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									Ohio State Men’s Lacrosse Quotes
NCAA Quarterfinals vs. Duke May 18, 2008 * Schoellkopf Field (Ithaca, N.Y.)

Opening Statement “First I would like to thank Cornell for hosting us. All of the administrators and Matt who was in charge of the event did a terrific job so I want to thank Cornell for their hospitality across the board. Then I would like to congratulate Duke University and Coach Danowski on a terrific team and a terrific effort and just depth across the board. It is a great coaching staff and I wish them the best in the final four. Finally I would like to thank my seniors and my team. I couldn’t be more proud of their effort and their energy they brought all season. Led by Kevin Buchanan, Josh Funk, Ricky Pages, Stefan Schroder, Chris Friel to name a few. Just a terrific run. They broke new ground for our team, our program during the course of the season. Especially those seniors. They are just an amazing group of guys. I love them to death and I am just so proud of what they’ve done for our program and our future. ” On replacing Buchanan “I don’t think you do [replace Kevin Buchanan]. We have a terrific group of seniors and as i said before I’m so proud of what they’ve brought to the program, their energy. They really committed themselves to making this a special season. They did everything we asked and more. I’m so proud and i wish them all the best and they understand the impact they made on this program for years to come. It’s just another step forward for us in getting to the elite eight. These guys certainly have set the standard high for the program. I’m proud of them and I love all of them. On Duke’s big runs “It happens so quickly. We called a timeout and I think it was 4-1. Then it’s 5-1, 6-1, and you’re thinking about using another one, but we really hadn’t had the ball. We had the ball in man up and scored a goal. Then we had another man-up opportunity and then we had a stop at 1-0. After playing them, you have to play an almost perfect game. Our guys fought like heck for every opportunity we got, every ground ball we came up with. I’m not sure if there’s an answer on how to stop it. I think if you had more than two timeouts I’d use them. I think from our standpoint, getting a stop and getting into the offensive end and having the poise to handle the pressure and having a possession would certainly have helped stop the run in the first quarter. But we didn’t have any possessions with their pressure and they make you play that way. Their pressure was relentless. We settled in after the first quarter, but do you go zone at that point? Do you start shutting off, do you pressure more on them? I think you can try just about everything you can to try to stop them. On Notre Dame, Ohio State and Denver being in the Tournament. in the quarterfinals I think it’s great. It’s great for the game of lacrosse. Not just great for the league, but where these teams are coming from. South Bend, Denver, and Ohio and it speaks volumes for the growth of the sport in general where these kids are coming from. I think it’s great for the program and for the game of lacrosse. It was a tough league. We all shared the regular season championship and Notre Dame won the conference tournament at the end. They’re tough teams.


On Duke’s pressure “I think we worked on it in practice and went over film and stuff like that and knowing what to expect. They did a very good job. Hands down to them. They did a good job when we came over the midfield line. Especially in the first quarter. I think we adjusted to it a little better as the game went on, but in the first quarter coming over and doubling us right away. We turned over the ball a couple times we would like back. On being surprised by Duke’s play “No, not necessarily. They are a very good team. Watching film is a lot different than playing them on the field. They’re like I said a very very good team. They are very fast and we are very fast too. A couple breaks didn’t go our way and they jumped out early on us unfortunately and we started playing catch up the rest of the game and forcing a couple things. We were trying to score as fast as we possibly could to get back into the game. They’re a good team, there’s nothing else to say. They’re a very good team.

On coming out hard against Duke and not shying away “I think we came out like we come out in any other game. They are just another opponent. i don’t think any of us on the team had any doubt that we could win or that we could lose. We came out ready to play, ready to win and trying to win. We didn’t back down at all. I think we played very hard and I think every one of my teammates left everything on the field. I’m very very proud of them. The coaching staff did a wonderful job in preparing us and have done a wonderful job all year and I can’t thank them enough. It’s a wonderful experience for me and I’m very proud to be here. It’s a huge step for the program and just look in the years to come for Ohio State to keep climbing the ladder. On facing the big deficit in the game “Yeah, unfortunately you look up at the scoreboard and it’s seven goals. It’s dishearting, but like I said my teammates didn’t give up at all. We knew we had a chance from teh first minute to the very last minute and we played like we were going to win or trying to win. They just played very well. They have a lot of depth to their team. They can roll guys in and roll them in and roll them. They have a good offense and defense and are an all around good team and should do well in the final four.

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