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									Wedding Entertainment Gets A Fresh Appeal With The
Rat Pack Boys
Submitted by Nu Media
19th November, 2010

The wedding celebrations can turn from good to great if you have a new form of wedding
entertainment that is creative and exciting at the same time. The rat pack boys are a group of
talented performers who can take care of all your requirements in their own flamboyant and
unique style. The same sentiments are echoed by the official spokesperson of the performers
who says “Tommy Warrens and Jonny Gray comprise of the rat pack boys, a creative duo of
entertainers who have a passion for turning every frown into a smile. Influenced by the swing
era of music, these performers have a knack for charming audiences everywhere with their
endless passion and spirit of the act.”

Speaking about the different acts, the spokesperson says “You can choose your own night of
musical interlude with the wedding singers based on your requirements. The act that is most in
demand is that of the singing waiters where the duo convince everyone about their profession
before replacing the cutlery with the mike and going on stage. The guests are sure to break into
laughter and cheers and soon join in, singing and dancing with the duo during their act. Unlike
most other wedding singers, their performance is sprinkled with humor and wit so everyone
would be entertained throughout.”

He speaks in detail about the booking queries as he says “If you have any queries, you can
always send them online and have them answered as soon as possible. The booking charges
would depend on the performance. You can choose to hire the main duo or go for an additional
three piece or seven piece band that complement their performance. The facility of a disco is
also available if you are looking for a more contemporary setting.” He ends his keynote by
saying that “You should book the rat pack boys early because of their huge demand. To know
more about the performance and booking details, you can visit the official website at to serve up some great wedding entertainment and make the
wedding an event to remember.”


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