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Hardware, is one element of a computer system, a device that can be seen and touched by
humans       directly,     which      supports   the     process     of    computerization.
Called also with software, a collection of some of the commands executed by the engine
computer in the work. This software is a record for the engine computer to save the
command, as well as documents and other records.
Tool for people to finish the job. Electronic devices that can be used to process the data
with the mediation of a set of programs and can provide information from the results of
such processing. In the Indonesian often written with a computer.
Systems that run with the help of computer equipment. In the Indonesian is rarely
referred to as computing.
hardware key
Physical facilities that are used to secure computer systems from unauthorized use.
computer art
A term beyond that which points to the field of art or art created by the computer.
Computer Card
A circuit board plug ins that are useful for developing computer skills.
Computer games
is one form or facilities that are interactive and popular than a computer.
Computer Store
Computer store. Usually only provide a macro and mini computer products only.
Computer crime
Use of computers illegally by unauthorized users, either for pleasure or for the purpose of
making profit.
Computer power
The ability of computers to do work
Software house
Houses for producing software.
hardware check
Automatic check performed by the hardware to detect error or an internal problem.
Computerization. The use of computers as a tool for task completion as a substitute for
completion of the work manually.
Computer system
Computer systems, computer systems. The system is built and run by using the computer
as a tool help him. The elements that are interconnected to form a single unit to perform
data processing to produce information with a computer. The elements are interrelated:
- Hardware (Hardware)
- Software (Software),
- Brainware
computer devices
Computing devices.
Computer power
The ability of computers to do work.
Computer center
central place that contains the computers and supporting equipment that provides data
processing services to a group of people.
Doing the process using computer assistance in the processing of information as well as
the control.
Analog Computer
Analog computer, another term for an analog computer. Computers that perosesnya
conducted electromagnetic waves, and are variable and continuous
Family Computer
The term used to indicate a group of computers that are made with similar
mikroprocessor and having a similar design.
Software Driver
Software drivers are in the form of a program or software used in computer systems that
make the PC with touch screen can work together in carrying out its duties. This driver
software tells the operating system about how the two devices can communicate,
especially if there is a response from the user via the media touch, sent by the controller.
Generally, a screen driver that there is lately using the existing concept of a mouse, so
that when the surface of the touch screen will be the same as the process is done via a
mouse click at the same location on the screen. Thus, the existing system, although it
does not provide special programs for the touch screen, still running as if it had been
supported by the touch screen.
Software                                                                              design
Activities that have defined the problem translates into a form that is easily understood by
the programmer.
Computer programs
Computer programs, computer programs. The software is run to the computer.
Input                                                                              hardware
Devices that become input or receive data streams from other devices.
Hardware control
Controller hardware.
Hardware sharing
To use the hardware together. With the network facility and then use a tool called a
printer server. then a color laser printer is expensive so the price can be used jointly by
the 10 employees. Similarly, scanners, Plotter, and other tools.
Hardware element
Required element in the operation of the device when the device is operated.
Computer Network
Computer network system, consisting of two or more computers and other supporting
devices that are interconnected through communication channels.
Computer Science
An area steeped in matters relating to the computer. Another name of computer science.
The emphasis of this study was to use computers to solve problems that exist in the real
hardware monitor
A separate circuit board level is used to monitor the performance of system hardware /
hardware address
Also called physical address or MAC layer address, a data-link layer address associated
with a particular network device.
computer machine
computer machine, electronic devices that work in supporting the performance of
computer systems.
Software testing
Testing on the program that has been done.
Computer Security
Computer system security. Security computer system is divided into three traffic system,
1. External security (external security)
2. Security user interface (user interface security)
3. Internal security (internal security).
The term safety (security) and protection (protection) are often used interchangeably. To
avoid misunderstanding, the term security refers to all security issues and the term refers
to the mechanism of protection mechanisms for systems used to protect / protect
information in computer systems. See also threat.
Computer Operator
People who operate the computer. People who use computers at the level of usage. His
job is only to enter data into an application program that has been provided.
Computer Literacy
Knowledge of the mastery of the use of computers to solve a problem.
Describe the information that can be translated and executed by a computer.
Computer language
Computer language is a language that is used or associated directly with the computer. In
general, the term is often equated with a programming language or programming
language, although in fact different, not necessarily because the computer language into a
programming language or programming language. An example is the markup language
like HTML, are generally not included in the programming language, but it is a computer
Computer Graphics
Data processing and presentation of results in the form of graphics / images, can be
shaped diagram (chart), picture (image), photographs, paintings (paint). Aids, mouse,
scanner, light pen and a board plot.
Computer Languages
Computer language, machine language. The commands are only understood by
computers, which consists of a series of characters 1 and 0. Also called machine
Software Evolution
Evolution software. In its development, software experience a variety of evolution,
namely: 1. Pioneer Era, 2. Stable Era, 3. Micro Age, 4. Modern Era.
Computer Data Bank
Computer data bank, another term for secondary storage.
Software Developer
Software developers or software. Either individually or through an institution's legal
Computer Components
Components in a computer. The components are:
Instrument input (Input Device), Instrument output (Output Device), I / O Ports, the
Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory (Memory), Data Bus, Control Bus.
Computer literacy
Knowledge and understanding of computers combined with the ability to use effectively.
hardware dependent
Adjective that describes the program, language, computer components and tools that are
connected to the system or a particular computer configuration.
hardware interrupt
Interrupt type (service request) that generated externally by means of hardware such as
keyboards, disk drives and I / O ports or internally by the microprocessor.
Computer language
Artificial language that determines the instructions to be implemented on a computer.
computer dictionary
A collection of terms in the computer field. you can see a lot of terms in the computer
field is on the site http://www.total.or.id/
Computer revolution
A label for computer usage and widespread acceptance in society.
Computer typesetting
Typesetting operations are partly or wholly controlled by computer.
Computer instruction
The instructions can be accepted and implemented by the computer.
programming software
Software programming, software programming. The process of making a computer
Computer engineering
Science which includes the design and philosophy are included in the development of
computer hardware.
Open Source Software
Based on open source software development, today has become a phenomenon in itself.
This model has evolved since the beginning of the development of computer technology,
but has now become increasingly popular mainly thanks to Internet usage in various
fields. Many of the software that supports Internet is open source software. Gema open
source has also been up to up to Indonesia, as evidenced by starting to rise projects that
are open source, ranging from software development projects to creation of
documentation. This development is of course very proud. However, based on open
source software development in Indonesia still has many obstacles which at times can
threaten the continuance, therefore, necessary measures undertaken by various parties to
resolve it.
Currently, open source has become a trend and the big news in various media. Various
large software companies, like IBM, Oracle, Sun, also flocked to announce that the
products it produces is an open source product. However, what exactly is open source.
Software Engineering
Software engineering is defined by the Fritz Bauer as: implementing and using the
principles of good engineering in order to produce software that is economical, reliable,
and work efficiently on a real computer. Software engineering is the establishment and
use of sound engineering principles in order to obtain economically software That is
reliable and works efficiently on real machines.
Meanwhile, the IEEE defines software engineering as: (1) The application of a
systematic, Disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and
maintenance of software; That is, the application of engineering to software. (2) The
study of approaches in (1).
Software maintenance
Maintenance phase of the work that has been completed.
Computer Aided Design
Abbreviated CAD. Computer-assisted design. The ability of this CAD system is the
creation of charts, sketches, diagrams, digitized maps and design drawings, provision of
annotation, the creation of perspective drawing, modeling figures 2 and 3 dimensions,
and some spatial analysis. Spatial analysis of each of the CAD system is very berfariasi,
at least do an analysis of spatial form of the calculation of distance (length or distance),
circumference (perimeter), area (area), forming a buffer zone, and so forth.
computer-aided design See section CAD.
Hardware configuration
An array of some of the hardware in a system that forms the system to work.
computer-aided testing
Used by engineers to analyze a design, especially those made by the CAD program and
the use by developers of software systems for automatic regression testing.
Software Proccess Level
Level processing software. Level processing in the software do any of the machine-like,
began to change as human-like. In information theory, the stacking hierarchy of
information, from data / facts, then after selection and sorting process into something
useful into information. The information in systematically collated with a particular logic
flow into knowledge. And in the end the combined knowledge of the join of the various
sides in order to develop wisdom.
computer-based learning
a general term applied to computer-aided instruction, or CAI, which difokusin on
education, or its application to Computer-Based teaching job-oriented training
Software Classification
Classification software. The software can generally be in for 2 that is the system software
(System Software) and software applications (Application Software).
Computer Science Network
Abbreviated with CSNET. A network of e-mail service aimed at users who want to go
into computer science. CSNET with BITNET to form CREN.
Computer output microfilm
Abbreviated with COM. This equipment consists of a camera that takes pictures from the
screen and record the results in the text roll of microfilm.
Computer Graphics Metafile
Standard software associated with GKS (Graphical Kernel System), which recognized the
Computer                                   Aided                             Manufacture
Abbreviated as CAM. Computer system to regulate and supervise the operation of a
machine process.
Hardware Abstraction Layer
Mapping commands and responses generic hardware commands and responses unique to
certain platforms, such as Intel 486 or Pentium, Motorola PowerPC, or DEC Alpha. HAL
making machine system bus, cpntroller DMA, interrupt controllers, system timer, and
memory modules look the same by the kernel. HAL also provides support for symmetric
computer-assisted teaching
is a choice of the term computer-aided instruction.
Computer Aided Instruction
Abbreviated with CAI. Package for the purposes of teaching and learning. A
computerized system used for teaching and learning activities.
Computer Numerical Control
Abbreviated as NCN. A way of controlling the work machine using a tape made by a
computer system.
Computer Aided Engineering
Abbreviated with CAE, is the complement of CAD in the construction world. Construct a
product not only draw an idea. The idea must also be calculated resistance is the
mechanics - static, dynamic or thermal - as well as other characteristics such as acoustic.
Application of CAD / CAE complete large companies that used them IDEAS (Ford), Pro
/ Engineer (Siemens) and CATIA (Daimler-Chrysler). Most of these programs run on
Unix-based computers. But lately there is also a version of its Windows NT.
computer-aided engineering
See section CAE.

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