea on how it can be reinvented differently. Many of these ideas that I do are simple.
They’re not new ideas. They’re not something that took a lot of time or energy to create and think
up. It’ s just redoing them better or making them easier for costum ers to do busi ness with.”
-Ja son Duff

           Time can be our best friend and our worst enemy. Make use of your time here on Eart h and
            make an impact to your society.
           Love what you do, and it won’t feel like work. You can work as many as fort y hours a week
            or seventy hours a week, but you will not notice it because you are enjoying what you do.
           Find out what makes you happy and help you constantly be motivated.
           There will be new challenges and use that to fire your inner self to make a diffe renc e.
           Life as an ent repreneur can be overwhelming at times. But, remember to step back and
            appreciate what you have accomplished. Don’t be greedy and forget to stay inspired.

“Today managing the five companies and having over one hundred fifty to two hundred
employees, there are a lot of needs that pull me not only physi cally but mentally, emotionally, and
spiritually. All of those aspects, it’ s me really getting the cl ear on where I can make the biggest
impact and al so what I’d love to do. I’m exploring, like some of us, where to define happiness and
where to define fulfillment. How we can make that impact. I say today, the biggest challenge that I
think I’m working on is how to best utilize my time and really feel like I’m in the flow. Question
yourself, “Do I feel like I’m in a flow of life?” I love everything I’m working on. There i s literally a
plethora. I love that word. A plethora of things that i s going on right now, and it’ s figuring out
where I am meant to be and where I can make the biggest impact.” –Jason Duff

           It is possible to make one hundred twenty hours out of forty hours workweek as long as you
            are being productive and have the right group of people.
           Seek out your town’s Chamber of Commerce. This is a great way to network and introduce
            your business.

                        JASON DUFF                VIRTUAL SPEAKER SERIES
           There are other organizations out there to help train and give you advice about business such
            as Dale Carnegie.
           If you are afraid of public speaking, Toast Masters meeting can help you fac e your fear of
            public speaking and will help you be a better speak er.
           If you are looking for ways to financ e your business, look at some business plans
            competitions specifically for student that would reward cash prices. This is one of the few
            ways you can financ e your business.

           There are plenty of tools online to help you market and manage your business.
           Drop box: An online hard drive that allows you to access your documents any where and at
            anytime with an access to the Internet. You can even use your smart phone to access some
            this important documents.
           Animoto.com: You can upload your pictures or videos and create a flashy video to market
            your business.
           Video Testimonials: You can purchase a Flip camera, which is less than one hundred dollar,
            to capture your customers’ testimonials about your business. Remember to get release
            forms especially if you are going to post these testimonials online.
           YouTube: Any of the video testimonials you have can be uploaded online and share to your
           Wistia.com: A website where you can upload a particular video that you only want one person
            to view it
           Videos are useful tools to mark et your business. Most people are very visual. Cisco says
            that by 2013, video will count for eighty percent of the traffic.

“How I use the Flip and ways that entrepreneurs can use the Flip i s to capture testimonial s. So
think about as you are creating your business. If it’ s a web developm ent firm or if it’ s a yard
mowing service, just grabbing one of your customers and asking them, “Hey can I make a shoot a
quick thirty-second and one minute testimonial of you speaking about my services/businesses.
And, the problem s that I was able to solve for you.” Just creating that video and putting that on
YouTube, you have an instant marketing tool. What does it cost to put it on YouTube? Nothing.
Zero.” –Jason Duff

“I think the video that i s real; it actually converts better than fancy flashy video. From my
experience, sometimes the more real it is, the better it i s for your custom ers. It doesn’ t mean you
want terrible quality, people can’t hear, or see what you’re doing. But, keep it real.” –Ja son Duff

                         JASON DUFF                VIRTUAL SPEAKER SERIES
          Blogs: Start a blog on your website or start joining ot her blogs. This will help direct traffic on
           your website and get your name out there.
          eLance.com and 99 Designs: Two websites that could help you create a new logo or website
           templates for your business.
          Word Press: A great way to market your business and free PR, public relations to attract
           more customers.
          Homestead: Another way to create one page website. It is run by Intuit and can help grow
           your small business.
          Slideshare.net: Upload your PowerPoint presentations about your business and/ or yourself
           and share it with the world.
          Salesforce.com/SugarCRM.com/Pipelinedeals.com: These websites can help you organiz e
           and tract your sales calls. This will allow you to monitor and track all of your conversations
           between your company and customers. It also can help you eliminate calling too much and
           help build better relationship with your customers.
          Surveymokey.com: Helps you to get a feel of what the market needs if you are uns ure of
           what type of business you can start. You can also use surveys to gauge how you are doing
           and use the feedback to make your business better.

“We also really saw how Jason, as a young entrepreneur. He didn’t have to have the best grades
or have to have the best test scores. But, he started early. He was fortunate enough to com e
from an entrepreneurial family. But, he started young. So, if you want to be a successful
entrepreneur, I always say, you should get started right away. Your first business i s not going to
be successful, or very successful chances are. You can learn so much and be that much more
successful next time.” –Michael Simmons

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                       JASON DUFF                VIRTUAL SPEAKER SERIES

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