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									                           By Mark A Stafford

       What Is the Best Autoresponder to Build Your Email List?

You know you have to be able to communicate with your potential buyers
and that an email auto response service is needed, but should you pay for the
service or use a free service?

Free Services: - STOP! You do NOT want to use a free service and here's

While the software mechanics are there and probably work fine, a free
service will not communicate with the large, free email providers like Gmail
and Yahoo and deal with possible spam issues and make sure your emails get

What if the servers go down right as you are sending out a large, and
hopefully profitable campaign? Where is the motivation for them to get the
servers back up and functioning?

Why should they care if your emails are delivered? You are not paying
them! Many free email delivery services will automatically place ads in your
emails to generate revenue.

What if you are just starting out and your ad copy is not very good and the
"Ad" placed by the email service company is better than yours and they get
all of your clicks?

Well I guess all that work and money you spent building your list built paid
off for somebody, right?

Maybe that "free" email service isn't so free anymore?

Paid Autoresponder Services:

In the long run you will actually see more bang from your buck and feel
confident knowing that most of your emails are being delivered by using a
paid service.

Remember you are paying for web hosting, advertising to drive folks to your
squeeze page, or whatever, why not round off you business model with a
reliable email service?

Which paid email service is the best? I am glad you asked.

There are quite a few good services out there which include, GetResponse,
Aweber, ProSender & ProFollow, just to name a few, and more services are
popping up everyday.

When deciding on the best service for yourself, consider how many people
you anticipate to be on your list. This is usually the determining factor that
most paid services base their monthly rates on.

Aweber seems to be one of the most talked about services by the gurus, with
GetResponse coming in second. I have been using Aweber for a couple of
years now and they are totally awesome. They base their rates on the number
of subscribers you have and the first rate hike is at 501 subscribers.
Now check this out:

Aweber started a "Generic" email serviced called ProFollow. This is basically
the same service as Aweber, same back-end functionality and they do the
same customer service to make sure your emails are delivered, but here is the
kicker, their first rate hike is at 10,001 subscribers! Wow!

If you are just beginning to build your email list, are on a budget and looking
for a reliable autoresponder service, I might suggest you take a look at


 Autoresponder Sequence Examples to Send to Your List

You need to craft friendly autoresponder sequences to build trust with your
readers on your new email list.

While this might seem daunting at first, it is actually fairly easy and straight

Think for a moment what happens when you meet a new person at work, the
store or the bar. You introduce yourself and start chatting about the weather,
the game, significant others, etc.

You wouldn't walk up to somebody in a bar and say "Hi my name is Mark,
buy my stuff", now would you?

As funny as that sounds, many internet marketers do just that. I will join
somebody's list and the first email says "Thanks for joining my list. By the
way my friend Joe Blow, has this great product, click on my affiliate link and
I will include these bonuses. You will get $10,000 worth of bonuses for
buying this $47 product".

While the offer might be very good, maybe even the best bonuses that any
affiliate is offering for that particular promotion, why should I put money in
your pocket? I don't know you!

In the immortal words of Janet Jackson, "What have you done for me
lately?""How about you write me a check for $10,000 and then I will buy the
$47 product?"

All kidding aside, here is where your initial followup emails to a new
subscriber should mimic a scenario of you meeting somebody in real life.

Imagine a scenario of two people meeting in a bar for the first time. You
should send the follow up emails once a day.

Ready for the light bulb to go off?

  Real Life (RL) - "Hi John, my name is Mark, let me buy you a beer."

  * 1st Follow Up Email (FUE) - Hi John, my name is Mark, please
download your free gift for signing onto my email list.
  * RL: (The Story - Same day) - John, yes I have lived in this town for 5
years. I am married and have 2 kids, blah, blah, blah.

   * 2nd FUE: (The Story) - John, I have been working in the IM field for X
years and create products in the X niche. I have done this, that and the other,
   * RL: (Near Future - Same day) - Hey John It would be nice to meet you
again here in a few days for another drink.
  * 3rd FUE: (Near Future) - Hey John, I will be sending you frequent
emails because I want to help you in anyway possible and I typically have
good informational reports I will send you.

   * RL: (Different day) - Great to see you again John, let me buy you a
   * 4th FUE: - Hi john, I hope all is well with you. I have attached a brand
new special report I just finished and thought you might gain some value by
reading it, etc.

  * RL: (Different day again) - Great to see you again John, let's grab some
lunch, I'll buy.
  * 5th FUE: - Hi John, I hope you liked my last report, here is another new
report that I think really help you with X.

   * RL: (Different day again) - Hi John, I would love to meet up and grab a
few beers with you, oh you want to buy? Cool, I'll leave the tip! (Rule of
reciprocity - you bought them stuff, now they want to return the favor)
   * 6th FUE: (The sale) - Hi John, I hope all is well and you are making
money in X. There is a new product launching that I think you will gain a
huge benefit from. If you do buy through my link, I'll give you these free
bonuses (leave the tip).

Well there you go. That type of email auto sequence is what smart internet
marketers do. You do not want to be the hard seller right out of the gate when
you receive a new subscriber.
The secret to email marketing:

  * Care about your subscribers
  * Deliver an insane amount of value with free reports, videos, audios,
  * Remain in constant contact with them so they don't forget who you are.
  * Make money!

You always want to over-deliver with your initial autoresponder sequence
emails to your list.

I hope you enjoyed this short report!

To Your Success,

P.S. If you would like a free 7 part eCourse to show you new strategies to
help you build your email list fast!

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